Star: Chris Pratt’s ego has exploded & ‘has almost surpassed his fame’


Jurassic World is out, and the press tour is winding down. Not without several last minute talk show appearances and magazine snippets. Pratt has largely stayed inoffensive as promised (except for one slip-up, which was mostly confusing). Pratt recently talked relationships with People. He and Anna Faris still do date nights together. Pratt feels like it’s important to “maintain a relationship that’s going to outlast your child’s needs for you. People focus so much on their kids, and then when their kids leave the nest, they look at their spouse or partner like they’re a stranger.” Pratt also gave a charming interview to suggest a Starlord/Hulk dance-off, which sounds disastrous.

I’m including some talk show videos at the end of this post. First, here’s a story from this week’s issue of Star. A source says Pratt’s ego is through the roof. The story is titled, “Just call him Chris Bratt!

Chris Pratt’s once down-to-earth attitude has gone extinct. Friends of the Jurassic World star say that his ego has grown right along with his star power. “Chris has definitely developed an attitude,” the friend tells Star. “He tells handlers in advance what he will and won’t answer in interviews, and he shoos fans away if they approach him.”

Even his wife, Anna Faris, is embarrassed by his behavior. “Chris and Anna were arriving to an event, and the coordinator suggested Anna exit the limo first,” recalled the friend. “Chris said, ‘Hey, dude, isn’t that advice above your pay grade?’ He meant to be funny but he just came across as arrogant, and Anna was embarrassed.”

Even Chris admits he was “more fun to be around” before his weight shrank and his career exploded, and Star’s insider agrees: “His ego has almost surpassed his fame.”

[From Star, print edition, June 22, 2015]

If this story is true, it sounds like Pratt simply made an awkward attempt at humor. Saying something like this to a driver is a douche move but just a dumb (and unfunny) joke. Anna probably reacted to knowing people could misinterpret the comment as arrogant. If she doesn’t mind being married to a guy who sends poop selfies, this won’t turn her off either. Hey, an “exploded ego” story is a Hollywood rite of passage and a sign that Pratt has “made it.”

Last night, Pratt visited Conan O’Brien to demonstrate his three Jurassic World facial expressions: Fear, love, and pure joy.

On Wednesday evening, Pratt ran around in high heels while visiting with James Corden.



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  1. Linn says:

    I agree, it sounds like a dumb joke. And telling handlers what he will and won’t answer in interviews is completely normal practice.

    I critized him quite a bit lately, but nothing star writes here is much of a story.

    • Christo says:

      I hope the story is false or it was a poor attempt at humor. That being said, nothing will sink a career more than the perception of elitism and arrogance. Say what you will about Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift, much of their rise and success was predicated on the perception that they are nice, in touch, and connected to their fans/everyday people. One could make a good argument that Chris’ appeal on Parks and in Guardians is because of his ability to be funny, charming, and that sure-fire winning quality of self-deprecation. If that shifts to a**hole, douchebag, elitistism, or arrogance, then his sudden rise as a Hollywood star will nosedive rather quickly.

  2. Lucy2 says:

    Of all the celebrities to write this kind of story about, Star picked one of the few who actually seems to have his ego in check.

    • blue marie says:

      Yeah, I don’t believe it either

    • Katie says:

      I feel like the tabloid mags think it’s their job to knock popular celebs down a few notches. He seems very cool and when people are watching you 24/7, especially in this humorless society where we now find ourselves, people are want to misinterpret any and all comments/jokes.

    • merski says:

      Right? It really is a testament to how nice and normal he seems, because I saw the headline and went “naaaah, no way.” It’s like trying to sell a story about Hugh Jackman or James McAvoy being an unkind douche – who is ever going to believe that?!

    • minx says:

      Yeah, not buying it.
      He seems like a big kid who will say goofy things sometimes. Reminds me of my son, who is 23.

  3. Jules says:

    And so it begins…the great Chris Pratt backlash of 2015.

    It is a Hollywood rite of passage it seems.

    • MelissaManifesto says:

      Hollywood and the media lift people up and bring them right back down when they want to.

    • Mila says:

      its a general fame thing. i remember when they extended “Behind the Music” there was always a part included about “the price of fame”. there is always a part where someone rises, people put the person on a pedestal and then they tear them down. mostly for the same stuff the celeb did that was seen as “sooo authentic” before.

      its worse nowadays because the news cycle is a lot faster.

  4. Lindy79 says:

    I do agree with what he says about having a relationship with your partner beyond your kids.

    • Esmom says:

      Me, too. I am extremely guilty about neglecting my husband when kid issues arise (and we have had many), I’m terrible at balance.

  5. Tristan says:

    What a pile of nonsense! This is the most common trick of the tabloud press, for as long as the tabloud press has existed. Build them up, so you can viciously tear them down. Chris Pratt seems like a very sweet & down to earth guy, and has come across as such, in every single TV appearance. He obviously has his faults & ups & downs like every other human being, but overall seems like a very pleasant guy

  6. Div says:

    Agree that this sounds like your typical tabloid BS story that hits every up and coming star. Even if it was true, it just sounds like a bad joke more than anything else. I find Chris annoying at times, but he has never seemed egotistical. The thing about not answering certain questions in interviews is extremely common too and most stars do that, so whether it’s true or not it is not a big deal. If the interviewer really wants to ask that badly, they can do so anyways.

    I think the fact that Chris became famous in his mid 30s is part of the reason he doesn’t have a big ego. He was never the young, hot heartthrob like Leonardo DiCaprio was back in the day.

    • suziekew says:

      The only thing I dislike about Christ Pratt is his enjoyment of killing defenseless animals.

