FKA Twigs refuses to hang out with hipsters: ‘It’s so bad to be basic’


Here are some photos of FKA Twigs from the past few weeks, where she performed at the Osheaga Festival 2015 in Montreal, then Lollapalooza 2015 in Chicago. We haven’t seen photos of Twigs and Robert Pattinson together in weeks, maybe even a month or two. Then again, I haven’t really been paying attention to them either way. According to Twigs’ new interview with the Sunday Times, they’re still together… sort of. I mean, she doesn’t come right out and say it, but when asked about him, she just says it’s all private. And she’s still talking about all of the online abuse she gets for dating him too. Some highlights:

A Twigs fan was attacked online: Twigs was replying to a fan who had tweeted a picture of himself with a friend who was dying of cancer and revealed the young woman listened to her music to cheer herself up. But soon afterwards, the trolls turned on the man and started to send a barrage of negative comments about the woman in the picture. She said: “They all started attacking her. Within 20 seconds it was just like n*****, monkey, ugly, die bitch, all this stuff on his feed. It broke my heart… this lady who is really sick and is probably going to die.”

This is what her stepfather told her: “‘Sometimes people are going to treat you differently because of the colour of your skin. Sometimes you’re going to have to work 10 times harder than somebody else to get the same appreciation, but never use it as an excuse.’ I agree with that.”

She was the only mixed race girl in her school: “I was very conscious of it. I was half-Jamaican, but I didn’t understand that side of myself. Western society tells you if you’re blonde, you’re beautiful; if you have green eyes, you’re beautiful; if you have fair skin, you’re beautiful.”

She was mugged recently: “I was mugged outside the yoga studio.”

She doesn’t go to bars or hang out with hipsters: “I’m not the kind of person who goes to an exhibition on a Thursday night just because everyone is. It’s so bad to be basic.”

Will marriage affect her creativity? “No, I don’t think it works like that. Don’t you get freedom with age and experience, not confines?”

Whether she’s even going to marry Sparkles: “Who told you I was getting married?” After the interviewer says it’s been reported they’re getting married, FKA Twigs says, “You might read somewhere I’m a monkey and it doesn’t mean I am sure… I’m not prepared to talk about my private life. I don’t really understand the fascination.”

She’s a “home bod” & she didn’t understand Sparkles’ level of fame: “I don’t understand what the levels [of fame] are. I’m a bit naive.… I don’t engage in that world, even with myself, even with my own career.” And when pressed about whether she’s ever seen Twilight, the film that catapulted Pattinson into superstardom, she admits, “No.”

[From Gossip Cop, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail]

I kind of love how culture-snobby she is. She really sees herself as an artiste, which… sure, I’ll go along with that. She’s not a pop star in the vein of Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. Twigs will not be seeing the Twilight movies, thank you very much. She will not go to your photography exhibit or bond over a cheeseball love of the Backstreet Boys. “It’s so bad to be basic,” Twigs will say contemptuously.

Twigs recently released her new single, “Figure 8″ – go here to listen to it. My favorite track on LP1 (her last album) was “Two Weeks” and “Figure 8” has a similar sound. Twigs will probably release her new EP in the coming months I guess.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Hyena says:

    I like her but let’s get real she personified everything a hipster is! They always think they are above the basic and doing something cool and new, but it’s the same old shit. I

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      Exactly. And its a bit disingenuous to claim to not have known how big her fiancé was because of Twilight. I mean, her career success since she got with him has largely been due to the attention paid to her as ‘his girlfriend”.

      • ORLY says:

        You need to read the full interview, it’s not that she doesn’t know about Rob’s success, it’s that she doesn’t understand it nor can she relate to it because it’s all still foreign. Sigh

    • nic says:

      She wasn’t a hipster before not being a hipster was hip, you guys. haha

    • Linn says:


      Hating something does not make you cool or special.
      You want to see an exhibition on a Thursday night than go see it. Don’t let others dictate you actions.

      Everything about the “too cool for school” statement above screams hipster.

      • lucy2 says:

        I know, that “I have to be different, I can’t possibly do what everyone else is doing” attitude is pretty annoying, and sort of try-hard in its own way. Just do what you enjoy and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. So much time wasted on others’ opinions and labels is not a life well lived.

        She seems like an interesting young woman otherwise, and though she was probably aware he was famous, had no idea there would be such a gross and over the top reaction to their relationship. That has to be difficult.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        yes, because rebelling against normalcy in general is just as predictable and disingenuous as being basic.

    • Mixtape says:


      The first rule of hipster is to profess disassociation with all things hipster.

      • Esmom says:

        Lol, so true. Although I do think she’s a bit atypical for a hipster, not fitting the mold exactly. But she does seem to be trying a bit too hard here.

