Joy Behar, Michelle Collins apologize to nurses after advertisers drop The View

We haven’t been keeping up with this latest saga on The View but in our defense it seems like there’s some drama on the The View every week. I had to google to figure out who is even on the panel of The View at this point. Joy Behar is back, and she’s joined by six other women including Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symoné and another comedian named Michelle Collins. (As of the time I’m writing this, someone has edited Collins’s Wikipedia entry to lead with two lines about her arguably offensive comments about nurses. “Michelle Collins (born July 9, 1981) is an American comedian and talk show host, who came under criticism after offending millions of nurses with her transparent ignorance.” I’m assuming that the Wikipedia mods will take care of this soon.)

As background, during the talent portion of The Miss America pageant, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson chose to highlight her career as a nurse. Instead of spinning plates, singing or playing an instrument, Johnson came out in scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck. She told a touching story about caring for an Alzheimer’s patient named Joe. (You can watch her segment here and it’s also below.) She concluded with Joe’s compliment to her that “you are not just a nurse, you are my nurse” and added that “you are not a room number and a diagnosis when you are in the hospital, you are a person very first. Joe reminded me that day that I’m a lifesaver. I’m never going to be just a nurse.” Johnson was nervous but her monologue was powerful and she deserves a lot of credit for originality and for showcasing her career as a talent.

They discussed Johnson’s performance on The View this week (that video is here) and were not complimentary. Michelle Collins made some dismissive comments about Johnson, saying that she “basically read her emails out loud” while Joy Behar asked “why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck?” The criticism was focused on Johnson’s performance in comparison to the other contestants, but some people took it as an indictment against nurses in general. There was a lot of outrage on Twitter, leading advertisers Johnson and Johnson and Eggland’s Best to pull out of The View and issue statements in support of nurses. Then both Collins and Behar apologized, with Behar using the “I have friends who are nurses” argument. Here’s what they said:

Wednesday, the hosts attempted to do damage control by saying they love nurses.

“We love nurses … we adore you, we respect you,” Collins said. “You guys are wonderful, you’re the most compassionate people. … I was not talking about her as a nurse, we were talking about the talent competition and I think it got misconstrued.

Behar said Wednesday she wasn’t paying attention during the segment and didn’t know Johnson was a nurse.

“I was looking at a Miss America tape and there’s a woman wearing like an outfit,” Behar said. “And I’m thinking, ‘Is she in costume?’ I didn’t know she was a nurse. I’m used to seeing them in gowns and bathing suits. It is not like I was trying to be funny. It was stupid and inattentive on my part.”

Later in the segment, Collins called nurses “hilarious” and Behar said “Nurses are great.”

[From WGNTV]

I get why nurses were upset. That was a heartfelt monologue by Johnson and while it wasn’t Oscar worthy she did make the larger point that nursing is a true talent that serves a greater good in society. However Collins was criticizing Johnson’s performance, she wasn’t dissing nurses in general. Behar’s dumb question questioning why a nurse was wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope” kind of compounded Collins’s perceived slight against nurses. It does seem like some nurses are taking typical throwaway comments on The View personally. Of course nurses deserve respect for a thankless literally back breaking job. To me this illustrates how antiquated and sexist beauty pageants are. A contestant used her hard-earned career as an example of a talent and got mocked for it on a daytime talk show.

Johnson finished third behind Miss Mississippi and winner Miss Georgia but has received the most press by far following this controversy. She appeared on The Ellen show yesterday where she defended her talent entry. She saidA lot of people told me not to do a monologue for talent, it’s very unique. But, I am a nurse and that’s my talent is taking care of people and caring about other people. I wanted to give the nurses that don’t have that voice, that voice and recognition of somebody going up there and just being a little bit different and unique.

Here is Johnson’s monologue

And here are Joy Behar and Michelle Collins’s deep thoughts on it:

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  1. Dorothy#1 says:

    Its ridiculous that people are so up in arms about this. Love Joy!! So happy shes back!!

    • just me says:

      I think it’s the fact that every day nurses go to work, they are put down in subtle ways. Treated like maids and waitresses, or not respected by patients or family members that will pay the utmost respect to their drs (who by the way, typically only round once a day in a hospital unit and spend like 5 minutes in the patient rooms, whereas the nurses are the ones actually calculating and delivering the doses, and doing the actual critical thinking in that moment).

      So when they hear some women that have probably never had a life hanging in the balance every day at work, put them down and call their stethoscope a “doctor’s stethoscope” when nurses actually use those damn things 10x more than docs do, yeah it stings.

      What do YOU do at work, by the way?

      • doofus says:

        thanks for your post…I would venture a guess that Dorothy #1 doesn’t know any nurses.

        nurses may not have the degrees that doctors have, but they do SO MUCH for patients that go unnoticed or just unacknowledged. nurses ROCK.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        When I have patients in the hospital, I would be lost without the wonderful nurses who fill me in on everything that goes on when I cannot be there. Thanks to these dedicated professionals, we can catch things faster and provide better treatment.

      • Rachel says:

        I feel this is a problem not only in the medical field, but across all professions. We live in a society that values education over hard work. A doctorate elevates you to the higher echelons and affords you automatic privilege. I’m a lawyer. I’ve had people speak to paralegals in a way they would never speak to me. Paralegals work hard. But because they don’t have a “J.D.” after their names, they’re disrespected and looked down upon. I’m not saying doctors, lawyers, and other professionals shouldn’t be afforded the respect they’re given. But as far as I’m concerned, that respect is earned through the work you do, not the title you hold. I appreciate anyone who does their job well, no matter what that job may be.

      • Frances says:

        Why do people always have to pit doctors against nurses? While the end goal is to take care of the patient, their job descriptions are COMPLETELY different. Yes, a nurse will spend a lot more time with the patient than the doctor. But the doctor has many more patients to take care of than the nurse. So the constant “well the doctor only sees the patient for 5 minutes” or “the doctors only use their stethoscope for 20 seconds on the patient a day”, they forget to mention the part where doctors see many more people than just the few patients nurses are in charge of. There’s no need to compare the two – they are different jobs.

        It just gets so old to hear NURSES DO MORE THAN DOCTORS, THE HOSPITAL WOULD FALL APART WITHOUT THEM, ALL THE PATIENTS WOULD DIE. Nurses are a vital part to the hospital system, and they do great work, but it’s different than the doctors work.

        Either way, I think the monologue was beautiful and has brought the hard work that nurses do to the fore front. If nothing else, maybe more people will be educated on the difference roles in healthcare.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        @Frances: I said that below. It’s as insulting to belittle doctors as it is to belittle nurses. I am a doctor. I value the nurses. But our jobs are DIFFERENT. We have to operate as a team to provide the best care possible.

      • Jenn says:

        She was joking. God people are uptight.

      • FLORC says:

        What proof is there she was joking? It didn’t sound like a joke and was a terrible one if indeed that. Everything about her comment came across as intented to belittle and dismiss this woman’s story and chosen career. There was no joke involved.

      • Dorothy#1 says:

        I’m a nurse, thanks for asking.

      • justme says:

        I see there is another justme. Lol

        I would like to do a shout out to the -CNAs at medical facilities also. While yes nurses spend more time with patients then most doctors CNAs spend even more. I was one for over twelve years. Not only do CNAs have to let nurses know when things change with the patients they also have to provide most of the personal care. Now I am not saying nurses never do these things but between meds and paperwork nurses don’t always have the time to spend in a patient’s room. So while everyone else praises all the doctors and nurses the ones.who do the grunt work are usually forgotten. When a family or staff recognized my hard work it definitely made my day.

      • lukie says:

        Just Me: as a student nurse, I thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxo

      • Timbuktu says:

        I don’t know any nurses either, except one distant relative, and I’ve been blessed with a healthy family so far, so my only inpatient visits are limited to the delivery of my babies – by far the best reason to be in the hospital.
        It took me about 10 minutes to figure out who my real friends are. I had some amazing women care for me, and I remember and appreciate every single one of them, and I have absolutely 0 appreciation for my doctor, who popped in once every blue moon, usually proceeded to stress me by making negative comments on how things were progressing, and couldn’t even be bothered to remember the gender of my baby, with a chart in her hand.
        When my doctor bailed on me at 7 pm and let another doctor perform a C-section, I wasn’t even surprised. Compare that to my nurse, who just spent 12 hours with me and was upset that she didn’t get to see the baby delivered.

