Miley Cyrus disses Nicki Minaj’s ‘angry’ VMA complaints: ‘you made it about you’

Miley Cyrus

This Sunday’s VMAs should be a blast because they’re usually the most outrageous awards show of the year. In addition, Miley Cyrus is hosting, and Nicki Minaj will open the show. Yesterday, MTV bosses put out the word that they have placed no restrictions upon Miley. VMA executive producer Garrett English said, “We’re giving her pretty free rein … no rules … Miley has been fantastic.” Will Miley host the whole show while naked? This is going to be so “scandalous.”

An actual scandal is brewing right now after an interview Miley gave to the New York Times. The journo asked Miley about Nicki Minaj’s complaints after “Anaconda” didn’t nab Best Choreography or Best Video of the Year noms. Nicki’s position was that if she was a “different” type of artist, she would have been nominated. She makes an interesting point, as Miley won Video of the Year after straddling a wrecking ball without wearing clothes. Nicki implied that naked white ladies get all the nominations for being sexy, but anyone else gets shunned.

Miley responded to Nicki’s position in this NYT interview. Basically, Miley disregards the entire race issue because Nicki is angry, not nice and, “You made it about you.” Miley says she’s aware of so many social issues, so lay off already:

On her VMA scandal of 2013: “When you look at it now, it looks like I’m playing hopscotch. Compared to what I do now, it looks like nothing. I can’t believe that was a big deal. It wasn’t shocking at all. I was staying at the Trump Hotel and Donald Trump literally called and said, basically, ‘I know everyone’s talking about it, but I loved it.’ I had no idea anyone was talking about it yet. Even people around me really judged me. People that I really loved and thought were my friends judged me for it. They were like, ‘You were on drugs when you did that performance.’ I did nothing! I still don’t get it. I became that girl – I was the face of twerking, which didn’t really matter. That wasn’t what it was about.”

On Nicki Minaj’s VMA complaints: “I saw that. I didn’t really get into it. I know there was some beef. I don’t really know. There’s a way to talk to people … I didn’t follow it. You know what I always say? Not that this is jealousy, but jealousy does the opposite of what you want it to — that’s a yoga mantra. People forget that the choices that they make and how they treat people in life affect you in a really big way. If you do things with an open heart and you come at things with love, you would be heard and I would respect your statement. But I don’t respect your statement because of the anger that came with it. You made it about you. Not to sound like a bitch, but that’s like, ‘Eh, I didn’t get my V.M.A.’ If you want to make it about race, there’s a way you could do that. But don’t make it just about yourself. Say: ‘This is the reason why I think it’s important to be nominated. There’s girls everywhere with this body type.’ What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind. It’s not very polite. I think there’s a way you speak to people with openness and love. You don’t have to start this pop star against pop star war. I know you can make it seem like, Oh I just don’t understand because I’m a white pop star. I know the statistics. I know what’s going on in the world. But to be honest, I don’t think MTV did that on purpose.”

[From New York Times]

What’s up with the Trump namedropping? So strange. Miley also admits she doesn’t really watch MTV (who does?), and she doesn’t know most of the nominees. Like I said, this will be an interesting show, and I look forward to seeing Miley and Nicki dodge each other on the red carpet. So far, Nicki hasn’t responded on Twitter, and it must be tearing her up not to fire back.

Nicki Minaj

Miley Cyrus

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  1. Ummm. says:

    You know what would really be shocking? If she put her boobs away and actually said something thought provoking.

    So tired of this one.

    • Cleo says:

      Agreed. Miley Cyrus gets read for FILTH in this piece for ‘whitesplaining to Nicki,’ in the Daily Beast.

      • Abbott says:

        “A white pop star who accessorizes blackness shouldn’t be so quick to tell a black artist how they should talk about racism. Maybe Miley Cyrus has heard the criticism, but she definitely hasn’t listened to it. ”

        That whole article is amazing. Thanks for posting, Cleo!

      • Amelia says:

        That article is absolutely brilliant 👌🏻

      • Alex says:

        Brilliant. I absolutely loathe when white people try to explain what race mean to me as a WOC. Like no. Be an ally but don’t try to explain MY feelings about an issue you will never deal with.
        Not only that but thanks for using the tired angry black woman trope Miley. Just goes to show that no matter how “aware” she thinks she is…Miley is still a privileged white girl from the south. Smh

      • Fergus says:

        Yeah, the ole angry black woman trope is really rage-making. The folks who have the most reason to be pissed off are told to “respond with an open heart.” Barf. Talk about a controlling process. Feeling angry is authentic.

        I love Nicki. I don’t care if she’s “not too kind” or “not very polite.” Who cares? She’s a fantastically talented and empowered artist.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Wow that link was everything, right near the end it got so damn good I was shouting “Yes!” out loud. Miley is yet another clueless pretentious white feminist (brand, not individual) thinking that someone not rah-rah-ing behind her like a cheerleader means their point doesn’t matter. The Cynthia/Chuckie doll hybrid can go kick rocks.

      • jenn12 says:

        Utterly brilliant article. As for Miley: “I know what’s going on in the world, but I was in the Trump tower, and he was calling me to tell me I was awesome….” You’re a rich white kid who complains about how you were wronged as a kid, uses people of color and physical challenges as props onstage, and then insists you know exactly what’s going on and an actual African-American should sit down and not get so darned angry about racism, when she should talk quietly. She and MTV deserve each other.

      • Mary s says:

        Miley should read the article because it explained about the VMAs and racism, and it was also polite, not angry, and written with openness and love. smh, Miley.
        And I love the Anaconda video.

      • Serf says:

        Great article but they should update it with sentense saying if WoC like N Minaj or Rosie Perez abuse white girl, producers will force her to say public sorry. if white girl like Miley or Kelly abuse a PoC thats ok, atleast she isnt PC.

      • Sarah says:

        This article is very insightful. Miley have co-opted or accessorized “blackness” to help her own career. Fine and dandy but don’t tell a big leaguer like Nicki Minaj how to feel about it.

        Point 2 : Miley is not terribly bright. She is a good hearted attention seeker of a former Disney princess. I don’t expect her to say anything insightful even when she tries to do exactly that. I’m glad I went through my ’20’s in a pre-twitter era.

      • jenn12 says:

        Of course, Miley is also the one who was photographed with a bunch of white friends making slant eyes while the one Asian person sat there uncomfortably, and she found an excuse for that. She also mocked Amanda Bynes and Sinead O’Connor for struggling with mental illness, and intimated she was too busy to respond to a well meaning letter because she was hosting and performing on SNL, sending a clear and nasty message. She hasn’t changed at all. How is she good hearted, as one poster suggested?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      miley is stuck in a 2013 rut. She just keeps doing the same thing over and over. Pasties and tongue aren’t shocking, they are redundant. The pictures from 2013 could have been taken last week, that’s how little she’s evolved since then.

    • Sam says:

      I’m getting the feeling that Miley feels the need to keep shocking. Okay, the first time you did the pasties and twerking and tongue it was shocking. It’s not now. Either evolve or people are going to forget you. But I don’t think she has the capacity to evolve, so she’s doing this.

      And while Taylor has her issues, I don’t recall Taylor parading around on stage, grabbing and smacking black womens’ butts. Just saying.

      When it comes to Miley, I always think of that Renne Zellwegger scene in Empire Records – “Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior!” It’s that come to life.

    • Shaz says:

      Cyrus is lucky to have friends who would tell her the truth – too bad she doesn’t listen.

    • DrM says:

      My thoughts exactly. What the VMA’s are going to be is BORING. I’m over both Cyrus and Minaj’s antics and seriously I think I’d rather go watch the weather channel than tune into any of the VMA nonsense

  2. Santia says:

    Nicki can’t respond because Miley is THE woman at the awards this year. It would be crazy for her to do that on the eve of the awards.

    Trump is hot right now, so everyone is trying to hitch their wagon to his name. Ridiculous.

    “But to be honest, I don’t think MTV did that on purpose.” That’s exactly the point, privileged white girl. Nicki (as much as I dislike her) made a point about latent and implicit bias: “naked, skinny white girls are “beautiful” and should be awarded; naked voluptuous brown girls should be downed.”

    • Grace says:

      yet Beyonce and Rihanna are like the queens of music right now and they are not generally fans of wearing a lot of clothes so?

      Nikki’s video was dumb but i also thought Taylor’s was pretty bad, but Taylor is still at the point where she can do almost no wrong. She is getting everybody onside – all the celebs, Apple, Obama etc. Even Katy Perry said that Taylor is America’s sweetheart and Kanye West did a lot to send her on the way by ruining her big graduation moment. So no, i’m not surprised that Taylor was nominated, but i can’t put it down to racism when Beyonce and Rihanna are shining bright, and even Fka twigs who is weird/polarizing was nominated for artist of the future or whatever.

      • ICY says:

        Typical response from someone who lives in the bubble white world. Beyonce and Rihanna are the epitome of tokenism. Let me stop because you still wouldnt get it.

      • Ginger says:

        Lol, you just inadvertently made Nickis broader point for her. Bey and Riri are the “queens of music” and yet they are routinely locked out of the major awards. Rihanna isnt even nominated for BBHMM. Beyonce has 53 Grammy noms and 20 wins, NONE of which are album of the year. Infact you have to go back to 2005 to find a black winner of the big prize and that was Ray Charles posthumously. Wanna bet the academy was shamed by the fact he had never won it?! Now let me pre-empt all those “maybe the blacks just didnt deserve it..” How many of the winning albums of the last decade even managed to cross over? How many winners can you name, how many of those albums lived beyond that one brief evening? And how curious is it that some of those winners didnt win the best artistes awards, most of which went to black acts?

        Nickis video was dumb and Mileys video was dumb. Miley got her VMA nom for being a “cultural moment”, Nickis video WAS a cultural moment. One won the big award, the other was only nominated for ancillary awards. Why the hell do you think Kanye was so mad at Beyonces snubbing in favor of Taylor? Beyonces Single Ladies video is still referenced, who even rememberds what video Taylor won for?

      • annaloo. says:

        Nickis video was dumb and Mileys video was dumb.


        And MTV reducing Beyonce and Rihanna to “tokenism” .. I don’t see that. Sorry. Slit me with an angry response. I see more tokenism happening if you’re a Big Girl, an Older Performer, a Gay Star or a Weirdo Artist.

      • Fergus says:

        All videos are dumb in a way. I wasn’t a Nicki fan until the Anaconda video. It was fun and cheeky, and you could tell she enjoyed making it.

      • MooHoo says:

        I found Minaj’s video disgusting, despite whatever positive message she was trying to bring across. That said, I don’t rate the competition either. Nothing compares to the videos of the 80s eh?

      • Val says:

        @Ginger Rihanna isn’t nominated because BBHMM JUST missed the nomination window (by a few days iirc)! Otherwise you better bet it would be up there, lol.

        With regards to Miley, I do agree in that Nicki made it about her – if she actually wanted to talk about race she could have done it in a much better way, instead of sounding petty and jealous. If she wants to speak up about race, great! But do it in a constructive way (a la Amandla Stenberg) , not in an entitled angry way. Nicki complained that no videos of volumptuous women were nominated… but the only female videos were Beyoncé’s 7/11 (which is her and her dancers) and Bad Blood, which is blah, but full of famous people, so whatever. Kendrick Lamar’s Alright is nominated, which is a commentary on society today and is a beautiful vid. Why didn’t Nicki support and encourage people to look at that?! If she REALLY felt that way about the subject.
        I feel like people made Nicki’s comment about race, instead of what it actually was – an angry jealous pop star whining that she didn’t get recognition. Anaconda was a terrible video (and song) and did not deserve to be video of the year, sorry Nicki.

