Did Angelina Jolie dress appropriately to meet Cambodia’s prime minister?

Ordinarily, I find that Angelina Jolie is a model for how a modern woman should dress for the occasion. Jolie never looks glamorous in a refugee camp or war zone, nor does she wear frilly, girlish ensembles when she’s meeting with heads of state. She saves the glamour for the red carpet, and while her red carpet style can be hit-or-miss, the point is that she’s always occasion-appropriate.

I think this might be the wrong ensemble though. Angelina has been in Cambodia this week, prepping the film adaptation of First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers. She met with Prime Minister Hun Sen at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh on Thursday. This is what she wore – slim-cut black slacks, nude Louboutins and this totally see-through white blouse. I believe that the blouse is probably something she picked up in Cambodia, and it’s probably a traditional Cambodian peasant blouse or something. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s so thin, we can see her bra completely.

Does it even matter though? The Cambodian government has long been supportive of Angelina, and Angelina has done a lot for Cambodia. She’s invested a lot of money in the country, including dedicating resources to a wildlife preserve and de-mining efforts. She’s done so much for Cambodia that they made her an honorary citizen several years back. So, while I still think Angelina could have, like, worn a blazer, it probably doesn’t matter.

Sources tell People Magazine that Angelina has been in Cambodia all week, scouting locations for the film. The film will “have an all-Cambodian cast and be shot entirely in the Asian nation.”

Photos courtesy of Getty.

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  1. Isabel says:

    She looks so fragile, tired, old in the latest photos. I suppose this is because of her operation. Her dark hair also does not help. I hope she is getting better and stronger day by day.

    • vauvert says:

      I actually think she looks lovely, with minimal makeup and none of that horrible orange fake tan everyone in HW seems to sport. We are so used to seeing these women wearing a ton of professional makeup, many with a lot of work done, that when we see someone looking normal – you know, a 40 year old working mom in terrible lighting, we think she is not looking good. Just MHO.
      I don’t think the top is see through… And I do agree – the blouse is certainly a locally sourced item, which sees fitting and appropriate.

      • minx says:

        She looks pretty and natural. She’s 40–looking great for 40, but still 40. And I agree about the hideous fake tans.

      • Isabel says:

        I meant she didn’t look healthy. Not that she wearing make up or tan or anything.

      • V4Real says:

        There are plenty of working moms who look just fine and they don’t have half the assistance that AJ have.

        As for her look I think AJ looks really good here. I don’t think she looks tired. I do think the top is inappropriate for this occasion, locally sourced or not. I’m sure there are other locally sourced blouses she could have worn. AJ doesn’t get a pass because she’s AJ and if it had been a Kim K or even a JLaw type of celeb the concensus would most likely be inappropriate.

      • Pandy says:

        I don’t think the top is see through either. I’m sweating in the Toronto humidity and the thought of wearing a blazer in Vietnam’s humidity is just … not a good idea?

      • FLORC says:

        That top looks ideal for the weather and i’m guessing it was produced in Cambodia(?) Or a gift to her from someone there? That’s usually the road she takes.

        And white tops are foreer tricky imo. Black pants will always show through, but a bra may not.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        It’s definitely see-through. In the third picture, where she’s walking, you can clearly see the top of her pants. It’s a very nice top, to be sure, but it is see-through. She should have worn a camisole with a built-in bra underneath that top.

      • laura in LA says:

        I agree with everything said here, but yeah, she could’ve used a camisole as Lucky Charm said above.

        Oh, well, no big deal.

      • MMRB says:

        Having lived in Cambodia for over 3 years, I can assure you that it is perfectly appropriate to wear what she is wearing, for a day ceremony. Wearing a blazer is very uncommon, and usually reserved for stiff formal elites and not someone who is trying to “blend”. (Hun Sen’s wife should be NO example of what anyone should wear at ANY time)

        Cambodia holds a temperature of anywhere between 80 to 110 F, with a very high humidity index, particularly now moving into the last of the rains and on to the cool season. Moving in general, produces a flood of sweat. It may or may not be locally sourced but it is NOT a traditional “peasant” blouse (and that might be a bit offensive to the Cambodian Nationals just… as a side note).
        the least amount of clothing that touches you is best, and most expatriates can be seen wearing loose cotton clothing.
        Pants are nice because they prevent your sweaty thighs from rubbing together, and starting a fire.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        If Jennifer Lawrence or Kim Kardashian did the same, I’d still find it acceptable.

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        Her top is from Zara, per @tradew’s comment and link below at #54.

      • mtngirl says:

        She looks nice, great posture. Hopefully her message of advocating for human rights and strong women came across to Cambodia, et al.

    • fee says:

      The Kardashian sisters can learn a thing or two from her n other celebrities who actually use their fame for good. While real people, are around the world trying to help, we have thee NEWS off the new apps of how these hoes fix their make up…ahhh I’m out of topic,sorry

      • atiaofthejulii1 says:

        I love Angie but her new breasts seem to big for her body or is it the shirt? I’m a 36C but some peasant shirts make me look huge and I’m not. The shirt does seem very shear but all the camera flashes doesn’t help. In a country so warm, wouldn’t cotton or linen be worn?

      • lola says:

        Unless someone has gone through the surgery Angie has, and knows exactly how reconstructed breasts look, they shouldn’t make comments. Remember, reconstructed breasts do NOT sag in any way, there is no natural droop.
        Cut her some slack, please.

      • mayamae says:

        I have no comment on the size of Angie’s breasts, but I will comment that plastic surgeons always, and I mean always, encourage larger breasts. Whether it’s implants, reconstructive surgery, or even a breast reduction. It’s irritating that they think they know more about what a woman wants than she does herself.

    • Naddie says:

      Is Isabel a recurring hater on Angelina’s posts?

      • Bae says:



      • siri says:

        @Naddie& Bae: So, someone who’s concerned about Angelina looking fragile/not healthy, and hoping she gets stronger is a hater??

      • LOLA says:

        I am so sick of the word hater. It’s the trendy go to when people want to name call because they disagree with someone else’s opinion or observation, and is used IMO far to freely/loosely.

      • Ennie says:

        lola, if you read some comments, you can clearly see that it is not just disagreement. It is beyond that, but whatever.

      • Ennie says:

        It actually sounds like passive-aggressive criticism.

      • Mary s says:

        Did Isabel delete a post? I only see the #1 post from her, which doesn’t seem to warrant such a strong adjective. “She looks so fragile, tired, old in the latest photos. I suppose this is because of her operation. Her dark hair also does not help. I hope she is getting better and stronger day by day.” It’s a somewhat benign critical opinion.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      Having had a complete hysterectomy at 27 yrs old for ovarian cancer, I know it can take a year or two for your body to adjust (and that’s w/ hormone replacement). There were days my skin looked better than ever.. But for the most part w/o the glow of a tanning bed, I was so deathly pale, dark circles under my eyes, and loosing too much weight (I gained the first few months but then started loosing.. Lost way more than I could afford). I was a roller coaster of emotions on top of everything else. I even stopped the hormones at one point trying to get “me” back, only made it worse. Your entire body changes because you are actually in menopause. I commend her and every woman thaT is going thru menopause. Its a constant battle to make sure your body has a balanced amount of replacement hormones (whether natural or synthetic) to fuel the organs that rely on the ovaries for their nourishment to thrive. You would be surprised at how many can be affected. When going into menopause naturally, your body gas time to adjust a bit as its done gradually (but it still is hard on most). When menopause is caused from a hysterectomy it’s done instantaneously, so ones body has no time to adjust & is thrown in a tailspin (which can affect the entire endocrine system as well). I think she looks great, she’s been thru some major operations and working non stop.. I don’t too many women that would look glamazon while undergoing & undertaking all she has..and still have time for her hubby & 6 kids.

      • Maya says:

        Well said and sorry to hear you had to go through all of this.

      • Crumpet says:

        Thank you for your informative reply. I hope you are doing well now.

      • lola says:

        I’m so sorry you had to go through that at such a young age, or at all. I hope you are fine and cancer free.

      • Judd says:

        @Green Eyes…. Angie did NOT have cancer. She had the gene and chose to have her breast removed, along with reconstructive surgery. So, comparing your horrific ordeal to what she “chose” to do, is like comparing apples and oranges. One does not equate to the other.