    • Nikki L. says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Doesn’t she personify hipsters?

    • Reeely?? says:

      She never said “it’s so bad to be basic” or that she refuses to hang out w hipsters. There is no reason to hate on this one. So what if she’s into originality, is that a reason to get annoyed?

    • JohnWayneLives says:

      Yeah, her shtick is super recycled. Yawn.

  2. OrigialTessa says:

    She’s starting to bug me. She needs to lighten up. Not everyone can be a special snowflake like her. Some of us just aren’t.

    • Franca says:

      I really feel for her because of all the abuse she’s been getting. How can people be so horrible I will never understand.

      Having said that, I find her sooooo annoying. She thinks she’s this super speciial snowflake. And dating Rob sure helped her get more famous.

      I don’t like her music, but I’m sure she’s talented. If only she wasn’t such a snob.

    • wiffie says:

      How ironic. “So bad to be basic” is the mantra of hipsters. And since it’s ironic, it’s double funny and makes her more hipster.

  3. Dash says:

    It really annoys me when actors/singers/models act like they’re above pop culture. It doesn’t make you a better person because you haven’t seen Twilight.

    • Lara K says:


      I liked her to begin with because she really is different and genuine. But when you turn that into snobbery, I’m out.

    • Blythe says:

      I don’t think Tahliah is acting like anything. I think she’s a girl who’s never seen a Twlight film.

    • belle de jour says:

      I understand her shutting down the topic of Twilight altogether – in an interview that’s supposed to focus on her and her work – for many reasons… especially considering that it is supposedly the rabid Robsten fans responsible for some of the most hateful comments directed her way on social media. Why would she want to go there?

      On an everyday human being level, I wouldn’t want to keep fielding questions or talking about much concerning my current partner’s very famous ex-relationship-project, either.

      Taking the hipster thing with a grain of salt (she sounds like anyone in a Williamsburg warehouse with a PBR can in their hand, circa 2008), I do wish she hadn’t been quite so disdainful about the ‘going to an exhibition on a Thursday night’ crowd; not all artists are fortunate enough to be featured in the coolest venues like she is, and not all people get exposed to as much ‘underground’ art as others. It’s great for artists that people come out to see their stuff on any night, at any venue – and it would be smarter and more gracious not to diss that, or the crowd that supports it – especially when you’re one of the lucky ones who’s ‘made it.’

    • JenniferJustice says:

      I now, right! She’s so unique and non-conforming, hence the bra costume, because nobody else does that (insert sarcasm here).

    • perplexed says:

      She didn’t seem to criticize Twilight. She simply gave a one-word answer as to whether she’s seen the movie. That answer just happened to be “no”. But the answer was so short it’s impossible to tell whether she feels positively or negatively about the film.

  4. Jess says:

    Her music has started showing up on my playlists and I love it, she has talent for sure!

  5. kay says:

    I’ve been saying it since I first read some of her quotes. This is Kristen Stewart 2.0.
    The same “I’m above the others, I’m a real artist” bullshit.

    • Lara K says:

      OMG, I never really thought of that, but it’s so true!
      Guess he has a type…

    • Ankhel says:

      Poor idiot. You are right!

    • Lara Morgana says:

      Rob has weird, weird, weird taste in women. Kristen and Twigs are tortured, misunderstood artistic and private. They are in a class by themselves. I just don’t get it. Why is he drawn to these women?

      • Anname says:

        They are both ambitious, driven, hard working, creative, artsy, original, opinionated, strong, edgy – I can see the similarities there. I think it’s great Rob isn’t intimidated by this type of woman. As a Rob fan, can’t imagine him with a vapid model type, posting pics of him on her Instagram :)

  6. Piapia says:

    Isn’t she kind of dating one?

  7. Lynnie says:

    She’s a total hipster though. I mean,

    “I was mugged outside the yoga studio.”

    Although terrible, it doesn’t get more hipster than that.

    • Pandy says:

      LOL really. Hipster without the self-awareness.

    • ORLY says:

      When did it become hipster to do yoga? People have been doing yoga for eons.

      • InvaderTak says:

        But when you try to tell them that they rewrite history.

      • Lynnie says:

        (Double post)

      • Lynnie says:

        @Invadertak ?? I don’t really understand what youre comment is trying to say.

        @Orly Trust me I know. The people who don’t know are new-age hipsters who act as if their bastardization of yoga (I’m talking elitist gear, studios, teachers, etc) is all-new and a gift to mankind and look down on yoga’s roots.

        And for Twig’s brand of hipsterism (even though I think she truly walks the walk) a yoga studio is a very hipsterish place to be mugged in.

