Farrah Abraham threatened to kill everyone in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house

Farrah Abraham

This season of Celebrity Big Brother sounds as messy as the rest. Tila Tequila briefly showed up and got kicked out after one day for her former Nazi sympathies, which she says were a result of drugs (and a need for attention). Janice Dickinson is stuck in the house with all of these people, and former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is all over the place. She’s turning into the worst cast member of all. I feel sorry for London for having to deal with her angry presence.

Farrah got into a huge argument last night. She was seriously worked up and threatened to “kill” everyone while filming a diary session. I guess she got really angry over rationing food and took her rage out on Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton. Here’s the transcript, but all of the good stuff is bleeped, so it basically looks like, “My bleeeep, with the obliterate bleeep and flip flops bleeeep!” This is what she really said:

“Oh, because I was going to f***ing obliterate the f***ing scum that you have in this f***ing house. Yeah, and I’m just going to say this; if my f***ing flip-flops are not f***ing fixed because of your g****mn mouth over the f***ing intercom, I am going to straight up f***ing kill this whole f***ing house!”

[From The Mail on YouTube]

Nice manners, right? Farrah didn’t come to the house to make friends, she came to make money, but I think the goal is to stick around as long as possible. The longer one stays, the more earnings and the more television exposure. Farrah may be a bestselling author and have her own line of adult toys, yet she still needs the money. She needs to shape up, fast.

Here’s Farrah’s rant, and she certainly won’t be around much longer.

Farrah Abraham

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  1. NewWester says:

    Just add this latest outburst, to everything else Farrah’s daughter will discover when she look’s up her mother on the Internet. What a mess

    • Mon says:

      It would not suprised me if her daughter were fully aware of that already…. If she behaves like this on the telly, I can imagine she is the same (if not worse) at home, when the cameras are not rolling.
      Not sure what this woman has been through, but she is a vile individual….

    • FingerBinger says:

      Farrah has done hardcore p0rn. This outburst will be the least of her daughter’s worries.

  2. Betti says:

    She’s a nasty nasty woman who will get kicked out soon – she’s also an embarrassment to the US, we know not everyone is like that but do you really want someone like that representing you on the world stage.

    • Beeps says:

      I don’t know if you could really call Celebrity Big Brother the “World Stage”.

    • Gea says:

      I just googled her, she is young and her life so far is so complicated. Jenna on the hand hmmm there is not much to say there…only disfunction. Yes, these two are mean and rest of them are tangled in craziness.

      • Kelly says:

        I agree with Betti about this one and I’ll tack on the Kardashians, and I’m laughing at “I don’t know if you could really call Celebrity Big Brother the “World Stage”.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        More like a Circus Ring. I’m guessing her daughter is going to have a very foul mouth as well. Note to Farrah: Buy a thesaurus and a dictionary. There are alot of really neat adjectives in the English language that aren’t cuss words. Gotta say I love the middle pic of her obviously getting ready to say the F word again. That’s a picture every parent would be proud of. Oh, and those must have been some awesome flip flops that absolutely cannot be replaced. WTW!

    • Chloeee says:

      Also, no we don’t but it’s not like we voted to send her. None of the people from The U.S. On that show are people we want representing us

    • Tammy says:

      To be honest I’m finding all the American’s embarrassing except Scoop. He seems to be the most level headed. Someone needs to shove something into Farrah’s mouth. She injects herself into every argument even those that have nothing to do with her. It’s disgusting and vile the things that come out of her mouth. Someone needs to remind her that her 15 minutes of fame are long long over.

    • AJ says:

      Wait! Before we condemn her, please note that her flip flop was broken! Her FLIP FLOP.

      “…if my f***ing flip-flops are not f***ing fixed because of your g****mn mouth over the f***ing intercom, I am going to straight up f***ing kill this whole f***ing house!”

      A FLIP FLOP is irreplaceable.

