Kourtney Kardashian dumped Scott Disick ‘to do what’s best for the kids’

Kourtney Kardashian

Over the weekend, we talked about how Kourtney Kardashian was sure Scott Disick was cheating on her with an ex-girlfriend. The signs were clear, and it was hard to interpret recent paparazzi photos of Scott any other way. Kourtney stayed at home with their three children while Scott partied all week. His bender went straight through the Fourth of July weekend in Monte Carlo. Scott was boozing it up, which he’s been doing all along. Scott briefly visited a Costa Rica rehab in March, but it must be difficult to stay sober when his job involves attending club openings every week.

Alcohol or not, there’s no excuse for Scott cheating on his partner. Kourtney has reportedly had enough and kicked Scott to the kurb:

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are calling it quits.

The former couple, who have three children together, broke up over the July 4th holiday weekend, sources confirm exclusively to E! News.

“Kourtney has always taken Scott back and been by his side, but now with three kids it has gotten old,” says a source. “Kourtney has to do what’s best for the kids.”

“Scott has been running around saying he’s single,” adds a source. “Kourtney dumped him after she saw the pics [in Monte Carlo] and he hasn’t been home after a month-long party binge.”

Another source confirms to E! News that Scott, 32, has been spending an increasing amount of time with friends who “are not a good influence” on him and “not looking out for his best interests.”

Kourtney “is putting on a brave face,” says a source, “but she is over it. She’s fed up. It’s humiliating and disrespectful. How much more is she supposed to take?”

The most worrying aspect, perhaps, is that “Scott does not seem to care about what he’s doing,” says a source. “He’s clearly unraveling. He was a mess in NYC last month with the drinking and partying and he’s been in a downward spiral ever since. He’s been in trouble before, but this is on another level.”

[From E! Online]

E!’s report goes on for several more paragraphs and details the relationship. They’ve been together since 2006 and briefly split in 2010 before reuniting. Kourtney’s always believed Scott needed help with his alcohol abuse, and he’s been “partying hard” without her. She hopes he’ll get therapy and get better, but Kourtney’s done. This must be especially sad news for their three children.

People followed up the split news with three signs of what went wrong, including how Kourtney and Scott didn’t sleep in the same bed for five years. He also bought his own home (to flip) last December. Scott will probably be needing that house soon.

Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    she knew this 3 kids ago…

    • GingerCrunch says:

      You said this so much more succinctly than I was going to!

      • aenflex says:

        Bingo. I mean the first kid, sure. The second, okay. But by the time she became pregnant with #3, the writing was long on the wall.
        If her life circumstances were different, she’d be no more than a single mom with bad taste in partners. Whose life would be very difficult. And I would feel badly for her.

      • Aussie girl says:

        She completely knew this. Maybe in her own way she thought she could change him and that having kids would help in changing him. Regardless the guy is an absolute tool. I don’t think this is for a story line for the show either, I think his past behaviour has made the show adjust the story line but he does what he wants. I would like to believe that no amount of money or story line would be worth putting up with this.

      • Dani says:

        Ugh, yeah, I think their last was a bandaid baby and it’s the stupidest idea people can have.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Scott is an alcoholic. This is obvious. He can’t continue to drink socially. He can’t drink at all. If he could get sober and stay sober it would be a different story. It would be hard to be in that kind of a life style and abstain completely, but that is what it is going to take to change anything for him. I feel sure she thought she could change him. Get him to drink responsibly. Drink in a socially accepted manner. But that is something alcoholics can’t do. She was foolish to get pregnant again, but luckily her financial position is comfortable so she should come out of this ok. Definitely hard for her and her kids. Hopefully she will choose someone better next time.

    • Cran says:

      Thank you. Best for the kids would have included not having a third child with a dysfunctional partner. Best for the kids would have included not becoming pregnant a third time without including your partner on your decision to have another child. Best for the kids would include supporting your partner who lost both parents in the space of months. Scott is not an angel but Kourtney has known he has issues since early days. She chose to repeatedly have children with a partner who has addictive issues. She is not a good partner and her desire to bring additional children into a nine year on/off dysfunctional relationship does not speak to her being a good mom.

      • Nikki says:

        Seems harsh, but I believe you are right.

