Sinead O’Connor told Prince to “f*** himself”

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Boy you sure don’t hear much about Sinead O’Connor anymore. Always a wise way to start an article. [JayBird pats herself on head]. But you do hear a bit about Prince. I just read this unnecessarily long article about him in Newsweek the other day. I stopped after the part about how he charges subscribers $77 a year to access one of his music sites. Insane. Prince is also one of the more famous Jehovah Witnesses around. Which means he doesn’t appreciate certain behaviors. Sinead O’Connor was one of the more outspoken people around. Which means she told Prince exactly what she thought when he chastised her for swearing.

Sinead O’Connor has revealed that she told Prince to “f*** himself” when the two disagreed over her swearing in interviews.

The singer had previously recorded a cover of one of the star’s tracks for her 1990 album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.

O’Connor said: “I didn’t hit it off with Prince. I met him after I’d recorded ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ and he said he didn’t appreciate how I used bad language in my interviews.

“I told him to go f*** himself and he wasn’t very happy.”

[From Gossip Rocks]

What an odd pairing. It’s hard to imagine the two would ever be in the same room together, let alone have an argument resulting in expletives. I would pay just about anything to have seen that interaction. O’Connor is only 5’5 – but Prince is only 5’2 and all of 91 lbs dripping wet. I think she could be pretty damn intimidating next to him, especially when she’s telling him to f off. It’s great that Prince (presumably) doesn’t swear. But personally, I always find it best not to hold others responsible for catering to my definition of morality.


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  1. Amy says:

    Prince is a notorious douchebag. He threatened to sue some random mom b/c she posted a video on YouTube of her toddler dancing to “Let’s Go Crazy.”

    It was just a little home video and his vulture lawyers went nuts on her!

    **Mods – Can I be taken off moderation? I don’t know when or why this happened to me. I’m a good girl! 🙂

  2. Trillion says:

    I love Sinead. She’s fearless, rebellious, eccentric, and makes no apologies for it,. Her music was my rock during some very difficult times in my life.

  3. YIKES says:

    Prince is right… there is really no need for swearing….

  4. YIKES says:

    oh and this chick is NASTY!

  5. snackstick says:

    She looks like hell.

  6. Your Friend says:

    Looks like she is caring a painting or some sort — I bet its a picture of the pope…

  7. Sakota says:

    After she was booed off the stage for ripping up a picture of the Pope, I’ve wished her nothing but the worst.

    • hashpotato says:

      get off your high horse. Sinead O’connor never gave a shit what anyone thought and always spoke her mind. She was right to tear up that photo of the Pope, she was one of the few people who were brave enough to speak out against the atrocities that were happening in his name at the time. Thousands of children were abused by the catholic church and to this day new abuse cases are only just coming out. The Pope tried to cover it up and made pathetic excuses for all the lives that were destroyed. The pope is just a figurehead for a very powerful, sick establishment. IMO your relationship with God should be personal. Cut out the middlemen.

  8. YIKES says:

    He isn’t a hypocrite.. you are not a hypocrite when you completely change your life style… he is a Jehovah’s Witness now.. and they do not swear… they are a pure people

  9. Asiont says:

    haha 🙂 that’s hilarious!

  10. geronimo says:

    ‘She’s fearless, rebellious, eccentric, and makes no apologies for it.’

    Amen, Trillion. And a voice to die for.

  11. lrm says:

    oh,it is funny that you would wish her ill b/c she tore up a pic. of the pope.
    let us never question or criticize authority now…hey,how do you think any change in the world has ever come about? Through usually radical acts inciting thought,at least subconsciously.
    And there’s always been some one or a group around to say the person’s nuts for questioning the norm of the day,right? Are you a female? Do you vote?

  12. Shelly Shellz says:


    RIGHT ON!!! So what if she ripped a pic of the pope…it’s her rite. Yikes doesn’t agree w the swearing but who really gives a sh*t abt it, she’s fkn awesome!

  13. Bellatrix says:

    I feel this lady deserves a classic “She can do now wrong” comment.
    It’s a little corny but I don’t care. Her songs have been a part of my growing up as no others have.

    Sinead is one of a kind and I mean that as one of the very few great artists with a heck of a personality.

  14. Wow says:

    Prince is a legend. She should thank her lucky stars for HIS song “Nothing Compares to You”..

    Sinead use to have an awesome voice, and she did his song some justice with her voice. But now she just sounds so bitter about life.