    • Pandy says:

      Yes, add the Kartrashians and Donald Trump to that steaming dung heap …

    • There’s a reason they choose people like this for Big Brother. Ratings. Pure and simple. No, they don’t represent ALL OF AMERICA, puh-lease. I had never seen an episode of Big Brother until I tuned in out of boredom tonight and saw the train wreck that is this show. They are really pushing the US vs UK culture aspect of this show…which I suppose is the point, but as an American expat in the UK, I found it tedious. There is bad behaviour on both sides of the pond. It has nothing to do with nationality and everything to do with coping mechanisms. All of this complaining that us Yanks are too loud (we are loud…slightly less so than our Italian and Greek brothers and sisters, but loud still), but gimme a break. Has anyone ever seen an episode of Geordie Shore? Makes those Jersey Girls and Boys look like a basket full of kittens.

      • Franca says:

        I actually like watching Geordie Shore. I started watching solely for the accent, but they grew on me. And I think they’re much nicer and funnier than the Jersey Shore people who were completely obnoxious.

  3. aims says:

    For some reason I cannot stop watching this freak show! Farrah is a total bitch to everyone (shocker I know). Jenna Jameson is also in this show and she and Farrah have become this mean girl posse. They’re calling everyone out and basically arguing with everyone. Nobody is standing up for themselves and telling them to STFU.

    This show is like watching a train going at top speed know that soon it’s going to run out of track and going to crash. I can’t look away.

    • Aussie girl says:

      I would watch that.

    • Andrea says:

      I actually think Jenna is reasonable and rational most of the time. She had an apology convo with Natasha and Natasha seemed okay with her. She got upset yeserday because if people don’t start rationing, there will be no food. It is a reasonable thing to get upset about. Farrah on the other hand, is a very messed up person and unhinged. She should just vent all her issues out by screwing James.

      • aims says:

        In the conversation that Jenna had with Natasha, Jenna admitted that their altercation was unnecessary . There are times when I agree with Jenna and other times she and Farrah have this pack mentality. One person I cannot stand is Chole. She is way to clingy to her boy friend.

        See I have invested to much of my time on this.

      • Andrea says:

        Chloe is what 24 and that clingy to her 35 year old boyfriend like she’d simply die if he left her? She is a beautiful girl with obvious severe co-dependent issues. Most men would run the other way at such interactions. She cannot seem to be away from him for more than 10 minutes at a time.

      • Eva says:

        Farrah has some really serious psychological issues for sure, a lot of anger and venom,but I doubt she will ever see that because she doesn’t see she is in the wrong. Having said that, I actually find Jenna to be worse than farrah in that she is more calculated and two faced. She pushes all the buttons and then sets Farrah off like she’s her pittbull. Quite liked Jenna at first but now I think she has shown her true colours.

        Re: Chloe and Stevi, that is the biggest showmance I have ever seen! They are like that are reading from a script when talking to each other!! It seems so obviously fake to me I’m surprised that more people can’t see it.

  4. snakecharmer says:

    this chick is so desperate. her mouth is eww…shut it. she represents what is wrong with our society.

  5. BearcatLawyer says:

    Whenever I feel down about not being able to have kids, I watch an episode of Teen Mom or Sixteen and Pregnant. And then I remember how lucky I am to have an actual education and career plus real friends and family who love me. I call it my moral superiority therapy hour.

    Farrah (I always think Farrah Fawcett is rolling over in her grave thanks to this trick) needs to sit down and STFU. Or else she may very well find herself in jail, deported, or worse…which might not be the worst thing for her.

    • Franca says:

      There is one couple out of Teen Mom who actually turned out okay. They put their kid for adoption, but they see her regularly and they just got married. I can’t remeber the names.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        Tyler and Catelynn. It’s debatable that they have turned out ok. While they did recently marry, they had a second daughter prior to their wedding whom they are raising. Neither has finished college or appears to work at any kind of job except appearing on reality TV shows/making personal appearances. They are a stable couple and seem to be loving parents, but without the MTV money and fame, they would be in far more dire straits.