      • GingerCrunch says:

        Preach, Cran!

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        I totally agree. Scott is a d-bag but she is no prize either. Why in the world would you have a 3rd baby, knowing he is an alcoholic who has so many issues? They weren’t sleeping in the same bed so she went out of her way to have sex with him and get pregnant. Its bizarre the way she was always so cold and uncaring with him. Why wouldn’t you just leave a relationship thats obviously so miserable? I believe she really enjoyed having control and punishing him and thats why shes stayed for so long. In one episode, Scott accused her of using him as a glorified sperm donor and thats exactly what she did. She never wanted to marry him but she wanted all her kids to have the same dad I guess? I feel bad for the kids but these two are both gross in my opinion.

      • Kelly says:

        To Snarky, YES!

      • Roo says:

        Completely agree! He’s always been a mess, but she is calculating and always so cold. Both are to blame. I hope the kids get plenty of love. Their father may turn out to be and absentee dad, and she may turn out to be an ice queen. Hoping for the best.

      • Michelle says:

        @Cran +1 to all of that. It was so obvious that the third baby right after both of his parents unexpectedly died so close together was the nail that broke the camel’s back. You said everything I was going to say. I also think Kourtney’s weird thing with letting all 3 of her children sleep in her bed instead of enforcing that they sleep in their own beds + locking her longterm partner/their dad out of her bedroom and not allowing him to share any of those intimate kind of mornings is yet another showing of being a crappy partner. I think Kourtney likes to the play the victim and enjoyed playing the poor mistreated partner whenever Scott went on a bender. I also think she is a little bit crazy and the pleasure she got out of their relationship came from controlling him–it was the only time she ever seemed happy with him. There is nothing really new here, just a classic case of 2 people who were bad for each other failing to throw in the towel when they should have, and Kourtney did what no woman or man should ever do, which is planned a family without her partner even knowing what she had in mind. Mason wasn’t planned and that happens, but she has publicly acknowledged that she planned her 2 other children without Scott being on board and that is not only sick and twisted, but also a horrible thing to do.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        I didn’t think about it from this point of view, but you are absolutely right. I doesn’t reflect well on her to have made these decisions, but then this is a Kardashian we are talking about.

      • BooBooLaRue says:


      • jenn12 says:

        This, totally. You do not continue to have kids with a partner who doesn’t want them. How is that best for the kids? Now there are 3 kids, one who is nearly 6 and old enough to be more aware of tensions, whose dad has no interest in parenting them or even being present. At first, I thought this was a setup for the show, because he makes money being the villain, and he HAS to know that he’s constantly photographed. But maybe he is too much of a coward to obtain his freedom any other way. He is a terrible father, and Kourtney may love her kids, but using him as a sperm donor is unfair to them. As they get older, they will want to know why he has no interest in them.

      • jwoolman says:

        Michelle- I don’t know the whole story, but we should consider the possibility that Scott was drinking and/or drugging and that’s why Kourtney didn’t want him in the same room at night with her and the kids. People who have the space often have separate bedrooms without that meaning their relationship is not working – a friend of mine does that because she has too much trouble sleeping well with another person in the bed. Doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. But in Scott’s case, he might have been a real problem because of his addictions.

    • JudyK says:

      Right. I do think she’s a good mom, though.

      • jenn12 says:

        She should’ve just used a sperm donor, though, instead of insisting on making a parent out of someone who didn’t want to be one. It’s hurtful to the kids.

    • Shambles says:

      You have spoken my thoughts, word for word. If she wanted to do what was best for her children, she should have created them with someone else.

    • Pinky says:

      Just want to leave everyone with this sobering nugget of information: Kanye is the sanest, straight-and-narrowest man in that whole clan.

      And now, I take my leave.

    • MCraw says:

      Off topic, but Kardashian related… Tyga was outed for having a trans side piece for the last 3 yrs. It’s all over social media.

      • Pandy says:

        Ha ha seriously???

      • L&Mmommy says:

        I just went to check this story after seeing your post. Wow. And she’s got receipts too. People are urging Kylie to get tested and to watch her back with Caitlyn lol. Kylie is way too young to be part of all this mess. SMH.

