Did Benedict Cumberbatch just buy a new £2.7 million London townhouse?


Last week, I shared a Benedict Cumberbatch conspiracy theory with CB, but now I have to take it back. My conspiracy was that Sophie Hunter had already given birth and they were just waiting to announce it. I developed the theory because I honestly thought her due date was closer to early May and because Bendy has been suspiciously quiet this month.

But I was wrong. As you can tell. These are photos of Benedict and a still-pregnant Sophie out and about in London on May 20th. You can see some better photos of them out on the same day here at the Daily Mail. So… Sophie is still preg. I guess she was just showing really early. And this does mess up the timeline a little bit. Let’s say Sophie is due in early June. That means it was still a shotgun engagement, but Benedict did propose to her basically as soon as they found out about the pregnancy. Which is a little bit better than the previous theory, that he waited several months to propose. Of course, I still sort of believe he knocked up, got engaged to and married a woman he really didn’t know all that well.

In any case, they’re happy enough. I suppose. And the UK papers say that Bendy and Sophie have bought a large home in London:

Benedict Cumberbatch is giving up his bachelor pad and preparing to move into a fancy North London town-house. The 38 year old actor and star of highly popular BBC show Sherlock is reportedly doing up the gaff in order for it to be ready for he and his pregnant wife Sophie Hunter to move in as soon as possible.

The £2.7 million, four storey home is just around the corner from a property owned by former leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband. The couple were married on the Isle of Wight in February, shortly after confirming that they’re expecting their first child.

[From Metro]

They kind of waited to the last minute to move out of Benedict’s bachelor pad, right? The constant vibe I’ve been getting from all of this is that Sophie comes from money, and it would’t surprise me at all if Sophie’s family has funded much of their new life together. I think her family paid for the wedding, maybe even bought the Hunterbatches a little country home, and now this. A nice pad in the city for all of the little Cumberbabies.

PS… His hair is looking better these days.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Chaucer says:

    Sophie looks just miserable. But I like Ben’s hair this length. I can’t wait to see what they name the baby. Something very greek tragedy I’m sure. Do we know the sex? I get a baby girl vibe.

    • NewWester says:

      Baby girl to be named Bernadette Cumberbatch ( yes I am being silly)

    • Ennie says:

      Probably a girl sucking up Sophie’s life force. She’s pregnant, I can live with her not looking out her best, I regularly look awful everyday and I am not preg.

      • derpshooter says:

        I just want her to zip up those shoes (which I kind of like, surprisingly). Why do people not do up their shoes? Jaden Smith I can understand, he appears to be the opposite pattern of smart and probably thinks it’s a valid protest against society. But a grown-ass pregnant lady in her 3rd trimester with loose joints? Does she want to have that baby on the curb after goes into labour due to a hard fall? Rolling my eyes.

  2. Sara says:

    Could those candid pictures be more awful? I’m actually giggling. Maybe the paps are rejecting Cumbersuitors.

  3. lindy79 says:

    All I’ve got about these two is why is she yet again, incapable of either buying a jacket that fits or using a scarf to cover up rather than walk around hold it closed like shes pledging allegiance to something. Its not even covering her bump so what’s the point.

    In Sherlock news, andrew Scott was out in Dublin yesterday celebrating the referendum result 😍

    • Azurea says:

      I was wondering the same thing. That just looks silly AND uncomfortable.

    • Sixer says:

      @ Lindy – congratulations on the vote!

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t understand the part about the jacket. She is pregnant. She is probably wearing a jacket that fit before she started to get bigger. Nothing wrong with that. You can see that the jacket fits everywhere else.

      • lindy79 says:

        Well what i meant was shes obviously not comfy in it or she wouldn’t be holding it closed like that. By all means wear it but wear a scarf or something if you want to cover up a bit and the jacket wont do. Holding it closed just looks like shes uncomfortable and why would you wear something youre not 100% comfy in when pregnant. Comfort trumps everything.
        (She has done this a few times throughout even with larger jackets..) just a musing thats all. I genuinely wasnt trying to be critical of her.

      • Nicole says:

        Exactly. Give the pregnant lady a break. She’s not up for shopping for new clothes that she won’t need in 4 months. She doesn’t owe us a sparkly ensemble every time she hits the streets.

      • Harv says:

        This must fall into the category Petty Things to Notice, Point Out, and Jab About but Without Wanting to Sound Critical.

      • Nayru says:

        I’m going to have to agree and say pregnant women look ridiculous waddling around in uncomfortable poorly fit clothes. Maternity clothes don’t have to be expensive and I’m she could find a nice oversized hoodie that she could continue to wear.

      • loli says:

        Even heavily pregnant women don’t have to look like they live from charity, as SH does.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        Exactly. And I would totally wear that outfit. Love the jacket!

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Did someone just refer to a pregnant woman who is about to give birth anytime now as *waddling*?

        Are you effing for real? I get it that you don’t like SH, but could you try to do better than this? Maybe she has better things to think about than pleasing the masses.

        I wish massive hemorrhoids upon you for your pregnancies…..

      • Solanaceae (Nighty) says:

        I think the tone against SH is getting worse and worse… Don’t like her or dislike either, it’s not me who’s marrried to her… She’s pregnant, doesn’t need to look like a freaking model all the time, Actually no one needs to look perfect all the time, jesus, people are getting more and more mean with the passing of time… There’s nothing wrong with how she looks, she looks pregnant and probably tired…Never been pregnant but I assume that it must be exhausting in the last months.
        Stop being so critical all the time, people talk as if they are themselves perfect…

      • Kay says:

        lindy, I was guilty of doing that too. I didn’t like zipping/buttoning jackets over my belly, it felt uncomfortable, so I’d layer and toss a jacket on for my arms really.

      • lindy79 says:

        Kay i genuinely wasnt criticising her outfit or appearance. Just the holding. It would annoy me holding it closed. Id probably throw a scarf/wrap on to cover where my jacket wont do my arms could relax.
        It wasnt my intention to seem attacking so im just going to leave it now.

      • heylee says:

        SH and I must have very similar due dates. I live in NYC, not London, but it has become a battle that I am slowly not giving two s**ts about to stay fashionable at this point in the pregnancy.

        If she is anything like me, she bought maternity clothes, even *more* than anybody thought that I should be buying because of the limited time that I can actually wear them. But let me say. The shirts that I bought even 6 weeks ago are not sufficient to cover the bump at this point and look like ridiculous belly shirts.

        At this point, I hate all of my clothes and basically wear the same outfit. I don’t want to buy anymore clothes because I have 3 weeks to go for goodness sake!

        Point being – leave the poor woman alone. Picking on her for her wardrobe is *tacky* at this point in her pregnancy.

      • Nayru says:

        Nah, has nothing to do with Sophie. I just don’t like pregnant women who waddle around cupping their stomachs or continue to go around ridiculously in their poorly fitted wardrobe. Like I said maternity wear doesn’t have to be expensive. I also don’t want children so won’t have to deal with hemorrhoids for that but thanks anyway.

      • Miss M says:

        I think she may be expecting twins.

      • K says:

        Nayru, she’s growing a human being in her gut. Who gives a shit what her sartorial choices are? Are you serious – pregnancy is one hell of an undertaking, and you’re being so petty as to whine that a heavily gravid woman doesn’t meet your fashion standards?

        I don’t care one way or the other for this woman, but I recognise that expression, and I sympathise. Pregnancy can be rough, and it gets worse with age.

    • MBP says:

      …because it doesn’t fit over her now-huge belly but it’s still too f*cking cold to go without a coat? Doesn’t have to be about covering/exposing the bump.

      (Edit – sorry if that came out aggressive. I’m pissed off at the weather, not anyone here!)

    • M.A.F. says:

      I was thinking the same thing when I first saw the pictures. But I was thinking more of along the lines of warmth. She has to hold the jacket over her middle so she can’t be that warm.

    • EN says:

      A word of advice, do not EVER criticize a pregnant lady’s looks or clothes. This is just not done.

    • derpshooter says:

      Maybe she’s only cold in her boobs and arms, but the bump is a furnace. I know that’s how I felt during all of my pregnancies.

