Lena Headey in Zuhair Murad at the Emmys: one of the best looks?


Here are some photos of the lovely ladies of Game of Thrones at last night’s Emmys. The female contingent of GoT came out to play, starting with Queen Cersei/Lena Headey in this badass Zuhair Murad. I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I might feel differently about this gown on someone else, but I completely love it on Lena. I think I love it so hard because she paired a great gown in a great color with her absolutely adorable spunky haircut. She’s the best!


Maisie Williams wore Ermanno Scervino and fluffy/furry shoes. A Girl got a lot of Twitter love for the shoes but A Blogger thinks they are too Fredrick’s of Hollywood. A Girl also did a bold, Delevingne-esque brow which… A Blogger has mixed feelings about. A Blogger enjoys A Girl in soft pink though, so A Girl comes out ahead.



Sophie Turner in a Galvan jumpsuit. I’m not loving this and she’s wearing too much makeup. The whole effect is sort of garish.



Carice van Houten. Melisandre has been hitting the Botox too hard. Her face looks like it’s been touched by The Night’s King. The dress sucks too, much too “young” for her.



Gwendoline Christie… I wouldn’t have put her in this, but it’s not bad at all.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jenns says:

    “Her face looks like it’s been touched by The Night’s King.”

    Legit LOL.

    And I thought Lena looked amazing.

  2. Saywhatwhen says:

    Cersei botoxed the ever loving hell out of her face…now she has joined the face-on-too-tight crowd.

    I love Gwendolyn’s pale fairy look. That Maisie child: No! No to the bedspread and bed slippers. Should take notes from Kiernan Shipka.

    • mia girl says:

      I wasn’t considering it was a cosmetic thing, I was thinking her face just looked fuller because she recently had her baby.

      • reena says:

        I was trying to figure out why she looked like she had gained a lot of weight. Is that it, she just had a baby? She looks like she’s up about 20, unless its just botox effect.

      • mimif says:

        Yep she just had a baby, they did a great job concealing her pregnancy on the show too. Love her and she looks great here but (ONCE AGAIN) not digging the bust area.

      • Dena says:

        Chiming in to add, yup, I think it’s from just having a baby. My face grew noticeably fuller throughout pregnancy and the months afterwards. She may have been ‘toxxing, but I’m more inclined to go with baby.

  3. sarah says:

    GOD, I am in love with all of these women (or should I say obsessed with GoT and their crazy characters). Maise has an eccentric personality so I took her pink dress & fluffy heels as “ironic”? Idk, she pulls it off. I love Sophie Turner and she is so beautiful but she’s wearing way too much makeup.. I like the jumpsuit thing though. Lena Headey’s face looks a little Botoxy too? Gwen can do no wrong in my book, she’s awesome. Can’t wait for Star Wars.

  4. Ab Fab says:

    Wow. All of these are terrible!

  5. Lindy79 says:

    Lena rocked it (but her face looks puffy…or weird, what is it?) as did Gwen, she looks ethereal.
    Agree on Maisie’s shoes.
    Carice, no to the colour and the length.

    Sophie…I dunno since Comic Con I’ve found her inherently unlikeable and I’m not even sure why. Its not a good look on her, make up is far too heavy and I really wish she’d do something other than centre part and poker straight

    • Pamela says:

      I didn’t even recognize Lena because her eyes looked so different/squinty. But it was mentioned above that she just had a baby, maybe weight gain threw her “eye size to face size” ratio off. I thought she looked great despite not quite looking like herself.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I had totally forgotten she has recently had a baby!!
        That explains it to be honest

      • kcarp says:

        I didn’t recognize her at all. I almost felt like all of the GOT people should have wore a name tag with their character on it. I had the hardest time telling who was who.

      • suziekew says:

        @kcarp. Me too!! I was constantly asking my daughter, now which one is she? I love the show but their characters are made up so differently in the show as to their real life look that I have a very hard time. Agree about Lena, I was who is that? She looks so much better as a blonde and the fuller face threw me off but I understand about baby weight/fullness. All in all, I thought none of the ladies from GOT brought it home. They were all fairly non-descript IMO.

  6. Betti says:

    Agree with Kaiser – Lena made this dress her’s (Waity take note – THIS is how you wear clothes). I kinda like Gwen’s but the colour does wash her out and for Sophie, no. Sack however did your make up – looks like you went wild with mums makeup bag. The jumpsuit is good on her but hair and makeup ruin it.

  7. Masha says:

    Sophie Turner should fire her makeup artist, she looks twenty years older. She looks so pretty with natural makeup too, shame. Her hair is so full of possibilities as well, and most of the time it is just poker straight blandness. Gwendoline should have picked a different color. The others look cute.

  8. Shelley says:

    Fail. Fail. Fail. Except for Brienne of Tarth.
    And what is up with Lena’s face? I would never have recognised her. And that dress was made for someone with larger boobs. And the sewn in hips of that dress O_O. Nein….

  9. Abbott says:

    WHY SANSA WHY?!?!?

  10. GlimmerBunny says:

    Lena looked amazing and she was so, so robbed of that award. SHAME on the Emmy voters!

  11. missmerry says:

    Lenas’ face looks plastic-y, squinty and botoxy, no?
    It looks like she is struggling to emote from behind the face-fillers.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      WTF is up wth Lena’s face?? That goes WAY beyond post-pregnancy weight…She looks like Lara Flynn Boyle!