      • Chichi says:


        Firstly are you suggesting we should only speak on discrimination when it doesnt affect us personally. Even if she wouldnt have spoken up for another artist (you dont know that!), so what? She was unfairly locked out by a culture that rewards a pancake assed twerker with a hosting gig but sneers at the “crassness” of black apple shaped asses twerking. She is rightto stand up for herself, theres nothing noble about hiding in the corner hoping some white/male savior will do it for you. Sorry it makes people uncomfortable when black people demand better for themselves.

        Also, she intentionally goes into “whte mean girl” voice for the “look at her butt” line, which features multiple times in.the song. You would have to be willfully blind not to see what shes communicating with that. And then theres the final line in the song, a proud declarative “I got a big fat ass!” If you grew up hearing “big fat ass” used as an ugly descriptor, that line is very liberating.

      • Bridget says:

        @Chichi: you can’t give Nicki credit for the “Look at her butt” voice and line when she was imitating the original voice. That line and it’s intonation is iconic. You could stand up right now and say “Oh my god Becky, Look at her butt” and I can guarantee you someone could finish it for you.

        Nicki’s own contributions to the song Anaconda are actually pretty minimal.

      • Luca76 says:

        @Chichi in answer to your first question no that’s not my point. I just meant that Miley touched upon Nikki’s weakness in this whole thing. That doesn’t invalidate the whole argument on appropriation to say that Nikki is in it for the awards. It’s sort of analogous to Megan Kelly one can disagree with the sexist way she’s been treated but still call her out for not being a feminist ally. (No I’m not saying Nikki is as bad as Megan Kelly)
        I’m guessing you are a lot younger than me and don’t remember the music video for’ I like big butts’. The very beginning features two white women saying oh my god look at her butt. The whole song is a response in celebration of black women’s bodies . Sir mix-a-lot wrote it with his girlfriend And it was much more radical to have black women’s bodies celebrated so expressedly back then. So no Nikki isn’t really any different than Miley copying Sinead.

      • Chichi says:

        Yep, I called it. Wilfull blindness motivated by I-know-what. Who gives a sh*t where the line is sampled from, its inserted into a song about beautiful black bodies and spoken in a way that mocks the archetypal white sorority b*tch who denigrades black bodies for her amusement. And I notice the final line “I got a big fat ass” gets no love from you, what a surprise. Whether YOU like it or not, many black women embraced this song as an anthem, it sampled a beloved song (one that the white mainstream accepted but only so they can laugh at how outrageously “funny” it is that anybody would sing about loving the natural curve of a black womans behind – yeah we are on to you white mainstream.

      • Bridget says:

        It sounds like you’d never even heard Baby Got Back until today. Or are you just on to us?

      • Serf says:

        @Chichi I read this thread and the other below and I think you said what you needed to say very well. she will never in a hundred years address your points directly. there style is to move the bar as you said so that music is subjective when judging PoC but somehow there are objective reasons for Miley Cyrus win. such people you wont change their mind but you will give them a platform to scream their illogical logic

      • Luca76 says:

        Chichi I’m not being ‘willfully blind’ I don’t even agree with Miley or consider myself a fan I just gave her one very small concession. By the way I am a black woman so please don’t tell me that that because I don’t know every word to Nikki’s songs and give a treatise on it that I’m being racist or dislike my own ample ass. I’m sad that we can’t disagree and debate without broad attacks.

    • koko says:

      Nick I hasn’t directly responded but last night she “favorited” some tweets about miley.
      My problem with Nicki is that she called VMA racists but there she goes opening their show. She’s at a point in her career where she can say no to them, to make her point.

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Trump’s conservative, Tea Party, christian supporters have NO IDEA who he really is. They’d be choking their pearls if they knew he loved Mylie’s tongue wagging twerk performance….hilarious!

      • jenn12 says:

        Well, it cuts both ways. There’s Miley, coming off like some liberated, wild girl who is down with everything, and there she is, saying crap like, “I get it. I know the statistics. I was at Trump’s hotel, and there he was, telling me how brilliant I am….” Of course, this is the same person who says she’s a feminist, while posing for Terry Richardson, known for being sexually abusive towards women.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @jenn12: By that logic a certain pussy riot member, Obama himself, and a whole bunch of other liberals qualify as anti-feminists as well, for their being photographed being all chummy with and associating with Terry Richardson. I honestly think that a lot of these people don’t know the truth about Terry Richardson and haven’t looked into his history. Add to that the fact that many abusers come off as charming, friendly people, and it’s not surprising at all. Richardson- who is a photographer and not an A-list celebrity- and his abusive history are still LESS well known than Woody Allen and R Kelly, and yet look at how many progressives associate with them, work with them, and watch, listen to, and appreciate their work.

        As for Donald Trump, I don’t think staying in his hotel and mentioning something positive he said about her is the same as being on his team politically at all. There have been a few (yes, very few) bigots in my lifetime who have said friendly or positive things that I liked, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever join their party or embrace their politics. Hardly!

      • asami says:

        @otaku: your blind idolatry of miley cyrus is one, if not my most favorite thing here in CB. obama certainly doesn’t belong in the same circle as uncle terry. although the music industry is practically a kissing cousin of the fashion industry, the pussy riot is based in moscow. so yeah, they might not have an inkling of uncle terry’s proclivities. its more likely that uncle terry took a picture with them and not the other way around. but REAL miley? she collaborated with him. didn’t she live with her male model boyfriend when she was 14 or 15 (i’m sure you’ll correct me since i’m not sure about her age)? she was in the fashion industry circle since her hannah montana days. so not knowing about uncle terry is willful ignorance on her part. but then again . . . you supply the excuse here . . .

        keep up the good work though. we need more young women who really go the extra mile for their celebrity idols. so korra need not wonder anymore why girls are always seen as having a need to have celebrity role models and boys do not.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @asami:1.) Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I agree with everything she says or does. I’m just not going to assume that every celebrity who poses with Terry Richardson knows his history. Being a celebrity and dating model Justin Gaston (who likely wasn’t one of Terry Richardson’s victims. I get the sense that a lot of these abusers are selective) doesn’t mean that a person would know all about which people in the fashion and photography world have abused someone, and which ones have not. Especially if the person is a lot less famous, and…..

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        (continued) ………2.) As for your condescending ‘L.O.L at young girls and their female role models’ comment, you’d do well to remember that 1.) I’m an adult. Just because you are likely much, much, much, much older than me doesn’t mean my beliefs are wrong or less valid than yours, and 2.) Liking a celebrity is not the same as seeing them as some kind of ‘role model’ for all to follow; we young women are definitely capable of separating the two. Don’t for one second think that because young women (and some women in their 30’s and older as well) are willing to defend female celebrities they like while on celebrity sites means they think that celebrity is someone we, or others, should mold themselves after like zombies. And when any type of the usual bull that is hurled on a regular basis at female public figures comes up, you can be sure that there will be other young women there to defend her. There are several reasons why despite being a fan, I do not see her as a role model, and this response of hers is one of them. But the problem with the way the term ‘role model’ is often used with women and girls is that it’s often used as a weapon to ‘punish’ women who don’t live up to traditional ideas about how women are supposed to be. It creates a false dichotomy where women either only dress, dance, date, pose, marry, have sex, and present in the right, wholesome ways and are automatically good role models by default, or dress, dance, date, pose, have sex, and present in the ‘wrong’ immodest, unchaste ways and are bad role models until they repentantly change their image. By the way, I’m TAME compared to the One Direction fangirls and Bieber fangirls who will say and do all kind of awful, crazy, problematic things to defend the male celebs they like.

      • jenn12 says:

        Otaku, for what it’s worth, I find it incredibly offensive that Obama is associated with Richardson. Perhaps the Russian girl(s) don’t know about him, which I would understand due to them living in another country, but there has been a lot written about him, and even someone like me (who isn’t into the fashion industry) knows who and what he is. I don’t automatically assume if someone is liberal that s/he does the right thing or doesn’t have reactions or choices that are aberrant. I respect that you’re a fan of Miley, but I don’t think she comprehends that she’s a tool of powerful men who decide what rebellion will be sanctioned, sanitized, and presented to the public. She has a soulful voice and a presence, and she’s throwing it away to be a budget Lady Gaga (whom I dislike) and she is allowing herself to be exploited. I wish she’d listened to Sinead O’Connor. She also needs to understand that the industry people around her have influenced her, and she needs to recognize her inspirations and give them credit, and stop using people of color and challenges as props.

      • jenn12 says:

        But, to add this: Miley hasn’t changed at all. She was sitting with a group of white friends some years back, and they were all making slant eyed faces. The 1 Asian in the group did not; he sat there looking uncomfortable. She got upset for being called a racist. She also used Sinead O’Connor’s mental health struggles and Amanda Bynes’ mental illness to publicly excoriate them. I don’t think she’s a great person.

    • DrM says:

      Trump is hot alright, a hot mess. While he may capture people’s attention he’s a joke, particularly intentionally, and everyone (except fundamentalist Republicans) knows it but him. PULEEZE.

  3. bobafelty says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Miley for the most part. Miley’s wrecking ball video (love it or hate it) was a cultural phenomenon where everyone in the US was talking about it at the water cooler and imitating it. She was naked, but it was more bizarre than just going for sexy factor. In a weird way it remind me of Madonna’s like a Virgin video.

    Nicki’s Anaconda video was just another music video this year. Yes she decided to get pretty naked and show off her butt, but it just didn’t resonate across the pop culture that much. While Miley’s video felt like she was letting her natural freak flag fly, Nick’s nakedness seemed more designed to just “look sexy” in my opinion. As a singer, she chose to market herself as a mostly naked woman singing about dicks (anaconda), her choice. It didn’t pay off. Some risks do, most don’t.

    Her complaints now make her look jealous of Miley and that she can’t believe she’s not being rewarded for showing us her butt. If she used this opportunity to talk more about how white-washed MTV can be with female singers, or how women like Beyonce get photoshopped to look less brown in order to make it mainstream, I would respect her point of view more. There definitely are racial issues in the music industry worth talking about and changing….but I don’t think her mediocre video not getting a VMA is part of that big picture.

    • yuyka says:

      Yeah, wrecking ball was everywhere. I havent even seen the anaconda video, or heard the song. I only read about it here.

    • Cleo says:


      Truthfully, it was water under the bridge. Taylor apologized to Nicki for making it about herself and missing the larger point.

      So now Cyrus is inserting herself into the mix trying to start her own beef with Minaj on the eve of the awards. Nice ratings ploy..was she worried she wouldn’t get there on her own steam.

      ..and when did this become about Nicki beating out wrecking ball which came out 3 years ago?! The point is NOT that her video is more worthy, the point is it was played in heavy rotation,wildly popular, talked about and didn’t even net a nomination in the video of the year category.

      Its unseemly for someone like Cyrus whose made a career out of titillating her former Disney child persona now Naked appropriating hip hop stripper to go after Minaj…when Nicki didn’t even name drop these women.