      • Tacos and TV says:

        What??? No way! Ugh. I hate to say what I am about to say which means I must not hate it that much, but it is about a 17 year old so God forgive me but… Kylie is going to end up looking like if not being a busted ass Daytona looking walmart version of her mother in 5 years. Seriously. Rode way to hard and put up sopping wet. Sick sick sick.

      • MCraw says:

        Yeah, they took down the link I provided to B. Scott’s blog, but that’s where they have the exclusive.

      • Lmx09 says:

        WOW. Tyga cheated on his baby mama (Blac Chyna) to get with a minor, only to cheat on Kylie with a transexual?! On top of just releasing a flop album that nobody cares about, Tyga take several seats and go away, you are a M-E-S-S.

      • Kitten says:

        Gah..part of me is laughing like a hyena. And then the other part feels bad for Kylie because she’s only 17. I hope this is enough to make her move on but I won’t be holding my breath…

    • Joy says:


    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Agreed, what took her so short?

  2. sensible says:

    I don’t get why a dude has three ..THREE kids with someone , the last only recently born and then just roots around randomly on the side. Gross.

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t get why a woman actively chooses to have multiple children with a man she knows has a substance abuse problem, is unreliable, and cheats on her. She didn’t let him share a bed with her unless trying to get pregnant why when she knew they had these kinds of issues was she trying to get pregnant? Walk away and find someone you’re more compatible with!

      And no he should never have cheated that was gross but I just can’t feel bad for her when she made active choices with full knowledge of the situation.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        This family doesn’t care about monogamy or fidelity. Mama Pit Viper got pregnant with Khloe by someone who was not her husband. Khloe was rumored to have her own activities while married to Lamar. Kourtney got pregnant with Child #1 when she was having unprotected sex with two different guys. They all just do whatever with whoever and TV picks out certain story lines for public consumption. Scott has been a jerk from Day One – NOW we are supposed to care?

        Does the father pay child support if they are not married? What if Mason isn’t his?

      • missmerry says:

        this person is gross.
        she did it for money.
        she was the baby-maker on the show, that’s all she did, so she kept doing it.

        gross, gross, gross.

        as a child of a pair of parents who were never married and one probably wouldn’t have been a parent had I not been accidentally conceived, I don’t think it’s right or funny or OK or fair to have 3 children with a guy like this.

        there are 3 lives that are going to be so messed up not only because of this show and their gross family, but the fact that both their parents chose to have children when neither of them should have.

        and some people think that gay couples adopting isn’t right?
        yet straight people popping them out for money and when they really shouldn’t is acceptable?


      • swack says:

        @Belle Epoch – yes a father pays child support if not married. My daughter was pregnant at 16 and the father has been paying child support.

      • yuck says:

        Maybe she just needed to have her own storyline for the show? I mean, what does Kourtney have going on besides the kids? I know it sounds very cold-blooded to say, maybe she had babies in order to have a “role,” but these ARE the Kardashians we’re talking about. Sad story all the way around, but especially for the children.

      • BendyWindy says:

        Belle Epoch, yes child support would be ordered regardless of marital status, and since Scott has “publicly held himself out” as Mason’s father, he would be presumed the legal father, regardless of whether or not Mason is his biological son. There’s a long history of father’s finding out later that their children don’t share their DNA and the courts’ theory is “too bad, so sad.”

        That said, if child support is ordered, Scott may not be the one who has to pay. Depends on which of the two of them (Scott or Kourtney) makes the most money/has the most assets. And child support is usually not tied to custodial time either, so it may not matter that Kourtney is the primary caretaker. I guess we’ll see.

      • missy says:

        Meaning they both equally suck in their own ways. She just wanted kids from one baby daddy, SHe seems asexual, and he seems to be a dead beat dad. She seems like she enjoyed his pain sometimes. Ugh. They are both better off. Bad, bad match. Now maybe the kids have a shot. ? :/

