Cara Delevingne: People don’t get my sarcastic, British sense of humor


As we covered yesterday, Cara Delevingne gave a bad interview to Good Day Sacramento. And yes, I still maintain that Cara was the one giving a “bad interview.” If this was a one-off and she had a history of exemplary, professional behavior, I might have cut her more slack. But Cara has a history (which I detailed in yesterday’s post). I’ll also admit that the Good Day Sacramento anchors were way too peppy and they were asking some dumb questions. And? They were doing their jobs – Cara was not.

In the comments yesterday, some argued that Americans just don’t “get” British humor. Yeah… that’s crap. But Cara tried that argument too:

Some people just don’t understand what it’s like to be a poor little rich girl who used daddy’s connections to become a model! Some people just don’t understand being rude, unprofessional and condescending is not the same as British humor. And for some reason, I feel like this tweet is very patronizing too – like she’s patting Americans on the head for being too stupid to understand her obviously superior sense of humor. I guess American audiences didn’t understand Cara’s superior acting talents either, because Paper Towns completely underwhelmed at the box office for its opening weekend. They hoped this film would resonate with teen girls and that Cara would be the new Jennifer Lawrence/Shailene Woodley. Not so much. Can’t say that upsets me.

Meanwhile, it seems that Kate Moss has also had a falling out with Cara! Cara has often been called Kate’s model heir, and the two women posed together for a Burberry campaign. But sources told one of the UK tabloids: “Kate has blacklisted Cara now. It’s very unfortunate and hopefully might be a temporary thing, but they’re definitely not friends at the moment.” Moss is apparently still pissed with Cara about Cara’s alleged (or not so much) fight with Naomi Campbell, plus Moss is mad that Cara has left their modeling agency.


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  1. Twinkle says:

    #TeamCara on this one for me.

    I don’t think she needs to justify a response – she came across fine in my view and I must say, she spoke beautifully!

    Those ‘hosts’ were downright annoying – especially the hyperactive guy who came in at the end … they should act like consummate professionals who show ALL their guests respect, no matter who they are or what mood they’re in.

    I imagine there was also a bit of a time delay between them asking the questions and Cara hearing them (it certainly seemed that way)? But they hardly gave her a chance to respond before lunging into their next round.

    • Kate says:

      There was a time delay, plus she wasn’t seeing video, just hearing the anchors voices. The anchors questions were rambly, they spoke over one another and they didn’t let her finish speaking before they started up again. It’s one thing to deal with 3 idiots talking at you when you can see them, it’s much harder to deal with when they’re essentially just voices in your head. Visual cues make a huge difference in an interview like this and she didn’t have any. You can see her confusion while trying to follow their overly long questions, and when they keep jumping in on each other’s questions.

      • Ann Carter says:

        Agreed. She’s a rich kid, but they’re “grown ups”..and allegedly professionals.
        They were unprepared whiny bullies.

      • LAK says:


      • ozmom says:

        I agree, Kate. It reminded me of the few times I’ve been home and someone called me from a family gathering and its all good until you hear “I’m going to put you on speaker” and is then it’s a cluster. People talking over each other, rambling on, you can’t see facial expressions or body language. Its annoying and difficult to respond.

    • Everyone says:

      Not going to lie, I was annoyed for Cara while watching the interview. They kept purposely asking her annoying questions after she said no it’s early, I’m fine. That’s SO awkward. She just got to where she didn’t know how to answer because they kept beating the dead horse. AND, how hard is the name Cara to say??? I thought she was fine. She said the premiere was the night before and it was emotional, and a long night. Those morning people were so annoying!!!!!

      • annaloo. says:

        Plus she is KNOWN for her “angry baby” face, which is basically a default bitchface. Combine that with her sense of humor (I thought she was fine in the interview too, time delay and all), she didn’t have a chance.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      Yeah, I do not know how she was not doing her job. She was clearly trying to answer the questions well, if her interview was not perfect I do not think it is nearly enough to say that say she was bratty or whatever Kaiser said yesturday. The reporters were really ones that were not doing their jobs which is to do their best for a good interview and not mocking the person who they are asking questions.