      • perplexed says:

        Yeah, I thought it was all water under the bridge too. I wasn’t sure why Miley was discussing it still.

        I also thought Nicki simply came across the same as every other pop star (opinionated, but thats about it — I didn’t think she was particularly rude or anything) who is on Twitter when talking about the VMAs. I don’t know what she’s like generally so perhaps in other instances she’s been mean, but it never even occurred to me that she might be personality-wise what Miley is describing when Nicki was trying to make her point about the exclusion.

      • Starrywonder says:

        @Cleo exactly. I keep laughing because Taylor Swift and now Miley are perfectly illustrating her point.

    • original kay says:

      I like Wrecking Ball as a song, more than Anaconda. I don’t care who sang Anaconda, I thought the song and video were horrible.

      • Aila says:

        I also thought it was terrible, and I actually think Nicki is usually a very interesting person. Maybe I just don’t get it.

      • original kay says:

        I wonder too, if I just missed the point. I liked Wrecking Ball, the lyrics, I *think* I understand Miley was going for vulnerability, being naked on her wrecking ball, that she crashed her way in and had regrets. ??

        Anaconda- a guy like big butts. ??

      • Cleo says:

        @origInalkay @aila

        Why are u having an anaconda vs wrecking ball contest? Anaconda is this years selection, wrecking ball was from 3 years ago. Weird misdirection of topic. Its almost as if people are deliberately misconstruing to make mileys out of the blue personal drag of Minaj make sense.

        In any given year mtv has terrible videos and terrible music in all the categories, so to start arguing about who isn’t worthy in terrible music this year, is also bizarre.

      • original kay says:

        Because I want to?

        So now you get to determine what I want to compare? have a seat, Cleo.

      • Cleo says:


        No thank you, I’ll stand.

        Point is, it makes no sense for you to announce Cyrus as the winner in a contest that exists in your own mind…because Minaj doesn’t reference or say she’s better than wrecking ball, a 3yr old vid.

        That’s why i ask you a question.I didn’t yell you to shut up.

        But yes girl…though you’re off topic and not making sense…you can say whatever you want. So can Minaj which is the point…so people need to stop lecturing her on her pov about her industry.

      • Ginger says:

        @Original Kay and her allies

        Ok, I’ll play. What exactly did the licking of that sledge hammer symbolize in that most avant garde of videos? That crap wasnt high art, it was sexually exploitative rubbish conceived by a known perv (Uncle Terry no less). And even worse, its most compelling scene was derivative Sinead O’connor or did you already forget your genius was called out repeatedly for it?

        Anaconda wasnt high art either but atleast it actually conveyed pride in a traditionally ridiculed body type. Big butts are only coming into vogue now because white woman can now surgically achieve the shape. And even now, its not publicly acknowledged as hot unless its on a white body. I say “publicly acknowledged” because we know privately the boys are looking and lusting. Which is where Nickis line in the song where she goes “oh my God, look at her butt”, while mimicking a shocked white woman comes in. Shes ridiculing those who shame those men and women who love big bootied black women, and perpetuate the sense that natural black bodies are icky and shameful. If Uncle Terrys fantasy sequence gets a win, Nickis self acceptance video should (in a racism free world) get a nomination.

      • bobafelty says:

        we’re discussion the wrecking ball video because it’s talked about in the article above directly. I’m not just bringing it up for the hell of it. Miley won a VMA in the same category for exploiting her own sexuality, while Nicki was shut out. She believes that is due to our culture shutting out women of color. While that is a real issue in general, I think she didn’t get nominated because her video didn’t have a big pop culture impact like other songs have that won in that category in the past.

      • claire says:

        This is too funny. So all the pro-Nikki peeps can compare all the past nominations but it’s a wtf are you talking about if other people do? Make up your damn mind.

      • Luca76 says:

        ‘Oh my god look at her butt’ is the first line from Sir-mix-a-lot ‘s
        ‘ I like big butts.’
        Problem is that Miley while an idiot did strike at Nikki’s major problem she never really cared about cultural appropriation she only was p’od she wasn’t nominated.

        Miley is still an asshat though.

      • Bridget says:

        @Cleo: just pointing out, Nicki was alluding to Wrecking Ball when she was criticising MTV. People aren’t just pulling the comparison out of thin air (unless your name is Taylor Swift). So there’s also a reason why Miley was asked about Nicki’s comments.

        Personally, I’m not a fan of Anaconda because while the remix on Sir Mix A Lot’s song is actually great, Nicki’s part just sounds like she was in a “Be in your own music video” mall kiosk. She doesn’t even speak in the last minute plus of the song!

      • Katija says:

        I really wish otherwise smart, progressive women would stop saying “have a seat” to one another.

        It’s SOOOOOO condescending and makes you sound like a teenager on Tumblr trying to emulate something you heard on “Drag Race.” (It’s an appropriated drag queen phrase, by the by, meant for when someone has a bad performance, not for when someone expresses an opinion you disagree with.)

      • MCraw says:

        Wrecking ball was more popular than Anaconda- both desperate, crass videos.

        They can be compared.

        You can say Miley’s song was simply more popular and nicki didn’t have the same impact. I agree.

        But you’re completely ignoring another recent instance of this, in which the losing video and artist was way more popular. When Beyoncé lost to Taylor for SINGLE LADIES, Kanye was not the only person pissed at the blatant disregard.

        It happens. Acknowledge that, even if you didn’t like Anaconda.

      • Bridget says:

        I’ve always thought that T Swift’s win over Beyonce had more to do with sexism – rewarding the “nice girl” and “good role model” who doesn’t need sex to sell. They may have well subtitled her album: Taylor Swift, she’ll never lead your baby girl astray like those other harlots.

        Confession: I have never seen an entire Taylor Swift music video in its entirety. And I plan on keeping it that way.

      • Lex says:

        LOL @ GINGER

        It’s pretty rich to applaud Nicki for celebrating big butts that white women can ‘now buy’ when Nicki’s very own tush is fake fake fake. As is most of her face and her tits.

        I find it so odd that such an ‘artist’ would give a flying fcuk about the VMAs….. Grammys sure… but VMAs.. really?
        I think she just wants to fight with anyone and everyone about anything and everything to keep getting attention in between song/porn releases

      • original kay says:

        sorry I am so late back to this thread.

        if my comparing anaconda to wrecking ball disturbs some people, I’ll compare it to save a prayer by duran duran, which is another video I never understood. I did, however, like spin me round because he actually spins, a lot, in the video. girls on film, again duran duran, confused me but I was pretty young at the time. now I just think it’s kinda lame.
        hmm…. I always enjoyed madonna’s older videos. I also much enjoy watching the guy from REM try to dance, and I think the lead of the goo goo dolls is pretty cute, so I watch those.
        let’s see…. one I always always love is Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli sing “Con te Partiro” live.
        Brings me to tears, every time. Such perfection.

    • Nev says:

      WORD UP.

    • Josefa says:

      I agree. People were legitimately shocked at Wrecking Ball. Anaconda isn’t significantly different from all other of Nicki Minaj’s videos. And I do get Miley’s comments about Nicki being “angry and unkind”. Even if she was making valid points and everything, we can agree she was no so subtly shading Taylor and Miley, right?

      • MooHoo says:

        definitely. no pretense that she wasn’t.

      • MCraw says:

        Yeah, but who is she to tell someone how to respond to perceived racism? I mean, this is the girl who used black women and little people as props and saw nothing wrong with that. Whether or not you agree with Nicki’s motivation for saying what she said (Anaconda just wasn’t the cultural moment she thinks it is), it doesn’t make it untrue.

        Miley saying this is like a man telling a woman that she’s overreacting and should stop being a bitch. It’s insulting and she knows it.

      • jenn12 says:

        People were shocked at Wrecking Ball because it was Hannah Montana being naked and doing industry approved shock (which makes money, which is all they care about). Miley doesn’t do anything except the shock. She was following Terry Richardson’s direction and concept (the guy who sexually abuses models). McCraw said it perfectly- Minaj may not have the greatest video or song, but that doesn’t mean she was wrong about the perceived racism. The industry is as racist as they come, and Miley isn’t some wild, independent singer. She’s a tool/pawn of the industry, pretending to fight against it. Her shows exploited people of color and people with physical challenges.

      • Josefa says:


        It doesnt matter why people were shocked or if Miley directed the video herself. The internet was full of parodies and reaction videos. It broke records in youtube. It was one of the most discussed and talked about videos of the year.

        I have never said Minaj was wrong in her statements. What Im saying is shes a pop star, she promotes her music by being scandalous, and I think her whole rant on racism was just bait to fight with Taylor and Miley. Look beyond this single controversy – look at Nicki’s whole career. Does she really strike you as someone who is trying to do anything to fight racism and sexism in the media (she has a collabo called “I Luv Dem Stripaz”…).

        I didnt take Minaj’s post so seriously because of that. Odds are she wasnt even upset at not being nominated, she just wanted to be one of the most awaited stars at the show.

      • jenn12 says:

        To me, Miley is still a tool of powerful men. She wasn’t powerful in her video- the concept and everything else came from a powerful industry man who is known to sexually abuse models. Sinead O’Connor tried to say it nicely to her, and she lost it. Now she’s saying Nicki Minaj should stay calm when she perceives racism? I’m not a fan of any of them, but the industry rewards white people for imitating black people. And Taylor: “You can come up on my stage any time, Nicki!” How condescending can you be? Taylor and Miley may seem like opposites, but they aren’t. That may be what frustrated Nicki. One plays the good, nice, classy girl, and one plays the wild hedonist who will do anything. And they both are still puppets of powerful men, but Nicki has to deal with passive racism on top of it. You may not take any of them seriously, but many of us didn’t take Trump seriously, and look how far he is in terms of being a serious opponent. Nicki being what or who she is doesn’t- or shouldn’t- detract from legitimate concerns about the industry exploiting people of color, watering it down by having white people perform it, and then awarding those people.

      • jenn12 says:

        And, just checked to make sure I was remembering correctly- Miley was called out for posing with a bunch of white friends and 1 Asian guy, and all the white kids were making slant eyed faces. She did not like hearing this was racist, and mouthed off. She also dragged Sinead O’Connor for calling her out for being used by the industry and mocked her mental health issues, and then she dragged Amanda Bynes, who is clearly desperately mentally ill, into it, mocking her as well. I found this in about ten minutes, and it wasn’t that long ago. Miley is allowed to get angry and spew and fight when she perceives herself as wronged, but Nicki needs to act like someone from The Help?

  4. Serenity says:

    Nice choice of pics. Especially Nicki Minaj’s pic where she looks like she’s going to kick a bitch in the teeth or something. Noice…..very noooice!

    • Cleo says:

      Yea. Very taunting. Skinny ish has her moon man, Nicki looking like she’s in pain and going to vomit.

      • Jib says:

        I actually thought Nicki looked beautiful in the pic above and Miley, as usual, looks like a horse’s ass.

  5. Jaded says:

    When will the twitter-slagging ever stop? Why are so many young entertainers such whiny, self-obsessed babies? Any when is the hypocrisy of the way they talk about themselves vs. the way they actually present themselves going to stop? They’re both over-sexualized brats who rely on shock and awe, and an army of producers and engineers versus actual talent.