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        That’s really interesting, BendyWendy, that a non-biological dad would still have to pay child support. Is that in America? I’m in Australia. My nephew was living with his wonderful partner for many years, though they had no kids. He was cheating, though. He took up with a woman with 4 children. After a while, it was on-off, but she became pregnant, and had a boy with red hair. My nephew insisted to his mum (my sister with red hair) that the boy was the spitting image of her. He wasn’t. We all urged him to get a paternity test, but only because the woman had told my sister that she’d also had sex with her ex-husband around the time the child was conceived. My nephew refused. They broke up, and his long-term partner also left him, but he paid child support for 5 years, and treated the boy so well. We all did. When the little chap started school, he was diagnosed with autism, which I’d predicted when he was a baby, as I work with special-needs chikdren. At the same time time, his mum herself decided to have a paternity test done. She’d noticed that as the boy grew up, he began to look more and more like her ex-husband, who evidently, has a very prominent facial feature. It turned out that my nephew was not the father. He was completely gutted. He sought legal advice, but was told, as we had told him, that it’d be unlikely a judge would order the woman pay back any money to him, as she was already on a single-mum’s pension, and not working. She had nothing. But I don’t think he even wanted any money back – he couldn’t explain why he even went to a lawyer. It was so sad for him. Since he is not the biological father, his obligations immediately ceased upon confirmation via the paternity test.

        I can’t comment on this situation, though, as I’ve never seen the show.

  3. Denisemich says:

    That relationship was over before they had the last child. Unfortunately, he expressed his displeasure with her 3rd pregnancy many times on TV.

    Then he bought his own house and they tried to cover it up by saying he was flipping it.
    Then when they renegotiated the contract for KUWTK he had a separate contract.

    IMO, they are just announcing the breakup now because they are finished shooting that season of KUWTK.

    • Bridget says:

      He was going around telling people he’s single – and yet Kourtney’s trying to spin it like she broke up with him? She’s trying to save face,because this sounds like it was done a while ago.

      • Janie says:

        I think they were betting on Kim’s pregnancy being much bigger that it was. No one cares about her anymore. They had to scramble and come up with drama. Kourtney has never had a big story or had any appeal so she was all they could get. My guess is this was set up to happen in a new season. I don’t think she’s done having kids. She and Scott will give it one more try. I also don’t believe Mason is Scott’s child, I think the DNA was manipulated. My 2cents, Lol!

      • Michelle says:

        @Bridget – totally agree. Now comes the part where their psycho stan fans attack him on social media and the Kardashian Koven uses the media to bash him the same way they’ve done to all the men they dispose of.

        Sorry, but I blame Kourtney for all of this. Scott is 5 years younger than her, so when she got pregnant unexpectedly at 30 years old, he was still a douchy 25 year old who still wanted to party. I don’t believe he had a problem with alcohol until after his parents died and he really got out of control.

        When I was 26, my ex and I broke up because all he wanted to do was party. He was wasted every weekend. No one whisked him off to rehab, and I think it’s a little silly that Scott has had to go to rehab anytime he goes off and gets wasted. My point is that sometimes when someone wants different things than you do, the only answer is to break up. Not repeatedly have babies with a man who couldn’t make it any more clear that he doesn’t want the same things you do. He never wanted the responsibilities that have really been forced upon him. Scott has had no say at all in family planning and if the roles were reversed and Scott got Kourtney pregnant without her consenting to have another child, society would be flipping out about this, but instead, a lot of people are saying, “He could’ve left. He had sex with her so he gets what he deserves.” They didn’t even share a bed, so Kourtney went out of her way to sleep with him when she wanted to get pregnant. This is psycho behavior. A lot of guys might handle the situation the same way that Scott has, which is by running off and partying too hard. Now that they’re broken up, which I hope is for good, I actually believe he’ll be getting wasted a lot less often. This guy runs off to get away from her and he drinks because he hates his reality.

    • Dani says:

      This. From what I gathered they’ve been over for a while and just keeping up appearances for the show. He has no excuse to cheat but Kourtney was always less than pleasant with him about anything and everything.

  4. Incognito says:

    Is it wrong that I am always side eyeing these stories? Is it real or just a storyline for their show?

    I do think he has alcohol problems that were probably compounded by his parents deaths. If it is real, he’s going to lose everything before he hits Rock bottom. I feel sad for the kids. Not necessarily because their parents split up, but because there is so much documentation that their dad is going off the rails and they will see/hear it at some point.