    • Original T.C. says:

      I’m team Kaiser on this but for clarification @Twinkle can you explain how Cara’s off-site TV interview was any different than all the off-site TV interviews done by other celebrities? When I used to watch the Today show interview celebrities, politicians, regular people, etc. with an off site feed it was always the same delay and talking over each other. Ditto with NPR radio interviews.

      Also can someone explain how the questions posed to Cara were any different than the questions posed to K-stew, Shaileen Woodsley, Jennifer Lawrence, Sparkles? I have watched other interviews based on teen book-to-film adaptions (don’t judge me LOL) and they ask literally the SAME question: did you read the book, how is your busy schedule, do you think the character is like you. It’s practically a scripted interview. You only have to ya know prepare ahead by reading the interview training your studio gives you or watch Sparkles’ twilight interviews LOL. He used British humour and sarcasm, difference is he was GOOD at it as well as charming while also using self depreciating humour.

      Maybe because this was her first acting gig and being the cool rebel she pissed on her media advise sheet that her studio gave her?

      P.S. She actually rolled her eyes and gave “I don’t give a crap” faces to the camera. Met many Brits, never seen them do that. Only teenaged girls do that and Cara is a 23 year old adult.

      • Le sigh. says:

        They called her CARLA at one point and rudely asked her if she read the book of the movie she stars in. Their attempts at humor were offenisve, not her.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. I’m not normally on #TeamCara, but I am on this one. I watched it and I think she couldn’t figure out what they were saying. There was a delay and they kept talking over each other.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:


    • original kay says:

      ditto too!

    • MooHoo says:

      I’m with you on this.

    • ElleV says:

      Journalist here, and I couldn’t agree more. The questions they asked were lazy, insulting and close-ended, yet they had the gall to ask why she wasn’t more enthusiastic? And where’s it written that an interview subject owes a reporter a certain kind of performance? Cara deflected with (albeit sarcastic) humor and still did the interview. It was the hosts that decided to derail rather than redirect this trainwreck.

    • Violet says:

      Agreed! I really don’t get the fuss around this. Maybe because I’m also British and to me she just seemed normal. So she was sarcastic, so what!? I’d take that any day over the stepford enthusiasm from those hosts!

  2. zan says:

    She’s far from being perfect, but these anchors were reaaaaally dumb and immature.
    Especially the woman and the dude on the left at the end of the interview.

  3. Kate says:

    I’m not sure how you can say the anchors were doing their jobs but Cara wasn’t. She answered every question they asked, they were the ones that cut the interview short. She could have been more high energy, they could have been significantly less rude and condescending. If Cara’s job was to sell the film and the anchors job was to get a good interview, they both failed, but the anchors unprofessionalism after the interview ended took it to a whole other level.

  4. Elyse says:

    I honestly cannot believe that people are standing up for her. Yes, the anchors were rude. Yes, the questions were dumb. But she is supposed to be a professional! Do you think when a coworker or client of mine says something impolite or if a corporate manager gets my name wrong ( which has happened), I’m allowed to be defensive and rude back? Nope. Good grief, she’s not doing this interview from the kindness of her heart, she’s getting paid millions to pretend she enjoyed the movie and enjoyed talking about it. Kill them with kindness!

    • GirlOnFire says:

      So if someones being rude/condescending within the workplace, we’re just supposed to sit back and take it? No, of course not, She did her job very well, especially given the amount of media attention this is getting. Good on her.

      • Elyse says:

        No, but there is a difference between taking it and being unprofessional. If I was involved in this film, I’d be annoyed that she seemed like she was over it. Being asked if she read the book wasn’t a horrible question. Boring, but not offensive.

      • Timbuktu says:

        Oh, come on, the way she phrased it, whether intentionally or not, WAS offensive. She said almost literally: “have you even read the book”? I think they later tried to spin it as “you’re so busy, do you have time to read”, but it totally came across almost as “do you even know how to read?”.

