Controversial opinion: Liam Hemsworth is hotter than Chris Hemsworth


Here are some photos from last night’s LA premiere of Vacation, the newest installment of the Griswolds’ Family Vacation nonsense. The film stars Christina Applegate and Ed Helms as the new Griswolds. Helms plays Chevy Chase’s son, in case you’re wondering how it all ties together with the previous films (I know you weren’t wondering). But the real star of the film is… Chris Hemsworth. Or something. He was by far the biggest thing on last night’s red carpet, even though his role in the film is very much supporting.

Chris brought out his wife, Elsa Pataky, as well as his brothers Luke and Liam. I have a controversial opinion on the Hemsworth brothers, you guys. It’s something that I’ve started to feel in the last year especially. Just look purely at the faces of the Hemsworth brothers – isn’t Liam genuinely more attractive? Like, we’re supposed to think Chris is the hot ticket because of Thor and everything, but simply on aesthetics, I think I’m more into Liam. Anyway, enjoy the photos. Elsa was pose-harding like her life depended on it.




Here are some photos of the real leads of the film. Ed Helms is probably the nicest person in real life, but he always just reads “DORK” to me. Christina Applegate’s dress is Amanda Wakeley.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Shambles says:

    Liam might be hotter, but he also seems like a class-A douche. Google pictures of him with Miley Cyrus– she loved him and he loved the cameras.

    • Lori says:

      He used her and acted ashamed to be seen with her at the same time. She just flat out adored him. That aside, he is the sexier of the brothers, and Chris is the best look. Poor Luke is friendzone all the way.

      • Shambles says:

        Well said, you could tell she absolutely adored him. I feel bad for her when it comes to that situation. I’ve always said I don’t blame her for chopping off her hair and going a little wild after the way the love of her life treated her– I’ve been in a similar situation and my hair was 87 different colors in the span of a month. Not to mention the way I was acting. Anyway, he’s definitely better looking, but I don’t think the package is worth the jerky interior.

      • FLORC says:

        She adored him, but embarrassed him too. I adore my husband, but if he decided to start taking off his shoes in restaurants I’d walk a few paces in front or behind him.
        Miley’s exhibitionist behavior was part of 2 people growing apart. IMO

        And Chris is by far the hottest of the bunch. Luke in the friend zone? Maybe if the only other options are Chris and Liam. Otherwise he’s very hot in his own way too. Hot features. Different, but attractive bodies.

        You have tall and built. Tall and lean. Shorter and lean. Something for everyone!

      • qwerty says:

        She cut her hair while they were still together though. Google their pics from Paranoia premiere. The VMA disaster, they were still a couple for sure.

      • JohnWayneLives says:

        Luke is gorgeous!!! He just looks small next to his brothers, but Chris looks like a man in every way that a man should look like a man… le sigh…
        Liam is meh. I’ve had boys way prettier than him

    • Christo says:

      Agreed. I personally find Liam hotter. I think it is the roundness of his face or the sly smirk that he has. Chris, by contrast, is more of a generic, classic form of handsome that I would expect to see next to the dictionary definition. For that reason, Chris seems like more of a mannequin than a man to me.

      I also think it probably has to do with the roles that each brother has chosen movie-wise. Chris’ movies tend to depict him as cold, antiseptic, stoic, and remote—the squinty-eyed embodiment of popular household eunuch Mr. Clean. Liam’s characters tend to depict him as the hot guy love interest that could make us lose ourselves in those wide-open oceans of blue in his eyes.

      The best comparison to these brothers and their effect on me are the Fiennes brothers. Joseph—anyday and everyday, whereas Ralph—walking, dignified corpse.

      • aang says:

        Liam is too pretty for me. Yes, Chris is generically handsome but also more manly looking imo.

  2. Qat says:

    All of the brothers are handsome, but Chris to me, is the best looking of the bunch.

    • doofus says:

      agree with you.

      I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers, but Chris is my first choice.

    • Alex says:


    • Sarah says:

      Liam is totally my jam. Chris looks like a beefed up bro.

    • I Choose Me says:

      MTE. Chris doesn’t get me hot and bothered but I find him more aesthetically pleasing. Plus I really like his his smile. Liam gives me whiff of douche.

    • Camille (the Original) says:

      Agreed. Chris is the best looking of the bunch to me too. Have always thought so, even way back when he was on Home and Away.

      • Ankhel says:

        Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and beauty is subjec – noooooooooooo! Chris is so much hotter! Also, Christina looks pretty.

    • Ange says:

      I’m really feeling Luke here, I don’t know why. He kind of has a rugged thing going on that appeals to me. He DOES lose points for looking a little like a chunk nugget though.

