Miles Teller almost got into a fistfight with the director on the ‘Fantastic Four’ set


This weekend was another sad weekend box office for Fantastic Four. It was kind of the reboot that no one wanted, and instead of meeting expectations, it’s easily the most poorly-reviewed superhero film in years. F4 only made $25.6 million last weekend (they were hoping for $40-50 million) and this weekend, the film only brought in $8 million. Box office analysts are calling it a “plunge” and a “nose dive.” I feel sorry for Michael B. Jordan and that’s about it.

Because of F4’s notable failure, the blame game began immediately. If we’re being honest, the blame game started when they were still making the film, because there were widespread reports of on-set friction, temper tantrums and general unpleasantness. THR did a great breakdown of all of the stuff that went wrong – go here to read. The first story is hilarious and sad – director Josh Trank tweeted (then quickly deleted) that he “made a fantastic version” of F4 that audiences would “probably never see” but his version is “better than 99 percent of the comic-book movies ever made.” One cast member replied: “I don’t think so.” Who was the cast member? I don’t know. But it could have been Miles Teller, because Miles and Trank almost got into a fistfight making the film:

There’s been a lot of finger-pointing in the aftermath of the $120 million movie’s disastrous $26 million opening weekend, which actually began with director Josh Trank’s Twitter-diss of the film on the eve of its release. The latest behind-the-scenes allegations finds Trank almost throwing down with star Miles Teller, who played Reed Richards in the Marvel mishap.

Trank initially fought hard to get Teller cast in the film, winning out over Fox’s objections. But the director and actor’s relationship later turned sour. According to a story in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, Trank and Teller did not get along on the set of the film; Trank was allegedly withdrawn during production, and Teller is frequently sarcastic, making for a bad combination. Things got so bad at one point, in fact, that Trank and Teller’s disagreement brought them chest-to-chest, daring one another to throw the first punch (Teller didn’t have the benefit of Mr. Fantastic’s super-stretchy arms in real life).

Neither man actually ended up throwing a punch, but it doesn’t seem as if the rest of the shoot went much better; previous reports from sources from the set have sources calling Trank’s behavior towards cast and crew abusive and cold, especially toward Kate Mara, who got the role of Sue Storm over his objections.

Trank also reportedly got into hot water with the owners of the house that he was renting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the film was shot. Things got a bit more violent there; his dogs supposedly ripped the place up, and he allegedly defaced the owner’s family photos when he was being evicted.

All through post-production, as the film gained bad buzz, Trank tried to defend what was becoming less and less his movie, but news of on-set meltdowns and the near-brawl with Teller make it clear that this film was destined to take it on the chin.

Despite Fantastic Four’s fantastic failure at the box office, Fox hasn’t said anything about the June 2017 date it set for a sequel. One thing’s for sure: If the Four franchise goes forward, Trank — who recently left his gig as director of one of the new Star Wars films — won’t be at the helm.

[From Yahoo]

Sounds about right. What I find slightly interesting – ??? – is that the F4 cast seemed pretty tight during promotional rounds. It could be that they were simply acting, or it could be that they were united behind a common enemy, an enemy who happened to be the director. And while Miles Teller is a noted douchebag, would anyone really blame him for getting into a fistfight with a dysfunctional director?


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  1. Starrywonder says:

    I feel sorry for Michael B Jordan too.

    That said this movie was a mess. It was like two movies fitted together into one movie. We don’t need another origin story, that said, if you decide to change things up like they did for this one, you need to have a better backstory. Ben is all of a sudden just a friend of Miles character and is not a pilot? Sue is just there kind of hanging out? How do people keep messing up Doctor Doom?


  2. Grace says:

    The precarious conditions probably bonded them. It#s really shitty of him to treat Kate badly just because she wasn’t his top pick. Be professional. How can an actress do her best when she knows the director has dismissed her before she walked on set.

    • Jen says:

      I agree, the cast probably knew this was a sinking ship and bonded over how he treated them-the fact that he basically iced Kate Mara out because she wasn’t his first choice makes me OK with Miles being a dick, here! Remember when George Clooney tried to beat up David O Russell because of how he was treating the crew? Seems like a director should realize treating certain cast and crew members poorly is a quick way to get everyone to hate you and/or the project.

