Multiple reports say Rihanna broke up with Chris Brown


For all the efforts to reunite accused batterer Chris Brown with his girlfriend/victim Rihanna since the Feb. 8 attack that left her face bruised and bloody, it looks as though she is trying to move on without him. After an attempt by Brown to reconcile with Rihanna by getting her to meet him at Diddy’s Florida estate, many believed that she had taken him back. But the two have not been seen in public since a few days before the court hearing in which Brown plead not guilty. Now, new reports say that Rihanna has broken off all ties with Brown for good, in order to save her career.

The wedding is off!

Rihanna has called off the wedding to Chris Brown, pals say – and the multitalented beauty has embarked on a new chapter of her life!

“There was definitely a wedding in the works, but Rihanna had a change of heart and told Chris the last thing she wants to be is his wife,” a close friend told The Enquirer. “She’s still got the diamond engagement ring that Chris gave her, but she pulled the plug on their engagement.”

And after she gave Chris the boot, the 21-year-old singer “made up her mind she was going to concentrate on becoming a film star and went out shopping for a Beverly Hills mansion,” another pal told the Enquirer. “Rihanna knows she’s got the looks and talent for movies, and she’s decided to do everything in her power to become a movie star.”

Rihanna’s 1-year-long romance with 19-year-old R&B Chris Brown blew up on Feb. 8 when he allegedly beat her mercilessly. He’s been charged with two felony counts, and faces up to 56 months in prison if convicted.

As the Enquirer reported in our March 30 issue, Chris proposed to Rihanna with a $54,000 engagement ring from chichi jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels when the couple retreated to P. Diddy’s mansion in Miami shortly after the incident. But with Chris now out of her life, Rihanna has reportedly been making the rounds of Hollywood hot spots and showed up with “The Hills” star Frankie Delgado at Delux on March 26.

[From The National Enquirer, print version, April 13, 2009]

RIHANNA is embracing life as a singleton by toasting her split from CHRIS BROWN in New York, according to new reports.

The pop beauty has frequented fine eateries in both Los Angeles and New York over recent weeks, calling on pals to help her overcome her post break-up blues.

The Disturbia star – whose ex-boyfriend Brown is awaiting arraignment on charges he assaulted Rihanna – last night sat down for a meal at swanky Manhattan eatery Da Silvano with a cluster of girl friends.

Her latest dinner date comes after a private party she hosted at Los Angeles restaurant Giorgio’s on Sunday, during which guests reportedly toasted her split from Brown.

A US source said: “People close to Rihanna have drilled it into her head that if she stays with Chris her career will be over.

“At the dinner party there were about 10 toasts made, including one to the fact she’s about to land the cover of a major fashion magazine.”

[From The Sun]

Rihanna certainly has made a point of hitting up the nightclubs wherever she goes. Perhaps it’s a big “F-you” to Brown, who is only 19 and isn’t legally allowed in most of these clubs? Anyway, hitting the town with your best girlfriends sounds like a pretty normal way of getting over a bad breakup. I did the same thing when I was her age. Of course, I didn’t have to do it under the microscope of the paparazzi. Whatever happens with Chris’ legal issues, I sure hope these reports are true. Rihanna can do better than some overrated punk-ass bitch who gets his jollies punching women in the face. I hope she does become a movie star, and that Chris is stuck on the sidelines, watching his ex-girlfriend’s star rise. I can’t really think of a better revenge, can you?

Photos of Rihanna at Delux nightclub. Credit: Fame.

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  1. Noone says:

    I agree these two should not be together. I hope she also learned her lesson not to hit a man, the next time she might not escape with her life.

  2. raven says:

    It is unfortunate that she has left him for her career. What about her health?

    And I would consider that diamond ring liquidated damages for her face.

  3. MSat says:

    Noone – where did you get this information about Rihanna hitting Chris Brown? Are there any photos of Brown with marks on him anywhere – even a single scratch? The is absolutely no evidence of this – not in the police reort, not in his mugshot, not in the photos of him shirtless and jet-skiiing in Miami- there is absolutely no evidence of what you’re purporting. It’s people like you who perpetuate the belief that a battered woman was somehow “asking for it.” It’s sick and disgraceful.

