Kylie Jenner looked like a statue & Tyga flashed his grills at NYFW

Kylie Jenner

The photos of Kylie Jenner at New York Fashion Week are a bit shocking. Not because she flashed some side boob, which is probably what is supposed to surprise us, but because she continues to look nothing like her natural self. She looks like a Real Doll, and I’m trying to figure out whether she’s simply imitating Kim Kardashian’s Real Doll expressions or whether she’s secretly miserable. Kylie and her family are attending all the big shows. Here’s something else disturbing — the way Tyga flaunts his grill.

That happened at the Alexander Wang show, by the way. I can’t imagine what it’s like to kiss someone wearing that stuff in his mouth. Is it a permanent grill? Tyga’s all about being King Gold Chains, but he’s such a poseur. Oh, Us Weekly says the grills are new, and he simply wanted to show them off to everyone. And Kylie took a moment to Instagram boots from one of her weekend ensembles. Look at the caption. The Kardashians are coming for Raf Simons.

Dior Whore

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie also went for a girls’ night out after the Alexander Wang show. I guess Tyga stayed at the hotel and plotted his career with Kris Jenner.

@alexanderwangny show was DOPE. Time for a much needed girls night

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Here are more photos from the weekend. I like the white ensemble, which is the one with Dior boots. Kylie will probably get tired of the ombre hair soon and change her hair again.

Kylie Jenner

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  1. aims says:

    He looks stupid. This whole family is gross. Why are they so popular?

    • meme says:

      I ask that question all the time. I simply do not get the popularity of this plastic, phony, narcissistic, exhibitionist family. They ARE gross.

    • C. says:

      They’re beyond ridiculous.

    • FingerBinger says:

      They’re popular because we continue to talk about them.

      • Sumodo1 says:

        Because *teenagers*.

      • claire says:

        Yesterday on LSA I saw the video of the paps at the show, where these pics are from. Several minutes of photogs crowding around these two snapping photo after photo. To the left of Turtle Tyga was Lewis Hamilton, an accomplished person. To the right and one seat over from Plastic Kylie was Nikki Minaj, another accomplished person. Yet, the photogs were only obsessing about these two idiots. The whole time I’m watching I’m thinking WHY?! WHY so many pics of these losers? Who cares?!

        Well, here we are. Now I’m viewing the results of that insane camera session. We’re all to blame for this. LOL.

      • FLORC says:

        Bingo Finger Binger. If you’re commenting on them and why they’re so popular you’ve answered your own question. Because people still take time to stop in, see the pics, and take the time to comment about what they dislike.

        Why are they popular? Because they’re click bait.

      • fee says:

        Sumodo1 is right on it. Teenagers who will grow out of them soon enough,remember Paris Hilton? Where is she now, Pretending to dj. These kids will grow up and grow out of it as for the rest, I think it’s curiosity, what stupid thing are they going to do next. They are beyond deluded, posting label names, how they love their new shoes etc… What is scary Kylie is 18 and looks nothing like she did as a teen. Eye lift,nose job,boob job,chin lift and at least 2 more and she just turned 18. She preaches how to accept yourself, how she is bullied. Stop posting pics of yourself, I remember my friends and I would post pics of us hanging out.These girls literally post selfies of their make up,shoes,cars…incredible how serious they take themselves.LOL!!! Kim says she refuses to smile because of how mean the media was yet she keeps posing naked, full frontal ewwwww!!!! Her surgeries have made her look like the joker.
        Sad to say but I am shocked at how they all think they are something special. They call themselves business women,authors,perfumist (Kim), designers. How many degrees do they have,lol. They lend their name,pick a fabric or two and think they are accomplished.

    • word says:

      If Kendall and Kylie were never born, the Kardashians would have disappeared by now. People are beyond sick of Kim and even Kanye. The issue is teenaged boys are literally going crazy for Kylie. Therefore teenaged girls want to copy her look and character. It’s as simple as that.

      • parissucksliterally says:

        The teen girls I know love Kendall. They think Kylie is trashy. I am relieved to hear this – the girls that want to be like Kylie make me sad.

