Cara Delevingne in Saint Laurent at ‘Paper Towns’ premiere: pretty or thirsty?


I know you guys are over Cara Delevingne, but I can’t help but cover her. She’s The Next Big Thing™ and she’s all over the place. These are some photos from last night’s NYC premiere of Paper Towns. Cara has a lot riding on this – if the film is a hit, she will be considered a movie star. She’s the one front-and-center in the promotional campaign and I haven’t seen a push like this since… I don’t know, everyone was trying to make Julianne Hough happen?

Anyway, Cara wore this sparkly Saint Laurent dress to the premiere. Her style during the promotional tour has been pretty good, I have to admit. She’s taken pains to look presentable and there were very few photo-ops where she didn’t look anything but completely pulled-together. I like this dress, although I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be so slouchy. Is it?


Guess who else came out for the premiere? Cara’s on-again (?) girlfriend St. Vincent. There were rumors yesterday that their love had died, but St. Vincent was trotted out for the premiere so I guess everything is fine. When asked about St. Vincent, Cara told Us Weekly: “Love is inspiring!”


A lot of Cara’s model friends and family came out to support her too. Joan Smalls wore this Balmain ensemble, which is probably my favorite look on this carpet.


Karlie Kloss in Calvin Klein – Karlie is so pretty, but I feel like whenever she’s on a red carpet, she’s always mid-swish or mid-motion somehow.


Cara’s sister Poppy was there – I’ve always thought Poppy was prettier than Cara, but this shade of blonde does not agree with Poppy and she’s sort of never looked worse.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. tracking says:

    I’m not over her. I find her striking and interesting, and always want to see what she’s wearing. St. Vincent, too!

    • Tristan says:

      I agree with you 100%. She is very interesting looking, with a big personality, and that is far better for a top model than someone who is solely classically beautiful. She reminds me of a young Kate Moss, during the early phase of her career

    • Franca says:

      I like to look at her too. If only she wouldn’t speak.

    • annaloo. says:

      I’m not over her either You know who I’m over? Anyone with the last name Kardashian. Why are there 4-5 posts about those people EVERY DAY? Can’t we just consolidate them into one post if they have to be here?


      Love Cara’s dress. I think she looks sensational.

      • beautifulDay says:

        I was going to say the same thing…the kardashians’ have hijacked my celubuGossip. Ugh. I don’t care what lame thing they talk about in their winey uneducated valley girl schlock talk. Ok. I like this patrician druggy model, but don’t make her act in teen movies or talk about her parents. Just show us photos with the occasional party pic. That’s all.

    • Elisa the I. says:


    • Sunsetsnow says:

      I like her too. At least she isn’t bland like a lot of her friends.

    • beanie says:

      Cara looks simply gorgeous here.

  2. aims says:

    Cara = thirsty

  3. QQ says:

    Cara seems Fun, but Cara does NOT give me pretty especially not head on ( that Nose something IDK) I hope Cara is a Better Actress than professional Pretty Lady, That is all I have for Cara

  4. poop says:

    karlie kloss looks like every white girl I went to high school with

  5. Allie says:

    I think Cara pulls off looks because she is a decent model. But I do not want her in movies, as I find her annoying. Kinda hoping this movie tanks.

    Love, love, love Joan’s outfit. And Joan herself.

    • Franca says:

      It won’t tank. It’s a John Green movie and it will be a huge hit with the angsty teens.

  6. Mimz says:

    I love the look, head to toe and I think the dress was meant to look like that. and no i don’t think Poppy is prettier than her.. she’s rather bland IMO.

    Joan is giving me JLO vibes with that pose, and not in a good way, but I like what she’s wearing.

    That’s all

    • teacakes (formerly oneshot) says:

      Poppy is more conventional looking than Cara, which just translates to BLAND.

      Cara is a mess but at least she is an extremely distinctive-looking mess with a major personality. That’s what kept her an It Girl for this long.