  3. MG says:

    Um NO. Chris, Chris, Chris.

    • Sarah says:

      Chris looks like a beefy oily body builder to me. Liam ALL the way. More earthy and manly.

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        Neither of them does it for me, but out of the 3 brothers, I’d pick Liam just because he is the least muscly. I hate big muscles and I’d say it’s Luke who looks like a body builder – those legs, ugh. Chris is more of a surfer dude and Liam is tall and fairly lanky, which is my type but his face is not that great either.

      • qwerty says:

        Surfer dude for me 😀 Liam is not attractive at all imo, saw him in the Katniss films as well and he has no sex appeal – or charisma for that matter – whatsoever.

    • Obsidian says:

      Agree. Chris is way hotter. Even with their face alone. No contest.

  4. Jayna says:

    It’s always been Liam for me.

  5. Mia4S says:

    Hmmmm, I find none of them that appealing or particularly good actors but on a purely asethetic level? I think you’re right. Thor always had a better body than face.

    Calm down Chris Hensworth’s wife! Have some dignity! Such a bizarre set of photos.

  6. Cici says:

    I have always thought Liam was hotter than Chris. He may have the charisma of a wet blanket but Liam is sexy, so you are not alone.

  7. Ram says:

    The only thing not hot about Chris is his wife. She is such a bad actress it makes my head ache. I saw Furious seven the other day and her chemistry with Dwayne was cringe worthy. And I really like The Rock – sobs

    • Mia4S says:

      Oh that’s her! I had never seen her act in anything. Wow…she’s bad. I mean, really bad. And it’s hard to stand out as a bad actor in a Fast and Furious movie because fun as they are those movies are full of bad acting.

    • T.Fanty says:

      She needs to get her implants lifted about two inches. Those things look neither pretty nor comfortable.

      • Marty says:

        They use to not be so obvious because she had a little more weight on her frame, but yeah they look extremely uncomfortable.

  8. Rainbow says:

    Νο way. Chris is hotter.I am not so much into blonde dudes (except Brad Pitt and Charlie Hunnam) but he looks good.

    Of course elsa’s life depends on it, if she wasn’t married to Liam she would be forgotten.

    • jammypants says:

      Chris is like the love child of Hunnam and Pitt.

      • Erinn says:

        Dear god, you’re kind of right. I didn’t see that before. It’s funny because I’m like Rainbow – the blonde dudes aren’t usually my type, but I love Pitt and Hunnam… but Chris still doesn’t really do it for me oddly enough. I understand that he’s very handsome, but unless I see him in action I’m not really attracted to him.

      • Lori says:

        truth time………..thinking of Hunnam and Pitt having the sex to make said love child is way hotter than any of these Hemsworths.

  9. Mia4S says:

    As an aside, apparently the movie is terrible.

  10. renee28 says:

    I really don’t get the appeal of Chris or Lesser Hemsworth.

    • Birdix says:

      I can’t tell them apart (which makes me feel ancient–actually until this post I didn’t realize they weren’t the same person).

  11. Jenns says:

    Poor Luke…

    • Mitchie says:

      I know, right! He probably secretly has a dartboard with their faces on it.

    • Hawkeye says:

      This is basically me and my brother. He is rugged, handsome, tall and square-jawed. I am, shall we say, homely. In the words of my drunken grandmother, I look like a Mexican Mr. Bean.

      • Mitchie says:

        Aw Hawkeye, she was drunk. Drunk people tend to pick on the easiest target. I bet your probably sincere and sensitive because of it. Either that, or your angry and dismissive. You didn’t throw any shade, so I’m thinking sensitive and sincere.

      • Hawkeye says:

        @Mitchie I’m totally sincere. She had very serious alcohol problem, and I can’t actually recall a day that she wasn’t drinking. She used to say I looked like a Mexican Alan Alda (she liked MASH a lot, and that’s actually how I ended up choosing my user name), but then one day she turned on him and decided I looked more like Mr. Bean, whom she always liked. I took neither of these as an insult (despite the Mexican part).

      • Mitchie says:

        You were insulted by being called Mexican?

      • Hawkeye says:

        @Mitchie the “Mexican” part of her nickname for me was actually meant to insult me. She was a very racist person and always liked to remind me that whoever my father was was a “darkie” and a slew of other epithets. She was not a nice person. However, for some reason, as a kid I always thought she meant that there was an Alan Alda equivalent in Mexico who was famous and nice and well-liked, and I was kind of proud of it. I didn’t realize what she meant until I was much older.