  12. yael says:

    it’s hard to make a gorgeous girl like sophie turner look bad… but her makeup artist totally accomplished that feat this time.

  13. boredblond says:

    Hmm..this hair is called spunky..other messy looks were panned as bad bed heads.

  14. Josefa says:

    Oh God that’s a really unflattering closeup of Lena. She looks like a South Park character. That particular closeup aside, though, she looked good and was majorly robbed of the award (love Uzo but that award was Lena’s, hands down).

    Maisie is cute (she is even if she doesn’t like it!) and I liked her look. Loving the shoes. I like when young girls like her have fun in the red carpet instead of trying to look older…

    … Like Sophie did here. Why hide such a classically beautiful face under so much makeup?

    Carice has too much ‘tox, too much makeup and the dress doesn’t flatter her fantastic figure at all. Awful.

    I don’t usually like Gwendoline’s choices for gowns, but she looks so happy and comfortable wearing them I feel bad judging her. Her smile is her best asset here.

  15. celine says:

    What’s wrong with Lena’s face?

  16. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    Love Lena, but that dress is hideous. Masie and Gwendoline look great!

  17. Christo says:

    This is terrible, but ALL OF THEM look 1000X better in character with their medieval-inspired costumes from the show. Yeah, all of them would look like Helena Bonham-Carter if they wore their set costumes, but—still—any of their character costumes could only improve upon these ghastly creations above.

    And, sadly, all of their dresses/trousers look like they came from one of those generic-no brand mall stores that caters to budget prom dresses, evening wear, and lustrous, shiny, synthetic materials that are relics of the 1990’s. Poor Maise…is it wrong that I automatically think of a terrycloth robe with slippers and curlers when I see her?

  18. mimif says:

    HODOR! I can’t see Gwendolyn but she looks great.

  19. Miran says:

    Not a fan of that cut on her, she looked like Rumer Willis in the thumbnail.

  20. taxi says:

    Maisie’s marabou mules with a dress made from granny’s quilted robe are ridiculous. She looks androgynous enough without the huge overdone boy-brows.
    Gwendolyn fades nicely into the white & gold background. Color would help her look.
    Sophie’s outfit would be cute if her makeup was the right color(s) & the hair were actually styled instead of hanging flat & straight, looking like it needs a wash.

  21. BendyWindy says:

    The lip color on Sansa and Brienne of Tarth needs to be bright and bold and they both would look 100% better. I like Gwendolinne’s dress and hair.

    Has Lena been botoxing? Fillers? Her face looks completely different, though still beautiful, to me.

  22. the_blonde_one says:

    I would LOVE Gwen’s if instead of a blush pattern (which incidentally is too close to exactly matching her skin color) it were the palest of pale spring greens.

  23. kri says:

    Gwen looks like a star from the 30’s and I am loving it. I hate Lena’s dress. SO MUCH fabrric.

  24. Samtha says:

    I think Maisie looks really cute. Her hair and makeup are great and the dress is age appropriate. The shoes are kind of a “nah,” but other than that, it’s cute.

    Sophie’s makeup is terrible. Carice van Houten’s dress is too cutesy for her AND it’s way too light colored. She needs something darker so her pale skin doesn’t get washed out.

    Gwen looks amazing, but her dress washes her out a bit too.

  25. Sisi says:

    Maisies strapless top is amazing tailoring. Definitely the best of everyone from the Emmy’s (the tailoring of the bustier).

  26. Jezza says:

    Hate Lena’s dress. The bodice and the hips just look bad. Love her, but, meh to the dress.

  27. Nikki L. says:

    Bah, Sophie Turner is so stunning, that outfit is a shame. Everyone else was on point, though! 😀

  28. Grant says:

    Sophie looks the best. She is working the sh!t out of that jumpsuit. I love that color on Lena but hate her hair.

  29. Andrea says:

    Did Lena ever confirm who her baby daddy is? I also heard she had a feud with Jerome Flynn and I love him in GOT and Ripper Street.

  30. I Choose Me says:

    What is up with Sophie Turner’s hair? Something positive, she and Gwendolyn Christie have great posture. I always want to yell at some of these ladies to stand up straight.

  31. ugh says:

    I think they all look awful. Their make-up is caked on inches thick and not one of them needs it like that. They are all lovely.

    The dresses are fug.

  32. emma says:

    I have broad shoulders like Sophie… tube tops look terrible on me…

  33. savannah says:

    Lena: Barely recognize her face. I absolutely love her dress. Beautiful color, flattering cut & the fabric is interesting. One of my favorite looks of the night.
    Maisie: I think she looks cute overall & her dress is age appropriate. Not sure about the shoes though. They sort of remind me of these feather pens everyone used in grade school after seeing Clueless.
    Sophie: Holy smokes! Do her hair stylist & makeup artist hate her or something? Jumpsuit looks great from the waist up. Pants appear to be from Macy’s insofar as they don’t look tailored.
    Carice: Awful. From her botoxy forehead down to her matchy matchy shoes. Zooey Deschanel probably has this exact dress in her closet & that’s not a good thing.
    Gwen: She looks angelic & radiant. At first I thought the color was weird, but she totally pulls it off.