Mariah Carey wants $125 million mansion & an all-pink nursery

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Another day, another Mariah Carey pregnancy rumor. Although this time, the rumor comes with a $125 million price tag. Mariah and her new husband/man-candy are rumored to be interested in buying David Saperstein’s $125 million Los Angeles estate. The mansion is described as a “minipalace with Italian marble walls, French limestone floors, gold-embossed leather wall coverings, a nine-car garage, ballroom, private running track and movie screening room.” Sounds nice, if you like that kind of thing. But for that money there better be a solid-gold bidet that shoots out chocolate liquor. Ew, I grossed myself out on that one.

Why would Mariah and Nick need that kind of crib? “Crib” being the operative word, of course. Even though the rumor was denied before the New York Daily News published it, they’re still claiming that Mariah has already hired a designer and “has requested an all-pink nursery.” Whatever.

Mariah Carey is ready to expand her family – and she wants a baby girl.

The pop superstar has prematurely dropped $200K on furniture, including a pink crib and highchair, from a children’s store in San Francisco for the new Hollywood home she intends to buy with hubby Nick Cannon.

A source close to the diva reveals she has made an offer on the David Saperstein estate in the exclusive western L.A. neighborhood of Holmby Hills. Her neighbors would be the Beckham brood and Hugh Hefner. The French Chateau-style mansion, which has been on the market for months at the asking price of $125 million, is a minipalace with Italian marble walls, French limestone floors, gold-embossed leather wall coverings, a nine-car garage, ballroom, private running track and movie screening room.

“It’s 45,000 square feet and looks like a European castle,” says the insider. “It’s so big, it can’t even be called a mansion – it’s similar to Buckingham Palace!”

But the opulent surroundings aren’t quite enough for Mariah. She’s planning on putting in a few touches of her own, most notably the nursery. Says our source, “She has asked [interior decorator] Kenneth Bordewick to advise on her new home and has requested an all-pink nursery. It’s going to be over the top!”

Despite plans for the baby room, there is no indication that the singer is pregnant. But an insider tells us, “Mariah has tossed around the idea of adopting.”

Her husband, meanwhile, seems to have a different time line when it comes to having a brood. Nick, who at age 28 is 10 years Mariah’s junior, recently joked that he was planning on kids “soon. Like a couple [of] years soon!”

Contacted for comment, a rep for Carey would only say of the story, “not true.”

[From The New York Daily News]

Mariah should adopt, if that’s what she wants. I’ve always liked her because she’s not one of those women who constantly plays the is-she-or-isn’t pregnant games in the press (cough, cough, Eva Longoria). Mariah seems to know just how big of a diva she is, and she probably feels pretty strongly that the spotlight should always be on her. That’s one thing about babies – they always steal the show from needy divas. Still, Mariah has been in this game for a long time, and I could see her seriously considering motherhood now. Let’s hope that in addition to the all-pink nursery, she considers that gold bidet.

Here’s Mariah and Nick leaving Mr. Chow’s on February 20th. Images thanks to WENN .

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38 Responses to “Mariah Carey wants $125 million mansion & an all-pink nursery”

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  1. Lina says:

    W-O-W…125 million?

  2. Sakota says:

    She goes bankrupt, do not expect me to feel sorry for her.

  3. OXA says:

    She can have Madonna pick up a girl for her, that way it wont mess up her body.

  4. Lem says:

    finally a proper place for all those derned butterflies. lol
    I think pre-doing a nursery is very bad ju-ju

  5. Tia says:

    Is she creepy or what?? what a complete wierdo… poor poor children..

  6. luckystar says:

    they don’t look like they are in love or a couple – he looks like an assistant or bodyguard.

  7. vale says:

    She’d probably be a really fun mom. Especially if she had a girl. I hope she has a baby, if that’s what she wants.

  8. mhm says:

    $125 million for a mansion … and people are going hungry .. without health care and school budgets are being cut .. what is wrong with this picture???

  9. Sauronsarmy says:

    I’ve seen pictures of the house, and yes some of it is tacky but, damn it I’d be lyin if I said I wouldn’t live in it.

  10. AppleGirl says:

    I hope she got a prenup. Thats all I have to say. I don’t know if he is a lover or a gold digger. I’m suspicious of any guy who marries someone that much their senior. They don’t do it in the middleclass world. When they do it in the rich world it has to be for the money.

    He wouldnt have married her if she wasn’t rich.

    I hope she was smart enough for a prenup. I watched my mom get used for her money for the last 2 years. I hope mariah isnt the same fool.

  11. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Just because you want something doesn’t mean you are entitled to it. Grow up, Mariah.

  12. voodoobetty says:

    I bet the reason they were seen at a fertility clinic recently isn’t because they are having issues conceiving but more likely so she could have IVF to insure she gets the GIRL she wants rather than leaving it in natures hands. Stupid pig face. I hate her.