  12. PunkyMomma says:

    Why choose? I’ll take one Hemsworth sandwich, please.

  13. pzc says:

    LBR they they all suffer from douche face

  14. aims says:

    Luke isn’t so bad either.

  15. Izzy says:

    No, he isn’t. Chris is way hotter.

    • Sarah says:

      Too each his own. To some of us Chris looks like a beefy body builder. A ‘bro. Liam’s got that soulful eyed hunky lumberjack look. Way more my jam for sure.

      • Jay says:

        LOL Liam looks equally bro-y. Bros are not the same thing as “beefy body builders.”

  16. Phoebe says:

    Oh, I disagree heartily- Chris is carved from the marble of the gods. The other two are mere mortals.

  17. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    Chris, for me, please! But I agree that Elsa was posing at a very thirsty level.

  18. dr mantis toboggan says:

    I disagree

  19. genevieve says:

    I’d agree if you said “prettier,” but definitely not “hotter.”

  20. InvaderTak says:

    I’m kinda liking Luke. Not as tall granted, but Liam looks too much like a baby, Chris is a bit meat head, but Luke has a good balance and a nice disposition.
    I will admit that she I saw a preview for this and was really confused. I totally missed that this is griswolds son.

    • CityGirl says:

      I’m kinda liking Luke myself! I wouldn’t kick the meat head outta bed though…

    • pinetree13 says:

      Liam looks to young and smug. Whereas Chris has a smouldering arrogance. HA HA!

  21. hmph says:

    They both look prehistoric.

  22. Sabrina says:

    Liam is definitely the hottest one for me as well. I don’t care for much for guys with blonde hair, with a few exceptions, so that’s definitely a factor for me as well.

  23. JWQ says:

    They’ re both beautiful, and their brother is very attractive as well (if a little short), but they are really bland and have the charisma and the acting chops of a dead tree. I just find it really funny that Chris and Liam looks so much alike and Luke does not.

    Christina Applegate looks awesome with that dress!

  24. Morse0412 says:

    I think they are both handsome but Chris’s nose is off…like hes so manly looking except for his weirdly delicate nose, it feels disproportionate for his face. For purely that reason, I think Liam is the better looking one.

  25. Anguishedcorn says:

    Luke is actually more my type than the other two.

    • frivolity says:

      Empirically speaking, Luke is the most attractive.

      The other two are a bit odd looking.

  26. Teatimeiscoming says:

    …must be tough for the little one to fit under his brothers’ armpits…

    • Morgan says:

      Especially since he’s the oldest! I can relate — my little siblings are all taller than me… so uncool.

      • teatimeiscoming says:

        extra ouch!

      • Ange says:

        Hahaha my big, bulky husband is 6’3 and I’m a fair bit taller than his older, slight, twin brothers at 5’9 so yeah, I’ve seen it in action.

  27. Happy21 says:

    All of them are hot!!!

    However, I feel more towards Liam than any others. He’s pretty frickin’ smokin’!!

  28. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I think they are both very good looking, but I think Chris is hotter.

  29. embertine says:

    Pffffft. Liam, conventionally better looking? Most definitely. Sexier? AW HELL TO THE NO. I don’t like beefy blond dudes generally but Hemsworth the Greater just has that twinkle that makes my knickers burst into flames.

    • JLo says:

      I’m with you. Liam’s face is more conventionally handsome. But when you see them in motion and hear them speak, Chris is infinitely more appealing. And Liam loses major points on any scale for his engagement to Miley.

      • Morgan says:

        Yes! Liam photographs nicely but just seems goofy and awkward in interviews and is a terrible actor. Chris isn’t exactly Oscar material either but he seems to have a nice friendly personality and sense of humor.

  30. EM says:

    I’ll throw a nod over at Luke – poor guy in any other family he’d be the hot one 🙂

    • embertine says:

      Yeah, I would. Even standing next to his famously pretty brothers, I think he still looks pretty damn good.

    • JWQ says:

      Me too. He lacks nothing in the looks department. His problem is that he looks short standing next to his brothers, but Chris and Liam are way taller than normal. I don’ t know exactly how tall he is, but I’ d say he’ s still above the average. 6′? 6′ 1”?

      • Cee says:

        According to a quick Google search, Luke is 1.80m tall, which is very much acceptable. Chris and Liam must be above 1.90m.

        Luke is still taller than most.

    • SusieQ says:

      Totally agree. Luke is super hot. So what if he’s shorter than his other 2 brothers? I don’t like tall guys anyway. I’m 5’9 and I love shorter built guys. My husband is an inch shorter than me and I love him just the way he is.

