Nicole Kidman didn’t attend her daughter’s wedding but she’s ‘very happy for Bella’


Here are some photos of Nicole Kidman arriving at and leaving the Noel Coward Theater in London in the past week. She’s been starring in the play Photograph 51 since early/mid-September. Kidman loves being in London and she starred in a handful of plays on the London stage. What’s weird is that even though Kidman was working in London (and has been for a month), she seems to have zero contact with her daughter Isabella Cruise. Despite tabloid reporting to the contrary, Kidman was not invited and did not even know about Isabella Cruise’s wedding. Isabella got married on September 18, and while it’s still up in the air about Tom Cruise’s presence (?) at the wedding, the wedding was totally a Scientology-heavy affair and Tom paid for the whole shin-dig at the Dorchester Hotel. You can see some photos of the wedding here at the Daily Mail – the DM claims that Isabella “banned” Nicole. So Nicole had to get her publicist to release some info to People Mag.

Although Nicole Kidman was not present when her daughter Isabella Cruise married British I.T. consultant Max Parker on Sept. 18, she is thrilled Bella has found true love.

“She is very happy for Bella,” a source close to Kidman, 48, tells PEOPLE.

The actress did not know about the wedding beforehand – reports that she helped plan it are inaccurate, the source says – but only wants what’s best for Bella.

“She, like all mothers, wants her child to be happy, and it surely seems Bella is very happy,” says the source.

The newlyweds, who married at London’s Dorchester Hotel after dating for less than a year, wanted a low-key and intimate celebration. Bella’s father, Tom Cruise, and older brother, Connor, were also absent from the festivities, although Cruise, 53, footed the bill.

[From People]

I do feel sorry for Nicole. We could say “well, she could have done more to maintain contact with Connor and Isabella,” but the truth of the matter is that Nicole was pretty lucky to get herself out of that situation unscathed. In fact, I think leaving Connor and Isabella with Tom was one of the big reasons why Nicole was able to get out. I also think that Nicole believes that if she doesn’t come out, guns blazing against CoS, that maybe one day her kids will realize that she stayed silent as a way to protect them, so they would come back to her at some point. Anyway… God, I can’t even imagine not inviting parents/family to a wedding. Then again, I can’t imagine getting married at that age either.



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  1. Woofles says:

    I would love to know what all of these people really think of each other.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Wow, that made my stomach hurt when I read she didn’t know about it beforehand. How sad for everybody.

    • Katie says:

      I thought so too. Fame makes it hard for families to stay together.

      • ladysussex says:

        I think it’s actually Scientology that makes it hard for families to stay together. She was labeled a “suppressive person” by CO$ and her children were discouraged from seeing or talking to her.

  3. layla says:

    I NEED that sweater ! ! ! ! ! !

    • ncboudicca says:

      That looks like an excellent investment piece. Would be worth shelling out some cash for that…of course, my idea of $$ and her idea of $$ are probably a little different.

  4. missmerry says:

    this whole thing is so sad and scary to me.
    especially having the whole world coming up with theories about who likes who, who did what, who doesn’t speak to whom…

    it just seems sad and sh*tty all around :/

    • Sugar says:

      I agree. I really feel for Nicole and those kids. Scientology isn’t a joke. The CoS minions go after defectors hard and stalk and harrass them. Can you imagine trying to fight incredibly rich, powerful, and connected Tom Cruise AND CoS at the same time? Nicole was lucky to get away and I’m sure she did the best she could to ensure the safety of Bella and Connor. People judge her so harshly for how she handled things but look how hard it was for Katie Holmes.

  5. meme says:

    holy cheek fillers Nicole.

  6. Luca76 says:

    Honestly the more that comes out the more sympathy I have for Nicole. I’m betting Nicole was blindsided and didn’t understand what Scientologists were capable of until it was too late.

    • Naya says:

      I feel for Nicole too. Not only could she not have anticipated the degree of parental alienation Tom would pull or how long it would last but also the public would not have believed her. In 2001, Scientology was seen as just a quirky Hollywood religion not a cult that extorts and even threatens former members into silence. And pre couch hopping Cruise was an infallible celebrity God. She would have lost any court case because they play dirty, been publicly ruined and alienated the kids even further. She consistently chooses not to make her kids the subject of a public brawl, I hope they one day appreciate why.