        I lost a very dear friend to ovarian cancer. So very happy you are a survivor!

      • Colette says:

        A hysterectomy is a hysterectomy .My friend had an hysterectomy due to fibroids.You don’t have to have cancer to have the side effects @Green Eyes described.So your point about Angie never having cancer has nothing to do with the possible side effects she may be experiencing from having her uterus removed.

      • Anna says:

        Hmmm…but she didn’t have a hysterectomy, did she? She had her ovaries removed. I’m not trying to equate one with the other but there is a difference in the way the body reacts to each. I could be wrong but isn’t it the hysterectomy that causes start of menopause?

      • JWQ says:

        Aren’ t egg cells stored and formed in ovaries, though? Removing ovaries is what starts menopause. While hysterectomy, technically, is just the removing of your uterus, there’ s no need for your ovaries to stay in place if you don’ t have your uterus anymore, so I guess most of the time (if not always) doctors take them away as well. Which means that you start menopause after hysterectomy because you don’ t have your ovaries anymore, not because of the removal of your uterus per se.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Though it may be mute at this point given its Sunday afternoon I’ll explain..

        A complete hysterectomy is what one goes thru w/ Ovarian Cancer.. Uterus & ovaries go. The removal of ovaries is what puts a woman in medical induced menopause. Which is the exact same thing as natural menopause; just full speed w/ no warning or time for the body to adjust. Angie may not have had ovarian cancer; but she had the hysterectomy to prevent it.. So she would have had the exact type of hysterectomy as I and Ovarian Cancer Survivors like myself have undergone. So she is in full on menopause now for the rest of her life. i guarantee she has gone thru some of the same hell I have – due to the hysterectomy & what it does, not the cancer. Having a hysterectomy w/ the ovaries in tact will not cause menopause as it is those tiny lil organs (and they are tiny) that control so much.

        Yes thank you to those inquiring & wishing me well. I went thru a second round in 1998 (ironically a piece of ovary was left behind & that’s all it took). But I have been cancer free since then. Thank you again & I hope this helps some understand the procedures better.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      I think that Angelina takes on so much. Cambodia is sentimental favorite for her because of Maddox, so she did not misfire with her ensemble for lack of effort.

      Hey, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet yesterday (dead!) and I’m not one-tenth as preoccupied a working mom she is. Sometimes when you are juggling too much, you drop the ball. The ensemble is a small misstep.

      I think Angelina needs to take better care of herself. I feel she needs rest and a better diet-one to gain weight. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was anemic.

      Someone who loves her (e.g. Brad motorcycle man) needs to take her aside and tell her she needs to slow down and take care of herself. Once she is feeling better, she will do a better job of taking care of six kids and countless people (in the millions!) affected by the refugee crisis in the Middle East across Europe (plus women’s rights on an international level, plus, plus, plus…)

    • Brodie says:

      Nice nips.

      • Nancy says:

        Right. No modesty going on in this situation. Dang get a bra mama.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Having a double mastectomy, even with reconstructive surgery, can present massive challenges to finding a well fitting bra. The shape of the breast and resting place does not always match standard bras. Additionally, the lingering effects of healing can make some bras very painful to wear.

        Those nips you are calling “nice”…those were removed and then reattached to her body. Can you please not shame her for how they might be standing right now?

      • lola says:

        She has a bra on, if you have seen the other pictures, you’d know that. Remember she has reconstructed breasts, she did’t “ice” her nips.

      • Nancy says:

        Tiffany: I mentioned this below, but I’ll be redundant. The simple answer would have been to wear an outfit that was comfortable for her needs. What she wore was inappropriate, it was a sheer peasant blouse that left nothing to the imagination. I actually felt bad for the gentlemen walking behind her. She is an extremely wealthy woman and designers would swarm to her with custom fitted bras. I have total empathy for her situation, my sister-in-law lost her breasts as well, to cancer, as opposed to elective, preventative surgery. The simple answer is ridiculously easy…..find an outfit you can’t see through! Maybe this is the look she was going for, it’s her life.

      • Ennie says:

        … I wear camisoles and thick bras because I teach teens and I hate showing them too much.
        Still this week I found out in front of the mirror how useless was my padded bra in (ahem) some chilly circumstances.
        Sometimes I tuck in my camisole. I really cannot see her bra or distinguish her abdomen at all. She might be wearing one.
        I hate how some people make career out of showing nips through blouses, and here some people are condemning AJ, who has had a difficult time with her cancer prevention. I give her a pass. She top is flawy and I really does not show off her body.

      • Nancy says:

        Ennie, you didn’t look at the pics very closely if you don’t see well “all of her breasts.” This whole thread seems silly but frankly, if you dress a certain way when you’re as famous as she is, you’re going to get comments. I would give her a pass too, seeing everything she has been through, but then I remember her in the day. She was very much an exhibitionist, especially while married to Billy Bob. So I take my pass away. She’s a 40 year old mother of six and should dress accordingly or not be surprised when she gets negative reactions; I highly doubt she cares. Oh come on, she knew she would!

      • Paige says:

        However her past with Billy Bob has nothing to do with the present, the top she’s wearing and her recent surgeries, even if you think it does. I don’t see a connection even if you are trying very hard to make one.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Nancy, perhaps you didn’t look at the pictures closely enough, but she is clearly wearing multiple layers. You can see them around the neckline.

        “my sister-in-law lost her breasts as well, to cancer, as opposed to elective, preventative surgery.”

        How judgmental of you to write.
        And maybe she DID wear something to fit her needs. You might not realize that sometimes infection or surgical complications lead to the desire to wear lighter, not restrictive fabrics that contain stretch and cling? Nerves and skin sensitivity can be tricky thing.

      • Lana says:

        Nancy, I think you need to move past the Billy Bob era and realize that that was when she was much younger, and cast aside your prejudices of her from an era a decade or 2 ago. The fact is, in these pictures, she is fully covered. No v line, and you cannot even see anything. I checked the nips first thing before scrolling down to comment or read the comments, and I thought, well, at least they can’t use that against her this time. I don’t understand the fuss. She leaves everything to the imagination, nothing shows, not even nips. She is completely covered. You cannot see a single thing.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        She’s not braless. If you look closely at the bottom pic, she’s definitely wearing a white bra under her blouse. You can only see a little part of it though, not the entire bra. Sometimes nipple will show through a little bit. It happens. She’s still mostly covered, and looks both casual and dressy at the same time. I think she looks nice and acceptable, even if the politicians are a bit more dressed up than her. Also, her age and her being a mother don’t determine whether or not she should wear this.

    • lola says:

      WTH, Angie looks great, so she doesn’t look “thick and stumpy”, which by the way, is not healthy, she’s slender, and has long limbs, the look most women want, and fashion models HAVE to have.

      Angie is wearing almost NO make-up, and she’s still beautiful. As for the way she’s dressed, I’m more surprised the men have on suits, Cambodia is a very relaxed country. especially in the way the people dress.

      Why is everything this woman does, dissected. The way she looks, the way she dresses, her weight, her hair, the way she is with her children, or with her husband. I feel sorry for her, she handles all this pressure with such grace and dignity, I don’t think I would as nice as Angelina.

    • Bae says:


      I really want to know why some women are so hateful and nasty? People that attack her for no reason make me lash out at them and the person who’s behalf I believe they’re acting on Jennifer aniston. I don’t want to, but I get so sick of their meangirling and trying to tear her down just because she married Brad Pitt and had kids with him.

      Let it go. Its been a decade and change. Get over it.

      She looks the same as she did last time you saw her which was probably only a week ago (and you probably insulted her then too) there are no characteristics of fatigue or gauntness or sallowness or dark circles in her face – her eyes are bright, skin is clear, smooth and creamy, and has barely any makeup on. So we know you’re full of it.

      Fine. You don’t have to think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world as many do. But she’s not asking you to. She’s not shilling aveemo creams in drugstores lining her own pockets and telling you how ‘naturally beautiful,’ she is. She’s doing philanthropy work that has literally saved lives all over the world including Cambodia who’s made her a citizen for it.

