Jordan/Katie Price gets smashed; throws food at her friends

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Katie Price is currently living in LA with her husband Peter Andre and her children while filming a reality show about their family and trying to make it in the US. She decided to take a weekend to fly back to England to be with her friends, and things got sloppy at a club in Brighton and later on at a restaurant, where she was unable to stand alone and was throwing food at her friends. The drinking session was particularly surprising because she plans on running the London marathon next month and had announced her decision not to drink until her training was over.

And it ended in typically undignified fashion just before 6am with the 30-year-old former page three girl slumped over the table of an all-night cafe.

Miss Price is currently living in Los Angeles where she is filming a reality TV show about her life with her husband, one-time pop star Peter Andre, 36. But she briefly jetted back to the UK to visit friends in her hometown of Brighton 11 days ago.

Andre, meanwhile had been left Stateside while to look to after their two children Junior, three and Princess Tiaamii, one and her six-year-old son from her relationship with Sunderland footballer, Dwight Yorke. And she took the chance to let her hair down in spectacular fashion which ended in the early hours of Mothering Sunday.

The model, who now writes her own children’s books, spent the Saturday night partying with three friends at the Oceana nightclub where they downed champagne and cocktails. At one point she climbed into the DJ booth and began slurring down the microphone, ‘Hello Brighton! I love you all, this is my hometown and I love it here!’

At 4am the group left looking bleary-eyed and headed to 24-hour seafront cafe, Buddies, to continue the festivities.

Customers looked on in shock as she reportedly began throwing food at her friends. An onlooker said: ‘She looked totally out of it. She could barely stand up when she was in the cafe. By the very end she had stopped drinking asked the waiter to bring her a hot chocolate.

‘She left some money for a tip but it was literally about 10 pence, despite being a millionaire. She would have had a huge hangover on Mother’s Day and I imagine spent a lot of time recovering in bed.’ Her excesses on the night come amid a rigorous training programme adopted by Miss Price, who is planning to run the London Marathon next month.

She hopes to raise £250,000 for charities NSPCC and Vision. She has been seen jogging around Malibu in an attempt to try and help her complete the 26-mile run and recently claimed that she had stopped drinking while she trains.

[From Daily Mail]

British tabloid Heat has turned this into an expose on her rocky relationship with Peter Andre, comparing a photo of a smashed Katie with a picture of Peter kissing one of their kids. There have been rumors of their breaking up for some time now, and they’re probably based in some fact, and it’s also true that the couple has a verbally abusive relationship. I’ve seen their reality show and all they do is bash each other – but while to outsiders it’s rude, they seem to revel in it.

The drinking session was probably just that – a respite from the pressures of her TV show, her kids, and hawking her line of slutty equestrian gear. The bit about Katie drunkenly throwing food at her friends is priceless, and reminds me of weekends at college. But we should probably give her a break – it’s hard out there for a former glamor model.

Here’s Katie having a family lunch with Peter Andre with daughter Princess Tiaamii at Tony Taverna in Malibu on Sunday. Images thanks to WENN .

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  1. Keiloooooooooooo says:

    I could never bring THAT home to mum…….

  2. Mairead says:

    I see the old Jordan is making a comeback – Gawd help us 🙄

  3. SixxKitty says:

    Such a class act that girl… her mother nust be so proud…..

  4. Jan says:

    I watched your show from england when u were modling and your husband was singing. Even though I may not have approved of your “job” I still liked you and loved the way you were with your older son and loved the way your hubby took care of him. Now….with all those pics you took you cannot have him in a clear picture with you and your “perfect kids”? Please don’t treat him as an outcast because he is not “beautiful and perfect”. I would like to see you hugging him and loving him as you do your other kids.