Whoopi Goldberg & Raven-Symone defended Kelly Osbourne’s racist comments


As we covered yesterday, Kelly Osbourne had something of a racist implosion when she was guest-hosting on The View on Monday. The context was a conversation about Donald Trump and how he’s a terrible racist who says and believes that all (or most) Mexicans are rapists and murderers. Within the conversation, Kelly said: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” Kelly apologized hours later in a sort of “I know I’m not racist” half-assed way. It was a mess on many levels. Well, on Tuesday’s episode of The View, Kelly wasn’t around but she was still a topic of conversation. And honestly, how is it that Nicole Wallace – a longtime Republican operative – is the one making sense here?

Two more celebrities have rallied around Kelly Osbourne after she apologized for making a disparaging remark about the Latino community. The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Symoné both defended Osbourne’s gaffe – “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” – from the previous show Wednesday.

“The point she was actually trying to make was that Donald Trump’s stance on immigration will only end up hurting the people that Donald Trump is counting on,” said Goldberg, 59. “And one of the things that happens on live television is you try to get your point in and you try to hit it, and you sometimes stepped in dog doo. It does not make you a racist. … Sometimes your head works faster than your mouth, it happens. If you’ve ever met a racist, it’s pretty clear,” she added with a chuckle. “They’re pretty clear.”

Symoné, 29, called Osbourne, 30, her best friend, adding, “I don’t think she’d be a racist if she was friends with me.”

“Well, hello. I’m darker than you,” Goldberg joked.

But Nicolle Wallace, who wasn’t present during Tuesday’s panel, questioned whether her co-stars would be so understanding if they didn’t have personal relationships with Osbourne.

“What struck me was that you guys know her heart, and it was so instant that you were able to forgive her, and it made me wonder if we gave that kind of benefit of the doubt to people that we are ideologically opposed to, what game-changer that would be,” said Wallace, 43. “If Ted Cruz said that or Mike Huckabee said that, I can picture all of you looking into the camera saying ‘I’m going to do something to my toilet, you can clean it.’ ”

[From People]

Yeah, Wallace is absolutely right. If someone other than Kelly Osbourne had said it, Whoopi, Rosie Perez and Raven-Symone would be losing their sh-t. And you know why? Because it was racist. It reeked of white privilege. It’s not okay when Kelly says it and it’s not okay when someone else says it. And I don’t get the “she can’t be racist because she’s friends with black people” argument because RACISTS ALWAYS MAKE THAT ARGUMENT. And damn, Whoopi, the reason why Kelly was slammed by nearly everyone was because “it’s pretty clear” that what she said was racist.

Now, all that being said, if Kelly had come out and explained what she was really trying to say – which I believe was something along the lines of “Donald Trump exploits undocumented workers in every possible way” – and sincerely apologized for what she said without making some sort of “trust me, I’m not racist, I checked!” explanation, maybe this wouldn’t have been so bad.

Sherri Shepherd also had some stuff to say – go here to read.


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  1. Shambles says:

    “The point she was actually trying to make was that Donald Trump’s stance on immigration will only end up hurting the people that Donald Trump is counting on.”

    Yes, that is the point she was trying to make, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that she had a terrible way of making it. She could have just said exactly that, but instead she wanted to make a joke, and it came out all kinds of wrong. Compassion is more important than cleverness.

    And yes, if anyone other than Kelly had said it, or if she’d made the comment about black POC instead of Latino POC, Whoopie would be losing her sh!t. But since it doesn’t directly affect her, she must be her contrarian self and defend, defend, defend.

    • Linn says:

      I doubt Whoopi would lose her sh!t if Kelly had made the comment about black people. She had no problem finding excuses for Bieber dropping the N-Bomb or the “Obama ‘watermelon’ cartoon”
      Defending sexists/racists etc. is what Whoopi does these days.

      I agree with you first paragraph though.