      • md1979 says:

        When I was pregnant, I was so hot that I would go outside in the middle of Canadian winter in a thin t-shirt. I would not DREAM of putting a coat over my belly. The only reason I would ever wear a jacket was to not get wet in rain or snow. I had several maternity jackets and never wore them buttoned up. AT most, I’d throw them on over my shoulders unbuttoned.

        Give SH a break.

  4. candice says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what these two have done to garner so much attention and exposure on this site. Neither are particularly attractive, talented or controversial yet they are constantly getting coverage and hundreds of comments…

    • Luca76 says:

      He’s got a fan base from being in Sherlock that’s nearly as devoted and obsessed as Twihards and they are livid that he’s got a real life.

      • loli says:

        ”a real life. ”

        …Yeah, like in sh,,t just got real.lol

      • Ennie says:

        I just can’t with the comments here.
        The lady can looks she pleases, or however she can. She is not modeling clothes for a living here, like others do changing clothes 4 times a day.

    • Anne tommy says:

      I’m trying to figure out how they are Getting a four storey London town house for that money, given the very bonkers London prices.

      • Boston Green Eyes says:

        I thought the exact same thing, Anne tommy! My fantasy is to buy a small place in London and even 1 BR flats cost something like £400K! A decent 2 BR can be as much as £1 million!

        This one must be in a so-so neighborhood AND be a real DIYer!

      • MyLittlePony says:

        Exactly. Did they get some sort of a “Sherlock deal” ? Love your profile pic Boston Green Eyes – pugs rule 🙂

      • Dara says:

        Perhaps it needs some “modernization”. If they did buy a fixer upper they can live in BC’s house while this next one gets re-done.

      • derpshooter says:

        @Dara: Heh, that would be about par for the course. All us plebs wanting the nicer things like rich people have, and the rich (esp. the old money rich, which I think Sophie is?) don’t mind living in giants ramshackle piles.

  5. loli says:

    They look like people massively pissed off at each other. All they need is a wailing baby and some sleepless nights…Not.

    • RobN says:

      They look like any couple out doing errands when the wife is baby at any minute pregnant. Tired, a little cross, and ready to be done with this.

      • derpshooter says:

        Yeah, it seems like she’s been pregnant for as long as an elephant. Fun fact: elephant pregnancies last 22 months, the longest mammal pregnancy on Earth. Can you imagine?

  6. Luca76 says:

    Ugh those comments at the DM are awful and I’m pretty sure this one is gonna get ugly too. Can’t people cut a nine months pregnant woman some slack?

  7. How sad is it that Mr. Velvet Tuxedo is the better dressed of the two?

    • Bea says:

      I’m pretty sure Mr. Velvet Tuxedo was very much aware of the paps before he set foot on that pavement hence his much fashionable such low key outfit. I doubt the wife is made aware of such things in advance.

      • CO says:

        Actually his outfit was for court that morning, he went to Rhodes’ hearing. Otherwise, he’d probably look like crap lol.

      • Bea says:

        That makes sense. His actual candid photos almost always feature flared mom jeans.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        I think they did a pap walk for Kaiser… just to punch a hole in the “baby’s done been born” theory…


      • Dara says:

        @CO and @Nutty, here’s my grrr moment in all of this. I’m glad he showed up to support his friend, I’m even fine with him standing in front of the courthouse cradling Rhodes’ book for the cameras (perfect product placement for added book sales), I’m even ok with the happy couple pre-arranging to be snapped taking the bump for a stroll – although I’m allowing for the possibility the photogs trailed him from the courthouse hoping for a lucky shot and got one.

        What drives me absolutely bonkers is his continued ranting about the press/paparazzi and fans invading his privacy. Even if he’s not asked directly about it he’ll bring it up only to grouse about it. Does he even realize the hypocrisy of that?

        Dear Ben – you cannot have it both ways! By all means, use your face and name to bring more attention to the people and things you care about but take the flip-side of that with some grace and shut the eff up about how burdened you feel by your fame. You are not the first public figure to have your photo taken when you’d rather not and I dare say you won’t be the last. And since you seem to have no problem using the press to your advantage when you want to, knock off the whining and just get on with your life.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Dara, is he still bleating on about the burdens of fame? I hadn’t seen any quotes since last fall.

      • Dara says:

        @Nutballs, he did a whole riff on it in the Adobe spiel he did in April. To be fair, he did try to bring it back around to something positive, but I’m not sure he was entirely convinced or convincing. You can view it here if you like: http://summit.adobe.com/emea/sessions/summit-online/ The bit that struck me is about 23 minutes in.

        I was looking forward to seeing it, I hoped his thought process might lend itself better to a longer format interview and I’d get a glimpse of the famous Dorky Batch people are so fond of. I’m curious to know what you think if you do watch it.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Dara, I just watched that part of the video and I had a similar take on it. He doesn’t like how it’s used on his behalf except when it’s about his work. I do get his point about what’s lost when not relating to person face-to-face. I’ve started limiting my time here on CB partly for that reason. I was spending too much time talking on a screen and feeling disconnected from my flesh and blood “people”. Good thing TH is working hard and BC is “nesting” so I have less to distract me!

      • Pinky Pinkerson says:

        @ Dara

        Thanks for the link. I had not yet seen it. He does seem to be somewhat aware of what’s being said about him. He mentioned people making decisions or drawing conclusions about him based on whether or not he was holding his girlfriend/wife’s hand. I was also struck by how he still seems bothered over the hatchet job the DM did on him and his inability to maintain a relationship. I wonder if it affected his decisions in all of this, or played a role in how he went about selecting a course of action.

      • Dara says:

        @Pinky, I don’t remember the DM article. Then again, I usually only go to their website to look at the photos. I then make up my own article in my head as I scroll rather than read theirs because I’ve learned theirs is usually junk.

        I usually don’t play armchair therapist for celebs, but it feels like he really needs to learn distance and perspective. Who cares what the DM or anyone else says? Your friends and family know better and anyone in the industry you want a job from either knows it’s all crap anyway or really doesn’t care as long as you can do the job.

        He’s right about one thing – he would be rubbish at Twitter and should stay away at all costs.

        @Nutty, don’t stay away too much. Fall is likely going to be a busy time for TH and it looks like it a good time could be had by all!

    • Detritus says:

      Mr velvet tuxedo hasn’t had his shape change completely in nine months, prob doesn have swollen feet ot any of te other pregnant fun things.
      When I have a crap day I have a hard time gettin out of sweats, so I’ll cut her some never ending slack. she’s more put together than I am and shes actually creating a little person.

      She looks uncomfortable and miserable. I hope for her it’s time to get that baby out soon.

      • RobN says:


      • The Original Mia says:


      • EN says:

        I’ll never understand people criticizing a pregnant woman.
        So, if you haven’t been pregnant imagine this – you haven’t slept well for the last 2 months, you have to go pee like every 10 min, you can barely breath like you’ve just ran 5 miles, you are constantly hungry, you are tired , yet you can’t sleep, nothing fits, your feet are swollen, your whole body is swollen, boobs hurt, your face is unrecognizable.
        And if anyone at this point criticizes what you are wearing or what you look like ( like an angry beached whale, most likely), the only response would be a string of ********** (censored), trust me,

  8. Betti says:

    Nothing to say but if it’s true that her family are paying for everything (wedding, homes etc..) then that reflects very badly on Bendy.

    Good luck to them when the baby finally gets here – they will need all the sleep they can get. I hope it all goes well and the baby is healthy.

    • zinjojo says:

      That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that Sophie’s family is paying for everything. It’s not like Cumby isn’t also from money, and he’s certainly raking it in these days with major films.

      So while, sure, maybe Sophie’s family paid for the wedding (these two do seem like they like keeping things traditional), it doesn’t fit that they would buy their London townhouse since Cumby can easily afford it.

  9. Navel Linty says:

    Hmm, high round belly? It’ll be a girl

    • Marmalazed says:

      Ha! I was just about to say I thought it would be a boy because of the high, round belly. 🙂

  10. Christina says:

    How can she look thinner towards the very end of her pregnancy?!

    • Abby_J says:

      Probably because the baby is lying in such a way that she isn’t eating much, or she could be facing morning sickness again. I actually lost weight with my second child (down 15 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight after he was born) because toward the end, I just had a hard time eating. I felt sick and full all the time and I had horrible heartburn, so eating wasn’t much fun anyway. It was miserable. My OB had me drinking shakes to keep calories up.

