Olivier Martinez really hopes he’s not about to be Gabriel Aubry’d by Halle


What fresh hell is this? There are so many competing stories from the Halle Berry-Olivier Martinez divorce, it’s an impossible task to try to keep up. Thankfully, Team Olivier has finally gotten into gear and they’ve started pushing back on some of nonsense Team Halle has been pushing. So, here are even more stories percolating through the gossip world right now.

Olivier is upset. Olivier was photographed without his wedding ring (I loathe Ring Watch) and a source tells People Magazine, “Olivier is very upset about the divorce and this is not what he wanted. He and Halle just couldn’t get along. They are working out a visitation schedule for Maceo. Olivier wants to see his son as much as he possibly can.” Ruh-roh.

Olivier will not start a custody war with Halle. This is what “sources” tell TMZ: Olivier does not want to get into a custody battle with Halle because “he does not want to go through with the savagery he witnessed between Halle and Gabriel Aubry. We’re told Olivier was horrified by the bitterness between Halle and Gabriel, and the toll it took on their daughter Nahla. He’s satisfied with joint custody of their 2-year-old son, Maceo, and we’re told Halle is also down with that.” Olivier also isn’t interested in moving back to France and starting an international custody battle like the Kelly Rutherford mess.

Halle and Olivier are both drama queens. Sources tells Us Weekly that Olivier isn’t the only one with a fiery temper: “It was non-stop fighting towards the end. Two very hot-headed people. Lots of screaming and fighting. It was really bad. They both have major tempers and were locking heads constantly. It’s going to be a very bitter divorce. Things were extremely bitter with them as the marriage went on and in the end. Finally they both tried to file against each other. It was always like that, very heated and a lot of competition and battling between them. Two extreme tempers and people that love to fight.” Which is why I keep saying that they’re sort of perfect for each other: they’re both angry, temperamental people who love drama, they love to fight and they treat everything like a competition. My God, this divorce is going to be messy.

And finally, you should check out this People Magazine story – People interviewed a divorce/child custody lawyer who is not representing either Halle or Olivier and the lawyer has some interesting things to say about the coming divorce battle. All of Team Halle’s leaks about Olivier’s “violent temper” are about custody of Maceo, obviously, because Halle is going to use Olivier’s beatdown of Gabriel Aubry to prove that Olivier should not have custody of Maceo.



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  1. Sochan says:

    Their teeth always distracted me when they were photographed together. Such a glaring contrast between his totally natural, un-treated teeth and her giant, blinding white veneers.

    • herewego says:

      I love Halle’s smile, veneers whatever. She looks stunning when she smiles.

      • Jaxx says:

        Her smile scares me. Like a shark’s big, toothy smile right before it bites your arm off. (Halle must have really strong genes, that little boy look a lot like Nahla.)

      • Sochan says:

        Her kids really do look just alike, but neither seems to look like Halle. Genetics are fascinating. They will be beautiful as they grow.

  2. Yoohoo says:

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    • herewego says:

      Get ready for the Fireworks

    • Lori says:

      Of course he’s not interested in a Kelly Rutherford situation. He’s the one who gets deported in that situation. Now if Halle’s side was saying they aren’t interested in a Kelly Rutherford situation ~ I’d know she was seeing sense.

      • Neah23 says:

        It’s still funny because that what he and Halle were trying to do to Aubry. Olivier/Halle being Kelly Rutherford in that situation.

  3. aims says:

    He should plan on the most ugly, brutal, awful divorce and custody case, ever. Halle doesn’t do peaceful and graceful break ups. Ask all her ex’s.

    • robynsing says:

      They have been separated for a while. They have been hiding that from the media. They have not lived together for months. Halle is in a sexual relationship with a crew member on her show. When she moves on to someone new, the last dude gets treated like a rabid leper.

  4. Lama Bean says:

    But….he’s totally about to be Aubry’d. Complete with a ruined career and destitution. She’s consistent if nothing else.

  5. Neah23 says:

    Aww how cute Olivier is now worried about how things affected Nahla, but was not worried when he was trying to help Halle take Nahla away from her father.

    • jinni says:

      Exactly. Now he wants to worry about how it affected Nahla, but had no problem added fuel to the fire that was that custody battle by beating up her father at the time.

    • Luca76 says:

      Exactly especially when he beat Gabriel up.

    • Bridget says:

      I was thinking the same thing. He actively helped Halle give the Aubrey treatment!

      • antipodean says:

        Those little children are just adorable, my heart bleeds for them. With this maelstrom surrounding them for the next fifteen or so years, I cannot imagine the scars that they will be inflicted with, and will have to try to overcome. What chance do they have?