    • Nebby says:

      No Whoopi and Raven have been pretty racist towards black poc too. Just last week Raven said slavery ended 17 million years ago… They’re both disgusting and tend to defend the racist and misogynist.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Raven is so painfully uneducated, I can only imagine what kind of nonsensical ramblings she does in her private life.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        Anyone who defends Cosby, till almost the bitter end, says it all.

    • Mare says:

      Does the Donald hire illegals? Those are the ones he claims are criminals.

  2. Jenns says:

    Whoopi and Raven can have a seat. There is nothing to defend here. Kelly said something really racist and now she needs to deal with it. No one needs to come to her defense.

  3. Kiddo says:

    I kind of get what she was attempting to say, although she said it badly. Trump does use a lot of immigrant workers for lower level job positions. He wouldn’t have an empire without exploiting people to do the dirty work. I actually don’t think Kelly is necessarily a racist, but she isn’t a wordsmith, either.

    So her initial statement was awkward and then you expect her to make a coherent apology, I think that’s asking too much from her limitations.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Kiddo, I agree with you…I don’t think Kelly is necessarily racist, as much as she is ignorant…She was trying to make a point AGAINST Trump’s stance, but, because she is as dumb as a box of rocks, it came out the wrong way.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think Nicole made a really good point yesterday about Kelly’s comment. We can make racist remarks and have little kernels of racist thoughts even if we have good intentions about not being racist. I don’t think Kelly is a flaming racist, but her remark reveals that she sees Latinos primarily as servants. Maybe her point was meant to be that Donald Trump exploits the cheap services of the people he’s attacking, but I don’t think it’s quite as simple as her wording it badly. She should admit that it was a racist remark, because it was.

      • lucy2 says:

        Agreed. I do think she was trying to make the point others have here, but the way she said it was terrible, and rather than trying to deflect the criticism, she should have just admitted she screwed up and was embarrassed by it.

      • belle de jour says:

        “…but her remark reveals that she sees Latinos primarily as servants.”

        Or, alternatively, one might say “but her remark reveals that she sees (Donald Trump’s) servants as primarily Latinos.”

        The difference between the perception and wording reversal of the above – as well as the generalization vs. specification – is one area where I suspect some people may differ upon the implied intent of her comments, as well as conclusions about what lay behind them.

      • claire says:

        It could be privilege. It could be that she has been trained to mentally associate that is the type of position undocumented workers hold because, lo and behold, this is what has been the mantra for years of advocates for undocumented immigrants.

    • WR says:

      Plenty of Latinos and immigration activists have made the exact same point Kelly made so clearly her comment was in no way racist. I think people are seeing racism in it because they don’t like her. The word racist is becoming overused and is starting to lose the level of seriousness it used to have. Instead of calling Kelly’s comment racist how about simply saying badly worded since that’s what it really was. I live in California and like it or not but menial jobs are mainly being done by Latino illegals. Kelly and every other person who’s made the “if you kick out all the Mexicans” who will do X are simply stating facts. They’re not saying Latinos are incapable of doing other kinds of work which is how Kelly’s comment has been weirdly interrupted. It annoys me that I feel like I have to defend Kelly but it’s annoying to see people trivializing racism over a comment immigration activists have made many times. And as someone raised by parents who did menial work it annoys me to see people looking down on these kinds of jobs to the point people are screaming racism when they’re mentioned. it makes me angry that people think there’s shame in working in these kinds of jobs when they’re vital.

      • Kiddo says:

        No shame in the work.

      • I never comment but.... says:

