Jennifer Aniston to play the lead in ‘What Alice Forgot’: awful or great casting?


Jennifer Aniston was in NYC late last week for some reason. She got pap’d here and there on the street, and these photos are from backstage at Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash success Broadway musical, Hamilton. Every single person you can think of has made the pilgrimage to NYC to see Hamilton, it’s sort of amazing. Anyway, Jennifer looks cute in these pics – this is her low-key style, you can tell because she didn’t flat-iron her hair.

Meanwhile, Aniston just scheduled some very interesting roles for herself in the past week. It’s interesting to me that the confirmations came out all at once. She’s confirmed for The Yellow Birds, a film we first heard about when Benedict Cumberbatch was attached to it. Cumberbatch dropped out a few weeks ago officially, and now the three lead (male) characters will be played by Tye Sheridan, Jack Huston and Alden Ehrenreich, with Aniston playing Ehrenreich’s mom. The film is an Iraq War-drama, so it’s interesting to see Aniston not only take a supporting role, but a role in a straight-up drama.

The second project Aniston lined up within a week’s time is the film adaptation of What Alice Forgot. Old-school readers of this site might remember that we discussed What Alice Forgot for our Celebitchy Book Club – all of us enjoyed Liane Moriarty’s novel (I had an issue with the ending) and it was a light, enjoyable read. I really, REALLY do not see Aniston in the lead role as Alice though. The Alice character has to be able – if they’re doing the flashbacks appropriately – to play a loved up 29-year-old and a hardened and grieving 39 year old. The Alice character is a meaty role for an actress and I just don’t see how Aniston would be able to pull it off. Now, Anne Hathaway? I could totally see that.

Oh, and I finally got around to reading The Girl on the Train this weekend. Even though I figured out the central mystery about a third of the way through the book, it was still enjoyable. Now, I could TOTALLY see Aniston as Rachel, the lead character who is a messy drunk, but Rachel will be played by Emily Blunt in the film adaptation.


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  1. It'sJustBlanche says:

    Yeah I’m not buying her as 29 anymore. Heck I didn’t buy her as 29 on most of Friends.

    • Naya says:

      Its not hard to ease the age of a persons face now with CGI. If you see Beyonces Grown Woman video all the shots of her and Kelly as young teens were filmed in their thirties but with the use of tech to de-age their faces. Its very convincing. Jens body is very youthful so no special effects needed there. She basically just has to focus on bringing the acting chops. I just really love this turn of events …..older woman cast to play younger role.

      • It'sJustBlanche says:

        I’m so far behind on technology I had no idea they could do that.

      • LAK says:

        It’sJustBlanche: best example of CGI de-aging is Michael Douglas at the beginning of ANT-MAN where he is de-aged to look like he did in the 80s as opposed to the 70yr old he really is in reality and in rest of film.

      • The Original G says:

        Well, can they CGI dull acting? Because, she did succeed in changing the conversation about herself with Cake, but come on, the movie was a bomb.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Remember Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button? They CGI’ed his face at one point to make him look younger! They can do anything these days…

      • It'sJustBlance says:

        Y’all, I need to see more movies!

        And too funny, Original G, about them not being able to CGI bad acting!

      • Jess says:

        The most impressive CGI I’ve seen was in the last fast and the furious with Paul Walker, it’s amazing what technology can do.

      • V4Real says:

        They are going to need a whole lot of CGI for this one.

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        I think they CGI’ed early “Rachel” on Jen’s face for the new Emirates commercial because that is So not her current nose. Not being mean … it’s just an observation.

      • Ange says:

        In terminator genisys they did a pretty good job of redoing the original Arnie bot from the first movie. Ditto Jeff Bridges in tron legacy, they made him look the same as in the original.

      • lola says:

        This is a Cinelou film, they can’t go over $10 million for a film. Making Aniston look 29 will cost millions, and it’s not in the budget.

    • funcakes says:

      All of you are making me laugh so hard right now.

    • lola says:

      You can write this film off as another flop, just like her last 4 films.

  2. Luca76 says:

    Well good for her but I don’t think I can stand all the Oscar campaigning that’s certainly coming. Can they just give her one now?That will also give all of her ‘haters’ time to recover from self-combusting.

    • Sienna says:

      Oh better be prepared because these 3 movies are being produced by Cinelou who did the notoriously shameful awards campaign for Jennifer for Cake this year.

      I really find it questionable why these 3 movies are being done by the same company and the same actress – does Jennifer have shares in this company?