    • Lama Bean says:

      If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. I’m 99.99999% sure this is a storyline. I don’t think they have been together for a while (except to get pregnant with Reign). This is the work of PMK. Soon it will be “Kourtney is so hurt by his cheating”.

  5. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    I believe 0% of Kardashian story lines.

    It’s the same old same old.

    Only Caitlyn Jenner has a fresh storyline. The spotlight’s on her.

  6. Tiffany27 says:

    How the hell are you just not gonna go home for an entire month when you have 3 kids??? I’m still in my first trimester and I can’t even imagine. I’m glad she left.

  7. jen2 says:

    Quite a week for tabloids. They don’t even have to make anything up..marriages, break-ups, christenings, father figures who got caught not being fatherly..but you know they will anyway. The truth is so much more interesting that the fiction they contrive.

  8. boredblond says:

    I smell another reality spin-off..Down and Out Disick..I don’t see how he can keep the lifestyle he thinks he deserves without that Kardashian kash, but I guess he’s vacationing (from what?) with an ex.

    • Cran says:

      Didn’t he come from an affluent background? Plus he has gotten paid from the show & all the club hosting. None of the Kardashians have ever known what he does for a living and think he’s sketchy. Yet Kourtney had a THREE children with a man who appears to be an alcoholic and cheats constantly. She is not innocent here. She chose to bring children into this world knowing she did so with an unstable partner.

  9. Nikki L. says:

    I really doubt Disick wants to abandon that gravy train. I know he’s wealthy in his own right, but this stint in the KKK Klan has given him far more fame than his family name. I’m with others, it’s probably a stunt.

    • Dani says:

      Initially Kourtney got with him because of how much money he had. He was left a pretty huge inheritance when his parents passed. Aside from being famous, he doesn’t need her money or the gravy train.

  10. GuestOfAGuest says:

    What happens with his kareer now?

  11. Susan says:

    This is going to be very sad if/when Scott pushes it so far that he loses all custody rights to his children. They are all the family he has left. It’s pretty clear that if Kourtney could actually muster up any emotion at all (not a given since she seems to be an emotionless automaton), she could be angry and vindictive and really screw Scott. He’s so troubled, he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on with the court. Abandoning your kids for a month at a time?!?

  12. porsha says:

    Out of all the sisters she has become the most attractive and natural looking one it is about good dam time she has left that douche I know she is known to be a bit of a Bitch and rude but who isn’t these days within reason, her life for the future seems to be more normal than the rest of them but only if that idiot is out of her life

  13. Bre says:

    I don’t normally watch the show but remember an episode where kourtney talked about how much anger she had/has over her mother cheating and divorcing her father. She talked about not wanting to ever put her children through that and I just kept thinking that is exactly what she is doing to her kids. Doesn’t matter if she ever officially married gim

  14. NewWester says:

    Let’s see, if Kanye leaves Kim and Khloe decides to become a single mother then KUWTK can now focus on their struggles with being single women juggling raising their children and dating in LA. All this under the watchful and wise matriarch Kris Jenner who is now single after the heart breaking end of her marriage. Just wait and see

  15. OSTONE says:

    I think is a storyline. Everything this people do is scripted.

    • Pandy says:

      Agree. They are filming right now too and he’s with them according to other sites. And the kid looks like a yeti. Guess he didn’t get the “Lord’s” genes.

      • chaine says:

        omg Pandy, your comment about the child is awful, but i laughed at it so hard…

  16. I’ve looked all over the house, and I can’t find any sympathy for her, who is the skinny woman she’s holding hands with in the pic?

  17. grabbyhands says:

    The sad thing is, Kris is probably already figuring out how to parlay this into ratings, and he will no doubt agree to anything since he can’t carry a show on his own or really do much without the cachet of the Kardashian name.

    She isn’t really going to give a damn about her kids or grand kids if she can squeeze some money and attention out of it.

  18. My Two Cents says:

    I think this spells the beginning of the end for Scott. He is an alcoholic that is going to die from the disease if he doesn’t get help. I think he and Kourtney have been done for quite some time. She treated him like an outcast most of the time. I don’t think Kourtney has any interest in a relationship with a man. What man would tolerate being banned from the same bed because she has to sleep with her children? He was the only one worth watching on that show. The cheating angle seems to be a big one on reality shows now. Maybe its a planned event for the show. Who knows?