    I’m going to go listen to some real music now….maybe Nick Drake can soothe my nerves.

  6. tifzlan says:

    Oh look, the tired old Angry Black Woman trope that is constantly used to disregard black women’s views and opinions. How predictable. Yet i wouldn’t expect anything more from Miley “Peak White Feminism” Cyrus.

    • Cynthia says:

      Miley “Peak White Feminism” is appropriate!

    • Abbott says:

      But BUT Miley knows the STATISTICS!!

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        And why shouldn’t Nicki “make it about her” as a demonstration of the issue? I didn’t get that. Also ( pls explain to old person) was that comment about Nicki’s “body type” sort of rude?

        *struggles to keep up with Twitter wars*

    • Cleo says:

      Yes, the article from the Daily Beast makes the point that since Miley has now gravitated away from black appropriation and is trying on a punk/rock persona…if she would dare try to dictate to women like Joan jett or patty smith on how they choose to fight the system? The answer of course is hellz no.

      But she’s super comfy lashing out at Minaj over water under bridges and telling her how to behave and talk to people?!

      Oh gee..wonder why???

      • Farah says:

        Exactly! I can’t believe people here are actually liking Miley point. Cute racism guys. Big bad angry Nicki Minaj picks on poor Miley and Taylor.

      • Marty says:

        @Cleo- you have to remember one of the reasons Miley’s so pressed is she benefits from the same white privilege that Taylor does. Look at how people discuss Nicki and her video on this thread. Miley makes a video where she’s half naked with her hands in her panties the entire time, but Nicki is the one “degrading” herself.

        Some people just can’t get it, or choose to stay ignorant, Miley is the latter.

      • jenn12 says:

        Check her reaction from a few years ago, when she and her white friends were making slant eyes and the ONE guy in the photo who is Asian just sat there, and she was called on it. Check her reaction when Sinead O’Connor called her on being an industry puppet. I guess MILEY is allowed to be angry.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      This. While I don’t fully agree that Nicki’s video was obligated to be nominated, I do agree with the idea that society and award shows treat minority artists differently and that should be discussed.

      In no way were Nicki’s tweet unkind or unpolite. What the hell is Miley talking about? NM made her case in a rational way, it isn’t like she was ranting and raging with expletives and threats.

      • Josefa says:

        Nicki was making very valid points but it was abundantly clear she was shading Miley and Taylor in them. If she didn’t trash anyone, she wouldnt have made headlines.

        I like both Nicki and Miley and I think both of them made a lot of sense. I think what Miley was going for here was “why throw me under the bus?”.

      • Bridget says:

        Can I think that they’re both right? Nicki has a point about race and the larger picture, BUT she’s making her argument primarily because she wanted to be nominated for the big award.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Even if Nicki was throwing out a critique, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t being polite. Saying you disagree with something isn’t in itself disrespectful. The manner in which she expressed her disagreement was very civil, IMO.

        Bridget, I share your thoughts.

      • Bridget says:

        I also find it interesting that folks are saying Miley is painting Nicki as an Angry Black Woman – Nicki is pretty well known as being a total and complete jerk in real life.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Nicki is a jerk in real life. I have known people that worked on a project with her where she was throwing things at crew and was completely awful and abusive. However, in this situation, I do think that Miley is misrepresenting how Nicki approached this specific issue.

        While Nicki can be a monster, I think in this situation she actually was very measured in her tweets about the topic.

      • Bridget says:

        I’d also like to point out something: out of all the comments we’ve been seeing on this topic, almost no one is saying that they actually thought Anaconda was good.

        To me, this topic boils down to 2 separate discussions:
        1) the state of race in the music industry today, especially when it comes to women,
        2) the crux of Nicki’s argument is that other, whiter artists have been nominated for equally mediocre videos, and since Anaconda got a lot of views she should have been nominated.

        As for 1), that is an incredibly important conversation that we SHOULD be having and that I wholeheartedly support. Music is a business, and as radio is being controlled by only a couple of (very conservative) companies, playlists for new artists to break out are getting smaller and harder to break into – and it’s something that takes more and more money. It’s why someone like Selena Gomez has a career; her record company can throw plenty of money to support her music and get it played, no matter if it’s not particularly good. We are at the mercy of what execs *think* will sell, not necessarily what’s good – and they typically think young, nubile white women are what sell. It’s absurd, and it stagnates creativity (and so much else). But part of having that conversation means being able to say that I think that even if Iggy Azalea had put out Anaconda that it wouldn’t have been nominated. It was a terrible video and lazy song.

        2) Nicki’s argument boils down to 2 points: that she thinks that if the video celebrated white bodies it would be nominated, and that since her video got the most views that it should have been nominated. The centerpiece of NIcki’s video was her giving Drake a lapdance – it was clickbait. That would be like saying that because People Magazine got the most web hits for the Ben Affleck reporting that it deserves a Pulitzer. It’s absurd.

        Yes, Nicki was polite and measured in this discussion, but if we’re going to judge Miley on her past statements and behavior, shouldn’t we include that in our discussion of Minaj?

      • Chichi says:


        If US Magazine and the Daily Mail won Pulitzers for their Affleck coverage based on their viewing numbers, then People Mag ABSOLUTELY SHOULD DEMAND TO BE IN THE RACE. So what if many didnt appreciate the Anaconda video? Just as many hate Bad Blood with its nonsense plot, atrocious special effects and cringe.worthy stunt casting, and yet its nominated. Look at Wrecking Ball coverage, that video was universally reviled and yet it won.

        If you accept mediocre white sh-t, we demand you accept mediocre black sh-t. Screw those who change the goal posts when it comes to black people! George W, a verifiable idiot, is good enough for president but the black guy would have to be a Law professor with a distinguished academic background. The white girl can lose 17 consecutive times to the black tennis player, and still beat her financially. F*#k that shifting goal post. The white girl can put out a stupid mean girl video so poorly produced my little brother could have made a better version with his basic software but the black girl has to put out a unique cell phone styled video and be an undeniable super star to be in the race. Once again, incase you still dont get it, f*#k anybody who raises the bar everytime a black person walks into the room.

      • Bridget says:

        I don’t think Wrecking Ball was universally reviled at all – it was polarizing, but there was a large group of people that absolutely loved the video and the song. And like it or not, it quickly became a cultural touchstone, while Anaconda was just kind of there.

        It’s really disappointing that the argument that you’re making is that someone else put out something crappy, so Nicki should be rewarded for her crappy product. I get what you’re saying, but it’s still disappointing. But that’s the thing with art and awards – it’s all subjective, and really there is no wrong opinion. Personally if I had my way Bad Blood wouldn’t have been nominated either, because it is a terrible song and video. Nicki WAS nominated several times, just not for the award she wanted.

        As I said, I think it’s awesome that we’re having these conversations and I think it’s important to continue to do so. But part of that conversation means being able to say I thought Anaconda was crap.

      • Chichi says:


        Couple of things. 1) So Mileys REVILED video is “polarising but Nickis is just “click bait”. Thank you for confirming my initial impressions of you, now I can proceed without pretention. Anaconda fyi absolutely was a “cultural touchstone” (*cough), its a video celebrating beautiful black bodies in a world where its cooler to appropriate OUR culture and displace our bodies with white flat asses. Now we know that means zero to you, hell you may probably be opposed to our celebration leaving its demarcated ghetto over there in the Hiphop/RnB genre but screw that, we already DID cross over. What didnt seem to you as a seminal moment, broke social media records and gunned up views quicker than a bolt of lightening. People did just watch it, they talked about it, they parodied it and made homage videos, and they wrote think pieces about it. And isnt that afterall the criteria that was applied to get Miley her win. The disney starlet made a nude music video pretty much summed upthe buzz around her reviled video but hey, what a “cultural touchstone” (ROFL). You really should google the reviews of that video by the way, hell just read the comments on the post here from3 years ago. At the very minimum read the Youtube comments. Reviled!

        Secondly,we are done with “conversations” which is really just code for “wait over there and I’ll get to you when its convinient for ME”. We know the vast majority of any privilleged class are only interested in protecting that privilege. So we dont converse, we demand. I dont have to ease your delicate butts into the new world order with never ending roundtable discussions. This sh*t is racist and anybody who defends it is probably racist, theres your discussion point. Now move aside so we can get ours. Equality in excellence,mediocrity and everything in between!

      • Bridget says:

        Chichi: you didn’t even know that Nicki was using the valley girl speak from the original song. She took a song that was a couple of decades old that was REVOLUTIONARY at the time for daring to say that full figures were beautiful and coast on that.

        And you can belittle me all you want if that’s what you need to feel better.

      • Bridget says:

        And WTF are you even demanding from me? That I acknowledge that Nicki Minaj has just as much a right to be mediocre?

      • Serf says:

        @chichi great points but learn to ignore some people. you can see such a person has posted on this article so many times like it is a personal campaign. she never change so dont waste your beutiful logic and peace of mind with her. just telling you because you may be young and have not seen such people before.

      • Serf says:

        @chichi great points but learn to ignore some people. you can see such a person has posted on this article so many times like it is a personal campaign. she shall never change so dont waste your beutiful logic and peace of mind with her. just counseling you because you may be young and have not seen such a person before.

    • QQ says:

      Tifzlan Is actually a double whammy Of Peak Caucasity AND Peak White Feminism ™ Seasoned with some Columbusing and whitesplaining

  7. Cynthia says:

    LMAO they’re really trying to drum up controversy for ratings.
    Miley is basically trying to use different words to say that Nicki was acting like an angry Black woman. And she says that she knows a lot about racial issues but she’s never bothered to apologize for using Black women and black music as props to rebel from her Disney image, do you girl!
    Btw none of Nicki’s tweets could be read as angry and the only one who made it popstar vs popstar was Taylor by inserting herself in the conversation.

    • katie says:

      Of course when Nicki spoke of, “naked, skinny, white girls” , hmmm…I wonder who she is speaking of? Sure wasn’t Taylor, and since Miley is the only skinny white ggirl that made a naked music video I’m pretty sure everyone can guess who’s she’s talking about. Yes??

  8. bobafelty says:

    yeah, the whole cultural appropriation thing seems to have gone right over Miley’s head. I don’t get the sense there is a lot going on up there.

  9. Shahrizai says:

    I’m not being trolly, I swear, but white privilege much? Jeebus… might as well tell Minaj to just sit down, shut up, and take what she can get. She brought to light an important issue in how media talks about, looks at, and objectifies women of color in comparison to white women. It’s valid and it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t “polite.” She didn’t call anyone out, and even though it was clear she was talking about the Mileys and Taylors of the pop world, the point still stands that they can do the same ish and be praised for it while women of color are shamed for it.

    • Other Kitty says:

      This is true. It’s very obvious.

      • ICY says:

        Again. Envious? She isn’t envious at all. Love when people say Nicki is jealous or envious, when she just want to get treated equally! SMH

    • Aila says:

      I don’t see Miley and Taylor devoting a single to singing about dicks and about their own asses though. Miley DEFINITELY uses nudity to her advantage but there was more depth to her video than there was to Nicki’s and it also had a huge effect on pop culture at the time — much more resonant than Anaconda.

      I think Nicki made a valid statement with her comment but I don’t think she made it over the appropriate thing. She just made herself look envious.