      • LAK says:

        She inked a deal with them. at the time there was a notice in the trades. they were looking to co-produce low-middle budget features with Hollywood. They are following an often tread formula in other markets where you sign up a star to a multi-film contract and them start churning them out.

        in a way it’s like the studio system of old.

      • tracking says:

        Is that true? I thought only Yellow Birds is Cinelou.

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        Wasn’t Cinelou created by Jen’s Production Company partner?

      • springingforward says:

        Gah. She is simply not talented when it comes to character range. Now, AnnE Hathaway can ACT!

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        @springingforward, who wrote: “Now, AnnE Hathaway can ACT!”

        Agreed. Anne is the real deal. 🙂

      • lola says:

        Cinelou will only produce films, $10 million, and under. Every film Aniston is “linked” to, is being financed by Cinelou. She must have invested in CInelou, in exchange, she HAS to be cast in some part in every film.

        Bye-Bye Cinelou, bankrupt in another couple years.

  3. Franca says:

    I can see both her and Anne playing that character. In different ways, but I think they could both pull it off.

    But I think Emly is wrong for the lead in The girl on the train.

    • tracking says:

      I think Emily Blunt would have made a terrific Megan.

      • Little Darling says:


      • funcakes says:

        I’m sick of see EB. Enough already! I think the lead actress from Gone Girl.

      • lola says:

        Rosamund Pike can act, and she’s beautiful, and a lot younger than Aniston. Making her look 29 would be easy, she’s not even 39, they’d have to age her a bit, but it’d be worth it. Aniston is just going to make a fool of herself, again.

    • suziekew says:

      I agree Franca. I’m not a fan of the casting of Emily Blunt for The Girl on the Train. I like Emily, just not that role.
      All I can think of when I picture Jennifer A and the movie “The Girl on the Train” is the movie “Derailed” Jen did with Clive Owen where she was a drunk girl on a train.

      • Abby says:

        Ha, so basically the same thing… 🙂

      • Sarah says:

        Emily is ALL wrong unless she plans to gain 25kg to play a convincing Rachel! I hate when they do that in films – purposely wash over main physical traits of characters! Rachel is supposed to be a bit unattractive, hefty, messy, pathetic etc. Emily is a skinny minny model type. What?!?!?

    • lucy2 says:

      I definitely wouldn’t picture her in the role. I think she’s a good actress and will surely do a fine job, but it seems like odd casting.

  4. Abigail says:

    Too bad the name is “Alice,” when “Still Alice” came out so recently.
    Emily Blunt is okay for “Girl on the Train”–if it were set near London, as written. But I’ve heard that it is set in NY state, so I don’t quite see her in it. Aniston would be an interesting choice.

  5. Lorelei says:

    I can’t picture her as Alice at all so my vote goes to horrible casting.

  6. DanaG says:

    I can’t picture her doing any sort of drama Jennifer is just not that good an actress and I don’t see her as Alice.

    • Mimi says:

      In general, I agree with you. She was decent in Cake. she also had a moment or two in Marley and Me. I just don’t see her as Alice at all.

      • N. says:

        She wasn’t as bad in Cake as she has been in other roles, but that’s still far away from “decent” and a galaxy away from Oscar material!
        The bar for her is set so low it’s ridiculous. She still gets pampered and cuddled for being the “poor, betrayed wife” while other, more talented and deserving actresses struggle to find good roles.
        It’s really a testament to what a ruthless PR team can do…

  7. Leo says:

    Why does Hollywood even claim they are making a movie based on a particular book when they change basically 60% of the content and premisses? Why not just call it an original work/”inspired by” or actually follow the plot from the book?

  8. Square Bologna says:

    That first photo of Aniston looks a bit like Amanda Plummer.

    • hmph says:

      I was thinking how much she looks like an olsen twin in the face

      • doofus says:

        whoa…had to go back and look but you’re right…she does, a bit.

        mostly I was noticing how much better she looks without all THE ORANGE and with her hair more wavy/curly.

  9. als says:

    There are worse actresses out there that are cuddled by the Academy. Why not let her take her shot?

  10. Lucy2 says:

    I have to give her credit for changing it up- people have been complaining about her rom-com career for years, and now she’s branching out and doing different things.

  11. Peggy says:

    No pictures of Jennifer wearing her diaper pants in NYC?
    The Dailymail is saying she is getting backlash from fans about her Emirates Airline Ad, unless it is Twitter I’m hearing it.

    • Jayna says:

      The Daily Fail always has these inflammatory headlines created by them to get clicks.