      • nikko says:

        I think there’s push for Kylie, because she was the only daughter that wasn’t popular. At one time it was all Kendall; Kylie (who was jealous) probably complained to Mom so now there’s this push for Kylie to be out there. She has no talent so Mom decided it would be best if she promote herself on social media; that’s why we’re seeing so much of her.

    • Pandy says:

      Time for a moratorium on them – please??? it worked with parasite Hilton.

    • chaine says:

      He just comes across as soooo ignorant. I still have no clue what his music is. Of all the older men a teenage multi-millionaire in Los Angeles has to choose from, is this the best she could do???

    • Minnieder says:

      I’m sorry, no offense (truly!!!) but he looks mentally challenged

    • Belle Epoch says:

      EWWWWWWWWWW Imagine kissing that! Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh

    • qqeeeway says:

      Bread and circuses to placate the angry masses.

  2. Applapoom says:

    Damn. He is repulsive.

  3. Shambles says:

    I feel like there’s nothing new to say anymore. Sad. Dead eyes. Plastic face. All fake everything.

    • Magpie says:

      It was shocking before, now her face is beyond belief. She has completely transformed and she’s only 18. She looks more plastic than her older sistres, it’s so sad

  4. sassy says:

    im filled with shame for admitting this, BUT i actually like some of the outfits Kylie puts on …that white dress is cute, the pant suit with the crop jacket looked good and i like the suede jumpsuit…..i’ll turn in my Celebitchy membership card now :(

    • Addison DeWitt says:

      I’m in agreement with you…I do like a lot of her clothes. I only wish she had some substance behind the style.

    • Kitten says:

      Yes she does have good style and the suede number is killer but can we all just acknowledge the fact that Kylie’s look is because of her stylist Monica Rose?
      We really need to remember that there is not an inspired, creative, individual thought in the mind of any Kartrashibot. These are the folks who pay people to think for them.

    • Nicolette says:

      *bows head in shame*
      I agree though I hate to admit it. Saw the photos of her in the Kamali studded suit and black jeans yesterday and I really liked it. The side boob could be toned down given her age but I like the overall look.

    • MooHoo says:

      She looks like a goddess. seriously really gorgeous. He looks like a total tool.

    • parissucksliterally says:

      I like some of the stuff she wears too – but she has to trash it up in some way, because she is desperate to be seen as sexy.

      She makes me sad.

  5. Meikko says:

    Looooool at Tyga’s face in that first picture

  6. stacey says:

    dude he is such a loser. only a teenager would date him, makes sense.

    Its hard to believe the oy work
    she’s done to her face is her lips cuz she looks like a totally different person.

    • funcakes says:

      The exactly because a grown woman would have his number within five minutes of his crap.

    • pinetree13 says:

      Her top lip has actually come down in size in these photos (not to worry…I’m sure she’ll be topping it up soon!)
      Also, why are grills a thing? They look ridiculous. I don’t get it. And the try-hard-ness in that photo “LOOK AT MY GRILL! LOOK AT IT!!! IT MEANS I’M SO COOL AND STREET BUT WITH MONEY” try-hard.

  7. Evyn says:

    She looks bored…with him!

  8. Farah says:

    You didn’t include, that according to her snapchat Tyga crashed her girls night. He’s such a sick predator. Imagine what it is like being 25 and having to go to 18+ clubs. I would be mortified.

    • FingerBinger says:

      If I were a predator then I’d enjoy going to 18+ clubs.

    • Kaycee says:

      Of course he crashed her ‘girls night’. Can’t let her out of his sight for too long, she might realize that there ARE better options out there and that he is a joke who preys on young girls.

  9. Micki says:

    Amazingly cheap. I am always surprised at the amount of cheapness and they always deliver.

  10. Becks says:

    He is so unfortunate looking, and that stupid grill is just ridiculous. And how in the world is she only 18? She looks like a middle aged real housewife that is addicted to plastic surgery.

  11. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    There’s a vine video, and the only reason I know this is because of another gossip site, where she tries to film him making out with her for the camera (which is already a creepy phrase) and when he turns his head to kiss her it honestly looks like he’s missing the entire back portion of his own teeth.

    Also it’s sad how much I think she’s trying to look like Kim/Black and she was sitting next to Jennifer Hudson/Gabrielle Union at one of the shows and managed to look older than them both.