      • Beth No. 2 says:

        I thought the initial questions the presenters asked were frivolous and silly, but I didn’t get the vibe that they were deliberately being offensive. Actors and actresses who star in franchises get asked if they have read the books or comics; it is a pretty standard question. Her response was snarky; it became awkward and the interview went downhill. I don’t know if she’s expecting more in-depth questions about her acting and got pissed at the lack of quality, but this segment looks like one of those silly promo puff pieces and her manager or whoever should have prepped her and she could have just given some breezy answers and do her job promoting her movie. It’s not that hard.

    • Luca76 says:

      Can’t believe I’m defending her. But first off she had a sarcastic tone but she fully answered every question. She didn’t name call , she didn’t walk out of the interview. It was awkward sure but I don’t think her tone was as biting as a typical RDJ interaction (and everybody loves him right?) . The interviewers on the other hand, called her by the wrong name, asked insulting questions, then as she answered them cut her off and told her off.
      It was totally unprofessional on their part. Journalists are supposed to engage their subject, draw them out, and if they aren’t giving them enough juice it’s their job to cover for them. There was no reason for them to end he interview except for showboating.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      She was not being rude, she was trying to add some levity with jokes. I do not think she was making the comments directed at the reporters at all even if they seemed to take it personally and that it seems what you think as well. That is what she meant by her comments of people not understanding her sense of humor. I think it is interesting how people can see the sitsuation in such different ways, I thought it was obvious she was making jokes and that the reporters were rude and I was shocked some do not see that way.

    • MrsB says:

      Agree @Elyse. The anchors did behave badly as the interview went on, but they didn’t start off that way. You could tell by her facial expressions that she was pissed. She wasn’t trying to be funny. They asked her a very typical question “have you read the book?” she responded badly and it went downhill from there.

      I see a girl who has had her successes come easily for her and has no appreciation of the position she is in.

      • Timbuktu says:

        They asked “have you EVEN read the book?” Typical question, not very typical/polite phrasing. I’d get pissy, too, and I’m not a young model who’s probably stereotyped as dumb more often than not.

      • Original T.C. says:

        @Elyse and @MRSB

        Watch the interview on silent and just look at Cara’s uninterested and over it demeanor and body language. Yes interviewers were in the wrong for getting her name incorrect but when YOU are selling something, you politely correct and move on. That’s adult behavior and good manners that she hasn’t
        learned yet.
        Nor has she apparently learned to read through her “most frequently asked questions” media/interview training guide studios give to all actors. Your film is sinking quickly, “act” happy and sell it on the people watching the interview. You aren’t talking to just the hosts. Not sure she would have pulled this if it was a big show like ‘Good
        Morning America’ instead of ‘Good Day Sacramento’ so there is the snob factor.

      • bluhare says:

        I agree with you. I’m British, and I live in the US. I think I understand both types of humor, and I think Cara Delavigne had a chip going before the interview started.

    • Alex says:

      Exactly! Yeah, the questions were stupid but its part of the job. You don’t hear this kind of stuff happening with JLaw, E.Stone, Bullock, Jolie and others. Is it because they get better interviewers? no, they all go through tiring press junkets with people asking bad questions over and over again but they deal with it. Its part of the job. Cara hasn’t been proving to be professional. Her hystory was brought up. Age can’t be used as excuse as some of the name i mentioned are super young and gratiful handling hard situations. If she wants to be a movie start she has a lot to learn.

  5. MissMoody says:

    She’s just too overexposed imo. If she can act, more power to her but watching a movie of hers isn’t something I would be interested in. At least not based on name recognition alone. I’m just tired of her face, you know? It’s a beautiful face but we’ve been bombarded with it. Or I feel like I have anyway.

    • Meryl says:

      Agreed. And If any true actress had acted this way in a interview, I bet people’s reactions would be very different. Imagine if this was Kristen Stewart instead. I can’t imagine so many people excusing her. From the very start of the interview she thought she was above it. That’s obvious. And the anchors reacted to that. Yes, they could have handled it way better, but Cara had a chip on her shoulder. She isn’t the first or last celebrity that has had to sit in a room all day and answer the same, boring questions over and over.