      • Airhead says:

        This X 1000. You’ve just hit the nail on the head. As a nurse myself I agree entirely with you – couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Christina says:

        I think you hit the nail on the head for sure!
        I’m a registered nurse on a busy med/surg floor and I think the general public would be shocked if they could follow nurses around during a 12 hour shift (By the way it’s never just 12 hours more like 13-14 and lunches are unpaid but never fully taken)
        Besides all the great patients that we do see, there are plenty of patients who physically assault us, swear and scream at us and who treat us if we are their own personal drug pusher, concierge and maid service. I have had MD’s hang up or yell because we “bothered” them in the middle of the night with concern of elevated labs suggesting a heart attack, or to obtain orders for a patient suspected of a stroke. All of this to save people’s asses with very little thanks. We have much responsibility and very little authority.
        After that, I get to go home to my son and my 10 year old, type one diabetic daughter and test her repeatedly as I try to sleep or work on homework so that I can obtain a higher nursing degree.
        I’m not necessarily agreeing that this contestant clearly demonstrated talent, but I do think the women of the view need to keep their yaps shut and use their platform for something positive.

      • Frances says:


        I’m sorry you felt like you had a negative experience, but what upsets you isn’t exactly fair to the doctor. The doctor is in charge of all the laboring patients on the floor – that means they have to chart, order, and keep track of, all the women currently in labor. Your nurse has one, maybe two, patients at a time. They are the ones who follow the orders written, do their own documentation on you, and make sure you are progressing to let the doctors know where they are at. Like I said above, those are the job descriptions.

      • Trillion says:

        I’m a nurse. Here’s my joke: Q: What do you call a male nurse? A: “Doctor”. (rim shot).

    • Santia says:

      Maybe we should be offended that beauty pageants still exist. Why are women still parading about in their bathing suits for points?

      • Hawkeye says:


      • Cat'sMeow says:


      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes. I thought the comments on the View were terrible, but my main issue is beauty pageants. We pretend they are ways for women to get a better education, blah, blah, blah. But the idea of parading in front of judges wearing high heels and a bathing suit is just so outdated and sexist. Pitting women against each other. Who’s the prettiest? As if that means sooo much. The women MUST fall into a specific category of beauty AND personality. Must love children, America, Mom, “the poor,” – the whole thing is just another way to value women for their looks and subservience – not who they are.

      • doofus says:

        maybe we should be offended by both?

    • just me says:

      And by the way, all the medical shows on TV? The ones that show the doctors doing all the work? Yeah, nurses actually do about 90% of that in real life.

      • sarah says:

        I find it ridiculous too. Doctors & Nurses are two different professions and should be treated and respected as such. Nurses seem to be outraged with the comments but their hashtags & facebook postings about this come off petty, defensive, & insecure. I know a girl I went to highschool who didn’t do college & is in nursing school right now, & my sister who graduated college, and now studying her butt of in med school. There IS a difference and doctors shouldn’t be made out to be seen as d*cks for striving to be educated & hard working.. putting in the time (and money) to EARN the title & respect of “Dr.” I respect nurses but there is a difference in educational background, and no one should be shamed for their choice of wanting to become a nurse or doctor… they’re just different.

      • polkasox says:

        @sarah Nursing school IS college. I am currently in graduate school, getting my MSN so I can be an NP, “working my butt off” just like your sister. I am also working while doing this. I also worked my butt off to get my BSN. I don’t see MDs as “d**cks” because they worked hard to get a degree – I view them as such when they are rude and degrading to me. Which, by the way, a lot of them are NOT. I have been a nurse for 8 years, working in critical care for the majority of it. Because of this, I feel pretty confident I know a lot more about the nursing versus medical worlds. They are very different – our skills are different, our goals are different. Nurses are disrespected and abused on a daily basis. Have you ever had someone throw something at you or spit at you? I have. It gets old fast. This argument has nothing to do with degrading physicians, it has to do with empowering nurses. Which lots of fantastic physicians I work with do on a daily basis.

      • FLORC says:

        This is a very common myth at this point about nurses and doctors. As time goes on to be a Nurse you’re in school for a minimum of 4 years with about a year of clinicals. You need you BS and that’s not even enough for some places now. Many request you hav your Masters to get work. So, bump that up to 6 years continuous and add some more clinicals of horrible hours in the mix while finding time to get a job to pay those bills. And Nurse Practitioners, Doctorates in Nursing or Nurses that assist in specific types of operations all require much more on top of what they already have. Numbers to Numbers they’re on par with Doctors in many cases. You aren’t taking the easy way out by becoming a nurse because you couldn’t hack it as a doctor. That’s just wrong. You’re choosing a different career, but not a lesser one academically.

        Good for you for sticking with the CCU. I couldn’t. Horror stories daily. I have such respect for you!

      • Sarah says:

        @FLORC I had no idea it took that much school! Thanks for explaining and giving your perspective. That shows that there is similar amounts of educational requirements for both Nursing and Doctoral careers, i guess just different studies, though similar goals, to help people. It really is horrible then that nurses are written off as “less educated doctors”. I hope you find success in your career (sorry, i couldn’t tell by your comment if your also a nurse or not, but you obviously know more than me, that’s for sure)!

      • Katydid20 says:

        It depends. Some nurses have graduate degrees, while some nursing programs don’t even make you get a BS (yes, before people yell at me, this is true, the nursing program where I went to medical school did not make them). So I wouldn’t state that all nurses and doctors have the same amount of education. I’ll be in school for 17 years post high school when I’m done and ready to practice medicine as an doctor – I’m pretty sure that’s not true for any nurse out there.

      • FLORC says:

        I’ve been a nurse for nearly a decade.

        Nurses today have to have their BS to be able to find work as an RN.
        I’ve stated in another comment here that older nurses only needed a certification course or an associates at best. Now they simply need to renew their registration every 2 years depending on location. They are not up to date in some cases (but not all) with recent medical advances.

        As it is now to be hired as a nurse you are expected to have your BS minimum. Soon that will be Masters MSN minimum for any decent career in the field.
        And the same can be said of Doctors. Standards for coming out of school are much higher now than they were 20 years ago.
        Speaking for myself, I had a lot of schooling as premed and went on to get my MSN (Masters Science Nursing for those who don’t know what that means) and it was not a simple course or easier.

        17 years? That’s insane. My sister in law just graduated with her Medical degree and she did the undergrad to Doctorate in 6 years. Having Masters/Doctorate in a 3 year program at a top university.

        And depending on what the nurse studies it could take a long time. Depending on the field chosen it’s easily equal to a doctor’s schooling. To think otherwise is to assume all nurses do the same basic job and leave out those who assist in operations, nurse practitioners, and nurses with doctorates or hold multiple master degrees.

      • Bridget says:

        17 years post high school is clearly not the norm to practice medicine. And to be honest, unless you’re highly, highly specialized I’d actually wonder what was wrong that you needed that long to complete an undergrad and med school. Because even doing an undergrad, a PhD and Med school should take you a max 13 years.

    • snakecharmer says:

      No its not ridic. im a nurse that dirty crone joyce behar can go eff herself. walk a mile in my moccasins JB. that pretentious crass hag needs to be pushed off the iceberg. i save lives and hold peoples hands while they die. what does she do? to criticize that woman in the miss america contest is so offensive. her network should drop her.

      • JP says:

        I agree with Sarah. Nurses are acting very immature and defensive. A lot of them think they are doctors. Besides that, many occupations are very stressful.

      • snakecharmer says:

        jp you definately have the insider info. its good to know that you have so much knowledge of operations and for that i thank you. have you considered changing careers and going into healthcare administration?

      • EM says:

        True. Overpaid harridans. I’m still fuming about Whoopi Goldberg’s big mouth defending Cosby.