      • Esmom says:

        An artisanal brewery would be an even more hipsterish place to be mugged.

      • InvaderTak says:

        @Lynnie: Just some hipster hating snark. I meant that if you try to tell a try hard hipster that yoga has been done for ages and has just become mainstream now they will probably tell you that what the mainstreamers are doing isn’t real yoga or some such nonsense because there’s no way they could participate in something so popular with the masses. The hipster way to do yoga is to act like you rediscovered a dead ancient secret; not participating in an activity that’s been done for eons by millions of people.

  8. Ben says:

    Oh, the irony.

  9. Kaya says:

    I like her. At least some us have to admit that pop culture kinda sucks.

    • Narek says:

      Kaya, I like her too. Why is it snobbery to want to avoid openings, or movies about sparkly sentimental vampires. She’s cultured, she was asked a question and she answered it honestly. Not liking her answer doesn’t make her pretentious.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        People don’t like her answer because she’s not saying it’s just not for her – she’s saying it’s stupid. Who is she to judge what’s stupid or not for other people? She sounds like just another young mildly famous person who thinks they’re so much smarter than everybody else. You can be different without thinking you’re smarter. She comes off as a snot to me. I couldn’t care less if other people don’t have the same hobbies or interests as I do, but if they’re trying to make me feel dumb for enjoying my interests just because they don’t, they’re judging and being narrow-minded.

    • Nikki L. says:

      Says the person on a gossip site?

  10. Shambles says:

    I’m sorry, I just do not find her any kind of attractive. And her pretentious personality doesn’t help at all.

    • Crumpet says:

      Her face really annoys me. I know I’m being terribly shallow when I say that, but I can’t get past it.

    • Nora says:

      Her mouth breathing is painful to watch.

    • ORLY says:

      In fairness, Kaiser (or whomever) chose such horrible pics of Twigs.
      I saw her at Osheaga, she is breathtaking in person. It surprised the heck out of me. I never thought her ugly, but not beautiful either. She’s this tiny person, rippling with muscles and her face is exquisite. Seriously, I briefly met her after the show and I just couldn’t stop looking at her face.
      Now I sound like a fangirl. 😏

      • platypus says:

        I think she’s gorgeous. She looks like a doll.

      • belle de jour says:

        I’d love to catch her show live & get the entire atmospheric experience; she’s definitely in the ‘see the performer in person’ category for me.

    • Lara Morgana says:

      I agree. Seems she goes out of her way to make herself as unattractive as possible.

  11. kay says:

    Has she yet said that she doesn’t own a TV? Because that’s what these pretentious hipsters always say when they want to be different.

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      Lol! I used to say that too. I couldn’t afford cable for years so I didn’t really watch t.v. I probably sounded so pretentious, smh.

      I like this girl. I think she’s very talented and beautiful despite her somewhat pompous attitude.

    • Artemis says:

      I don’t own a TV and I’m not a hipster. I live in shared houses in the UK and many landlords don’t want to pay extra for a TV license. Is that also pretentious? Being too broke to be able to afford your own place and pay for a TV?

      Not owning/watching TV is hardly a measure for being hipster. Besides, why own one anyway when you can watch online hah…

      • claire says:

        Just not owning one isn’t the hipster part. It’s the context behind why. It’s the thinking you’re extra special because you’ve *chosen* not to have one because there couldn’t possibly be a single interesting, creative thing not below you to lay your eyes and ears on.

      • Artemis says:

        Most people wouldn’t bother asking why a person doesn’t own or watch TV though. My colleagues mocked me for it until I mentioned why I couldn’t watch TV.

        If people jump to conclusion, that’s their problem. Some people just love labels way too much, I suppose it’s easier then actually getting to know somebody. Eh…

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        I know and I appreciate what you guys are saying. I was a bit pompous in my youth, and knowing myself, I probably came across as a hipster tw@t.

      • claire says:

        @Artmeis: That’s sort of the hipster thing too though. It’s kind of like the joke about vegans/vegetarians. “How do you know know someone is vegan/vegetarian? They’ll make sure to tell you.” It’s all about the pompous bragging.

        **no offense to vegans and vegetarians! :) <3

    • Narek says:

      It’s possible to ride a bike, go to yoga, ditch tv, play records, shop at farmers markets, drink biodynamic wine, pour overs and matcha tea, and generally avoid openings but go to see the art the next day, and not be a hipster.

      • Linn says:

        Sure, just don’t start talking about how special those things make you and how terrible everything mainstream is and you’re halfway there.

        The main issue about hipsters is that the feel like a special snowflake, when many of the supposedly new and special things they do have being done by people for ages.