      At some point even if my own husband divorced me and ran off with her, after 11 or 12 years knowing she had nothing to do with it and it was all on him, I would look at this amazing humanitarian and mom who makes the world better and just not be upset anymore…in fact id start admiring the ex for his extreme good taste!

      Yet some of you women are still so angry, bitter and outraged on behalf of the TV sitcom star you don’t even know, who you like to claim has moved on with her life – SO WHY CAN’T YOU?! It makes no sense. LOL

      • Nancy says:

        Bae: Take a deep breath. Your husband probably left because he was jealous of Angelina. Not everyone that doesn’t care for Ms. Jolie isn’t an obsessed fan of Jennifer Aniston. That is a ludicrous thought….yet, every single time there is a Aniston or Theroux story, there is a myriad of nasty comments from the Jolie camp. I personally try to stay off of Jolie threads for that reason alone, only here out of sheer boredom of a situation out of my control. Lighten up though, these are rich women who don’t need or probably want the comments of us commoners. BTW, she was wearing a see through top with no underwear. Even the best of the best make poor choices sometimes.

      • Ennie says:

        No underwear? Olivia, is that you?

      • Brodie says:

        Now why’d you have to bring up JA? Can’t you just let it go? 😁

    • Jib says:

      Oh, boy!!! Don’t say AJ looks old or tired or fragile. The guns will be out for you!!

      I don’t think she looks terrific, but I do get that she has 6 kids, an incredibly busy life, is off and on airplanes all of the time, AND with the things she has seen, and how sensitive she must be to suffering (or she wouldn’t do the things she does) I doubt she sleeps more than a few hours a night. So I think she probably looks about right for her life.

      I think the blouse is too thin, and if I’m going to ding Duchess Kate for showing off her inner thighs, to be fair, I need to ding AJ for showing nipples through her blouse. Fair is fair.

    • Reeely?? says:

      Her shirt is see through, not to mention too casual. Does anyone not see that? I’m sorry, this isn’t appropriate to meet a prime minister.

    • Brodie says:

      Even with all the plastic surgery, she’s really quite plain looking without a massive ton of Hollywood hair and makeup.

      • Lana says:

        Lol, I know you need to believe she has had plastic surgery, but unlike others, she doesn’t need multiple nose jobs or bleached hair to cover ears or a mountain of makeup to look good. She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and I know that makes a lot of people very resentful.

  2. Palar says:

    Should have worn a suit

    • Esmom says:

      I thought she looked fine and appropriate until I saw the shot of her with the men in the business suits. Too bad she didn’t have a jacket to throw over what she was wearing, then she would have fit right in.

      • Val says:

        A simple black jacket would totally have done the trick and tied this outfit together!

      • tracking says:

        I agree. All she needed was to add a jacket and she would have been fine.

      • Palar says:

        Agree agree. Meeting politicians in an office setting = wear suit.

      • HK9 says:

        Ha! I was going to say the same thing but you beat me to it- a black jacket would have made the outfit more professional.

      • lola says:

        She did have a black jacket on in some later pictures. Maybe she took it off for some reason.

        Normally men in Cambodia wear short sleeved shirts, and no ties, even government officials. Maybe they dressed up because they heard Angie was coming. LOL

    • Dena says:

      Yeah, when I saw this story yesterday, I thought it was odd her meeting him (publically anyway) looking somewhat casual. She’s usually dressed appropriately for these things, so I’m wondering if there is backstory re: why she isn’t. It’s not like she is a particularly clueless English duchess who is too old to still be a rookie in the game.

      • lower-case deb says:

        i think there’s a backstory, but we’re unlikely to hear anything definite from her camp, and left to just us speculating. much like when she showed up to some Maleficent red carpets with horrible powder stains on her face, arms and legs.

        or when she turned up to receive her Damehood with unhosed, bare legged, with peep toe sky high stilletoes (which made some (a small part) of die hard royal fans a tizzy because that’s not protocol)) we didn’t get an “official” explanation, just conjenctures/knowledgeable guesses built over time.

        unless… gossip?

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        @Lower-Case-Deb, who wrote: “… or when she turned up to receive her Damehood with unhosed, bare legged, with peep toe sky high stilletoes (which made some (a small part) of die hard royal fans a tizzy because that’s not protocol)) we didn’t get an “official” explanation, just conjenctures/knowledgeable guesses built over time.”

        Really? I think she’s wearing a light colored, nude hosiery,


        because her legs don’t look any different than those of:

        Carla Bruni …

        … or Joan Collins when they curtsied before the Queen.

      • lower-case deb says:

        @Emma — the JP lover, i was just recalling something i read here on CB when the news of Damehood-ceremony came out. also in some other fashion sites, many were commenting on the peep toe (not appropriate–should be closed toe court shoes), too high stilleto and bare legs (maybe based on the view of the toes–she could’ve worn some toeless hosiery for all we know, something we know royals wear too, i think Princess Sofia wore it recently).

        protocols give me headache to be honest.

    • TheEntrepreneursWife says:

      I may be totally off base here — and I haven’t had my coffee yet — but isn’t Hun Sen a former Khmer Rouge commander? Isn’t he a dictator? Maybe she’s sending a message: she needs his support but doesn’t want to be too deferential.

      • Maya says:

        Agree and which could be the reason she gave a handshake and a polite nod to show respect to his position and not him.

      • bettyrose says:

        Great point!

      • MinnFinn says:

        Entrepreneur, That’s an excellent point. She does not want to be overly deferential OR overly respectful. It just might be a calculated subtle display of disrespect.

        Would love to know the backstory as well. Maybe it will come out after filming is finished.

        Reagan (or maybe it was George W Bush) always butchered the pronunciation of Saddam Hussein’s name. No one expected the American President to say the name with a refined Arabic accent but this pronunciation was ridiculous. Several years later it came out that his exaggerated mispronunciation was an intelligence strategy to signal disrespect.

      • Crumpet says:

        I like that explanation. She was half business dress, half beach dress with towering heels. Take that you little dictator pin-head!

      • Ennie says:

        As a person in a diplomatic position I do not think she has the luxury to be waving a flag towards those she finds displeasing. I understand that some of those countries governed by a dictator have been accepting refugees, o have been friendly to countries in trouble. They might be bad in a way, but they could be allies in another way.

      • Reeely?? says:

        What’s the message? I won’t wear support because I don’t support you? She doesn’t appear to be wearing a bra! Her shirt is see through. Plus she could have worn a suit and slightly more demure heels. Its odd that any “message” is read into her inappropriate attire.

      • Ennie says:

        Reely, one can clearly see two big wide straps under the sheer aplique of her blouse. I am half blind and I still see them!

      • Anna says:

        Good point!

    • Carmen says:

      A suit in that heat and humidity? Are you kidding me?

      She’s been to Cambodia many times. She knows how to dress for the weather and the occasion.

      • meme says:

        The men are wearing suits so why can’t she?

      • MinnFinn says:

        The meeting was at the Prime Minister’s office which was completed around 2010. Point being it had modern air conditioning. Google Phnomn Penh “Peace Palace”.

    • bettyrose says:

      Yep, a suit. Or tailored slacks with a collared shirt. She’s dressed like I do for work in an office casual environment. Except I dress up a notch on days with important meetings. But she doesn’t need makeup. She has beautiful skin and fabulous hair.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Fabulous hair? Lol her hair is pretty basic here..let’s not get too carried away

      • bettyrose says:

        I’d kill to have thick straight hair like that, for just one day of no curly frizz. 🙂

      • lola says:

        At least it’s her own hair, no weave like so many others wear.

      • Lana says:

        bettyrose, I agree! I have very fine hair and I always lose a lot of hair all the time, so much so that my trims can’t keep up with the regrowth up top. I’d give anything to have healthy thick her like Angelina.

    • Wardrobepolicing says:

      She was wearing a very simple modern version of the Av Pak, a khmer blouse. Yes this is a little sheer, by western business wear standards, but in comparison to the traditional ladies wear, it’s actually much more covering and modest. As others pointed out she had a jacket on earlier in other pics elsewhere, so she must have taken the jacket off to show off the blouse right before meeting the PM. As a person from the region, I applaud that ms Jolie went with the unusual frilly feminine WHITE lacey local style most likely honouring the host rather than sticking to her usual all spartan black western preference. Even if she did forego the traditional metal belt and a matching sampot hol, which may have been too much, her look is not disrespectful.
      The nips thing? I dunno, she only recently began having this persistent issue, so I’m going to assume its tied to the loss of sensation or whatnot that comes with her total mastectomy and subsequent reconstructive implants.