    • delorb says:

      I guess I fall into the category of wondering how this is a talent. Its a profession that she does well and is dedicated to, but talent? That is not to say that nurses don’t have it hard, because they do, but if you’re going to be in a beauty pageant, can you then get on a high horse about your noble ‘talent’? It just sounds like she couldn’t sing, dance or twirl something rhythmically, so she opted to talk about her profession, knowing that everyone (well almost) admires and loves nurses. Easy way to get extra points. Something that she’s still doing with her 15 minutes.

    • Carol says:

      It’s a well-known fact that you can only make fun of lawyers and teachers. As a matter of fact, if you call teachers a bunch of lazy, lounge-loving whiners you get to run for president.

    • jinglebellsmell says:

      I’m tired of hearing that she was just joking. If someone else “just joked” about a cause Behar is passionate about, she would have gone on a 10 minute rant. I’m glad advertisers are pulling out, and I’m glad that nurses are calling The View out on both women’s ignorance.

      PS-While I am NOT a Trump supporter *at all*, I can assure you that if he made these comments, they would have been all over it and criticized him to the max!

  2. Tiffany :) says:

    Nurses use stethoscopes all the time!

    • Wren says:

      But they’re not doctors! Only doctors are supposed to use stethoscopes! That’s why you never see anyone else use one ever! It takes years of med school to operate one! I mean, I’ve totally used one to help diagnose a sick animal, but I’m not a doctor so WTF was I even doing touching a Doctor’s Stethoscope?!

      SMH hoooo boy, Collins really should have just kept her mouth shut.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I have a stethoscope somewhere in my office. I’m a psychiatrist, so I only use it if I have to do a blood pressure for a possible medication reaction.

  3. The Bucket Lady says:

    Why is The View still on!?

    • Luca76 says:

      Seriously this!!!

    • Mata says:

      Yes!! Who actually watches this crap? I watched one episode once, because they had a guest that I liked. It was horrible. That one segment was more than enough.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      My question exactly. Women at the gym love watching that crap show, and it drives me nuts.

    • snakecharmer says:


      who watches these foul, crass, vulgar women. this makes me so mad to read this. go munch on a muffin basket in the green room joy while the extensive aesthetic team it take to keep you barely passable, AND dyes your hair that garish red. what a wretched wretched woman… shes a total slob

  4. AlmondJoy says:

    The View seriously needs to be put to rest.

    That Johnson and Johnson baby in the pic that was tweeted is sooo adorable! 😍

    • QQ says:

      AF it’s been too many years of their trolling, catfights, irrelevant ass opinions, Musical Chairs of Hostesses etc, like why is it so crucial to ABC that this irredemable hazy lights sh!tfest stays on that every season we have to play guess who is gonna stay put this year???

      • Bridget says:

        Why is ABC so dedicated to this sh!tshow? This is a show that somehow thinks that WHOOPIE GOLDBERG’S opinions need to be broadcast into people’s homes, along with a bunch of other women with barely a high school education between them. On what planet do we need to hear these women’s thoughts on current events?

    • snakecharmer says:

      you chicas are the voice of reason

  5. Ohreallynow says:

    Nurses work hard and deserve respect. If you’ve ever been to the hospital who do you think is taking care of you 99% of the time?? Nurses have all my respect for what they do.

    • Tifygodess says:

      But no one is questioning that, that’s not even what the criticism was about from what I saw. Nurses do deserve respect, hell they do more than the doctors, but this example may be over reaching.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        They certainly do more hands on work than I do when I have a patient in the hospital.

      • Frances says:

        They do more than the doctors? Please elaborate.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Yeah, they don’t do more than the doctors, they do more hands on work. My job as a doctor is to diagnose and set up a treatment plan, then come around and check on said treatment plan. The nurses follow the treatment plan, implementing what I have ordered. Neither is more “important” than the other. One is just more day to day hands on than the other.

      • Tifygodess says:

        Frances yes. sadly I have been in the hospital more times than I would like to count and you better believe nurses do more “work”. While I only saw my doctor once if that, I saw the nurse repeatedly, she gave my meds, did all patient care, answered my questions, helped me cope and so on. Nurses also catch errors in medical planning or even speak to the DRs to adjust care because they are monitoring the patient the whole time. So while the Doctors job is just as important a nurse certaintly does more of the patient care.

      • Frances says:

        You didn’t specify they do more hands-on patient care. You said they do more, and that’s different.. I’ve watched doctors work 24 hour straight. Running from one room to the next, and then running to the computer to make sure everything is charted and ordered correctly, without any scheduled breaks or lunches. So yes, the nurses are there with the patients more, but the doctors do just as much work to keep the patient alive and healthy. Again, it’s other people pitting doctors against nurses.

      • snakecharmer says:

        @ frances. i am an advanced practice nurse so i operate on par with physicians and have done many different jobs, including composing all of their history&physical/progress notes/orders and they come behind me and sign off. this was before i was an NP. all of that was in the ICU. slow your roll with your opinions on what all healthcare providers do unless you actually know first hand. the entire healthcare continuum works like crazy. some docs work a lot as do some nurses. others are lazy. but with the advent of LAB work and IMAGING STUDIES nurses are accountable for reporting results to docs, putting them in a critical position. is my post tl;dr??? see you in the hospital and tell me what you think then.

      • FLORC says:

        Where do you get this assumption Doctors are running from room to room and trying to file reports in a 24 hour period? ER?

        The Nurses do the bulk of that and my shifts can be 72+hours. I can guarantee i’m not seeing a doctor doing the majority labor because we work as a unit. My knowledge has to be broad and theirs has to be more detailed.

        There’s much on this topic that people need to educate themselves on. And there’s such a stigma against the nursing career being less than a doctor’s career. It’s also up to the person to want to be the best at their job and go the extra mile. Sometimes both doctors and nurses fall short in that, but that should not paint an entire group so negatively.

    • Chrissy says:

      + 1,000,000,000 I sure hope neither of these insulting talking heads needs hospital care in the short term. It sure isn’t the doctors that care for patients for the most part. Nurses do the scut work and it’s about time they get the respect and recognition they deserve. Nothing would get done in medical facilities without nurses. It really is a thankless job a lot of the time.

      • Ohreallynow says:

        Thanks Tifygodess: I’m just stating my thoughts. I was with my daughter recently in the hospital and the nurses did so much for her and it really meant a lot to me and impressed me a lot. My mom’s a nurse and I know she worked hard so I just wanted to say something nice.

  6. Tifygodess says:

    That’s it? Overreaction. She wasn’t critizing nurses she was giving feedback on the contestants. Good grief.

    • MrsB says:

      You honestly can’t see how offensive and dismissive it was for Joy to say “why is she wearing a doctor’s stethoscope?”

      And their “apology” was just as offensive imo.

      • doofus says:

        and calling her scrubs a “costume”? so disrespectful.

      • FingerBinger says:

        Joy said she didn’t know she was a nurse. Joy thought she was playing dress up. That’s why she called it a costume.

      • doofus says:

        sorry, I just don’t buy that. the woman spoke about her job and experience AS A NURSE.

        there’s no way that Behar didn’t know she was a nurse, considering that the woman was talking about her experience of working as one. and that Behar doesn’t know that nurses wear scrubs is just not believable to me.

      • Rachel says:

        Yes, FingerBinger. And Whoopi Goldberg “didn’t know” the statute of limitations had run for the Cosby victims when she made her offensive comments. Sure. I’m tired of these women, who are supposed to be examples of intelligent discourse, making ridiculous comments, then issuing half-assed apologies when the show starts losing sponsors. And we’re just supposed to accept that they didn’t actually *mean* to be offensive… they’re just ignorant.

        When The View started, I thought the concept was supposed to be a forum for women to discuss and debate current events in an intelligent, respectful manner. But it has never been this. The panel is made up of misogynistic women who, I’m fairly certain set women’s lib back 50 years every time one of them opens her mouth.

      • Tifygodess says:

        In the video it didn’t show Joy, it showed Michele so yes it was an over reaction based off of what that showed. Regardless no one attacked ALL nurses they critized someone in a beauty pageant.

    • stinky says:

      Puling sponsorship over this is bordering on insanity.