    • ann says:

      I don’t have a problem with the ad, but what I don’t like is that she is shilling for the super rich, but is the first in line to protest about bigger gigi mansions being built in HER economy class neighborhood. The super rich should do a real estate ad, comparing the mediocre home of Jen’s to theirs.

  12. Jenni says:

    I’ve seen Cake and I think she is pretty good dramaic actress. BTW I love her casual style.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I saw Cake too. She did a good job. She can do drama with the right movie.

    • Careygloss says:

      I saw it as well and she was spectacular in it. Her detractors were trying to say she was horrible, when really she and the rest of the cast were great, but the script was lacking somewhat. The story dragged a bit, which is why the reviews were mixed. But her acting was actually pretty superb. I hope she continues to try to pick roles that show her skill. Did anyone here see “friends with money”? Haven’t seen it, yet she was supposedly pretty awesome in that one too.

  13. Peggy says:

    The hair at the top of Jennifer’s hair is thin, but the bottom is thick, mystery solved, if you look from her chin to her ears you can see her hair extensions.
    Don’t know if it is living proof, hair extensions or flat ironing that is the culprit.

    • It'sJustBlance says:

      I tried Living Proof once and it was just awful. It also smells terrible.

      • lucy2 says:

        What kind did you try? I used it and really liked it, and noticed no smell – and I’m very sensitive to fragrance and other things.
        But I haven’t used it in a while because it’s too expensive, and coconut oil has an even better smoothing effect on my hair (and is way cheaper).

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Where do you purchase coconut oil? I’ve been buying expensive smoothing treatments?

      • lucy2 says:

        Everywhere – Costco, Target, any big retailer like that should have it. I got mine from amazon when it was on sale, I think a good size tub of it was around $6-7. I have thick hair so I use more than all the sites say, but I comb it through, clip it up, and let it sit for about an hour before really shampooing it out. My hair feels really nice and smooth for a few weeks after that. It’s probably not equal to a salon treatment, but worth a try since it’s so inexpensive.
        If you are prone to break-outs, be cautious around your face. I got a little on my chin doing that and broke out there for like 2 weeks straight. Some people can use it as a facial moisturizer, but I clearly can’t!

  14. Chinoiserie says:

    Alice does not need to be 29 and 39 in the film, she could be 35 and 45 films change details like this all the time. The easiest would be just not to metion Alice’s age, just say it is 10 years later.
    It is nice that she is trying to get/has been able to convince other people to give her more dramatic work after Cake, I assumed this would happen.

    • tracking says:

      Yeah, her efforts seem to be paying off and she’s definitely eying more interesting roles. Two years ago, who would have pictured her playing a soldier’s mom? Supposedly she’s doing a Taylor Hackford film with De Niro too (according to Digital Spy, don’t know how reputable a source that is).

      • sophie says:

        She has been confirmed to be in The Comedian with DeNiro. This is a drama which is supposed to start filming in January in New York. I think it is great that she is able to branch out into something besides romcoms.

    • Emma - The JP Lover says:

      If this role is via Cinelou, is it ‘really’ “other people giving her more dramatic work after cake?”

    • Beth says:

      I believe the age of 29 is relevant in the book because Alice still possesses hope and youthful idealism. She and her hubby are very much in love and she is pregnant with the first of three children. If you age the character up to 35, you do have to change some of the characteristics. Thirty-five is still young, but I think a woman is at a slightly different place than at 29.

  15. oh no says:

    What’s wrong with the world. Angie arguably the greatest drama actress of yhis generation isn’t getting any substantiale role offered to her and this half wit is getting cast left and right. No just no.

    • Sienna says:

      Seriously stop comparing those two.

      It has been confirmed by actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence that she mostly gets roles which were rejected by Angelina.

      A famous director publically confessed that every single script gets sent to Angelina first before distributing it to others.

      Angelina wants to move away from acting and into directing full time. She said she wants to act in a few more movies and then retire.

      Jennifer is not being offered meaty roles from big production companies so instead she is starting with a small company with a multi picture deal.

      Good for her as she is trying to go into drama.

    • Colette says:

      It never ends

    • Junior says:


    • Andrea 1* says:

      Urrrrgh enough of the comparisms please! One thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other…..🙅🙅🙅🙅

    • Monica says:

      Oh no is a troll trying to bait Angelina fans. No one is pressed over Anniston getting supporting actress roles in a company she helped start because no one wanted to distribute cake. All these said movies will flop just like her last 4 movies did. Oscars will pay her dust as usual

    • Abby says:

      Angie would not be good for this role. I love her, but no.