      (And of course, Miley needs to STFU. That goes without saying.)

      • ICY says:

        So speaking about racial equality is deem envious?? Wow! #Stay Sleep

      • Aila says:

        ICY, maybe you should read my post again.

      • Shahrizai says:

        I dunno… maybe it’s a demographics thing. I never (yes, truly, I have never) seen the Wrecking Ball video. I know of it because of the all the gossip it engendered, but I never saw it. Anaconda, though? Yup, I not only saw it, I shared it with friends because I loved that she was taking the reins and the video wasn’t from the male gaze and it DID emphasize the beauty of the female form, specifically the form of many women of color. No, I don’t support her derogatory statements about “size 2s” any more than I did Meaghan Trainor’s, but whatever. I guess for me (and I’m guessing possibly for other WOC), Anaconda was more cultural and popularly impactive than Wrecking Ball. Or any Taylor Swift video from 1989, because again, I haven’t seen any except Shake It Off. And I like both Taylor and Miley’s music.
        All that does not negate that people need to shut it about what is or isn’t appropriate for Nicki to comment on. It’s the same privilege shullbit that’s been thrown around for decades now… had she opened her mouth about this in any other context, she still would’ve been told to shut up and take what she can get and that’s exactly my point! She has a right to complain about whatever injustice she sees and that she’s opening her mouth at all is awesome. We need to stop telling marginalized people like women, especially women of color, that they need to learn when and how to speak up for themselves. We should be encouraging them to value themselves enough to speak up PERIOD whenever they feel they need to do so. Their voices are just as important!!

      • Cleo says:

        Again @aila, you very obviously are very interested in making this a pizzing contest between these two women, to justify Cyrus lecturing to minaj on how to conduct herself and be a good girl.

        Minaj didn’t mention Cyrus, or 3 yr old wrecking ball or Taylor and her twerking video. Even if you want to assume she was making inferences, she wasn’t saying they are not worthy and she is more deserved over them -she was talking about THE SYSTEM…and her relegation to the urban/rap category (whether you like it or not and for what its worth mtv did think it worthy of an award nom). < so your back and forth about how wrecking ball was oh so much better and how a naked former Disney kid fellating a hammer was so much more wholesome than rapping about big butts (that cyrus was pretty enamoured of when it suited her) is really not the point.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Miley’s video didn’t come across as deep to me at all. It got a lot of views because child star is near naked licking a hammer.

      • tifzlan says:

        Depth? Riding a wrecking ball naked while crying is depth?

      • Aila says:

        @Shahrizai — I think you’re right about the demographics thing. My friends talked about the Anaconda video one or two times but no one made fun of it, while at work I constantly heard jokes about Miley straddling the wrecking ball. TMZ is on in our lounge and it was mentioned constantly because it was so utterly ridiculous. I work in healthcare and people talked about it in our waiting room. I saw it on TV, I saw it on the internet, I saw it everywhere. That’s probably why I think that it had more of a cultural impact. I think the fact that people see that video as a bit more than a bit of a joke helped that video get so popular. And as for me, I don’t think Nicki is a joke. I don’t like her music much but I do like her — she always has interesting things to say (unlike Miley) and I’m interested in hearing them. In no way am I interested in telling her to be quiet. What I think she shouldn’t do, though, is make vague Twitter comments that make her look childish, angry, and passive-aggressive, because when you do that, NO ONE will listen to you no matter what race you are. Maybe this is my writing background showing through, but if I were a famous person and I wanted to address a subject like racism on a public forum I would do it in a way that would give people zero room to fire back at me — because that is just being smart. And Nicki IS smart — much smarter than Taylor and Miley — and I just realized I expect more from her than I do for those two, which I guess is unfair. They’re all crazy pop stars with no filters. So, in essence I agree with you.

        @Cleo — It’s sad that you derived all that from my comment. “you very obviously are very interested in making this a pizzing contest between these two women, to justify Cyrus lecturing to minaj on how to conduct herself and be a good girl.”

        I like how YOU are obviously taking what I wrote and making all sorts of assumptions about what sort of person I must be. OBVIOUSLY because I understand what Miley was trying to do with Wrecking Ball better I think it is better than Anaconda, correct? Obviously I must like Miley more because of this, right? Obviously I am interested in repressing black women and telling them not to be angry, right? Obviously I must be white and therefore part of the “us vs them” mentality, right? WRONG. I think both videos are utterly stupid and I don’t care if these two are in a pissing contest or not. Furthermore, I can compare the two videos if I want to because I find it intellectually stimulating to do so and last time I checked I am allowed to do so on this site. I am allowed to “think out loud” on this site and I will continue to do so whether it pleases you or not. Sorry if this sticks in your craw but you seem to be deriving some pleasure from your righteous indignation, so I’m not even going to dignify your inane comments by responding.

      • Aila says:

        @Tiffany 🙂 and @ tifzlan — It’s really not hard to figure out. She was naked to display vulnerability and riding the wrecking ball to show how out of control her emotions were. Nudity doesn’t always equal sex. Licking the hammer was probably meant to be sexy, yeah, but I personally didn’t find it so. I just figured she did it to freak people out. She loves to shock.

        Also, I never said I thought the video was GOOD. I said I understood what she was trying to show us, and I do. (Do people think I am a fan of Miley or something? Good God, you all must think that because I’m not slagging her every five seconds I am completely in her corner. Let me assure you, I AM NOT.)

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree its not hard to figure out, but that still doesn’t make me think it had depth.

        I am not making any assumptions about whether you are a Miley fan or not. I just see Nicki and Miley’s videos as very similar in content…”Let me get as naked as possible to gather attention, and lets craft a video idea around that”. Nudity does get eyeballs, which leads to video plays, which now impacts Billboard chart standing. It isn’t surprising that is their strategy. I just see little artistic value in either video, though I am not looking to them to provide that for me.

        I’m not trying to challenge you, you are totally entitled to your own opinions, which are just as valid as mine. I am just throwing my 2 cents into the mix. 😉

    • serena says:

      I understand what Nicki said and she is right about every point BUT, leaving alone Miley’s ignorance, did ‘Anaconda’ really get that much hype? I seriously disliked it song and video, so I don’t know the records or anything but .. peaple liked it enough to give it a prize?
      Not talking about the angry thing, because if a matter it’s close to your heart anybody would get angry. Though Nicki IS rude most of the times, BUT I would have liked for Miley to acknowledge the problem and talk about it instead of dissing it away.

      By the way, while I ‘tolerated’ the wrecking ball song, the video was absolutely cringeworthy, same with the Anaconda one. I don’t want to see naked people or parts on music videos, sorry.

    • Josefa says:

      Playing devil’s advocate here. Why trash Taylor and Miley? The point would’ve been equally clear if she had not, she just wouldn’t have made so much headlines. Is it Miley’s fault she won the VMA? Is it Taylor’s fault she wasn’t nominated?

      I read Nicki’s tweets. She was on point – but she wrote it in a way that made it seem she had more of an issue with those female white artists (we all know who they are) than MTV and the general industry.

      Look, let’s just not forget none of these women are feminist scholars. They are all pop stars who get in feuds all the time to promote themselves and their music. Everything they do is a career move.

  10. Artemis says:

    Noted Statistician Miley Cyrus is going to tell us what’s up. Girl shut up. She likes Madonna and her attitude is similar to Minaj’s so stop…

  11. Jen says:

    I saw “Anaconda”, I had to look it up on YouTube because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Choreography??? She just dissed choreographers everywhere.

    • koko says:

      Right? All they did was shake up their naked booties, and mimic workout poses and she thinks she deserves awards for that? I agree with her point about black artists but anaconda doesn’t deserve anything. It was trash from beginning to end.

    • Bridget says:

      Do you know who choreographed it? Casper “Slum Bear” Smart.

      • Jen says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Seriously??

        I just looked at these pics again, you can see her dress is starting to come apart at the seam on her stomach.

      • Bridget says:

        Yep. Seriously. So folks, when you’re complaining about her not getting the best choreography award, that’s actually who didn’t get it. Casper Smart.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      +1. Just saw the vid and heard the song for the first time. The video looks really cheap, the song is ok. Not that my opinion will have any impact. 😛

  12. lily says:

    I don’t think Nickis got any right commenting about body-type-issues when she is contributing to that herself. Shes the one singing “f%ck those skinny bitches” in Anaconda……..

    • Josefa says:

      Yeah – that’s why I have a problem with everyone jumping on Nicki’s bandwagon in this case (and I like her). She’s no saint, either. And sorry to break it down to you but her rant, even if it was on point, was most likely bait for those white artists to feud with (thats how pop music goes). She got it with Taylor. Maybe she’s saving Miley for the actual show?

  13. PoliteTeaSipper says:

    Can’t stand Nicki.

  14. MmeRain says:

    Sorry but I can’t with this girl. Sooo because there’s a chance that Nicki might have been jealous and/or angry, the other points she was talking about are not valid because you know… I don’t want to listen to any angry person who might put me in a uncomfortable position? Yeah whatever. Instead of taking what’s interesting and leaving the way it was said, she’s just “shutting down” the whole conversation.

    She is sometimes so self-centered I can’t be reasonable with my dislike of her.

    • itzblissy says:

      Somehow celebitchy can use this logic for nicki: “so what if nicki was maybe jealous, she made a good point”

      But taylor swift never gets this benefit of the doubt. Even when what she did benefits loads of other people, but people still hate her for doing it partially for herself.

      Also. Yes there is some racism going around in the entertainment world. There are LOTS. But did nicki loose an nomination because of it? no, she did not. Even if she is blond, white and blue eye size 0, she would not have won that nomination. You know why? Her video sucks, her son sucks. She is just gross. This is like if Lohan was crying about not being nomination for a OSCAR. You know why you didnt get one? because you weren’t good enough to get one.

      (btw if ICY starts saying white privilege, i want to point out that i am not white)

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        “But taylor swift never gets this benefit of the doubt. Even when what she did benefits loads of other people, but people still hate her for doing it partial about herself.”

        You’re wrong. ALL of the female celebrities consistently get hate and “she’s just doing it for herself!” accusations from people who aren’t their fans whenever they try to stand up for anything good, whether it’s Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Beyoncé, or Angelina Jolie.

      • MmeRain says:

        Well, the day when Taylor Swift will make a good point, and some other girl will say ” I don’t want to hear it, I don’t like the way I think she said it”, I’ll come and say the same. Because that was her whole argument for dismissing the discussion. This girl wants to tell NM that she’s talking nonsense. Because she’s angry. I didn’t know you could not make valid points when angry. Yeah. That’s just ridiculous.

        And she dare say that the way NM talks about racism is not the right way? I’m baffled that this white girl who will (probably) never experience racism say that NM who (probably) experienced it more time than she can counts that “there’s a way she could do it”????? No matter how, no matter when, someone somewhere will always say/think that, so she just stop talking about what she doesn’t know if that’s all the contribution she can make. Next time, just have a generic answer ready.

        I don’t care about Anaconda, it was just a funny video in my opinion. I don’t like Bad Blood, it’s just 3 minutes of guest starring. Do I think Anaconda was better? LOL nope but that was not the point that Nicki Minaj was making.

        And please, people always give TS the benefit of the doubt. She may be getting tons of hate but when she’s not saying crap, when she’s making a point, people defends her (c.f. the apple case).