        WR, If I started to say something like if we send away all the white people who is going to cook all your meth, but somebody cut me off would you detect a hint of racism in that gross geberalization? And to be clear, I do thing it came from a place of ignorance/tryhardiness but to say that there are no racist undertones is ricidulous. Racism is not just waving a confederate flag while lynching minorities.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I seriously doubt that immigration activist have made their point the way Kelly made hers unless they are as inarticulate as she is. I agree with you that trivializing serious problems can have a diluting effect, but do you really want someone with a platform, even a platform as dead in the water as The View, to make a public statement that if we had no Latinos in this country there would be no one to clean the toilets? If you don’t see what’s offensive about that remark, I really can’t understand you. No one is saying that there is any shame in hard work, however menial. No one is looking down on people who do menial labor. It is vital, you’re right. People are offended because she just implied that that’s who Latinos are – not a diverse group of people with many levels of skill and productivity – they’re the people who clean our toilets. Period. I don’t understand this bending over backwards to find meaning she didn’t say in her sentence. Oh, she probably meant there are many hard working Latino people here whom Donald Trump is happy to exploit! She probably meant that many Latinos have professional jobs, but some clean toilets and that’s good because Americans don’t want to! Well, that’s not what she said. And it’s not what she said in her apology. I don’t think she is a racist, but she made a racist remark, or a remark stereotyping an entire group of people and she should own up to it.

      • belle de jour says:

        I appreciate all the thoughtful points touched upon in your comment.

      • Kiddo says:

        That’s not the same thing, @I never comment but. Cleaning toilets, doing landscaping, doing all the hard work is honorable work, with a strong work ethic, that contributes to society, in spite of being taken advantage of. And yes, Latinos have other types of professional jobs and occupations, but no one should look down on anyone who is doing a good job and trying to make ends meet, no matter the path.

        Cooking meth, on the other hand, is illegal, criminal, and doesn’t do anything but damage communities.

      • Kiddo says:

        @GoodNamesAllTaken, inarticulate is the key. Trump does use a lot of immigrant workers in his operations. How many are CEOs? I sincerely don’t know. But I do know that he was trying to stiff subcontractors out of pay. The way she phrased the comment did come across insensitively, but again, INARTICULATE. She isn’t a Rhodes scholar and the apology is not going to be what you want it to be. I don’t even like Kelly, but I think this is more dumbness than racism.

      • Misty says:

        Amen WR. The controversy over this is insane. There was no racism in her remark and people who think it’s racist are putting words in Kelly Osbourne’s mouth by claiming she meant something she didn’t say. Like you said it was badly worded but any intelligent person knows what she meant to say. We’re all guilty of having something come out differently from how we meant it to come out. The thing with a show like the View is you have people expressing opinions on things they don’t have broad knowledge in. That’s the problem with shows like this. People are talking about things they don’t have expertise in and that can lead to problems with phrasing. But all this talk of racism when she was trying to defend illegal immigrants is very strange to me.

    • Josefa says:

      I agree. I do think Whoopi makes sense here when she says racism is very transparent – sometimes people are just ignorant or not eloquent at all and say things that come out the wrong way (like when Cumbarbatch used the word “colored”). And other times people are just saying racist crap.

      Kelly meant no harm with what she said. I do think she deserves the backlash, but I know people will now forever label her as a racist pig and will continually bring this up, and I don’t think it’s worth that. It was just a very poorly expressed argument.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think some people who already hated her might label her a racist, but I think most reasonable people can see the difference between making a remark that reveals the stereotype you didn’t realize you had and being a racist. Well intentioned people, which I think she is in this area, can still have some learning to do. I think it’s different from BC saying “colored” but I’ve stated my opinion to the point where even I am sick of hearing from me now, so I’ll just stop now.

      • Josefa says:

        The thing is, “reasonable people” on the internet are a lot more scarce than one would like to think.

  4. Talie says:

    Probably because Sharon Osbourne still scares people and holds a bit of power. I still can’t figure out why Rosie Perez apologized to Kelly?!! WTF!

    • jwoolman says:

      Or maybe she realized what Kelly was trying to say and that Kelly was just being awkward rather than racist. The headline here was very misleading. The meaning of “cleaning YOUR toilet, Donald Trump” is way far away from the implied meaning of “cleaning toilets” in the headline. The second phrasing is a generalization, suggesting all the toilets are being cleaned by the people under discussion (well, not mine, I’m stuck with that job myself). The first phrasing (which Kelly actually used) is very specific, aimed directly at The Donald, and is consistent with the assumption that she was trying to make the point that others here have made without being accused of racism: The Donald likely depends on low-paid immigrants to clean up after himself, which makes it at least ironic that he’s trying to boot them out. She thought she could make the point in a humorous way, but she wasn’t able to do so. She’s not good enough with words and diplomacy to know how to backtrack once she realized it went wrong, and said things that made it worse.