      • Lady D says:

        Yup. Holy ass covering, Batman. On the other hand, People is running a story about them and the fact that they invited the nurse onto the show, and Joy was prepared to privately apologize to Michelle, but she said no. The women apparently were surprised that she would turn down “free plane tickets and accommodations in New York” plus a chance to be on the show.

      • snakecharmer says:

        no STINKY its not. Johnson & Johnson has a Campaign for the Future of Nursing. Call it “bordering on insanity” when you ‘stinky’, need a nurse.

      • FLORC says:

        Snake is right.
        J&J launched a massive campiagn to highlight the career of nursing and how important it is. For them to pull their support was an obvious choice.

  7. bettyrose says:

    ETA, after watching, the whole thing is pretty inoffensive, except Joy’s moronic comment about “doctor’s stethoscope ” if she had just dropped the word doctor, the stethoscope comment would’ve just been about the artificial nature of pageants. Joy should be fired just for being pointless.

    • MrsB says:

      Exactly, @Bettyrose. I’ve been a patient many times, and nurses have been my saving grace. They are caretakers, therapists, and a nurse who came in to check on me one night saved my life. Not a Dr, but a nurse. Thank you for all you do nurses!

      • bettyrose says:

        Yeah, my first response to this was that no one who’s ever been hospitalized would question the importance of nurses who do 95% of the care-taking, but after watching the video I don’t think Joy even knew what she was saying. It’s like she hasn’t escaped the 1950s indoctrination of her youth, where nurses are just invisible support staff and doctors should get all the credit. I.di.ot.

    • mayamae says:

      I’m a nurse, and excepting the stethoscope comment, I might say the same thing. I have a problem with beauty pageants in general, and regardless of how “moving” her monologue was, I don’t understand how it’s a talent.

      Although I did not find it offensive (minus the stethoscope comment), I don’t think anyone has the right to tell another what they should find offensive. I’m from Chicago, and when Richard Speck (murderer of eight Chicago nursing students) was admitted to the hospital dying, nurses were given the option of refusing to care for him. I found that ridiculous. The man killed eight women – the fact that they were nursing students was a coincidence. I was offended that a nurse would potentially refuse to care for a dying patient. I’ve had a child molester as a patient. I didn’t enjoy it, but I did my job.

  8. Bridget says:

    The biggest offense to me is that people still watch The View.

    • DavidBowie says:

      Now that’s funny.

    • kate says:


    • Esmom says:

      I know. I think that every time the show comes up. It is such drivel and always has been, imo.

      • Bridget says:

        I don’t feel this way about very many things, but I am genuinely offended by this show’s existence. It’s ridiculous. They somehow manage to get together a group of the least qualified, least educated women, and then ask them to discuss current events and then broadcast it across the country. The entire thing is designed for who will end up screaming at someone else. There are millions of intelligent, qualified women across the US, and they somehow insist on scraping the bottom of the barrel to put together their panel. No. Thanks.

      • FLORC says:

        The women, or at least a few, on the View are well educated. They’re just stupid at the same time.

  9. Esteph says:

    Oh my goodness, I am going to get so much hate for this…but I wasn’t impressed by her monologue because I think that anyone of the other contestants could monologue just as well. But then again, that’s how I felt about it.
    As for Joy and Michelle, they need to watch out, The View has been on a sinking ship for a while and they’re were dumb enough to get back on it.

    • Santia says:

      That’s just it – her monologue was NOT impressive. Her career may be, but the monologue – supposedly her “talent” – was not. That is what got Joy started; that’s what she was mocking. No one was dissing nurses, they were dissing this particular no-talent in a pageant contestant who happened to be a nurse. I swear, people just look for anything to be offended by. Tempest in a teapot.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I didn’t see it, but was her monologue supposed to be her talent or was nursing her talent? Regardless of the execution, if she was presenting nursing as her talent, that’s inspired. I’d bet that most of us have talents that don’t lend themselves to performing in front of an audience (it was probably better than taking the host’s vitals onstage). If her monologue was supposed to be her talent, that’s different. As I said, I didn’t see it so I’m honestly asking for clarification.

      • FLORC says:

        Was the Monologue the talent or the talent she uses in her job? You can go by the book all day, but it takes a unique talent not many have to function as a nurse with excellent bed side manner. Much like a skill.

        And yes they were intentionally “dissing nurses” with a comment like the doctor’s stethoscope. It’s a noble career that not many can handle, but very needed.
        That comment has nothing to do with her speaking. It has everything to do with belittling the role of a nurse.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I couldn’t handle being a nurse. I’m close to being an emetophobe. Nurses have my utmost respect, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s considered a “blue-collar” job.

      • Illyra says:

        Maybe in the future “talent” shows/segments will just consist of people talking about their jobs.


      • mayamae says:

        I don’t think Joy was deliberately dissing nurses. She’s 72 y/o, and seniors often have an old-fashioned outlook on things. For instance, if you’re going to hear “stewardess” on an airplane, you’re going to hear it from a senior. Joy was a teacher, and has an MA in English education. I bet she would have mocked this lady if she gave a monologue about the joys of teaching.

    • Cat'sMeow says:

      Yes, can we agree that it was the monologue that was offensive? Nothing to do with nurses.

  10. the.princess.leia says:

    So a woman standing on a stage delivering a monologue isn’t a talent? Because I’m pretty sure that’s the job description of a comedienne.

    • TwistBarbie says:

      The “talent” part in being a comedienne is that people laugh.

      • snakecharmer says:

        yeah and joy isnt funny. id love to sit around munching on bagels and lox but instead im busy adjusting vetilator settings. most doctors and nurses never sit down except to chart or write orders. i would say for joy to take a seat but i seriously dont think she really does more than that at any given time

  11. dibba says:

    Last time I watched The View was 14 years ago on maternity leave. I watched it once. Mind numbing.

  12. aims says:

    Nursing is a special calling and those who take it as a profession are very special people. They are the backbone of our health care system. They know the patients better then the doctors do. The little part that I did watch was disgusting. It seemed like a bunch of uneducated mean girls. The giggling and snark directed at this women was embarrassing. They absolutely deserve the shit storm they’re getting.

    I would much rather have a sethascoop around my daughter’s neck then pom poms in her hand.

  13. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    This is one of those controversies where I feel there’s no way the person couldn’t possibly see how this was going to go.

    Yeah the View is basically a variety hour to poke fun at things but there wasn’t really anything funny there. Maybe I’m not especially impressed by adult women doing gymnastics or singing opera but that’s their talent. This woman brought her own perspective and talent and it was a nice change from the usual shallow tricks other contestants do.

    Why out of all the things the View could have had fun with (and there were a few) they chose to mock the nurse I have no clue. Why Joy made the HUGE MISTAKE of coming back and attaching her name to this sinking ship only to end up in the middle of this controversy and financial blood bath is beyond me. Just so much stupidity all the way around.

    Don’t try to do comedy if you’re not real comedians, the whole ‘doctor’s stethoscope’ fell so flat. If you’re ever sick you’ll be damn happy to see one and the nurse who’s using it to help you.

    • stinky says:

      Respecting nurses – for sure – but ive never had a nurse pull out a steth on me & ive been hospitalized MANY many times. Criminy. She does indeed present like a doctor in the scrubs & steth , so they were whining I guess. Nurses have always been an EXTREMELY testy & vocal lobby. I think its because of the disrespect they likely get from DOCTORS. Its clearly a high-stress profession and I cant imagine having that fortitude on any level. But just like every other profession out there – you have fantastic ones and not so fantastic ones. Theyre not all saints & Mother Marys just because they chose that profession.

      • eileen says:

        I don’t know what hospital you’ve been in but I use my stethoscope ALL the time-I’m a cardiac/stroke RN and I assess my patients’ lung,heart and bowel sounds with it. I do manual blood pressures if what the machine reads is questionable. I take apical heart rates when I have a patient who is in an arrhythmia that the machine can’t properly read.I don’t get disrespect from doctors where I work-they are great but in the past yes it has been an issue. I once had a doctor tell my patient she had a brain tumor when it was the wrong patient. I’ve caught med errors,etc. No I am far from a saint and there are some really politically active nursing associations out there that I don’t necessarily agree with.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        My niece is a doctor, and she said scrubs are for nurses, and white coats are for doctors. I’m sure there are exceptions like in surgery, etc., but I didn’t think scrubs indicated she was trying to be a doctor, and I see nurses using stethoscopes a lot. But this is a fine point I think

      • FLORC says:

        Should be have stepped out in white tights and a white skirt instead? When I go to work that is how I dress. My hair hardly looks as good though.