        Doing something just because everybody else does is silly, not doing something specifically because it’s popular is at least as silly.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Linn said it. It’s the arrogance and lack of sincerity in abstaining from all things normal for the sake of absolute abnormality that is so annoying about this most recent hipster generation. Like the woman I work with who wears two different socks because it’s not in policy that she cannot do this and she knows it rubs execs the wrong way. She does it simply for the attention and self-labeling herself a “non-conformist” – not because she doesn’t like matchinig socks or because she likes the two different socks she does wear.

  12. Tig says:

    I enjoy her dancing, but the singing is lost on me. She appears to be channelling Like a Virgin Madonna in the top pics.

    And she is smart not to claim any knowledge of Twi- regardless of whether it’s true or not. Bec of course the minute she said she did, her interview would go off the rails.

  13. Zaid says:

    I feel like it would be exhausting to hang out with her, like she would only want to talk about artistry and so. Makes me wonder if Pat is the same, he always seemed so chill.

  14. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    There are so many definitions of a hipster that I don’t really know what it means. These days, every young person seems to be accused of being a hipster and simultaneously thinking that all other people but them are hipsters. I thought that hipsters take pride in being the opposite of basic. And that they are all about being different and doing stuff ironically – liking something when no one knows it and then starting to hate it the very moment it becomes popular, dressing in a way that no one else would – the weirder, uglier and more vintage, the better, hating on mainstream culture etc. She fits that definition pretty well, with her – I’m an artiste, I’m so different, I don’t do what other people do, but she probably thinks she is the only non-hipster around.

    • sofia says:

      I’m also confused. I think I’m a bit hipster because I tend to have a non conformist approach to a lot of things, but I also feel that this “hipster hate” is just a way to try to diminish anyone who is slightly different than what’s mainstream and I don’t see the problem with that. But now it’s like you should feel embarrassed if you like thrift stores and read books….

    • InvaderTak says:

      “liking something when no one knows it and then starting to hate it the very moment it becomes popular, dressing in a way that no one else would – the weirder, uglier and more vintage, the better, hating on mainstream culture etc.”

      All true, but hipster is mainstream itself now. And most of them don’t realize it. They get called pretentious because they aren’t self aware enough to see that they are following a huge trend. It’s a weird paradox; a mainstream trend of not being mainstream but that’s what its become. That’s where the bashing comes from. They don’t see the real irony in their own existence but continue to think they’re non conformists. They are all non conformists in the most conform way ever.

      @Sofia: the hipster hate isn’t about bashing people who are different, I think it’s about bashing people who actually aren’t different at all and are too clueless to see it. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about thrift stores and books, but if you use them as an in your face symbol of your own non conformist status then you’ll get some hate. Hipster hate is more about hating on the clueless narcissism. Which also ironically, hipster hate is a thing now too. It’s a really bizarre phenomena.

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        So they are basically try-hards. If you genuinely like indie-music no one else knows or wear vintage clothes or like old books, you are not a hipster, but if you like something to appear a certain way or if you pretend to dislike something you like just because it’s too mainstream, or if you do something just because you want to be seen as so different and non-conformist, then you are a hipster. But it’s sometimes hard to tell, who does what genuinely and the world is thrown around all the time.

      • InvaderTak says:

        @Norm’sMom: Exactly. The trend followers are all about appearances, and the real non conformists aren’t (at east not to the mainstream hipster degree).

  15. Alice says:

    That’s a bad application of blush. It looks like she was punched in the face. I do love that bra, though.

    • belle de jour says:

      I remember they used to call that ‘contusion make-up’ in the late 90s; it appeared in a lot of magazine editorials when ‘heroin chic’ was a popular look in a photo spread.

      It’s pretty disturbing to see in person; I don’t know the context of how she meant it to come across in her show.

    • ORLY says:

      I was at that show where she’s wearing that makeup, it’s dramatic and worked well with the lighting and all the stage effects. The stills are not very flattering.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      OMG. I thought she looked beaten up too. I figure she put rouge way up under her eyes because everyone else puts roughe on or under their cheekbones and well, you know, she’s so above normalcy…..

  16. manta says:

    She reminds me an answer I made to a charming lady asking me about my children after spending long minutes enlightening me on how hers were the most gifted creatures on earth:” “Oh, mine, average, OK and apparently happy”. Facing her saddened expression, I just said “Don’t be sad, some of us must belong to the masses, how would you be so so special otherwise? ”
    I’ve just accepted the fact that some people live in the stratosphere while I basically exist in the troposphere. But it’s still funny to hear the stratosphere talk though.