  16. MrsBB says:

    Just saw Cake this weekend on the pay channel and loved it! Was very moved by it, kept me thinking about it for hours after the film was finished.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I know, I was surprised by it. I expected nothing and was pleasantly surprised.

      • Little Darling says:

        I loved it too. I also think she has dramatic chops, as evidenced in The Good Girl, years ago.

        I can’t quite picture her as Alice fully, but I can see her going for it.

        And The Girl on the Train, LOVED. I just wish they had someone messier looking, more
        Bloated looking. Like Renee Z in Bridget, but like, drunk looking. That character is really pathetic when we meet her. Emily Blunt has great acting chops though, so I’m sure she will do it justice.

  17. danna says:

    @Sienna Which famous director confirmed that obvious loonish BS that all the roles are first offered to Angie. Link or lie.

    • Monica says:

      Ok look we have a femalefirster in the house “loon” “link or lie”. Unlike you Freaks we don’t make things up
      Florian really wanted to work with her, too. Are you kidding? “Literally,” he tells me in a phone call, “she gets every single script that has a female role aged between eighteen and 40—every script. And she just follows her feeling, holds her own counsel. She’s probably the only global megastar that doesn’t even have an agent—she doesn’t even have a publicist.”

      She also turned down Gravity. The famous Rudin emails you all love to quote had Angie listed as one of The actresses they love to work with. Your idol aniston wasn’t even mentioned

      • Blanh says:

        Fan fiction written in JJ may constitute Loon truth but it is not actual truth. I had to look up the guy that was mentioned , he’s the director of TT of course he’s gonna hype up the actress to sell his film. As for JLaw she was just being her quirky air-head self when she told that about Angie. ALL in all if AJ was that sought after she would have already filmed Cleopatra and make it a billion dollar hit . We.’ll take anout Angie power when that happens.
        ETA YOur beaUtiful powerful Queen has yet another oppurtunity to show her power when she along with her king Pitt will make BTS a billion dollar movie. Best of luck with that

    • Colette says:

      The director of The Tourist made that statement in Entertainment Weekly.I wouldn’t call him a famous director.But the fact remains Jennifer Lawrence has said on multiple occasions that she gets AJ’s leftovers.The fact is AJ was offered Gravity and turned it down.It’s all a mute point because AJ has stated she wants to direct not act in this next stage of her life.She is doing pre production work for the next film she is directing.Her third film she has directed will be released next month.

      A troll decided to derail this thread by being messy and petty.This thread is about JA.It makes no sense that whenever a female celeb is mentioned ,somebody intersects AJ into the conversation.It’s tiresome

    • Monica says:

      @blanh BTS doesn’t need to be a billion dollar hit. Poor FF freaks, it only cost $10 million, how will you all spin the movie as a flop. This is not like Aniston with cake which cost about $10 million and grossed under $2 million. This movie can make all its money back and more just abroad because Brad and Angie always sell well there. Maybe you all should be wondering why this is the best offer Aniston could get, roles from the company she helped start. DeNiro rejected her for the Intern and is now only on board because Cinelou is paying for his passion project, poor you.

      • Grill says:

        If Jen was that sought after, she would have made a billion dollar movie, herself Blanh/Damn. Just saying. So you Anistonloon psychos can go back to JJ and FF and cry into your Wheaties because Aniston has FLOPPED and has now officially with this article, gone in the TOILET. Lol NO WONDER you are so pissed off. hahahaha Best of luck with this pos since she got less than 2 million of Cake. hahahahahaha 🙂 Want some klenex? HAHAHAHAHAHA I hate to say I told you so, but……oh f*k it – I TOLD YOU SO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Damn says:

        There there Monica now you are selling your queen short. Didn’t the loons at JJ say that Malificent was sold on Queens name alone and made 700 million. Now add King’s 700 mill into the mix and we’ll have a sure fire billion dollar movie. Anything less than that is a blasphemy to King and Queen of Hollywood.

      • Monica says:

        @damn I see you all are still upset over Maleficents success.has any female been able to top $515 million abroad yet? You and I both know BTS a rated R indie would never make that amount since no rated r indie has ever made even half. Of that. I guess this is how you FF freaks will spin BTS as a bomb, pathetic.

      • Tina says:

        Angelina’s misery is much more important to Jennifer’s fans, than Jennifer’s happiness. Pretending Angelina is miserable is the only thing that gets them up in the morning.