      • Eva says:

        Tyler and Catelynn actually impress me with the maturity they have shown despite their terrible parents and their very damaging, often outright dispicable behaviour (her mum and his dad).
        However, I was very disappointed recently to see Catelynn spouting off anti-abortion rhetoric on her Instagram.

      • Valois says:

        Didn’t Maci (without the father) turn out okay, too?

      • Andrea says:

        Maci had a 2nd kid with 2nd baby daddy—She did get an associates degree, but I don’t know…maybe?

      • Eva says:

        Yes Maci seems well adjusted, but she was the only one with a stable and supportive family so that is not surprising.

  6. Nicole says:

    pond scum has more class

  7. FLORC says:

    I remember her appearance on Teen Mom.
    She was the girl who’s bf passed away while she was pregnant. Her mother seemed a bit unhinged and demanding of unrealistic goals. While Farrah was trying to finish school and holding down a steady job.
    By outside appearance she had her priorities in place and was trying to do her best with the cards dealt. Not playing on sympathies for a crutch to lean on.

    How quickly things changed with fame. Suddenly she was shopping for shows. Restricting access from the father’s family to the grandchild unless they would accept being filmed. And… all that other mess she’s done…
    I just didn’t see that coming. Of all the girls on that original season Farrah seemed like the one who would make it out in the best shape.

    • Crumpet says:

      Hereditary mental disorder that kicks in in your 20’s? I feel sorry for her child. Big time.

      • FLORC says:

        What mental disorder?

      • Crumpet says:

        Schizoaffective (for one). Bipolar. Most mental illnesses have late onset.

      • I doubt that she would be “lucky” enough to have something like schizoaffective or bipolar, as those are (somewhat) easier to treat because there is acute psychosis. She strikes me as more of a borderline personality, which sadly is more of a behavioural diagnosis, and these people always seem to fall through the cracks.

    • Katie says:

      I’d also like to point out that she refused to tell her ex-bf that she was pregnant out of spite. She also began dating other guys while she was pregnant.
      Now Sophia’s dad is the “love of her life” and she’s all torn out of the frame about sliding him. I get that people are totally allowed to change their minds about the past but this feels trumped up for attention, like everything else that she does.
      This girl needs some tough love, not the deranged pack of enablers that surround her now.

      • FLORC says:

        I chalked that up to being a dumb teenager. That her actions to support her and her daughter away from what looked like an unstable home life was respectable. A lot can change once you give birth. More becomes “real” hearing a cry and holding the child vs pregnant where there isn’t those factors.

    • Andrea says:

      The mother smacked her across the face while driving. She definitely has a lot of parental issues which she loosley talked about in the last CBB episode.

  8. Bridget says:

    That face.

  9. Dash says:

    I wish i could watch this show, it sounds amazing every single year. The recaps on daily mail are pretty good, I like the way they don’t actually list them as a recap they just write about what happened on the show in the exact same style as the rest of their articles. The UK has some of the best reality TV (don’t worry America you’re still number one).

    • Gabby says:

      You can watch them all on Youtube — they’re named ‘CBB 2015’ and they post the episodes every day.

    • Franca says:

      The DM writes most about a really weird couple, Chloe Jasmine something and a guy who seem to be making out all the time without having any chemistry at all.
      Out of all the people in there I’ve only heard of Janice and Natasha.

      • Andrea says:

        Chloe and Stevi are so cringe-worthy. OMG we can’t have sex, I love you I love you! they are clingy to the 9th degree, especially her. He is 10 years older and not that great looking, I don’t get why she is so obsessed with him.

  10. Chelly says:

    Way to go, MTV. This is all thats wrong with “reality” shows

  11. snarky mcsnark says:

    Farrah has always been a major trashbag, nothing new here!

  12. Chelly says:

    Big Brother, yes. But i meant way to go MTV because their stupid show “Teen Mom” is what made her a celebrity of any kind. Now she’s like a parasite that wont go away.