      • Original T.C. says:

        True @Meryl, if it was Kristen Stewart she would have been roasted, her hair, makeup and zoned out eyes would have been criticized. *I* have roasted Kstew in the past for bad attitude and pointed out she is old enough to know better, so I’m applying the same rules to Cara. No hypocrisy on my side :)

    • meme says:

      I have a feeling she’s not a great actress, but in today’s world, you don’t have to be even a good actress to be successful.

  6. Dmm says:

    Her humor is not British — it’s immature and not very developed. Answering every question with the opposite of what you mean to say is not wit — it’s childish.

    • InvaderTak says:

      This. I get British humor pretty well thanks. It’s really not that hard to figure out. It’s different yes, but come on. Its not a Grecian play. I hate it when people use ‘oh you just don’t get it’ as a defense. It’s like the oh I’m sorry you were offended apology. Condescending.

    • Naddie says:

      Exactly. If you misuse sarcasm, you might just be taken as a fool.

    • Timbuktu says:

      Agreed on this one! I didn’t think she was funny at all.

    • Bamsimel says:

      I think her humour is pretty British. Whether you find it funny or not is just a matter of opinion I guess, but saying the opposite of what you mean is pretty much standard British sarcasm when we’re taking the piss. And I’m going to be all irritating and condescending now and say that Americans do sometimes not get British humour or just don’t find it funny. I found it very noticeable when I lived in the US. I think a particular inflection is quite important in the American use of sarcasm (like Chandler Bing) whereas in Britain it’s more often deadpan which can sometimes get lost in translation across the pond. Humour is not universal- every country has a different tone and finds different things funny. I didn’t see any problems with her behaviour at all but I’m British and it just looks like normal responses to rude questions to me.

  7. Tristan says:

    There is a big gap between the British & American sense of humour, and you can see this perfectly well in comedies on TV. This is not to say us Brits do not get American humour & vice versa. However, there is also a major difference between the way Europeans & Americans view people in the publuc eye. Europeans & especially us Brits, tend to prefer celebrities to have a big personality, even if that personality can be OTT & bratty. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell & Cara Delevigne are perfect examples. We like quirky, eccentric people. On the other hand, Americans seem to like their celebs well behaved & rather bland, with Karli Kloss, as the perfect example. It is hardly surprising that this unfortunate interview went in the direction it did.

    • Franca says:

      There is a difference between having a big personality and being an asshole. This Europeam doesn’t like assholes.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      @ Tristan: this European agrees. :)

      • Serenity says:

        This Asian doesn’t like assholes either and that’s what I think Cara was being a bit of through out the interview.

  8. Talie says:

    I do think she has talent. I mean, if it was just connections, her sister Poppy should be way higher up the food chain by now.

    This was a slip, but the not the worst thing.

  9. Franca says:

    Sarcasm is not exclusively British. Nor are the British and american humour the only ones out there.

    • GirlOnFire says:

      Eastern European humour is my absolute favourite. So dark, so slight, so misunderstood by anyone who isnt quite sharp enough. Its fantastic.

    • Yes, thank you. I hate it when people try to point to “British humour” after the fact….after they’ve bombed. There is nobody on the planet at this point worth their salt in pop culture who isn’t familiar with REAL British humour. had it been that, we would have laughed and moved on. This was some bad interviewing and even worse responding. Playing the British humour card here is the equivalent of a teenager screaming “you don’t understand me” before she stomps off to her room

  10. Bishg says:

    I am not a fan of Cara generally speaking but I am 100% on her side on this one.
    She was treated rudely and dismissively right from the beginning.
    They introduced her with a wrong name (and didn’t even bother correcting themselves) and the “interview” was full of laziness-allegations and an overall passive-aggressive attitude.
    I am European as well,I love dry-deadpan humour and found her answers refreshingly sincere. I totally got that she was being sarcastic.
    That said, I also understand this kind of sense humour is not for everyone (several times I had conversations with Asian friends which ended up with them staring at me as a deer in headlights, waiting for an explanation or reassurance that I wasn’t openly insulting them), but still. The journalists are older, much more experienced and in a position of power; they had no business being downright insufferable and ill-mannered.