        In truth. She looks like a nurse. Why? Because doctors have white coats and sometimes ties and blouses. The nurses wear the scrubs mostly.

      • snakecharmer says:

        stinky, again. i use a stethascope on all my patients and i have had episodes where a doc hasnt listened to me. is your ex a nurse or something. what is your problem? are you JB? stinky seems like a handel she would pick.

      • WillowS says:

        @Stinky-Maybe you are confusing Registered Nurses with Medical Assistants or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s)? I’m a Registered Nurse (RN) and when I was working in the hospital, doing home health or working in an outpatient clinic I used my stethoscope all the time (I don’t use it now because as a medical case manager I’m no longer doing physical assessments on patients). I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing as do many RN’s (you can also be an RN with an Associate’s Degree but the push now is for nurses to get their bachelor’s degrees). Medical Assistants and Certified Nursing Assistants do not have the same duties as nurses (they are the ones in the hospital who wash patients, check blood glucose levels, check vital signs, etc). They have less formal education (it’s a certificate program not a degree). They don’t do physical assessments and don’t tend to use stethoscopes unless they are using them to take manual blood pressures.

        There’s A LOT of confusion between RN’s and CNA’s or Medical Assistants. I think often people tend to identify all of us as “nurses” when there are big differences in terms of educational levels and responsibilities.

      • luce says:

        I’m not a nurse, but I am a mother with a child who has a chronic illness and have seen more hospital time in multiple states and even a few different countries with her than I wish were so. If you have been hospitalized — or heck, even been to a routine doctor’s visit where your vitals are taken, you have had more “nurse stethoscope” time than doctor. That isn’t anti-doctor, either. Thank God for the judgement and wisdom of my child’s doctors, and thank God for the nurses who have cared for her so very diligently.

      • FLORC says:

        Amy T
        Didn’t see your comment, but your niece and I agree.
        I’m using my stethoscope almost daily. I’m also mostly in the maternity wing, so it’s more needed for my job. Many do not need a stethoscope because it’s sort of “old school” with the technology we have now.

        I adore your comment.

        You have a very anti-nurse view. It also sounds very stereotypical of the nursing stigma. That nurses are old and complain with a victim complex. That they are far less educated than doctors. That they have a relatively simple job. That they don’t use stethoscopes or wear scrubs on a daily basis. That’s all wrong. Please clarify where you’re getting this info because it’s not accurate.

        And I’m a nurse who doesn’t complain. I enjoy my job and the Doctors/Nurse practitioners I work with. None of us agree with this view on nurses.

  14. Deedee says:

    I guess we’ll find out how well that apology is taken next time Behar or Collins needs a catheter.

  15. Merritt says:

    ABC needs to cancel this mess.

  16. FLORC says:

    Nurse with my Masters here. And licensed Midwife. And Certified in Phlebotomy. I would have responded earlier, but it seems this stethoscope that I own and the 2 I use for my job aren’t for me to handle. I’d better hand them over to a Doctor with a MD before someone thinks i’m trying to pretend i’m a Doctor.

    There’s so much to be offended by here. That the woman highlighting her career is attacked.
    That the ladies on the view belittled a noble career.
    That it’s a job that takes a major toll on health care providers, but we still put on a brave face to make sure those in pain and needing care don’t see the struggles we might be dealing with. Because it’s not about us. It’s about them. Those who need help.

    I’m just not sure why they attacked her. Are they really that ignorant?

    • aims says:

      I agree with you a 100%. I also want to thank you for your time and dedication to your patients. It takes a very special person to be a health care provider.

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      @FLORC, thank you for all you do. Every time I go to the doctor or hospital, I make sure to thank the nurses who care for me. I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for the wonderful men and women who have cared for me.

    • doofus says:

      what aims said. nurses are SO important in the medical field. thanks for what you do, FLORC.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Seriously, that’s the major question I leave with.

      WHY attack her/the profession/the ‘costume’/monologue?

      Like it’s such a clear minefield that I’m shocked they seemed to gleefully run through it.

    • MrsB says:

      Thank you for everything you do @Florc. I’ve been a patient many times, and my nurses have been everything to me. A nurse saved my life while in the hospital as well, so I owe my life to your profession!

      • FLORC says:

        I was really sick as a child. The Doctors were fine, but the nurses I saw the most of and even when I was upset they did everything they could to calm me. Even if they thought I was being a brat it was put aside to ease me. I try to pay that forward. It’s those little acts that make the biggest difference.

        And thanks all! Nurses get a lot of grief from patients and Doctors sometimes. At the Nurses station when you see some flowers of candy or my favorite edible arrangements it really perks up the day. But even a simple thank you can mean the world to a nurse.

      • Daria Morgendorffer says:

        @FLORC, your post sums it up perfectly. Nearly everyone I know has a story about a nurse who made a difference. My mom STILL talks about the nurse who took care of her when she was in the hospital as a child. That’s why I chose nursing as a career path. I’m learning to disregard the people who don’t get it because whether I’m offended or not, they’re probably unlikely to change their minds. Either people respect nurses or they don’t, but at the end of the day when they’re in that hospital bed and you’re there helping them, they tend to change their tune.

      • FLORC says:

        To shut out the insulting attitude some give is a difficult part. To take the attitude and keep your mouth shut with a smile on your face. For me that’s the worst. Or maybe to keep yourself from crying from stress or because someone passed away that you knew. They don’t know the struggles you’re currently dealing with, but they’re upset for having to be in a hospital where they are generally helpless in their circumstances. As long as you have that down it’s easier.

        Still, right before I go to work I might just have a 5 minute hard cry. I love that I can help people and make their lives a little easier, but damn if it’s not tough. I can’t imagine not doing my job though. I love it. And Joy can carry on as she likes, but eventually she will be cared for by nurses and they might hate her comments, but won’t let that give her any less than the best they can.

    • BB says:

      Yes to every word, FLORC. The stethoscope and costume comments were insulting to nurses. I know that most people value what we do, but there are some that have no idea. I truly think they are that ignorant. Joy even said she had no idea nurse used a stethoscope and I even saw a comment on here with someone saying something like, well I’ve never seen a nurse use one. We work hand and hand with doctors and I’ve never pitted myself against a doctor or demanded recognition for my work. I’m not sure I like the whole “nurses are so whiny and needy” vibe of some of these comments, so I’m going to abandon thread lol!

      • FLORC says:

        Don’t leave!
        I get the whiny comments. Some nurses have burned out and are very lazy in their job. They complain about how hard their job is like it’s the worst thing possible. As a nurse they should know it’s not.

        So, some nurses are pains. And some doctors are horrible pains. It’s a truth of the person and not a result of the profession.

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you for you comment FLORC! I appreciate nurses and all they do :) My sister just graduated nursing school and is now a psych nurse. I respect nurses because I was in and out of hospitals as a child as well. I had to get lots of surgery and what not and after waking up from said surgeries it was comforting to have the familiar faces of nurses around especially when my family couldn’t always be there right away.

      I lost a sibling as child as well. What I remember most about those days is how the nurses were so compassionate towards my whole family. They were real gems. I pains me to see people just dismissing this and nursing as a profession.

      And lets be real, as someone pointed out on Jezebel, the reason nursing is dismissed so much as a profession is because it is dominated by women.

    • I didn’t know you were a nurse Florc……I’m going to nursing school in January!

      • FLORC says:

        Haha i’ve mentioned it when discussing medical topics here. I’m only pulling out my nurse card in a big way because these comments just irked me.
        And that’s awesome! It’s tough, but really rewarding! Just don’t let the hard times get you down because the good you do is so massive :)

      • I hope actually going to school helps me, because right now I have mini freak outs about accidentally killing someone. I’m paranoid and Science! is not my favorite subject–but I want to work with seniors……..get a minor in gerontology…..