  3. Granger says:

    Maybe it’s just these pics, but I can’t see her bra through her shirt. I can see her bra STRAPS, but meh, that doesn’t bother me. It could be a tank top for all we know.

    I think she looks nice.

    • Naya says:

      Are we looking at the same pics? I can’t see her bra, I see a full and complete outline of her breasts and torso. Her nipples, the swell of the boobs, everything but actual skin. Definitely inappropriate, Angie not to mention a Tad informal for a State House. I do love that pic of the three guys eating her dust as she nonchalantly goes about her business but I’m a sucker for powerful women.

      • Yeahiknow says:

        I’m with you. All I see are the outline of her breasts. That’s inappropriate anywhere.

      • Lulu says:

        THIS is such a great example of female body shaming. Thanks for that (Yeahiknow and Naya)

      • mimif says:

        I know, because boobs and stuff. Ffs why she wasn’t wearing a corset and a petticoat is just beyond me.

      • meme says:

        I agree and @lulu it’s not body shaming, it’s about appropriate attire.

      • Naya says:

        @Lulu and Mimif
        Believe it or not I do see what you’re (somewhat aggressively) trying to say and I do agree that the sexualisation of the boob has been very bad for women as well as their breastfeeding age babies. However, this is where we are and the State House is not the place to address that. If she had walked in to a meeting with a Head of State topless, we wouldn’t I hope be making a “free the nipple” argument. We would be saying “time&place” Angie. In any case she didn’t dress like this to make a boob statement, hell I have seen nothing to suggest that she even agrees with the Free Nipple movement – lots of women don’t. She dressed up to go buy some good will for her film and her dressing should have conveyed what an honor it was that she was meeting a busy Head of State. I don’t know how Cambodians took it but in my country I would expect Western guests to not have their nipples (again, please see my thoughts on breast sexualisation above) visibly pointing at my president. And while I appreciate wearing the local dress as a cultural homage it must not look like you were off to see the Dentist and thought to stop by the State House. In short, dress as a local woman would dress to see the most important man in the country.

      • MinnFinn says:

        Naya, I agree. For a female, advancing feminist ideals about apparel whilst simultaneously promoting one’s film to an extremely sexist patriarchal regime are not complementary activities.

      • lola says:

        Nope, nice try, she has a bra on.

      • yeahiknow says:

        Yeah, not body shaming, just talking about appropriate attire. I can’t go into work and have my boss see my bra/outline of nipples. There would be a conversation about that. I’m just saying, meeting important people, having your pictures taken, you’ve got to be aware of the message you’re attire will put out there. AJ knows this very well, but she’s human and we all slip up on how we dress from to time to time.

    • meme says:

      @naya…boobs are sexual not just for feeding babies.

      • Nancy says:

        Amen. Men actually say a little is more of a turn on than nudity and believe me, that is a little. You can see her damn nipples. She’s come too far to have to go this route.

      • Shelly says:

        What is this the 6th post you have made about the exact same thing Nancy? Yes, it’s obvious you don’t like her, you’ve made that very plain. You have posted so much about it you are looking a tad obsessed now.

      • Nancy says:

        Shelly, I know! On Kendall Jenner too. Nobody cares, but my travel schedule got all f’d up and I’ve been in transition for hours. I told my husband I posted about ninety times on some celebrity site. Oh well there you go. Angelina has breasts, yay!

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        The Menz!!!!

  4. Shar says:

    The top may be see through, but she is wearing a white tank underneath. I don’t see anything inappropriate about her outfit.

    • Maya says:

      Agree and I and other female colleagues wear white top with a tank top underneath all the time for business meetings.

    • bellenola says:

      I don’t think her top is so inappropriate either- but I do think that she may have gone too big with the new girls, considering how slim she is, so now she looks kinda boobtastic all the time.

      • Shelly says:

        Maybe like many women who have had both breasts cut off and their uterus and ovaries cut out, She picked the pretty breasts she wanted that made her feel feminine to make up for the loss of everything else.

        Ive had a hysterectomy and I felt the loss of what many thinks defines us as women

      • bellenola says:

        Smaller boobies are pretty too, all I’m saying!

        And a big hug to you Shelly, being that BRAVE makes you more of a woman than ever. 🙂

  5. De says:

    I’ve been to Cambodia before (although, not in any official sort of capacity, so I’m not 100% sure in that regard) and I think she looks fine. It’s important in a lot of places to have shoulders and knees covered, which she’s obviously done.

    • Maya says:

      Cambodia is on my list of places to see – especially want to see all of the ancient temples the country is known for.

    • BNA FN says:

      We have to remember she is full menopause and she might have taken off her jacket. I really don’t see anything that bad about the way she is dressed. Btw, Angelina knows how to dress for the occasion she has met many world leaders.

  6. MrsB says:

    Looks like she’s wearing a tank top underneath it, or her bra just has really wide straps. I think she looks lovely, but then again I’m an admitted brangeloonie

    • mia girl says:

      I agree. She looks fine.

    • Annie says:

      She’s always so elegant and well turned out. And she’s got loads of experience in meeting heads of state so I highly doubt she’d make a faux pas by dressing inappropriately. Isabel, do you have a problem with Angelina?

  7. Kate says:

    Everytime I see photos of her, I think it’s a shame that her reconstructed breasts are so large. They don’t sit naturally on her the way her real breasts did, instead they make her look slightly Barbie like. I remember reading initially that implants need time to “settle” – is that still the case? It’s been 2.5 years now.

    • MG says:

      I agree. I’m sure she went to the best surgeon on the planet so I don’t get why they look so unnatural.

      My best friend’s sister just had a double mastectomy and preparation for implants…and my God…that surgery sounds terrible.

      • doofus says:

        admittedly, I don’t know this for sure, but I have heard other folks say that the reason her implants look like they do is that there is no natural breast tissue left, so they won’t look like a woman who just got implants for “vanity” purposes and retained the breast tissue she had. “enhancement” vs. “replacement”.

        MG, best of luck to your friend’s sister…after Jolie went public with her health issues, I did some research on it and it does sound like horrible and painful surgery. Both physically and emotionally.

      • mayamae says:

        I think the results after reconstruction vary depending on the woman. My close friend had a bilateral mastectomy (Breast CA), followed by tissue expanders, then reconstructive surgery. Her breasts look very natural, and it’s possibly due to the fact that she has a long torso. Adding to my complaint that plastic surgeons always coerce patients into going bigger, my friend went for a proper bra fitting after she heeled, and she discovered that she was actually two sizes larger than she told the doctor she wanted.

      • MG says:

        Thanks Doofus.

        And I didn’t think about that. I’m sure there is a lot of factors that go into it. I love AJ and I think she always looks so beautiful and I’m happy she’s healthy. That’s what’s most important.

    • BNA FN says:

      Angelina was never flat chested. We can go back and check old pictures. It’s funny how o many people are focused on her breasts. I think she looks very pretty.

      • MG says:

        No she wasn’t flat chested, quite voluptuous. Not sure who said she was flat chested?

      • V4Real says:

        I don’t think she’s ever been flat chested but her breast have changed sizes over the years. If you compare her breast in the movies Cyborg 2, Gia and Original sin they are not the same size. In Cyborg she looked to be no more than a B cup. She looked to be a small C in the other two. Perhaps due to body changes as she got older. In Tomb Raider we know that was padding.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      The most important thing is her health, not what her breasts look like. No offence to you, ok, I mean that.
      I don’t know the technical terms, but the way the new breasts are ‘set’ depends on factors that again, I can’t explain because I don’t know the terms. Anyways, it’s complicated.
      I think Angelina looks gorgeous and that she is absolutely inspirational.
      And I read that book, now I am eager to watch the movie.