  11. KJB says:

    Yeah, I’m with Cara on this one. Those anchors were completely rude and out of line. And she’s right; most Brits do have a unique and sarcastic sense of humor, which, as an American, I personally love. Their comedy blows Americans’ away, imo. Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, the Vicar of Dibley, AbFab, oh I could go on!! So, yeah, Cara was tired and grumpy but the anchors were the unprofessional ones hands down.

  12. Shambles says:

    I’m sorry, but no. The anchors were the ones not doing their jobs, because they couldn’t even get her name right. They started off the first 30 seconds of the interview in an extremely unprofessional manner, and then had already insulted her intelligence by the 1 minute mark. They acted like buffoons, and Cara responded sarcastically. Yes, she was condescending to them. But that’s because they were acting like idiots. Like it or not, she wasn’t taking any sh!t. All personal feelings about Cara, her level of talent, and the nepotism involved in her success aside, anyone would have been justified in being a bit pissy with those unprofessional a$$holes.

    And again I’m sorry, and I mean absolutely no disrespect, but I think it’s slightly uncool to say that the opinions of quite a few commenters are “crap.” We were simply having a discussion, and most discussions have a lot of sides.

  13. als says:

    There are some people whose behaviors will always be justified by the public, no matter how rude or brattish they are. IMO Cara is one of those people.
    Her behavior in the Vogue interview was pretty much ignored and this stunt she pulled now is on its way of being justified with texts like ‘the anchors were horrible’ or ‘you don’t get the British sense of humor’.
    There are unprofessionals everywhere, Liam Hemsworth was called Chris just recently, ‘bad’ people are everywhere, everyday. Still, the difference between professionals and amateurs is how you handle those rude and ignorant anchors.
    It’s easy to be polite and nice when you connect strictly with people that worship you.

    • Timbuktu says:

      I disagree with you. I can’t stand Cara normally, I don’t like her looks, I downright hate how she looks on the red carpets (pouty and annoyed), I wasn’t impressed by a couple of her “good” interviews that people told me to watch to understand how amazing she was.
      But in this interview, she came across composed and calm, and looked good next to the shrieking anchors oozing fake enthusiasm. They messed up her name, phrased all questions in the worst way possible, and then accused her of having less energy sitting in a studio looking at camera than at a premiere, where she was surrounded by cast, fans, etc. It was annoying, she’s not a robot, she is supposed to be promoting a movie, I get it, but does it necessarily mean laughing maniacally and jumping on the couch? She showed up, she looked good (I didn’t get hung over or tired at all), she tried to give real answers (now, starting every answer with opposite was NOT funny or a sign of British brilliance, that was annoying, but after that, she’d give a good answer, I thought), and she actually came across as very normal and low-key.
      In brief: NOT a Cara fan by a looong stretch, but I blame the anchors on this one.

  14. Yeah, I’m with Kaiser on this one. That’s a bad interview. Sure, the hosts were annoying, but it’s Good Morning America…that’s kind of their jam, that whole overly-perky-before 10am thing.

    She comes off as a sullen teen who cannot wait until she can go back and be with her REAL friends.

    As for this while British humour thing, as an American expat in the UK, I find that to be one of the most tiresome lines ever. As if British humour is a secret code, that can only be cracked by those who brought us the Enigma story. Please. That excuse usually gets trotted out when someone is acting unprofessionally, or just isn’t all that funny to begin with. Trust me, we get it.

    • HBG91 says:

      To describe the anchors extremely rude and unprofessional and demeaning behaviour towards their guest as “annoying” is a bit of an understatement in my opinion.
      And no, Im not a fan of Cara!

  15. Kiddo says:

    I would like to comment on this story, but as an ‘Murican, I have a case of the dumbZ


  16. Tippipippi says:

    The hosts were extremely rude and yes, many Americans don’t understand subtle humour. Americans do sarcasm with a huge announcement that they’re being sarcastic, there is a difference in how people communicate from country to country. The US was built as a nation of immigrants so for all these different languages and cultures to understand each other people are very blunt and literal. American straightforwardness is considered very rude in many countries just as other peoples differences can be misinterpreted in the States. People need to realise minor cultural differences as such and not be offended by them.

