Hulk Hogan wonders why Pres. Obama can say the n-word but Hulk can’t


On Sunday, I covered some of the Hulk Hogan mess that came out late last week. Long story short, as part of Hulk Hogan’s ongoing lawsuit against Gawker Media, some very explicit details about Hulk’s sex tape with Heather Clem have come out. And no, I’m not talking about the sex. I’m talking about the pillow talk between Clem and Hulk, which involved a racist tirade about Brooke Hogan’s career and dating life. Following the initial reports (a series of exclusives from the National Enquirer/Radar), Hulk Hogan was fired from WWE, scrubbed from their Hall of Fame and all of the Hulk merchandise was removed.

Hulk Hogan issued a statement to People Magazine on Friday, and he’s also been active on social media following the controversy. Yesterday, he posted a photo of a poster reading “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.” He’s also spent the past three days or so retweeting anyone and everyone who says anything along the lines of “Bro, you’re not racist!” Unfortunately, he sort of shot himself in the foot by retweeting this now deleted tweet:

hulk tweet

That’s in reference to Pres. Obama’s interview with Marc Maron where he was discussing explicit and implicit racism – a much-needed conversation that clearly went over Hulk Hogan’s head.

Meanwhile, Radar has more details about Hulk Hogan’s racist diatribe within the tape. Go here to read Radar’s latest story – Hulk continuously refers to his daughter Brooke’s music producer as the “f—king n—ger” who got Jamie Foxx to appear on one track. And in case you genuinely believe this was just some isolated incident… Hulk Hogan used this kind of explicit, racist language during a radio interview in 2012 as well.


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  1. Krista says:

    Context is key, Hulk.

    • Hawkeye says:

      No more calls, we have a winner!

    • Shambles says:

      Yup. Hulk is being that guy right now.

    • Pinky says:

      I mean…

      You (Hulk) were using the term in the way the Pres was describing how racists use it! Thus, by the powers invested in me by the Transitive Property of Equality, You racist!

    • doofus says:


      to add, WHY does he want to say that ugly word?…I will never understand that “why can HE say it and I can’t?!” complaint…because seriously, why do you need/want to use it?

  2. PhenomenalWoman says:

    Because context and intent. Is that so hard?

  3. minx says:

    Oh, brother.
    Yes, drag Obama into this mess.

  4. Pedro45 says:

    Do you guys ever feel just bone-deep exhaustion from all the idiocy and and ignorance and hatefulness? I just can’t with these people anymore. I need a nap and a teddy bear (preferably one not made by child labor) and a fairy tale that says the bad men like Trump and Cosby and Hogan aren’t real.

    • Shambles says:


      I know exactly how you feel. Between Trump, Shia, Cosby, and Bobby Kristina, it’s really hard to look on the bright side today. But this is a place for us to come and lay that burden down– we don’t always have to carry the weight of all that ignorance and sadness and hatred. Let it off your chest and breathe. I don’t know about you, but the majority of CB gives me hope. It shows me that there are still compassionate, thoughtful, witty, insightful, humorous, and kind people out there that are willing to share parts of themselves. To me, that’s a beautiful and uplifting thing. Just know that you’re not alone, and sometimes all the sh!t is hard to take. But the celebitchians are here for ya. Also: I don’t have a teddy bear, but you can borrow my cat. He doesn’t stay still for long, but his cuddles are the sweetest.

      • doofus says:

        what Shambles said. <3

      • Pedro45 says:

        Thanks! Hugs to all the decent exhausted people here.

      • Alice says:

        Thanks for saying it so well, shambles. That’s what keeps me coming to CB – the intelligence, the wit, the heart, and the ability to zing the guys ands gals who need it. I sometimes get very pessimistic about my country, but then I read the comments on CB and think, “All is not lost.”

    • Izzy says:

      So exhausted. SO, SO exhausted. I just can’t with all this any more. Grab your dumbrellas, people, it’s raining stupid out there today.

