Star: Did Jennifer Aniston cheat on Brad Pitt with then-costar Matt LeBlanc?


For some reason, Matt LeBlanc’s father Paul LeBlanc gave a massive exclusive interview to Star Magazine & OK Magazine. Paul drops some bitchy insider gossip about who was banging whom during Friends, plus Paul has some interesting stuff to say about his son’s career in general. Obviously, the biggest headline to come out of this interview is that Paul LeBlanc claims that Matt fooled around a lot with Jennifer Aniston… while she was married to Brad Pitt.

Paul on Matt’s relationship with Aniston: “He even had a relationship with one of the girls… Jen. They would make out in the dressing rooms. He told me about it. It was when she was married to Brad Pitt….Matt goes after dirt bags.”

Paul on Matthew Perry: “Matt always said Matthew Perry is an a–hole. He wanted to pound on him a couple of times.”

On David Schwimmer: “David Schwimmer was kind of dry, a bit too serious.”

On Lisa Kudrow: “Matt always liked Lisa Kudrow.”

On his son, Matt: “He was as good looking as anyone in Hollywood. But he isn’t going to age well. It’s the high life – I’ll see him with his gut hanging over his belt. He’s not someone who keeps himself toned when he’s not in front of the cameras.”

[From Jezebel & Heatworld]

Obviously, Jennifer’s rep is all over this. The rep told Gossip Cop: “Jennifer has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with Matt LeBlanc…Jennifer is being victimized by his fabrications.” Oh, good. Another opportunity to paint Jennifer as a victim! Here’s the thing – I’m old enough to remember a lot about the press around Friends and Matt and Jennifer were very close. I remember both of them saying that after their final show, the two of them stayed up all night drinking and “talking”. Would I believe that LeBlanc and Aniston fooled around at some point? Sure. Do I believe she was cheating on Brad Pitt with LeBlanc? Eh.

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  1. Sullivan says:

    Did he just call Anston a dirtbag?

    • Evasmom says:

      LOL. I think he did.

    • Sway says:

      He did. What a tool.

    • Anon says:

      I believe he did. Didn’t her PR Guru have an award invented called ‘Best Dirtbag’ on some award show for Jen?

    • Artemis says:

      She’s the best dirtbag though! (this is where we could see the beginnings of getting that Oscar! #ambition)

    • Esmom says:

      I think so. Most of his responses sound kinda crazy, like he’s trying to provoke a sh$%storm.

    • minx says:

      lol! Whoa.

    • Bridget says:

      Never mind that LeBlanc would have been with the mother of his children at the time as well. Sheesh, “dirtbag”?

      • Peggy says:

        Reminder, Matt cheated with his last co-star and that was the final straw with his wife after years of cheating.

      • Bridget says:

        Yep. He’s not so great on the fidelity himself.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        Not that I am defending LeBlanc in the least, but his wife was no beauty either. She was a glorified rock groupie who was cheating on her bassist boyfriend with LeBlanc. Obviously, she was a bit of a gold digger herself.

      • Bridget says:

        I’m merely pointing out that dear old dad is being pretty damn harsh on only one of the parties.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Yes, he did. Rude and crude!

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      she is not my favorite “star” but “dirt-bag” is harsh

    • Miss Gloss says:

      I was just going to ask the same thing! Hahahaha

      • Debbie says:

        Why all the grief to JA? While no one knows what goes on except the people actually involved. Seems to me that AJ never saw someone else’s man she didn’t like but y’all like to whitewash that

      • Sally says:

        Debbie, Angelina has never been involved in a taken man, but Jennifer never saw a taken man she didn’t want. So why all the grief to AJ when JA is the homewrecker who loves taking men away from their s.os and family?

      • Debbie says:

        Sally have you ever heard of Billy Bob Thorton and Laura Dern maybe you should check that out AJ certainly did

      • Sally says:

        Debbie it was proven that was a load of rubbish, even Dern’s own publicist in the press statement announcing the Dern-BBT split, which was a month before Dern went away to shoot her movie, proves that Dern lied.

      • doofus says:


        MEN CANNOT BE “TAKEN AWAY”. they are adults and have their own free will and cannot be “stolen”.

        can we PLEASE stop with the “women are evil succubi that steal men away from their true love” sh*t?!

        any “taken” man that gets with a woman besides his wife is the “homewrecker”, not the woman. it’s not right to take up with a married/engaged etc man, but the woman in that situation is NOT cheating, them man is.

    • Doc says:

      yep. That’s my only question after reading this article.

      there’s an interesting pattern in the last couple of articles in the gossip world lately – i’d like to call it: “Old guys saying stuff”

  2. zimmer says:

    Fun gossip! Drag it all out!

    • Liz says:

      It’s hilarious if it’s true after the last ten years of constant poor Jen stories From the tabs.

      • FLORC says:

        Those rumor/whispers were around for a while, but no one believed anyone could cheat on Brad.
        Drag it all out!

        Why I believe this coming from Star? It’s Star’s time to shine! National Enquire got Edwards secret baby story. In Touch got Duggard scandal(s). Now Star can actually print a true story.
        Also, Schwimmer was said to be too serious. Perry being a jerk (by the man’s own admission). And Lisa is A-OK. Those are 2 honest bits of truth confirmed by numerous sources over years and years.

  3. applapoom says:

    He is not exactly complimentary about his son either is he? Only Lisa emerges unscathed.

  4. Marie says:

    With a father like that, who needs enemies?

    • Senaber says:

      Yeah Thanksgiving is going to be awkward for sure.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I have a feeling father and son haven’t had a Thanksgiving together in a very long time and won’t be anytime soon.

    • Kiddo says:


    • MK says:

      I guess the portrayal of Matt’s father on Episodes wasn’t too far off. Maybe Matt forgot to pay him again….

    • Falula says:

      Seriously! Based on this alone I would assume Matt must not be sharing any Friends residuals with his dear old dad – or if he was, he won’t be anymore!

      I loved friends but was too young (and the internet was still too new to me) to follow gossip about celebrities in the early/mid 90’s. I imagine if the same show started airing now it would be crazy how much gossip floated around about them.

      The only thing I remember gossip-wise about the show was that Matthew Perry was skinny in seasons he was on drugs and heavier in seasons he was clean. And Jen and Courteney ate lunch together every day for 10 years. Riveting stuff.

    • Absolutely says:

      Right? Seems like a bitter old dude who’s jealous of his kid and wants to see his own name in print.

      • Aussie girl says:

        Aaaw got to love the lose fam bam member. I suppose he could have done an even lower at like Michael Lohan and tape a convo with matt. There wouldn’t be a saying about been able to pick for your friends but not your family, if there wasn’t people like this.

    • Shambles says:

      Really. And heaven forbid that a woman simply be close friends with a man. Nope, they’re doing it. They have to be doing it. No other option there. How obtuse.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree, 100%. That kind of thinking is sexist and shouldn’t be encouraged.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Really. What a douche.
      Lol Senaber.