  11. Freebunny says:

    “Wow, she’s really glowing and looking happy” never said one about Sophie Hunter.

    • Brittney B says:

      If I had a human growing inside me, pushing on my bladder and stretching my skin and preparing to make an excruciating entrance, I wouldn’t be “glowing” or “looking happy” either. Especially if my due date was nigh.

      This whole “judging a pregnant woman’s appearance” thing has got to stop.

      • Miss Jupitero says:


        Stop judging pregnant women on their appearance! Jaysus, what is with you people?

      • Luca76 says:


      • NUTBALLS says:

        Just to be fair, no one thought she looked happy with him before her pregnancy was revealed. Nor did they think she was a fashion icon. She did have a few red carpet looks that were really good (Palm Springs, Golden Globes).

        I can’t judge her in these pics because I looked a lot worse at that point in my pregnancies and felt absolutely miserable.

      • Anne tommy says:

        Lots of pregnant women do look that way – happy – though. I’m sure given their money she has been to relax without worrying about working – unlike lots of women. It’s not like she’s hauling shopping on the bus after a day being a waitress. Also unlike lots of women, she doesn’t have 2 or 3 other kids to cope with without any help. Of course money doesn’t solve all problems but it makes things easier during pregnancy- and after. Shame they both look peed off, though I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into it.

      • k says:

        @Anne tommy, you have no idea what her pregnancy has been like though. Health-wise it could have been extremely difficult for her. -____-

      • Pinky Pinkerson says:


        You’re right, we don’t know how her pregnancy has been. We can, however, guess what it may have been like based on the schedule she kept in attending events with him throughout it. There was a holiday in Turks & Caicos, then on to the PSFF. Back in LA for the GG’s, a week later, and the planning of an elaborate wedding. Next, whale watching and on to BB. Seems like she’s been pretty active throughout, so she may not have had too difficult a time.

        And as Anne Tommy pointed out, she wasn’t working a difficult job at the time, as so many others do while pregnant.

      • k says:

        @Pinky – LOL, okay. Go ahead and guess all you want but that still doesn’t give anyone the right to judge her for what they PERCEIVE to be her feelings. Seriously, who cares whether or not she looks happy? Is she not allowed to *gasp* maybe just not particularly enjoy pregnancy? Women are allowed to not like it. They may be excited about becoming a mother but still find pregnancy itself miserable. Again – NOBODY KNOWS. It blows my mind that so many commenters think they know everything there is to know about this woman just because they look at pictures of her sometimes.

    • OhDear says:

      She’s probably very uncomfortable and may even find it hard to breathe, given how far along she is.

  12. bread says:

    Both of their rings are about to slide right off their hands. In the literal sense. And maybe the metaphorical one as well.

  13. What'sUp says:

    The thing I’ve always found odd is that they never look happy together. More just co-existing rather than cocreating happiness.

    • loli says:

      Actually, in most of the photos they don’t even look like they are there together, more like some random strangers.

      • Brittney B says:

        Not claiming to know anything about their relationship (it could very well be true that they’re not happy together)… but let’s not forget that (a) they’re in England, not LA; smiles and shows of affection aren’t expected, let alone considered normal, in public… and (b) they know that these pictures will instantly turn into fodder for anonymous commenters.

        Basically, I wouldn’t be smiling either. Especially if I were Sophie, and I knew that people were itching to judge my very pregnant self. But I know this is a gossip site, and all we *have* is paparazzi photos, so it’s not really possible to make informed judgments or do anything but compare them to other celebrity couples. I guess it’s just been awhile since the last pictures of them, and I forgot how much negativity it would attract. It’s not a pleasant way to start my Sunday (I know, I know… get off a gossip site then)… and I can’t imagine it feels pleasant to be making these observations and assumptions either.

      • What'sUp says:

        I live in London too – you can go to the Heath at any time and couples together act differently. Even from photos I have that happen to capture couples in the background. It’s just off.

        Also tons of pregnant women on the Heath this afternoon before the rain just started. If we’re going there – most of them were rubbing their stomachs or holding onto their partners a bit more tightly.

        Granted she may be different, less affectionate, it just seems a wee bit off is what I’m saying. And also – please don’t use the UK vs US argument – we’re all people. We do smile even in the grey weather.

      • Bea says:

        LOL “they’re in England”? What kind of argument is that? Downton Abbey much?

    • Odd, I just got a suggestion from (a clearly obsessed Cumber-nannie) that I’m psychotic for pointing out that very same thing.

  14. Felice. says:

    Did you see The Mirror article where she allegedly “demanded” this buy because he lived there with Olivia Poulet 6 years ago? Insecure much?

    • Good point, but I wonder if it’s the relationship that insecure, not so much Hunter. IF the story is true that she asked him to give up a home he loved because he spent two off and on years living with Poulet there, and I understand it underwent quite a bit of renovation after they split, then I suspect she is very aware that the relationship started out on a flimsy footing and they’re only married now because she “got” pregnant. Her demands may be more about assuring herself she’s really the full-scale wife with rights than suspecting he has any ongoing feelings about Poulet.

      They really do give off a bizarre vibe as a couple.

    • Absolutely says:

      I’m sorry, I can’t fault anyone wanting a fresh start (and house) with their new partner, especially when said partner bought that house with a previous lover. It’s not like they’re in a situation where they can’t afford to move.

      That said, they look miserable. That baby is going to put a huge strain on what looks like an already completely disconnected relationship.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Eh, I wouldn’t want to start my life with my new husband in a home he shared with an ex and vise versa so I don’t fault her there.

    • MaximeduCamp says:

      I don’t know, I’m not surprised. Not only did he live their with Olivia, but according to various accounts (still speculation), it was extensively renovated and designed in accordance with that their (he and Olivia) plans for a perfect house. I’m not jealous our possessive, but if I married, let alone was having a baby, with someone and moved into a place that they not only had lived in but designed with their ex, I’d want to either make some changes or move to a place that was “ours.” It’s not mandatory and not everyone would care, but I don’t see it as unreasonable or even unusual.

    • EN says:

      Ben’s house has how many bedrooms? Two? It is way too small for a family.

  15. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    I pledged to never click on the Cumberbatch thread ever again, but I love a good architecture-pr0n and now I’m kind of disappointed there are no pictures like we usually have with actors buying properties in America. I don’t care about the pictures of them, but give me a picture of the house and I’d be happy. I imagine it must be very nice and I know a family whose house in the West Country is worth around £1,5 million and it’s basically a gigantic mansion with a garden the size of a park, but knowing the price differences, £2.7 million in London is probably not that excessive, right?

    • Felice. says:

      Not really for someone of his income.

    • AG-UK says:

      Nope not excessive. I do t even live in the trendy part and some sround here are easily £2.2m and if it’s Hampstead, Primrose Hill then that’s about right nnyalking 4000sq ft either. Probably semi Victorian.

    • Prim says:

      Here you go, unlikely it’s this particular house, but what you get in the area http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-44281621.html

      • Hautie says:

        Wow. As pretty as this home might be… with its wonderful curb appeal.

        If I had a home of that size with 5-7 bedrooms… and it only had 2 bathrooms. And one of them was the on suite master bath. I would consider that a big “no”.

        One bath for the rest of the family? And random guests.

        Holy cow, that is grounds for some ugly behavior from a family of 4-5 people. Can you begin to hear all the screaming, if you had two daughters in their teens. And they had to share that one bathroom? *shudder*

        Yet, I love looking at homes for sale, in other countries! I like to get a peek of how they are decorated. And how the layout is done.

        Everything here (Texas) looks like it threw up… brown granite, stainless steel appliances… engineered hand scrapped wood floors done with dark brown stain… lots of brown tile… lots of brown paint.

        I swear these newer homes and practically everything remodeled. Is covered in fifty shades of brown. And it is tragic looking to see… nothing but the same ugly brown color palette.

        Ohhh and the big open floor plans. With the bare minimum walls through the house. Where there are no upper cabinets in the kitchen. Because there is no walls to attach them too.

        Plus without walls… you can see the kitchen sink, from the front door. Which is a huge no-no for me. I do not want to be able for anyone standing at the front door… to see the kitchen sink.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Are garages pretty much unheard of in London?

      • MBP says:

        Nutballs, a lot of London was built pre-car; and now land is so expensive that people are *living* in garages.