    • Crumpet says:


    • krtmom says:

      I had to laugh at your comment about your kids being “average”. I am a teacher in a school in a fairly affluent area and every other parent thinks their kid is “gifted”. I joke that it’s in the water! Nothing wrong with being average…one of my average kids is an engineer and my other one is going to be a CPA!!!

    • JenniferJustice says:

      If I had a dime for every child I know whose parent’s have them in a “gifted” program, I would be one rich woman. I find it utterly ridiculous how some parents have to believe their kids are prodogies in some way or another in order for the parents to feel their kids are special. My kid is what Twigs calls “basic”. I must really love basic.

      • yourladyship says:

        Actually, the bar is set so low with the common core curriculum, if your children are even “average”, they need to be in a gifted program if they plan on going to university. That is, unless they start lowering the bar in our university system as well.

  17. Naddie says:

    I understand if people start to dislike her because she’s not into mainstream, but I can somewhat relate to her about this. I’ve been acused by people I know for not “linking anything”, when in fact I’m just into other stuff. Still, I see how obnoxious and snob she sounds.
    About the attacks, people can be really disgustin’ when they want to. Hope she stays well.

    • Linn says:

      People don’t start to dislike her because she’s not into mainstream, they dislike her because she sounds like she feels above those who like the mainstream and at the same time fails to understand that feeling above the mainstream has long become the new mainstream.

  18. Nora says:

    I find her to be incredibly basic, so, I guess you failed there Twigs.

  19. Chaucer says:

    She is the pinnacle of being a hipster. I feel like her and KStew would get along so, so well. I mean, it’s nice to see people interested in the arts and their place as an artist. That’s wonderful. I think as a society we’re losing s lot of humanity and the ability to connect on a deeper level, and it seems like a lot of people are pushing really hard back against that. But being up to date on pop culture or supporting your friend’s crappy photography does not make you more vapid, and it definitely doesn’t mean you lack substance as a person or an artist.

    I don’t know if twigs will get to that realization.

  20. platypus says:

    Wouldn’t you have to feel pretty basic yourself, to go so out of your way to be “different” in every way possible? I think it comes from a place of low self-esteem, more than anything (consciously or not). Distancing yourself to avoid being compared to others, or measured by conventional standards.

  21. Sammy says:

    For a “hom bod” , she sure spends a lot time in the streets, in clubs and bars. There is nothing wrong with being a homebody, nor it there anything wrong with having an active social life. There is something odd about needing to pretend you are a homebody, when you are always in the clubs and bars. They seem happy together. And both seem to like the night life and music scene. Why pretend? Be yourself! Twigs seems less and less genuine and more and more boringly annoying.

  22. Grace says:

    The racism is gross, but i love how Rob fans act like they didn’t bully Kristen for years. They are so blind to their own foul behavior. Some even had to be removed from premieres for tweeting that they were going to hit her. Now they still won’t let her move on and call her homophobic names and abuse her friends IGs because they can’t get to her. I think it’s safe to say that if you date Rpattz or any famous guy you better surround yourself in a bubble.

    I’ve never heard her music, so i can’t judge her on that, and i’m all for people being different and having their own style, but hers is terrible. And LOL at her acting as if she isn’t famous because of Rob and his fame. She might have had some cult success with her music but who had even heard of her before? She’s getting covers of magazines because of him so she might as well admit that he brought her into the mainstream.

    • Anname says:

      Grace, who has forgotten? The nonsten-types (if i can use that word) were awful, and all sane fans know that. But what is your point here? That twigs and her fans should just accept all of this because Kristen got hate too? Be sure to throw in your comment how awful she is too, since you know, that makes Kristen look better in some way, right?

      This article has absolutely nothing to do with Kristen. The racial attacks have nothing to do with Kristen. Kristen was sheltered from much of the online hate because she had no social media and fans had no direct access to her. Twigs uses her social media for her career, and she gets the ugliness everyday in a very direct way.

      • Grace says:

        My point is obvious – it’s the hypocrisy of his stans. They made Kristen’s life miserable for years- they even set up the grossest hate site i’ve ever seen and sent false stories to tabloids that were actually posted. Kristen has said that she keeps tabs on what is said about her because she never wants to be in the position of being surprised by a question when doing an interview. You really think she didn’t see/hear all of it? Don’t be naive. It’s all wrong, neither should have to deal with it. I never understood why Rob didn’t speak out, at least indirectly by talking about bullying. These people don’t believe they are bullies, maybe they would if their idol said it? They are suffering through it to be with him, after all!

        and yes, this post is relevant to Kristen. All his stans are acting like they are moral, butter wouldn’t melt saints, when the fact is they are the reason for all the drama in the first place. If they weren’t psychos from the beginning when they hated on Kristen for dating Rob, then there wouldn’t have been this big fandom drama. They can’t turn around and act shocked at one of his girlfriends getting abuse when THEY DISHED IT OUT FOR YEARS.