  3. Kiddo says:


  4. Alyce says:

    This guy is such a little sh*t.

  5. Talie says:

    That Kate Mara story is cringe-worthy — that must be rough when the director doesn’t want you.

  6. QQ says:

    Poor Michael B Jordan Indeed, I can’t Muster a Single F*ck for a Bratty director or Teller or the low forehead girl or another gd Superhero Movie

  7. OrigialTessa says:

    I have this irrational need for Miles Teller to fail miserably. He just irks me to no end.

    • mom2two says:

      I feel the same way about him. His interviews are always so off putting. However, if this is true, I think Trank was deserving of a punch from Miles. The rumor going around is that Trank treated Kate Mara badly because the studio wanted her in the role and he didn’t. The studio did not want Miles Teller and Trank fought for him to get the role.
      Some other of the articles are saying, while he was awful to Kate Mara, he gave the rest of the cast a hard time too.

      • OrigialTessa says:

        Yes, clearly Trank is never getting a studio job again. He’s a loose cannon. Reminds me of the guy that directed the third Twilight. Total d-bag.

      • insomniac says:

        Yeah — I’m not a Miles Teller fan at all, but if this article is true, it sounds like Trank out-douched him in a major way.

    • Snazzy says:

      Me too! I just want him to go away

    • Alex says:

      I dislike him immensely as well but I will back him on this…the director was a Grade A asshat. He bullied Kate Mara repeatedly as well. This guy is going to have a hard time ever getting a big studio to trust him with a movie.
      If they do move forward with this they need a writer to turn the ship around. It wasn’t the cast it was the writing and directing that sunk it
      I feel sorry for Michael and Kate but that’s it

    • NUTBALLS says:

      The way he dissed Simmons and Cusack, I do too.

  8. kri says:

    Miles Teller has the face of a politician. So smug, so smirky, so…slappable.

    • SypherMomma says:

      Couldn’t agree more, I just can’t with this guy….Whiplash was amazing, but I only watched it because of J.K. Simmons. Who is widely regarded as a wonderful costar, but this little shit couldn’t get along with him?

    • Lilacflowers says:

      He and Ted Cruz look like brothers.

    • holly hobby says:

      He could play Kevin Spacey’s son in House of Cards! Yeah he has resting douche face all right.

  9. MonicaQ says:

    I only saw the first F4 movie after the Avengers came out because I went, “Shirtless Chris Evans? I can do that.” (Yes, I’m thirstier than a camel after a 40 day hike across the Sahara, whatever.) and that movie was BAD. HORRIBLE. It made me not trust any Marvel movie that is NOT put out by Disney.

    This just reaffirms I’m not a single finger glass push neckbeard mountain dew cheeto muching elitist. Something just gets lost. Even Ant-man did at least “ok”.

    • Algernon says:

      There’s a quote in one of these Fantastic Four flop rundowns from an unnamed source at Fox, I think, who said something like, “Say what you will about Marvel, at least they have a vision.” Marvel’s movies may or may not be your thing, but you have to give them credit for figuring out how to consistently make movies people actually like.

  10. StormsMama says:

    I like Miles Teller. I do not want to believe he’s a douche. He has a douche face but I think it works for him and will work for him over time- it’s kind of classic and flexible in range- think young Deniro meets Cusack. I’m sure I’ll get ripped apart but so far everything I’ve seen him in, he’s notable and yes, good.

    The director sounds like a wanker.

    • Les Kat says:

      I have to admit, I like him too, in spite of his atrocious press. He has talent, (Whiplash stuck with me for days) that seems obvious. I also believe he has douche tendencies, but I would bang it like a screen door.

    • Kiddo says:

      🔴 MILES TELLER 🔴

    • FingerBinger says:

      I’m starting to like him too.

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah, he’s rocking the Gwyneth face.

    • Franca says:

      Read any interview with him and you will believe he’s a douche, trust me.

    • Andria says:

      I like him even though he is a douche. I think he is talented and charismatic, and that is what the job requires. I first saw him in Incredible Now, and his performance was amazing. If he stops at douche and doesn’t become frankly abusive, and I don’t care if he’s a little cocky or has resting dick face.

    • amilue says:

      I like him, too. I watched “Two Night Stand” on a whim on a day off a few months ago, and he totally won me over. Now I can’t not watch it any time I see it’s on cable. So bad. So good.