      • Bridget says:

        T Swift got the benefit of the doubt for YEARS. She’s fine.

  15. greenmonster says:

    I don’t understand why some people comparing the videos on this board. To me it isn’t about who made a better video. In this interview a white girl is basically telling a woman of colour not to speak in an angry tone. In Miley’s opinion a WOC should speak nicely about racism. Also Miley knows the statistic and knows whats going on in the world. Statistics about what? Racism? That still doesn’t give her her insight how it is to experience racism.

    • ICY says:


    • Shahrizai says:

      Yup. Thank you!

    • Tiffany :) says:


    • Cynthia says:

      Miley knows about statistic but never bothered to apologize or explain her cultural appropriation and her use of black women’s bodies after being called out multiple times.

    • Starrywonder says:

      Yeah that stats thing made me roll my eyes. Good for you that you read something that racism isn’t a thing anymore.

    • Josefa says:

      I dont think she was saying “dont sound angry” as much as “we all know youre shading me and Taylor in your rant because you’re a pop star, like us, and getting in feuds gets you attention, and throwing us under the bus while making your otherwise totally on point rant will only make it seem less serious”.

    • Bridget says:

      People are comparing videos because Nicki started this entire discussion by alluding to Miley’s Wrecking Ball video in the first place.

      And while I could easily be wrong, but I thought that Miley’s comments were less about dismissing Nicki for being an Angry Black Woman, but more the fact that she knows Nicki personally and Minaj is pretty well known for being a complete jerk in real life.

      With this whole mess and the Iggy Azalea debacle we’ve talked a lot about race especially in women’s music. There’s no denying that there’s a serious issue – especially when you consider that mainstream pop music is very much a manufactured product, and the artists that are being chosen are of a similar look (to put it politely). Nicki’s commentary isn’t wrong at all. But is Miley incorrect in that Nicki’s primary beef isn’t with the fact that black women aren’t getting the same nominations so much as NICKI didn’t get the big nomination she wanted? To be honest, I think she was right.

      • Lex says:

        It might hold more weight if Nicki was annoyed in general about WOC not receiving noms but this just comes off as whiney that it wasn’t all about HER VIDEO. To her, the race part is an excuse to complain. To her, it’s just about her not being top dog.

    • Jay says:

      Eh, I think Miley has a point. Be angry all you want about racism — that’s totally justified. But if you’re trying to bring up the point in a meaningful and constructive way, that angry tone only alienates and turns off your audience. Communication 101.

    • jenn12 says:

      And Taylor’s condescension: you can share MY stage any time. Good Lord. As for Nicki’s angry tone, she is speaking about racism in the industry. Miley rants on and on about how much she suffered under Disney’s wing. She has permission to be angry about all her money and being made a star?

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        Exactly. That’s why her trying to shush Nicki and telling her ‘not to make it about her’ is hypocritical. Plus, the whole reason she’s even criticizing Nicki is because she thinks it’s about her and defending herself in the first place.

      • jenn12 says:

        I must say, Otaku, I am not giving you enough credit. You’re calling out someone you clearly like, which is impressive.

  16. The other paige says:

    I love how she thinks her stupid VMA “performance” was ‘about’ something….

    • The other paige says:

      Like it was political or something.

    • Josefa says:

      It was about her being silly and imitating what she already did in the “We Cant Stop” video. That’s why I believe her when she says she didn’t want to shock anyone. Everything she did, she had already done in the music video.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I don’t buy it. The WCS video was also supposed to be shocking. While Robin was performing, she went to the side and dug at her crotch like she was a monkey with lice. Definitely for shock value.

      • Josefa says:

        Yeah, WCS was supposed to be shocking. It was played on music video channels and everyone watched it on youtube. It ceased being shocking.

        As for that particular Robin Thicke segment, I think I have seen similar stuff on thousands of hip hop videos.

  17. Skins says:

    God, these chicks are so full of themselves. I usually like good girl singers but Miley’s music doesn’t really do much for me. And Nicki? Songs about big C*cks really shouldn’t be winning awards

    • Esteph says:


      Especially when Miley isn’t any better off than Nicki with straddling a wrecking ball naked, or gyrating in the most inappropriate outfits.

      They both need to hush, it is what it is.

    • serena says:


  18. Chaiselongue says:

    Minaj’s video is a disgusting, degrading, exploitative, truly awful pile of poo. She didn’t deserve a nomination and rightly didn’t get one. Demanding one from those you accuse of racism is odd too.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      @Chaiselounge: What you really mean is that YOU are disgusted by, and would feel degraded (lowered in value) and exploited by dancing suggestively in a revealing outfit. Which is fine, but that doesn’t mean everybody else feels the same.

      • Chaiselongue says:

        I had rather assumed that everyone on this forum expressing an opinion is expressing THEIR opinion, not that of any group or the world at large.

      • Jib says:

        So it’s respectful of women? It doesn’t degrade them or objectify them??

        Man, feminism has changed from the time of Gloria Steinem.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @Jib: Nope. A human being does not need modesty in order to have value, and female sexual modesty is not automatically a sign of women being respected.

  19. bns says:

    “I know you can make it seem like, Oh I just don’t understand because I’m a white pop star. I know the statistics. I know what’s going on in the world. But to be honest, I don’t think MTV did that on purpose.”

    Ummm BYE!!!

  20. ickythump says:

    anaconda is a truly terrible song and the clip was even worse. Why does race have to even be brought into this ?I personally would be disappointed (although not surprised) if that excuse for a song did receive a nomination. The entire premise of the song is that because she has a big booty guys do her favours plus it promotes drug use and body shames thin women.

  21. Otaku Fairy says:

    I like and respect (and sometimes disagree with and cringe over) both of these women but, I’m leaning toward #TeamNicki on this one, even though I’m more of a Miley fan. I don’t remember anything in Nicki’s argument being rude and disrespectful, and I suspect that the real reason why Miley is criticizing Nicki and calling her commentary ‘disrespectful’ and ‘angry’ is because she feels that Nicki’s comment about the celebration of slim girls was a personal attack on HER, (a lot of other people were also saying it was a ‘jab’ at Miley) when really it was commentary on the industry. Just like how Taylor Swift thought that same comment was an attack on her, when it was a comment on the industry. And as someone in a privileged position with a cultural appropriation problem, I don’t think Miley should be lecturing Nicki Minaj on how to talk about race issues when Nicki wasn’t at all bigoted and hateful in her argument, even if Nicki *did* make the argument a little bit about herself not getting an award.
    Also, I dislike this trend of using ‘you’re angry’ as a dismissal tool in arguments. Anger is not always a bad thing or something that makes a person’s argument invalid or not something to respect. Sometimes anger is called for. It’s not like Miley can pretend she hasn’t shown anger when discussing important social issues in public- like during her recent paper magazine issue when she was talking about the LBGT movement for Happy Hippie and fundamentalists making laws about people’s bodies, or in other totally valid issues she’s discussed in the past.

    • Aila says:

      Well said!

    • Marie-France says:

      YES, to everything you said Otaku.

    • jenn12 says:

      Miley shouldn’t be telling any person of color how to respond to racism, while claiming to know the statistics. She also shouldn’t be using black people and people with challenges as props in her videos and shows. She should also acknowledge that she works with Terry Richardson, who is known to exploit and abuse women, and who does most of her visual concepts, and that she imitated Sinead O’Connor in her video, then ran her down viciously after Sinead wrote a well meaning letter to her. Oh, but MILEY can be angry? As angry as the people her friend Trump runs down? The only thing I like about Miley is her stance against breedism. Taylor and Miley got ANGRY when they thought they were called out, but Nicki- whom I’m not even a fan of- should speak sweetly? Hypocrites. Taylor takes her “look at all my friends” pictures in high rent places, and they are as Caucasian as you can get. Miley is around people of color when she’s using them in videos and shows.

  22. Little Darling says:

    I’m sorry but that anaconda video was just awful. Horrible. It doesn’t deserve an award. I mean, MTV music awards. Really?

    People of color have won MTV music awards again and again, for years and years. To think that suddenly all MTV likes is white is kind of a joke. I would say that the music industry, as a whole, represents a lot of the market, even mainstream isn’t white anymore.

    I do think there is a sexist argent

    • pleaseicu says:

      Not the big, main awards. Which was one of Nikki’s points. POC have been nominated and won for ancillary awards but not the main awards. There are unequal nominations and wins on that front.

      It wasn’t until TLC’s Waterfalls that a POC won for video of the year, 11 years into the VMAs. Only 7 or 8 artists of color have ever won video of the year in 31 years.

      • Jay says:

        Black people only make up around 14% of the US population. Why do you expect them to win more than 14% of the time? Are they inherently more deserving of these awards?

      • Andrea S. says:

        @Pleaseicu um, & your point is? You do know African Americans only represent like 13% of the entire U.S. population, so logically they’re not going to be 100%, 50%, or maybe even representative of 30% of major music award noms. It’s just not mathematically possible, so to demand otherwise for “equality’s” sake is ridiculous.

        Not to mention, when you begin demanding crass, awful videos get nominated or need to win just to appease a small percentage of the population, again, just in the name of equality, you’re going down a slippery slope a la affirmative action. That NEVER should be the goal with these conversations.

      • jenn12 says:

        So because Miley is in the majority, her crass video (directed by a white guy repeatedly accused of sexual assault) should receive attention and she should get to win awards and host shows? Due to African-Americans not being in the majority, there should be few shows with them as stars, few videos with them as stars, the shows and film they’re in should stereotype them because, hey- numbers- and (mathematically speaking), white people should get the majority of the attention, respect, awards and black people should kiss the butts of those who hand out crumbs to them once in a while. Gee, wonder why you like Miley?

  23. Talie says:

    Trust and believe, A LOT of celebs are closet Trump supporters.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      I don’t think she’s saying she supports Trump politically. She just mentioned something he said to her when she stayed at his hotel. She’s made it clear who she votes for.

  24. Marty says:

    Oh look, a white girl trying to tell a black woman how to talk about race. How refreshing.

    • Jay says:

      Yeah! No opinions for white people!

      • Marty says:

        When it comes to a white person trying to tell a PoC how they should talk about their experiences with racism, then you’re damn right Jay: keep your ignorant opinions to yourself.

    • jenn12 says:

      Marty, s/he is trolling. Block and roll. You expressed it perfectly.

      • Marty says:

        @Jenn12- I meant to comment to you the other day. Do you remember, I’m pretty sure it was you, how two years ago we were on a Miley post talking about her racist antics, this was before her album came out and her VMA performance and how badly we were getting attacked on that thread? Now look at Miley, she’s really showing herself.

      • jenn12 says:

        Yes, it may well have been me. I was shocked at how she co-opted a culture, insisted she didn’t, crowned herself queen of twerking, used black people as props in her shows, and so on. People don’t want to believe that she could be passively racist. I’m not a Minaj fan, but you don’t tell a person of color how to react to perceived racism, and then quote statistics.

      • jenn12 says:

        I think it was… weren’t we pointing out how Miley had posted with white kids, all of whom were slanting their eyes, while the one Asian guy sat silently in the middle of them? Or when she responded viciously to a well meaning letter from Sinead O’Connor, exploiting her old tweets, and taunting her about her mental health? Then she dragged Amanda Bynes, who needed serious mental health intervention, into it in public, mocking them. I guess MILEY is allowed to blow up and get angry. Sinead ripped up a picture of the pope to bring attention to the child abuse priests were getting away with, and Miley mocked that too.