      • ORLY says:

        So what you’re say Grace, is that these hateful racists would have been nice to, and accepting of Twigs, had Rob’s fans loved Kristen?
        Robert and Kristen were part of Twilight and its fandom. Robert got a lot of hate from the Krisbians as well. Don’t rewrite history.

        Twigs has nothing to do with Twilight and its fandom. She shouldn’t be dealing with twihards.
        Robert has done other movies since (and during) Twilight, Twigs has nothing to do with those either. Twihards just won’t let Rob and Robsten go.

      • Div says:

        Grace, you keep saying social media harassment is wrong on all levels and neither should have to deal with it. Anname agrees with you, so I don’t get why you two are arguing. I know that is not what you are trying to say Grace, but it seems like you are insinuating that Twigs should just ignore it because other celebrities have had to deal with harassment. I get that it annoys you that some of his fans act like it’s only Kstew fans who are doing this when in reality some of them are just as bad if not worse, but you are missing the larger point and arguing over a tiny thing….the larger point is that social media harassment is not okay and you seem to be diminishing how hurtful it is by arguing over which fans (and I’m not saying all fans) are the most responsible for this behavior. At the end of the day, both of you are wrong in quibbling over the Rob fans/Kstew fans anyway because it’s mostly twi-hards.

      • Anname says:

        Grace – your defense of Kristen is misplaced. I am not being hypocritical, I agree (this is my 3rd time saying it) that there was a particular group of Rob fans who were despicable people. No one here is disputing that, yes?

        I think the nature of the attacks on twigs is racially toned, which adds a particular level of nastiness to it.
        I think the fact that twigs is on social media gives the haters a direct line to her. Kristen could filter it through her team. (And PLEASE do not even start the “Rob did nothing” discussion – you demean Kristen when you do that, suggesting that she was so weak or unable to ask him for help if that if what she wanted .)
        I think there is a still a level of animosity directed towards Kristen since she cheated on Rob, whereas twigs has done absolutely nothing that should concern kristen fans, she has no connection at all with her.

        I think twigs has nothing to do with Twilight or Kristen, so those people in that fandom should move the hell on.

      • Sammy says:

        Bullying, taunts and threats are wrong, racial threats are not worse. As a black woman, it is strange to me people believe all black people believe racial slurs are worse than other types of bullying. This woman needs to figure out how to deal with the hate. She should not have to, but them neither did Kristen or anyone else. This is the real world and this is a real world problem. Sad, but that is going to be her life. Look at Serena Williams, she still gets the hate.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        RE the Twi-hards and their hate toward KStew – That’s what happens when your fanbase is a bunch of little girls going through puberty. I’d like to think she knew this and so could let it roll off. It’s not like Meryl Streep or Dustin Hoffman were crituqing her. it was a bunch of dumb kids who go into hysterics at a Twilight move premier. The people who make up that fanbase aren’t rational and that’s being really nice.

  23. manda says:

    I hate the “basic” insult. Why can’t I like what I like without other people judging me on whether that stuff is worthy of liking?

  24. AlmondJoy says:

    Pretty sad that she’s getting so much hate online. I could care less about her not thinking she’s a hipster or even about how she looks, which seems to be the focus of many here. She’s a talented woman who is passionate about her work. And she’s been reduced to being just a n***** or monkey because she dared to date a popular white celeb. Disgusting. That’s the real issue here.

    • Shelley says:

      Agreed. What kind of psychos are we raising as society that they even go to the point of wishing death upon someone. All in the name of celebrities who don’t give a s*** about them when it really comes down to it.

    • Sammy says:

      @Almond Joy, if she wasn’t black, they would find something else to insult her about. That is just the way the internet works. That is certainly the way part of that fandom works, find something to insult. All parties involved get insulted about something.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Sammy, If she wasn’t black they wouldn’t have used a racial slur. You are correct that they may have called her ugly or used some other insult. But being called ugly or fat or skinny is not the same as being called the N-word. There’s serious and deep seated hate there.

      • Sammy says:

        @Almond Joy, I am a black female, living in the south (Georgia), for me an insult is an insult. Being called a racial slur is like any other insult. Of course I am only speaking for myself. People calling you names only hurts if you let it. As long as their are no physical threats, name calling doesn’t her me. She is a black female in the public eye, she needs to find a way to deal with it…… it is not going away.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Sammy, I’m a black female living in Maryland. (Not sure what this has to do with anything) I feel that she shouldn’t have to get used to being called the N-word or any other racial slur. Let’s agree to disagree.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      It is definitely the issue and yes, I’m quite close to using the dreaded H-word that I ha–dislike. ‘Oh, I don’t think she’s ugly because of her race, she’s just a person who happens to be ugly, regardless of her race. Let the people know.’