    • Ennie says:

      What doofus says. They are going to be unnatural looking because they are just implants, no breast tissue at all. They took it all out and replaced it. Some women are not so lucky, they have to get en¡mergence mastectomies and end up with nothing but a big scar and fear for their life.
      She went big, so what? She made the choice for herself, not for the critics. There are bigger chested women who are “flaunting” their assets and pointing them to diplomats all the time, and no, not in a sexual way. They are just their bodies. The men have sexual parts too, or muscles, and are there doing their jobs, not offering themselves. .

      • Kate says:

        mmm, but as several people have said above, when you “make the choice for yourself” you don’t necessarily do it knowing that the doctor will interpret C cup the same way that you do or how they will sit on your body. Just because she chose her implants, doesn’t mean she intended them to look the way they do.

        I just think they look wrong with her figure – either she’s too thin or the breasts are too big. That’s all. And that top accentuates it!

      • Ennie says:

        I have biggish boobs and every time I put on a loose top, I look fat.
        There are women with big boobs, and now AJ belongs to that group. If she changes the implants it will be probably ten years from now.

        Her surgery with all that implies, removing the nipples, etc. is not a walk in the park, so I choose to let her be.

  8. katyw says:

    I love what she’s wearing!!!

  9. Shambles says:

    If Our Lady of Perpetual Thigh-Slits had worn this, we’d probably be throwing her a party.

    Angie looks lovely, as always.

    • bettyrose says:

      Shambles, good point. I just went back to that thread and watched the video. Girl looks so uncomfortable in that high maintenance outfit around children. This outfit would’ve been perfect for Kate to interact with kids in. Kate should also find out how Angie keeps her long, unrestrained hair out of her face. Apparently it is possible.

      • bettyrose says:

        No, I’m pretty sure she is a god. If it were so simple to keep one’s hair out of their face, other women would do it, like Kate, but since Angie is the only woman on earth with manageable hair, clearly she’s a god. I’m glad we’ve cleared that up.

      • bettyrose says:

        Okay, awkward. The post I responded to is gone. 🙁

  10. Greenieweenie says:

    She’s a rockstar in Cambodia.

  11. Emma33 says:

    I spent four months this year in Cambodia, so I’m going to chime in on this one. Cambodians dress very conservatively, much more so than Thais. You generally cover your shoulders and knees, and don’t wear clothes that show any part of your underwear. So, it was a bit of a misstep on her behalf, but, as you point out, she does a lot of good in the country. Also, what she is wearing is nothing compared to what I saw tourists wearing. Once I was at a rural hospital and saw a tourist wearing a tank top and those really short shorts where you can SEE your butt cheeks!! I just cringed.

  12. dummy says:

    The skeletal skank is always inappropriate. Gawd forbid if she doesn’t display her bolt on tits everywhere

    • Mlle says:

      away, troll! No room for you here.

      • Armenthrowup says:

        Or just someone who sees through this woman’s fakery? (See, I didn’t use the ‘s’ word). Not everyone has to worship her. Peace.

      • minx says:

        Armenthrowup–I don’t think calling AJ a skank with “bolt on tits” is someone who simply doesn’t “worship” her.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        There’s not worshipping and then there’s just not being misogynistic.

    • mia girl says:

      What a gross comment. Sigh

      • mimif says:

        *hugs mia girl and flashes back to Cindy Crawford at the airport*

      • mia girl says:

        I hate the word “skank”. To me it says more about the person who says it, than the person they are saying it to.

        Thank you mimif for taking me to a happy place. #billmurrayforever

      • V4Real says:

        I don’t think the word ho is any better which another poster unthread just used to describe a few other celebs.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @V4real: True.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @mia girl: “I hate the word “skank”. To me it says more about the person who says it, than the person they are saying it to.” Yep.

    • Naddie says:

      Why so much hate? I’m curious, really.

    • Pinkfluffynarwhal says:

      Jen, aren’t you shooting a movie right now? Get back to work.

    • minx says:

      Considering she had a mastectomy, your comment about bolt-on tits is exceptionally tasteless.

    • MG says:

      Your name suits you perfectly.

    • MrsB says:

      Hey @dummy totally inappropriate comment, but you did at least pick an appropriate s/n so I’ll give you credit for that. Kudos!

    • BNA FN says:

      There is a crazy troll on board, but whatever. While Angelina is helping others this troll is here spreading hate. There are a few trolls who goes from site to site on all Angelina’s thread and makes hate comments.

    • Colette says:

      How’s the weather in Costa Rica?

    • Carmen says:

      Well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine?

    • meme says:

      THIS went pass the moderators? I’m shocked. Kudos to you honey

      • lisa2 says:

        Amazing how they can say the most filthy things about her then get all upset if someone says something quite tame about someone they like. That comment is uncalled for. She is not on a roof top shooting people. The amount of hate that some need to spew is beyond pathetic. And from women.
        But I suppose Angie is a open target and anything goes.

      • Maya says:

        @Lisa: yep it’s kudos to a person who thin shames, slut shames and breast shames women but anyone who dares to write a positive comment is called names.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @Maya: Don’t mind Meme. She’s ALWAYS so quick to praise, participate in, or defend bigotry and misogyny of the sex-negative variety, all the while praising male celebrities she finds attractive for taking off their shirts. It must be weird to facilitate the hate of one’s own gender.

    • Alice says:


    • Pmnichols says:

      She doesn’t look good, health wise. Very pale and pasty. I don’t get the worship stuff with her either, but I do hope she feels good. That would be terrible if she got sick again.

  13. Isa says:

    That’s a beautiful top. But I don’t think it’s a good choice. Not inappropriate, but not quite right for the occasion.

  14. Astrid says:

    It’s not my favorite look but if she did not insult the people of Cambodia, more power to her. She rocks.

  15. Hana says:

    What’s wrong with girlish ensembles to meet head of states, hmm? What exactly are you equating girlishness with, because there is no reason femininity cannot represent power, intelligence, respect, and so on. Honestly this site is getting ridiculous with policing what women are wearing. It’s time for me to stop reading.

    • qwerty says:

      Yep. Totally agree.

    • qwerty says:

      Also – she’s a very successful woman, doing important stuff over there… and she’s being picked apart for what she’s wearing. By a woman no less. There is no point saying down in the 3rd paragraph that ” it probably doesn’t matter” – you made the entire freaking story about it!
      So disappointing. Especially for a site that, I feel, considers itself feminist-leaning.

    • minx says:

      Agree. I think the top is lovely.

    • Lulu says:

      @Hana Thank you, what a great comment.
      She should just have worn a big tent to hide her offensive female shape and her childish and girlish outfit

  16. lisa2 says:

    She had met World leaders on every stage.. I think she knows what is or isn’t appropriate.

    • carol says:

      Exactly. I think she looks fine. I will have to say that there were a couple occasions when she did look a little glam while out on the field talking to people in need. Just saying.

    • lenje says:

      Exactly, and that’s why I’m very surprised with her choice of attire this time.

      Had she worn a traditional sarong, Cambodian style, paired with this top; or a black jacket; or a non-skinny pants; it would be much more acceptable.

  17. Imo says:

    “And it’s probably a traditional Cambodian peasant blouse or something.”

  18. Bondon says:

    I think her outfit is spot on, lovely and respectful of the occasion. As another poster mentioned – everything is covered: legs, shoulders, closed-toe shoe and minimal make-up. AND she is not flashing thigh like DK.

  19. Naddie says:

    I can’t see throught anything, and while I’m ignorant about Camboja’s culture, she looks pretty conservative and elegant.

  20. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    The Prime Minister could’ve made a bit more of an effort. I mean really, a suit and tie? Bit predictable isn’t it?

  21. Pinkfluffynarwhal says:

    Jen, aren’t you shooting a movie right now? Get back to work.

  22. FingerBinger says:

    A blazer would have been appropriate but otherwise she looks fine.

  23. sigh says:

    I can’t tell if she dressed properly or not because I can’t get past her sullen cheeks and her cheek implants are sticking out like sore tumbs. What happened Angie you look 40 going on 60. Take care grl. I love u tons and tons

    • Bae says:


      Uh. Wha?!! Her face looks the same as it always does. Pretty fckn stunning.

      Why do Jolie haters always act like/fake that they haven’t seen her in a long while in order to feign surprise at some new way they pretend or imagine she looks?