    • Rose says:

      Oh, for pete’s sake, enough with the Americans don’t get humor. Being condescending to support your point doesn’t make a good argument. In any case,Cara wasn’t displaying sarcasm, she was being a snarky b!tch. There’s a big difference.

      • Rosie says:

        Rose: This! Thank you. She agrees to appear on a US breakfast show. Okay, so play ball. You want to promote your movie. They need fresh content. So chit-chat and smile for a two-minute-long slot. Everyone wins. Get over yourself.

    • Timbuktu says:

      “No, I didn’t read the book” – eye roll – “of course I read the book, it’s a great book”

      is NOT subtle, or particularly funny.

      Sometimes when no one gets your joke, it’s really not them, it’s you.

      • Crystal says:

        Totally agreed @Timbuktu!!! They were giving her extremely easy questions that she could have answered intelligently and knocked out of the park. Particularly the reading the book question- very normal question for a film adapted from a book. She could have answered with “absolutely, this is how I was introduced to the book, this is what I thought of the book vs film”… Etc etc. Even if she felt that the anchors directed the questions to her in a condescending manner, she would have shined by being professional and ignoring it. Then people would be discussing what a pro she is after dealing with those horrible, mean and unprofessional news anchors. I doubt she’ll break out in the acting world. I didn’t know much about Cara prior to this and was totally neutral about her but the way she handled that interview speaks volumes to me.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Americans understand subtly. Americans understand british humor when it’s funny. She wasn’t being subtle or witty.

    • MrsB says:

      @tippi I believe everything you said is hogwash. But, let’s just say that you’re right and she was employing “British humor.” The problem is still her’s because she is in the U.S. doing a U.S. interview and trying to sell her movie to a U.S. audience. She needs to be the one adapting to our culture when she’s over here. Not everybody need to adapt to her and her sense of humor.

  17. Lindy79 says:

    OK the Irish have a very bantery, mocking sarcastic sense of humour too but nope.
    She did start off on the snarky defensive side, before the anchors started on her.

    On these junkets you’re going to be asked the same inane, boring questions over and over and you’re going to have to do puff shows like this where they ask you ridiculous pop culture questions but that’s part of the job and while I’m sure she thought it was funny to respond to the first question (there was no talking over each other at that stage, it was a straight forward if uninteresting question) about if she had read the book with “no I hadn’t or the script, I just winged it” but it wasn’t, and her delivery was straight up rude. If she had followed up with a better attitude and shown she was kidding then fine but she didn’t. She’s not showing any sense of humour here from the get go

    Doesnt excuse them in any way and yes they were very unprofessional to start on her like that, and yes she’s answering questions via audio link but so do lots of other actors

  18. Snazzy says:

    People don’t get why you’re famous either, as have no talent
    Oh ya, nepotism

  19. Claire says:

    The problem IMO was the delay. The anchors were horrible. She was nice. They didn’t even let her say goodbye.

  20. Coco says:

    I’m not going to defend her mostly bc I don’t give a shit, but I’m tired of reading this sentence “poor little rich girl”. She has money, so what.

  21. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    Or maybe you’re not as funny as you think you are?

  22. boredblond says:

    I wouldn’t know who she was except for sites like this–she should wait till she’s a real deal before feigning disdain.

  23. Naddie says:

    I’d be 100% on her side but, as it’s been stated, she has a history. The anchors were terrible, I personally hate perky, cheerful people making fun of my serious mood. However, this is a smug, privileged party girl who’s getting roles while she’s not even an actress. And her answer about relating to her character was pretty dumb.

    • Ella says:

      I don’t know the book but to my understanding the character she plays is not very likable. To me, it sounds more like the news guys didn’t read the book and didn’t know about this fact.

  24. Kate says:

    Interviewing 101: Know your subject’s NAME. If you can’t even get that right, you’re not being a professional.

  25. dani says:

    Out of all the models who come from wealth, which has helped launch a career (Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, etc.) She is the only one I kind of like. And the only one with ‘talent’. Then again, I also have a very sarcastic sense of humor. I don’t know how that is British humor, though. Either way, she is kind of awesome for being herself instead of some fake, cheery dolt.