  6. Samtha says:

    Yeah, he’s horrified NOW by what happened between Gabriel and Halle, because he knows the exact same tsunami of crap is going to hit him. He was happy enough to beat up Aubrey and contribute to the mess at the time it was all going down.

  7. Belle Epoch says:

    Isn’t there some expression like the worm has turned? The shoe is on the other foot? Anyway the threats and beatdowns were all fine when he was the boy toy, but now it’s going to be hell. She is relationship poison, now with two kids by two different fathers to fight with.

  8. jinni says:

    Yeah well if she uses his beating Gabriel as reason for why he shouldn’t have custody of Maceo then maybe she should have seen that as a good reason not to have had a kid with him in the first place. Seriously it’s not like this happened after she got married to him and had the baby, she knew exactly what he was capable of, but I guess when that temper that is now such an issue was being used in her favor than it was okay.

    Olivier is about to get that karma for getting involved in a custody battle that he had no business in by fighting Aubry. And look all of this is going down around the same time as Aubry’s. Wonder what this Thanksgivings going to look like.

    • Jan says:

      Somewhere Gabriel is smirking, finding a comfy chair and popping popcorn. Karma’s a B*tch, isn’t it?

    • Lori says:

      If she uses that against Olivier, shouldn’t Gabriel be able to use it against her in further custody cases? She chose to keep her child around this violent man.

    • notasugarhere says:

      If Martinez can prove, or convince the judge, that Berry instigated the beatdown, she’ll be in even more trouble than he is.

  9. Manjit says:

    He really isn’t ageing well.

  10. als says:

    I have no sympathy for men that pay no attention to the women that they have children with and the other way around.
    Having a woman as a lover is one thing, having a child with her is a totally different discussion.
    Maybe I enjoy fighting out my demons in my personal relationships but I would think twice before getting a child in the mix.

  11. Hannah says:

    Their son is so cute. That’s all I got. (I am exhausted already).

  12. Carol says:

    Didn’t they file a police report alleging Gabriel started the fight? Do they know that filing a false police report is a crime? Please let this come back to bite them! Gabriel’s lawyer needs to be on high alert.

  13. Jaded says:

    I just feel so sorry for the kids….I’m sure they’re both going to have major PBSD (Post Breakup Stress Disorder), especially Nahla who has been through this before. Jeezus H. people, get your sh*t together for the sake of the children.

  14. AlmondJoy says:

    Maceo is soooo adorable! Sorry the kid had to go through this.

  15. vauvert says:

    Karma is a bitch Oliver. But just like I said on the other posts, still throwing shade at Gabriel? That crap about being satisfied with joint custody – when did Gabriel ask any different? The problem was that Halle didn’t want him to be involved at all – nada, zip, zilch, zero. At best some visitation rights when it suited her fancy. And now she will try and absolutely do the same to you.

    • anne_000 says:

      Yup. Going for joint custody is what lead to Olivier beating up Gabriel. So I hope he goes through the same hell that Gabriel got from her and him and learns what empathy is.

  16. Miss V says:

    Those poor children.

  17. DavidBowie says:

    Well, hope springs eternal Olivier. 🙂

    • jean says:

      Sounds like a public relations tactic here.
      Will this erase the words ‘violent temper’ from his image?

      Having a hard time forgetting Gabriel’s black eye after Oliver used his fist on his face. Was that a sucker punch he threw? Anyone remember?

      • Andrea says:

        Yes it was. Let’s be honest here, he probably was a touch bothered because Gabriel is better looking.

      • Neah23 says:

        Someone differently trying to redirect the violent temper narrative, while throwing shade at Aubry.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Martinez and his lawyer should be approaching her exes to see if they’d go on record with any of her behavior. Like others have stated, I suspect she can be a violent and abusive person too.

  18. jewbitch says:

    Omg that kid is totes adorable!!!

  19. Andrea says:

    Good luck Oliver, you are going to need it! You should have been nice to Gabriel, you two could have helped each other.

  20. Melody says:

    I kinda hope he gets Olivier Martinezed by her next boyfriend….

  21. anne_000 says:

    Yeah, Olivier. I hope you don’t get Gabriel Aubrey’d either by some violent jackass boyfriend of Halle’s who beats your moneymaker in and then she marries him the next year, like what someone did to Gabriel….

  22. Alice too says:

    Of course he’s going to get Aubry’d. And while he may not start a custody fight, he may, just like Gabe, find himself on the receiving end of one and have no choice.

  23. Leah says:

    She makes beautiful babies. That boy is adorable.

  24. Ana A. says:

    This is going to be so messy and I feel sorry for her children. Both of them.

    Even if Nahla has Gabriel as a father I’d think that Olivier was an important person in her life. Does this mean that now Nahla can only see Aubrey as per custody agreement and Maceo will only see Olivier? Are the siblings more or less getting separated half of the time? What a mess.