  15. Feebee says:

    The recently (or whenever) converted are always the “worst”. It was entirely appropriate for her to tell him to f*** himself. Who the hell is he to censor her interviews? Pompous ass.

  16. Heather says:

    “But personally, I always find it best not to hold others responsible for catering to my definition of morality.” — this might be my favorite sentence ever!

  17. the original kate says:

    i find it sad that her amazing, beautiful voice has been overshadowed by her off screen craziness.

  18. j. ferber says:

    Ever since she ripped up the Pope’s picture, I’ve wished her nothing but the best. I personally liked that Pope and thought him a good man, but Sinead has every right to use his office and his image to make a religious/political point. Although the act was distasteful to some, she’s still God’s child and is protected by the First Amendment and, presumably, God.

  19. Aleksa says:

    I´ve always liked Sinéad…she answers to noone, and I love her music. And she tells noone how to be or behave Prince, on the other hand, comes across as a self-righteous idiot.
    I must say, however…Sinéad is aging rather badly?? How old is she now? I always was under the impression we were the same age, but now I´m either sure I´m younger OR time´s being kinder to me 😛

  20. TinaWithPom says:

    Sinéad has an incredible, powerful voice. Like some of the other posters said here, her songs have also helped me through some difficult personal times. As for those calling her “nasty” and other such horrible names, she is aging like a regular person, without botox or plastic surgery. More reason to love her.

  21. Mairead says:

    Strangely I would have thought that nowadays they’d probably would be very interesting company, considering they’re both quite religious in their own way (Sinéad was going to be ordained a Tridentine priest once – no, not a joke) and then decided to get into Rastafarianism.

    And I’ve seen her around a lot, she’s really petite so Prince would need to be the width of a toothpick to be physically intimidated by her.

  22. yogibear says:

    i was raised Catholic and watched the SNLshow dhe rip that picture apart..And LOVED it!!He is just a MAN! NO better or worse than most.His church has fucked up her country when it could have healed it.They did not even have the righ to abortion,birth control or divorce until recntly! Im talking within 15 years because of the Churches power there.Wonder how long ppl in America would put up with that shyt! I cussed and i liked it !

  23. Kimble says:

    @Tina Without Porn: I so agree. I think we are so conditioned to see 40+ year old women with their swollen shiney foreheads and frozen faces that normal faces 40 odd year old faces now look odd!

    She was classically beautiful as a young woman and now she looks like a normal middle aged one!

  24. Cinderella says:

    So he’s a Jehovah Witness. Isn’t she an ordained minister? Is forgiveness not a factor in either of their religions?

  25. mE says:

    She has always come across as troubled to me. I remember a few interviews with her and she seemed a bit off. I seem to remember some difficulty with the custody of her children. I felt very bad for her.

    As for the Pope thing, I am a devout Catholic and I think JPII was an awesome man after having read a few of his encyclicals and books. I was not at all offended by her tearing up a picture of him. I didn’t understand why she did it and I don’t remember her getting much of a fair shake to explain why she did it. (Are you listening up there Frank Sinatra, who I remember threatening to kick her ass at the time? Nice show of Christian charity)

    I LURVE Prince though. Even so, that was a pretty condescending move to castigate a grown person for the language they use. If it was just a good natured tsk, tsk about a potty mouth amongst friends, that could be understood but as it is presented, sounds like he stepped way over the line.

  26. MSat says:

    Well, gee, I guess Prince thought it was okay to swear in his songs, such as “Erotic City,” which boast the lyrics “we can f*$k until the dawn, making love til cherry’s gone.” Or “Let’s Pretend We’re Married,” with the famous line, “I sincerely want to f*$k the taste out of your mouth.”

    What a hypocrite!

  27. tasteT says:

    I also loved her back in the day..

    what the heck has she done lately, except talk about old Prince stories??

    She looks crazy..

    disappear and let me remember you how you were..

    looking like she just got off of the short bus.

    Did this happen in the last 5 yrs at least??? nope

    sorry, its JMO

  28. tasteT says:

    That’s it

    She disrespected the pope or something, I can’t remember the story but I thought she was losing it then..

    what a waste

  29. tasteT says:

    She did not respect any kind of authority, I don’t even think she received permission to sing Prince’s song..that’s where they got in to it
    at the beginning.

    It was cleared AFTER it was recorded.

  30. Lina says:

    I wish Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV was still going on so I could see how this would have ended up in a real cage-fight.

  31. gg says:

    They both are eccentric, talented, middle-aged artists. To me, Skinhead O’Conna looks healthier and less crazy with hair, and they both need to learn to chill out and visit their inner buddha nature.