    • burnsie says:

      I remember the gossip back when Friends was on the air was that Matt and his dad had been estranged for most of his life. Which prob explains a lot

    • I Choose Me says:

      Right? He, Voight and Nick ‘Here’s a thing’ Cannon’s dad need to be a band.

      We’ll call it, Papa Don’t Speak.

    • carol says:

      This guy sounds like an awful father and a plain old weirdo.

    • Mrs Odie says:

      They could certainly bond over having asshole parents who talk about them to the press.

      Though it’s true Matthew Perry is an asshole, so who knows…

      • Sally says:

        JA’s mother had never talked to the press until her daughter did her wrong. JA really hurt her mother, I feel so much for Nancy. Her daughter is a heartless monster who only cares about fame and money.

      • Sally says:

        JAniston had an affair with Justin Theroux and stole him from his 14 year partner so she has form for being a homewrecker.

  5. Froggy says:

    This sounds like something a former ‘friend’ or employee would say. Amazing it’s coming from his father.

  6. NewWester says:

    Wow, Matt’s father is not holding back. That dirt bag comment was directed at Jennifer Aniston. I want to hear what Matt has to say

    • zimmer says:

      For some reason I also imagined a dirt bag to be male, you know men and dirt. Pretty sexist of me, I guess.

  7. Lilacflowers says:

    “Matt goes after dirt bags.” THIS is everything!

    • minx says:

      I know!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Can you imagine? Thanks, Pop.

    • Nicolette says:

      Incredible! Who the hell is this man anyway and why is he giving an interview to begin with? Never mind her, he really doesn’t have anything nice to say about his own son does he. And why is all this coming out now? Friends ended quite some time ago.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      How could The Star resist if they knew he was going to talk this way? Comic gold. Reading between the lines, it’s “my no-good talentless son couldn’t even do something with the handsome face he got from me, he’s gone to fat, and eh, he slept with some whores, I’m telling you…”

      I see later that the actor cut him out of his life. Is it any wonder.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Ha!! That’s the dialog that was going through my head as well. You can choose your friends, but you’re stuck with your family…

      • byland says:


        Two words: Adult. Adoption.

        Changed my life.

    • Lauren II says:

      Is grumpy Dad stating Jen is a dirtbag?
      Brad looks so numb and checked out in these pics. Hilarious.

  8. lucy2 says:

    According to Matt, once he landed the role on Friends, his dad sold a bunch of stories to the tabloids, and Matt cut him out of his life. So I’m going to call BS on his dad knowing what was going on around that set years later!

  9. Luca76 says:

    HA!!! I bet Matt wishes he sent his Dad a birthday card last year.
    Weren’t there rumors about this or pictures of those two together way back when that seemed a little too close?

  10. lem says:

    his father sounds like an all around terrible person.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Agreed, It also sounds like LeBlanc maybe estranged from dear ole dad, and if he wasn’t (which I doubt), he will be now.

  11. Kiddo says:

    His father is the white version of Nick Cannon’s dad. Yeesh. Here a thing: calling castmates dirtbags, a-holes, and too serious is not doing Matt any favors. Further, didn’t he basically call his son a fat slob who isn’t aging well, for crissakes? Thanks dad!

  12. smcollins says:

    What a piece of work this guy is! The only “dirtbag” is him for giving these interviews. WTF!

  13. Artemis says:

    I’ll see him with his gut hanging over his belt.

    LMAO Papa Paul is spiling that tea and then some. Not even his son is safe. I would love to witness their holiday dinners!

    Although, couldn’t he come in with this hot cup of tea when the Brangelina affair was at its height? He should’ve crashed that MAMS premiere, hard posed it like Vicky Beckham and then took the stage to announce everybody should back off the new Golden Couple because Jenny around the Block was a dirtbag!

    • Sullivan says:

      Ha! Thanks for that hilarious visual. And I don’t even know what Papa Leblanc looks like.

    • Hawkeye says:

      I think TMZ found its next commentator! Hahaha I pictured an older gentleman with a teacup and saucer in one hand, dragging a wingtip chair in the other, plopping down front and centre on the red carpet and commencing a monologue.

  14. Wren33 says:

    My parents drive me crazy, but were I famous, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t sell me out to the tabloids. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

  15. boredblond says:

    I guess if there’s no ‘Jen wants a baby/has a baby’ story this week, they had to come up with something…

  16. Kori says:

    The ironic thing is that I think he has aged well. His weight was up and down on Friends and he’s certainly no chiseled dude. But I think with some age on his face and the salt and pepper hair, he looks really good. I think the Perry remark is either BS or maybe said at a time when his addictions were high.

    • Absolutely says:

      I think he looks great too. And he was never really toned on Friends either. Whenever they had him take off his shirt, he did not have a 6 pack under there.

    • doofus says:

      I agree…never found him hot as “Joey” but I think he looks very sexy these days with the salt/pepper hair.

  17. pwal says:

    Gotta say that the main Aniston pic on Star Mag is hilarious. Looks like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, which is perfect for this story.

    Mind you, it’s Star Magazine.

  18. Maya says:

    if this is true, I have no problem believing Jennifer cheated on Brad. Jennifer ruined 3 relationships so what’s to say that she didn’t cheat while in a relationship? There were pictures of Matt and Jennifer kissing on the street as well.

    Plus there were rumours about Jennifer sleeping with the Friends writers to get the best lines.

    Jennifer’s good girl image is unraveling and there is nothing she or her Mafia agent can do about it.

    I am so going to sit back, have popcorn and see if more “evidence” shows up. That will change the whole poor me image Jennifer created 10 years.

    PS: However, as much as I dislike Jennifer, I didn’t like the fact that she was called a dirtbag.

    PPS: Jennifer looks really beautiful in the first picture. If only she had stayed away from plastic surgeries, the sun and fillings and she would still be looking good.

    • Judd says:

      Maya, I shouldn’t even dignify your “bitchy” comment with a response, but dang girl, it sounds as though you know Aniston personally. Plastic surgeries, ruined 3 lives? Speaking of evidence, since you so BOLDLY suggested it, please provide us with where you are receiving all this knowledge, cough…BS.

      Love the photo of Pitt and Aniston. Back when Pitt looked fabulous, and long before he had the life sucked out of him. Bless his heart…

      • Maya says:

        Let’s see – Tate Dovovan engagement with another woman broke because of Jennifer, was confirmed by them.

        Jennifer dated Chris Gartin’s while he was still married to a friend of Jennifer’s. Again confirmed by the friend and her mother.

        Jennifer cheated with Justin which has been confirmed by multiple people including Heidi’s mother.

        So yeah that is your evidence, straight from the people involved. You can google the links them yourself.

        As for plastic surgery again Google is your friend – use it.

        As for being bitc*hy – girl I am nothing compared to you.