    • Cran says:

      Kourtney lets her children sleep in her bed because she has little interest in having a partner. Lots of couples sleep apart for various reasons yet maintain a sexual relationship. Scott should leave because their relationship doesn’t work. Kourtney is using her children rather than addressing her own issues with men. Again not good mom actions.

  19. Jess says:

    I’m surprised they lasted this long, he has a serious problem with alcohol and will end up dead if he doesn’t stop or slow down. Sometimes I think she wanted all of her kids to have the same father so after accidentally getting knocked up with her first she said screw it and just stayed with him, I can’t think of any other reason she would continue mating with this douche.

    • Twinkle says:

      I agree. Any love that was there left a loooong time ago.

      I felt really uncomfortable watching the episode where a few of them went to stay at Scott’s parents’ house in the Hamptons and criticised everything about them and their home; and more recently, when Kourtney was talking to realtors about selling their house (after they passed) – the whole thing just seemed so cold.

  20. realitycheck says:

    Does anyone realize how annoying kourtney was to Scott? I used to feel so bad for him. She always nagged him about everything. The worst is that Scott didn’t want any more kids after mason, but kourtney kept on going. And when both of scott’s parents passed away kourtney was barely supportive. I’m glad he’s leaving. He deserves better.

    • Ari says:

      Agreed and I don’t think Kourtney ever gave two doo doos about Scott. I firmly believe she only stayed with him for his DNA and that was about it. Glad they both got out and she is a complete b*tch so my sympathy is pretty much null.

    • Zip says:

      If he didn’t want any more kids he just should’ve wrapped it up during sex. Kourtney is not the only one to blame in this issue.

      • kai says:

        thank You! It makes me mad how many people here seem to think she tricked/forced him into having more children. They have THREE children. I hate this when all the responsibility is given to the woman.

      • jenn12 says:

        Agreed. Scott did not want kids and Kourtney shouldn’t have gone down that path since she knew it, but he’s a moron for not seeing it. You don’t want kids, put on a condom. Especially after the 2nd one.

    • Mary says:

      Yes! Now granted, I’ve only watched maybe a few episodes of the show. But she was always so rude and dismissive towards him. As to why he stayed with her, I can only imagine the fame had something to do with it. Would we know who he was if he wasn’t with a Kartrashian? Probably not.

  21. Blue Sky says:

    i believe none of this.

    They were probably seperated for months on end and Scott simply ‘slipped up’ to some contractual agreement. Perhaps he was suppose to date secretly? this break up news is just oozing of PMK’s press statement so no I dont buy this.

    SN: i do and i did watch the show – I think he fell our of love with her some time he and Khloe fell in love with each other. Their scenes together are full of sexual tension.

  22. Skins says:

    Time for her to go out and find a more appropriate Kardashian boyfriend. You know

  23. serena says:

    On the other hand Kourtney only seemed interested in herself and having babies.

  24. Vampi says:

    There is no way…NO WAY..Mason is Scott’s kid. It’s. Not. His. I’d place a bet in Vegas on that. Wait and see down the road…..

    • Twinkle says:

      That (cute) model Kourtney was seeing around the time she conceived had her do a DNA test, which confirmed that Scott is Mason’s father.

    • Willa says:

      I don’t think Mason is Scott’s either.

  25. teehee says:

    Then why did she ever have children with a guy like that…. in some women, apparently, the drive for children is so high ( = in the K family, money babies) that they totally dont even pick a decent sperm donor to get that accomplished. I mean at least go for someone smart and semi respectable. or just go to a bank for gods sake and avoid this kind of BS, and then a man willing to be a father and partner will find you AND your 3 kids and fulfill the role properly.

  26. QQ says:

    So a) SIS Scott has BEEN trash, best for the Kids was 2 kids ago

    b) let me fix this article (which I’m side eyeing as fuck: This is an entire new season

    ” Kourtney Kardashian and Skott Disick are calling it kuits.

    The former kouple, who have three khildren together, broke up over the July 4th holiday weekend, sourkes konfirm exklusively to E! News.

    “Kourtney has always taken Scott bakk and been by his side, but now with three kids it has gotten old,” says a sourke. “Kourtney has to do what’s best for the kids.”