    • PennyLane says:

      Wasn’t she only 23 when she married Tom Cruise? That’s young enough to not yet understand just how truly awful some people can be…

    • Sarah (another one) says:

      Maybe. But I have to say that if she found CO$ to be so dangerous that she had to get out, what kind of mother leaves her kids in that? Truly, I would die rather than just be gone from my son’s life. What I think is more likely to have happened is that as they grew up, they questioned more and more why their mother didn’t fight for them.

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        I have to agree with this. She was a high profile actress at the time their divorce was announced and I think if she had gone public with her fears about Scientology and how she was scared for her kids, and fought openly and publicly for them in court, I think she might have been able to get them away from it all and raise them herself. Sure, they would have tried to go after her, but again, she was in the public eye and had power herself at that point. And if she had openly said that she was scared for herself and the kids because these are the things they do…going after people who leave, etc., I think she could have painted them into a corner. They couldn’t go after her with the same old tricks and prove her right, it would have looked bad for them, People would have been watching. Just like they did with Katie Holmes. What I think is that they have something on Nicole that she doesn’t want out in the public and it’s bad enough that she was willing to leave without her kids. Maybe she hoped they’d come back to her later but the whole thing is strange and sad. What daughter marries and doesn’t want her father, mother or even her brother there? Unless there are serious problems in the relationships, most people would not do that. Something is just not right with the whole scenario

      • Neah23 says:

        @ Sarah

        Did you ever think that maybe she has no legal rights to them? Both Connor and Bella adoption was in house adoption meaning they were adopted from other CoS members. Did anyone ever stop and think maybe Nicole name is not on the adoption papers. Not to mention both keep kids were old enough to decide who they wanted to live with.

        @ Suzy from Ontario

        You can’t compare Nicole and Katie situation it’s apples and oranges. Over the last 11 years between Nicole and Katie divorces CoS has taken a huge hit so it made thing easier for Katie. That’s why in the last couple of years more and more people are speaking out which is something they never did in the past. As they said “Going Clear” would have never seen the light of day 14, 20 years ago.

      • Livvers says:

        She didn’t want out. Tom blindsided her with the divorce. Marty Rathbun, former $cio executive, has gone on record talking about the auditing he did with Tom to alienate him from Kidman, and the work that he, Tommy Davis, and others did to alienate the children from Nicole. Family courts are only just now starting to really deal with the toll of parental alienation on children, I can’t imagine how hard it would have been for Nicole, in 2001, to go to court to get Tom declared a hostile parent, to get psychiatric therapy for the kids to counteract his poison, when she would be going up against an anti-psychiatry mafia-like entity that was already criminally tapping her phones, and almost certainly following her everywhere and trying to insert covert church operatives into her inner circle.

      • Luce says:

        Add me to that — I might go down, but I would fight to the death for my children.

      • vauvert says:

        I agree with Livvers and Neah23. I think Nicole, who we have seen is very private when it comes to her kids – whether adopted, while she was still with Tom or biological now, has chosen to not put the spotlight on her children. She has tried to protect them, because it is the only thing she could do, not go and tai trash about Tom and CoS. What if her talking would have seen those kinds sent to that horrible slave ship (can’t remember the name) and no one would have ever seen them again? How can you judge a woman who was literally blindsided by a divorce, left while pregnant and had to deal with a miscarriage, knew that the entire Cruise and CoS machine would go after her?? You all go “I would fight to the death for my kids” – honestly you cannot know that unless you have been in a similar position, and the death or suffering would not have been just for you, but for your kids as well.
        Too easy to judge from outside without having the facts. I hope Nicole will some day tell her side of it, and I hope she will be able to have the kids back in her life.

  7. Mia4s says:

    Cruise wasn’t there either…which is odd. I don’t buy for a second it was “privacy”. Cruise is never photographed unless he wants to be. Not wanting either parent at your wedding? It happens but wow what a sad state for a so-called family to be in.