  25. Naddie says:

    Yeah, nothing you do is about shocking, it’s all about “showing your true self”, of course.
    If everyone starts to walk around naked, this girl will show up covered from head to toe.

  26. Aren says:

    Of course Anaconda is disgusting, but so is that rape song Blurred Lines. So I guess MTV likes songs about women who are forced into sex but never when they ask for it or are in charge.

    Still, Anaconda is not even a song, is just some sex talk over Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s sample.

  27. Tara says:

    Not a lot of brains, that one. I feel dumber after reading her statement. She thinks she’s so cool and punk rock for speaking her mind and being “shocking”. Such a poseur.

    Nicki Minaj had a horrible song and video. I do think that she’s using the race issue when really it’s about her selfish desires. She only cares about race issues when she feels she has been snubbed.

    Minaj and Cyrus are all stars who think they are doing something groundbreaking by taking off their clothes. I blame Madonna. Listen to someone with substance, folks. All these stars are about image.

  28. Hannah says:

    I am no fan of either.I think they all make it about them. Miley only says this because she was in the mix. Nicky did have a point but she shouldn’t have used specific examples predictably these people are so thin skinned that what could have been a valid debate got sidetracked by ego.

    As for mileys point about being kind, kanye has said much more unkind and critical things than what Nicky said. The things he said about beck was way worse. Miley,Taylor and her mouthpiece Calvin didn’t jump to Becks defence back then. i don’t really think they care to preach kindness unless it’s personal.

  29. Bridget says:

    To start: Nicki’s general point about race was indeed correct. Not arguing that. Though I stand by the fact that Anaconda was terrible, and it was only watched because she went for shock value not because it was memorable. How many people can even remember that the video came out this last year? Like it or not, Wrecking Ball was a genuine moment.

    BUT are people forgetting that as an individual she is a MASSIVE jerk? Not Miley painting her as an Angry Black Woman, but Nicki legit treats people around her terribly – and Miley would know her personally and be familiar with this. Hence the comment.

    • MmeRain says:

      Even if she knpws her personally, dismissing the point she was trying to make because she perceived the way it was said as angry is what I’m taking issue with. NM can definitely talk with an aggressive tone but can anyone really say it’s the case here? That’s why people are saying she’s using the angry black woman narrative.

      I think it’s a shame that she does not take the time to think about WHAT was being said instead of just dismissing the point bcs she felt targeted. I’m not saying she was not, just that she could have a much much more deep/interesting argument, whether she agrees or not with NM.

      • Bridget says:

        “What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind.” If someone is an jerk and is black, are we no longer allowed to call them a jerk? Honest question here.

        And Miley isn’t the only person who perceived Nicki’s point this way – can you honestly say that Nicki would have spoken up if she hadn’t wanted to be nominated? And can you honestly say that Anaconda would have been nominated if it was done by a white artist? It was not a good song and video, with crappy choreography. Minaj’s who argument was that it should have been nominated because it was the most watched… but it was the most watched because she was giving Drake a lap dance.

        I truly with we were having this discussion about 2 other artists, because I think it’s an important discussion and a difficult one to have because there’s so much baggage with both artists. As stated, I thought that Nicki’s general point was indeed correct, but I thought she was making the point for her own selfish reasons. It ended up taking away from Minaj’s own point, as now people are more focused on who she’s criticising.

      • MmeRain says:

        Of course you can call her a jerk, she demonstrated in several occasions that she could be/was one. But that’s not the case here and her only argument against what Nicki said was “She’s a jerk most of the time so whatever”. She did could have said that she does not think it was a case of racism here or anything like this. She did not even take the time to think about it in depth because Nicki can be a jerk and often angry. Does being angry and a jerk means that what you’re saying is not valid? I think you can be a jerk/b*tch and still make some good points on occasions. And don’t get me started on Miley trying to say that Nicki’s way to talk about discrimination is not the right way or the right time or whatever (maybe that’s not what she meant, but that’s what get out of her declarations). She does not take the time to talk about it (bcs angry Nicki) but she still thinks that it was not the right moment? LOL

        I’m not denying that what prompted Nicki to talk is not being nominated but does it make what she’s saying any less valid because she’s acting on purely selfish instinct? Does it take from the truth? If someday someone you know starg fighting for something for bcs it does not benefit them but it’s still an interesting point, would you take it less seriously it bcs it’s not altruistic?

        Would Anaconda would have been nominated if starring white women? I don’t know. Would wrecking ball would have been nominated if done by a black woman? I don’t know neither. If it someone else than Bey or Rih, I really dln’t think so.

        How are the nominee chosen? Because Ciara “Dance like we’re making love” is just fantastic. A mile better than Bad Blood.

      • MmeRain says:

        And sorry for all the mistakes 🙁 I was talking with my sister and I cannot edit anymore…

      • Bridget says:

        To me, there are 2 separate conversations going on.

        1) Does the music industry have a race problem, especially when it comes to race? Of course it does. Music and pop music especially has a ‘great white hope’ problem – continually trying to package white ‘hip hop’ artists who will be more palatable to a mass audience (see Azalea, Iggy). It’s easy to forget how expensive it is to be in the music industry; you have studio production time, writing, and then video production, touring, and lots and lots of promotion. Record companies choose to invest in artists that they think they’ll see the best return from, and big shock that they tend to think they’re going to get that return from white artists. But *should* that be the case? NO. Should we be having discussions about race in our popular media? Oh yes. But part of that discussion is going to be the fact that I personally found Nicki’s work to be lacking. Which brings me to the second, entirely different part of our discussion:

        2) Nicki’s point is that she thinks she should have been nominated for the big award because her video was the most viewed of the last year, and that since Wrecking Ball was nominated that it must therefore be a race issue. But Nicki made what was essentially a clickbait video – the centerpiece was her giving Drake a lapdance. Her saying that it got the most views and therefore it must be good is like saying that an article about someone’s nip slip should be nominated for a Pulitzer because it got the most clicks. Ultimately Anaconda’s biggest problem is the fact that it’s not particularly good – the song itself is a lazy remix of Baby Got Back, and the choreography isn’t particularly great. Note: that was one of the awards she was ticked at being shut out of, but I notice that no one was discussing Casper “Slum Bear” Smart’s choreography. In the discussion, I think that Nicki was sufficiently honored for a mediocre effort. She’s put out FAR better songs and videos, and as I pointed out in another threat, in all of these discussions I don’t think I’ve seen a single person actually say that they thought Anaconda was particularly good.

    • MmeRain says:

      I mostly agree with you, did her video was really worth a nomination? Eeeh. Did Bad blood deserve a nomination? Eeeh.

      Clickbait video or not (wrecking ball was a hell of a clickbait video too and it won), people talked about it. Lots of videos are just that nowadays. Clickbait videos. Someone said it earlier but it’s a good point I’m going to reuse. Why are white people allowed to be mediocre and even have awards for it whereas black people are not even in the conversation ? I mean, if Miley Cirus with her bad video can win an award bcs it was a sensation, why anaconda can’t even get a nomination? It was a sensation, whether people liked it or not.

      But yeah, Anacondah was a bad video. Still, I will defend her in this occasion, in her asking why her naked butt was not nominated but miley cyrus one was. Miley Cyrus was nominated because she spent half the year being naked, doing sexual stuff for the public, building her moment and Wrecking ball was just the peak of it all. That is the question nobody can answer. What are the criterion? One year they reward it and the next it’s just too much ?

      Would another artist would have had the guts to speak up and ask why? Good video or not, I welcome the discussion because as i said before, it will never be the right moment to do it.

      • Bridget says:

        Anaconda got several nominations. Just not Video Of The Year.

        And the criteria for VMAs are simple: nominate whoever will get the most eyeballs on the show.

      • Bridget says:

        Oops, accidentally cut myself off!

        I guess what I have the biggest problem with is the fact that we’re basically fighting over the right to be mediocre. And that’s more of a personal disappointment (of the old fart, ‘in my day’ mentality) than anything else. Because I’d way rather just not see Taylor included as well. VMAs are odd. There have always been some outliers who are included because they genuinely did visually innovative work, but for the most part they’re a popularity contest. It’s an opportunity to reward the biggest acts and the biggest songs. Hence Taylor Swift’s continual inclusion, despite the fact taht her videos are pretty pedestrian. I think that one thing that’s counting against Nicki is the fact that her remix wasn’t over-the-top popular, and her contributions to the song itself were actually pretty minimal. Frankly, I think she’s having more success *now* than she was 6 months ago. The irony of all of this is that Nicki is getting way more mileage out of not being nominated than she EVER would have had she been included. Can anyone even name the other videos in the category without looking them up? I certainly can’t.

        It could be worse, Iggy Azalea could have gotten one of those VOTY spots!

      • MmeRain says:

        I can but bcs I looked to see if there was some decent competition or if everything was mediocre 😂 It would have been really funny if Iggy Azalea was in the mix too haha

        I will just fight for the right of NM sometimes mediocrity to be as recognised as TS sometimes mediocrity (I do think NM is talented when she’s not doint commercial music) ✌ haha

        It was an interesting conversation, we did agree on most of the points. I guess we’ll never really know if her non nomination for this category was motivated by race or not (but I maintain that it’s better not to say anything that say what MC said in her interview).

        I don’t know what time it is where you are but it’s time for me to go to bed, big day tomorrow. Yaay! Have a nice day/afternoon/night!

  30. Corrie says:

    Isn’t it odd how over 60 years later and we’re still here. I remember as a kid, my grandfather hated Elvis for stealing black dance and music with no credit to the people he stole from. And on top of it, Elvis was a racist. And still to this day, we are faced with the same ignorance and damage in our culture. After all we know, we know nothing. Achy Breaky Heart thinks she wasn’t given any privilege to get her to Disney or to break Disney image with a twerk, or the full black ensemble of Producers to change her image around. They allowed her in, and she stomps all over it, as well as trying to make Nicki sound angry. I know, Nicki has been direct with Iggy. And even more so with women in music in general… and I’m not even a Nicki fan. I think she’s better as a guest lyricist than solo… but that said. She wasn’t angry here. So Miley trying to lament a stereotype on Nicki was low and demeaning, and of course, as history would tell us, expected.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Because the same people are still plugging their ears and pretending the issue doesn’t exist. Frankly I can’t stop laughing at anyone who claims appropriation doesn’t exist when the evidence is so damn clear.

  31. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    So basically Nicki is the black woman at the office who got angry because she kept seeing white girls promoted ahead of her and when explaining her issue her voice got a little loud and now Miley is there to tell her to take it down a notch and that she won’t listen to anything Nicki says unless she’s smiling and calm?


    Miley’s ignorance and tokenism continues, perhaps one day she’ll know what it truly is to be a minority someone is so eagerly exploiting and stealing from.

    • Bridget says:

      I don’t particularly like that Miley basically told Nicki that she needed to be polite to make her point. But then again, I have a hard time taking much Miley Cyrus says seriously, to be honest.

      Ironically, I also happen to agree that Nicki’s primary concern was that Nicki wasn’t nominated.