        PS: I dare you to put a picture of you taken 15 years ago and one of you now and post it for us to compare. I am willing to bet you look nothing like you did then. And btw Jennifer difinetely doesn’t look like this now – so maybe Justin the Ken Doll sucked the life out of her????

      • Artemis says:

        ” Back when Pitt looked fabulous, and long before he had the life sucked out of him. ”

        LOL, the split didn’t happen yesterday, it was a decade ago and he would have aged with Aniston too. She doesn’t have the elixir of youth, she just had him when he was younger.
        Clooney who is childless can’t hold a candle to Pitt’s looks. That is a man who has aged exponentially.

        People also need to see Aniston without the bells and whistles, her skin is bad (see her unphotoshopped pictures) due to smoking and tanning so stop.

        What counts is that any human being lives an authentic life with purpose. With Aniston he would have aged too and wouldn’t have kids. The man choose LIFE not superficiality and that’s what matters.

      • Jerry says:

        Let’s see, Matt’s father. Heidi Biven’s mother and Chris Gartin’s ex wife and mother. That’s three for three, shading Aniston and her behavior with other men. All on record, by name.

      • minx says:

        They both look younger, not necessarily better. She had another nose job since then (“deviated septum” whatever) and IMO she looks more toned and buff these days. He looks much better and happier being a father, an Oscar winner, married to Jolie.
        They don’t look that into each other on those old pictures.

      • Kitten says:

        I think when Brad was with Jen he was at his hottest.
        It has nothing to do with Jen, I just think that was his peak age.

        He’s still a very handsome dude though. Would def. still hit it like nobody’s biz.

      • TC says:

        I love Brad now…as a man with confidence, security and contentment in his personal and professional life…and that is sexy as hell to me. He knows what he wants and goes after it. When he was married to Jen he was a boy….a pretty boy married to the TV sitcom girl next door. Now he has wisdom, experience and perspective and that makes him so much hotter and more interesting to me. He’s like a fine wine that only gets better when it ages. Brad Pitt now is much more sexier than Brad Pitt then.

      • FLORC says:

        Yea, but Brad Pitt judging only from his body… Hot during the Aniston era. Now he’s so hot still, but full package. Then he was sculpted.
        He’s my forever dong as they call it.

      • Viv says:

        Ok, I’ve just spent the last half hour googling JA romantic history (I’m sick and it’s raining, but I know that’s no excuse) so here goes.

        I’m not sure about Tate Donovan, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard that Jennifer was the cause of his breakup with Sandra. The fact that Sandra and Jennifer are supposedly friends doesn’t support that. Seems pretty unlikely, and Sandra has never said anything, so I don’t know where this ‘confirmation’ came from.

        Chris Garten was divorced in June, and was seen with Jennifer in July. He reportedly separated from his wife Jo in March. The wife never commented (except to say that they were all friends) and it was never proven that they were in fact dating. No ‘confirmation’ there.

        Now with Justin I think something was up, but an opinion is not confirmation, nor is it proof. Heidi’s mom claimed that he and Heidi were still together and that the rumors about Jen were all just a big misunderstanding, shortly before Heidi moved out. Who’s to say the mother knew anything? And there was never a date given for their breakup, nor a date for when Heidi actually moved out of his apartment (although it was announced mid June). Heidi never commented on the reason for the breakup as far as I can tell, so I don’t see this as confirmation, just speculation. I think they probably hooked up before Heidi moved out, but that’s just my opinion based on the timeline, not a fact.

        Also, If you’re going to believe Heidi Biven’s mother, then shouldn’t you believe Laura Dern? And please don’t say ‘it’s a know fact’ that she’s a ‘proven liar’ unless you can have links. People can say anything they like ,but unless you saw any of these things yourself or have compromising pictures, it’s all just gossip.

        P.S. I don’t think Aniston has ever denied getting her nose done and I think Matt LeBlanc’s dad got paid to say something juicy, so he made this all up.

      • Jerry says:

        Yeah, Jennifer and Chris Gartin don’t look guilty:

      • FLORC says:

        Aniston has indirectly denied nose jobs a while ago. Late she did admit somewhat.
        And she made some comments of how silly it is to get plastic surgery and how it’s not for her.

        And Bivens moved out about 6 weeks after the relationship was found out. It was documented by paps since another woman angle could be big news and good paying photos.
        There was overlap. And that’s just after it was outed. Then in later interviews when Aniston of her bf spoke of their relationship dates got fudged to avoid the overlap, but interviews didn’t line up.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Viv, who wrote: “Also, If you’re going to believe Heidi Biven’s mother, then shouldn’t you believe Laura Dern?”

        LOL! You mean the same Laura Dern who was pregnant (by her ex-husband) the same time as her ex-husband’s wife ‘before’ the ex-husband’s wife filed for divorce? You mean the same Laura Dern who actually ‘did’ get together with Billy Bob Thornton while he was still marriage (not merely rumored to be engaged) and the father of two small children? Right.

        Heidi Biven’s mother talked to the press because Jen and Justin had been spotted out together all over NYC and reporters asked her if Jen and Justin were a couple. She told them that she had asked Justin if there was anything going on between he and Jen and Justin told her ‘no’ … that they were only meeting to discuss an upcoming joint project, which we all now know was a lie. Heidi’s mother didn’t give her opinion, she stated the fact of her conversation with Justin Theroux.

    • Crumpet says:


    • Crumpet says:

      Well, this has been a very entertaining read all the way around.

      Oops. This was supposed to be all the way at the bottom of the board.

  19. kri says:

    Damn. This man is not holding back, is he? Holy crap. Quite the rant. Maybe he should call Morrissey and they can have tea and bitter cakes.

  20. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Amazing that Matt turned out as well as he did in spite of his dirtbag dad.

  21. Blackbetty says:

    Why leak this 11 years later?!

  22. Evie says:

    Hmmm, nothing about Courtney Cox; she should consider herself lucky that Matt’s father didn’t mention or forgot about her. If Episodes gets renewed for Season 5, I guess Matt will have fodder for more Daddy stories.

  23. Erykah B. says:

    Yaaaas get that selling-out-your-own-child money!!

  24. Catelina says:

    Oh this is hilarious. really terrible of his father though

  25. db says:

    Meh. It’s certainly possible. BP wasn’t exactly known for being a one-man woman either – and don’t even start about AJ I’m not talking about her.

    • Maya says:

      Umm – all of his famous exes including Jennifer all said that Brad has never cheated on them and that he is a man of integrity. He has been with 3 women in the past 20 years and they all say nice things about him plus there has never been any evidence/pictures of him ever having cheated.

      Why not believe them instead of rumours?

      • db says:

        Because BP and Aniston seemed to have a hang loose, flexible kind of relationship, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s just how they both roll. To me that is not incompatible with being a good person, or loving or even loyal. That”s my take.