    • littlestar says:

      Hahahaha exaktly!!! The K is written all over this drama. Rating$ rating$ rating$. Kourtney and Skott are both shitty people.

  27. Bridget says:

    If he hasn’t been home for a month and is telling everyone he’s single, Kourtney you got dumped a while back.

    • Ankhel says:

      Exactly – and he bought a house last year too. I wonder how much he’ll get for letting the K’s spin this lie?

      They always have to look like victims when they go through break-ups, don’t they…? Despite being cold, self-obsessed and unable to maintain relationships, the lot of them.

      • Bridget says:

        They try to spin their breakups, obviously. But they make terrible choices in partners, and then co.plain when things don’t work out. Lord Disick has had issues for a long while. Kris Humphries was an asshat on his own. French Montana – do I even need to say anything there?

  28. Twinkle says:

    They always seemed to be with each other out of habit. In my opinion, Kourtney will be happier without him – she doesn’t need him – she’s fiercely independent, is the brains and most of the hard work behind their stores, and dotes on her kids – both of which seem to occupy most of her time (as well as her show); he’s never really present for any of that. He will miss her $$$$$$ though … he’ll soon come crawling back when he realises he won’t be able to buy flash cars on a whim as he has in the past.

    • Twinkle says:

      If gossip / tabloids / rumours / blind items are to be believed, Scott inherited about $1m from his parents’ estate but otherwise relies on Kourtney to fund his lifestyle. Then again, a blind gossip item from a year or two ago said they were big spenders who lived well beyond their means and were cash poor, much like Kris. Who knows. Time will tell, I guess.

      Kourtney should’ve stayed in her old house – that was fabulous – and not such a huge financial commitment.

  29. Dawn says:

    No one cares anymore what happens in their show. They air their dirty laundry proudly and expect everyone to bow down to them. When will this end? They bring absolutely nothing of worth to the world and yet they get paid like they discovered the cure for cancer. Hell, they are a cancer. This breakup occurred long ago. The only ones I feel bad for are the kids, and that includes Kylie.

  30. word says:

    She has dumped this guy about a 100 times already. I don’t believe anything this family does is real.

  31. chaine says:

    I’m so cynical about this family. I don’t believe any of it is for real. This is all the setup for the next season of their show. This will be part of a story arc ending in a cliffhanger of him begging her to take him back.

  32. Andrea says:

    She should have left him long ago, like before she got pregnant with Mason. I don’t get why she was so hung up on him when clearly, he was not changing and not the man she wanted him to be. yes, she treated him repulsively at times, but having dated any alcoholic for 3 years, you become their mommy and it becomes draining/tiring. You become a nag. It takes two to tango and they shouldn’t have had baby #2 or 3; if he truly didn’t want anymore kids he should have had a vasectomy or wrapped it up. My best friend had a vasectomy after 4 kids, although he would have been fine after the 2 but his wife pushed for a third then they had an accident. I don’t get why women push so much for more kids, but I don’t want kids so I guess I can’t relate.

  33. me says:

    Anyone else here think Kourtney and Scott had a deal? She made him famous and in return he gave her 3 kids? The deal is done, he did his part, she did hers, so he can move on now. This would explain why he never wanted to spend time with her family and the Kardashian/Jenners didn’t even attend the funerals of Scott’s parents. Either that or this is just a plot for their show. They have “broken up” a million times before.

  34. Tacos and TV says:

    Those shoes are really gross. Really, really gross.

    • Cran says:

      I dislike them as well. Also I keep seeing S’mores when I look at them and I can’t stand that particular confection.

  35. Josefa says:

    They break up like 4 times for every kid they have.

    Poor children. I hope they overcome their parents’ crap and become nice, healthy, and productive adults.

  36. Shelley says:

    I think Lord Disick is hot and I don’t think he is that bad a person. I hope he meets someone better who will support him emotionally.

  37. Michelle says:

    I find it odd that this story broke right after it was just noted somewhere that the Kardashian fad was finally fading and for the first time in a very long time, there were no tabloid covers with their faces on it.