  11. Franca says:

    I feel sorry for Jamie Bell.

    • Armenthrowup says:

      Yes! Thank you, poor Jamie :(

    • JoanEleanor says:

      On a positive note, he seems to get the least attention out of the whole movie production so I guess in the long run this movie might not haunt him for the rest of his life.

  12. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    On Reddit,Twitter,IMDB and others,you can find many gossips on the filming and all blame the director .He was toxic,awful,abusive or even some days he didn’t come on set .

    • jinni says:

      I’m sure if this movie had been a success Hollywood would continue to give him jobs and call him a genius even though he’s an abusive asshat, just like that director that’s doing The Revenant movie.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        For The Revenant,you can blame the weather ,Tom Hardy and WB also.Inarritu is maybe an asshole but he is talented and he makes good movies
        Here it looks like American Hustle filming. If AH fails ( in my opinion,the former script was better) it is because of DOR ( his directing,his script ).

      • Algernon says:

        Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is undoubtedly talented, but there are some disturbing stories from The Revenant about the crew and cast, especially the stunt performers, working in dangerous conditions. Quentin Tarantino, who I believe is both a spaz and a jerk, also filmed a Western in cold/snowy conditions, but no one has lodged complaints about safety against him. Yes, Inarritu set a challenge for himself, to film in natural light and the cold/snow, but he’s crossed a line as far as I’m concerned. Once personal safety is being threatened for a *movie*, the director needs to be reined in. No movie is worth risking life and limb. (And don’t forget, a crew member did die on a movie set because of lacking safety precautions within the last few years, so it’s not an unreasonable thought, to put people’s safety ahead of a **movie**.)

      • Dara says:

        @Algernon, I absolutely agree. It sounds like Inarritu has gone to far. No amount of ‘vision’ or ‘genius’ will earn you a pass from me if you jeopardize other people’s safety in order to make a movie. Film crews are used to long hours in horrible conditions working for self-absorbed directors so if they start quitting in droves that should be the first clue that a line has been crossed. The Revenant isn’t a documentary – you don’t need to actually give someone hypothermia to make it look real – that’s why you hire talented actors, so they can ACT like they are miserable.

    • PennyLane says:

      This is what happens when you put a 29-year-old in charge of a $120 million superhero movie. (Would that job have ever been given to a female 29-year-old director?)

      There are a lot of skill sets required for a project that large – prioritizing a budget, keeping to a shooting schedule, maintaining ongoing communications with the studio, and not having a nervous breakdown, for example – that are unrelated to the actual ‘directing’ of the film on-set.

      If this director had been given steadily more complex projects before this huge one he could at least have learned on the job. Instead it sounds like he choked due to some personal shortcomings that would have been revealed over time if he hadn’t been given the keys to the kingdom.

      In my opinion, the studio executives who approved this director and this script should be taking a long, hard look in the mirror if they want to see where this project went wrong.

  13. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    I saw the movie yesterday and the 1rst part is decent but after it is BAD ( the story,the characters,FX,the edit )

  14. Naddie says:

    Another F4 movie, WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?? Of course it would bomb.

  15. Moxie Remon says:

    I feel sorry for Michael, but i’m sorry for Toby Kebbell too. So underused, so poorly written. He’s a terrific actor, trying to be more mainstream and this is what happens.

    • mom2two says:

      The good thing for the cast is they are not getting the blame for the movie’s failure. The blame is really going on Trank (and deservedly it sounds like) and the studio is getting their share too.
      I do think the cast will be fine career wise.

    • Ashling says:

      Toby is great. On the bright side, so few people went to see this movie that it shouldn’t hurt the actors’ careers.

  16. Ashley says:

    I dont think the cast hates each. I think Miles and Michael are supposed to be in another movie together. And they’ve attended parties for each other in the past so they’re friends.

  17. Lila says:

    Marvel could’ve easily made a Black Widow film or start up The Runaways (a comic about teen scientists- interesting characters) but no they decided to reboot the failure from 10 years ago. Karma? Yes. Also, Miles Teller thinks he’s the second coming of De Niro/ Pacino or some legend; calm down honey. Even during awards season he was so arrogant about not getting “enough praise” for his performance in Whiplash. Alicia Vikander caught the same bug.