      • pwal says:

        I remember the ‘free pass’ bit- how Aniston said that Steven Tyler was her choice and yet we never heard Brad mentioning his choice, assuming he had a choice.

        There were several instances when Aniston tried to portrayed herself as being too cool for school, usually at Brad’s expense, like when the paternity of Melissa Etheridge’s kids came up. She seemed to drink in all of the hype about that, although I suspect that most women wouldn’t be too happy about people gossiping that her husband fathered children outside the marriage, even if it was for a lesbian friend.

        Of course, there was also the prolonged periods of time apart while Brad was filming Troy, her tendency to portray Brad as some hapless male who needed her to ‘keep him in line’ (usually when she was on Oprah), etc. Naturally, her fans will say that it wasn’t a big deal and it’s entirely possible that it’s true, but IMO, Aniston always seemed to act like her marriage was some sort of performance art intended to be enjoyed as a collective experience, which is entirely how she approached the breakup.

        For those who relished being mopey, feeling sorry for themselves and have delusions that they are a mythical character who will be on top of the heap, despite not working for it, it’s been a thoroughly satisfying ten year experience.

    • BNA FN says:

      Funny, that’s one thing Brad was known as: is a “one woman’s man” when he was married to JA. After the marriage fell part then he was given the rep by JA’s fan as a cheat.

      Btw, the Aniston’s fans cannot accept that years, about 2 years before Angie, there were lots of Gossip that the marriage was over and they were living separate lives. Remember JA saying Brad was not the love of her live but a love in her life. This Brad cheated with Angie was just something for JA’s fan to hold on to because they realized she gave up a good man because she believed she was better than her husband, IMHO.

    • Jerry says:

      You know what happens when you assume.

    • db says:

      Not really, a friend of mine has worked directly with him on a couple of projects. He’s a great person from what I’ve heard. Just not quite what his PR shows him as. Is anyone?

    • lisa2 says:

      NOT sure what PR image of Brad you are talking about. Brad has never claimed to be a “good boy”.. in fact looking at his real friends you can see Brad is a shit stirrer. He himself has said he has done a lot and gotten away with a lot. His family is one thing; and Brad is not anything like his middle class family. Some like to portray him as some hick and dumb..The man is smart and very savvy.

      Brad has an edge and always has.

      I always SMH at the way Brad has been called a cheater, drunk, loser and so on after he left Jennifer. And when it was finally accepted that he was not going back that became his tagline. BUT her fans never said any of this when they were together or right after the break up. Those tags came later. I remember those Brad is leaving Angie for Jen stories at the beginning and her fans were all for it and Brad was just find and dandy at that time. But now not so much.. LOL. Spin spin spin.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        db, were you talking about Brad or Matt? I read it as talking about Matt

        ETA never mind, I see you sort of answered that.

        Man, I really was tempted to jump in with “Brad never cheated with Angelina,” but I think I’ll save my contentiousness for bigger issues. 🙂 I’ve never believed that Brad and Angie had a physical relationship while he was still with Jen, but there was probably emotional cheating. Still, I don’t know, and unless someone on here was a close personal associate of the people involved, you don’t know either. That’s why it’s gossip and not “really true established facts.” And it is nice as a palate cleanser after all the really serious discussions we’ve been having lately.

      • db says:

        Amy Tennant, yes I was referring to Brad, and truly don’t think any comment I made was controversial. And you’re right these subjects are palate cleansers, nothing more 🙂

    • Jerry says:

      Brad’s never claimed to be squeaky clean. Far from it. David Fincher described him best. He said that he’s more like Tyler Durden, than would make most people comfortable with. He loves to stir $hit up. He loves chaos. He never takes anything at face value, etc. The one thing that has always been constant, is that he is a stand up guy, a good guy. And Brad doesn’t have PR and hasn’t had any since 2008.

    • db says:

      LOL. Ok. Believe me or not, that’s fine. But when you read what someone like a David Fincher says about him, that’s part of what he means. Not being “squeaky clean” and “more like Tyler Durden” doesn’t just mean he likes a toke or two 🙂

      • BNA FN says:

        Db, what else does David Fincher means?

        Brad said there was no secrets in his marriage to Angie. They put everything on the table. Reading Brad’s and Angie’s interviews I get they are loyal to their partners when they are in a relationship.

        Brad is all about his family. That’s the only thing that keep him up at night is something happening to Angie or hi children.

        The server at Subway just told TMZ that Brad and Angie were kissing and acting so in love. So, after 10+years they are still madly in love nd just living their lives.

      • minx says:

        Seeing old pictures of JA and BP–they just don’t looked matched well. And yes, that’s just my opinion.

      • doofus says:

        eh, I thought they looked pretty good together, but they clearly were not compatible in the long run and wanted different lives.

        I don’t understand why some many folks take this so personally…marriages end and people move on, and both members of this former couple seem to be happy, so…

        ETA: this was in response to minx at 63

      • minx says:

        When they got married that was a big sign that they were still happy and committed to each other. There was absolutely no reason for them to get married unless they really wanted to. None.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        They looked very happy and in love to me (and that’s coming from a Brangeloonie). Their People cover for the wedding was gorgeous and sweet. I was always troubled by the way they didn’t seem to be committed for life though. Their attitude was kind of like, let’s ride this wave and see where it takes us (forgive me, that’s not a direct quote. Brad said something like it). Maybe that’s not an uncommon view on marriage though; just most people at least pay lip service to til’ death do us part. But yes, I believe they were very happy when they got married.

      • Jerry says:

        That’s like brand new information dp, about Brad liking a toke or two. Oh, wait. Brad’s said all of that himself. So, he’s your inside source?

    • darkdove says:

      Brad was concided the best man ever in the world he was the Odonis or Apollo of Hollywood until he left Aniston then her PR made sure they did anythin and everything to slam brad in the medea he suddenly became the worst man in the world, and Gay rumors began on him too after his marriage ended of course orchastrated by her PR to destroy his reputation.

  26. lisa2 says:

    So Matt’s father is a douche bag that sold out his son… BUT what if the douche bag that sold out is son is telling the truth.

    I don’t see many saying he is lying.. just that he is a horrible parent. He seems to be telling it how it is or how it was told to him. If this is true I wish he had said so many many years ago. But then a lot of people have been victimized by fabrications over these many years.. And they didn’t have an actual person coming forward pointing fingers. They got it based on “unnamed sources or insiders”.. that was enough for some to run with. But I guess time changes how easily people are convinced if a claim is true or not.

    • jen2 says:

      Not saying what this dude is saying is true and he is definitely creepy. But it is interesting that folks are so sure that “insiders and sources” with no names are telling the absolute truth when it fits the narrative of choice.

      • lisa2 says:

        so perfectly said. I hope they remember that the next time a tabloid story comes out about other celebs.. but I won’t hold my breath that this new stance remains.