      Her face is photographed on the regular. Profile, full on, quarter profile. This week, last week, last month. She hasnt been away on a bear grylls safari eating crickets and clearing bush for 3 mos. You saw her 10 days ago. On this site. She makes an appearance a couple times a month, more if she’s working. Lol

      Same bone structure she shares with her father, and kids. Did they all go to the same surgeon?

      Must be hard for some people waking up all mad because you and your tv idol in 90s hair cuts and nose jobs are ugly and sh*t. Lol

  24. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    Who is this Sources chick? She knows everything.

  25. sassy says:

    meh looks fine the funny thing is if another actress wore this the headlines would be sreaming SHE’S PREGNANT ya know cause its a flowy top……instead we’re discussing her meeting with Cambodian officials so Jolie Win

    • qwerty says:

      She had a hysterectomy I think.

      • Carmen says:

        She had a hysterectomy with an oophorectomy (removal of her ovaries) so she went through a total and instant menopause at the age of 39. And she’s still drop-dead gorgeous. No wonder the trolls are going apeshit.

  26. Swofty says:

    Under white clothing u should always wear black underwear

  27. Maya says:

    I think she looks lovely – minimum makeup, smart casual clothes and impeccable behaviour when meeting heads of states.

    Angelina also seems to have gained weight which seems to be the reason her face looks fuller. I said long time ago that Angelina are the type of women who looks gorgeous in their 20s, beautiful in their 30s and will look stunning in their 49s and above with the menopause weight. As the time goes by she is looking more and more like her mother.

    And I still cannot believe that people are still putting her down on the nipple issue despite knowing she had double mastectomy. Are people forgetting that it hurts to wear bras after breast surgeries? That for some women it can take more than 4 years and some never ever wear bras afterwards because it is very painful?

    PS: so waiting for By the Sea opening the prestigious AFI festival. Cannot wait for November…

    • Kate says:

      I can’t wear a bra or even a crop top and my nipples are permanently hard. But it’s very easy to find clothing, even thin summery clothing, that hides that. For work I wear one of those tank tops made out of Spanx-like material, just to be safe. It’s not an insurmountable problem.

      But then Angelina was wearing a lot of heavily structured and corseted dresses not that long after her op. If you can’t wear a bra you won’t be wearing those, those were agony on my chest before I had my op. I’d rather cut the damn things off myself than get into one of those dresses now. If she can stand wearing things with boning in the bust and under-bust then I can’t imagine why a soft wire free bra would cause her any issues.

      • Nancy says:

        Or easier than that, wear a top that isn’t completely sheer where you can see her breast and nipples. Has she gone mad or what. She had to know this would hit the media. I don’t want to hear she didn’t know you could see through it, we always know. Lord, it was gauze. Wowzers.

      • Shelly says:

        There you go again Nancy, I think this is post 7 now about the same thing?

  28. lower-case deb says:

    glad to hear that it’s going to be shot entirely in the country of the source material with an all-Cambodian cast.

    continuing on the Damon-Affleck vein from the past couple of days, this is an example of the allusiom of “casting for the front of lens but not necessarily behind the lens”. do you think that such a film would benefit a Cambodian director, for instance?

    would it be better for this one to be ITLOBAH (Bosnian cast and crew but American director–even if it’s not for argument’s sake Angie) or Difret (Ethiopian cast and crew with Ethiopian director; Angie as producer only)?

    just an exercise in hypothetical circumstances.

  29. Kate says:

    Sorry, but a huge misstep there. The top is extremely casual, the kind of thing you buy to throw on over a bikini top after a day at the beach. You can see her nipples and a very clear outline of her breasts and her waist. Which would be perfectly fine if she was just having a casual day out in Cambodia (though not ideal, it is a fairly conservative country when it comes to displaying your body), but if you’re meeting a head of state, at the very least you put a blouse and blazer on.

    Given she usually goes ultra conservative when meeting any politician/head of state I’m not sure what she was thinking here. She doesn’t even dress this casually on press tours.

  30. AmyB says:

    I agree with some comments on here that we are so used to seeing cosmetically enhanced women with tons of make-up that when a naturally beautiful woman like Jolie (I am aware of her reconstructive surgery but I don’t think she really had much else done) wears minimal make-up, does her hair in a plain fashion and wears something that is completely appropriate (in my opinion)…something is wrong??? Please! Maybe she could have added a jacket but I don’t think her top was inappropriate at all; all I could see was maybe some tank top straps underneath. I will take this look over the cartoonish looks that many women in Hollywood go for (aka the Kardashians/Jenners, etc.). Angelina will forever be my ultimate girl crush! I love how she transformed her life and found a way to use her celebrity/fame for a good cause! Many others should take a page from her book.

    • Maya says:

      She will always be my girl crush and yes the way she turned her life around is very admirable.

      Not that she was that wild as some people claim, she never came out drunk from nightclubs, she never flashed herself or wore indecent clothes, never attacked anyone, never high or drunk on stages etc.

      What I like about Angelina is that she is always truthful about who she is.

      • AmyB says:

        ^^^Agree 100% @Maya….yeah she never had run ins with the law (aka Lindsay Lohan, Justin Beiber, etc.), she was not arrested for drinking and driving multiple times or ever bad mouthed/trash talked other people in Hollywood. She has always been very honest (maybe that was a shock when she was younger when she admitted to bi-sexuality or cutting herself but she was always honest). And even though she and her other two former husbands did not work out (Billy Bob Thorton and Jonny Lee Miller), what strikes me the most is that they all seem to genuinely care about the other as evidenced by what they say about each other now. What other exes in Hollywood do that? Haha! She was a wild child but not on the toxic level of Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Bieber or other stars that self-destruct and destroy their careers. She has only gotten better, matured and done very good things with her life.

      • Maya says:

        Exactly – it says a lot about someone when all of their exes only have nice things to say about them.

        Johnny has said many times he is still close friends with Angelina, Billy Bob said that he sometimes hangs out with them and Angelina even wrote a note on his book.

        I also like the fact that Angelina has genuine female friendships with females from different background and careers then hers. Her and they never use those friendships for publicity in any way, nor do they announce their friendship to the world constantly.

  31. khaveman says:

    Way too casual. Did she lose her luggage or something?

  32. Sarah says:

    No it’s not appropriate, she can wear something proper when she’s meeting the queen or addressing the UN she knows not to wear a white top with her bra showing and nipples protruding. All she needed to do was put one of her numerous black suit jackets on and that’s it. Pants, shoes, hair and makeup were ok, just the top was off.

  33. Colette says:

    Angie has met with The Pope,Queen Elizabeth,Presidents Obama,Carter,Clinton,the leaders of Turkey,Haiti,Dominican Republic,etc.I am sure she knows how to dress approximately for such meetings.It is possible she is dressed more casually than normal because this was an hastily scheduled meeting.

  34. gen says:

    I don’t think it’s body shaming to say that I would prefer not to see someone’s nipples. I know she – and everyone have them – but c’mon. I don’t want to see Hillary Clinton’s nipples during a debate – or ever. Not body shaming.

  35. scary1! says:

    Just an opinion here but, as someone who had a radical hysterectomy in their 40s…. She may have foregone her usual business like outfit in order to actually function. Even with some hormone replacement therapy, the first year or so can be brutal. There is also strong history of female cancers in my family and my doctors were very conservative with the hormone replacement because of this factor. The hotflashes, nausea, and weakness were a major issue at first.

    Another consideration…. what shows as see through in the flash of a photo is not indicative of what it may be in person.

    • pleasestop says:

      ITA exactly, flash bulbs now a days magnify everything , the material of her blouse is thick and she IS wearing a bra. there is no respect from people to be happily ridiculing a lady who has had double mastectomy, just so that they can feel better than undermining others especially this lady.

  36. s says:

    …. a traditional Cambodian peasant blouse or something….


  37. TessD says:

    It’s probably cold in those quarters. Big city halls and government building always are, so what’s the big deal.

  38. Faithmobile says:

    This is a grown ass woman who OWNS everything she does, I surmise she was wearing a jacket and for whatever reason took it off. But we will never know and if anyone gets a pass it’s AJ.

  39. Addison says:

    I think her nipples are visible. Totally inappropriate.