      Oh, well, then, that’s fine. Bombs away.

    • Kitten says:

      Agree with you 100% AlmondJoy. People are gross.

    • platypus says:

      I’ve not seen any of the comments/threats directed at her, only read about it in passing, but that must be so awful. Terrifying how many people willfully embrace a cult-like and violent mentality these days, along with people they’ve never met, and over such petty things. I’ve seen it so often lately in other contexts.

      • belle de jour says:

        platypus – someone sent me a compilation of comments for a project I was doing. The ones I (had to) read were beyond vile: I don’t want to contribute to their pile, but know that a whole sub-group of people refer to her as “It” – and they only get worse and physically threatening and relentlessly racist after that de-humanizing pronoun.

      • platypus says:

        Belle, that is just disgusting. I honestly can’t think of anyone who’d deserve such treatment, let alone for dating a movie star. It would be too easy to wish for her to keep rising above it, when really, those people should to be criminally prosecuted because I would be terrified to walk out the door if I was her.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I think that’s why she claims she is homebody. Not becuase she’s so non-basic, but because A) robsten fans abound and probably scare the crap out of her, and b) she’s been vilified and degraded re her heritage and looks. If people were calliing me “It” and “monkey”, I probably would avoid the public too. But claiming she is above normalcy is just a protective mechanism to avoid admitting fear and self-consciousness. That’s my theory.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I’ll take a step futher and say I also think that’s why she dresses and does her makeup, etc. so bizarre – because she’s been made to feel self-conscious about her looks. If she can’t fit in to mainstream beauty, she might as well go all out bizarro and claim it’s her style. It’s like when Miley Cyrus was being raked over the coals and her answer was that she dressed and made herself all weirded up on purpose. It’s a way of trying to say she’s being ugly on purpose. I don’t think either are ugly – different, but not ugly. I’d rather see them embrace their uniqueness and show us how beautiful they really are instead of dressing up like cartoon characters and calling it art.

      • platypus says:

        Totally agree, Jennifer.

  25. Shelley says:

    LMAO…Why are people here offended by her? Does the shoe fit? I really don’t get that she thinks she is better than people who like mainstream things.
    I will have to defend her here. So many people like and do things simply to fit in and be seen as cool. That is indeed basic. It’s so bad to be basic. That’s my new favourite line.

    • platypus says:

      I would agree, if not for the fact that her whole schtick seems based on being deliberately weird. People lose their subjectivity whether their goal is to be “cool”, or to be “different”, and both are equally off-putting.

      If people would just stop caring so much about how popular or original this or that is, and just go with whatever happens to strike their fancy, *that* would be pretty damn radical. Which I admit does not actually contradict what she’s saying, but she at least cares enough to make a point of the fact that she’s not “that kind of person”.

  26. Corrie says:

    Love her and her responses are classic. With so many trying to ride the gravy train of Mainstream, she’s like fuck that. Just heard Figure 8, added to playlist.

  27. Trinity says:

    Take two seconds and look at the racist abuse sent to her in 2015 and you will understand her responses. It’s not just as horrible as racist, it’s stalking, harassment and threats. Over a twilight couple. I wouldn’t have believed it’s as horrific as it is until you see it.

    Anyway, I don’t get she’s making a judgement on anyone else just how she likes things. Rare do we get free spirit thinking. I like her, can’t lie. We need more outliers.

  28. khaveman says:

    Well, THAT’s judgmental. Her look is basically copying Madonna. Lingerie has been so overdone, honey.

  29. Bobafelty says:

    Sparkles definitely has a type…slightly unwashed looking women. She looks like she is wearing her pajamas on stage. How hip and cool, snark.

  30. Anname says:

    I admire her work ethic and creativity a lot, and like her with Rob too. But this interview is not one of her best. I think she and the interviewer did not connect at all, and that comes through in the interview. Twigs has said many times she hates doing interviews, and sometimes she comes off cranky. The interviewer has been active on twitter, and retweeted one of the most racist haters in the fandom. Even when she was told about it, she left it up for 24 hours. The combo of twigs not in a cooperative mood, and seemingly bad chemistry with the interviewer, it didn’t turn out as well as it could have.

    She said once that she is totally fine with people disliking her style, her music, her videos, saying, “that’s the great thing about art, it’s not for everyone”. She knows once she puts herself out there she is fair game for that type of criticism. But the racial stuff is so awful, and that fact that much of it comes from Robsten/Kristen fans is beyond belief.