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        @ Hautie How opinions differ – I usually love watching Texan houses on House Hunters and check the prices on real estate websites and I’d love to be able to live in one of those, considering they are very big for a reasonable price. I come from Poland where we have quite a big population density and very high costs of living, so our houses are usually small and super, super expensive. To give you a better perspective – my friend just took a 30-years loan to buy a tiny 1-bedroom flat. 30-years! To pay for 500 sq ft. If you’ve seen any Polish episode of House Hunters International, you could see that for the same amount of money a 4 bedroom house with a pool costs in Texas, you can maybe buy a small flat in most of Polish cities. Even though our currency is over 3,5 times weaker than US dollar and the proportional earnings are lower, so the value of that flat would be even over 4 times higher for a Pole than for an American. It’s depressing. I currently live with my parents again because if I wanted to rent a studio flat, I’d need to pay at least 1200 for it – monthly and I make 1500. That’s the average income in my town. I also lived in England (and dream about coming back – bad decisions can ruin lives) where the population density is even higher, so having multiple bathrooms and 3-car garages is a luxury. My cousin lives in a 3 bedroom house and she only has 1 tiny bathroom. I rented a bedsit in a 7 bedroom house with 2,5 bathrooms. And all the rooms in the houses for rent I’ve seen were painted with an ugly shade called magnolia, which reminds me of watered down mustard. When you buy a house you are at least able to paint the walls wherever you want, so I don’t think any shade of brown would be an issue.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        What’s a garage?

      • icerose says:

        @Bea I agree he chases posh but he to be fair he can act

      • icerose says:

        @Lilac flowers an attached or non attached building where you keep a car-in London they can sometimes be underground

      • Hautie says:

        @ Norman Bates’ Mother….

        Oh yea… we are fixated on bathrooms. LOL! Along with kitchens. But I will completely agree that prices for homes here are cheaper… when compared to any where else in the US. That has a decent, to better than decent, job market.

        Plus Toyota Motors is moving their main headquarters to Texas from California. So I am fully expecting the prices to do another large jump in prices.

        But for the love of all things holy… the home builders here have no imagination. They have been building and decorating homes the same for the last 15 years. With the color brown being their color of choice.

        The person who asked… what is a garage?… it is where we park our cars. We love our garages here too. You want to convince a hesitating man, that this is your new home. Show him at least a 3 car garage attached to the house. It seems to help him learn to love his new home.

        Here is a local home… for a little less than a million US dollars. Fairview Texas is a smaller town sandwich between Plano and McKinney… we are kinda out in the woods… with the Lovejoy school district that everyone is fighting to get the kids into. But you will notice is has been marked down… and still looking for someone to purchase it!


      • Absolutely says:

        @ice- I think lilac was kidding. I doubt they have room for garages in Boston, either.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        We don’t have those in my neighborhood. I think my sister has one that fits two cars but she lives in the wilds of New Hampshire.

      • Old Enough says:

        I agree Lilac was kidding. Not so long ago a garage in Boston sold for an obscene amount of money. They are very rare in the city. Heck even a parking space can go for 6 figures.

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        If we’re talking about high prices and outdated interiors (like the deep communism nightmare kind of outdated), here is a house in Warsaw. It’s located in one o the most dangerous neighborhoods with a super high crime rate and it’s listed for around $1 million:

      • NUTBALLS says:

        You’ll find detached 1-car garages in towns about 10 mile outside of Boston, where I used to live. Rarely did I see them attached and often were filled with stuff instead of cars.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        For a while, my brother lived in a condo in Boston’s South End with a friend who had acquired the condo through his parent’s divorce (wealthy family – everybody got real estate when the marriage ended). The condo came with a parking space, which the friend rented out for $700 a month. Yes, $700 a month for one parking space.

        And seriously, none of my neighbors have garages. Few have driveways. On street parking only. My deed actually includes a parking space in front of the house.

      • icerose says:

        sounds like London or any big town in the UK where garages come with a cost especially in inner city terraced housing, Semi’s tend to have them but in London they will come with a bigger price tag.

    • Esmerelda says:

      I second the motion, more real estate p0rn please… ^__^

      • Anne tommy says:

        I’m going to generalise Hautie and say that Brits don’t have the multiple bathroom fixation that well off Americans seem to have- the seven beds nine baths scenario that seems to be the rich persons norm in LA just doesn’t happen here. And certainly not in an older townhouse.

      • Hautie says:

        Real Estate p0rn for Dallas Texas. This is what is referred to as the “Park Cities” area of Dallas. It is a couple minutes from downtown Dallas. With lots of nightly activities and the high end restaurants.


        @ Anne tommy….

        The count of bathrooms… or what is consider traditional home building here. If you have a 3 bedroom home. It is standard to expect two full bathrooms.

        Maybe half bath/powder room for guest, if you have the square footage. (Powder room = just a commode and sink. No shower/tub area.)

        A five bedroom home. Would have at least 3 full bathrooms… and that powder room for guest. Of course I am speaking for home building in my part of Texas, too.

        The whole powder room obsession, may only be a thing with southern women too.

        We want that guest lavatory to be spotless. No matter what. That half bath/powder room is stunningly clean, at all times. Nothing is out of place.

        You can not have that kind of guarantee, if you have your children using it daily.

      • Dara says:

        Here’s a contribution to the ‘real estate of the world’ portion of today’s discussion. These are from Seattle. Both are in the $2.7M USD range – sorry don’t know what the current exchange rate is to GBP.

        The first is a period home in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, http://www.windermere.com/listing/33193953

        This one is east of the city, on the other of side of the lake, closer to Microsoft and other tech companies. Probably was a tear-down on a prime lot with a new built house by a spec developer. Lots of money for a house with absolutely no soul. http://www.windermere.com/listing/34452559

    • Sixer says:

      Property prices in London (and really, throughout the UK) are outrageous. My brother lives in Zone 5 (so nowhere near central) in a very bog standard 3-bedroom semi-detached house, and it’s worth the best part of £1m.

      Here’s an ex-council flat – I think you call them ‘projects’ stateside? – that was bought under right-to-buy, a tiny two-bed thing, just put on the market for £1.15m: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/05/22/london-property-bubbles-first-ex-council-flat-hit-market-115m_n_7421064.html.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Ahh… gimme a Westy over that any day. Relatively cheap and can travel with you. #hippyhappy


      • Solanaceae (Nighty) says:

        Wow, a million for that tiny flat? In my country, half a million euros (less than 400 thousand pounds) buys you a detached house with a swimming pool and a fancy garden…
        example: 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, swimming pool … 395 thousand euros, so 300 th. pounds?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Here, it depends on location. Major coastal cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston, the real estate prices are astronomical, even for tiny places. Even the surrounding suburbs are high-priced with additional commuting costs to factor. But elsewhere, in other states, the same size and quality residence goes for much, much less. Three houses in my neighborhood, (a working class, mostly immigrant neighborhood of mid to late 19th century two-family houses with yards, all needing a lot of work but all walking distance to the subway) just sold for more than half a million each on the day they were put up for sale. I know I could probably get close to that for mine, which is in better shape than the ones that sold. And I could take that money and buy a lovely estate somewhere out in Indiana or Minnesota or somewhere down south but I like where I live.

      • icerose says:

        in the UK London apart housing prices which surpass just about everywhere can be affected by living in a village which can push prices up.
        I live in a barn conversion three beds three bathrooms but property on local towns is much cheaper. You pay for the tranquillity and to some degree period housing.

    • Anne tommy says:

      As above, for a four storey townhouse it’s bloody cheap!

      • noneyadambus says:

        If you look in the right area in the US, you can buy houses and land for pennies on the dollar. My cousin bought a farm house 4 bedrooms, 2 baths with 5 areas of land for about $50k. The catch is that it is the middle of nowhere, no cell signal, and you have to drive about a half hour to civilization. She has a few neighborhors but not many. If there was trouble or she needs help, she would have to wait for help to come from the next town.
        But plus side, no Nosy neighbors! LOL I wouldn’t do it.

