Padma Lakshmi in Romona Keveza at the Emmys: is this the wrong color?


I’m half-Indian and I have similar coloring with Padma Lakshmi and Mindy Kaling, and considering they were on the red carpet within minutes of each other, it made me stop and think: would I ever, EVER wear these colors? And that’s a no. It’s not just because I don’t really like bile/chartreuse colors, nor do I care for yellows, mustards, goldenrods, etc. I simply don’t believe that these are the best colors for typically “Indian coloring.”

Padma Lakshmi wore this Romona Keveza in bile/chartreuse. While I can’t stand the color, I have to admit… she’s so beautiful that she sort of pulls it off. I would have loved this same dress in a richer green, a blue, a red, even a pink. Hell, it would have been great in black or white too. I think the construction is great and if you’re going to go for a silk/satin dress, this is probably the way to do it. I just can’t get past the color though.



Mindy Kaling wore this mustard-y Salvador Perez gown. Sigh… I can’t. First of all, the dress looks so different in photos than it did when she was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. On TV, the detailing looked richer, more interesting. In photos, it looks cheap. Again, when you have coloring like Mindy and Padma, you can pull off so many colors. You can pull off most jewel tones AND pastels. You can pull off a clean white or a simple black. You just cannot pull off yellows and yellow-greens. Those colors are difficult for nearly every woman.

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  1. Sisi says:

    Mindy’s dress would’ve looked nicer if it was a brighter, warmer orange. It looks a bit muted in the photos, which I’m not keen on. But she does look nice.

  2. sauvage says:

    Bile is the only colour description that fits. It is horrible. It is a colour that has no place outside of horror films.

  3. Matador says:

    Padma’s dress in Mindy’s dress color would have been amazing.

  4. Nancy says:

    I love Top Chef and Padma, but I didn’t like her dress or the fit of it. Saw her interview on red carpet and she said being happy makes you look radiant. She must be happy because she did.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Awful color. I love color, and I don’t often hate a specific one, but nobody can wear that, even Padma.

    • Clovermuncher says:

      I agree. That colour wouldn’t be flattering on anyone, regardless of their skin tone.

    • Qat says:

      It’s not just the color. The fit is bad- the dress looks so tight I’m surprised it didn’t split when she sat down.

      • vauvert says:

        That dress is three shades of fug. Dislike everything about it – colour, fit, the top that is cut too low, you think she’ll have a wardrobe malfunction any minute, the tightness…. and the middle hair part with hair licked down like that is really not very flattering for anyone.

    • mimif says:

      WHERE IS KIDDO? She’d have a heyday with this post.

  6. Dtab says:

    I love the colour of the dress….the fit is completely wrong and that throws everything off.

  7. Crumpet says:

    Indian coloring has cool undertones, so the green coming through the yellow of Padma’s dress makes that a wonderful color for her.

    The lighting on Mindy’s dress is not good, but I think that yellow is probably OK on her too.

  8. Giddy says:

    If beautiful Padma can’t pull off that color, then no one else should ever try. Her figure looked amazing, and she was radiant, which says a lot about her beauty that she could still look so gorgeous in that bile colored dress.

  9. snakecharmer says:

    i dont care for the mango color of mindys dress but I love padmas! i bought a dress that color in vegas about 7 years ago at marciano and wore it out of the store. im blonde with a medium tan. however, both of the women look beautiful.

  10. lucy2 says:

    I don’t mind Mindy’s but agree a different color would be better.
    I dislike strapless gowns that sit that low on a bustier gal (Amy Schumer’s did too) and just am not a fan of bright yellow.

  11. Marianne says:

    I actually really loved Mindy’s dress.

    • mimif says:

      Me too. I actually love both dresses and both colors, although I do agree the fit is off on Padma’s.

    • Katenotkatie says:

      I thought Mindy looked bomb, those photos just aren’t capturing the dress well. Her hair and accessories look amazing! Love her.

  12. Bridget says:

    Padma is so beautiful, but consistently goes for ill-fitting dresses. They are almost always a size or two too small. This chartreuse number is doing her no favors.

  13. Tig says:

    I loved Mindy’s dress- thought she looked great. Padma’s is good too-but agree it looked like it was about to fall off.

  14. Willa says:

    I’m not a fan of the tone Mindy’s dress took on when she was photographed on the red carpet, but on stage (with different lighting/dark background) she looks great.

  15. sassy says:

    hate satiny shiny dresses they flatter no one

  16. BearcatLawyer says:

    Parma needs to back away from the Botox and fillers. She looks very Kardashianesque in these pics!

  17. Cc says:

    I like Mindy’s dress, color and shape, looks beautiful on her, I think.

  18. Chinoiserie says:

    Padma only looks good because she is gorgeous herself. Te only good thing about this dress is the material.

  19. Wallflower says:

    I am so tired of this style of dress. The sweet heart neckline is over done. It’s like designers are tired and are pumping out the same style of dress every 15 minutes or so. Love Padma, but the cleavage is simply too much for this dress. It’s not a good fit.

    • EN says:

      I agree with you. It might sound rude, but this style can only look on women with “enhanced ” breasts. natural breasts get pulled down by this style and the effect is not pretty.
      I can’t stand strapless gowns myself, they are do uncomfortable Uggh.

  20. Stacey says:

    I thought Mindy looked great, for once! Finally, she’s embracing a short sleeve (instead of sleeveless), a figure lengthening long hem and train, instead of the minis that just emphasize her chubby knees and thighs and short height, and the color is unique, soft and works beautifully with her skin color. This is EXACTLY the style of dress Amy Shumer should wear, although not a color for her.

    Padma is truly one of our great beauties, and while I don’t like the dress color –at all– I do think her coloring can pull it off. What ruins it for me is the use of shiny satin. Padma has a killer body, but to look great in ‘super shiny’, you have to have zero bumps and bulges. All I see in these pictures is Padma’s slightly bulging belly. Ruins the line of the whole thing. Unless you’re either 20 years old and toned beyond belief, sporting major league Spanks from head to toe, or wearing a full ballgown style that doesn’t hug, satin just isn’t the best choice for anyone.

  21. Neha says:

    Hmmm…I’m Indian too and I’ve heard this myth of people with our coloring not being able to pull off yellow and, honestly, I think it’s bullcrap. I thought that Mindy looked great!

    • EN says:

      I think gold yellow and orange look great on Indians. And I noticed these colors are often present in saris.
      But this yellow-green color (is it called chartereuse?) , I think there is literally only one person who would look good in it – Kate Hudson.

  22. kri says:

    Awful. The fabric, the color, the cut. It’s terrible. Like who wears pus voluntarily? Ugh.

  23. EN says:

    I like Mindy’s orange dress, I think it looks good with her skin. It is a difficult color for pale women to pull off but I think it looks good with warm skin tones.
    As for Padma’s dress – definitely wrong color, this color is very difficult and I can only see it working for someone with black hair so that there is contrast, and Kate Hudson. I ‘ve seen her in something like this once. She looked great, but she has a perfect body .

  24. Amy says:

    They both look GORGEOUS. When I saw them last night, I thought they were stunning, especially Mindy.

    Just stop.

  25. Allie May says:

    Mindy Kaling’s dress is okay/pretty. But the rest of these dresses on these posts are God awful. What are these designers thinking?