  13. Incognito says:

    I see Farrah is staying classy! (I really wish there was a sarcasm font.)

  14. maura says:

    She is amazing to watch from an analytical point of view. She comes across as very damaged and even the most innocent question can set her off. I think she deals with whatever issues she has via anger to keep people from getting close to her. Shame her kid has to be around that though

    • QQ says:

      YES !! and that short ass fuse and stupid diction, like I don’t understand How she sees herself, what is she trying to market, how she thinks she is gonna benefit from any of this, who advises her? how her or her mom have ZERO self awareness of how mentally OFF they come off

      Like even here trying to peddle music, sex toys, porn video, kid’s Items, food, and cooking utensils, Bathing suits, surgical procedures, Like Girl WHAT??!!

  15. Zigggy says:

    I watch Teen Mom & Farrah is one of the worst people I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s just a terrible terrible person, with no redeeming qualities!

    • moo moo says:

      worse than the other teen mom… the one who has gotten arrested multitude of times fighting with boyfriends and for drug use?

      • QQ says:

        I Think so cause at least Amber has the good grace of apologizing to people now and then and also the sound mind to sound contrite, Things which Farrah is unable to do, she just lives perpetually at THIS VOLUME and quick on the trigger with everyone that comes through her path

      • pinetree13 says:

        I think she’s talking about Jenelle. Jenelle is a hot mess.

  16. celtlady says:

    She is a horrible human being. My heart aches for her poor little girl.

  17. Eden75 says:

    For those of us who have gone on to be successful, normal, happy teen moms who have raised healthy, normal, successful children, I am so embarrassed. We are not all like this, good grief.

  18. My Two Cents says:

    This girl is so full of herself she’s nauseating. She was on Dr. Phil a while back and was so obnoxiously arrogant. She really thinks she’s a successful business woman cause she made it on Teen Mom, filmed a personal sex tape just for herself that the famous porn star male leaked (yeah right), put out a few crappy sex toys and now whores herself out to any cause that will have her. She’s feeling her wheaties cause her idol Jenna is there so she really thinks she’s hit the big time! She is an embarrassment to the whole human race!

  19. Mintessence (the original Minty) says:

    What is up with the UK? They already have their own homegrown famewhores. Why are they importing these shameless has-been American versions that we in the U.S. ignore and giving them a platform? Farrah Abraham, Tila Tequila, Janice Dickinson, Jenna Jameson, Austin Armacost (“I dated Marc Jacobs”). Really?!

  20. Tacos and TV says:

    Her face is a mess. A hot, mess. And those struggle brows are just way too much for me.

  21. Elisha says:

    What’s with the big Anerican flag on that set? Are they trying to claim these people represent America and Americans? Because……they don’t? (But what do I expect from a country that believes everything the DM cranks out.)

  22. snowflake says:

    Instead of plastic surgery, she should have spent those thousands of dollars on therapy. Lord knows she needs it

  23. kri says:

    that is one of the most imperfect storms I have ever seen. As I often say here when commenting-I feel bad for the child. It’s people like this that make me want to go into the Anchorite/Hermit line of work. Just looking at that contorted melty plastic fish head of hers scares me. I need a neuron cleanse.

    • pinetree13 says:

      I agree…I actually love watching Farrah because she is the biggest narcissistic train wreck I Have ever seen…but then I remember she has a daughter and I just feel sad for the daughter.

  24. Belle says:

    Didn’t she write a book on “Christian parenting”? *LOL* Somehow I don’t see death threats & cursing like a drunken sailor (not to mention porn) as being synonymous with all things Jesus.

  25. linda says:

    Face to face nominations so funny Bobby Davro calmly nominated her and called her out on all her shit

  26. TopCat says:

    I honestly think Farrah has some kind of mental illness. Her behaviour is not normal. Her mother on Teen Mom appeared to have mental health issues also. I think Farrah has probably inherited it and her brush with fame has led her mental illness to flourish as now she has the resources and yes-men to appease her wildest desires and delusions.