      Kelly isn’t good at making jokes on such matters, but it’s quite a stretch to assume she looks at anyone with a Latino appearance and automatically thinks they clean toilets for a living or that such a job is a bad thing if they do (competent toilet cleaners are a whole lot more important for the public wellbeing than people on The View, they just get paid less). She isn’t skilled at explaining herself, either, but that doesn’t make her a malignant racist like The Donald. I think Rosie Perez, being a lot more skilled with words, figured that out and compassionately tried to help Kelly get away from the mob before tar and feathers came out. Apologizing for jumping on her was not an act of weakness, but came from a position of strength and clarity. I think it’s insulting to assume anybody made her do it. It was a reasonable maneuver to try to de-fuse the situation and get it back on track to the real problem: The Donald.

      • claire says:

        Seriously. I find these things so frustrating. It all just speaks of intellectual laziness and a lust for outrage and justice.

      • for belle de jour says:

        @jwoolman: Just read your comment, and I agree with your conclusions – as well as the methodical way in which you supported them. The issues of generalities vs. specifics are especially important in discussions of this nature, imo.

        @claire: If we are to parse Ms. Osborne’s remarks, I agree wholeheartedly that we should be careful and judicious of our own words in doing so.

  5. Luca76 says:

    Why the hell couldn’t they keep their mouths shut? They obviously don’t understand what racism is. They are so arrogant about their stupidity it’s frightening.

    I have to share what I said yesterday

    Luca76 says:
    August 5, 2015 at 7:48 am
    Oh God I am just grateful Raven and Whoopie didn’t seem to be there that day. There is no purpose to The View except to give a platform to very opinionated morons.

  6. jugstorecowboy says:

    The “I’m not racist” crowd doesn’t seem to understand that you don’t need to be in the KKK to be racist. They don’t see the subtle and pervasive racism that permeates this country. I don’t have a solution, but it seems recognizing it and talking about it (like is often done here!) is a place to start.

    • jwoolman says:

      The problem is that once people start tossing the words racist and racism around in situations like this, the conversation quickly degenerates into kindergarten-level communication: “You’re a doody head!” “Am not!” “Are too”! etc. The same points can certainly be made far more effectively without once using the highly charged words racist or racism. Then everybody (including Kelly) keeps their ears open rather than defensively shutting down and can actually listen to each other. If you want to change minds, you have to avoid the kind of unnecessary noise that is an obstacle to real communication. Words like racist/racism in situations like this are that kind of noise. Resist the urge to use them, and you’re more likely to be heard.

      • OVWonKanoobi says:

        Ya’ll are so scared of the word racist. Racism is racism and it needs to be called out on every level. Changing it to fluffy words to make white people feel more comfortable is not cool and it’s not going to change the situation. It bother people when racism is brought into topics like this because it forces certain people to realize that they have racist thoughts and feelings too that aren’t as obvious as dressing in a white sheet with flaming crosses in tow.

        We are not going to stop using the word racist when racist actions take place to make white people feel better about themselves. Please stop.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        OV, I agree, Being told you’ve had a racist moment has become worse than naming and remedying the issue. The comfort of white people is still more important than the people on the receiving end of racist treatment and that’s completely anathema to progress. Why is the seat of comfort STILL telling the uncomfortable that it’s their job to make things even more comfortable and are they aware of (or sympathetic to) the discomfort that THEY inflict when they say that it’s still your job to serve their interests, make THEM feel good, continue to tamp down their own voices so they can keep serving the people who will not listen to their concerns and experiencing the shabby treatment? Is that how we’re expected to build bridges, by doing the building, carrying them across that bridge and get scolded for making the piggyback ride too bumpy? Do we have to behave ourselves in order to ‘deserve’ things? How condescending is that? Because being meek and waiting for the world to change works so well, how many centuries, now? Did anyone get the vote by kissing the feet of the ones who withheld it? Nope, that isn’t how it works.