      • Lucky Charm says:

        VC, my sister is a nurse who works with alzheimers patients mostly. Not only does she have a tough job to do, but often she’s the only family they have. Good luck to you, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Just from reading your posts you seem to be a very level headed, compassionate person.

      • FLORC says:

        Everything you learn is going to be on the job in clinicals. That’s the best truth someone gave me when I started. Your education in classrooms lays a foundation of knowledge, but you will actually learn everything you need to know in action.
        And just don’t let the hard times get to you. It’s not easy, but vvery much worth it.

    • steph o says:

      @florc thanks for all that you do. Seriously, nurses are just truly exceptional people. I’m sitting in my postpartum room right now, while my son is being cared for in the NICU. I know many nurses from both units, and I am seriously in awe of every single one of them. They put their heart and soul into every shift, for every patient, and I honestly don’t understand how they do it day in and day out! So, keep being awesome.

  17. Scal says:

    Okay I’m going to say something unpopular. All this did was feed into the tendency of SOME (some not all) nurses to crow about how under appreciated they are. Alot of people in that field have a total victim complex.

    I’m really tired of everyone always competing and martyring themselves about how unappreciated they are at work, and how much tougher their job is that anyone else. Since this story broke it’s been a virtual competition on several message boards and my facebook feed between nurses-teachers-and stay at home parents as to who has the rougher gig and is less valued. Some doctors and some army folks have joined in. And then nurses slagging off doctors and doctors slagging off nurses started up.

    Can’t we all just say that nearly everyone works hard at their chosen profession and does the best the can and should be valued? Why does it have to turn into a ‘but I’m suffering so much MORE that you’ off? My work is SO much more important that yours competition. And this is from both men and women.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Oh message boards are the worst. I don’t agree that the majority/normal nurses are just complaining or making themselves a martyr but I think message boards do invite a certain level of aggression/passion that just gets so messy.

    • FLORC says:

      This is very true. It’s a job some people burn out in and aren’t up to it anymore. I tend to see those as older nurses that got their associates years ago and just renew every 2 years deending on state. They know the bare minimum only.

      They arren’t peaches to work with either. I tend to think it’s their overall mentality to play the victim and not a side effect of the job.

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:


      “All this did was feed into the tendency of SOME (some not all) nurses to crow about how under appreciated they are. Alot of people in that field have a total victim complex.”

      Can’t argue with that. The amount of disgruntled nurses with victim complexes on a nursing forum almost convinced me not to become a nurse when I was taking prereqs in college. You’re spot on. Nurses on those discussion boards made it sound like the job and the field were so awful that I should stop and run the other way. It is true that nurses often get treated like sh-t though. And usually by people like Joy Behar who hold onto that old school mentality that only doctors have any knowledge of anything, so you should give your nurses a hard time and treat them like they’re incompetent because they don’t have a med school background. Both sides of this issue are right–you’re right that many nurses love to tout how we work so hard and are so under appreciated, but it is a fact that nurses are often treated pretty poorly.

    • jc126 says:

      I agree and I am an RN. There’s way too much whining, self-aggrandisement, and the like from SOME nurses. I am often shocked by the sense of superiority some of my colleagues have, thinking the techs are beneath them, for instance. I also notice a lot of it from certain cops, teachers, and (I’ll wait for the incoming hate) some veterans. I certainly know there’s way too much garbage that (some) of the people in these vocations have to endure, but the “look at me, I’m a hero” stuff is tiresome. Just do your job, and address inequities in your profession to make it safer/more effective.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      Did you post this on Jez or some other Gawker media site? I feel like I just read this very comment somewhere recently.

    • MSat says:

      I don’t know. I have several friends in the nursing field and when I hear about their day, I am pretty sure I’ve got it easy. I work in PR and the worst thing that will happen to me is a negative story comes out about a client and they get pissed off. I don’t have to see anyone’s insides, watch someone die right in front of me, see a drug addicted baby go through withdrawals, or an Alzheimer’s patient not understand where they are. And don’t even get me started on the butt/poop stuff. There’s just no way.

      I see your point about martyrs, but when it comes to blood and guts and death, there’s no way in hell I have the fortitude to handle that. I give mad props to anyone who goes into that field and sticks with it. I feel the same way about people who choose to go into the military. More power to you! Because lord knows, I don’t have the skillset for it.

  18. Kelly says:

    I’d rather see a monologue than one more recital quality piano or violin performance.

    The problem with The View, Joy and the other ones is not just this one comment, but their deplorable aptitude to be nasty instead of witty and snarky instead of edgy. They go out of their way to belittle people that don’t fall under their rarified viewpoint whether it’s left or right.

    They aren’t sorry they were insulting; they’re sorry they’ve lost face and advertisers.

  19. sarah6 says:

    fake outrage. the monologue was weak. quite a few of the talents performed that night were also weak. I’m embarrassed for nurses for their thin skin. I’m so tired of fake outrage.

    • FingerBinger says:

      It’s not fake outrage it’s real. It’s unnecessary outrage.

    • FLORC says:

      I can guarantee you my outrage is real. And I own my stethoscope.

    • Saks says:

      Except that the monologue wasn’t the talent, her actual real and useful talent was being a nurse, and she narrated that. Would you wanted her to nurse someone onstage for you to get the obvious?

  20. nice says:

    Thank you to celebitchy for highlighting this story – had no idea about this wonderful Nurse and her story. She was terrific. The view is garbage.

  21. bellebottomblues says:

    Nurses are the workhorses, doctors are like the show ponies who prance in occasionally, look pretty and take all the credit lol

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Really? Now I find THAT a bit insulting. The jobs are different and both are valuable.

      • FLORC says:

        Doctors have their purpose. They know more finely tuned information where Nurses have to have a much more broad understanding. And be hyperaware in collecting and transfering information a Doctor might miss. As far as volume patient to patient Nurses carry more. The doctor then reads over what the nurse collected and their notes along with what the nurses log in for information and make calculated decision with their more detailed knowledge.

        Yes, they are both important and both hold value. Just different types.
        And not all Doctors aren’t this removed. Some are very involved in collecting that information and some nurses stik to only the basic stats needed.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I’m a doctor, so I pretty much know how it all works. And I’m so glad that I have my purpose. As I have said… our jobs are different. Neither is more nor less important. We have to work as a team to provide quality patient care. Have I heard doctors denigrate nurses? Yes. I have also heard nurses denigrate doctors. We need to not do that and remember why we entered the medical profession: to help people when they are often at their most vulnerable.

      • FLORC says:

        I’ve heard of 1 case where a nurse confronted a doctor and she lost her job. The cases where doctors yell at nurses and nothing happens to them? Sadly, they’re often. There is that mentality and a stigma of nurse being less than doctor status.

        Your last sentence is everything. Both have a job to do and it must be done together as a unit.

  22. yvonne says:

    I didn’t think anyone even still watched The View. And for that matter, why are beauty pageants even still on? That’s another whole story right there.

  23. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    I’m not interested in looking for people to validate my career choice, and I’m choosing to ignore all of the people who feel some sort of animosity toward nurses who have been offended by the comments made by these two attention-seekers on The View. Nursing is one of the most under appreciated jobs on the planet and there isn’t a nurse out there who doesn’t already know that, or one that doesn’t have a story of being treated like sh-t because people automatically assume you’re a moron because you aren’t a doctor and didn’t go to med school. My own friends and family have asked me why I didn’t just become a doctor. Not everyone is going to respect you in life, and regardless of what you do for a living, not everyone is going to treat you well. It’s a fact of life that people act this way. I choose not to care what anyone thinks about what I do for a living.

    As a nurse, what offended me was the comment asking why a nurse was wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope.” Obviously Joy Behar has been to a doctor’s office and likely even a hospital and has seen that nurses use stethoscopes too, so she chose to make that comment to be purposely demeaning. If you’re going to use your platform to make a joke out of a whole profession, people are going to be offended.