  40. prissa says:

    Wow! It is so sad to see people with dissenting opinions or observations called “haters” (such a childish, silly word) and attacked on this site. Just because someone views Angelina in something other than an aureole doesn’t make them “haters”, Jen Hens or concern trolling. I LOVE Angelina and have since I saw her in Hackers, but I have functioning eyes and she does look a little tired here. Chalk it up to her travels which must be strenuous (physically and mentally), the humidity of Cambodia, our being used to seeing celebrities filled to the gills with fillers and plastic surgery (which Ang doesn’t do) or a myriad of other possible causes. But must everyone believe that she’s 100% “on” all the time and never has an off day?

    It’s a little disheartening to see this happen on Celeb!+chy because generally (imho) this site is the best in terms of story content and having intelligent, fair, observant commenters.

  41. Chinoiserie says:

    The blouse looks like the ones my mother constantly wears so Ido not really like it. And it is a bit inapprotiate but where I come from people do not really make an extra effort when meeting officials (neither do they dress well) so I do not care that much.

  42. A. Key says:

    What are you on about?? You can barely see the bra, and it’s probably remotely visible at all simply due to photographer flashlights.
    And a “local peasant blouse” ? Really?? It looks lovely IMO, regardless of where it comes from.

  43. meme says:

    Why does everyone get so rabid if someone says anything remotely negative about this woman?

    • mimif says:

      Newsflash: Because she’s a Perfect Celestial Being™.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      I agree. There are a lot of comments on here like “how dare you point out a wardrobe flaw of someone who has had a hysterectomy/gives back to Cambodia?”….um ok, so does that make her off limits? Is she so saintly now that we can’t discuss that she maybe made a poor wardrobe choice when meeting with a head of state? What if she did something that was actually offensive? Are we supposed to never have one negative thought about her ever again? Come on, this is CB and she is still a human.

    • Carmen says:

      Calling someone a “skeletal skank” (see above) is way more than “remotely negative”. It’s more in the realm of positively despicable.

    • MsMercury says:

      I know right? I have nothing against Angie but after reading the comments on the other post that rip other woman’s dress codes (like Duchess Kate) why isn’t Angie fair game also? I mean Kate gets ripped apart every time she walks outside, we should also be able to talk about Angie’s shirt.

  44. shakeit says:

    I don’t think it’s inappropriate outfit but she’s definitely underdressed which i find hilarious and amazing. I mean, here’s Jolie meeting with prime minister and she didn’t even bother to glam up – i guess, for her, it’s just another work day. While a bunch of starlets and wannabe celebrities in HW dresses up (for photo -ops) when they go in and out of buildings and restaurants and stores.

  45. Jeanette says:

    When I first had my hysterectomy the first year I was miserable in clothing. I never had my boobs reconstructed they just took everything down below. That said..perhaps its got something to do with comfort. She is a woman, and there is nothing wrong with her looking feminine without a jacket.

  46. Pondering thoughts says:

    I would go one step further: Her blouse borders on disrespectful. It would be okay for an afternoon out and maybe for a party with friends but not for an official ceremony with politicians and a head of state.
    Even a slim knitted cardigan with that ensemble would have improved it.

    De-mining doesn’t impress me. Cambodia is relatively poor and they need the money from mining business. Mining can be done in a less harmfull way. Many countries support / have supported themselves with mining, for example: USA, FR, GB, GER, Spain, Italy, Russia …

    • DianaM says:

      De-mining means removing mines and bombs left in the ground from the war.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        Uuuups, I misunderstood that. I thought it had to do with closing mining businesses.

        I support de-mining of areas, of course.

    • Carmen says:

      It’s been estimated that the Khmer Rouge planted over a million land mines in Cambodia. Do you have any idea of the staggering number of Cambodians who have been killed or maimed by these mines? Are you remotely interested?

  47. Pamela says:

    Love it. All she has done for Cambodia and people are nitpicking her outfit? Really?

  48. word says:

    I think her outfit is classy and just fine. There is no need to bash her for that…not like she’s half naked or anything. Why don’t we concentrate more on the reason she was there and less on her clothes for God’s sake.

  49. justme says:

    Here’s a thought, maybe the top was a gift from the official she was meeting. Maybe just maybe she wore it to meet with him to show respect and that she liked the gift.

  50. bluevelvet says:

    As a card carrying Angeloonie, I say she looks absolutely lovely. As my mom used to say “you could wear a potato sack and make it look good” — that’s Angie. That definitely looks like a Cambodian style blouse, she was probably gifted while there. I think she’s the epitome of grace, charm and humility in her duties with UN. Love her!

  51. G.F says:

    I think the outfit is fine. Not perfect but not a big deal. Maybe she was hot so took her jacket off. I do think she looks less healthy than usual here though. Makes sense given all she has been through, but it makes me a bit sad to see her look a bit wan. Always gorgeous, imo, just a bit tired here.

  52. Silver Poodle says:

    I think she’s beautiful as always. Nothing new there!

    However, the outfit is inappropriate for business. I know this is not exactly like a business meeting, but come on. The men are wearing suits. And her nips are out. Not trying to body shame or maybe I am???? I don’t think nips should be out in a meeting. On the red carpet…bring ’em on. Regular day running around…fine. But, not at a meeting of any sort.

  53. AB says:

    I like the outfit, but a cami under that blouse wouldn’t have hurt.

  54. Gennline says:

    Feminists afraid of nipples.
    Funniest thing I’ve seen today.

  55. Jayna says:

    Wrong for the occasion. A simple blazer was needed or simple tailored dress.

  56. EN says:

    I understand this is a gossip site, but here is what I think – her outfit doesn’t matter, her actions do.
    She works so much, does so much good. Sometimes I see her pictures and she looks so tired, I hope she takes good care of herself. I know it is often hard to do when there are so many competing priorities.

    The fact that we are even judging her appearance when we know about all her work and health problems is cringeworthy . I saw a post that said that “some working mothers look better” and that really set me of.
    I am a working mother too, and I am sure others look better and you know what – I don’t care about the others, I have my own priorities and my looks are not on the top of list. Decency is.

  57. Ginger says:

    A tank underneath and it’s fine. Otherwise she looks gorgeous as usual.

  58. me says:

    To be fair, she might not have realized the camera’s flash or bright lighting would make her top so see thru like that. It happens. Better this than anything Kim K would wear. She’ not half naked. Leave her alone. Let’s focus on WHY she’s there.

  59. Annie says:

    I think she looks stunning. Not tired, certainly not “old”.

  60. Alice says:

    The top looks comfortable and casual, perfect for lunch in a cafe or similar. I have no issues with the sheerness either. But, it’s also entirely inappropriate for meeting with a Head of State. There are some occasions where you need to dress for it. Red carpets, weddings, receiving honours (be it a Damehood or an audience with the head of a government, or the Pope for that matter) .

  61. Gina says:

    she’s very beautiful but her fake breasts are too big for her fragile figure

    • Bae says:

      @Gina @Alice

      yea, thank you for reminding us that Jolie had reconstructive surgery after her double mastectomy by referring to it as “those fake boobs” (by the way,are you guys the same person…you both said the exact same thing ?) – I mean we all would have totally forgotten her entire matriarchal lines propensity for terminal breast cancer and Angelina’s NYT op-ed telling the world, if we didn’t have you both (?) to remind us with your crass disgusting hateful sexist comment.

      …there’s nothing a recovering cancer or preventative surgery patient wants to hear more than she ‘grosses people out.’ I’m sure your kindness will be rewarded with only good things in your life…or maybe the exact opposite.

      That said…we all know you’re still bitter because she’s gorgeous and an amazing human being with a beautiful family, a man who adores her – and she becomes more an iconic legend every year.

      But have at those big gorgeous boobs y’all. Lol

      • Alice says:

        That’s the new Alice upthread. I’ve got no problem with Angie.

        PS. I wish CB would do a “user name already taken” to lessen the confusion.

  62. mayamae says:

    I am so excited about this film. I bought the book years ago after hearing Loung Ung (the author) on a radio show. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, and I love that the film is being directed by someone who has such a deep connection with the country.