  7. Kiddo says:

    St Vincent was the only remotely interesting one there, for me. I don’t mind Delevingne, but that dress is giving a serious uniboob, while also being a variation of some crap you’ve seen a hundred times before: So both boring and awkward at the same time. Karlie Kloss is like a DiCaprio girlfriend mold, they all kind of look the same after a while.

  8. Abbott says:

    No plans on seeing her movie, but I like her.

  9. meme says:

    I love Cara’s Saint Laurent dress and Karli’s Calvin Klein…the simplicity is divine.

  10. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    I have an almost identical skirt as Joan, but I bought it many years ago in some cheap store – now I feel better for liking it so much. Of course I don’t look nowhere near as good as her in it. Her and Annie’s looks are my favorite.

  11. burnsie says:

    I have no problems with Cara, I just think she has the Gisele problem with her modeling campaigns. Bce they both have cultivated, public personalities (and unique faces), I focus on the person and not the product/brand. Instead I think “oh, it’s Gisele/Cara.” I couldn’t name one of their endorsements though.

  12. The movie looks boring, so I don’t see it making a ton of money–but I could be wrong.

  13. Chinoiserie says:

    It is always fun when premieres are covered. I think Cara looks great even if I am not sure if silver is her color.

  14. Franca says:

    Poppy is so beautiful, but this hair colour doesn’t suit her at all. I saw an interview with her, and she came across as very childish, so I don’t particularly like her.

  15. Rainbow says:

    Love cara’s dress! I also like St Vincent’s leather skirt and Poppys dress.
    I had a similar skirt with Joan but I think I have thrown it away.

  16. Jess says:

    Cara is really striking. She is really beautiful imo, and her face takes makeup really well.

  17. CarrieUK says:

    Great lipstick

  18. wow says:

    I wouldn’t consider it thirsty or pretty. She’s worn better.

    I was over Cara a long time ago until she started talking. Usually it’s the opposite. I like her a bit more now after reading a few quotes from her more recent interviews.

  19. Cc says:


  20. Ctkat1 says:

    I don’t dislike Cara- she seems fun, she’s definitely not hiding her personality, and she hasn’t said or done anything objectionable yet. I don’t think she’ll be the next JLaw/ScarJo/Emma Stone, but that’s ok- I’d much rather give her a chance on the big screen than watch someone like Amber Heard, for example.
    I’m saving my hate for Alicia Vikander, who is incredibly pompous and who rubs me the wrong way (did anyone read the Lainey blind about her sh*t-talking JLaw at ComicCon? That girl is seriously full of herself!)

    • ican'tsnap says:

      I missed the Lainey Blind & I’m not finding it in Blind Riddles or Comic Con posts – link?

      • ctkat1 says:–2015-Smutty-Shout-Outs/40105

        Here’s the text: “His girlfriend wants what his co-star has. An actor dating another actor and she’s getting a little obsessed with becoming the next superstar. Recently they were all at the same event together and she made it very clear, within earshot of others, in close proximity to her career target, that that’s what she deserves, that she has the talent, that she has it all. He seemed uncomfortable with how vocal she was about it, especially since the way she said it sounded really competitive and comparative, as though she thinks she’s actually better.”

        Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander (girlfriend), JLaw (costar)

  21. teacakes (formerly oneshot) says:

    Joan Smalls is stunning.

    and I’ve never considered Karlie particularly pretty, but she makes a fantastic model both in print and runway.

    At the recent Taylor Swift concerts, she and Gigi Hadid have been coming out with Swifty who is equally tall and blonde, and in any given picture I can tell which two are the models and which one is just a tall girl who slouches, even without registering their faces.

    • Chem says:

      I know, that’s the difference between a regular blonde kinda tall girl (because Karlie and Gigi are taller and prettier) and a real model.

  22. BB says:

    Where’s Swifty? Her pals are always supporting her at her concerts and in her videos but you don’t really see it reciprocated. Hmmm, almost like she needs to be centre of attention at all times… Surely not?

  23. Me Three says:

    Just another rich, very thin girl.