  32. MSat says:

    The reason Sinead has always held the Pope and the Catholic church in such low regard is because she and her siblings suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her mother, who was mentally unstable. This went on for quite some time because her parents were Catholic and her father, who went to the church for help, was told to control his wife.

    Her parents’ divorce and her father gaining custody of the children was a landmark case in Ireland- one of the first times in the country’s history that a father was granted custody of the children instead of the mother. But by then the kids had suffered greatly. That’s why she is so bitter and messed up.

    She’s an amazing artist who never wanted all the fame that came to her in the 80s. She still puts out albums and tours, and she is still fantastic. She does does things on her terms now.

  33. vsmith says:

    I really don’t think that hair style is working for her anymore.

  34. Alex Esparza says:

    “After she was booed off the stage for ripping up a picture of the Pope, I’ve wished her nothing but the worst. ”

    That’s mighty Christian of you.

  35. Charley Kane says:

    Prince has done everyone else, why not himself?

  36. Ophelia says:

    @MSat, lmao, I was thinking that too. He got famous that way, how can he judge her. She’s still awesome btw.

  37. Claudia says:

    Just this: I LOVE HER. and this just makes her much more awesome in my eyes (which I thought wasn’t even possible after the awesomeness of pope-picture-ripping).

  38. lway says:

    You go girl!! Someone had to tell that little runt off…!

  39. barneslr says:

    People who feel the need to spew expletives are merely showing off the fact that they cannot think of anything intelligent to say.

  40. barneslr says:

    “The reason Sinead has always held the Pope and the Catholic church in such low regard is because she and her siblings suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her mother, who was mentally unstable.”

    Then perhaps her bitterness should be directed toward her MOTHER.

  41. Grandizer says:

    Didn’t VH-1 do one of their pop ups on her and the song Prince wrote???

    If I remember correctly, the crying in the video was real because her manager ordered her to sing the song, but she didn’t want to because she didn’t like it.

    Yet it turns out it is the SINGLE song she is best known for.

  42. rhoniluv says:


    (i once read) alicia keys said that he tried to tell her the same thing once.

    f@#k u prince!

    i love that sinead told him that.

    and now that i now that ‘he charges subscribers $77 a year to access one of his music sites’

    i am going to continue JACKING all his vids, music, etc. FOR F-R-E-E till kingdom come!!!

    limewire, here i come!

    go crazy! aaaaahhhhhwwwwoooot!

  43. rhoniluv says:

    RE: Iway

    ‘little runt’



  44. Cizz says:

    @ yogibear: there is still no abortion in Ireland, Irish women travel to the UK to get abortions….its known as “getting the boat”

  45. czarina says:

    However Sinead feels about the Pope, organzied religion, or politics…choosing to make such a dramatic statement on an entertainment/comedy show was stupid and idiotic.
    If you are a singer, then sing. Write songs about your religious/political feelings if you want to.
    If you want to be a political activist, then fine; do that. But if you try to combine the entertainment people WANT to hear, with shoving your religious/political views at them, you’d better expect a strong reaction.
    (i.e. Dixie Chicks!)

  46. Zoe says:

    ::Prince is right… there is really no need for swearing….::

    Fortunately, there’s a little thing in this country known as Freedom of Speech. One person doesn’t have the right to tell another person what that should or shouldn’t say, Sinead is a grown adult and can make her own decisions and frankly, Prince (as much as I love him) constantly does many things to offend people and isn’t in a position to judge people.

    ::So he’s a Jehovah Witness. Isn’t she an ordained minister? Is forgiveness not a factor in either of their religions?::


    As for the Pope, Sinead is an ordained minister and I’m sure she has her own feelings about what happened in retrospect however I don’t understand the giant controversy. Popes are human and imperfect beings like anyone else, go to Vatican City and check out the nice multi-million dollar solid gold garage doors for the Popemobile. Nothing like humility.

  47. cmoody says:

    I don’t understand how him saying he didn’t appreciate her foul language as the same thing as him trying to censor her?

    He didn’t tell her not to use foul language. He said he didn’t like it. Isn’t that just as valid as her telling him to go f**ck himself?

    Weren’t they both exercising their own rights to free speech here?

    And I don’t see how he is a hypocrite for Erotic City. He didn’t write it George Clinton did. Prince just covered it. The same way Sinead covered Prince’s song Nothing Compares 2 U.