  4. lrm says:

    Look,women do hit men. And it’s also not okay. I didn’t think Noone meant that the victim was at fault,but that if a woman hit a man,and he was the type of man to hit her back,it may end in death. That’s just a potential reality.
    This does not mean the comment,or mine,are legitimizing the abuser’s actions in any way.
    Typical american psychology: black or white…for a long time,victims were blamed,right? Then,victim advocacy and people getting a clue about women not being at fault for rape,abuse,etc.,no stigma…good developments right?
    Yea,but we can still use logic and not exclude the fact that some women hit men,which is also NOT okay,regardless of whether or not scratch marks or other bruises are left as evidence.
    Honestly,emotional reactivity is the mode of choice for Americans to rally around anything,it seems. Laws,presidential elections,etc. all based upon emotional reactions.
    Things don’t always have to be discussed or decided in black and white terms. Can you hold multiple truths at once? True:wrong for chris brown to beat R. True:wrong for R to hit Chris Brown [if that happened]. True: Wrong to act as though we are only allowed to discuss the victim aspect of this situation.

  5. honestmind says:

    Success is always the best revenge. Oh and to noone, regardless of if she hit him or not she did not deserve what she got. His face wasn’t all battered and bruised now was it? I bet you are also the type who believes if a woman wears a mini skirt she deserves to be raped. (rolling my eyes)

  6. Because I Say So says:

    Raven– my thoughts exactly. It’s good that she wants to leave him, but she should be thinking that it’s because he’s a terrible person and she doesn’t need that in her life, not because of how it might look in the press/for her career. I guess the end result is the same, but the motivation (if true) worries me a bit.

  7. MSat says:

    lrm, you’re missing the point. The previous poster is making claims with zero evidence. WE have evidence that Chris indeed beat the hell out of Rihanna. People who either like Chris Brown and don’t want to believe he would do something like this, or hate Rihanna for whatever reason, keep claiming that she “started it” by “whaling on” Chris – but there is absolutely zero evidence that it happened. I agree that no one should put their hands on anyone. But to invent some back story to make Chris look less guilty is just wrong. And it happens all the time.

  8. Lizzie says:

    It is a little bit dissapointing that her main reason for leaving him might be her career and not exactly her well-being or the understanding that men should never hit women. I’m glad she’s moving on, but is running around the world and clubbing everynight actually dealing with it and healing or just covering it all up? It just makes her look sad and lost. Her lack of comments on it is also not helping other teen girls and boys out there who continue to think hitting is ok. I hope she is seeking pro help rather than ignoring it and drinking her sorrows away.

  9. Mme X says:

    were they ever engaged? I hadn’t heard that.

  10. hmmph says:

    Good for Rihanna! Chris who???

  11. j. ferber says:

    This story is all sorts of scary for all sorts of reasons. I read in the news that 50% of teenagers in Boston (male and female) thought Rihanna was also to blame for her attack. I remember interviewing a rape crisis center director in Binghamton when I was a student. She was doing junior high outreach and in her surveys, 50% of the teenagers (again, both sexes) felt women were to blame in their rapes. I also remember there actually was a rape and beating of a girl in the high school where I worked. I couldn’t believe that the staff, including women in their 50′s were making comments like, “She wasn’t so innocent.” Or, “What was she doing cutting class and hanging out with those 3 boys anyway?” Now, the girl was found moaning in the bathroom, semi-conscious, with a belt around her neck. She was like 15. I hate when women and girls are blamed for their own victimization. Any possible misjudgment on a woman’s part is viewed as ample cause for any crime against them. This really sucks.

  12. lachica says:

    “Perhaps it’s a big “F-you” to Brown, who is only 19 and isn’t legally allowed in most of these clubs?”

    i hope not because i wish that NONE of her choices are dictated by him, directly or indirectly. just saying.

  13. Jules says:

    To J. Ferber- I saw the same article you did. I was disturbed by the outcome of the poll. So I just keep in mind that teenagers have virtually no real world experience,(no offense teenagers), their brains aren’t fully formed yet and they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

  14. Ana says:

    On a completely unrelated note, is that Angelina Jolie’s missing earring from her Dynasty outfit?

  15. Noone says:

    At all the comments who are jumping to the conclusion that I think Rihanna deserved to be beat. I never said that. It is in the police report that she hit him first, multiple times before he hit her and that she admitted that he never hit her previous to this and that she has hit him in the past. I am simply saying that no one should hit anyone. AND women should not think that it is okay to hit a man because he might be a nutjob who will kill her, hence my statement that hopefull Rihanna has learned from this not to hit a man, he might be crazy.

  16. Tanya says:

    It always will take a jolt to get over somene even if it was not immediately after the beat up. I am happy for her and hope she stick to her guns and do not reunite with him.