        Now my parents hous is 20 minutes from Philadelphia has 2 bedroom/4 with work (used as storage space) 1 1/2 baths and 1/4 acre of land and it’s a double/twin/semi-detached, whichever term you prefer. It’s in need of repairs but it has a above ground pool and a quieter neighborhood although the rest of the town has some issues. It’s valued at about $80 k and our neighbors sold for $40k They have a a regular size yard and it’s a bit smaller. The yard makes a difference and the one that sold was in need of major repairs.

  16. She looks ghastly, even for a 9 months’ gone lady. I find her taste in clothes not avant garde but slightly psychotic. Both of them give off a very strange vibe. A heavily pregnant woman should by all means wear comfy shoes but I’ve worked with corporate lawyers who were days from giving birth who still managed to pull together outfits that were comfortable, loose, pretty, and didn’t make them look like one of the homeless, which is what Hunter looks like. She cleans up fairly well, but when she’s not done up, the thin hair, bony frame, weak chin, and big nose are really front and center.

    As far as Hunter’s money goes, I don’t think it’s as much money as all that – Hiddles’ family, e.g., I think is much richer, his mother comes from money and his father made a great deal of money – and the bride’s family usually pays for the wedding when you’re really going “trad” which is what these two have been pretending to do. And the dress was either free or very heavily discounted in return for the PR for Valentino.

    They do seem to have a problem with timing. She looked very much eight months’ gone in Bora Bora and that was mid-March – it’s now mid-May. Possibly they’re expecting twins? That would explain the larger than it should be belly then . . . terrific timing as he starts rehearsals for the biggest role of his theater career . . .

    Whatever, these two have never really looked easily and spontaneously happy. He looks like he’s been hit by a truck, and she still looks like a hard, imperious digger. Maybe he likes it like that.

    Note to Hiddles (and any of the other younger actors now nipping at the nearly 40 year old Cumberbatch’s heels) . . . wrap it up until you’ve bought the ring and popped the question. Take a look at Cumberbatch’s face, and trust no one.

    • askar says:

      You should be aware that you’re the one giving serious psychotic vibes.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Not seeing what Hiddleston or his family’s wealth have to do with any of this or why he constantly has to be dragged into Cumberbatch threads. He’s not the only other posh Brit actor.

      • Dara says:

        Besides, isn’t it the Redmayne clan that are stinkin’ rich? Excuse me, I mean well off. Of all the posh actors, I thought he was at the top of the list by a healthy margin.

      • Oh a lot has been made that Hunter and Cumberbatch are both “posh” and out of the same drawer and that the posh always marry each other. But “posh” socially doesn’t necessarily translate into lots of money. If Hunter were really that well-heeled (in comparison, as it were, to show biz types like Redmayne and Hiddleston), she wouldn’t be so concerned about the will and the trust fund so she can be, ummm, “protected”.

      • Felice. says:

        I would really leave the Blind Items out of it. They’re just good fun until proven otherwise.

      • icerose says:

        Both Tom and Eddie are in the peerage register but Tom’s peerage linage does not go back as far as Eddie’s but is attached to considerably more money.I think Cavill also has links but am not certain.
        Mind you Dominic West tops them all-he is married to an aristocrat -He and his wife are currently having to sell their castle “”Actor Dominic West and his wife forced to sell their £4.6m Irish castle, which has been her family’s ancestral seat for 700 years.
        It always amuses me that Harpers Bazaar had Benny at the top of its elite actors top of the list purely on his connection to his mum and dad who are B actors and not even part of UK acting royalty so to speak. His connection to Richard 111 is not direct enough to connect him to the peerage register.
        He does get credit for more credit foe “poshness” that he is due

      • Bea says:

        @icerose Bendy courts the poshness. Always did.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Still not seeing why Hiddleston was dragged into this. Or Redmayne now. Who said Sophie Hunter is concerned about wills and trust funds? And why wouldn’t she be? The super wealthy, who were raised that way, are always concerned about making sure the paperwork is in order, and ANY woman undergoing a major life change, like having a baby, should have those documents in place.

        I just re-did mine and I”m far from wealthy. My sister, who is also far from wealthy, did her will and set up a trust fund when she first learned she was pregnant so the baby would be provided for if anything happened to her and her husband. She has updated those documents with every new child.

      • Catherine says:

        Lilac, maybe posters could stop bringing up BC on Hiddleston threads too.

      • icerose says:

        @Bea that is the truth but he is far from achieving it

      • Abby says:

        Won’t happen, Catherine.

        I said it before on a Tom thread, there’s immature, over-invested fans on both sides, and they often fail to recognize it in themselves.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Catherine, that would make me happy as well and I point it out every time it happens. I certainly am not linking them.

      • Solanaceae (Nighty) says:

        @Lilac sweety.. someone is back, check out Daisy104 on tumblr.. 😀
        Hope this makes you feel better…

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Nighty, why thank you! Something nice to look at while waiting for Game of Thrones to begin!

      • icerose says:

        I only added my link because someone had brought it up in relation to Sophie’s family supposed wealth but I am okay with Benny ,Tom or any other actor to be brought up on either page as long as it does not get two contentious Sometimes it makes for a more interesting discussion y and generally people are pretty good about it and do not take it to far-at least not as far as what pregnant women should be wearing.

    • Anne tommy says:

      I enjoyed That seesitellsit, didn’t detect a particularly high psycho quotient.

      • anon321 says:

        Me neither; she speaks the truth. Some people can’t handle the truth.

      • 🙂 So far no one in a white jacket has come for me. What’s more, I’ve never made similar accusations about people who just happen to disagree with me.

    • M.A.F. says:

      You are comparing a corporate lawyer, who right after giving birth would be right back at work the next day because that is the environment (all boys club) to an actress/director (whatever Sophie does)? Please. The woman can wear what she wants, even those ugly silver high tops she loves so much (Europeans have got massive shoe game).

      • The corporate lawyer, it might surprise you to learn, took the same maternity leave everyone else did, as did every other attorney at the firm who ever gave birth. Ms Hunter indeed may wear what she likes, including shoes that other view as “massive shoe game” but some of the rest of us simply call “ugly”. Ever heard the one about The Emperor’s New Clothes? That’s how many of us view the alleged” massive shoe game” of Europeans. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a silly pair of shoes on a grown woman really is just . . . silly.

      • Ant says:

        Gee, you’re taking it on the Europeans now… I love that you used two references originating in European culture, though I’m not sure you know what the cigar one is about, unless subconsciously it expresses a need of yours (you’ll get it down the road).

      • Solanaceae (Nighty) says:

        Wow, thanks for that compliment on Europeans.. I’m 39 and wear Vans tennis shoes to work… What a crime, my God… I guess you dress up all the time, as if going to a party… I prefer wearing something nice and comfy..

    • Joanie says:

      Seeit, that last paragraph x1000.

  17. Ally says:

    Isn’t her father a retired soldier who teaches old ladies bridge now? Unless he’s remarkably eccentric, sounds rather an unusual profile for a multimillionaire. Also, if she was wealthy, she would have bankrolled a more noticeable artistic career for herself or been more noted by the glossies as a socialite.

    Regarding the house, I thought the going theory was that he’s keeping the bachelor pad as well, either as a bolt hole or to have if/when a breakup occurs.

    Maybe that tacky mini car campaign (after Jaguar, I mean come on) paid for this real estate investment.

  18. Miss M says:

    Good luck to them!

    Who would thought people would judge women who gets pregnant before a wedding in the 21st century?!

    • Brittney B says:

      Yeah, I think the undercurrent of misogyny is the most troubling aspect of this whole thing. I get that celebs put on shows and we can’t always believe what we see… but the vicious rush to pick apart a woman *BECAUSE* of her pregnancy is so disturbing.

      Not to mention the other running themes… “she’s a talentless gold-digger”… “she tricked him into marrying her by getting pregnant on purpose”… “she doesn’t smile enough in public”… “she doesn’t dress appropriately for a pregnant woman”… I mean, where have I heard these things before?!?!? Oh, that’s right… from every disgruntled, bitter MRA on the Internet. I wish some of these commenters would take a step back and realize how it all sounds. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms you can make without resorting to this vileness.

      • Look, Hunter hooked a big fish with an ooops pregnancy at 36 – after not having worked in several years, still just a “fringe artist”, she suddenly woke up over 35 with a stalled career, no marriage, no children, and rushed to rectify the situation when she reconnected with a man who hadn’t attracted her attention before he turned into Sherlock and Weinstein’s new “It” boy when everyone thought Cumberbatch and TIG were going to sweep the award season, not to mention suddenly the sold-out Hamlet at the Barbican.