    I also think people should take it with a grain of salt because LOOK AT WHERE IT’S COMING FROM! Who cares at all what these two think or have to say? The View is so irrelevant.

    • FLORC says:

      That’s what got me too. That it’s a “doctor’s stethoscope” and no one else uses those.

      As time goes i’m getting closer and closer to being able to go for my Doctorate in Nursing or Nurse Practitioner.

      And we do get the worst of it.
      Only being mistreated by a doctor gets to me. Especially when I know it was there fault and they can’t handle admitting their mistake.

    • DiamondGirl says:

      Yes, if Joy claims she didn’t know the contestant was a nurse or whatever, maybe she should know the context before she opens her big brassy mouth.

    • chrissy says:

      As another nurse, hm…where to start.

      I think that a lot of this is coming from the whole “doctor’s stethoscope”. I think a lot of nurses are up in arms for this because, in my opinion, we seem to have to fight harder to be recognized as a ‘professional’ that is in a profession that is not just ‘the doctor’s assistant.’ I’m a nursing practitioner that has the ability to put into play my own interventions based off of evidence and what falls under my scope of practice. I’ve been on both sides, where a provider has been so condescending to me, and where I’ve been a part of an amazing team that has acknowledged nursing and supported us a valid members of the team. So honestly, is this being blown out of proportion? Maybe a little, but only because the members of The View stepped on an already sore spot with nurses.

      ***Also for clarification, you do NOT have to have a BSN to get a nursing job in a hospital everywhere. I think it depends on where you are, the applicant pool and your specific facility. I should know, I hire nurses. :)

  24. Murphy says:

    I feel like the only way to redeem themselves is to have a Nurses Day on the show and have lots of nurses explain what they do and who they are. There’s a lot of people out there who think nurses aren’t as good as doctors–when in reality they do just as much-if not more sometimes.

    • FLORC says:

      This will happen. They’ll make a big show of it.

      • Lady D says:

        But what sucks is the fact that they will do this big show to make money. They might pretend it’s for the nurses, but their overriding purpose for doing this is to make money. I so hate phoniness.

  25. Mle428 says:

    I’m a nurse. I’ve worked in critical care, surgery, and hospice. In every capacity, I have valued each and every team member (from environmental services to MDs, and everyone in between). To say that one of us works harder than then other is simplyour not true. I agree with paranormalgirl, that nurses and doctors play very different roles.

    In hopsice, I worked with suck incredible MDs l, that I was inspired to go on to become a nurse practitioner. I’ll be forever grateful to those doctors for inspiring me to better myself professionally.

    Now, on to nurses…I’m currently pregnant, and am having a complicated early pregnancy. With this pregnancy, I’m utilizing the health care system all the time. Every nurse I’ve dealt with has been so incredible.

    Until you, or a loved one, have needed a nurse, it’s impossible to see the value in what we do. From the nurse advice line, to the ER, to the clinics, the nurses have helped carry me through some terrifying moments in my pregnancy. I’m proud to be a part of this profession…and yes, it’s a talent, because not everyone is cut out for this line of work.

    Also, why is The View still on? Seriously. Those ladies (using that term loosley right there) should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Mle428 says:

      So many typos…gah! Sorry.

    • FLORC says:

      We all have typos so don’t worry.
      And good luck with your pregnancy and congratulations!

    • BB says:

      The nurse at my OBGYN is fabulous and the nurses who were on call when I delivered daughter number one were excellent. As nurses ourselves, we know how important a good nurse can be to patient care and the overall experience. We are not doctors but that doesn’t mean we hate doctors or pit ourselves against each other all the time. I work hand in hand with anesthesiologists and surgeons all the time and the majority of them respect and value me.
      Good luck with your pregnancy!

  26. Green_Eyes says:

    I am one among the masses that wrote to The View. I did so as I have been in all 3 shoes.. Nurse, pageant contestant, and patient. They were mocking her talent, had she sang or anything else they would not have mocked her… But her talent is a gift that not everyone can do….

    My letter to The View.

    I have been hospitalized more times than I ever care to think about & have more than 100 operations behind me. I have participated in numerous Ms.Teen Kansas and Ms. Petite Kansas pageants as a Contestant. I also graduated from a nursing program & passed the state tests received my license before my health completely took over forcing me to give up one of my dreams. I wish I had portrayed the compassion, insight, & courage when I was a young woman participating in pageants as Ms. Colorado demonstrated during her talent portion. You see it takes dedication, heart, hard work, long hours, and so much more to be a nurse.. their talent is the compassion & empathy they share with their patients; not everyone has those gifts.
    When I was attending Nursing School, my clinicals were done in a nursing home. So I had the same patients everyday. I remember how attached I became and how heart broken I was my 3rd day into my clinicals when one of the patients I was getting to know passed away in his sleep. To this day I still feel a little piece of my heart chipped. I can’t imagine how I would feel after all these years and if I could have endured after all these years all the patients that would have come and gone. Not everyone can be efficient, clinical, loving, empathetic, and compassionate day in and day out..

    If one has ever felt at peace before going into the OR for a scary life altering/life saving’s those very gifted nurse(s) that prepped & comforted the patient that need to be thanked. I say gifted, as there is so much more going on than just putting one at ease & physically prepping.. Those very nurses also insured vital patient information was processed for the patient’s safety. It takes a lot of dedication & compassion to not only go thru this with one patient but multitude of patients everyday, and yet each patient feeling nothing but warmth and compassion from their nurse(s) and peace entering said OR. Any nurse that has ever shown dedication, compassion, and empathy should be respected, not the butt of a tasteless monologue on a talk show that is past its prime. I am thankful for every nurse that has been there for me or those I love; and I say this as a former pageant queen, nurse, and thankful patient.

    • FLORC says:

      Green Eyes
      Your comment has me in tears! Very powerful life you’ve been living and I hope you have many more healthy years.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      I’m so glad you sent this letter to them!

      It’s amazing to me they took such a petty and childish tone with this woman and with the profession in general.

  27. Cyn says:

    As a nurse, the initial segment did not bother me. The faux apology however pissed me off. The arrogance of the “you need to listen” and “it was misconstrued”. Just admit that you made a mistake. I swear to you the world will not end. Sheesh. By the way mad love to all the docs who are showing the nurses love.

  28. Ferris says:

    Does anyone watch that show Getting On about nurses? That show is too funny!

    Nurses should get a lot of respect. My mom had lung cancer and without nurses I don’t know how my family would of gotten through it. To the ICU nurses to the home nurses they were our rock.

    I don’t think Joy thought her comment out though. She thought it was a costume and she made an off hand remark. I think we jump on people to fast these days. We’re all human and stick our foot in our mouth from time to time.

  29. BB says:

    Well I have only skimmed the comments, and I have to say that as an anesthesiology nurse I am most offended people still give The View any attention. Seriously, all that show is good for is the hosts to say dumb stuff (looking mostly at you Whoopi) and then there to be backlash. Most of us nurses are upset that Joy said the scrubs were a costume and that Miss Colorado was wearing a doctor’s stethoscope. Every nurse has their own stethoscope, so that was pretty much the only insulting part. I totally get making fun of beauty pageants and making fun of the contestant doing a monologue in general, but Joy just ended up showing her ignorance.

  30. G says:

    Joy is repellent. That show is garbage.

  31. Dancinnancy says:

    “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”

    From Agent Carter. My “job well done” is every two weeks when my paycheck clears. I don’t understand the outrage. Why working professionals would care what idiots on tv have to say. You know what you do. And either you derive satisfaction from a job well done and a cleared paycheck, or you don’t.

  32. FrenchGirlChi says:

    My mother was a Nurse however when she heard the comment she didn’t take it as a diss…
    I think everyone interpret things differently.

    She and a few of her old friends were like why are they taking what they said so seriously and out of context.. good grief… Samalia was saying it isn’t that serious to turn something so small into a huge mountain.

  33. Grant says:

    I’m sorry but her talent was stupid. I’d be offended by the fact that she just threw on some scrubs and went out there and said a few lines when other girls are singing arias and pirouette-ing to high heaven.

  34. Sarah says:

    These competitions are awful, and Nurses are magnificent!!!

