Emilia Clarke has a funny story about Jason Momoa’s ‘huge’ pink modesty sock


Here are some photos from yesterday’s Berlin premiere of Terminator: Genisys, the Terminator sequel no one really asked for. Emilia Clarke plays the latest incarnation of Sarah Connor for some reason, and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to one of his most popular roles. I’m including photos of Arnold, Emilia, Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke. Emilia wore this Balenciaga Fall 2015 dress which is not very good at all. The top part is fine, but the skirt is so big, she really does look pregnant.

Emilia and Arnold also appeared on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend. I’ve watched a bunch of clips and I kind of enjoy Emilia and Arnold’s chemistry. I know that sounds weird, but it really does seem like they have a lot of affection for each other and to his credit, he’s not being a dirty old man about it. In this clip (below), Graham asks Emilia about Game of Thrones and late husband Khal Drogo. Emilia says that Jason Momoa would always try to get her to laugh during some of the more serious scenes, and during one scene where he needed to wear a nude modesty sock on Lil’ Drogo, Emilia said Jason wore a big fluffy pink sock instead: “It’s huge, and it’s pink, and I don’t know what to do.” Mmm.

And here’s a clip of Emilia and Cara Delevingne having an eyebrown-off. Emilia won! Arnold was the judge.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Mimz says:

    I bet it was huge…ly proportional to his stature 😀

  2. Becks says:

    Love the hair and makeup (she looks gorgeous!) but that dress is no bueno.

    I miss Jason on GOT.

  3. Pri says:

    That Graham Nortion clip(s) could be a whole post!

    I think that was Cara’s first late night appearance, she seemed really hyper and her usual self.

    But I wonder how Emilia feels, that Cara, an upper class girl, was essentially handed a modelling career, and then is in all of these film projects. Whereas Emilia has done plays, attending drama school, etc.

    • Betti says:

      Yes that kinda bothers me about Cara as well – she was handed a career because of her connections (godmother Joan Collins and godfather is head honcho at Conde Nast – Nicholas Coleridge). I wonder how far she would have gotten on he own – as a model she’s not that stand out.

  4. Bridget says:

    Mother of dragons!

  5. delorb says:

    There was a scene where he wasn’t wearing a sock. Or at least it didn’t look like a sock. Gotta go back and take another look. For science, of course.

  6. Mimi says:

    I once saw a vid of Jason telling this same story. Funny as hell to get Emilia’s side of it lol. BRING BACK DROGO!

  7. lenje says:

    Is it the dress or Emilia DOES look fuller? Her skin is fantastic!

    • katP says:

      I think she did gain a bit of weight, and as a fellow 5’3 girl I know that even 5lbs makes a difference. Regardless, she looks stunning IMO.

  8. Sasha says:

    Emilia is perfection!

  9. KBeth says:

    Mmmm, love me some Momoa.

  10. arabella says:

    Which episode???

  11. mom2two says:

    Emilia is a lovely girl. Not a big fan of her acting on GoT but I loved her and Jason Momoa’s chemistry on that show. You can tell they have a great affection for each other.

    Love her hair and makeup but that dress does her no favors.

  12. GlimmerBunny says:

    I like Emilia but I LOVE Jason Clarke – he’s super talented and there’s just something weirdly sexy about him (I love Jason Momoa too but who doesn’t?)

  13. GEM says:

    She looks beautiful. I hope this film is successful for her.

  14. Nanea says:

    A little OT… but maybe not: what’s with Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet?

    LB was at the Met Ball with Lenny and Zoë. LB celebrated Lenny’s birthday a few weeks ago with him and Zoë in Paris, and LK has been tweeting about family spending time together…