  8. Tig says:

    Family seems to be important to Nicole. She is this girl’s mother, and other than not be a Scientologist, what has she ever done to deserve such disrespect? To not even give her a heads up that this was in the works is terrible. If TC actually paid for the wedding, even he didn’t have the decency to let her know what was coming? These are a odd lot to be sure.

    • qwerty says:

      Tom wouldn’t tell her cause they don’t speak I’m pretty sure. COS says you have to ban people who leave from your life completely .

  9. Jayna says:

    Yeah, DM has a headline Nicole was “banned.” Then another story that Tom wasn’t invited but was cool with that. So Nicole was banned but Tom just wasn’t invited. LOL

    Neither parent was invited, period. Actually, all four parents weren’t invited. Her brother wasn’t invited.

    The Dail Fail is a contradiction all the time and just has these salacious headings all the time.

  10. Little Darling says:

    Of all of the celebrity kids who go through parents divorcing, I feel the worst for Isabella and Connor, and ultimately Nicole. The heartache I still hear when she laments the loss of contact is heartbreaking. I just completely, 100% feel for the kids and feel for her. It’s a crap situation.

    And then you think of someone like Kelly Rutherford, who has the opportunity to raise her kids with her ex and she is just blowing it.

    It just makes me sad.

    • Misere says:

      It seems like every woman in Hollywood “tweaks.” Nicole is nowhere near Kardashian levels. All woman go through natural changes in their looks, especially after tragedy. I think Nicole takes waaaaay too much shit for her tweaks. There are so many others who have been busy. Why does she have to be the poster girl just because a certain blogger seems to have vendetta against her? As for the kids, CoS perverted their minds against their mother. She’s had to accept it and I give her a lot of credit for surviving it.

    • LAK says:

      I remember the divorce announcement was made the year MOULIN ROUGE was out. Nicole’s heartbroken face during the pres tour was too much. I remember she cried on the red carpet at Cannes, was always on the verge of tears, and thank goodness for Naomi Watts who stepped in as her plus one on the red carpet.

      • Little Darling says:

        LAK – I do too, and it was simply heartbreaking. But yes, she seems to have many good people in her life, her sister and Naomi for sure.

    • paolanqar says:

      I think Tom is incapable of loving his children.
      Nothing would have kept my dad from attending my wedding, especially if he paid for it.
      He’s in no way involved with Suri anymore and that speaks volumes about his priorities and what or who truly matters in his selfish existence.

      I remember Nicole not being able to terminate a pregnancy and had issues conceiving while with Tom, but now I’m sure she is quite relieved that she hasn’t got kids to share with him, despite all the pain she went through.
      The divorce is the best thing that ever happened to her.
      Katie was lucky enough to have a divorce lawyer as a father and with some planning she got away with everything she wanted: her daughter.

      I like to think that the former Mrss Cruise got in touch with each other and gave each other tips on how to handle the situation. I don’t think you’re ever truly safe, not even after 20 odd years or so.

      I live in Europe and I’ve never heard of the church of Scientology before Tom Cruise. The things I learned, I found them out on internet and through gossip sites.

      What does Obama have to say about it? How’s the legislation in the different states?
      It sounds all very illegal and dangerous, so apart from the obvious reason (money) can’t the government do anything to eradicate this dangerous cult?

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        CoS is very powerful, dangerous and has a ton ton ton of money. The IRS turns a blind eye to them. I imagine that both Nicole and Katie went through a ton to get out of it, receiving death threats and such. I would not play around with that group. They abuse people and destroy families, affecting thousands of people’s lives without blinking an eye or seeing anything wrong with it. When you sign the “billion year contract,” it’s like basically enslaving yourself to a concentration camp for the rest of your life and there’s essentially no way to escape.

      • Luce says:

        Nicole didn’t fight to terminate a pregnancy. She had a miscarriage and kept the fetal tissue to prove paternity on Tom’s part.