      *puts on fuzzy housecoat and crawls under covers*

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        It’s raining stupid and my umbrella is turned inside out. Totally exhausted, Pedro45.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Yes. So much yes. I need to have me a nice cold daiquiri on a beach somewhere so I can forget for a little while just how hateful and flipping stupid human beings can be.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Like talking to a damn wall, you know the difference and you aren’t making that comparison in good faith, Judd. But use it, use it around all of the black people you can, I’ll be interested in seeing what happens. When people STILL ask this question every day, are they trying to look ignorant, or hateful and which one is better?

    • Alex says:

      I’ve been exhausted by life for a while…and I’m in my early 20s.

    • MAC says:

      Yes I feel that way and its why I gave up most news and now am giving up this site. I used to come here to enjoy the clothing for women and getting to see red carpet clothing and designers newest collections.

  5. Lynnie says:

    Just a quick question? Why do white people want to say the n-word so bad? Like what’s in it for you?

    That’s like me seeing my friend and their siblings calling each other idiots, and one day I ask if I can do the same and they say no. Yet I get mad and start throwing a hissy fit. Do you not realize how stupid that looks?

    • lisa2 says:

      Just going to say the same thing.. Why does he or anyone white want to say the word?

      That is the big question for me too.

      • Judd says:

        Why does anyone use the word? Yet, it continues to be used and taught. Why is it okay for Blacks to use it, but when a White, Latino or Asian uses it, they are racists and bigots. Do you not see the hypocrisy? The WORD needs to stop being taught.

      • Alex says:

        Blacks use it as a way to RECLAIM the hateful word and turn it into something with a less negative connotation. But not all blacks use the word…I do not.
        But its loaded coming from someone else to a POC. Why? Because of hundreds of years of history. Honestly this is not that hard.

      • doofus says:

        Judd, you’re being deliberately obtuse.

        this has been asked and answered over and over. however, if you really still don’t get it, and need someone to ‘splain it to you, see post #9 by Eternal Side-Eye.

        Also, what Alex said. INTENT MATTERS.

    • Starrywonder says:

      I don’t know. I want them to stop though. It’s up there with why can’t comedians tell racist jokes anymore. Well if that’s all your shtick is, you don’t need to be in comedy anymore.

    • Shambles says:

      It’s like when you take one specific toy from a 5-year-old. He still has his Legos, his Pokemon, and his Hot Wheels, but damn it all he wants is that toy dinosaur that you took from him.

    • doofus says:

      just what I said above. why do people WANT/NEED to say that ugly word?

    • Wren says:

      It’s the idea that it’s off limits that is bothersome. When you can say or do almost anything else, the idea that you’re “not allowed” to say certain words or do certain things (like turn another race/culture into a costume) is such a foreign idea that you feel slighted somehow. It basically comes from the lack of understanding that not everyone has the same advantages you have and not using certain terms is a small concession to make.

      Or you could be a thundering racist and not care.

    • mytbean says:

      I think those people that are all agitated are that way as a result of misplaced fear. They don’t want to be controlled by anyone and of course threatened by the uprising of the horrible and scary black people.

      They are often also the people that feel like they are being controlled by the big bad gumment when asked not to pee off of their front porch, even if they do happen to have a house planted 10 feet from an elementary school. You know, because it’s the “man’s” fault for putting the school there and he was there first. .. or whatever. sigh.

    • K says:

      I have no idea, and I don’t think many white people actually want to use it. Racists due but your average white person no. I say this as a white person who hates the word. If I never heard it again it would be to soon for me.

      However, I think you get the hulk’s argument when someone who is racist is caught saying it. Is called out for it and forced to face the consequences. When all that happens then they are like but black people can say it. Which only makes them look more racist and stupid. Honestly if you’re white and want to say it you’re racist.

      • pinetree13 says:

        I actually don’t know anyone that uses that word but I’m not in the USA. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to use it. I mean even if you WERE racist wouldn’t you want to avoid that word because then people would automatically know you’re racist? Or maybe my base assumption that everyone would be embarrassed to be deemed a racist is incorrect.

  6. Toni says:

    When did Obama ever say the “N” word??? Though I admit I know what he means. I never liked the word in any context or no matter who says it.

    • MonicaQ says:

      He was talking about when people use the word “Thugs” what they really mean on a radio show.

  7. OhDear says:

    He (and everyone else who whines about this) sound like bratty kids – “he said it, why can’t I! It’s not fair!!” (repeats what everyone else said about context, intent, etc.)