      • Naya says:

        “Angie is better than Jen”. “Jen is better than Angie.” Pretty sure I’ve seen this argument before, about 3,873 times. Maybe, just maybe, they are both talented people who deserve as much success and happiness as each other? Or you can go back to the mean spirited squabbling, its up to you. Cookie to the first person to accuse me of shooting for the “other side”.

      • doofus says:

        hooray for Naya! can I have a cookie even if I agree with you?…

        how about cookies for everyone?!

      • uoi says:

        I still remember the desperation of Jenny Aniston pulling a chickenpox stunt to try and win Oscar nomination and got nothin’ or was it someone else?

      • Lol says:

        challe Monica is not the one who needs a life, she is not the one trolling pages and making up things about someone she has an obsessive hatred for. You and your 5 different socks need to get therapy for your deep-seated obsessive hatred for an actress that has never done anything to hurt anyone and get a life instead of proving how psychotic Anistonloons are.

      • Lol says:

        I wonder if that was the same person who invented dyslexia as a sob angle in a last ditch desperate attempt to get an Oscar when her little cupcakes didn’t work on the academy? Could it also be the same person who dragged up a dead ex for the same reason? bwhaha

      • EN says:

        > Could it also be the same person who dragged up a dead ex for the same reason?

        Oh, I completely forgot about that. Yeah, that was low, very low indeed.

  18. paranormalgirl says:

    Isn’t this thread about Jennifer Aniston?

    • Ally.M says:

      Yep…and it was all going so well, good intelligent comments about acting and then a troll crashing in. Some people can’t move on.

      • doofus says:

        what I find funny is that the poster is OBV a troll, and is called out as a troll, and yet people STILL take the bait while calling “troll!” because…

        yeah…CAN’T MOVE ON.

      • Ally.M says:

        Clicking on your like button doofus. Yes the troll is a welcome guest to some.

  19. EN says:

    I have not seen her in anything I liked, so I don’t really have an opinion on her other than what I see published.
    And I am guessing a lot of people are like me as far as JA is concerned.
    Will they go and spend money to see JA in drama?

    How did “Cake” do financially?

    • Monica says:

      It bombed. Made less than $2 million and she was literally everywhere promoting it

    • Tina says:

      Cake made less than 2 million and cost 7 to 8 million to make. When you add in the fact that Jennifer had to buy a production company, production cost and the money spent on her Oscar campaign, the movie was a big dud.

  20. Junior says:

    Wasn’t she also confirmed to do Mean Moms and Miss You Already? Jen seems to announce a lot of movies which she never gets to do in the end.

    • Junior says:

      Also why announce ALL these movies at once?

      • truthSF says:

        Probably so she can appear more In demand. But if all of those movies listed are indies/small budget, she’s not making any movie star money.

      • Colette says:

        She needs to get all this work out the way before her twins are born.

      • Original T.C. says:

        Agree with @TruthSf: to look like you are very busy playing serious roles. Also to stay in the headlines. She and her publicist milked the “victim role/wronged woman” for years to stay in the public eye. The interest in her new marriage with Justine is low even amongst her hard core fans (who are desperately trying to make themselves believe he is the biggest prize in Hollywood!), so she needs a new gimmick.

        My biggest issue with Just Jen has always been that she kept getting role after role even though she was a mediocre actress while there are well well trained, talented WOC and White actress (who don’t through the victim card) sitting around waiting for calls. But I’m sure Matt Damon will defend her.

    • Grill says:

      Yep. True. She boasts too soon and falls flat on her face. This is a massive HUMILIATION for the Anistonloons headquarters at JJ and FF. Well Cake obviously failed her. Angelina Jolie is laughing her ass of that this is how low Jen has sunk to pmsl.

  21. meltdown says:

    @GRILL is having a infamous loon meltdown. Calm down , Grill ,Queen will do something soon.

  22. june says:

    She will only get awards buzz if she wears no makeup!
    Is she going to try that whole narrative again, about feeling so free wearing no makeup & looking like the average woman she is?

    Hope the media does not fall for her games again, because if she had worn makeup in Cake, there would have been no buzz whatsoever.

  23. GoOnGirl says:

    Can someone explain to me why, when posters said NY was warm the other day, Jennifer appears in a “winter” hat, a scarf wrapped, and wrapped around her neck, short sleeves, and no coat. What is the purpose of this scarf? Why does she always do this? Isn’t it too hot for this?

    • june says:

      To hide that manly chin of hers. Her scarf & hair are her security blankets.

