Lindsay Lohan’s rep denies she’s on a liquid diet

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Lindsay Lohan’s ever-shrinking frame must be a real pain in the ass for her publicist. The poor woman is constantly having to defend Lohan’s eating – or in this case, not eating – practices. Rumors have steadily increased saying that Lohan is eating nothing more than candy and Red Bull – with a garnish of constant cigarettes, of course. Now the current gossip is she’s even cut out the candy and is subsisting on nothing more than three Red Bulls a day.

Of course Lindsay’s rep says there’s no truth to it, though she doesn’t bother to explain the massive weight loss. And she tells us to mind our own business. Thanks.

Following weeks of buzz in the blogosphere that Lindsay Lohan’s svelte figure is not the result of healthy eating and exercise, but instead due to her downing Red Bull, smoking cigarettes and eating candy, comes a new report claiming the actress, 22, is on a liquid diet that consists of drinking at least three Red Bull energy drinks a day.

But Lohan’s rep is slamming such rumors, telling PEOPLE exclusively: “Lindsay has always enjoyed a Red Bull, but she eats. Everybody needs to mind their own business and stop worrying about what Lindsay eats or doesn’t eat.”

On the career front, Lohan’s rep also refutes a claim that the actress doesn’t use her own spray tan line, Sevin Nyne, which launches this month on, but chooses Fake Bake services instead. Says Lohan’s rep: “She uses her own tanning products.”

[From People]

Something tells me the spelling of Lohan’s spray tan line isn’t due to creativity so much as it’s the result of Lindsay’s poor intellect. I’m sure if we could dig up one of her old second grade tests, we’d fine the exact same spelling on there.

I bet Lohan’s rep is being somewhat truthful. Her weight loss probably isn’t due entirely to Red Bull and cigarettes. You have to factor in the cocaine, too. Red Bull can’t get you down to skin and bones like that. You need the cocaine to get rid of your muscle mass. How else can you make your legs look like those of a prepubescent? Cocaine, that’s the ticket.

Here’s Lindsay shopping at Maxfield on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood yesterday. Images thanks to WENN .

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  1. She can still afford a publicist? I think it’d be better to say she’s on a liquid diet than a coke diet, no?

  2. neelyo says:

    Ha, that was my first thought too Dread. She still has a rep?

  3. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Since when is whiskey a diet?

  4. HEB says:

    I don’t recall that being a rumor…we KNOW all she does is smoke and drink red-bull, I didn’t think it was a purposful regimine, she’s just disgusting.

  5. Blondie says:

    She is going so badly downhill….the girl has problems.

  6. Ash says:

    She better watch how she walks in those giant heels, her leg might snap.

  7. kiki says:

    I like the story that her and her mother and her 15 year old sister ( who looks like a 40 year old ) got denied to go into a nighclub/bar because well you cant take a 15 year old clubbing even if its her stupid mother that wants her to party with her.

  8. Ally says:

    At least the Fug girls will be happy that she’s wearing pants.

  9. the original kate says:

    i think she’s subsisting on a diet of vodka,cigarettes,starbucks,red bull, chewing gum and cocaine.

  10. aleach says:

    this girl has major mental issues. she is crying out for attention.

  11. loldongs says:

    Lookin’ classy there Lindsay.

  12. Valensi says:

    Someone needs to lock this girl up in the psych ward. Don’t we have people for that? Jesus!