Angelina upset to find Brad drunk, passed out cold

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Yesterday, we reported on The Daily Mail’s story that Angelina Jolie is thin, tired and insular on the set of Salt, and that she and Brad are having problems. The Mail is at it again today, this time drawing a story that originated in Grazia, a magazine that literally makes stuff up out of thin air.

According to The Mail (who is using Grazia’s story), Angelina and Brad had a huge fight over Brad’s drinking. Allegedly, Angelina came home from work one night and found Brad “relaxing with beer and DVDs in their bedroom while their six children caused chaos downstairs.” Holed up with Heineken and porn, probably. That’s my guess.

The whole Brad-is-an-alcoholic angle is a sad, tabloid remnant from the incident in Germany a few months ago, where Brad was walking around the red carpet with a beer in hand. Many claimed that “when in Germany, drink as the Germans.” But the tabloids had some great stories.

Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt had hit a rocky patch after the couple had an explosive row, it was reported today.

The exhausted actress returned home from a long day filming her new movie Salt to find Brad relaxing with beer and DVDs in their bedroom while their six children caused chaos downstairs.

Brad’s behaviour triggered the second big argument between the couple over the last few weeks, with friends worrying for the couple’s future. Sources close to the couple say they had their biggest row yet when Angelina found Brad sleeping while nannies struggled to care for their large brood.

A friend close to the actress told Grazia magazine: ‘Angelina was completely and utterly exhausted, so when she came home after a hard day’s work and found Brad had apparently done nothing all day except watch DVDs, she was livid.

‘She went upstairs and shook Brad awake. He was like a bear with a sore head and kept telling her to leave him alone.’

Insiders on her new film Salt said the actress has been withdrawn on set and has been spotted deep in conversation with her brother James Haven in between takes.

The parents-of-six haven’t been photographed together since they completed their awards circuit with the Oscars in late February. Over the last few weeks, Angelina has been putting in gruelling hours on the set of spy thriller Salt, while Brad has been looking after their children.

Her long hours meant she often spends the night at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan, instead of making the 50 mile drive back to their £40million mansion on Long Island’s Gold Coast.

A friend tell Grazia: ‘Angelina’s put up a wall between them and shut down emotionally.’

Angelina complained last year the couple barely had any time to spend together because of parenting their six children. She said: ‘Mummy and daddy need to try to figure out more time; we’re working on it. Right now, we’re not great about mummy-and-daddy time.’

From The Daily Mail

Oh my God, they haven’t been photographed together for a month! What will we do? Scandal! I actually have a theory about this kind of coverage, and I’ll be happy to share it. I’ve noticed that the “Brangelina is breaking up” stories always seem to come hot and heavy when Angelina is working and Brad’s looking after the kids, but not when Brad’s working and Angelina’s looking after the kids. I tend to think there’s an anti-feminist angle to it, that the prudish tabloids are “punishing” a woman who is a working mother. But, hey, that’s just my theory.

Photos are of Brad and Angelina at the Oscars on 2/22/09. Credit:

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  1. BOGART4017 says:

    my theory?? Bull! 1 or 2 pictures of Brad with a beer hanging out of his pocket and suddenly he is a functional alcoholic?? Please. You don’t just wait until you have six kids and a w”don’t-wanna-be” wife and start sucking suds like they ain’t making no more tommorow.
    if hes sipping like that now–he been doing it.

  2. luckystar says:

    Snooze. I actually have no sympathy for or interest in this famous, uber-rich duo. Sorry, they are both boring!

  3. Sakota says:

    Perhaps it’s not that.

    Angelina keeps adopting these kids and for some reason thinks that Brad should jsut keep going and going and going and not burn out or take any time off for himself.

    She might be tired too, but she’s the one keeping up the frenetic pace they’ve been living for the past couple over exposed years and frankly it looks like he can’t take anymore.

    I highly doubt that Angelina is an all the time hands on mother and I do not think the nannies are there to be a support system but more likely than not do the majority of the parenting.