    And while we are on the subject. Why is this gossip worthy? We are talking about a conversation they had after she covered his song which means the conversation took place what like almost 2 decades ago.

    Does she have an album coming out that she needs to promote that this would ever be brought up almost 20 years after the fact?

  48. Jules says:

    czarina- Really? You’re going to try to use the Dixie Chicks as an example in your favor? Not smart. The Dixie Chicks were just the first and the bravest to speak out against Bush. Turns out they were right! Now everyone does it.
    Sinead made a huge political statement on a show that millions of people would see. She was smart.
    Both of these women used the forums given to them to make as big an impact as possible. And they succeeded. Rock on! Our government and the Catholic church are corrupt and need to have a light shown on them.

  49. czarina says:

    @Jules–you are making the argument that because you see gov and church as corrupt (it gets so tedious when people say that…they never know what they mean by it), that Sinead and the Dixie Chicks were smart to do what they did.
    I am not arguing about the content of their messages.
    Whether you agree with them or not is irrelevant.
    The truth is that in terms of their careers, what they (the Chicks and Sinead) did was monumentally stupid as envidenced by the fact that all of them had their careers ruined (completely for Sinead and for years for the Chicks) for doing it.
    Was it brave for them to hurl out their own political/religious biases?
    Not really. None of them revealed anything particularly startling or deep…but they BOTH chose the wrong time and place and suffered the consequences of it.
    That wasn’t smart at all.

  50. Cass says:

    @cmoody: Prince actually wrote “Erotic City”; George Clinton covered it for the “PCU” soundtrack nearly a decade later.

  51. donna says:

    Love her music but- Wow she really looks like crap.

    I don’t care what education deprived celebutards do as long as they entertain me.

    She shrank her career and therefore her influence with the SNL stunt- so who really “won” there?

  52. major says:

    sexual tension.

  53. Mairead says:

    Czarina – that one incident didn’t completely destroy her career everywhere, she continued to release records in the 90s which did respectibly well on this side of the Atlantic, although none of them came anywhere near close to I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got. Which is such a shame as she has one of the most beautiful voices of her generation that can lend itself to so many genres, even traditional. (her duet with Shane McGowan, “Haunted” is beautiful)

    However, even in Holy Catholic Ireland, people got over the picture thing fairly quickly – it was the tirade after tirade after tirade that wore most people down. Even her own brother (the excellent novellist Joseph O’Connor, from whom she was estranged for quite a while basically said “Just sing”.

    Then her personal life got messy… (up to and including “homerekkuring”)

  54. AppleGirl says:

    Ok. She told prince off.
    Ripped up a picture of the pope.
    Had a hit song.

    but why is she in the news now?

  55. boomchakaboom says:

    Her music video of Nothing Compares… remains the most soulful, touching, and emotional video I’ve ever seen. It stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it, and I could watch it today, tomorrow, anytime. Her voice is beautiful.

    Prince is a little prick. His Superbowl performance was pretty good, including the giant penis image projected from behind the giant white sheet – little prick, giant penis image. I see.

  56. Trillion says:

    Czarina, once in awhile artists value speaking their mind over making smart career moves. In both of these cases you mention (Dixie Chicks and Sinead) both were vindicated. Bush, obviously, has turned out to be an awful president in every conceivable way and a decade after the Pope ripping incident, the Catholic church was FINALLY exposed for protecting pedophile priests and ignoring the needs of abused children.

  57. If she is crude, well….it’s a crude age, isn’t it? She didn’t make it that way. And if Prince was crude at one time, and is now trying not to be, good for him.

  58. czarina says:

    @Trillion: the Catholic Church consists of approx. a billion people…are they all pedophiles or protectors of pedophiles in your opinion?
    I am, quite frankly, getting tired of the whole thing. Were there priests who abused children? Yes.
    Does that mean all prists abuse chidlren? Of course not.
    Did some in the church try (and succeed in) covering up or ignoring this abuse? Yes.
    Does that mean ALL priests/bishops/Cardinals, etc. did or would have done so? No.
    Do people really need to be spoken to like toddlers to understand basic realities?
    Try this one: Does the fact that a small number of priests abused children (for which any decent person would agree there is no excuse, it is disgusting espcially for someone who is trusted and respected), does that mean the whole church is guilty of it?
    The ignorance, prejudice and biggotry of people like you amaze me.

  59. Kim says:

    Prince was NOT a Jehovah’s Witness at the time of this alleged scuffle. And please….get it right. JEHOVAH’S WITNESS. When in doubt, leave it out.