Demi Moore’s daughters mortified by Ashton Kutcher’s online antics

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Demi Moore’s teenage daughters are said to be fed up with the foolish, immature way their mom and her young husband are carrying on online. Moore and Kutcher sometimes twitter back and forth, giving fans a stream of texts on their privileged lives, gripes and intimate chat. This is said to be embarrassing for Moore’s three daughters, and the tipping point came when Kutcher twittered a cellphone pic of Moore’s butt in a bikini when she was bending over ironing for him. Rumer, 20, Scout, 17, and Tallulah, 15, had a talk with their mom and step dad and told them to cool it.

Demi’s girls… staged a family intervention after their stepdad posted a picture on the social networking site Twitter of their 46-year-old mom bending over in a bikini…

And an insider revealed: “Seeing their mom and stepdad act like teenagers makes the girls cringe! They think their online exchanges are embarrassing and uncool…”

The last straw for Demi’s daughters – Rumer, Scout and Tallulah – was Ashton’s candid snap of the “Striptease” star’s bottom.

“The girls freaked out when they saw Demi’s butt in the air,” revealed the insider. “They sat Demi and Ashton down and told them they needed to curb their immature behavior.

“Demi said it was just innocent fun, but Rumer shook her head in frustration and said, ‘Grow up, Mom!'”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 16, 2009]

This could be true because I checked out Moore and Kutcher’s Twitter accounts and they seem to be focusing on other things rather than each other at this point. That may be because they’re both in France while Kutcher is filming Five Killers and don’t have the need to keep in touch online when they’re together. If anything their Twitter texts show that they don’t have issues in their relationship and are madly in love with each other. You can see how that kind of modern PDA by their parents would embarrass any teenager.

Demi and Ashton are shown at the Berlinale Festival on 2/11/09. Credit:

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  1. James Davis says:

    What the hell is the word “twitter??” This is new to me..not sure I’ll add this one to my vocab!

  2. James Davis says:

    Okay. Someone just told me what it is!

  3. Liz says:

    Tallulah Bell… sorry I couldn’t resist. I had to both say it out loud, and type it. It makes me giddy and I highly suggest everyone try it.

  4. Granger says:

    I’d be embarrassed too if my 46-year-old mom has a better body and a hotter man than me!

  5. gia says:

    demi must have had a labatomy to make more space for silicone, because what 46 year old woman, mother of 3 teenage daughters behaves like that? he clearly is just a harmless idiot from idaho playing in the candystore.

  6. Maritza says:

    I saw the interview of Mary Tyler Moore where she said her husband is 18 years younger than her and they have been married for 25 years now makes me believe Demi and Ashton really don’t have that much age difference and they look so cool together.

  7. Rosanna says:

    Children shouldn’t dictate who the parent twitters with, or about what as long as the parents aren’t twittering about the children themselves!!! Who’s the parent here??? I’m positive Miss Rumer, Talullah and Scout would not want their parents to control their adult life, so they shouldn’t try to control their adult parent life either.

  8. Hieronymus Grex says:

    That’s what happens when mom marries a 12 year old.

  9. lrm says:

    Okay,but does the whole world need to know that they are madly in love,as in specific details?
    I agree with the kids…and as for kids ‘shouldn’t dictate’,well,c’mon-they are voicing their opinions/concerns.
    Twitter is a dysfunction-creating tool,getting people used to sharing every thought,so noone will think twice when we’re being strip searched,videotaped,or otherwise having our thoughts monitored.
    You don’t need to share your journal with everyone.
    Twitter,my space,facebook-they ARE for teenages-they are for that type of developmental/emotional stage in one’s life. Then again,so is most of the TV/entertainment out there.
    Which is why we have a nation of pacified by fast food and video games.
    People are supposed to be adults at some point. Which does not mean serious or uptight,but it does mean ‘mature’….a mature version of enjoying life,based on perspective and life experience.
    Okay,though,Demi looks HOT. I know she’s had some surgery,but she looks good and happy. And I think she embraces holistic treatments to keep herself in shape,as well. And they look great together-they fit.
    I actually wished they had been able to get pregnant-she’s not too old. they seem like soulmates to me,just saying….

  10. lrm says:

    sorry for typos above-you know what they are(:

  11. Annie says:

    Dude, kids have every right to tell the ‘rental units to act like adults. Come on, you have children, no need to act like teenagers. I’d be embarrassed too.

  12. becca says:

    I feel horrible for their kids. Honestly, those two gross me out. If I was one of her kids, I’d have the most difficult time getting along with Ashton. I’m sure the kids don’t see him as a dad, and more of a goofy boy toy that their mother got her claws into.

  13. linda says:

    How Dare the kids tell their mom how to act. I think it is great that Demi and Ashton are so in love and happy! And younger men with older women is great! Men have been doing it for years. Maybe they should tell their dad not to be with a child..Bruce is probably just jealous that Demi is with a younger, sexy man and he had to be an idiot an marry a baby just for his ego. Except Demi and Ashton are really in love and that is the difference!
    The kids need to get their own lives and mind their own business!

  14. santacruz says:

    Clearly, Demi likes brawn over brains… her husband is a tool…and she is a publicity hound.

  15. rob says:

    who the hell really cares about these 2 dolts anyway?

  16. km says:

    you people telling her kids to mind their business are messed up. They are her daughters!! their mom IS their business and just cause they are adults doesn’t mean they should act which ever way they want. There is a certain way that parents should conduct themselves.

  17. Cookie says:

    If feel sorry for her daughters. My heart goes out to them. Someone needs to call social services. Yicks!

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