    • MonicaQ says:

      Fox choose to remake this so they didn’t lose the rights to Disney. Marvel is spaced across two companies.

    • Tig says:

      I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of the Sony/Marvel deal (see comment above about not watching a Marvel movie not made by Disney)- but evidently Sony has to churn out F4 and Spider-Man movies every so often or they lose the rights to the characters. However, if they can’t make money making films out of F4-”let it go” (sorry, couldn’t resist!). Miles was good in Whiplash- see him more as a supporting actor, as opposed to a lead. This director prob needs to get in touch with Rupert Sanders- they’ll be in director’s jail for a looong time.

    • Ashling says:

      This wasn’t made instead of a Black Widow movie as Marvel Studios didn’t make this movie. Fox studios licensed the F4 before Marvel had their own movie studio. Fox has to make new F4 movies every 7? Years or they lose the rights to make the movies and F4 reverts back to Marvel Studios.

      • MonicaQ says:

        This. X-Men, F4, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Daredevil, and Elektra are owned by Fox. Everything else is Disney/Marvel Studios.

        If you’ll notice in the Avengers 2 they never refer to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as “mutants”. Mutants = X-Men and Disney cannot cross the streams so to speak because Fox will not play ball.

  18. Hannah says:

    People may not like miles teller from his interviews but it doesn’t sound like he’s a douche of this story. If the director was abusive towards mara this is so much worse than some wisecracking, up himself actor ( trust me there are lots of them, most of them just hide it in interviews) an abusive, mean director is poison for a movie set. It drags down the morale of the entire cast and crew.

  19. meme says:

    I don’t feel sorry for anyone; they read they script, took the money and signed on. The cast alone makes it a bomb. I don’t get why Mara gets any jobs because she can’t act. Miles Teller is going to flush his career down the toilet because he’s a douche extraordinaire. Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan will be fine. They’re not superstars and never will be, but they’ll always have work.

    • Leah says:

      Thats what you took from this article? It sounds like the director is the one who is flushing his career down the toilet going by this article.

  20. lucy2 says:

    I feel bad for Mara if she was treated badly simply because he didn’t want her there, and for Micahel B Jordan, who is so wonderfully talented but can’t seem to get the really big break he deserves.
    The director sounds like a nightmare, and I hope isn’t given any other jobs for a while.

  21. Jess says:

    Think I’m the only person who actually liked this movie, but I’ve never seen any of the others and I had no idea what it was about. My boyfriend dragged me to it and my daughter was also dying to go, I was impressed. There were cheesy parts but overall I enjoyed it. I love stories that involve other dimensions and the possibilities there. I also think Miles did a pretty good job playing a younger character, and you see him transition into a more confident young man, he played the part well.

  22. Izzy says:

    Regardless of Teller’s attitude, or the studio’s meddling, Josh Trank’s behavior was ATROCIOUS during the making of F4, and I have no doubt it affected morale on set. I don’t know what transpired that almost brought them to blows, but I’m inclined to say good on Miles Teller for standing up to that asshat Trank.

  23. kris says:

    Someone needs to tell this little sh*t that he is the only one who thinks he’s cool. I’m over his smug face.

  24. Nephelim says:

    It´s just me, or there many franchises bombing in the cinema this year?

  25. Skedaddle says:

    Still love him. Trank sounds like a grade A asshole tbh. Poor Kate. I always wondered if Miles had been in that interview where she got creeped on if he would have said something (I get why Jaime and Michael didn’t, it happened so fast, but still I just wanted someone to tell those guys to f*** off lmao)

  26. Eru says:

    I fell sorry for Kate Mara. I like her. But she was miscast. She is too small. They were all miscast. Who knew that one day original cast would be compared and Evans, Alba, Gruffudd and Chiklis would look like very good choices,

  27. Chuck says:

    Miles Teller is a phenomenal actor. Like, freakishly good. I actually really like him. Whiplash, Rabbit Hole and the Spectacular Now are testament to that. Yes it was all about JK Simmon’s and rightly so, but that movie was a two hander and I thought Miles Teller was robbed at the last lot of award shows. He blew me away in it- those drum scenes! Incredible. Yeah, he can come across as kind of douche bro but I find his honesty about himself and his career extremely refreshing and kind of endearing. He’s scrappy. I’m rooting for him.