  35. Marianne says:

    As much as I hate The View, I dont think they needed to apoligize. No one is doubting that nurses are amazing, but getting up on stage and simply talking about your profession isn’t a talent.

  36. BRE says:

    What I don’t understand isn’t the outrage, it’s that negatives comments over the nurses (which really were not that bad) caused big name sponsors to drop them YET when they have Kelly making some Mexican immigrants cleaning toilets comment and everyone on the view supports her NO sponsors pull out. Same with Whoopie’s disregard for women who have been raped by her friend Mr Cosby.

    • FLORC says:

      There was extreme backlash on both those cases. It was national news and the production company worked very hard to defuse the drama as swifty as possible. You’ve missed weeks worth of bad press they got for just those 2 issues.

  37. Dani8 says:

    Ok I am a nurse. I work 12 hour shifts in a hospital setting. That doctor’s stethoscope that I wear around my neck has helped me save patient’s lives. I have had patients whose condition is deteriorating and they are close to coding. Time is of the essence and one doesn’t have extra minutes to run down a stethoscope. Not to mention it’s daily use of assessing lungs and heart etc. So a big eye roll to that comment.

    We are the doctor’ s ears and eyes. We spend a lot of time with the patients. God bless doctors but they are not the ones seeing what goes on with the patients in a lengthy time frame. They rely on us for that and most doctors I have worked with over the years know how important we are in the equation.

    So yeah, I was pissed off when I read about this. Am I being too sensitive? Maybe but I really don’t give a crap. A little respect goes a long way.

  38. RN gal N.Y. says:

    I am a RN (now Nurse Manager) and have been since 2007 and can tell you what upset me, and why nurses are not letting it slide. First off if you want to say her monologue was not a talent that fine, an you will have many others that agree. It was not that, it was instead the total mean-spirted nature of the comments themselves. This was not a woman who did something bad, she chose an unconventional talent. Then Joy and her comments and apology on top of it were just insensitive and rude. Let alone there were deleted tweets that Michelle made about nurses and no sense of humor. As for the stethoscope that is a mandatory for our nurses at my hospital. We use them daily, even as a manager I have one hanging in my office incase I need to be a second set of ear for one of my nurses, listening to lung and bowel sounds, taking a manual blood pressure.

    I am proud to be a nurse and I was offended by the view

    • FLORC says:

      Pretty much. Why the view is still on i’ll never understand.
      I think it’s just to spout ingorant statements and get attention that way. Hot on the heels of Whoopi defending Cosby Joy and Michelle bring us this.

  39. DodieTn says:

    I’m sure Joy has encountered a actual nurse with a stethoscope when she had her plastic surgery. I am sure her vitals were taken by a nurse in Scrubs, inpatient or post op with a stethoscope. I am a nurse and find her offensive period. I wear a stethoscope and Scrubs and I consider nursing a God given talent. Takes a lot to see death every day, illness, abuse and still return to it.

  40. daniel says:

    It’s obvious that everyone on the view are complete idiots. If you have no education but either look pretty or can tell jokes/entertain people, let’s put you on a talk show and give you millions of dollars for it. But if you choose to be a nurse, then screw you, you get to make $50k a year after racking up $30k of college debt you’ll never pay off. Life is definitely not fair. Sorry but my wife is a nurse, has TWO degrees, one in Early Childcare. Why is this show still on the air?

  41. MSat says:

    I have actually had to give a major speech and it IS a talent. I gave a TED talk back in May and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It takes a lot of work and you have to rewrite, rework so it stays interesting all the way through. I am also a musician and poet and believe me, writing and giving a talk is WAY harder than writing a song or poem! It was nerve wracking. So it baffled me that anyone would have a problem with this contestant choosing to give a speech.

    Secondly – I agree with those who said it was the stethoscope comment that crossed the line. I’ve never seen a nurse in a hospital NOT have a stethoscope! That was extremely belittling and condescending.

    And finally, adding my “respect the nurse” comment. Six years ago, my husband and I went through the worst experience of our lives when we found out the baby boy I was carrying was stillborn, a week from our due date. The labor nurses in the maternity ward where I delivered my son were nothing short of amazing. They cried with us. They helped me through a very difficult labor. They took pictures of my son when we were too emotionally shattered to take pictures, because they knew we’d want them later. I will never forget the nurse who called me “Mama”. She wanted to make sure I understood that even though we were going home without our baby, I was still a mama. I never got any kind of compassion or heartfelt caring from the doctor – we were just another couple on his rounds.

    • OTHER RENEE says:

      MSAT, I’m so sorry you had to go through such a terrible ordeal and I’m truly sorry for your loss.

  42. HoustonGrl says:

    I hate The View. Whoever this nurse is, she’s awesome! What a great idea. I don’t know about y’all, but whenever I’m sick, the doctors don’t do sh*t. Nurses are the ones who do everything except write the prescription! And even that is often done by a P.A.

  43. OTHER RENEE says:

    My husband is a hospice and palliative care nurse. Joy is an idiot. My husband is my hero. And he’s a hero to his patients and their families as well.

  44. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Sorry, but watching that show is like watching a group of bumbling fools trying to find their way out of a paper bag. No matter what the topic, they mess up. They repeat blatantly false “facts”, misinterpret news stories and even argue for or against things they know nothing about. I decided to check out the first day of their new season last week and had to laugh when Whoopie Goldberg who is an avid Hillary Clinton supporter MEANT to go to bat for Hillary by arguing that she totally understood why Hillary had TWO email servers, because any idiot knows you should have a private and personal email server if you’re a government official. She didn’t get why everyone was making such a big deal about Hillary having TWO servers. The other panel members tried at least three times to explain to Whoopie that Hillary actually only had ONE server for both personal and private emails. She STILL didn’t get it and continued to blab that people should be glad Hillary had TWO servers…LOL…stupid fool is stumping for Hillary and was shooting her in the back with every word she said. My own views aside, I was dying of laughter at the stupidity of it all. I honestly couldn’t watch to the end of the show. They’re all idiots.

  45. pwal says:

    I’m dating myself, but I remember back in the 80s when a tv show called Nightingales debuted. Actually, I remember a commercial for the show, where it implied that one of the nurses was supporting herself by stripping on the side. That show got canceled immediately, mainly because nurses don’t play. And I don’t blame them.

  46. anna says:

    people say who watches still the view but my god who still watches miss america pageant!

  47. Dirty Martini says:

    I completely admit that I’m likely biased by the fact that my background is healthcare administration (non clinical for the record.) I know a lot of nurses and believe me–I have nothing but respect and admiration for them. It is a truly noble profession. Is it a talent? I get why some people are questioning that, but let me say this: A caring, compassionate nurse is a gift to her (or his!) patients. What is talent if not a gift? Yes talents can be honed and improved and developed…….but always there is a kernel of specialness there to start.

    Yep–I’ll count nursing as a talent. Team Nurses Everywhere.

  48. Grateful Patient says:

    I have been a patient at different times in my life, and have had family members looked after by nurses. I appreciate these angels who look after us with dignity, professionalism, and compassion. Most importantly, I respect the time and effort they put into their studies to become nurses. I am an academic college counselor, and it brings me great joy to hear from my students that they have a calling and want to contribute to society as nurses or enter the medical profession. Amen to medical interested students.

    We each have talents to contribute to this world.

  49. EM says:

    The View is a corporate vehicle to advertise content and little else. The panellists try to be more than what they are. Sure Joy may be herself and, to an extent, Whoopi, but overall the quality is rubbish and they, like the rest of the panel, aren’t really qualified to speak on anything of substance.
    The show should have been pulled off air years ago.
    In Australia, this show was pulled off the Nine Network more than a year ago.

  50. yoyoyo123 says:

    I’m in an RN, BSN program right and it is so difficult. I think many people don’t realize just how hard nursing school is, anything less than an 80% is failing in this program. All of my friends always comment that they couldn’t be a nurse because they don’t want to wipe people’s butts, which bothers me because nursing is so much more than that. You are the eyes and ears for the doctor, and constantly have to assess (using a stethoscope!). Nurses and doctors serve equally important roles in the healthcare team.