  17. ThatBKChick says:

    The relationship been broke from the time CB put his hands on her and beat the living crap out of her…I don’t care what anyone says on this blogsite, there is no excuse under the damned sun for what CB did to this young woman. The reports did not also mention that CB left hand prints around her neck, and there were attempted threat(s) that he wanted to “kill her”….she is smart to leave this obsessive compulsive relationship that went bad!!! SMDH!! Not to mention that whatever the outcome, the situation will never look good for Chris Brown, and it is actually wise for her to move and NEVER consider not even taking a piece of gum from this dude!

  18. L.S. says:

    Noone, Rihanna told police that Chris Brown had hit her in the past. And she admitted that his attacks had become increasingly violent. Chris Brown is a loser who gets off on hitting women. I will never listen, or buy, his music again! I’m so happy Rihanna finally wised up. I hope millions of women follow her lead, and finally leave their abusers for good. Love doesn’t hurt ladies.

  19. mif says:

    I hope she has moved on.

    On a fashion note, I don’t think that top and skirt go well together.

  20. Pete says:

    I hope she also gets some help to deal with all this Chris Brown drama. She’s not only had to deal with that punk of an abuser, but also an entire society that is taking his side as much as the side of what’s right and true.

    Poor kid. I hope Chris Brown is thrown in jail but I doubt it. He’ll probably get some weak sentence, if at all. I can’t believe he’s going to plead “not guilty” and then claim “self-defense.” Jesus, just look at the pictures and it’s obvious from the vast difference in injuries (and physical size) what happened.

  21. MSat says:

    I don’t know which version of the police report you read, Noone. According to the actual document posted at The Smoking Gun, Rihanna admitted that the violence had been escalating for some time, and she never said she hit him first- or at all. Read it here:

  22. cookies says:

    i didnt know they were engaged? I hope the reports are true that she did break up with chris brown . . they really shouldnt be together not only cause her career but for her health to . . i wish her all the best cause she does deserve it.

  23. whatever says:

    @noone, i believe you and chris has been killed by the media over reports that have not even true.. i just went to read the so called affidavit..first, if a man punches you in the eye/face a black eye or bruising comes immediately especially if he used the pic riri had no black eye whatsoever.. if you dnt believe, look at it again..Secondly, how do you fake a call if you are in danger??that just does not make sense? thirdly, after the fake call, he continued to punch her face and even bite her.. did anybody see those excessive wounds as described in the affidavit or in the photo???if so, please show me becase i looked at the same picture and there were no black eyes, excessive bleeding or bite marks..if these two broke up its good, because cleary thier relationship was toxic to lead to the fight..With regards to chris brown, his mug shot has NOT been released so noone here can even say they did not see his marks because no of his pics have been released yet..the media is really running with one side of the story noone wonder kids are even defending him now..i believe they got into a fight and now chris is the abuser and riri the victim.April 6th which is tommorrow is almost hear and we will hear the truth and not from the so called reports being published by the media that are not even matching up the so called grapic picture..if you want to see real grapic pic of a woman punched in the face/eye, look at that shammock (hope it is the right spelling) woman and then we can talk..

  24. MSat says:

    Wow, whatever, I didn’t realize you were an expert on being punched in the eye. Of course we should all believe you over the police report that is being used in a court of law!

    As for your claim that Chris Brown is being “killed” in the media, it seems like there are a lot more people in the media who are more quick to defend him than condemn what he did. It reminds me of Mike Tyson back in the day. He beat the hell out of his wife, but she “deserved” it too. And then he raped a woman – but people said she was “asking” for it. The man has a long history of abuse against women but somehow it’s never his fault.

    I only hope that those who doubt the victim’s testimony never have to go through something like this – or have to support someone going through it.It takes an incredible amount of courage to endure a domestic abuse trial. To go though it with the whole world calling you a liar who asked for it must be excruciating.

  25. Lem says:

    Love the skirt! Uh the top is missing it’s underlayer. lol
    Star reported the are already married. Remember?
    I so hope she left him. AND that any potential future gf’s of his think before they are seduced by his fame. such as it is.
    Rihanna is a horrible actress but many horrible actresses, who are pretty, make good money at it. JA, Goop, SJP.I watched half of catwoman while doing paperwork the other night, I never realized how truly bad Halle Berry is. I remember thinking she was awful in but thought is was the lack of role she had. Nope. She’s bad but pretty. So I guess Ri has a shot at being a successful actress.