        After years of acquaintance and in fact playing his wife in “Burlesque” in 2009, Hunter suddenly found her flames of passion aroused once Cumberbatch started to hit the big time.

        She’s rather invited the gold-digging opportunist label. The rest is kind of par for the course in show business. You need a thick skin and the business isn’t known for being kind.

        Meanwhile, since adding “Cumberbatch” to her name, she’s suddenly gotten two new gigs. How “feminist” is that?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Weren’t they both involved with other people in 2009?

        Nearly 40 year old men of average intelligence do not get trapped into shotgun marriages. If he didn’t want a kid, he should have wrapped it.

      • Ennie says:

        If I had gotten prey at 36 I would’ve be keeping the baby too. 36 is already advanced maternity age for a first timer.

        Way to gasp for straws, they are both adults choosing to live a life together and having a baby. I see some crazy comments here, not the regular bitchy ones. It is good that new people come here, but the hate is strong in this thread.

      • Catherine says:

        Comparison Bias, seems to be a lot of it in the BC fandom, anything to prove Sophie is a miserable famewhore.

      • anon321 says:

        It’s not an obviously unplanned pregnancy that irks me but Sophie’s extremely ugly public persona. She has always presented as a rude, smug, immature, it’s all about me vibe that is just so beneath a grown woman.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @anon321, but that’s exactly how I see HIM so I think they are well-suited.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        anon321, I don’t know anything about her other than what she projects in her rare public appearances and a couple of interviews. While it may not be attractive, I’ve got a lot more to go on with Bendy and from what I’ve seen, he isn’t exactly her opposite. He has his own unattractive traits, immaturity and arrogance being two of them. They both have their issues and marriage is going to be a challenge for them.

        The main thing I miss since the engagement is DorkyBatch. If he returns and begins to entertain me in interviews, I have no issues with the marriage or the kid as long as neither are being pushed for PR.

      • Hillery says:

        Unsure, don’t know either of them personally.

        Curious: why do people bother repeatedly showing up his threads if they think he’s so awful? Can’t see how that’s entertaining unless you enjoy making nasty/snide comments. Not talking about Nutballs above me, that’s mild, but some of this other stuff… there’s more positive stuff to do?

      • Kate says:

        @Hillary~might as well go simple, it’s ego & applies in a lot of fandoms.

        Neither his nor another actor’s threads are fun anymore. They’re becoming homogenous echo chambers of overpraise-defensiveness or overcritical-nastiness. Zero chill, too extreme.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I think people are judging the hard sell of this grand romance, not the baby before marriage situation.

      • Agreed – those nakedly arranged pap shots in L.A. were the bottom of the “hard sell” barrel.

      • anon321 says:


      • Angel says:

        Exactly – We don’t care really about the timing, just the stupid tacked-on ‘no love was as amazing as our love’ with the obvious beefing of her resume. It just smacks of shame. We actually are making fun of thier shame in themselves, not them.

    • loli says:

      No, dear, people don’t ‘judge’ the woman who (unexpectedly) got pregnant before wedding (that’s completely normal nowadays), they don’t dig the man who did everything to conceal this fact in order to keep appearances.

      • Miss M says:

        But they judge his wife ALL THE TIME.

        They thought their Benny was a perfect otter prince. Grown women lising thei sh$t for a grown man they don’t know. Hahaha

      • Dara says:

        Thank you Loli! That’s my biggest WTF observation about all this. It’s the 21st century- two adults having a baby together (planned or not) without being married first is not a crime, or even noteworthy. And yet it seems to me BC is acting as though it is and needs to convince the world that everything about this is a perfect fairytale.

      • Felice. says:

        Bingo! Yahtzee!

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Thank you Miss M! I was beginning to wonder what century we were all in!

      • Miss M says:

        You’re welcome, Miss Jupitero!

        To all: no men pushing 40 is gonna get tricked …

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        um .. who’s judging pregnancy before marriage? methinks youre confused.

        it was clearly him/her that had the issue with a baby before marriage, hence the rush to get wed and the media onslaught from him about their relationship. along with his decision to make the most public announcement on his engagement ever just before his american press tour. for someone apparently so private, that was a strange move.
        most of the criticism arises from that. literally nobody is pearl clutching over the notion of babies without weddings. completely and utterly the opposite, in fact.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Miss M: Exactly. No Way. No How.

      • Chantal says:

        @Miss M: I would have to disagree with you. Men at any age get tricked because the only think with their little brain and forget or do not want to wrap it. They fell victim all the time. I am not saying it is the case with SH and BC.

      • Harv says:

        When in the world was Cumberbatch ever private? I get it, he’s not a Kardashian selfie machine, but I knew about his life, dating, and parenting desire for a time now, and I’m only casually aware of him. It’s high school wishful thinking to describe his as private and naive not to realize that we was going hard for that Oscar.
        As for the baby, they got pregnant, and they’re making a life together. Good for them! I read enough misogynistic tripe on this site concerning this pregnancy.

      • Antonym says:

        @Chantal – I think the word you may be looking for is ‘stupid’ not ‘victim’. A 40 year old man knows where babies come from, if he chooses not to wear a condom thats his choice – he’s not a victim.

      • Chantal says:

        @antonym: you are 100% correct!!!!

  19. bettyrose says:

    LOL @ rich people buy house. Slow news day? 🙂

  20. Ant says:

    I saw pictures of some of these Tumblr Cumby fans (NOT proud at all)… and, let’s just say that if they spent at least half the time they use to cook up conspiracy theories in doing something active, their health, including mental, would greatly improve. LOL

    • Felice. says:

      If you’re gonna trash his fans, you should at least cover the other side of that spectrum who raid his PR office with gifts, run on the stage to give him flowers, and move to London to become licensed babysitters.

    • ogg921 says:

      So you looked just at their pictures and judged them physically AND mentally. Wow, aren’t you just amazing? Could you see into their souls too?
      And you find all of these strangers “weird and scary”? Where do you fall on the spectrum?

  21. NUTBALLS says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve thought this, but Bendy looks sartorially fab in those snaps.

    She did say her due date was today, which means an early September conception. So yes, Ben got engaged to her within weeks of finding out about her pregnancy. It would be nice to see them looking like they’re not bored with each other after years of marriage, though.

    For all the remarks about her attire, it’s really no different than the way she’s casually dressed in the past. At 38 weeks, I felt like sh*t after feeling like sh*t for the prior 8 weeks. I wasn’t thinking about my clothes, just how uncomfortable I was and wanting to get that bun outta the oven. I’ll give her a pass.

    • anon321 says:

      I was under the impression that Sophie was pregnant before the TIG premiere at the 2014 London Film Festival, which started on September 4th. Ben stated that they were not engaged at that event so it would appear that she got pregnant before September.

      • Absolutely says:

        Yes, at this point I think she’s past due. First ones are notoriously late.

      • Bea says:

        I’m pretty sure I read she was due right about now which would put the conception date within the same week as LFF. Exactly 2 months later they got engaged.

      • PrettyBlueFox says:

        I’m almost afraid to jump in on this one but as a general point of clarification regarding film festivals, it’s the TORONTO film fest that takes place in early September. London gets started in October. (And I’m only bringing this up for the sake of accuracy – NOT to speculate on when two strangers conceived a baby).

      • NUTBALLS says:

        anon321, I’m stating that based on the fact that I conceived on Sept 6 and had a May 24 due date. I’m also presuming that the due date that was given for the article on her Beckett Festival show is correct. They said she was due two months before the start of the festival, which is July 23rd. Since she’s still pregnant, I think it’s reasonable to say her due date was this weekend.

        Agree with PrettyBlueFox. TIFF was early Sept, when he said he was “taken”, LFF opened October 8. She may or may not have known she was pregnant at that point, but they were engaged a month later so it was certainly known by then.

    • Snoot says:

      If her due date (40 weeks pregnant) was yesterday for example then that would put her at around 12 weeks pregnant at the time of the engagement announcement. End of the first trimester.

      How is that not shotgun again?

      • Ant says:

        Except that female humans usually give birth at 36 weeks.

      • Absolutely says:

        Err….from the date of your last period (because that’s when they start counting) gestation for a human is 40 weeks. Some go 42.