    • Ella says:

      Exactly. If people from a TV show nobody cares about would say my name wrong although it is as easy as Cara, I’d lose any interest in taking more BS from them too. Cara is still young and has acted unprofessional in the past. But recent stories about her sound like she is funny, liked by her coworkers and actually has a personality, unlike some of the models you’ve named.

  26. NGBoston says:

    Anchors were condescending and rude. Agree– some do not appreciate her sense of humor.

    While she can come off as bratty and spoiled- this time she handled things pretty well and for her age,,,, give her a slide on this one.

  27. Trillion says:

    Sarcasm? Never heard of it. I’m American.

  28. Sandy says:

    Her responses were not just “sarcasm,” they were sarcastic and pointed put-downs aimed at the anchors. And from the first question, so it’s hard to justify it as a response to their interview. She just revealed what she is really like, and how she feels about commoners.

  29. Dani8 says:

    She wears her attitude like armor and it isn’t a good look. I don’t care what the interviewer did. People are still responsible for their own reactions or actions. And please she was totally pissed off in that interview and you can see it in her eyes. She strikes me as the type of person that would have everyone walking on eggshells around her. She isn’t as evolved as she thinks she is.

  30. Michelle says:

    The anchors/interviews were absolutely ridiculous, but the scowl on Cara’s face before the interview even took off is what really sold me on the fact that she has a sh*tty attitude. She looked like she didn’t want to be there. Whether she wants to believe she is above promoting a movie or not, that is what actors do. They have to deal with all sorts of bullsh*t and stupid questions and people prying into their personal lives whenever they promote their films and they suck it up and take it because it’s part of the job.

    As far as them getting her name wrong, she could’ve easily just corrected them. What is the big deal, seriously? That is life and that is being an adult. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person. Cara just seems really immature.

  31. anne_000 says:

    She acted like she didn’t want to be there in the first place. That she was just going through the motions. That’s not sarcasm. It’s just kind of demeaning to the interviewers.

    I think the TV crew shouldn’t have been so pissed, but I can understand why they felt insulted.

  32. tw says:

    Again, not doing her job. Be a professional and apologize, make it better, make it about the film. Don’t make excuses.

  33. boredbrit says:

    Anyone saying that was ‘British humour’ obviously isn’t British. That interview performance wasn’t British humour, it was just being downright rude and standoffish behaviour. Massive difference.
    I love how us Brits can be rude as hell and then palm it off as ‘British humour’ haha. And people believe it. Wow.

  34. kimbers says:

    Hahaha that was the best interview ever!

    Actress- obviously doing a lot of interviews that morning and showed how she’s immature and not ready for the job. Snarky isnt fun and people are kinda over snarky people being snarky just because.

    Tv ppl- franky they were idiots but I’m glad they called her out on her craptude bc her face was hilarious!

  35. Shabs says:

    I’m sorry but it’s unfair to use the “poor little, rich kid” argument against her forever, it’s not her fault that’s the life she was born into. Do we really expect her to lay down and never get annoyed, be eternally grateful etc just because she was born rich. As far as I can tell she has been complimentary about all her work and hasnt bad mouthed anything, so it’s not like shes ungrateful at all.

    Many of the well known British actors went to public boarding schools and they dont get half as much criticism for their backgrounds.

    I’m sure that there are plenty of actors who dont fit the “British posh” stereotype, but have benefited from the freedoms thay their families’ wealth has afforded them and nothing is ever mentioned.

    I’m indifferent to Cara but it seems that the argument is trotted out in every single article on her.