    Brad works too and I fial to see why he should spend all his time looking after hte brood she seems intent on adding to year after year after year.

  4. Codzilla says:

    Anti-feminist? How about pro-capitalist. As in, stories about these two dullards get you and a zillion others whipped into a lather, which translates into more magazine sales.

  5. HEB says:

    I guess someone figured out that no one cares about Jennifer Garner’s ripped underwear so they went back to old faithful-making up fake shiz about Brangelina.

  6. Kevin says:

    LOL Codzilla,,,haven’t heard the word dullard in quite awhile. Thanks for the chuckle. I guarantee Brad (the nadless) misses his carefree days with Jenn,,,coming home from work,,,firing up a huge doob,,,chillin,,then enjoying her perfect body. As Edith and Archie used to sing “those were the daaayyysss…”.

  7. Embee says:

    Interesting observation, Kaiser. Some sociologist should do a study of exactly this topic to see the extent of paternalistic bias in the news/gossip area. I always assumed that gossip would be progressive but maybe not…

  8. Lem says:

    like a bear with a sore head
    who hasn’t fallen asleep while the kids make a mess. guilty

  9. heima says:

    merda! in the second picture she looks like an alien, scary.

    “The exhausted actress returned home from a long day filming her new movie Salt to find Brad relaxing with beer and DVDs in their bedroom while their six children caused chaos downstairs.”
    looks like an episode of the simpsons.
    and I suspect that brad is as smart as homer…

  10. DD says:

    I’m sure she don’t mind if he gets drunk now and then, she just keeping him around for the next adoption and bio birth babies.

  11. jacqueline says:

    nice ‘friend’, I’m sure

  12. cee says:

    This obsession with Angie has been extremely biased for a long time. Angelina seems to try and just live her life but the tabloids and the Xhens seem to continue to spread their lies. Angie gets criticized more for anything that she does. Julia Roberts husband was married, Jennifer Lopez’s husband was married with kids, but yet no long lasting fued. Brad’s X is a hanger on and the media just loves it.

  13. kap says:

    Well if they’re going to make her a heroin addict it’s only fair that he be an alcoholic, no? Equal rights for women! Think you’re right (although I have no time to research it)about the break up stories when she’s working. Kind of glad JA’s in town with her romcom, there was to much exposure at to early a date for Salt and thought it would ruin the suspense of the film. Now we get to see the paps harass the EX every day instead.

  14. Zoe (the other one) says:

    Snoresville – why are these two boring eejits still invading my personal space!

  15. Payton says:

    Brad is 44 years old with 6 kids! Most men can’t handle 1 child for more than an hour. Maybe sweet Brad needed to chill out, and hide in his cave. Thank God they have nannies, cause Brad needs his grumpy bear nap to rest up for when Angie gets home to hump him to death!

  16. Orangejulius says:

    Why wouldn’t the nannies be able to cope with the kids? If I couldn’t get some time to myself I’d go nuts with that many of them. I’m not suggesting they be raised by the nannies, but what’s the point of having them around if you can’t have some downtime? Assuming there’s a grain of truth in this story.

  17. Ash says:

    OF course he is passed out AND the kids are creating chaos downstairs.. OH NO!!!! OMGZZZZZZ.


  18. s says:

    welcome to the real world!

  19. Mildred says:

    Message to Bogart4017

    You need to shutup BUD if u dont know how to speak..

  20. Eileen Yover says:

    Why do I click on these stories every time?? Then comment that I don’t care-then feel stupid for commenting that I don’t care…. I’m in a self-hating cycle from Brangelina…oh, and Octocrazy. lol These two subjects push my buttons for some reason.

  21. okay... says:

    If the story originated in a publication that “literally makes stuff up out of thin air”, then why give it any credence by passing it along?

  22. leah says:

    He is also about 10 years older than she is. Sorry, but the older you are the harder it is to keep up with a child (not to mention 6). Then again… who gives a shit….