    • Maya says:

      I know – just because his dad is not a nice man it doesn’t make what he is saying lies.

      I want to know what has happened to the mighty huvane’s media power.

      Up until few years ago – a scandal like this would never been published.

      It is a well known fact Huvane blackmailed media houses to make sure they only write positive stuff about Jennifer – otherwise he would withhold interviews with his other clients.

      Seems to me, Huvane’s power is crumbling which is therefore making Jennifer and her image crumble.

      • lisa2 says:

        I was going to comment earlier but though nope just sit back and read the comments.. I love how it is so obvious how evolved people are now all of a sudden; well 10 year to be exact.

      • tracking says:

        Maya, this exact “scandal” WAS published, 10-11 years ago. This is recycled.

      • Jerry says:

        @tracking. Question: Did Matt’s dad go on record 10-11 years ago though? That’s why it’s news again now.

  27. Jel says:

    How do you even know Brad and AJ have an open relationship?
    Neither have given any hints to that, and a fake tabloid interview years ago does not count.
    When has that ever been proven or when would they ever have the time?

  28. Nicole says:

    You know, for her sake, I hope she did. Matt obviously would have and it’d be nice if she got hers in before getting monumentally dumped like nobody has ever been dumped before in the history of having your life and your marriage completely rejected by the person you love, most epic dumpatude in the history of the public stage. Give her something to smile about.

    • Jerry says:

      Brad would have cared about as much as he does now.

    • Maya says:

      Oh please – she is not the first woman to get a divorce and she won’t be the last.

      In fact for me Sandra Bullock was the one who was dumped in a humiliating way and yet unlike Jennifer, Sandra behaved with dignity and class about the whole thing.

      But it is funny Jen hens are twisting this into since Brad supposedly cheated later on – it’s good Jennifer got in there first. Man don’t you see how pathetic you sound????

    • Luca76 says:

      ‘Dumped like no one has ever been dumped’ really?? Like did he steal every dime from her bank account? Did he eat all of her Wheaties and leave the crumbs out on the carpet? Did he drink her last Smart Water ?

      This seems like a very typical Hollywood divorce that got exploited to benefit a certain persons’ career and was drawn out way too long by the tabs. So IF this were true it would just go to show how plastic Hollywood really is.

      • pwal says:

        I’m sure that the truly monumentally dumped who lost their money, personal/professional reputations, friendships/family relationships (because the dumper decided to bed down a friend or family member before heading to the door), their self-esteem, body parts or even their lives because the dumper decided that the dumpee was worth more to them dead than alive are nodding in agreement (well, not the latter- maybe their survivors are).

    • minx says:

      You’re being ironic, right? “monumentally dumped?”

      • jen2 says:

        I think and so I don’t get whacked, it is only from my reading of their interviews before their divorce, is that they were not the golden couple they were supposed to be. She was as passive-aggressive when describing Pitt as she is with theroux now. Pitt said they did not “get” each other and they got the golden couple tag after Cruise-Kidman dissolved and they needed someone to fill the gap and he said he hated it. This stuff is from legit interviews, not tabloids. There is more, but that is for another post. So, I think they both wanted out, he just happened to find someone first. And didn’t she file for divorce, so I don’t see the “dumping” at all.

      • Jerry says:

        Most women are the ones that file for divorce. It’s rare that a man does. It doesn’t have to do with anything. And Aniston and her friends said that she didn’t want the divorce, Brad did. So, it’s not like she had a choice in the matter. As she said, you can’t make a person stay in a relationship when they don’t want to be there.

    • nic says:

      People have been shafted way worse, of course, but you’ve got to give it to Jennifer Aniston, she did get publicly dumped in a way that forever altered the way the public sees her. I’d say that was the most epic dumping on the public record. Not the worst. But the most widely known. Must have been humiliating. Generally, I’m team Brad and Angelina. In my opinion, Brad (6 children) and Jennifer (0 children) did not have the same life goals or compatible personalities, and he made the right call. But still, comeon! You don’t have to be a SmartWater exec to recognize that Jennifer got monumentally publicly dumped.

      And correct me if I’m wrong (cause I’m too lazy to google, apparently) but didn’t Sandra Bullock cheated on and then dumped her hubby?

      • Amy Tennant says:

        Sandra was cheated on repeatedly by her husband (a true dirtbag if there ever was one), but she immediately dumped him and came out of it looking great for handling it all with class and taking the high road, but also not standing by her philandering man. She got a little bit of the poor-Sandy narrative but more for being a woman with self-respect in the face of betrayal

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        @Nic, who wrote: “People have been shafted way worse, of course, but you’ve got to give it to Jennifer Aniston, she did get publicly dumped in a way that forever altered the way the public sees her. I’d say that was the most epic dumping on the public record. Not the worst. But the most widely known. Must have been humiliating.”

        How? How was Jennifer Aniston “publicly” dumped? They issued a joint separation announcement in January 2005 and for 4 months Brad Pitt displayed respectful behavior. You didn’t see him out and about with any woman–especially Angelina Jolie–hanging on his arm. The man waited until a month after his wife filed for divorce before he pursued Angie to Africa. One. Month. So how did Brad Pitt “publicly” dump Jennifer Aniston?

        “Publicly Dumped” would imply that Jennifer Aniston had no idea Brad was interested in someone else and that she had been ‘blindsided’ by those pictures of Brad, Angie, and Maddox on the beach in April 2005. But the joint separation announcement, Jennifer quietly filing for divorce three months later, and her own admission–and that of her friends–in her 2005 “Vanity Fair” interview that before they issued their ‘joint’ separation announcement (while on vacation with Courtney Cox and David Arquette) Brad told her he wanted out of the marriage because he was attracted to Angelina Jolie all prove that she wasn’t blindsided, right? So why do people keep saying it?

    • Shitler says:


    • Evie says:

      @Nicole: There have been other spectacularly public dumpings that generated just as much if not more tabloid fodder back in the day. One that springs immediately to mind is Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. They started their affair during the making of Cleopatra. Both were married to other spouses — in Liz’ case it was Eddie Fisher whom she had “stolen” from Debbie Fisher following the death of Michael Todd in an airplane crash. In pre-social media days, Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton’s wife Sybil found discovered they were being dumped by tabloid, legitimate news outlets and papparazzi photos. It was a huge scandal – Liz Taylor was even denounced by the Vatican as a scarlet woman!

      • Nicole says:

        ^ kinda gotta concede the point to the superior gossip historian. Can Jennifer be the second most dumped Hollywood star in the history of dumped Hollywood stars?

      • Neah23 says:

        No because she not but you just love the over dramatic when it comes to Jen.

  29. Jessica says:

    All of the Friends cast were super close during the 10 years they filmed together. Pretty much ever guest star commented about how insanely tight they all were. It wasn’t just Jen & Matt. Also ALL the cast except Perry spent the night after the final ep taped drinking on the soundstage roof (Perry at the time being recently sober went home early). If you watch the behind the scenes stuff and the bloopers you can see that they really were all crazy close and got along amazingly well.