      • OVWonKanoobi says:

        Exactly Jo. Long time lurker and you always know how to put things very well.

  7. Dani L. says:

    They need to just yank this show off the air and stop giving idiots a platform.

  8. Mintessence (the original Minty) says:

    Whoopi is the go-to apologist for offenders.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Isn’t she? I really have zero respect for her opinion.

      • Lucrezia says:

        She totally is.

        But in a weird way, I like her a bit more for at least being consistent about it. When she defends something indefensible for the umpteenth time, it’s not as sinister as when a “normal” person takes the unpopular stance on a single issue.

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      I used to love Whoopie and have lost a lot of respect for her.

      • belle de jour says:

        Serious theory: when you’re a good comedian, it’s your job to point out people’s soft spots; there has to be a grain of truth in your observations – as well as a mix of rueful and acutely brought-under-the-light no-no topics – for it to work. Self-examination & consciousness don’t hurt, either.

        When you’re an executive-annointed ‘pundit’ on a confederacy of dunces roundtable & daily network TV, you don’t have to get within ten miles of a painful truth just to posture and bloviate and expound.

        She used to be cool and sharp, but this is what I think happened here.

  9. Sandra says:

    We have such brilliant, intelligent people in this country, and Kelly Osborne is given a platform?! This is the problem. Who is she exactly besides the offspring of a famous musician from decades ago. Why does her opinion matter?

    • CatFoodJunkie says:

      Right ?? Who is she and what has she done that anybody gives a flying fig what she has to say. She tweeted an apology and then added “I clean my own f*cking toilet.” Who believes THAT?

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      If I did drugs, I’d ask her where to get the good shit, but I don’t so….

  10. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    Of course they did…

  11. Sandra says:

    Television is designed to keep the masses entertained, ignorant and kept in line. Ok, Im done ranting. Im just angry we are discussing her. Mmmm coffeee

  12. Kiki says:

    As a Mexican, I’m not offended by her remarks. She just doesn’t know how to express herself because she is not educated. Give her a break. BTW I’m not her fan.

    • Kiki says:

      Neither am I Kiki. Hey we share the same name, what are the odds.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I don’t mean this to sound disrespectful, but every time a racist remark is discussed, there are a few comments like yours. I’m glad you’re not offended. I’m glad your feelings weren’t hurt. But that doesn’t mean the remark wasn’t racist, and when people make racist remarks, it needs to be aired out, whether you were personally offended or not. As a country, a society and a world, we need to examine our assumptions about each other or we will never grow. It’s not ok for people to go on TV and imply that all Latinos scrub toilets. Whether she just put her point badly or not, it needs to be addressed.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Your comment made me smile. And I’m glad that’s your attitude. Of course I don’t think you are ignorant. It’s a very wise philosophy. I think the difference is that I am white, and I feel a responsibility to address these kinds of remarks made by other white people, because we have done so much harm with our attitutude over the centuries. If we do not stop it from within, how will it stop? It is easier for me to ignore a slur against white people or blonde women (I’m blonde) and to say oh that person thinks all blonde women are stupid – who cares? I know I’m not stupid! He is stupid! It’s harder when I see a white person say something negative about another group, like Latinos. We MUST stop it, and change our attitudes and stop thinking we are better than everyone else. BUT, you make a good point. Yes, I’m tired of being angry and offended. I just am afraid to ignore comments like this make by other white people because it feels like agreeing with them. Anyway, we won’t solve this problem today, but thank you for sharing your views with me. You seem like a truly nice person.

    • Saks says:

      I’m a Mexican, and although I wasn’t offended, her comments did made me mad.