      • jenn12 says:

        Yes, but people are listening to Miley and giving her free reign over an awards show. Miley doesn’t change; she used black culture to change her image, she used black women as props in videos and shows, and now she’s telling a black woman to be a good girl when she speaks about racism in the industry. How privileged and quietly racist can you get? Miley isn’t in charge of her own image; she is an industry tool who is currently pretending otherwise. Case in point: that idiotic Wrecking Ball video that was a cultural phenomenon was the concept of misogynist Terry Richardson. How edgy and independent of Miley. And when Sinead O’Connor had the nerve to tell her that she was being used and deserved better, suddenly Miley had a vicious mouth. I don’t care about Nicki, but who the hell is MILEY to tell someone not to be angry?

  32. Ashley says:

    plus, I feel like shit, she’s got to know better than to use the word “angry” to describe nicki’s tweets?

    • meh says:

      She clearly doesn’t. I would say someone needs to educate her, but it sounds like people have tried and she won’t listen.

  33. funcakes says:

    I sick of both these tricks.
    I wish they would go away already.

  34. masy says:

    I never like Miley but she’s right . You go, girl!

  35. whoknows says:

    This is what I think a, b or c
    a) Miley is high again and/or doesn’t care to trash talk bc she is the host
    b) Her and Nicki are in on this together to make VMA highly anticipated due to a probable feud
    c) she is just high and think she is impermeable to Minaj’s crazy ass retaliation …due any time

    On a different note are we again to expect the tongue and tits out
    I mean maybe that was novel and extreme when she first did it ,but after a million times it’s just dull and expected

  36. Saks says:

    I had a problem with what Nicki Minaj said:
    Her video is awful and so is her song. In this very particular case I do think she not being nominated wasn’t about race. About Miley, I don’t care for her, but I side-eye people who line with Trump.

  37. Toby says:

    Miley just reduced Nicki to an an angry black woman. Classy!

  38. unmade_bed says:

    “Anaconda” was indisputably awful, and Minaj complained about not being awarded something for it. Any argument in her favor on this is crazy.

  39. ladyg says:

    Welp, she lost me. I’d always had Miley’s back, but this crosses a line, for me.

  40. holly hobby says:

    Like you did, Miley, by flashing your chest to promote the upcoming VMAs? Wow talk about pot and kettle.

  41. Merritt says:

    I’m so tired of Miley. She is so desperate to be controversial. She is just ignorant and boring. She doesn’t get race issues, and she likely never will. But of course she wouldn’t considering her own tendency to engage in cultural appropriation.

  42. Katija says:

    I bet somewhere Kanye West is like, “wow, people are fighting about the VMAs about who DESERVES to be nominated, and race, and Taylor Swift is involved, but you know who isn’t involved? Me. Kanye. I didn’t say one single thing. Man, I’m really growing up.”

  43. Jib says:

    I must be missing something. I thought both Nicki and Miley’s videos were gross. Art? No. Not even close. And how is Beyonce tokenism? She’s one of the most well known and popular artists on the planet.

    Also, it was said above that very few black artists have won Album of the Year. I just looked and Stevie Wonder won three times, Michael Jackson won, Whitney Houston won, Quincy Jones won. Yes, black artists are definitely underrepresented in this category when Taylor Swift actually won, but they have won. Should they have won more?? Where’s Aretha? Donna Summer changed music in my youth. It’s shameful that they aren’t on that list. Others missing are Jimi Hendrix, Diana Ross (!!!!!), Bob Maley, and Tupac. But I just found a list of 31 Artists who never won a Grammy and it includes Janis Joplin, Queen, The Kinks, The Who, The Ramones, Patsy Cline, and many other worthy artists. I think the Grammys basically just suck at giving out awards.
    And I do agree with Miley I that I wish Nicki had made this about the standards of beauty and how that manifests in the awards, rather than about her cause she seemed jealous and her message was lost. But really – these are pop stars, all of them, not Nobel Laureates. Is it really fair to ask them to be he social commenters of the day? How much knowledge does Miley have about the world? Taylor? Nicki? Any of them. Not much. I bet they don’t even know when the Civil Rights Act, which the courts have weakened, was put into effect,or what it did. These are entertainers, not intellects for the most part.

  44. Frosty says:

    Sooooooooo…Miley claims she wasn’t that into it, she wasn’t paying attention really, and then launches into a lecture about all the reasons Minaj was wrong to say what she said the way she said it. Thus ensuring that the power structure is not disturbed in any way, Minaj’s point, however ineptly made, is ignoed, and things go on as usual. How is Miley special again?

  45. rlh says:

    Not that I actually agree with Miley here but she is laboring to make a somewhat valid point about HOW Minaj presents these issues; she does come across as self-serving, not some kind of pop civil rights activist. Minaj initially sounded like she was throwing a tantrum because SHE was not acknowledged. And I make my point with this: Beyoncé was acknowledged for video of the year and Beyoncé has not really been the 5’11” bean pole, blonde haired blue eyed white girl showing her body. So, in that way, I agree with Miley: Minaj made it all about her and that was just small minded. I think once she put it out there she had to then take a different tack and expand her thesis. But, yeah, Nicki is full of crap and a butt hurt cry baby.
    Just my opinion.
    Also, Anaconda SUCKED as a song and as a video. Absolutely horrendous and not exactly original and certainly not ground breaking in any way.

    • jenn12 says:

      I’m not a fan of either, but Miley’s songs are crap, written by the same industry people that she pretends to rail against. Her songs suck. Her videos aren’t cutting edge, and she’s trying too hard to shock everyone and then call it art. And I see very few artists of color receiving awards or recognition, so when a bunch of cookie cutter white girls receive them, it has to sting. We need more John Legends, more Bruno Mars, more India Aries, more Jill Scotts.

      • rlh says:

        jenn12: I agree with absolutely everything you wrote. I am not a Miley fan either and am very tired of her shtick. More John, Bruno, India and Jill? Absofuckinglutely!!

  46. Laura says:

    Not a fan of either Miley or Niki. If the VMAs want to add variety to their program, why not have true talents such as Jennifer Hudson or Emile Sande perform? Personally I think that singing about dicks (Anaconda) or simulating a blow job by licking a hammer (Wrecking Ball) is neither classy nor artistic – just vulgar and trashy. Why not honour acts that have integrity and rely on their actual talents versus acts that are all about shock value?

  47. Bobafelty says:

    This article is forcing people to choose between dumb and dumber. They both make mediocre videos, but at least Minaj has a bit more brain activity going on. I don’t think the either video is good or deserving of awards. I hated both actually because they exploited their own sexuality for cheap views. That being said, when I hate Anaconda video it is somehow assumed there is a racial element to it, but not for my reaction to Miley which I think is unfair. I hated 90s rap videos with big name black men rappers using “ho” women dancers in the same way I hate Miley using little people and black women tweaking. Both are exploitative. Neither is specifically racial, more based on just respecting all people.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      @Bobafelty: Ok but why is it exploitative and disrespecting for a grown woman to do a sexual dance move, or to show nudity/revealing clothes/ sexuality in her own music video, but not disrespecting and exploitation for actors and actresses to portray nudity and sex scenes in other people’s movies, or for men to pose shirtless or in their underwear for magazines or for Calvin Klein, or for male or female models to do sexualized romance novel/erotica covers? (If you don’t have the chance to look at novel covers in a store, just google ‘sexy romance novel covers’ and you’ll see what I mean). I disagree with this tendency to automatically label everything that’s openly sexual or involves a lot of skin showing as ‘wrong, disrespectful, exploitative, and dangerous’. I think there are a few very specific questions we need to ask about a thing before we automatically make that conclusion.

      • bobafelty says:

        I didn’t imply anything wrong with being naked. I used the term “exploited” as in “used for their own benefit” as defined in the dictionary, when discussing Nicki and Miley. I dislike how if I make fun of one video it’s ok (Miley’s), but when i say the exact same criticism about Nicki’s I get called a racist. My criticism is that I think their videos are attention-grabbers, and that they got naked to make up for bad song writing.

        Lots of people pose naked in movies, book covers, pornos, ads, tv shows, magazines, etc. These people use their bodies and sexuality to market and move product. But if it’s a crap product, I’ll absolutely make fun of them for getting naked to market something lame. I don’t want to get automatically called racist if there is a person of color getting naked to sell said crap product.

        I used the word “exploitative”, which has a different connotation and meaning (“used unfairly” in the dictionary), to describe videos where people use human beings as props. This is a common theme in Miley’s videos and in 90s rap videos. I find both gross, but not for any racial reason.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        Ok, I get what you’re saying now. It’s about the lameness of the product, not the nudity and sexuality itself. I do think that with a lot of other people (not accusing you of this) the gender, or race, or both of the person doing the nudity and sexuality colors people’s response to it sometimes. For example, most people had no problem with Adam Levine’s naked, sexualized album cover where he’s ass naked with a whole bunch of hands (I think they were women’s hands) grabbing on his junk, but Nicki Minaj got ripped to shreds for posing on her album in a tank top with her thong-clad butt out. Or like how hot male celebrities get either praise or tacit acceptance despite posing in their underwear or shirtless or less (unless it’s an unattractive douche like Justin Bieber, and even then the only criticism is about him being an unattractive baby-faced douchebag who is not sexy. Tame compared to what women who do the same get), or otherwise capitalizing on being sex symbols, while most women get a whole bunch of misogynistic crap and anger. Or like how Bill O’reilly feels that it’s okay for himself as a white man to publicly write a little porn thing, but calls Beyoncé a ‘bad role model’ for being a black woman who sang about sex with her husband (as if singers haven’t been singing about sex with their spouses, lovers, and randoms for decades. Come on Billy, don’t pretend you’ve never liked an artist who sang about sex- or at least liked a song that was about sex.) Or, like how Dylan Sprouse was unscathed after nude photos of him leaked, but Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Lawrence were called sluts and wh*res when it happened to them.

        Or, for one final one, how Republican Mike Huckabee criticized Beyoncé and Rihanna for their immodest dress and dance, but has yet to offer a word of criticism to Joshua Duggar for cheating on his wife and delving into the world of porn and strippers.

      • bobafelty says:

        I wrote my response really late last night, and didn’t mean for it to sound so bitchy (even if it is Celebitchy). I hear you. We’re surrounded by sex and sexuality constantly in the US, and yet lack decent sex ed and overall uncomfortable with human bodies outside “the norm”. I got in trouble above for saying this, but I did like that Miley’s video was provocative. I like that Nicki shows something besides rail thin white woman as sexy. I think the problem is somewhat that in the US, nudity = sexuality. so any skin showing = slut. It’s ok to see a naked form and not think sex. It should be ok for women to breastfeed without being harassed. I don’t know how we change this. I can’t even think about the Duggars without wanting to Hulk Smash something.

  48. alicegrey12 says:

    Will there be a catfight?

  49. weirswalker says:

    She went to school with that Jaden Smith idiot right ?

  50. Frosty says:

    One thing Niki’s tweet storm has done is to hide just how bad ALL the videos are — imo every one is trite and poorly executed. Anaconda was meant to be a pushback against a certain kind of video. Fail. Bad Blood is badly done take off on action films, and the subject is petty. Beyonce’s is a home movie. Ben whatsisname looks like a commercial for Kaye Jewelers. I mean, UGH.