    Matt’s always had really great things to say about Matt Perry in particular. When he was dealing with his addiction issues Matt said a lot of really moving, heartfelt things about him, which he didn’t need to say. So that in particular stands out as complete BS. NBC was always trying to stir things up and create public drama between the actors so they’d stop negotiating their salaries as a team, so if this was at all true we’d have heard about it at the time.

    Also, for two decades now the gossip about Matt has been that he’s deep in the closet, so I tend to doubt he was making out with any woman anywhere other than in public.

    • Maya says:

      Actually it is a known fact that David can’t stand Jennifer and that Lisa also had problems with her as well.

      Courtney, Jennifer & Perry are close, Lisa is close with Courtney, Leblanc & Perry are close with David. I have only ever seen David with Courtney & Lisa these past years and never with Jennifer.

      • Jessica says:

        David and Lisa were close to her through 10 years of filming, Lisa is often pictured having dinner with the other two girls, and the whole cast get’s together every so often privately, so they can’t hate each other that much.

        The whole cast hasn’t been seen together in public since Friends ended. David lives in NY, Matt is in the UK a lot, and Lisa and Matthew are really private. I don’t think there’s one picture of Matthew and David together since around 2005, but no one’s using that as evidence of a feud.

      • The Original G says:

        The whole cast gets along so well and were so close that they’ve never been seen together since. Sure.

      • Bridget says:

        They were all pretty tight, though Lisa was a little bit of the odd lady out as there was a decent age gap between her and the other two women, and obviously Courtney & Jennifer were very close. However, when Brad & Jennifer married the only cast member not present was LeBlanc (at the time he was filming something). But as with all friendships, some folks are closer than others, and some folks drift apart once they no longer see each other on a regular basis, and it’s obvious that some of them have different interests than others.

    • minx says:

      Well, Courteney was pregnant, so hopefully she was drinking water…;)

  30. Chinoiserie says:

    This was kind of funny but I do not think Matt’s dad really knows the truth about what Matt was doing and just wants money from tabloids. Not a very nice guy.

  31. The Original G says:

    Well, doesn’t this make all the puzzle pieces fall into place?

  32. Cindy says:

    Remember when phoebe said about chandler’s psychotic roommate, “is anyone starting to like him?”

    Wow….crazy gramps really went rougue didn’t he?

  33. Madpoe says:

    “He wanted to pound on him a couple of times.” Umm….not for nothing but this can be taken another way.

    Kids…if you want or become famous either have a squeaky clean life prior to fame or keep your parents/family from taking to the media.

    • minx says:

      That’s what I thought too.

    • funcakes says:

      It seems that most of the people that become famous have a hostile relationship with one or both parent.
      Usually the parent is jealous because the child has succeeded in a business they failed in.
      Sia said herself her father has issues because she was a prodigy while he is still struggling as a musician. She even wanted to contribute to his lasted work and he refused.
      Remember the reality show about O town? One of the members step father told him if he pursued a music career he will cut him off. The step father wasa failed musician. He said it was painful for him to watch his step son join the band. The mother didn’t seem to have much of a back bone. I would have told the husband to STFU.

  34. Tiffany says:

    If any of what the old man is saying is true. That means that LeBlanc’s ex wife, at the time long term partner and mother to his children was face to face with a woman who has been welcomed into their home and a guest at their wedding. And to some extent a casual friend.

    Then after enduring that to be left for a co star on another show.

    That’s cold and LeBlanc is the on the dirtbag train as well.

    • funcakes says:

      I remembered that whole messy situation. The funny thing is he’s cheated on his co-star as well. I wonder if anyone else remember him giving an exclusive interview to Star or another gossip magazine? No real star does that unless they have dirt on them they’re trying to squash.

      All I could think is,”God, what did he do?”.

      • Tiffany says:

        Oh Funcakes, memories. I remember that interview. Adultery happens quite often, his image would have been fine. He did not receive good advice on that one.

  35. Paloma says:

    We all know everyone will come out to say the story is false, but it’s fun to think of. Will be watching Friends reruns in a new light.

  36. BNA FN says:

    The funny thing is, we all like gossip that’s why we are here but when someone with good, gossip, lol, inside information, some of us don’t want to hear it. There were lots of gossip out there 10+ years ago about JA and LaB. Some of us can chose to believe it or not. I love good gossip thats why I visit CB everyday.

    • Jessica says:

      But it’s not inside information, because Matt stopped speaking to his father shortly after Friends took off in 1994, because he sold stories, true and false, about Matt. They tentatively reconciled over a decade later (after Friends was over) and then Matt cut him out again because he sold stories AGAIN. They haven’t spoken in years.

      So Matt’s dad wasn’t an insider at the time any of this was supposedly happening. I highly doubt Matt told him any of this when they briefly reconciled, he seems to have been fully aware of what his father is about. But if he did, I’m not sure why his dad would have gossiped about Matt’s child’s illness and his divorce and ‘Joey’ in 2006, when he could have made a fortune talking about Matt and JA at the height of the Triangle frenzy. That information isn’t worth that much now, and the guy has clearly been trying to make bank off the back of his son for two decades now, so I don’t know why he waited?

      • BNA FN says:

        Remember “Friends” has been off the air for about 11 years. I’m thinking his father knows what he’s talking about. Also, some of what he’s talking about was gossip years ago during “Friends”, there was gossip out there, just saying.

  37. nemo says:

    Matthew Perry is indeed a d-bag. that isn’t new.

    • H says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard that too. I had a friend who was the script supervisor on a show Perry was on (not Friends) and said he was a jerk.

  38. georgia says:

    I don’t believe this because they had zero fucking chemistry during the rachel and joey storyline.

    • Maya says:

      dont you remember the line Joey said about Katy in season 4?

      If they have chemistry on screen, they aren’t doing it in real life. But if they don’t have screen chemistry then they are difinetely doing it off screen.

      • minx says:

        Yes! My daughter and I just watched that one.

      • Judd says:

        There you go with your “proof” again! it’s negative, it’s about Aniston, and by God, it is the gospel… Please!

      • Maya says:

        Seriously take a chill pill – it was a joke about something Joey said and fit right into what the above person said.

        I didn’t say anywhere it was “evidence”.

        I seriously get to you don’t I?

        Btw how about replying to my other comment above? No? Why because you can’t? I thought so.

      • pwal says:

        Well, that theory would lend credence to Brad and Angelina not doing it during MAMS, because their on-screen chemistry was off the chain.

  39. MrsBPitt says:

    I thought that is was well known that Matt LeBlanc and JA dated at the beginning of the Friends…I could swear one of them said that….must google now!

  40. Heat says:

    All I get out of this is the fact that Matt’s father is a real a-hole!