    • Grace says:

      Rob’s stans are real classy with their bullying and harassment of Kristen’s mom and friends… not to mention the homophobia..

      • Anname says:

        Grace – one does not excuse the other, as i pointed out before. There are plenty of Kristen fans who are homophobic too, as you are probably aware, just as there are Rob fans who are racist.

        Why you are here bemoaning Kristen’s situation is odd. No one is refuting that, and neither group of bullies is acceptable. But the article is about twigs racist attacks, which have ZERO to do with Kristen.

      • Div says:

        @AnnaMe, Grace,
        I don’t understand why you two are squabbling over which side of the fandom has the worst group of crazies (and no, I’m not saying all their fans are crazy) when the main point is about how evil this harassment (in this particular case, racist social media harassment) is and how bad trolls are….. Anname, you specifically seem to lay the blame at some fans of KStew when there are also Rob fans out there who are racist/homophobic in your OP, and think Grace is saying one excuses the other (which she is not); Grace, you are just being overly bitchy towards Anname and aren’t acknowledging that this article is about the racist hate that Twigs receives and is not about who you are a fan of.

        Anyway, 95% of the insanity arises from a group of twi-hards who are obsessed with the film Twilight and can’t recognize that “Edward” and “Bella” aren’t real people, and that the actors who play them aren’t anything like that in real life. Sure, a small percentage of the haters are RPattz fans and or KStew fans (and some are just regular old evil trolls), but this squabbling over who has some of the worst fans (and again, I’m not saying all of their fans are like that) just seems like a pointless fan war that isn’t even accurate because most of the “bad” ones are really the twi-hards who are fixated on both of KStew and RPattz and bemoan that they are nothing like their characters.

        Also, trying to pin it on a specific group of fans seems to distract from the point that internet harassment and is evil and horrible.

      • Anname says:

        Div – I have specifically acknowledged that Rob has racist fans, but I didn’t express clearly enough that I know very celebrity has their share of idiotic fans, and i totally agree with you on futility of the fan wars. The ones attacking twigs seem to primarily be ex-Rob fans, or those who are still mad Robsten is broken, or bitter kristen fans. Grace seems to fall into the last group – I find it difficult to resist responding to her, even though I know it’s taking part in the fandom war nonsense.

  31. stinky says:


  32. Mylene - Montreal says:

    i’m totally agree with her about hipters … they have a lots where i leave and i hate them .. they think they are better than everyone.

  33. EN says:

    For some reason it really bugged me that she said that Western society teaches that blond is beautiful etc. No, pop culture teaches that. Also, one day it teaches that small butt is beautiful and the next that big one is beautiful.
    White girls also have to deal with being perceived ugly or not beautiful enough, everybody has.
    I grew up in a country where everyone has straight limp hair, curls are considered beautiful. Now I live in the US where people iron their curls!
    At some point you just have to accept yourself just as you are, regardless of your race and looks because for many people you are never going to be good enough.

  34. Div says:

    I love her newish song “glass and patron,” but “figure 8″ seems a bit too similar to her older work. I’ve been a fan of Twigs since 2012, and she’s always been somewhat pretentious in the manner of James Franco, but that’s alright. I’m not sure why we as a society come down so hard on artsy types, even if they can be pretentious at times, and instead love when celebrities comment about how much they love reality TV. Different strokes for different folks. And yes, some of the twi-hards are absolutely insane and remind me of the 1Direction/Justin Bieber fans at times. I hope someone suggests to her that she hires a social media manager who can block, delete, and basically corral those bigoted and or cruel comments off her social media.

    • EN says:

      I don’t mind arrogant and pretentious people IF they have the talent to back it up, which she seems to have.
      I studied to be a scientist and majority of scientists are like that, they are arrogant, politically incorrect and don’t suffer fools gladly. And I still loved them for their minds.))

    • platypus says:

      There’s a flipside to every positive trait when it’s taken to the extreme. I think that’s OK to say, it shouldn’t take away form their work for those who appreciate it. If it does, there’s always plenty of perfectly manufactured pop stars to choose from.

  35. Rachel says:

    Isn’t she a hipster…? I mean, a hipster is a hipster because they think they’re unique and above it all – it’s practically the definition. And yet when you get a room of them together, you can’t help but notice they all look the same…

  36. Thalia says:

    Strange person!

  37. Lesa says says:

    This is what good music has come down to these days? Sorry, I’m not with it I guess. All the bizarre makeup and behavior are supposed to be attention getters but I just find it nauseating.

  38. LAK says:

    It’s so cute how determinedly she’s counter-culture. We’ll see if she’s really the next Bjork in that respect in a few years.