      El problema no es que Kelly, Trump o quien sea digan cosas estúpidas, sino el racismo institucionalizado que hay detrás de esos comentarios. Supongo que casi todos nosotros conocemos gente que viva allá, y no son todos ni jardineros, sirvientas, obreros, campesinos, etc.
      Por otra parte está la cuestión de considerar esos trabajos como lo peor, sucios, casi indignos, y por lo tanto la labor de los inmigrantes, cuando es la forma en la que mucha gente saca adelante a sus familias (como también pasa aquí en México), y es trabajo digno y honesto.
      No es tan fácil como decir: “vieja loca”, es todo lo que hay detrás.

      • Kiki says:

        Es que ella si está loca! Mi mamá está ofendísisima con los comentarios de Trump pero míralo… está en su tercer matrimonio, tiene hijos de sus tres viejas, está acusado de violación y sus hijos son unos malditos asesinos de animales. ¿Y todavía nos ofende? No le hagas caso. Es un idiota con mucha lana. Te diré lo mismo que le dije a mi mamá: Mándalo a la chingada.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      “Just be happy”

      The problem Kiki is that just being happy isn’t enough. Just turning your head and humming a calming tune isn’t going to solve the problem.

      If Donald Trump was elected tommorrow it wouldn’t matter how good a person you were. You would be public enemy #1. Your name, your skin tone, your heritage and background would all be used against you as a weapon. Do you think the number of blacks killed in interactions with police are all bad people? The simple truth is while you may see it as useless nothing will change in the status quo without fighting.

      It’s not about being offended, it’s about making sure we don’t grow our own Hitler or find ourselves revisiting our separation camps because a few in power would like nothing more than us penned in and powerless.

      • icy says:

        Excellent!!! Not being offended doesn’t work. I’ve tried turning the other cheek but that shit didn’t work. After constantly been followed in stores, asked too many times if I will be using a EBT card, or was questioned about where my money came from when I opened a saving account (They ask me if the money was a settlement?? Really).

      • Kiki says:

        It does work… It didn’t work when I was 20, but now, at 34 and after having lost one of my parents, stupid stuff is not worth your time. Focus on defending those who cannot defend themselves: animals, children, the elderly. I am not saying I am perfect. I had my “racist” moment years ago when I thought gay people were not equal. You know what? My mother told me: “They are people and deserve to be happy too”. I changed. At least that’s how I feel.
        Just be happy people! This airhead (Osbourne) deserves ZERO of your time.

  13. embertine says:

    Does Whoopi just scroll through the news to see which idiot has said something discriminatory this week and just automatically speed-dial her agent to put out a screed defending them?

  14. Crumpet says:

    What Donald Trump said, was that did we think Mexico was sending it’s top citizens into our country? No. They are sending their rapists and their criminals, much the way Australia was the recipient of England’s rapists and criminals.

    Are they actually sending people? No, I don’t think so. So he was wrong to make that statement, but he didn’t actually say that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals.

    The women of The View never fail to entertain, do they? LOL

    • Luca76 says:

      There is no defense for Trumps idiocy. Are there a small amount of illegal aliens that commit crimes in the US? Sure but he vast majority are hardworking and honest people that pay taxes that they don’t get any services for. Oh and did you know that a big amount of people crossing the border aren’t even Mexican? They are immigrants from South America trying to escape the narcoterrorism caused by American’s thirst for drugs.

      • Crumpet says:

        Yes, I know all of this.

        The Donald amuses me to end, because he is so non-political. I have had it up to here with politicians frankly. I am pretty much a Libertarian.

      • Pinky says:

        @Crumpet “I am pretty much a Libertarian.”
        And you are proud of that?

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Yeah…a world salad by Donald that implies the same thing. Much like Kelly’s comments once you get to the heart of the matter you see the truth. There will never be any discussion from Trump on the number of violent white mass shooters and how they should be classified as terrorists but he has to make clear Mexicans are coming over in droves to rape and steal.

      Kelly’s implication was the same in suggesting that the majority of Latinos are poor desperate and impoverished cleaning toilets and other menial jobs. Reducing and stereotyping a people.