    • Crystal says:

      I think her position in life and how she earned her career are actually very relevant in this particular instance. I wouldn’t say “poor little rich girl” as such, but someone who legitimately worked their way up in Hollywood to a lead role in a well known adaptation of a book would NEVER act this way because they would not take ANY press opportunity for granted. It is EXTREMELY difficult to make it as an actress in Hollywood- the competition is fierce for every level- people spend YEARS to try to land one line on a tv show. Her attitude is clearly “easy come easy go.” Anyone who had ever actually tried to get work in Hollywood by pounding the pavement would not throw away an opportunity like that. Good Day Sacramento is not some Podunk show with 100 viewers. Yes, it is regional, but it still has a wide viewership. The anchors were unprofessional to her at the end but I feel a lot of their attitude was in response to her, still not justified at all but she set the tone. I certainly don’t begrudge the fact that she was born into a family who can give her a boost in life- it’s more so what she has done with it. She seems assured that she will not be without opportunities and that she doesn’t really have to do the menial work associated with being an actress like getting up early and answering the same fluff questions over and over again. The fact of the matter is that someone has put a lot of money into her career for her to snub such opportunities. Someone is paying a hefty sum to a publicist to Try to get her face time to make her name a household name. If I were her parent (who most likely funded her career) I’d tell her to wake the hell up! She is incredibly immature. Reading this site is a guilty pleasure and I comment occasionally; I don’t think I’ve ever really had a dislike for one of the celebrities covered here- I’m pretty neutral… I now have a strong dislike for her based on her interview and what she tweeted.

      • Serenity says:

        @Crystal: This x 1000!

        I am not a fan of her after watching that terrible interview. Being rude and then trying to pass it off as ‘British humour’. Spare me rich kid.

  36. so says:

    sorry, Kaiser. Team cara and I dont even like her. Those interviewers were rude.

  37. Finn says:

    When RDJ walked out on a creepy interviewer a few months ago, everyone was siding with him… when Cara Delevigne is irritated by some stupid questions but still somehow finishes it, she’s called bratty?
    I don’t care for her and won’t watch the movie, but I think she did ok here.

    • Crystal says:

      It appeared that she did walk off or did something inappropriate since they went to bars… She didn’t finish the interview.

  38. Linds says:

    I read this article and then saw the video, and I think I saw a totally different video from the writer of this article because the anchors were the ones who were rude, unprofessional, and condescending. They couldn’t even get her name right – isn’t it part of their job to AT LEAST know who they’re interviewing? They were giving attitude, and Cara gave it back. I’m not even a Cara fan but I just don’t see how the blame could be on her in this situation. It seems like the writer is just anti-Cara and will take any opportunity to talk badly of her, such as making sarcastic and uncalled for comments on her acting ability & saying he/she is happy that her movie did badly. Why such a hater? Cara seems like a harmless little thing, who cares.

  39. Bamsimel says:

    I hate to say it, but British humour often is a little bit rude and condescending. Maybe that’s not for everyone, but I like it. However, in this case I don’t think Cara was being either. It’s the hosts who were rude and condescending.

  40. TotallyBiased says:

    “rude, unprofessional and condescending” –yep, those interviewers were all of that AND annoying to me as an audience member.

    And thumbs up to the folks pointing out the pass that guys like RDJ get, after so many seriously snarky interviews and walking out of one. Not saying he was wrong to do so, just that (as has been pointed out) she finished hers–or tried to–in the face of what were clearly deliberate attempts to mess her up.
    Did someone advise them that if they screwed with her enough, they’d get a temper tantrum and some pr gold for their show?

  41. Otaku Fairy says:

    I saw the video this morning and was expecting her to be really rude in it. To me she just came off as a little sleepy, confused at some parts, (people are probably right about the delay). and sarcastic in other parts. She probably could have drummed up more enthusiasm, but I didn’t see it as particularly rude or intentionally dismissive.

  42. Eru says:

    She WAS rude and unprofessional. She tried to be sarcastic when they asked if she read book. And she was like: “No I didn’t. Of course I was. Duh you stupid journos”. And thats what triggered tv people and they started laughing at her.

    What happened is that it was morning interview. She probably was out late. And had to wake up in the morning. And was in a bad mood. And thought they asked her stupid questions. And was sarcastic in a way: “You asking me stupid questions”. And it backfired. Because those tv people were meaner then she used to and just laughed at her.

    Thing is – you won’t see that kind of behavior from Cruise, Pitt, Tatum, Jackman, Hoult, Woodley, Lawrence, Jolie and other., You would see that from Lohan.

  43. Rae says:

    #teamcara here. Yeah the interview wasn’t great but what the anchors did after the interview was finished was bullying.