      • Ant says:

        OK, my bad, I’m obviously showing my extensive ignorance on pregnancy.

      • Timbuktu says:

        No, female humans *usually* give birth anywhere between 34 and 41 weeks, and then some. Both of my babies were way closer to 40 than to 36.

      • Pinky Pinkerson says:


        I agree.

  22. kri says:

    Wow, she seems to be ready any day now. I am sure at that point I wouldn’t even want to move!! I wish them a healthy and happy baby.

  23. Chantal says:

    Once I a while I do make fun of this couple, however I do not understand the urge people have to want to protect this man from his chosen wife. I am on the corner that this woman must have done something in the past and she is paying for with all those remarks. It is weird. Some people think he is miserable in the relationship. Who knows what is going between married couple? If BC is indeed miserable, I really think itit is about the stuffs that are being said about him and SH online. That is enough to make someone depress. They are even discussing his crotch. To me that is as bad as discussing SH look.

  24. Rjaye says:

    One, her parents don’t have money-her mother’s some kind of receptionest, and her dad teaches bridge part time. So they did not pay for that wedding because no money.

    Two, the woman wore one maternity dress once on the money moon, and it hasn’t been seen since. The photo was later used in an ad for the company who makes the dress.

    Three, everything she’s worn are her old clothes. She has not bought new clothes since she’s been with C. Those oufits are her regular wardrobe. Interesting for a couple who’ve married for several months.

    And lessee-she’s been huge since Bora Bora. Three months. Really? It’s a pregnancy for the record books.
    She was unpleasant to his parents, dismissive of his niece and has been rude to his fans.

    He’s an idiot and she’s a piece of work, and people defending this humorless couple amaze me.

    • Chantal says:

      How do you know all that? She was uplesant to his parents and dismissive of his niece? Was there an article in the tabs about this behavior? That is very curious.

      • Catherine says:

        Most likely a source off Tumblr

      • anon321 says:

        You have to watch the whole movie to get it but I believe Rjaye is correct. Much goes on between these people and their facial expressions and body language gives it away.

      • Rjaye says:

        Watch the Oscar carpet feed with his parents. Watch the video of her with Emily in New York. It was on the news feeds. As for her parents, she stated what her family issues were in the few interviews she did for theatre mags around 2006 when she was trying to say how hard she had it and how it affected her “art.”

        I know how much her father made as my family’s in insurance, with several exes and a vice president (now that is a good gig), and now Charles Hunter teaches bridge part time. He’s not that old.

        So, no, not rags or websites. These two can’t sell a damn thing, and they look ill. She looks like she’s lost weight in her face and legs, and they both look ragged.

        Impending parenthood doesn’t do that, but who know what it is. This is bad PR and they just need to go underground and quit playing with the paps.

    • Old Enough says:

      She has been seen wearing 2 blue coats. Might have been loaners but not all of her clothes were old ones. I do have to agree with those who say why buy maternity clothes near the end.

    • Chantal says:

      Wow! I would like to see those video feeds. Do you have the links? I don’t know for Emily, she works for BC maybe she got a raise a work for SH as well. I cannot believe we was rude to his parents on the red carpet. The only thing I hope for BC is that she is not a gambler like her father. Those avant garde arts are the same as placing a bet in Vegas IMO. More chance to fail or lose than not. So far,if she is as bad people think she is without knowing her; she place a good bet on BC. To be honest, I don’t there is as much drama as some imagined. Two people maybe not the love of the century that making a life together. It might work for both of them. Sometimes passion and intense love fade quickly but understanding and friendship with aphysical attraction last longer.

  25. Takeasadsong says:

    BC is (was) very popular and has (had) a very loyal fan base. I’ve followed his career for a long time and it seems like this couple sold this romance as the greatest love story of all time. And unfortunately their public behavior differed from what he was saying about her/them. One side of the fan base has made her their queen, the other side has vilified her beyond recognition. And we’ll never know what went down between them. Only time will tell I guess.

    • Felice. says:

      1 year…5 tops

      • anon321 says:

        They’ll never see five years. I say 18 months to two years. She looks nasty.

      • s says:

        Anon, you’re unhappiness is showing. What a low class comment.

      • moodgirl says:

        @S, +1! THis one is special.

      • anon321 says:

        I’ve been watching this since the beginning. Sophie’s very public behavior toward Ben and his associates was ugly, just atrocious. If she was so bold to disrespect others in public I can only imagine how she behaves in private.

        We all have disagreements with significant others but adults should be mature enough to keep these disagreements private. I can’t imagine anyone putting up with this nastiness for a long period of time.

      • anon321 says:

        Her attitude towards him is nasty. No one will put up with that for long.

      • Ennie says:

        Your comments talk and say more about you than about SH, for real.

  26. Chantal says:

    SH looks like a supermodel comparing to what I looked like at that stage. I had to destroy some pictures. I must say that is the only time I found BC remotely attractive. I think short hair suits him better IMO. I need to see a doctor.

  27. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I legit forgot she was pregnant….she looks uncomfortable and miserable. Poor girl.

  28. Chantal says:

    Why is SH is getting so much grief about a new house? There is nothing wrong with that. It is a new family. They need more space. It probably has nothing to do with his ex. It was a bachelor pad, not equip for children. I hope he can really afford it. I am not sure of his worth.

    • Rjaye says:

      You mean his three story, four bedroom house with office and den? The one he planned for a family?

      • anon121 says:

        “I’m building a home in the center of London and I would like to fill it with life, love, and children”. Seems like the missus has a different plan. Hope he holds onto it just in case.

      • Old Enough says:

        His current house does not have 4 bedrooms. It has 2. Frankly small for a family and no garden. I know I’d be nervous to have a small child on the roof terrace. I was at a pub in NYC yesterday and they would not allow a family with children to go up on the roof deck for safety concerns.

      • Catherine says:

        It’s 2 storey’s, 2 converted flats with a sundeck, no garden. Not big enough for a family I’d say. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want a new place when you’re expecting a baby, if you can afford one, instead of the one your husband bought and planned with his ex.

    • ogg921 says:

      Some of the criticism may have a lot to do with timing. They have been a couple for what, 13-14 months? Dating, pregnant, engaged, married, and suddenly a new house? Babies don’t take up much room for a year or more, (I’ve had two). He’s supposed to be gearing up for Hamlet, she, evidently, has work projects lined up AND there’s the baby care. I know they are affluent and can hire help, but moving (even with help) seems like a huge stressor that could have easily been deferred.

      The implication in the press has been that they had to buy a new place because he shared THAT flat with someone else, (over 5 years ago and he’s extensively remodeled since). If insecurity is the reason, maybe some of the dire predictions about the relationship aren’t as crazy as portrayed. If it’s just a case of “want it – need it now”, well, I bet marriage counselors everywhere would recommend juggling far fewer major life events in such a short time period.

  29. Miran says:

    I genuinely don’t understand why it is so hard for people to believe that he might have actually wanted to get engaged and the pregnancy just bumped up the timeline. It almost like people want him to be miserable.

    • anon321 says:

      Perhaps his teary, red face and surliness towards her makes that hard to believe.

    • Pinky Pinkerson says:


      I think the fact that he wanted to get engaged was clear to anyone who followed him. He said in early 2014 that he had personal goals for his immediate future. Many guessed it was finding a partner to settle down with and starting a family. Being a father by 40 was always a goal of his, no matter how much he downplayed it in interviews.

      As some have said, I don’t think he saw it all happening as it did. SH said in her Vogue piece that they’d known each other 17 years. In all that time did no sparks fly? Even if they were both in other relationships in 2009, they were both single for years. Suddenly, in 2014, once BC was famous, and in demand with Oscar buzz around him, she was interested in him?

      I think it was a matter of convenience for both of them. Her in her late 30’s with not much of a career, him “broody” and wanting to start a family. Not an epic love story, but convenience and likely settling for both of them. That’s why they look the way they do together, like they have made a decision to settle with what was the best either could do at the time. Two people of similar backgrounds settling, nothing more.

      It’s his fear of his image being tarnished that prompted his desire for the creation of a backstory when one probably didn’t exist. He knows his child will be able to go back and read what’s been said about it. He’s creating something nicer than, two acquaintances began dating and found themselves pregnant after a few months of a likely casual relationship. It’s what makes the most sense.