  23. BOGART4017 says:

    To Mildred:

    This is a respectable website—leave all that undesirable language to Thank you

  24. Mairead says:

    Aww poor put-upon Brad 🙄
    She wouldn’t be the first at-work parent to come home tired and be annoyed by the other parent drinking and the kids going beserk. Serves her right for abandoning her kids and emasculating her man (I am being sarcastic).

    I think you could have a point about the bias of some of these tabs – the two aren’t seen together for a few weeks + one of them working on a film = “ZOMG” dramatic split. (I say on a film as these two don’t seem to regard the press rounds for the films as work, which I certainly would)

    Now this has nothing to do with his ex-wife so I’ve a question for Kevin- why wouldn’t he miss his even more carefree days as a singleton? Or with any of his other exes? Or is that all that she’s good for – lounging around, smoking a spliff with and a bit of “how’s your father”? God love her; I don’t like her, but even I think there must be more to her than that. 😉

  25. Maritza says:

    Sounds like the honeymoon’s over.

  26. someone says:

    The story about Brad drinking alot has been around for quite a while..Personally I couldn’t care less about these two…

  27. Kerry says:

    cee: You are a dumbass if you believe that Brad and Angie don’t court this attention! Mainstream media think that the sun shines out of her asshole so DO NOT complain about how she is treated. She does not just “live her life.” She creates drama so that people will talk about her and feed her almost Kanye-sized ego. You silly little people who cannot see through her. Jennifer Anniston sucks too but you Brangaloonies are f*cking nuts! Not everything should be used as an excuse to bash her….get a life

  28. Kevin says:

    Mairead,,,the reason I wouldn’t refer to his single days is because he really didn’t have any. He went straight from Juliette to Goopy to Jawbone to the Angel of darkness. He’s one of those friends us guys have that always has to have a woman..many women this way also.

  29. praline pecan says:

    The man has aged 15 years in the last 5, so I wouldn’t doubt he drinks. I’d drink too if I’d knocked up a woman while I was still married to another, and after calving she proceeds to adopt a litter of children to cement the unholy relationship for good. He hasn’t had a moment to himself in more than 12 years now!

    I have no sympathy for the man, he made his bed, he’s her dumb little pawn and she’ll dispose of him when she tires of him. That’s what you get for breeding with a narcissist.

  30. czarina says:

    If I had the interest or the energy (which I have neither), I would be curious to go back and put together the string of mis-informed, out right BS headlines from all these various tabloids over the past few years.
    There are the ‘Brad and Angie getting married’ ones that were very popular the first year they were together.
    The ‘Brad longing for Jen’ ones that were also popular until a few years ago.
    But ‘Brad and Angie breaking up’ is always good during a lull (when they aren’t promoting a movie or having a baby).
    The ironly is that these headlines attract readers, sell magazines, have people on this blog getting all hot and bothered, and yet Brad and Angie probably don’t give any of it a moment’s thought.

  31. czarina says:

    I meant to write “irony” LOL!!!

  32. Valensi says:

    This sounds like absolute rubbish to me. Even if Brad is a beer junkie, it seems highly unlikely that he would get inebriated with six kids running around. I don’t think he’s that inept. In fact, that’s just pulling an Octomom – we have to give him more credit than that.
    And if two of your friends were having marriage troubles and were stuck in a rut, I don’t think selling them out to the tabloids would do anything remotely positive.
    Some friends they are.

  33. Mairead says:

    @ Kevin… so, basically you’re saying that Brad is the male version of Kate Hudson? 😆

  34. debra says:

    Slow news day. The other celebs are boring so of course there must be a Brad/Angie story to get hits on a site. This story like the hundreds that have come before are not true. But it still amazes me at the number of people who still believer every story printed about them. I would love someone to name what stories turned out to be true.. This is another example of using them to get hits and sale mags. They are not in sight so that is when the crazy lies happen. And for people to blame them because someone puts them in the media is beyond me. They have not been seen for over a week. So now what?