      • paolanqar says:

        Fight? Who said fight?
        I wrote that Nicole wasn’t able to terminate the pregnancy hence she miscarried and it was made clear that they had encountered many issues in conceiving, before and after the miscarriage/miscarriages.

  11. Greenieweenie says:

    I feel like what Nicole did to her face…has a lot to do with this. I watched a video of her and tom in like 94 and he was beautiful–and so was she! But so shy and clingy. Feels like he was out to ruin her in their divorce–like a big power trip. And she took all her insecurity and angst out on her face. Her self esteem must’ve taken a beating, not to mention how cruel it is to deny adopted kids yet another parent in their lives.

    • Neah23 says:

      From I do believe it was Going Clear it was reviled that the heads of Co$ was out to ruin Nicole and was behind the divorce. Nicole was leading Tom away from the church/cult and they couldn’t have that. Tom for his part just sat back and let it happen.

  12. Shambles says:

    SHOES. Bottom photo, black dress. SHOOOES. I lust after them.

  13. Dibba says:

    SNAFU in Cruise family

  14. Allie May says:

    Nicole is doing a great job of handling a bad situation with as much class and dignity as possible. I admire her and detest the church she was lucky and wise enough to escape from.

  15. Anoneemouse says:

    I hope Tim is very happy with himself by excluding the Mother of his children from their lives. On the happiest day of her life, she didn’t have ANY family present? Speaks volumes,

  16. MrsBPitt says:

    I think Tom blindsided Nicole with that divorce! She didn’t even have time to think, or figure out what to do…and, she was probably threatened and was afraid of this nasty cult!!!! They kids had already been indoctrinated into Scientology, and probably brain washed against their Mom, before Tom ever filed for divorce…I feel bad for Nicole and the kids, both…such a sad, sad situation! If Tom was a decent guy, he would have known how important it was for those kids to have a relationship with their Mom…Tom may be one of the richest actors in Hollywood, but he is a moron, yes, I said it, A MORON! Scientology kisses his ass, and he believes all the BS they hand him. I think this is why he does all those dangerous stunts in his movies. He truly believes that he has mind control, and the other special powers Scientology has made him believe he has! Every time I read these stories, I have more and more respect for Katie Holmes!!! She is lucky she got out with her child!!! But, seriously, if I was Katie, I would be watching my back, all the time…The only way Tom will ever get Suri, is if something happens to Katie, and NOTHING would surprise me with this cult. If Katie ended up having a fatal “accident”, I wouldn’t be surprised!!!

    • Christin says:

      Katie should be thankful that Nicole’s situation basically showed her what she needed to do (plan secretly, then cut and run). Then again, I never understood why Katie got involved in the first place.

      I have grown more sympathetic to Nicole, because I do believe she was caught completely off guard. Such a mess.

    • Allie May says:

      Well said. From everything I have read online, this is a dangerous cult. Katie was also lucky to get away.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      I agree. If I was Katie, I would certainly be watching my back 24/7. This cult is so vindictive. I would certainly hire around the clock protection, she certainly has the money. I would also have a trusted inspector on speed dial to check out the private plane before going anywhere. You just know the CoS would try something like that on Katie. She should be paranoid and stick within her trusted little bubble world.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I am estranged from two of my children (their choice) following an extremely contentious divorce that occurred when I was recovering from brain surgery. My other two children are extremely close to me, but walk a fine line because their father is very controlling a la Tom Cruise…so I have sympathy for both Bella and Nicole K. Nobody wins in this situation. The best Nicole K. can hope for at this point is that an older Bella some day understands her mother did not abandon her willingly. I admire Nicole K. for having the strength and grace to play for the long-term.

  18. Dibba says:

    Tom wrote some poem and read it to her about their anniversary coming up all lovey dovey then BOOM dumped her so weird and she was pregnant.

  19. db says:

    Sad. Amazing how this fraudulent, tax dodge mockery of a “religion” has brainwashed its followers.

