Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin probably knew he & Bristol were having sex

McCain And Palin Campaign Ahead Of Republican Convention

Much as I’d like to ignore Sarah Palin, the entire Palin family and everyone who has ever been associated with the them, they aren’t going away. Take Levi Johnston – the 18-year-old kid who fathered son Tripp with Bristol Palin. This is the only reason this kid’s famous, which should be kind of embarrassing for him. Instead of keeping his head down and trying to figure out his life, Levi instead agreed to be interviewed by Tyra Banks.

So what does Alaska’s most famous teenage father have to say about the woman who was close to being his mother-in-law? Levi says that he and Bristol had sex in the Palin home, and he’s “pretty sure” Gov. Palin knew at the time. He also says that he and Bristol practiced safe sex “most of the time.”

Bristol Palin’s former fiancé and father to her child Tripp is talking about their sex life on national television.

Levi Johnston not only says he practiced safe sex “most of the time” when they were together, he also reveals to Tyra Banks that he believes Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin knew he and Bristol were having sex when they lived under her roof. “I’m pretty sure she probably knew. Moms are pretty smart,” Johnston, 18, says in an interview set to air April 6.

The couple, who were high school sweethearts, planned to wed after graduating – but ended up splitting earlier this year. At the time, Johnston told Good Morning America that he needed to mature before getting married.

Meanwhile, now that they are just friends and not romantically involved, PEOPLE has confirmed with a source that Bristol is not dating but has been “texting and chatting” with a high school boyfriend she had before Johnston.

Johnston’s mom, Sherry, and sister Mercede, join him on The Tyra Banks Show, talking about the gag order imposed on them during Palin’s vice presidential campaign. “We were supposed to say that all questions need be brought up to the McCain campaign. Other than that we had to say ‘no comment,’ ” explains Mercede.

[From People Magazine ]

This kid has the media relations instincts of a rock. And Bristol is “texting and chatting” with the boyfriend she had before Levi? Is “texting” an Alaska colloquialism for “getting knocked up again”?

In other Palin-related news, Todd “The First Dude” Palin gave a denial-filled interview to Men’s Journal Magazine in which he claims that the Palins never asked for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in clothes they received from the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee. Todd says they “never went to Saks… I couldn’t give a rat’s [expletive] about clothes. Please. I mean these are my Sunday go-to-meeting jeans! You got to remember, it’s not like they just plucked us off the fishing boat with scales still under our nails, you know?” Do you believe him?

McCain And Palin Campaign Ahead Of Republican Convention

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  1. Kim says:

    “Is “texting” an Alaska colloquialism for “getting knocked up again”?”

    C’mon Kaiser. At least try to be fair to the kids. Yes, I’m sure that, in Alaska, texting anyone is immediately followed by mandatory unprotected sex. Part of the new Verizon contract. If you actually travel there, the commercials show the Verizon guy wearing a coonskin cap and saying “Can you FEEL me now?”

    Jeeze man, you either sound like a prudish 90-year-old aunt (Do you KNOW what those kids of my sister’s are up to? Oh, they call it “texting”, but I know what they’re really up to! Sluts!) or you sound like a dirty old man leering at the school girl next to him on the bus (You texting there, little girl? Heh heh. Yeah, we used to do that in my day too. [leer] Heh heh. [leer] Just called it something different. Heh heh HEH! [leer leer LEER])

  2. mE says:

    Meh. Plenty of parents know their teens are having sex. I am not sure if she really knew or not but if she did, they said they already used protection “sometimes”. There is not much else a parent can do. I wouldn’t assume she didn’t say anything about it either.

    Most of us, no matter what our political beliefs, do the best as we can as parents. At least that is my belief. Whether she was expect to use abstinance or condoms or whatever, those method effectiveness rates don’t matter if you don’t use them. And face it, teens often aren’t the most reliable for, say, taking the Pill at the same time everyday consistently (as is generally recommended for maximum efficacy.

  3. mE says:

    And going on Tyra to talk about it?

    Klassy with a capitol K.

  4. Annie says:

    Geez. This is beyond ridiculous.

    Why oh why won’t they drop off into obscurity.

    I love that he says that though, because it makes Sarah look like she’s even more full of shit than we initially perceived.

    That’s great, you knew about their rampant sex and you just turned a blind eye? Fabulous parenting.

  5. Trillion says:

    Levi is too hot to be accustomed to denial. I don’t judge her at all. We’re built for sex people! The problem, of course, is all the weirdness that surrounds it.

  6. daisy424 says:

    Sounds like you’re trying to bait and stir up crap with your last sentence there Kaiser = old news.
    I agree with with Kim about the texting comment.
    Abstinence only obviously didn’t work for Sarah Palin’s daughter. But neither did the birth control pills & condoms I provided for my daughter.

    Never say never, it can always happen to you.

  7. mE says:

    How do you know all she knew about was abstinence only? They said they did use protection sometimes. I live in Alaska. Gov. Palin is not opposed to comprehensive sex ed. She favors abstinence til marriage there is a difference. She is not against contraception either.