    She doesn’t realize she’s genuinely pushed herself into ‘preserved old woman trying to look young’ territory.

    • word says:

      It’s funny because they were able to keep the pda private when she was underage, so why the need to shove it down our throats now? Such attentions seekers. Kylie is just like Kim, only known for the men she dates and clothes she wears.

      • swack says:

        They would have preferred not to keep the PDA private when she was underage but the backlash would have been twice as bad as it was.

  12. funcakes says:

    This is going to get ugly when they break up. It’s a shame because she thinks she so grown up when in reality she’s such a child. In five or so even she’s going to look back and shake her head.
    When she start dating another person Tyga will definitely let the information flow.

  13. QQ says:

    Someone in Twitter said He looks like he is made out of Pretzel Rods and I nearly died

    On a serious note her family needs to fry in hell for what they are being complicit in with regards to this girl

    • Nicolette says:

      Pretzel rods LOL! I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything or it would have wound up sprayed all over my ipad. Thanks for the laugh QQ.

    • pinetree13 says:

      maybe I’m just thick but I don’t get it. Or is this an American thing???? I know, it ruins it when you have to explain the joke…but…can someone explain?

  14. Cara says:

    I can smell his breath through my computer screen. He is Lohan-level gross.

    • saywhatwhen says:

      Oh Gosh, I just thought the same thing!!! Those grill-things must be quite unhygienic, to say the least.

      And I see White China is on her way to accomplishing her transformation into numb-inside, zombie-eyed reality star.

  15. Size Does Matter says:

    OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN. Just when I thought Tyga couldn’t possibly get less attractive.

  16. Margareth says:

    Wow just wow.

  17. snakecharmer says:

    she is imitating kim. that much is true. but if you cant see that this girl is HEAVILY medicated take a second look. her eyes are consistently glazed over.

  18. Esteph says:

    She said “Dior whore”, not us the common people sooo….

  19. Enn says:

    Trashy as hell, all of it.

  20. Jayna says:

    He’s a real catch. LOL

    She’s hates not being 17 anymore, according to her. So why does she insist on looking much older? Fresh-faced she’s not.

  21. Patricia says:

    She’s obviously drugged. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t stand any criticism of this girl because she’s a permanent child, never given the chance to grow up normally at all. She says she was forced to grow up fast (and why? Because her family runs a sell-your-ass empire that she had to join as soon as she got any curves? Kids in war torn country have to grow up fast, no good family wants that for their child. Kylie was forced to by her horrible pimp family), but the fact is she’s like a frozen little child. I just can’t believe it.

    • swack says:

      I had a student whose mother taught her that her body was the way to get what she wants. It was sad. There were rumors that her mother had taught her how to purge. Her senior year she finally realized that her brain was more important (and she was really intelligent young lady) and stopped dressing to the nines. If Kylie didn’t want to do this she could stop. She loves the attention and money it all generates. At some point, she becomes responsible for what she does.

      • Emily C. says:

        Your student was surrounded by people living different lives, and therefore could see her options. She had you, for instance. Plus lots of other teachers, and the example of many other girls going down different paths.

        Kylie’s situation is completely different. There is no one around these girls who is not making money from them. She was not sent out to school; she never got to meet anyone who wasn’t pre-approved by her momager; no one has ever looked at her as a human being. This is all she knows. She’s nearly as trapped as a Duggar.

        And where would she go? She’d have to face a world that hates her guts because of the way she’s been victimized by her family. That’s a hard thing to ask of anyone, let alone someone so young who has only been used her whole life. If she could somehow be pried away from her family and sent to college — or anywhere she wasn’t surrounded by parasites 24/7 — there could be hope. Tbh I think Kanye West is the one person in the entire family who might possibly be able to let a little light in, but he’s too self-involved to bother.

        Her story is just sad. She looks like a RealDoll because that’s all she knows and all she’s ever been allowed to know.

      • Bridget says:

        She actually was sent out to school for a long time, but dropped out (I’m sorry, “homeschooled”) around 14 or 15. Yes, the influences around her have been terrible, but to a certain extent she is at least cognizant of the fact that there is more going on in the world. Look at her sister Kendall – at this point they’re like night and day.