  35. Kevin says:

    Yeah you got that right Mairead….you had me from spliff.

  36. CeeJay says:

    Sure. Are you kidding me? Angie probably crawled into bed with Brad and told the nannies they needed time to be alone. Nannies are hired for a reason.

  37. Ned says:

    “stories always seem to come… but not when Brad’s working and Angelina’s looking after the kids.”

    I would have agreed to your anti-feminist angle to it, however, When Brad was working, Angie left him and went to the Middle East and Asia for some photo ops for “humanitarian causes” and then flew to LA to attend some award shows and did more press work in different locations.

    It seems it’s always somebody elses job to raise and take care of the children, but it certainly not Angie’s.

  38. Ned says:

    I don’t know what’s the point of adopting so many children if you are going to work 14 hours a day.

    If the idea is to help financially to children from Africa and Asia, Angelina could have simply supported several orphanages and children who grow up in poor communities, so their own family can raise them.

    Of course- that would mean she would be helping more children and will not take aways children from their country, culture and families- but less photo ops and no money from magazine covers.

  39. Kylie says:

    Compelete crap!
    As if anyone knows what goes on in their house! They must be pissing themselves reading crap like this. I would be!

  40. Ursula says:

    I guess we will soon be seeing them together with the children for PR and damage control. A person who walks around with booze in their pocket is most likely an alcaholic. I would not be shocked if Brad was one. He is on a leash, has 6 kids, does not have any friends any more and does not do things normal men do. Notice that even when he went to Vegas, he did with kids. Poor loser.

  41. JackieSA says:

    I see there is another Jacqueline, I am now JackieSA, yes I know nobody cares etc etc!

  42. Ryo says:

    She works those hours for only like 3 months and then, barring like single days where she has to promote, she’s got the rest of the entire year off. I’m sure tons of moms would kill for those hours, Ned.

  43. geronimo says:

    “He went straight from Juliette to Goopy to Jawbone to the Angel of darkness.”

    😆 Nice, Kevin.

  44. crab says:

    “A friend close to the actress told Grazia magazine” – I say BS too because she has no friends!!

  45. Ana says:

    Angie you need to call Nanny S.O.S. to reorganize your house and get a pleasent life with your partner. Believe me.

  46. Kevin says:

    Thanks G…I like your posts very much as well.

  47. tish says:

    Well first of all brad went from a marriage with no children to a marriage with 6 hell I’m tired just thinking about that. I think some no needs to tell angelia NO MORE KIDS! I’m sure before Brad came along she was not a hands on mother all the time. I really dont think they will last being that she stole him from his first wife ( WHat goes around comes around

  48. Hel says:

    Good theory, as the Daily Mail are very pro so called “traditional” roles.

    I have to agree with other posters – why are you passing this goss on if you know the source (Grazia)is full of lies??

  49. Pufft says:

    Wow, people need to stop getting their panties in a knot over sh!t printed in gossip rags. I’m sure many of you would love for this story to be true, because every sad story (however untrue) about Brangelina is a little consolation for Jen fans. They really want to leech onto the believe that by divorcing Jen, Brad made the biggest mistake of his life and that Jen is the victorious one in this triangle – although it is Jen who has been involved in a string of broken relationships after her marriage ended.

    Or perhaps thinking of Jen as an insecure grown woman who is in complete denial about her feelings for Brad makes me feel better. Delusions, delicious… anything to make some sleep better at night.

  50. s says:

    Right on, praline pecan!

  51. mimi85 says:

    Brad’s women have been extremely high maintenance. Yes, including Jen. What he REALLY needs is a Jennifer Garner type. Angie is getting scarier by the day. I’d be drinking like a fish also. Especially with her turning to her bro more lately – creepy.

  52. Роберт says:

    Читал про это уже на каком то другом сайте, но у вас гораздо интересней написано 😉