Is Taylor Swift buying a castle in Scotland to be closer to Calvin Harris?

Unable to find my chill because of @fettywap1738 singing 'Trap Queen' for 60,000 people in Seattle. Amazing night!!

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Do you ever look at Taylor Swift’s Instagram these days? It’s basically just Tay-Tay bragging about all of the celebrities she’s brought to the Dark Side. Last night, when she performed in Seattle, the special on-stage guest was…Fetty Wap, the singer of this summer’s most bizarre hit song about a loyal woman who stayed with him when he was a drug dealer, “Trap Queen.” So of course Fetty Wap came on stage with Swifty so that they could sing “Trap Queen” together for all of Swifty’s 14-year-old fans???? LOL. I mean, bless her heart. We would be slamming Swifty if she only friend-collected white people, so it’s sort of charming that Fetty Wap, Ciara, Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd have all been carefully curated for The Taylor Swift Friendship Stunting & Antiquing Experience.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has a new rumor about Taylor and Calvin Harris and I totally believe this. You know how Taylor real-estate-stalks her current and past boyfriends? It’s true – after Harry Styles dumped her, she went real estate shopping in London (she didn’t buy anything to my knowledge, but she did look). The second she started dating Conor Kennedy, she bought a place in Hyannisport (then she lied about it to Vanity Fair). Anyway, the Daily Mail says that she’s looking to buy a castle in Scotland. OF COURSE SHE IS.

She already owns enviable homes in the likes of New York, Beverly Hills and Nashville. But Taylor Swift, 25, is reportedly interested in snapping up a new addition to her property portfolio, with the star said to be eyeing up a stunning Scottish castle.

The Shake It Off singer is understood to have her heart set on the £4.6million Tower of Lethendy, located 14 miles north of Perth, so she can have a base close to boyfriend Calvin Harris’ family. The 16th Century estate is located just an hour’s drive from Edinburgh where Dumfries-born Calvin’s family live, with the US star getting serious with the producer and DJ, who she’s been dating since February.

Tower of Lethendy is certainly a home fit for the pop superstar, boasting eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms in the main house – a Scottish Baronial manor house which dates back to 1570 – as well as two gate lodges and two staff cottages. The estate also includes its own 18-hole golf course, heated swimming pool and tennis courts across the 40-acre site. Currently owned by a Canadian family, the interior of the mansion was given a huge overhaul twenty years ago with the estate used as a wedding and holiday venue.

[From The Daily Mail]

Since Taylor Swift is the prettiest and most popular princess in all the land, of course she should have her own castle and of course it should be in Scotland. As I said, this wouldn’t surprise me at all. I’m sure she does have some kind of fantasy about being in her Scottish castle with her Scottish DJ prince and a castle full of cats. #livingthedream #blessed


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30 Responses to “Is Taylor Swift buying a castle in Scotland to be closer to Calvin Harris?”

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  1. Saywhatwhen says:

    But of course she is…SWF-style. The break-up will be epic!

  2. Sullivan says:

    A castle in Scotland sounds romantic.

  3. Chelsey says:

    Why would she need a castle in Scotland to be closer to him…doesn’t he live in LA?

  4. Allie says:

    I’m torn because while this sounds like something she would do, I honestly find this romance fake. She needed a PR romance to make it seem like she could keep a boyfriend longer than a few week and then have material for her next album.

  5. Ankhel says:

    I don’t doubt this. Calvin dear, find out if this castle has dungeons. If it does, RUN.

  6. Nonny says:

    Urghhh, we don’t want her in Scotland. Please keep her your side of the pond……please……

  7. Here or there says:

    Ridiculous. She’d show up for 2 weeks and then be sick of the rain, guaranteed.
    The story might have been planted by the sellers to drum up interest in the property.

    -AmExpat in Scotland.

  8. Regarded says:

    If this really is how Taylor thinks, I’ll never understand it. But then again, I don’t have the money to buy some random castle in Scotland that I am unlikely to visit frequently, so…

    • Antonym says:

      I don’t have the money to buy some random castle in Scotland that I WOULD visit frequently…

  9. Skins says:

    Used to like Swifty, but she is just so over-exposed anymore I just can’t take it. Also, 1989 does nothing for me. Don’t like any of the songs. Bad Blood is just stupid. Just anything she puts out sells. Also, this romance seems fake to me. Just good business for both of them

  10. Eve says:

    “It’s basically just Tay-Tay bragging about all of the celebrities she’s brought to the Dark Side”.

    Oh, hell, NO!

    Lord Vader would like to have a word (plus some choking) with you, Kaiser.

  11. Mimz says:

    Of course she is.

    What High school mentality and too much money can accomplish? Our teenage selves most stalkerish dreams.

  12. Snazzy says:

    Those garter boots with the white outfit? Horrid

  13. INeedANap says:

    Girl, dump the d0uchey DJ boyf and just get the castle.

  14. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I can see wanting a castle–I’d love one! But I can only see Taylor buying it so she can be near Calvin. She’s a savvy businesswoman most of the time but about 12 when it comes to boyfriends

  15. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    This is the same person who bought a compound in Hyannis Port when she was dating a Kennedy, so I put nothing past her. I think Taylor is a little bit unstable.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I think she’s a bit impulsive with her boyfriend real estate purchases, but you wouldn’t have to convince me hard to buy a Scottish castle. And that one is very pretty.

  17. Dvaria says:

    didnt she try buying a house in london when she was dating harry styles too?
    this girl cray.

  18. Cindy says:

    Uh oh
    This is a little weird. If the relationship is serious enough, why not move in together. Buying a house nearby someone you are dating, but who is not ready to live with you, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Also, if they have talked about living together and CH said he’s not ready, just stay with him when you visit. Don’t just buy a house next to him, jeez!

  19. Kro says:

    Hate to say this, but you can REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLLLY tell that they’re implants in some of those photos…

    On another note…of course she wants castle. Of course she does.

  20. ickythump says:

    And she can buy a Rapunzel wig and he can climb up it to rescue her from her teenage self… Dont we have enuf airhead celebs buying up Scotland? barf…and take Trump n his golf courses with you.

  21. Mixtape says:

    My favorite part is that it used to be used as a wedding venue. No advanced bookings for Tay-Tay!

  22. Jess says:

    Why would she buy a castle in Scotland when Calvin Harris lives in LA?

  23. supposedtobeworking says:

    A lot of rich people have houses in and around Hyannis Port. IDK.

  24. CK says:

    I hope she settles down and gets married before she hits 35-40. If she’s doing stuff like this now, I’m sure she’ll be going full Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction in 10 to 20 years.

  25. Original T.C. says:

    Maybe buying houses close to her boyfriends is her version of laying a claim since they probably turn down offers from her to wear diamond dog collards with her initials. LOL. At least she can make a profit when this relationship ends in a year or less.