  15. K says:

    Oh kaiser the reason that Nicole is the only one making sense is because she is smart and reasonable- hence why she was fired. I disagree with her politics but she is actually a very level headed fair minded intelligent person she just is conservative, she also is more moderate. Again I don’t agree with her pov but I respect anyone that can have a civil discussion and meet in the middle and she’s shown to be able to do that time and time again. She is a smart lady. Plus Sarah plain hates her so that’s fun.

    What Kelly said was racist- it reeked of the privilege her life had and how obtuse she is. also props to giullianna for not commenting or even throwing shade. Kelly needs to own her comment and say yes what I said was racist, I apologize if was not my intent what I meant to say was Donald trump exploits undocumented workers all the time and if we kick them out who will he exploit but I did not express that correctly and again what I said was wrong and inexcusable.

    • FingerBinger says:

      The producers on the View like conservatives like Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Candice Cameron Bure. A person to cause controversy. Nicole’s mistake was not being extreme in her views.

    • Pinky says:

      Nicole was fired? Really? I hadn’t heard that. She actually seemed reasonable and knowledgable, whatever her views/political leanings. Shame.

  16. Kiki says:

    I don’t think Kelly Osborne is a racist either, but her words are ignorant and uncalled for. I do get what she is saying, but she need to sit down and shut up.

  17. Lurker says:

    “And honestly, how is it that Nicole Wallace – a longtime Republican operative – is the one making sense here?”

    Okay, I’m not American, so I’m neither Republican nor Democrat, but that seems a little stupid to me. Because if someone’s political leanings, everything they say must be nonsense?

    Unless Republican operative means something quite specific in the States?

    • Crumpet says:

      No, you pretty much got it right. Kaiser is a staunch liberal Democrat, bless her. Hella good gossip writer though, so I forgive her. 😀

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      No, you didn’t misunderstand, there’s a bias in that statement. In her defense, I don’t think she meant that Republicans are incapable of making sense ever, but that they are usually on the other side when it comes to immigration issues. But this site and most of the posters are very anti-Republican. I say that as a Democrat who loves a lot of Republicans. And Republicans are just as bad – it goes both ways. Our country has become so divided, the parties so stereotype one another – I don’t know how we are ever going to fix it or come to any understanding about how to move forward.

      • Crumpet says:

        I agree with you GNAT. The country is more divided than it has ever been it seems to me. I am, by nature, a moderate. I always want to hear both sides, and when someone comes at me, liberal or conservative, with clear bias and rhetoric I automatically seek to find the common ground. I am interested in the actual facts of a matter, and in the opinions of people who have earned my respect. I have been accused more times than I can count of ‘sitting on the fence’. What can I say? The view is better there.

    • kri says:

      @Lurker-excellent observation. The phrase “Republican operative” gave me pause. I try not to get into political party stuff (because both parties are out for money and position) but you have an excellent point. Republicans are generally more socially conservative, so that may be the reason. Trump is running as a Republican, and his sick comments about Mexicans and now Kelly’s outrageous generalizations about Mexicans are shining a bright light on the ugliest aspects of some of the republicans platforms. It’s all disgusting and frankly depressing.

  18. The Original G says:

    Well then, I guess the Flat Earth Society has spoken.

  19. mememe says:

    Republicans make a whole lot of sense a whole lot of the time. Whoopi and Raven may be Dems, but they say some dumb shit.

  20. My Two Cents says:

    So, basically while they were discussing how racist Donald is, Kelly made a racist remark. But, that okay cause its Kelly ad not Donald. Its too bad that we are all so worried about making sure that certain people only say politically correct things. Typical double standard.

  21. chaine says:

    why am i not surprised? any time anyone out there does something offensive, whoopie is there to defend them. you young’uns are not going to remember this, but, back in the day, whoopie dated Ted Danson (in fact she broke up his marriage), and he came to some comedy roast of her wearing blackface, eating watermelon, and spewing the N word. And she was fine with that and even claimed to have written his jokes.