  8. Me Too says:

    That is a FINE looking young man. He looks like an OHL player. Yum.

  9. Leandra says:

    Well if they’re anything like my kids, it was probably no secret. Mine tell me everything whether I want to hear it or not…including details of their love lives. And I don’t ask but they tell me anyway.

  10. Lina says:

    “I’m pretty sure she probably knew. Moms are pretty smart.”

    Hmm, I dunno I brought this one guy to my parents’ house PLENTY of times and no one in my family had any clue. If my mom knew about it she would skin me alive – she WOULD NOT keep quiet.

    A lot of parents don’t know what’s going on with their kids, that’s why you see them saying, “She was such a good kid! I don’t know what we did wrong!”

  11. Mme X says:


  12. OXA says:

    Kids are gonna drive so you give them drivers education and make sure they have insurance.
    They are gonna have sex so you must educate them and give them the tools they need to protect themselves.
    If you loan them the car, make sure there are condoms in the glovebox.

  13. Annie says:

    How is it stirring up crap? That’s a recent Todd Palin interview.

    As for the whole birth control+condoms not working, it only not works if they don’t use it :P .

  14. becca says:

    Kaiser, so I believe the first dude? HELL NO. He’s affiliated with a radical party up in Alaska that wants the state to break away and become a theocracy. He’s just as bad as his wife.

  15. Ana says:

    I think some parents are in denial and don’t want to believe it.
    Kind of like Miley

  16. Ana says:

    sorry– Miley’s parents.

  17. Codzilla says:

    Kim: Lol! Well put, and I agree.

    Daisy: Absolutely agree with your point about stirring up trouble. Maybe site visits are down and they’re hoping to lure in more commenters. Or, they just likes to watch people fight.

  18. Michelle B. says:

    Kim: one of the best comments I’ve read in a long time…thankyouthankyou. Hah!!

  19. Trashaddict says:

    Way to go, Todd Palin. Not only are you and your wife nutjobs, but you manage to insult the working people of your Alaska: “it’s not like they just plucked us off the boat with the scales still under out nails”. Did anybody call him out on this obnoxious comment?

  20. Mairead says:

    I’m in the minority, but I disagree with Kim’s comment – but I think mE’s first comment is absolutely bang on the money and very well put.

    Becca – can you post a quote or links to back up your claim that Todd Palin wants to set up a theocracy? Thanks.

  21. Leandra says:

    What a bunch of losers. Now Sarah Palin’s sister-in-law has been arrested for a double burglary.

  22. eternalcanadian says:

    No wonder Alaska has like the highest rate of teenage pregnancy. There’s really nothing to do but text and hook up. How idiotic for Bristol and Levi to “practice safe sex “most of the time.” They should have practiced safer sex ALL the time. Kids today–they really don’t take responsibility seriously. I’m not saying all, but pretty much the majority from what I’ve seen per health reports about the STI and pregnancy rates are at the highest they’ve ever been.

  23. Ned says:

    Here’s my problem with kids today.

    They don’t take responsibility for their actions.

    This guy was not responsible enough to practice safe sex and got a woman pregnant.

    How about taking the responsibility and blaming yourself?

    He doesn’t KNOW if her mother knew or not, and yet it seems as if she is somehow responsible for things HE did with her daughter.

    You got a girl pregnant and still don’t seem to be a man about and keep blaming other people.

  24. JaundiceMachine says:

    If you have teenagers in the house – wouldn’t you operate under the assumption that at some point they’re going to be having sex?

    Wouldn’t you put your pride aside and discuss real birth control options with your kids, so that they can be kids? I mean, accidents do happen regardless, but I have a hard time buying Bristol practiced “safe-sex” (what? oral?) when her mother wanted to cut sex-ed down to the “V-pledge”.

    *Shudder* And that’s really all the time I can dwell on this without getting violently ill.

  25. daisy424 says:

    @eternalCanadian, From September 2006 report by the Guttmacher Institute(Guttmacher.org);

    States ranked by rates of pregnancy among women age 15-19 (pregnancies per thousand):
    1. Nevada (113)
    2. Arizona (104)
    3. Mississippi (103)
    4. New Mexico (103)
    5. Texas (101)
    6. Florida (97)
    7. California (96)
    8. Georgia (95)
    9. North Carolina (95)
    10. Arkansas (93)

    Alaska came in at #30 out of 50.

    The Nat.Campaign(.org) to prevent teen pregnancy, rates Alaska #21 out of 50.

    The CDC had teen pregnancy, abortion rates, but they didn’t list by state.

    Both are a good read if anyone is interested in the statistics, not conjecture.

  26. anneesezz says:

    Anyone who thinks Levi being called Bristol’s “fiance” during the campaign, wasn’t a dog and pony show, is delusional.

  27. me says:

    I dont see why this matters ?

  28. Holly says:

    All I can say about this family is UGH.

  29. Ray says:

    I dont usually comment, but after reading through so much info I had to say thanks

  30. Richie says:

    Levi is just full of shit! He’s just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame by using Sarah. He should get a life!