        I’m not saying that we should expect her to be able to make fully realized, adult decisions. But 18 is at least old enough to know right from wrong.

  22. littlestar says:

    I truly don’t like harping on what a person looks like physically (unless it’s Leann or KK), but honestly, Tyga is ugly. What can she possibly see in him?!

  23. AlmondJoy says:

    Have you guys seen the video where she’s laying on his chest and he’s rapping about her “marshmallow booty”? Sooo freakin gross.

  24. Manjit says:

    Seriously, I despair for teenagers today when idiots like these two receive so much attention in the press for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I really don’t remember a time when being talentless, uneducated and self-obsessed was so highly lucrative and celebrated. Sad.

  25. Nancy says:

    Power Couple of Generation Disgusting and/or the F list and/or my family has issues. She looks unclean and bored, a look I believe she practices in the mirror. He looks like an ignoramus which just comes naturally. Good luck kids, you’ll need it.

  26. grabbyhands says:

    For once she actually looks kind of annoyed with him.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      I honestly think she just has that one expression. She keeps the vacant look on her face all the time. If you check her Snapchap you’ll see that she’s all over him while making the same face.

  27. Nicolette says:

    What the hell does she see in him?

    • Sabrine says:

      He’s a rapper. That’s probably enough. She’s too young to tie herself down to anyone. She should just enjoy going out with her girlfriends and having fun. I have a feeling this relationship is almost done though, judging by her less than thrilled looking face.

      • me says:

        This relationship has gotten her a lot of press and publicity is the number one thing for the Kardashian/Jenners…so she’s getting something out of it. I do think she’ll dump him soon and move on to another more high profile guy now that she’s 18 and is getting more attention from men.

      • Miffy says:

        @me, yeah but she got a lot of press out of it when the relationship was scandalous because she was underage. Now she’s legal and while still young just looks young and dumb for lumping herself with someone who is soooo utterly below her level (which as much as we hate to admit anything positive about a Kardashian/Jenner, she is way above him. She’s a newly legal aged millionaire who is pretty in a plastic kinda way… the idiot she’s dating can’t figure out how rent works and looks like… welll, that…)

      • Bell says:

        Kylie looks medicated not bored.

  28. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    Every time I say I can’t be surprised by Kylie, she does something else that’s disturbing. That top picture of her in the suede jacket actually made me to gasp. She looks like Anna Nicole Smith when Anna Nicole was cracked out beyond believe. That is such an unflattering look, and hopefully for her sake she only looks doped up and isn’t actually doing drugs.

    So much of what I see this girl do makes me think of myself at her age–not because I did the same stuff, but because she has the mind of a teenage girl and it shows. For example, that bodysuit she’s wearing with her pants pulled down low enough to show off her hip bones, that is so obviously a teenage girl’s idea of being really risqué and sexy and it just looks stupid. It’s the kind of outfit you wear and see pictures of yourself in 5 years down the road and say, “Wow I looked like a moron. What was I thinking?” The same can be said about her traipsing around in that pink one piece bathing suit pulled up to show off her cosmetically enhanced hips. Kylie thinks she’s a grown up but I feel like every single thing she does only proves she is no different than any other 18 year old girl out there, she just has a bigger bank account. Money does not equal maturity, and her family is really pathetic for thinking that it does and throwing her to the wolves just because she’s financially independent. Plenty of other American teens still live under their parent’s roof and follow rules and look to them for guidance despite no longer being financially dependent. The Kardashian/Jenner clan really is trashy as hell.

    I’m totally done faulting this girl for anything–she has two parents and 3 grown sisters who are a lot older than her who could easily supervise or at least try to guide her and all of them have chosen to turn their backs on her. I feel sorry for her because I believe someday it’s going to catch up to her and she is going to have a lot of demons.

    • Sam says:

      She does have an Anna Nicole vibe, doesn’t she? At least Anna could be self-aware and poke fun at her own persona from time to time. I get the feeling that Kylie isn’t so aware. It must also suck for her that her own family – including her mother – push this stuff. Her mother is all for it and her dad (I believe Cait still refers to herself as their dad) is too wrapped up in her own new life to seem to care much. I just genuinely feel bad for her.