    • Esmom says:

      It was warm yesterday in Chicago and I saw people all over the place on the train with scarves on. I wear them in the summer, too, because it can be really cold inside with A/C. Plus, fashion?

      I get that many people here dislike her but this seems like really stretching for a reason to slam her.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        I wasn’t slamming. I just wonder why she always dresses like this. Even when she was in Hotlanta.

  24. Claire says:

    It’s good to see her trying something out of her niche.

  25. Div says:

    The Yellowbirds film sounds promising, but this does not. I like Jen but she’s too old for this part and just doesn’t seem like a good fit.

  26. Annie says:

    Can’t wait to see Jenn in all these movies. She was terrific in both the Good Girl and Cake. Just Shake off the haters, Jenn!

  27. Abby says:

    So for fun, who else would be good as Alice? I could see Amy Adams doing it. Anne Hathaway, agreed. Reese Witherspoon?

  28. Tacos and TV says:

    Someone looks a little “tight”….

  29. Grant says:

    “Greatest dramatic actress of this generation?” Uhh, did you see Changeling? There are literally scores of modern actresses who are better than Angelina. I’d argue that she’s really no better than Jennifer Aniston in terms of talent if we’re being honest.

    • Emma - The JP Lover says:

      @Grant, who wrote: “Greatest dramatic actress of this generation?” Uhh, did you see Changeling? There are literally scores of modern actresses who are better than Angelina.”

      LOL! And yet those “scores of modern actresses who are better thank Angelina” all voted for her as one of the five Best Actress performances of 2008. Funny that, isn’t it? … Funny, funny, funny.

    • Sienna says:

      You are seriously comparing Angelina, who won every single acting award for Girl Interrupted & a hat trick of Golden Globes for dramas, to Jennifer who won 1 Emmy and 1 Golden Globe for comedy and nothing else????

  30. TotallyBiased says:

    NOT looking forward to Yellow Bird.
    Few vets are.
    Was really hoping it would fade away in production.

  31. OhDear says:

    On the good side, it’s an older actress playing the part of a younger person (both the 29 and 39 yr old versions) instead of the “you turned 30 now play this 28 year old actor’s mom” casting.

    • Beth says:

      I’d argue actors are more likely play younger than older. I think the transition into mom roles happens to unknowns or lesser knowns whose careers never took off. If a character’s age is given in a film, chances are the actor or actress playing the character is the same age or older, in real life. JLaw taking roles from older actresses is an exception since I doubt the Emmas, Kristen Stewart or Margot Robbie are getting offered the roles meant for a 35-year-old.

  32. Camille says:

    She should wear her hair like that all the time. It softens her masculine features. Much more attractive and less aging than the poker straight hair.

  33. CG says:

    I totally pictured Jen Aniston and Mark Ruffallo as Alice and Nick while I was reading the book, so I think it works–especially if they use CGI to age them down for flashbacks.

  34. LisaD says:

    Wow and Whoa. The comments are off the rails. Xanax anyone? She’s an actress she’s not H itler. Chill man.

  35. Sarah says:

    It would be interesting to see what she’s capable of. I’ve always liked her but tired of seeing her in romcoms all the time. I think she did well in Cake & Friends with money so looking forward to seeing her in more meaty roles. And to the trolls serious question: How can you be so completely invested in something that has absolutely nothing to do with you?? Please tell me there are other things in your own lives you are this passionate about 🙂

  36. kibbles says:

    Well, if Aniston really wants an Oscar, she is making the right choices at this time in her career. She was being typecasted and stereotyped as an aging non-serious romcom actress, and she changed it up with her role in Cake. I don’t think her acting in Cake was amazing, but it was alright. She went for the Oscar too fast with a film that was not critically acclaimed or a box office hit. If she wants the Oscar, she will have to work for it and show through various films that she is a dramatic actress who should be taken seriously. I’m not hating on her at this point. She went overboard with her last Oscar campaign, but if she does a good job in these roles, I see no problem with her trying to get an Oscar in the next five years.

  37. Caz says:

    Time to give other actresses a chance. Tired of the same has-beens wrecking movies that may have worked if cast differently (Hudson, Witherspoon, Kidman & Aniston).

  38. ladybosca says:

    I loved her in She’s The One..ensamble cast that was great, and she broke out of her normal rom-com, even though it was 96 or 98.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      That was a great little flick! And yes, she was quite good in it (as was everyone else). I think she’s pretty underrated as an actress thanks to Friends and the tabloid/gossip stuff. But she keeps chugging along and taking chances with roles and playing against type, which I respect.