  63. nic says:

    Uh… they’re Hollywood Superstar boobs. Why would that be offensive to anyone? It damn well shouldn’t be. Looks like she didn’t take the lighting into account. Let’s maybe concentrate on things that actually matter… like how much good this lady does.

  64. Bae says:


    I won’t. I am curious though, why literally the most famous woman in the world, who is also the most photographed…can show up looking exactly the same as she always does…but is now getting a truly bizarre slur thrown at her by you?

    That’s a new one. I know there are some actresses who have loooong been said to look like a man…but she’s not one of them.

    Is this a new slur you’re trying out? Did she just start looking this way as of 5 minutes ago…or have you never seen her before having just dropped in from Uranus?

    Seems to me if you see someone several times a week and they’re one of the most photographed people in the world, then you suddenly announcing they look a certain way either means you’ve never seen them before in life or there’s been a sea change? (Yet there Angie is, with her same exact beautiful ultra fem face)

    Or the more obvious is if someone you admire is called tootsie and drag queen by everyone every day for the last 20 years, a woman known to have lost her good thing to THIS beauty….you probably are just lashing out in hate and spite because of it.

    …AS USUAL 😉

  65. Stacey says:

    Honestly, is this the best you can do to find a way to use a photo? The woman is in CAMBODIA fo chrissakes, doing humanitarian work. And we’re going to pick on how thin the fabric is in her blouse? I’ll snark with the best of ‘me, but I can’t.

  66. siri says:

    I’m actually more concerned about her health at the moment than about this outfit. She doesn’t look well. The blouse is see-through for sure, but perhaps she just took a jacket off…I don’t think this subject needs to be dramatized. After all, she had those operations, and even without any personal experience in this case, I would think she’s still struggling with different health challenges, probably mostly hormonal ones.

  67. Jib says:

    What I hate about some threads here, especially with AJ and Brad, is that the two of them could eat puppies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and people would scream, “The puppies needed eating!!!”

    I am not a huge AJ fan, in fact, I used to really dislike her, but she has gotten a lot of kudos from me in the last few years for her continual work on the behalf of others. She really seems to have grown up and become a spectacular human being. And I would never judge the size of her breasts. Hey, she had her breasts removed, whatever size she wants is her business. But I don’t understand AJ worshippers who act like they are blind and pretend her nipples and pretty clear outlines of her breasts are not showing through this shirt. It seems inappropriate to meet the heads of state. Why would that be so horrid to admit?? Why can’t fans ever, ever say that she, or Brad of the Nazi motorbike, made a mistake?? Sheesh, we all make mistakes. We are human. It makes it hard to take what people say seriously when they refuse to address very clear evidence.

  68. Bets says:

    The blouse is too sheer and you can see her nipples, so imo it’s not an appropriate garment to wear in an official situation, particularly in a conservative country. Sorry, but if the duchess wore a sheer blouse in a similar situation she would be ripped to shreds on this site. Nobody is talking about what Angelina was there to do because of the wardrobe slip-up, which is the same criticism Kate gets (and rightly so).

  69. Fiona says:

    At one point it was her nips are showing and we said how sexist it was that we should be discussing her breasts. And who defines what’s appropriate.. The men? Because they have suits on so should she? If they had been wearing a sheer shirt it would be okay? It’s a bra, they’re everywhere, women, we’ll never get out of this loop, God forbid my bra strap falls out of line. We are women not Barbie dolls, we’re not perfect, but society is always putting too much pressure on us to be. Perfect breasts, ass, hair, skin,are we too skinny, too curvy, one breast is bigger that’s what you take away!! Looking at this post I now think women can just be as sexist as men if not more. I doubt any man even cared to comment on this outfit.
    I know a lot of you won’t like this but I started reading this site because even though it’s celebrity gossip, there were really intelligent conversations going on. I know because reading the comments got me out of an abusive relationship with a totally sexist man (that was during the ray rice event) but lately it’s just not inspiring.

  70. Nude says:

    I think the shirt is inappropriate too, both the material and the cut. She needs to buy a few t-shirt bras. I’ve seen other photos at UN or other formal events where you can make out her nipples. Aside, I think the look here is earth mother: no makeup and dressed down. Good on her for devoting her time to volunteer work though.

  71. My two cents says:

    Who cares what she is wearing….praise for the good she is doing. No matter what she wears at least her heart seems to be in the right place which in the end is all that matters.

  72. Judd says:

    For a woman, Angelina, who is seen and photographed on a consistent basis wearing ALL BLACK, the sheer white peasant top, is so very odd. She’s got the black pants and nude shoes on, as usual, but fails miserably with the top. What was she thinking?

    And for the love of G-d, please stop giving this woman a pass because she is so busy and has six kids! She also has a slew of nannies and around the clock staff that help her daily/hourly.

    • LOLA says:

      Agreed. Her tops usually are pretty dowdy and you’re right on about the nannies and staff. I’m sure some would have you believe that she does it all herself…right.

  73. Wow says:

    before making a comment about a woman breasts and shirt (which I think was completely right and very cute and didn’t see any wrong with it, until I read this thread) take into consideration the surgery this woman went through. And before her surgery I never saw her visible “nips”, which I’m guessing is a result of the surgery. it is disappointing to read half of these comments trying to specify “actually it was her choice to have the surgery and didn’t actually have cancer”made me wanna punch my phone screen. I don’t expect her to wait around for a disease that took most of her families lives, took her mother away when she was just in her 50s, and go on a wait and see basis when she has 6 children and a husband to think about. Anywho all I can say is Horay 😒 to reading all about angies shirt and nipp!!es and nothing about the topic of her movie, from a site written by a woman for women. (fuxk YEAH feminism)

  74. Lana says:

    She looks great!

  75. O"Really? says:

    No she isn’t dressed appropriately, however it’s is possible Angelina wasn’t aware she would be meeting him at the time she was dressing. These things can be ver short notice. I also note she doesn’t appear to freshly bathed (her hair looks oily) which leads me to believe she might not have known.

  76. Rockin Robin says:

    I think its fine. Looks like she has put a litte weight back on. Her face does not look as gaunt. Hope she’s feeling better.

  77. Colette says:

    One of my pet peeves is when people criticize a person’s appearance and passes it off as concern about their health.It is so transparent.Being a “normal ” weight doesn’t mean your healthy.Having a glowing complexion or thick hair doesn’t mean you are healthy.I attended the funeral of a friend recently who looked great(appearance wise).

  78. ugh says:

    yeah, let’s not focus on why she is getting honored…let’s be bottom feeders instead.

  79. LOLA says:

    She is losing her hair. It’s much thinner and has receded since her younger days – IMO likely from nutritional issues. She seems to fairly consistently dress like an old lady – especially the tops she wears, and this one is a prime example. You can dress age appropriate and still look stylish. Once in awhile she’ll be at a red carpet event in a fantastic dress but it’s rare. And before anyone starts attacking me – it’s my opinion. You’re free to have yours as well.

  80. Warren says:

    Did she get bigger tits? They look bigger.

  81. rudy says:

    If Angie had worn a suit or a dress, we’d be having the same argument.

    IMHO, she’s gorgeous. Most probably the Cambodians could give a hoot. They just want her not the outfit.

  82. Dee says:

    I think if you care about what she’s wearing…you’re caring about the wrong thing in this instance!

  83. AngieLove says:

    It’s a Zara top and it’s only $19.99!!! She’s just like us and Kate Middleton!

  84. enoughalready says:

    I have never commented on this or any other site but as a woman (an imperfect one) going through early (very early, I’m lucky) breast cancer I must say to all of you that think you can comment on her choice to save her life while sacrificing her body parts…shut up. Please, really STFU! Stop shaming women…all of us for all of our faults. It’s so hard to battle this disease, it was hard for her “the beauty of all beauties” to carve herself up to survive. Here she is and she did what she had to do. Every day this beautiful woman/human being gives to others. She could be a shallow celebrated entity, she chooses to matter. Who cares about her blouse or her boobs. Not me, I just want to carry my cross with half the dignity in which she has carried hers. Thank you for listening and I will now STFU myself.

  85. sfrowguy says:

    I believe Cambodia is more conservative than that. No shoulders, no elbows, no knees. The blouse’s sleeves should have been longer, otherwise the lace work, which doesn’t reveal anything, is fine.