    I personally hope she doesn’t have a prenup and gets taken to the cleaners someday. She could do with being taken down a peg.

  13. viper says:

    The Octo mom has plenty to spare! Please dont procreate!

  14. viper says:

    BTW whats with her legs?

  15. J-Lin says:

    Love the shoes.

    Do people forget that Nick Cannon has his own money? Drumline is one of my favorite movies.

  16. j. ferber says:

    I love Mariah. Yes, she’s insanely over-the-top, but I don’t feel she has a crappy attitude about how important she is. She merely acts like a little kid or adolescent girl. In other words, she’s dippy, not snobbish. She also has a gorgeous voice and has earned all her money herself. I like hearing about her antics. Her husband is adorable, too.

  17. Cari says:

    There’s nothing wrong with having an all-pink nursery…unless you have a boy.

    She is truly in her own world.

  18. czarina says:

    Frankly, I think it’s a much greater absurdity that a 4-bedroom house in a middle class neighborhood would be well over half a million dollars.
    If you are looking at mansions, you can afford the price tag.
    The reason for the collapse of the housing market isn’t because rich singers were buying multi-million dollar mansions…it’s because ‘regular’ people were being forced into buying regular sized homes for the overinflated price of a small mansion!!

  19. czarina says:

    Let me add, that isn’t the single reason the collapse of the market, just one of many!

  20. Krystleblah says:

    Mariah! It’s not 1999 anymore…make like Suri and be stylish!

  21. AC says:

    Good point Czarina!

  22. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Bless her, she’s like a little girl at heart – you can bet your life that nursery will be wall to wall Hello Kitty!

    And I don’t see anything wrong with her dropping 125mill on a house if she’s got the money. She earned it, it’s not her fault the economy has gone to ratshit. I don’t find her spending offensive in the slightest but then I’m not a socialist.

  23. mamalama says:

    If you’re man-candy, does that make you a mandy?

  24. yae says:

    Actually before the dark ages pink and all shades of red were the color for BOYS(being shades of the sun). Blue the color for girls (being of the moon and water). Sorry for the trivia piece:) I just hope that someone teaches her that babies pee-pee in diapers worn on the body and not on 2×2 disposible floor mats sold at pet stores. Likely she will only “pet” her offspring when its been “groomed” and smells nice.

  25. yae says:

    Her husband and the way he “handles” her reminds me of the Umbrella Guy P-diddy used to tote around.

  26. loldongs says:

    All of you guys are commenting on how completely out to lunch Mariah Carey is. This is old news.

    What has got me scratching my head is why Nick Cannon’s suit looks as if it were made of out sweatpants.


    I mean his jacket, and his PANTS… they look like friggin sweatpants.

    And as we all know, sweatpants are the official uniform for people who have given up!

  27. loldongs says:

    Furthermore Zoe, the reason why the economy has gone to ratshit is because of a massively decadent and irresponsible misappropriation of money.

    Nobody should ever be paid as much as she is for being a crazy bitch. Even a crazy bitch who can sing as well as she can.

    Just as nobody should ever be paid many hundreds of thousands of dollars for being a greedy, incompetent shit. No matter how prestigious a position they hold in a corporation.

    North american values are ass backwards and the aggregate of all that stupidity and avarice is why it happened.

  28. HEB says:

    125 mil is completely insane.

  29. mel says:

    If she wants to blow $125 mil on home, that’s her business. The economic crisis does not apply to the rich.

  30. elainebenes says:

    voodoobetty, very well said

  31. Anoneemouse says:

    She reminds me of the spoiled rotten girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who stamped her foot and demanded everything NOW!!!

  32. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    loldongs you are spot on. But now the Pandora’s Box filled with greed and avarice is opened we need the overpaid crazies to keep to the ‘spend spend spend’ mantra that the US Govt has forcefed the world or it’ll REALLY go to ratshit!

  33. j. ferber says:

    Anoneemus, I’ve never gotten the vibe from Mariah that she’s nasty or demanding. Those words would fit JLo better. Flaky, yes, but not bitchy or entitled. I see her more as a neurotic artist with the heart of a child. I do have a soft spot for her, but I never would if I didn’t see her innocence and vulnerability.

  34. DJ Rom says:

    MC Hammer never thought he would go broke either. I laugh at these idiots.

  35. Rita Dee says:

    Congrats…Nick & Mariah!!(you can hire my cleaning services,smile)

  36. Lois says:

    She said she didnt know what gender was when two days before that it was published she built a baby girl room…. wtf is up here?. Is she hiding something!?. Maybe she is not really pregnant but adopted a child and will pretend she had it???

  37. android says:

    im super tired and tired of my battery on my droid going down so fast, seriously annoys the heck out of me, see what happens, find a good site and BAM my battery is dead, so yeah, i luckily had enough battery to read this and post the comment haha, i have no life. yay me!

  38. Elna Wordlow says:

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