      • wahine992 says:

        @Pinky Pinkerson
        ITA with your spot-on assessment. That’s exactly what I think.

      • loli says:

        It is telling that they both (and Ben repeatedly) have spoken of ‘match’ and ‘fit’ when referring to their relationship. Smth. that is almost mathematically calculated.

  30. moodgirl says:

    Hey, I’m moodgirl. I post on other threads so please find another moniker.

  31. LL says:

    Eh, I don’t believe anything the tabloids write. They’ve already been living together for months so it’s likely the new house is either an investment or simply to make room for the growing family, not because Sophie threw some kind of jealous bitchfit over his ex having lived there (and how would a tabloid know anyway? Are they psychic). I’m assuming few posters have actually been pregnant: the bump looked textbook late second trimester in the honeymoon pics. She is visibly much, much larger now. It’s so weird how fans will come up with any straw to deny that she’s pregnant, just because they can’t stand the thought of him having sex with someone. Olivia got the same hatred and no doubt would be receiving the same if she was married to Ben and pregnant with his child.

  32. Whatever says:

    I have to say I get rather tired of all the “You just jealous,” whenever someone criticizes BC. Seriously guys, you can watch someone’s work without wanting to bed them. Sorry but he just doesn’t do it for me physically. I think he’s odd looking.

    I don’t usually comment on her looks or behaviour. She’s a nobody to me, so I just couldn’t care less. I think they act like a strange couple. Mostly likely a short relationship with an oops pregnancy followed by trying to make the best of it. Birth control/condoms do occasionally fail. But meh. I’ve never met him and have no interest in ever doing so. So nope. I’m not broken hearted over it. I like other actors that are married and have children, Rupert Graves for one. So his being married doesn’t upset me at all.

    Now his antics? That’s what upsets me. The public drunkeness (GQ speech), the fan bashing, thinking he’s god’s gift to women (NY mag photoshoot), claiming privacy while schilling his grand romance for the Oscars, contrasted with the Moneymoon (staged pap shots for Jaguar with whom he has an endorsement deal), his unprofessional attitude towards promotions (PoM tumblr Q&A) & let’s not forget the infamous racial slur (Tavis Smiley). These are just a few of the reasons why I no longer respect him.

    His likeability has taken a serious hit over the past months and while he may recover somewhat I don’t think he’ll ever get back to where he was. But maybe that’s just me. Some people have very short memories or else they where rose-tinted glasses whenever their hormones get involved. *shrugs*

    • Nayru says:

      I totally share your overall sentiments.

    • Lisa says:

      You can also not give two craps about his antics/not interpret all of them the same way, not be attracted to him and still be a fan. Go figure.

      • Whatever says:

        Just offering a different pov on why people may be angry at him. I used to find him fun in a dorky kind of way but now not so much. I don’t expect perfection from my favs (far from it) but there’s been too much unpleasantness over the past few months for me to ignore, but meh. He’s a grown man. He makes his own mistakes. If they cost him fans or future projects, he’ll just have to deal with it. At this point I’m rather indifferent to him myself.

        It just irks me that people automatically jump to the “Jealous!” defense. It’s insulting to assume that a woman can only be interested in another person because she harbors romantic delusions about him. I like quite a few actors and have no wish to sleep with any of them. I’m just looking for entertainment and relaxation. Can’t say I’m getting that vibe from BC these days.

      • wahine992 says:

        @Whatever – well said.

      • Lisa says:

        Oh, I know that’s true. But there are other classes of people. The general public, who don’t care at all; fans who are angry because he got married or they don’t like who he got married to (classic entitlement); fans like yourself; and people in my category, those who are completely, utterly done with the overreactions to everything.

    • Dara says:

      Hooray! That is a celebrity baby story I could stand to hear more about, but probably won’t since there seems to be little to no drama.

      Oh, and here’s something that be used to compare and contrast both wardrobe choices and bumpage.

      • Maggie says:

        Wow! So now people are making comparisons between different women at different stages in their pregnancies. Women of different ages, backgrounds, body types and circumstances. Could you sink any lower!

        Benedict in these pics had just been at court with James Rhodes and supported him through a very harrowing court case and James is a friend of Sophie’s as well. It must have been a very emotional time for all involved, so forgive them if they are not skipping along the street and laughing.

      • Dara says:

        @Maggie, actually quite a lot of people have sunk quite a bit lower, both here and elsewhere. Why so sensitive about comparisons? I’m in an office filled with pregnant women and new moms and they compare notes constantly. How many pounds gained, bra size changes, who is carrying high or low, which shoes still fit, hours of sleep gotten, how many times an hour they need to pee. There are no value judgements, every pregnancy is different.

        But to your point, I fail to see just how exactly Keira and Sophie are so very different. Keira is a few years younger and Sophie is taller, but they both seem to have a similar body type (slender, small boned) and both are blessed with a very nice standard of living. I have no way of knowing how far along each is in the photographs, I was not present when conception occurred.

  33. EN says:

    Well, at least, that puts to rest claims that BC waited for paternity test before getting engaged. I personally never believed it because she looked about 4 months along in January, not far along enough to be 12 weeks in before November.
    On a personal level , those claims bothered me . If you don’t trust a partner and need a paternity test, better not get married at all.

    • anon121 says:

      I admit-I was one of the paternity believers. It was the only thing that made sense with LFF. How else do you explain not acknowledging your pregnant girlfriend?

      • Pinky Pinkerson says:


        I agree that the fact that she’s still pregnant doesn’t really alter the theory that she was at or around the 12 week mark at the time of the engagement.

        @ anon121

        “How else do you explain not acknowledging your pregnant girlfriend?” (At the LFF in October when he must have already known about the pregnancy.)

        Excellent question, I’ve been wondering the same.

    • hmmm. says:

      Regarding timing, I don’t see any inconsistency. 12 weeks on Nov 5th = 40 weeks on May 20 and for a primigravida going over 40 weeks is common. The 12 week mark is important because it’s considered to be the time when the risk of miscarriage drops significantly; that’s why a lot of people wait until the 12 week mark to announce a pregnancy publicly, for example… (Paternity testing is a whole different kettle of fish — can be done earlier than 12 weeks via maternal blood — but I don’t even want to get into it.)

      • EN says:

        If she was due May 24th like people posted then she was 8 or 9 weeks at the time of engagement, i.e. 2 months along.

      • Ingrid says:

        For the hundredth time, people, due date is calculated from the first day of your last period, not from conception.

        With a late May due date, she would have been around 10-12 weeks by the time of the engagement. Like hmmm. said.

      • Pinky Pinkerson says:

        @ Ingrid

        YES! I don’t know why that point is still up for debate. You and Hmmm are exactly right.


        I think the assumption that they have been dating for 13-14 months is likely a very generous approximation. Seeing each other casually, possibly. I don’t think they became “serious/exclusive” until they learned of the pregnancy, as was reported in the early articles about the relationship. It was even confirmed by her brother. Way back before the “dating since 2013” narrative began making the rounds.

      • hmmm. says:

        Trust me on this one. Not that I know when any specific baby is due, mind you. But as far as calculating a due date, that I can do in my sleep (well, almost).

  34. Lola says:

    He looks good. About her, no…sorry… even preggers you can keep and do a better outfit than that. And if things don’t fit, buy things that do.

    • Patty says:

      Yes and thank you. it is possible to be pregnant and still be put together. It bugs me that people in general just look so sloppy all of the time. Pregnancy is not an excuse, you should still make an effort and take pride in your appearance.

  35. Fabie says:

    Don’t both of their rings look a bit loose?

  36. icerose says:

    Has any one seen Benny’s trailer for his new film-very little Benny that I could see and probably way to much violence for me but I will make up my mind when the reviews come out.

    • Whatever says:

      @icerose: Would that be Black Mass? I tend to pass on Johnny Depp movies these days. He hasn’t been doing good movies of late. But who knows maybe this will turn things around for him. I’ve liked some of his stuff in the past. It’d be nice to see him get his act back together. I’m waiting on the reviews as well. I don’t usually see movies in the theaters anyway. I’m more likely to stream it later on.

      • icerose says:

        loved his acting in the past -so it is not so much that but the subject matter.

  37. md1979 says:

    Really, really like his hair now.