  22. WallFlower says:

    I saw the show, and I get what Kelly Osbourne was trying to say. Donald Trump employs a lot of cheap labor. He plays on a golf course that employs a lot of cheap labor as well which comes in the form of Latinos working lower level jobs. The golf course has employed Latino janitors that work those jobs due to their citizenship status. The type of forum Kelly was in at the View only allowed for Kelly to get in a few words at a time due to the many cohost that are on the show daily. Due to Kelly trying to squeeze in a very untactful sentence in without much thought, she came off as very insensitive and even flippant to the Latino community, but she didn’t mean to. Unfortunately, with all the wealth Kelly grew up in not much was spent on educating her or else she would have explained her point more tactfully. I’m not Latino, I’m black, but if Kelly had said the same about black people, I would still feel that she isn’t racist.

  23. Monica says:

    “how is it that Nicole, a Republican, is actually making sense here?” Is this so shocking to people? She made a good point, and its like they disregarded it, If it was anyone else they would have slammed them so hard. In my experience, people who are screaming the loudest about other people being racist or whatever are usually racist themselves about certain things, either race, class or genders.

  24. Qjoi says:

    I’m a Latina, and honestly, without even knowing Kelly, I don’t believe that what she said came from a mean spirit, or rather she was trying to be bluntly “racist.” Should she had said it? No. Was she wrong? Absolutely. Surely, we (Latinos) don’t need those stereotypes often associated with us, such as we’re all housekeepers, illegal, poor, etc., however, Hollywood has already labeled us with those by how certain groups are portrayed on the screen. I understand that we can’t move forward if people continue to make such assumptions, but I also understand that sometimes people say things they shouldn’t. I try to be careful on who I label as a racist (because I’ve seen and experienced it first-hand) or who just says something stupid. In Kelly’s case, it’s the latter.
    I agree with Whoopi that “The point she was actually trying to make was that Donald Trump’s stance on immigration will only end up hurting the people that Donald Trump is counting on…” Now, I don’t subscribe to Trump’s politics, but the fact remains that Latino’s make up a large population of the United States, and it is still growing. Political candidates need our votes. I also agree to an extent with Wallace’s comment that “…if we gave that kind of benefit of the doubt to people that we are ideologically opposed to, what game-changer that would be. If Ted Cruz said that or Mike Huckabee said that, I can picture all of you looking into the camera saying ‘I’m going to do something to my toilet, you can clean it.’’ True, it is better to give people a benefit of the doubt sometimes, but let’s look at her examples; these two people are trying to run my country. It certainly would have been way different if they were the one’s who made that remark.

  25. Ronda says:

    There is a good video “John Oliver Proves Whoopi Goldberg Will Literally Defend Anything ” on Youtube.

  26. Nikki L. says:

    Honestly, I know what she was trying to say, and I agree. If you live in Southern CA, you understand. So many people complain about immigrants, but when you exist in a border state, who is picking your produce, cleaning your house, tending to your garden, etc.? Immigrants. She’s not saying that’s the only thing they are capable of, she’s saying that those are the jobs no fat, white, lazy American wants to do, and those are the only jobs immigrants can easily get right out of coming across the border. They are the hardest and most thankless jobs, and that’s what Trump doesn’t understand; that Latinos aren’t the shiftless border-crossers that he and others think they are, but hardworking people who do jobs that his lazy butt refuses to lower himself to doing.

  27. Eru says:

    That whole situation with Kelly is just too funny. She was shaming racist. And ended up being called racist. . Only in America.

    If I would be celebrity then I would just stay quiet on any race, gay, feminist stuff. Because everyone occasionally mistakenly say something wrong and then are being bullied by press for it and called names. Its better to stay quiet and discuss safe subjects like Lennys pen*s, Bieber tantrums, celebrities cheating….

  28. cdoggy says:

    SO much better than talking about patchouli oil. WAY less offensive. Do as I say kids, not as I do. SMDH. bitch, please.

  29. cdoggy says:

    Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. -thank you Abe.

  30. Annie says:

    Maybe she was overcome by the smell of weed coming from Whoopie’s dreads