    • Amy Tennant says:


    • Dawn says:

      Actually she has four grown sisters and no I am not talking about Kendall. Cassandra is ever bit her sister as the the Kar-Trash three. But it seems the four eldest Jenners are always forgotten. Plus Cassandra has more class in her little toe than the whole KarTrash family have in their whole enhanced bodies.

  29. bns says:

    Her face must have settled. She looks good. Fake but good.

  30. Keriann says:

    That grill is repulsive. And to think she probably spends at least 12 hours per day on her own appearance. The real world is passing by before their young eyes and they have no clue whatsoever. Sad and disturbing.

  31. Tacos and TV says:

    Tyga=burnt prune realness.

  32. Sam says:

    I did not notice before that Tyga got a facial tattoo. I’m fairly tattooed myself, but a facial tattoo, to me, is like the Golden Ticket of bad judgments. It’s like saying “I feel like I need to visually remind you every single time you look at me that I am an individual with poor impulse control and bad decision-making skills, and I just want this here as a permanent reminder of that.”

  33. Mabel says:

    So much makeup on the face and bleach on the hair for a teenager. Not to mention a boyfriend who is too old for her. I feel somewhat sorry for her because she has selfish parents who are too self absorbed and preoccupied with remaining relevant in the public eye to notice their young daughter has been growing up too fast for some time now. It’s sad.

  34. Tiara says:

    I haven’t read the entire article or the comments yet but kylie is a liar (not unusual) but she’s wearing a lace wig. And she didn’t blend the part too well because you can see the line of demarcation where her part ends the wig begins. Plus the wigs part it too wide. Her real hair is actually really short. Sorry I just love weave and wigs and I can tell a good blend job and hers is horrible.

  35. word says:

    Kylie really is the new Kim Kardashian. Only this time around, fame came BEFORE the sex tape and playboy. Also, Tyga is pathetic. How can he even afford a grill when he can’t even pay his rent? He’s not even a good rapper. Kylie will move on from him soon and he’ll be crawling back to Blac Chyna…but I doubt she wants him back.

  36. Amy Tennant says:

    Unpopular and shallow opinion: I think she’s the prettiest of all the girls. But she needs to stop with the plastic surgery now. And all the remarks about Tyga I think to type are not at all charitable.

    • SillySimone says:

      Plastic surgery does not count. The natural prettiest sisters are Kendall and Kourtney. Purchased physical features, IMHO, don’t count. I get her wanting to get lip fillers. But she has gone beyond and into plastic land. She literally looks like a whole other person.

      As for Tyga, the remarks against him are totally justified. He is a creepy guy who likes underage little girls. He is a deadbeat dad. He is a cheater. He is clearly not successful. And he is clearly using her. He should be in jail instead of taking advantage of an insecure and lonely young girl.

  37. Murphy says:

    What a tool. He must be actively trying to get us to hate him

  38. Laura says:

    Is it possible to lead a more shallow life?

  39. Bess says:

    This girl is tragic.

  40. Kylerandall77 says:

    What does she see in him? I mean this as a serious question. Maybe, he’s sweet, kind, compassionate and a good person. But when I was 18, I was only into physical attraction. And there is absolutely nothing about him that appeals to me physically.

    Different strokes, I guess.

    • Emily C. says:

      I’d guess she sees in him what her mom tells her to see in him. She’s gotten far more press with him than she would have for dating almost any guy her age. Or, shock, for dating no one, but I don’t think the Kardashian-Jenner girls are allowed that option.

  41. It looks like Tyga has pyorrhea of the gums–wont. Be long till Kylie also has it.

  42. serena says:

    That haircolour is so unfortunate on her! And that neutral make-up too! I don’t know if she’s miserable but she looks like a dead fish.. but I would look like that too next to Tyga. I don’t want to be mean but the truth is that he’s just ugly and a douche, no matter how vapid Kylie is she must have realized it (or so I hope).

  43. FrenchGirlChi says:

    Interesting…. Is All I have..

    She is morphing into something that…. hmm can’t find the words to say it but she really didn’t need to go that route.. I get the lip injection but all the other stuff good grief..

    Natural is no longer beautiful

  44. Dita says:

    This is tragic. This whole things gives me Courtney Stodden vibes. Is it just me?