  20. Louise says:

    Well now we have confirmation that her kids have been brainwashed against her. There wee bogus stories that they were still in touch and that Conor had said that he and Nicole were ‘cool’. It’s so sad. If anybody is judging Nicole for losing touch with her kids then they should read more into scientology and most especially how one of the head honchos in the ‘church’ was tasked with turning Bella and Conor against Nicole, because she was an SP = suppressive person – ie: she didn’t buy into scientology and her father was a psychiatrist so would have been seen as PTS- potential trouble source. Sci’s are deathly against psychiatrists.

    I’m telling you, it’s a scary scary organisation and it’s near impossible to believe that they have the power to separate families but they do. Read Tony Ortega’s site The Underground Bunker. He has everything you will ever need to know about the world of scientology and has contacts of members who are ;’undercover; as in they are still a member but only because they don’t want to be shunned by their families. The comment sections on that blog are full of former members, people who have family members/friends in it.

    L Ron Hubbard was an evil genius.

    • Jayna says:

      It is a scary organization and it is heartbreaking the estrangement she suffers with them. Nicole did say recently she only texted for a few reasons. One of them was to keep in touch with her adult children. So there is some contact where she tries to keep the lines of communication open. But it’s obvious the children really aren’t in her life physically, and if so, probably very rarely and on their terms.

    • Luce says:

      Tony Ortega’s stuff is fascinating.

  21. Louise says:

    Oh, and good on Nicole for making it known that she has been forced out of her kids lives. Tom Cruise is a horrible person.

  22. yvonne says:

    I don’t get how Tom would allow his daughter to marry an SP, since he abandons those who are not in the cult. Maybe the new hubby says he will convert or something. If Bella is no longer a scientologist, then Tom would have nothing to do with her, so she must still be.

  23. Jayna says:

    I hope Keith doesn’t ever hurt her. I would love to see a happy ending for these two, still together 25 years from now, with possibly a grandchild by then.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      This! Omg they are def my all-time fave celeb couple. They seem so in-love. I really hope they can stick it out. He just ADORES her.

  24. Anna says:

    I remember there were a lot of photos of Nicole with her kids post-divorce. So I don’t think she “left” them behind. Instead, I think Tom had primary custody and then he and the cos engaged in a very long and vicious play of parental alienation. As the kids got older, they chose to spend less and less time with her. I don’t really think there was anything she could do.

    • Kath says:

      Exactly! She was actually the primary carer after the divorce and there were plenty of photos of them out and about, but as they got older the ol’ parental alienation campaign and $cientology brainwashing started with a vengeance. It makes me think that Tom might just be biding his time with Suri, until she reaches an age she can be turned against her mother.

      God, he’s a vicious little troll.

    • Kate says:

      Exactly. He timed the break-up perfectly. She had been away filming back to back films (a first for her post-marriage) and the kids were with Tom. Then he dumped her, out of the blue. She still had to do a couple of months of promo work for those films, she’d just lost a baby and her mental health wasn’t great.

      By the time she was in a place to fight for primary custody, the kids were very used to being in LA with their Dad and Aunt. She had shared custody for a while, but then the kids were old enough to say they wanted to be in LA with Tom.

      I don’t know what people think she was supposed to do. In 2001 Scientology wasn’t seen as a cult by more than a handful of people, just a goofy celebrity fad. I’m not even sure Nicole realised how messed up it was, she was never that involved and Tom dipped in and out of it during their marriage.

      No court in the U.S. would have given her sole physical custody based on concerns regarding Scientology. TBH, unless there was proof a parent was planning to force a child into Sea Org, that still wouldn’t be enough today. She couldn’t just take the kids like Katie did with Suri. For whatever reason Tom let that go, but with Nicole he was ready for a fight, and all that would have happened is him cutting her out of the kids lives a few years earlier.

      It’s all very well to say you’d fight to the death for your kids, but really, in this situation, where the children are more than adequately cared for and incredibly privileged, you’d just be making an already bad situation much worse for them.

    • H26 says:

      I remember that, too. I remember her doing all that press for Moulin Rouge and how you could almost see her forcing herself to keep it together. I remember lots of pictures of her with the kids then slowly less and less.
      I am glad Katie got out but I thought that one article were she said Bella and Connor called her “Mom” was just cruel to Nicole.