    • lisa2 says:

      A lot of celebs have fathers that are real a-holes. But never stopped people from believing everything that comes out of their mouths; even when they are estranged.

    • Jerry says:

      He may be an a$$hole, but, it doesn’t make what he’s saying any less true. So, he’s an a$$hole that might be telling the truth.

    • The Original G says:

      They might ALL be a-holes. This is, at least a quotes ascribed to an ACTUAL real person, with their name on the record, not a “source” and that makes it more credible, even if it is, all round distastefull.

  41. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Does anyone watch Matt’s show Episodes? Sounds like they totally took inspiration from his real life dad, awful! Maybe he and Jen bonded over their estranged parents (her Mom). I always thought they had much better chemistry on the show than Jen and David, but the writers had to go and have her end up with Ross, which I hated.

    • LAK says:

      The focus groups wanted a David/Jen ending. Just as they wanted a carrie/Mr Big ending for SATC tv show.

  42. lisa2 says:

    That is what got me. Her rep was much more descriptive in his denial; that Jennifer is being victimized by his fabrications. Why not just ignore it or say it is not true and let it go. Not like there haven’t been other stories about her.

    OH and has there been any denial or statement from Matt.. we are going into a couple of days.. because you know both she and Matt were contacted for a response.

    • minx says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if People ran a poor Jen story, because that’s what they do. But I can’t see this story getting a lot of traction because JA is just not as relevant as she was 10 years ago after the big break up.

      • minx says:

        I thought attached these above comments as replies–didn’t mean to post three comments in a row like that, lol.

  43. Keaton says:

    Maybe they bonded over the fact they had terrible parents. Didn’t Aniston’s mom talk to the tabloids about her too? Poor Matt. Damn. And if true then I feel sorry for his wife at the time. How humiliating. This guy is a piece of work.

  44. cheryl says:

    Can’t believe this crude old man was able to call someone a dirt bag and it was published.

    • The Original G says:

      Right? Like how do the tabloids get away with accusing people of things like infidelity and drug use? And how is it that it’s ever believed?

      • lisa2 says:

        It is believed all the time. Look at some of the old threads.. People here that are so upset by Matt’s father’s claims are quick to accuse Angelina and now Brad too of all kinds of cheating allegations based on what has been printed in tabloids. So they are believed; but only for the people they want to believe them about.

      • The Original G says:

        Yes. 🙂

  45. korra says:

    Daammmmnnn. Lol. Matt must have done something to piss his father off.

  46. Olive says:

    soon in Star magazine:

    The truth behind the Friends: Jen is Courtney´s baby mama!

  47. EmmyGrant says:

    Well that’s funny since I’ve read speculation that Matt’s most likely gay. He could’ve told his dad that just to tell him what he thought his dad wanted to hear.

  48. FWiW says:

    So Jen was the cheater in their marriage? Yes, it’s believable that she would cheat with Matt LeBlanc. Matt was married, Jen was married and they still carried on … And Jennifer and her PR team still had the nerve to go on a Brad and Angie smear campaign for years! Despicable.

  49. Kelly says:

    They would be cute together, always liked Joey and Rachel!

    • Amy Tennant says:

      See, I always hoped for Joey and Phoebe to get together. It was alluded to many times that she liked him. I’d have preferred them to any of the other pairings, but I guess the writers couldn’t have paired th all up or it wouldn’t have been believable. The writers themselves didn’t really know how it was all going to play in the beginning. I read that they thought the big couple would be Joey and Monica!
      And just because I have to say it… How YOU doin?

      • doofus says:

        of all the couples, those two made the most sense as Joey was “the dumb one” and Phoebe was “the flaky one”.

        I remember when the show first came out and the writers specifically talked about how NONE of them would be getting together because the show was called “FRIENDS” and NOT “Friends with Benefits” or “Lovers” or “Boyfriends and Girlfriends”…etc. and they didn’t want to ruin the show with characters becoming romantically involved (see: “Moonlighting”…and I’d add “Bones” to that category, too.)

  50. crtb says:

    Oh Pleeeeeeze! Who cares anymore? Tthat show has been off the air for how many years?

  51. SillySimone says:

    What a dad! Holy crap! I do not buy this for a minute. Seriously, if you had Brad Pitt in your bed, would you get under LeBlanc?

    • lisa2 says:

      People cheat for many reasons. Has nothing to do with how the person they are with looks. If that was the case Beautiful People would never get cheated on and they do. I think people do it because they may feel insecure and that they still can’t believe that person is with them. Jennifer is not an unattractive person.. but I could tell by looking at some of her old interviews that she didn’t like that people wondered why Brad was with her. So if this claim is true; perhaps being with Matt was a way for her to say.. look I can get men to desire me outside of Brad Pitt. Besides that she and Brad were apart quite a bit because of work. They spent a lot of time apart. Something I think Brad has learned and tried not to repeat. I think Jennifer has too.

  52. Amy Tennant says:

    I love Brad and Angelina as a couple, but I don’t feel the need to rewrite history and say Brad and Jen were never really in love. I believe they were and their marriage was genuine, but when Brad met Angie they were just each other’s lobster from then on.

    • LAK says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as claiming that BP and JA weren’t in love, but I will say their veracity of their feelings seem to have been exaggerated so the public could have their golden couple.

      I think BP was ready to marry/settle. He’d already been engaged to GOOP. His light was on (SATC reference) when he started dating Jen.

      I remember the initial interviews Jen gave about their relationship. The overall theme was that she couldn’t believe she was with BP. Like BP was some special unicorn. Her interviews were all amazement that the BP unicorn was with her. Everything she revealed about their relationship eg sleeping with him on their first date, shows she thought she’s hit a lucky strike. And she jumped on that wave promptly. She was in it for the status of being with Brad Pitt.

      Brad effectively settled for Jen rather than wait for the right person. I don’t necessarily blame him for that. It’s not always possible to meet the right person, so you settle for whoever is infront of you at that moment when your light goes on.

      Interviews given a few years into the marriage were very clear how much the marriage was in trouble despite the golden couple media tag.

      Once they divorced, a different narrative was used for PR purposes of various parties. It’s taken the public a very long time to come to terms not only with the divorce (helped along by PR), but also the truth of the interviews given before the divorce.

      It’s quite clear, unless one is a avery deluded fan, based on the way their lives have evolved, that BP and JA weren’t right for each other and that the right decision was made. And clearly BP and AJ are each other’s lobster.

      • Camille (the Original) says:

        Well said LAK.

      • S’up LAK.

        My two cents: When I first started reading gossip, getting into this stuff…..I was under the impression that Brad and Jennifer’s marriage was, publicly, steady as a rock, and that’s why it was such a huge surprise that they broke up and he got with Angelina….so imagine my surprise when I started reading all of these quotes about how they talked about their marriage/each other/their relationship…….like WOW. I don’t know how anyone was surprised that they separated.