      • Paris says:

        I totally agree. Matthew McConaughey poses with the animals he kills, too. I’m a Pantheist, so killing animals for the fun of it really bugs me. Unless you’re living in the 19th century or earlier, when you had to kill for meat, there is no reason to hunt.

  7. GiGi says:

    I know I’m in the minority here – but I’m a long time fan. He does have that very sarcastic humor and I suppose they don’t all land… but this guy seems pretty sweet/genuine overall – he seems very into his wife – for some reason that’s a big marker for me. I don’t know many assholes who are really in love with their spouses, I guess, lol!

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      I love him too. I’ve read that he often visits children’s hospitals and he has a beautiful, seemingly down to earth family. I think this story is bunk. Everyone is an as$hole at times, so I’ll give him a pass.

      • GiGi says:

        He & Anna Faris are the only celebs I follow on Instagram – they seem to have a pretty quiet, mostly normal life. It’s refreshing.

      • Josefa says:

        Same. And it was only expected, whenever a celeb had a fast rise to fame tabloids start getting sick of them soon after elevating them. And, well… it’s Star we’re talking about. Absolutely everything they write is to be questioned.

      • Kitten says:

        You know who also visits children at hospitals?
        Chris Evans. But that didn’t stop everybody from coming down on him like a ton of bricks when he made a series of dumb comments during the promotion of AoU.

        I get it, though. We all make excuses for celebrities that we like. I do it with Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy.

        That being said, I dislike Pratt strongly so none of these stories are hard for me to believe. Also, I’m admittedly being unfair when I say this but he just LOOKS like a douche. Gym selfies, douche smirk. Just douchey-looking. I always liked Ana but I will forever side-eye her for dating a dude that kills animals for fun. I don’t know how any woman could date a guy who hates animals.

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        @kitten, I don’t know much about this guy outside of what I wrote. I love him in Parks and Recreation and know his son was premature. I think his dad also recently died. So I am biased. What did he do to animals? I always respect your opinions on this site and am just curious. Thanks!

      • lou says:

        Hunting doesn’t mean you hate animals any more than eating animals means you hate animals.

    • sketches says:

      I’m with you – love me some Andy Dwyer!

    • M says:

      Kitten, I agree with everything you said. He’s a douchebag!

  8. Abbott says:

    I saw Jurassic World and those three facial expressions were pretty accurate. The raptors had more range than Pratt.

    • Jegede says:


      TBH, the fact that he sends pics of his turds to people will never make him OK in my book.

      No one above the age of 12 should be pulling stuff like that.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      Totally agree.
      His character is so interchangeable and cliche.His acting is so interchangeable .I think that the movie is a simple unsurprising loud sometime amusing rip off of Jurassic Park

    • Kitten says:


  9. Beth says:

    I want to be friends with Conan so that he can make me laugh all day with those ridiculous expressions. 😀

  10. Jem says:

    I doubt he is as bad as they say, but even if he is, I still prefer him over Tom Cruise The action star, among others. I love him as a comic actor and he’s more believable than most as an action star.

  11. Maum says:

    I loved his running in heels.

    And his TOWIE accent on the Graham Norton show was fabulous.

    I’m sold.

  12. InvaderTak says:

    Eh, maybe. He always seemed really immature to me. He passes it off as funny most of the time but I could see him having a fit over something.

    • Tifygodess says:

      I like the guy but I think you are dead on. Because people find him charming and funny they make excuses. Imagine being that guy, just doing your job and having some celeb (or anyone) say that to you, I’m sure he was hurt by it even if it was a lame attempt of a joke. He insulted someone to try and get a laugh- and whose laugh was it suppose to be for? The guy he just insulted , yeah ok? While he’s clearly not even close to some of these a$$hats in Hollywood it still doesn’t give him a free pass.

    • Esmom says:

      He seems sweet and funny and endearing but he also strikes me as immature. I had a bf like that in college and it took me a few years to realize he needed a mother more than a partner. It was exhausting.

  13. Skins says:

    Doubt too many people are paying to see this movie to see Chris Pratt

  14. serena says:

    I don’t believe it. I mean, sure, he often makes dumb jokes but he’s one of the nicest and down to earth A-list actors out there now.

  15. Joh says:

    His overtly fem running in heels is a bit predictable and offensive.
    Would have been much funnier if he had butched it up.
    he seems to be a sweet guy tho from everything I have read.

  16. EN says:

    Build them up and bring them down. I never liked him as a person before, I just know the type since I live in Texas. And I don’t like him now. But at least I am consistent.
    The worst is when people fawn over someone and then turn on that same person. I feel uneasy about that.
    Pratt is a good actor in my book, but also a typical Bible belt American as I said earlier. Not sophisticated or educated. If he wants to appeal to a wider audience he needs to tone it down.

  17. Moon says:

    Chris Pratt’s always had a weird sense of humour. If you see his parks and Rec outtakes, that’s his personality. I feel like this is one of those cheap easy stories – who’s the biggest celebrity success story of the moment? Oh of course his ego must be blowing up! Without any real proof and just making normal events sound bad.

  18. kimbers says:

    I am IMDBing him. He’s NOT attractive and has the body of a stubby thumb. I have no idea who or what he is.

  19. Nikki L. says:

    I really think people give him too hard of a time.

  20. I call shenanigans on this story. He’s absolutely charming, and has a very strong personality. The clue is in the second to last line, where they allude to the weight loss as being the catalyst for his “ego explosion”. We all liked him better when he was fat…before he got all handsome and got a big head for himself. That’s a tired old tome that we women have been hearing for ages. Kind of refreshing to hear it applied to a man, actually, but no less full of s**t.