  31. WindowChair5 says:

    When i first saw the article title I thought, finally someone agrees with me that Liam is hotter than Chris. Then I looked at the photos attached and in these ones for some reason, Chris looks better than Liam. And the other brother is pretty handsome as well. The gene pool hit the jackpot with this family. And as a side note, the photo with Chris and his wife is so sweet. This is the nicest couple photo I’ve seen in a long time. I love the way she’s smiling at him. Very cute couple.

  32. Marty says:

    Anyone wants budget Hemsworth is fine by me. I’ll take Chris, even if he does look miserable here.

    • j.eyre says:

      I do want to see Budget’s new movie, though. I think being shirtless will improve his acting.

      All the Hems boys are hot, I say we have some kind of Hot Guy Parcourse for them to complete and we declare a champion among them.

  33. seesittellsit says:

    I think they both look like werewolves who go to the gym a lot.

  34. Kate says:

    None of the above!

  35. Jen says:

    I don’t know…those are some superior genes though. When are skinny suits going to be out? I’m so sick of them! I think they’re all incredible. Luke’s eyes are too blue for me, but then my eyes are blue so I think I just gravitate toward guys with dark eyes (like my hubs). Liam and Chris tie for top hottie for me. I’d do a flying leap on either one, or both if they’re standing close enough to each other.

  36. Zee says:

    Team Liam’s face & Team Chris’s body & Team Luke’s smirk

    Now if only there was a 4th brother that had all 3…

  37. Zaid says:

    I only like Chris when he’s sporting his long blonde locks.
    I only started liking Liam again after he broke it off with Miley, but knowing he may be a douche is losing him points.

  38. Cee says:

    Um, I vote for the third, mysterious (?) brother. Where did he come from? The Hemsworths definitely have great genes.

  39. JH says:

    I’d take the wee Hemsworth ANYDAY.

  40. Jag says:

    Absolutely not! Liam is not hotter than Chris, but thankfully we can all have our own opinions. You may have Liam and I’ll take Chris. Win win. lol

  41. Annaliese says:

    All a matter of taste, and mine is definitely Chris. Liam leaves me cold. Luke doesn’t even register. But Chris wins, both on looks and personality–and I’m another of those who doesn’t much care for blonds.

  42. Otaku Fairy says:

    2. Liam
    3. Luke

    They’re all attractive though.

  43. annaloo. says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I just had a come to Jesus moment….


    oh wow… hahahahaha

  44. Kelly says:

    Nope. Chris is definitely hotter

  45. Skins says:

    I smell a BOMB!

  46. Toni says:

    I’ll have all three, Thank you!

  47. kimbers says:

    Chris is cuter than his little princess bitch ass brother Liam. Ugh that guy doesnt even have to open his mouth. He oozes more douche than any Kardashian girl or LA escort could ever…

  48. Elizabeth says:

    No controversy – you’re just blind. ;o)

  49. Jessica says:

    Uh, neither are hot. They are the epitome of generic and forgettable looking with zero charisma. And they both have horrible taste in women. I don’t understand how the Chris fans can still find him attractive knowing he’s with Tacky Pataky.

    But I don’t find any of the so-called “hot” Chrises hot. Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt, and especially Pine. He’s the one who I really find skeevy as hell and don’t see the appeal.

  50. amilue says:

    I’m sorry, but I think Chris is better looking.

  51. Lunareclipse says:

    Chris is a dead ringer for my ex-husband…freaks me out whenever I see pics of him. Chris H seems like a MUCH nicer person, though…my ex is a complete narcissist, ugh. I thought he was hot…well, turns out so does he, and appearances are about all that matter to him. Yuk!

    (Ex is 6 foot 4…it’s uncanny. I showed our 6 yr old son a photo and he thought it was dad.)

  52. delphi says:

    I’ll take Ed Helms. Yes, he is a dork, but I find it endearing.

    He was a fantastic “Daily Show” correspondent, was the only redeeming thing about the “Hangover” trilogy, and he is a damn fine banjo player.

    Plus…he was “Nard-dog”! And how can you not love a poorly-timed “that’s what she said” joke?

  53. Casey says:

    YOU CAN’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! this week, thor.

  54. jesb says:

    Nope. Chris all the way.

  55. MindlessContemplations says:

    Soooo clearly Luke is the mailmans son…? Or adopted he doesn’t really even look like he comes from the same gene pool. With that being said he is HOT in his own way.

  56. Victoria says:

    Ewww no way… It is Chris for me. Liam looks a little like the slimmer version of John Travolta! lol