    That being said, I’m really puzzled why so many people are defending Kourtney. Are we really going to a bash a guy for wanting to run from responsibilities that were forced upon him? Kourtney openly laughs about only sleeping with him when she wants to get pregnant and using him like a sperm donor. It’s just so bizarre to me that all of the people ripping Scott are the same ones who would be up in arms if the roles were revered and Scott had been the one to force Kourtney to have kids when she wasn’t ready to. Kourtney has openly admitted that she tells Scott she is on the pill when she isn’t. It isn’t cool for either party of a relationship to have no control over family planning. This was entirely the downfall of their relationship, coupled with the fact that Kourtney is an ice queen.

    As far as everyone bashing Scott for not being some kind of doting dad–Maybe he feels like odd man out since Kourtney locks him out of the bed she shares with their children. How sick is that? That is totally acting like “these are MY kids, you can’t be here.” She REALLY used this guy like a sperm donor. I don’t doubt that Scott has come to love his children, even though he didn’t get a say in having them, but I think the real reason he stays away is because he wants away from Kourtney. If the roles were reversed people would be calling Scott an abuser. Kourtney is manipulative and what she has done *IS* abuse. I don’t think Scott could’ve made it any clearer over the years that he didn’t want the same stuff she did, and she’s the one who kept pursuing the relationship and insisting they do things her way. I disagree that Kourtney is a great mom, because a great mom would make sure her partner actually wanted to be there. The mess Kourtney has made is unfair to her children. A break-up was bound to happen.

  38. Neonscream says:

    If she wants to do,what’s best for her kids she should consider not splashing their entire lives including their births FFS all over the media. If an adult wants to be a fame whore have at it but to force it upon your kids is repulsive. My brother won’t even allow anyone to post a photo of his kids on their FB pages, even those who only have a few friends who’ve all met my niece and nephew. He hates social media but even if he didn’t he respect their right to determine their online footprint themselves.

  39. Corrie says:

    This story reads like a Kris Jenner special alert… She wrote a similar one about her son Rob when he attacked Kim and new season alert. I don’t care or want to know the particulars. I think if anything, they broke up a month ago and the public is finding out now. Just so happens there are pics and this becomes news to Kourtney, doubt it. She’s known. Scott’s known which is why he was out. Move on.

  40. Vampi says:

    And the Kartrashian Machine continues to churn, churn, churn. Get that MONEY! Amirite?… Ugh. They all make me sick. I only feel sorry for the minor children.
    Whatcha gunna do now PMK? What fake story is next?
    People who fall for this family….smh for DAYS!

  41. Vampi says:

    Edited because : Oops! Wrong thread!

  42. Jewbitch says:

    Let’s talk about those shoes she’s wearing. Yuck.

  43. Ryan says:

    Not ever having them would’ve been best for the 3 kids. Sorry, not sorry.

  44. bunny love says:

    Wait a minute. Kourtney broke up with him. Tortured victim Kourtney didnt work so let’s try strong and noble Kourtney instead. A normal person would be emotional and sad and a little los because of the kids. Normal for this family as a first response is to decide the angle and manipulate the press and public.If my husband or boyfriend is publically partying with other women for a long time I kinda think he’s dumping me. This stupid story out there that Kourtney changed the locks? He won’t be trying to get in. If shes really awful sh will pull some public stunt about the bad father who shouldn’t be allowed to see the kids.Nothing in the kartrashian koven doesn’t have an angle.

  45. DanaG says:

    Is anyone really surprised? That relationship was over ages ago. Does this mean Scott might actually have to get a real job now? Maybe if he got one he would stop drinking….The last baby was let’s try and save our relationship baby which never works. So much for him being the doting dad he hasn’t bothered to see them in over a month. Good luck getting access I think Mamma K is going to make things very hard and I will surprised if he is on the show much anymore and if he is it won’t be in a good light. He is an idiot he has three kids and he needs to grow up and get some proper treatment. Not sleeping together in the same bed was always a bad sign and now we have yet another single Kardashian. Who will she hook up with next? It’s something when Kim has the most stable relationship!

  46. Sara says:

    She is an idiot to have brought another child into the world with him. She looks so desperate. Why can’t she move on?

  47. Onyx XV says:

    It’s about friggin time! She must have the lowest self esteem of any woman on earth to have even had anything to do with that total loser to begin with.