        And that was my impression…that they were more friends than lovers….that they got along well, so it was like “hey, let’s get married, since we’ve been together for two years”…..not that they really WANTED to get married.

  53. Ken says:

    Just too funny.

  54. Me too says:

    Battle of the strongest jaw lines. Jen vs Brad.

    • Tara says:

      That’s funny — the battling jaw lines occurred to me too… And I’m not usually one to notice stuff like that.

  55. perplexed says:

    Brad was upset with Gwyneth when she cheated, and dumped her immediately.

    I don’t get why he’d stay with Aniston only until Angelina came along.

    Plus, if true, Pitt could have used that part of the story to justify his own leaving of Aniston instead of claiming that Aniston didn’t want to have his kids (which was the narrative he went with).

    Why is Matt LeBlanc’s dad airing his dirty laundry?

    • lisa2 says:

      Brad never went with the “narrative that Aniston didn’t want to have kids”. In fact he said that was ridiculous. The media was and gossip were asking he and Aniston about children long before he did Mr and Mrs. Smith.

      Aniston said she had planned on getting pregnant after Friends wrapped.. that didn’t happen. But the media was asking her and Brad for years when they would start a child. Brad never said he and she broke up because she didn’t have a child. If a big Brad/Angie fan and never believed he left her because of children. I think if he had really wanted kids with her they would have had at least one. I think Brad maybe subconsciously knew things were not working and never really pressured her to get pregnant. Reading her interviews and his.. he said it never felt right until he met Angie; thus they started their family fairly quickly. So tell me he kind of knew the marriage was not going to last and didn’t want to have a kid in the mix of it.

      In the long run that turned out to be the best thing.

    • Jerry says:

      When did Brad go with the narrative that he left her due to kids? He said that it was b.s. That the marriage ended for many reasons. But, that wasn’t one of them. He said, that his love for her had changed. That all he knew is that we only get one shot at this life and it better be all that you’d hoped it would be. And that it was up to him to go and make that life happen. He’s since alluded to the fact, that he outgrew her and their marriage. And he’s also said, that he pretended the marriage was something that it wasn’t. I always took that comment to mean, he got married, he did love her, she wasn’t the love of his life because he, not once, ever referenced her in that way, they were friends. It should have been what he wanted, but, it was lacking in big areas. Brad said in Rolling Stone magazine in 99′. that yes, he loved her because if you hang around long enough, you bound to fall in love, right? Not a real ringing endorsement there. Plus, after they got married, he never talked about their marriage like he thought it would go the distance. So, he knew. He knew when he said he waffled over getting married to her. He got married because she happened to be the woman in his life and seemed to question that from the jump.

      Paltrow was the love of his life, until Angelina. I think Jennifer always knew it and it bothered her. She wouldn’t live in his Los Feliz home because he lived there with Paltrow and they were going to live there after they got married. Brad always planned for that home to be where he raised his family. And lo and behold, that’s where he and Angelina are living and raising their kids. There was a reason, that Brad never let that property go.

      The thing is, Brad’s never wavered from his side of the story. Jennifer has. I always tend to believe the ones that keep telling the same thing over and over again. Not what version suits their purposes at the time. And that’s what Jennifer’s different versions tend to do.

    • Sally says:

      Perplexed here you go again bending over backwards to defend JAniston, with things that simply are not the truth. Brad has never, not once, said it was because of children. I do believe myself that it was because of children, but Brad even came out and defended Jennifer and said that it was not due to children. So even if you want to defend Jennifer, why are you telling an untruth, because Brad is on record as saying the exact opposite to what you claim?

    • perplexed says:

      Er, okay, fine he didn’t go with the narrative. I mis-wrote. What I mean is that was the narrative the media ran with, and whoever else (media, PR people, whoever makes money off of Hollywod stories) could have gone with the other narrative, if true, and we wouldn’t have had to see Eva Longoria wear her “I’ll have your kids, Brad.” Geez, I wasn’t trying to diss Pitt, because I like to stay away from that because everyone and their dog gets on your case about that sort of thing if you do — I just think the story with LeBlanc would have given the media a story that would have more easily explained away the breakdown of the marriage, if true.

      Yeah, okay, I’ll just stay away from saying anything about Brad Pitt, because people get all freaky about the slightest thing said about him, even when said person like me really has nothing against him or is more less “eh, whatever” on him. I’m not either strongly negative or positive about him — he’s just kind of there imo, so whatever.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Perplexed, who wrote: “Yeah, okay, I’ll just stay away from saying anything about Brad Pitt, because people get all freaky about the slightest thing said about him, even when said person like me really has nothing against him or is more less “eh, whatever” on him. I’m not either strongly negative or positive about him — he’s just kind of there imo, so whatever.”

        There is a difference in someone “getting all freaky” when a poster is repeating a fallacy, one easily proven to be inaccurate and ‘has’ in fact repeatedly been proven inaccurate, and someone simply expressing their opinion. The difference? People here don’t “get all freaky” when a poster expresses their opinion–good or ill–over something based upon conjecture.

      • perplexed says:

        Maybe the Eva Longoria shirt confused me. My bad. If I uttered a fallacy, it was probably because of that shirt. I generally prefer not talking about Brad Pitt, because who can even keep the stories straight about him unless one were to follow him fanatically every single day of his life in an obsessive way. Hopefully, I will have the self-control in the future to refrain from talking about him, and getting facts wrong based on what the media portrayed to me.

        Yes, I do think some people, not all, but some people do do get bent out of shape about Brad Pitt if one so much as says one little nice thing about Aniston though. And I don’t think I even did in my original post. My overall point was that given his reaction to Gwyneth’s infidelity, the possibility of his being blasé about Aniston’s infidelity until Angelina came along strikes me as odd. That was my main point, and yet that point seems to have been missed in order for people to point out to me that I have bent over backwards to defend Aniston. In that case, yeah, when the main point is missed in order for someone to point out to me that I have bent over backwards to defend her, I do think people get freaky about Brad Pitt, who I don’t have extreme negative feelings about. He’s a movie star who has done well for himself – that’s the extent of my feelings about him.

        And while someone has a right to their opinion, I do also believe I have the right to believe that some are a little strange in how they express that opinion when my main point was more about trying to make sense of Brad Pitt’s reaction to one alleged infidelity (almost confirmed by Gwyneth) vs. another one rather than defending Aniston.

  56. perplexed says:

    “He was as good looking as anyone in Hollywood. But he isn’t going to age well. It’s the high life – I’ll see him with his gut hanging over his belt. He’s not someone who keeps himself toned when he’s not in front of the cameras.”

    Why did the dad say this? What was the point? That part of the interview struck me more than anything about Jennifer Aniston and what she did or did not do. The dad sounds envious of his son….I think another post needs to be written about what Matt LeBlanc’s relationship with his dad might be like.

  57. serena says:

    Oh that’s interesting. Her whole persona would crumble if this were true.