    • SillySimone says:

      No, not just you. But, unlike Courtney, Kyle has better connections so she can peddle her crap creations using her family name and actually make a living. Courtney can’t really sell makeup tips or nail polish. Who the hell would buy it? But yeah, same idea. Mom pimps daughter.

    • Jayna says:

      No. I’ve said she reminds me of Courtney Stodden for a while in the way she transformed herself, which isn’t a compliment.

  45. SillySimone says:

    I like the white skirt a lot actually. But you are right, she looks nothing like herself. She does not look like an 18 year old either. She looks to be in her 30s, and a miserable looking 30s at that. Her mother should be ashamed that this child has become nothing but a vapid, blow up doll. Oh wait, they are all like that.

    As for Tyga… OMG, I can’t even understand why anyone would be interested in this ugly, little man. He is just shady and creepy. I’m sorry to be mean. He really is just ugly. Maybe if he had character or substance, then his looks would be irrelevant. But since there is literally nothing interesting. substantive, etc., about him, his physical appearance is emphasized and not in a good way. Sorry:(

  46. Dawn says:

    This girl has sooo many reasons to be embarrassed and it seems she keeps looking for more. That has to be among the most disturbing picture of his mouth grinning with those grillz. After seeing how he looks in that picture and she still hangs on to him…as if she won the prize. God I feel bad for her.

  47. Jonesy says:

    Ugh.. Tyga has the most punchable face ever.

  48. Anastasia says:

    He is SO ugly! I don’t normally say that about ANYONE, but he is just spectacularly unattractive. On a scale of one to ten, he’s a negative 23.

  49. AmyB says:

    There are truly no words left to say how disgusted I am with this girl, yet I don’t fault her for the most part. It’s her parents, sisters and that God-forsaken show Keeping up with the Kardashians. As others have pointed out, she reminds me of Courtney Stoden and Anna Nicole Smith and that is far, far far from a compliment. Maybe even Michael Jackson, where fame came, and enveloped her life so quickly there was no turning back especially with parents like Kris and Caitlyn Jenner who are narcissists to the nth degree. But Michael Jackson was an amazing singer….Kylie Jenner (as well as the rest of her surgically enhanced sisters)…..They are barely even educated, have no talent to speak of and most definitely have some sort of body dysmorphic disorder in addition to a narcissistic personality disorder. And truly, I am not trying to be a bully or be mean, I think they are (and it’s evidenced very much by Kylie now) in need of help. Kylie does look dead in the eyes in some of those pictures, suggesting drug/alcohol abuse which reminded me of Courtney S and Anna Nicole Smith; I truly hope that her life does not become a tragedy like theirs, but it does not look good thus far.

    Shame she was robbed of her childhood and grew up with very skewed views of what it means to be a woman in today’s society, but then again, her role models were Kim K and her horrible mother Kris Jenner, who would sell her own mother’s soul to Satan if it got her ratings. With this, I blame the parents 100%.

  50. Kate says:

    Wow, he looks simple.

  51. Lizzieb says:

    I like Kylie. But, She needs a WAY better looking boyfriend. Otherwise, why all the surgery?

    • Ste says:

      I hate to say it, but I also kinda like Kylie… I know she’s way overdone, especially at her age but I thought that she looks a lot prettier than her sisters (after all her procedures).

      But Tyga, OMG. He’s disgusting. I can’t wrap my head around how she got together with him.

  52. lile says:

    He is as classless as they come. Perfect for Kylie after all.

  53. Twinkle says:

    The whole family is tragic and sad, but she’s the most tragic and sad.

  54. Missskittttin says:

    If statutory rape and child abuse didn’t make them disappear, nothing will.

  55. anna says:

    The girl behind them hiding her face at the fashion show is priceless. she wanted nothing to do with that photo op

  56. yep says:

    No self respecting man is going to touch her.
    Her family associations are something a good man will not tolerate.
    Plus the lack of education, narcissistic behavior, her once in awhile charitable events, things that make a well rounded person she lacks, well, the only guys shes going to get are assholes and users.
    I wish her mom and catdog dad cared enough about her and guided her to college.
    Too bad her first was an ugly cheap bastard..but, lol, didnt we all get that as our firsts?