Halle Berry dances to the “Halle Berry she’s fine” YouTube phenom on Ellen

Halle Berry was on Ellen yesterday to promote her new Coty perfume “Halle.” Ellen showed Halle YouTube videos of people dancing to the song “She’s Fine (Halle Berry)” by Hurricane Chris. You can see the videos Ellen features on the show on the clip above and there are more available by searching for “Halle Berry dance” on YouTube. Berry was a good sport and when Ellen played the song she got up and did a little dance along with it.

Berry also talked about how it felt to be named the sexiest woman alive by GQ Magazine.

“You know what’s cool about it? I had just given birth to a baby…

The cool thing was some man in a room could think that a woman was sexy after being 42 and just having a child. That’s a cool thing for women.”

Halle also mentioned her one year old daughter Nahla. She called her “fantastic,” but admitted she’s a lot of work, explaining “she’s a year old now and I just got my first full night of sleep last night.”

Ellen tried to do her bit to help promote Halle’s perfume by pouring it into two tumblers full of ice and actually drinking it. Halle took a taste and made an awful face. Don’t try this at home. Perfume is for external use only. Dancing like Halle won’t cause internal damage, though, and you may get a few seconds worth of fame out of it if you upload it to YouTube.

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  1. Chicoulino says:

    Halle Berry has a beautiful skin color.Ellen is soooo funny!

  2. mhjmc says:

    I love her .. she has such a great sense of humor and Ellen is just over the top!! They both seem like down to earth people not overly effected by stardom!!

  3. Ash says:

    oh my God, that just made my morning. That was so cute. *goes back to designing reports for work*

  4. Elle says:

    Hahaha This made my day! Love them both.