    Boo bloody hoo.

  8. QQ says:

    If He don’t get his Tangerine five Boehners out of Five Beef Jerky , faded 70’s pornstache , Wife Swapping, bald on Top, Vaguely Molesty with his daughter looking ass RIGHT on out of here with that question… is like nothing infuriates people in the white comfortable cis, male section (which usually is right in front of the proverbial line) MORE than

    a) Being called racist
    b) Being told there is something that is not for them, that a space is NOT for them etc

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!

      We have a winner on answer B!

      Privelage is a MONSTER and when folks gasp and say “I’m not privelaged I grew up in a double-wide and worked for everything I’ve got! ” they forget how damn angry they get when they’re excluded and told no. Whole cultures have been destroyed because white men were told no.

    • Shambles says:

      Crying with laughter over “Tangerine five Boehners out of Five Beef Jerky , faded 70′s pornstache , Wife Swapping, bald on Top, Vaguely Molesty with his daughter looking ass” … F*CKIN’ TELL EM’ QQ!

    • doofus says:

      QQ, your summation of Terry Bollea (and why he’s so p*ssed off) is spot on.

    • Corrie says:


    • Alex says:

      Everyone else can go home now.

  9. The Eternal Side-Eye says:


    I actually liked you when I was a real little kid and used to watch wrestling with my Father. Now you just repulse me.

    To answer his dumbass question: Because disenfranchised members of a group have the power and right to decide how they want to refer themselves. Barack knows he’s been viewed as the n-word by those he’s supposed to work with and respect. Has seen and heard the watermelon and African jigaboo memes that conservative politicians get caught passing around. He can discuss that word, use that word, call himself or anyone else that word if he so chooses because the society that created the word can’t do a ‘takesies-backsies’ now that those in power feel left out. It’s like the Chris Rock joke about black men and cabs. So long as you’re a member of that group that faces discrimination and ignorance you have every right to decide if and how you reclaim a word used against you in hatred.

  10. littlemissnaughty says:

    Yeah … it’s a total mystery. WHY???

  11. FingerBinger says:

    President Obama also didn’t preface his comment with “I am a racist” before he used the n word.

  12. funcakes says:

    The point is no one should use that word. No one.

  13. Who ARE these people? says:

    Obama can also say he was twice elected president of the United States and you, Hogan, can not.

    No wonder this man did not choose a career involving the intellect.

  14. E.M. MAXX says:

    Good question

  15. genevieve says:

    What a genius, insightful, never-before-asked question by a racist. Why isn’t he running for President? That’s what I want to know.

    • Ankhel says:

      Hush! Please don’t! I bet that’s what some irked socialite said REALLY LOUDLY within hearing of Donald Trump, a few years ago. Don’t give these “honest”, “straight-shooting” assholes ideas!

  16. georgia says:

    I didn’t read the article, I just need to immediately write NO!!! Nooooooo!! Jesus christ hulk hogan NO!!

  17. Colette says:

    Well Hulk called a gay man a f#g, and a woman who hit on Linda a half gay during the sex tape.So this the man we are dealing with.

  18. Apple Tartin says:

    There is saying the word and using the word. You’re welcome Hulk.

  19. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I don’t know why anyone has to say it! It’s an ugly word that should just be left in the past. Hulk, shutup and stop being a whiner.

  20. MARKWEER says:

    His basic lack of understanding & boundaries are what got him to this point (oh & he’s a racist too). He pretty much destroyed his family, slept with his supposed best friend’s wife which is how he got exposed–in more ways than one–as such. I forgot what a piece off work he is until someone reminded me about him telling his drag racing son that he wasn’t to blame for putting a Soldier buddy in a coma after causing a car crash. This guy is damaged.

  21. Otaku Fairy says:

    I don’t see what kind of logical gymnastics he an his supporters could be using to argue that he’s “not racist”. He didn’t use the word like Obama did in a context of a discussion about what racism in a society looks like. He used a racial slur to refer to a group of people and even admitted “I’m a racist” during the statement. It makes you wonder how these people are defining racism. They must be the kind of people who think that as long as you’re not violent or calling for segregation, you can’t be racist.

  22. Ankhel says: