Josh Duhamel & Fergie dress up as Karl Lagerfeld & Choupette: brilliant?

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party
These are some photos from The Casamigos Halloween party, held by Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber Saturday night in Beverly Hills. Bedhead has more photos from the party here. My favorite couple of the night were Josh Duhamel and Fergie, who cleverly dressed as Karl Lagerfeld and his beloved Siamese, Choupette. This is an inspired costume choice and it makes me wonder how they came up with it. They accessorized with plenty of Chanel, of course. Brilliant!

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

My second favorite couple was probably Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan, who went as a traditional Cat in The Hat and a sexy Cat in The Hat. A sexy Cat in The Hat seems rather boring to me, but at least it’s inoffensive.

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

Speaking of offensive, here’s Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna. Harry is dressed as the late Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols and Lisa is his combative heroin addict girlfriend, Nancy. Harry stupidly chose to replicate Sid’s red Nazi swastika t-shirt. He would have been more recognizable with a “God Save The Queen” shirt or something that said Sex Pistols on it, but he wanted to be controversial. Note that the symbol on Harry’s shirt isn’t a true Nazi swastika, it’s not rotated to the side like that version, it’s closer to the original benign Hindu and Buddhist symbol, but it’s styled to look like the Nazi one. This is easily recognized as some kind of twisted homage to the Nazi symbol while being oriented in a way that doesn’t make it an actual Nazi symbol. It’s obnoxious and Hamlin should have known better.

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

The next day Hamlin went out in a red shirt with a peace symbol on it.

Exclusive... Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin Out For A Hike

Let’s move on Elisabetta Canalis in a Che Guevara costume, complete with thigh high boots and a machine gun. If you’re going to dress as a famous male, commit to it. Don’t do “sexy,” you’re supposed to be a guy! Wear a beard, wear loose dirty clothes and actually look like the person. That was not the objective here obviously. Canalis had a baby four weeks ago and she wants us to know how hot she looks now. It’s weird to me that Clooney’s ex was invited to this party though. She must still be friendly with Crawford and Gerber. Canalis seems more Crawford’s speed than Amal, you know what I mean? (Update: While The Daily Mail reports that Canalis is dressed as Che Guevara, she’s possibly wearing a Patty Hearst costume, which would make more sense.)

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

Here’s Jessica Alba as Romy (Mira Sorvino) from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Her friend Kelly Sawyer was Michelle. I love this idea!

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

Bonus pic of Lori Loughlin as Tippi Hedren’s character in The Birds. This costume is excellent.

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

photo credit: Thumbs42/FameFlynet

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  1. INeedANap says:

    Che Guevara was a murderer who installed a despot in a country he didn’t care about. Among other things, he was against a free press and believed political dissent needed to be crushed at all costs. He was also very much against propaganda, making all those stupid t-shirts and flags really ironic.

    • Dmm says:

      Firstly, I think Halloween is the one time a year you can offend, BUT I did find it odd that the blogger had an issue with other costumes, but was okay with this one. Guevara is responsible for the death/execution of many innocent people. Cuba’s 15-minute trials were barbaric.

    • xpreson says:

      I agree with both of your comments… he was a murderer with a very famous photo that sold thousands of t shirts that made him very fashionable. A shame so many people buy into his persona without knowing the gruesome truth.

    • Nicolette says:

      Agree with you all. It would behoove some people to educate themselves a bit. That said, the costume does remind me more of Patty Hearst than Guevara. The pose is identical to the infamous photo of Hearst.

      • stinky says:

        Hearst = bitchin’ costume

      • Gauchita says:

        The CIA (the US) sent – ILLEGALY- agents to kill a revolutionary and decades later the people who learn from schools in the US, thinks they are the heroes…. do you belieev everything your goverment tells you? Do kids in the the south of your country believe Earth was made 2 thousands years ago??
        I still remember being amazed that it took 9-11 to happen for you to realize that being an Empire means f*ucking the rest of the world; and that the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate it. OF COURSE I’m not saying the 2000 innocent americans who died in the crashes don’t matter; but your capitalist impositions have killed MILLIONS of non americans and you don’t seem to care; so when latinamerica (YOU’VE KILLED AND EXPLOITED US FOR DECADES!) decides to not take it anymore, you kill their leader. And then you teach your kids he was VERY BAD. And know you’re here, reapiting what the CIA wanted you to repeat. NIce.

    • kristen says:

      I’m so happy this was the first comment. Seeing idiots wearing his face on their shirt makes me so angry. It’s like, in his world, you’d be the first to die….pathetic pawns being drawn into political mind games.

  2. Snazzy says:

    The Karl & Choupette idea is brilliant – its just too bad she had to have one of those stupid see-through skirts, à la “sexy choupette”. How annoying

    • nicole says:

      There were a bunch of Karl/choupette costumes. I think Kendall Jenner was also one.

      Also, Choupette is a Birman, not sure Siamese – crazy cat lady knowledge.

      • swack says:

        The pictures I saw of Kendall, she was being Karl in a sexy way. Not as good as this. But I didn’t like the see through either.

      • Pandy says:

        Josh Duhamel’s costume is way better than the Jenner chick’s. Choupette just adds another level of awesome.

      • Liz says:

        I was also going to correct and say Choupette is definitely not a Siamese!

    • carol says:

      Fergie looked great in the platinum wig. She was totally unrecognizable.

    • Ferdinand says:

      Te idea of Karl and his cat it’s been done before! Last year it was very popular amongst fashionistas. Just look for male model Garrett Neff and his girlfriend. They killed it!

  3. Cari says:

    It’s so annoying that most women try to dress sexy on Halloween! It limits their costume choices, and is just silly. Geez…can they not go one day a year without having to look “hot”

    • Belle Epoch says:

      CARI I SO AGREE WITH YOU! Points to any woman who is willing to look silly instead of hawt. Can’t someone be Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs?

    • jugstorecowboy says:

      It also trickles down! My nine-year-old daughter wanted to go as a cop and the girl cop costumes had low necklines and stupid short skirts. She ended up just wearing dark blue and got the accessories and looked awesome. At the costume store just about every single woman’s costume was sexy. Even “sexy ebola nurse.” GAH it makes me mad…

      • swack says:

        My daughter bought accessories for a cat costume – ears, tail, choker, wrist cuffs. They were advertised as a child’s costume, but were a bit over the top, kind of sexy for a child (there were jewels on the cuffs). I would not have thought they were for a child. That being said, my granddaughter had on a long sleeve shirt and long pants so it toned down the other things.

      • Nicolette says:

        Just a thought for you for next year, but stores like TJMaxx and Marshall’s have some of the best Halloween costumes for kids especially girls. Well made and priced less than the costumes bought in a party store.

    • snowflake says:

      Thank you!

    • pinetree13 says:

      Yeah sexy cat in the hat is STUPID ! Seriously. THat is stupid. Also hate that all girl’s costume’s are ‘princess’ this or ‘pretty’ that. Can’t little girls just be something FUN? Why does it have to have a skirt even if that has nothing to do with the costume (like the cop costume someone mentioned above)?

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Love the Lagerfeld/Choupette and Tippi Hendren. The rest are lame. So tired.

  5. Detritus says:

    I have never been jealous of Fergie until now.
    I want to be Karl and choupette for Halloween. That’s brilliant. Do thy have me fooled? Is Fergie secretly deep?

    Also cat in a hat and sexy cat in a hat is awful. It one bad idea and then that one bad idea repeated and made into a sexy costume. Charming potato and hot wife, do better.

  6. Lilacflowers says:

    More Choupette!

    And is that supposed to be Che or Patty Hearst?

  7. Lindy79 says:

    Loved the Romy and Michelle look, and Tippy Hendren.

    No one tops NPH and his family on Halloween!!

    Not even Heidi (who honestly freaked the shit out of me this year but I get that’s probably how Jessica Rabbit would actually look and I just love how dedicated she is to it every year)

    In non celeb world, it seemed that Calavera/Day of the Dead looks were EVERYWHERE on my instagram and facebook feed.

    • swack says:

      I didn’t find Heidi’s costume very flattering to her (and not sexy). Don’t know if it was the angle of the picture I saw or it was an ill fitting costume.

  8. Zip says:

    So Halloween turned into “dress-like-a-sex-worker-day”, I guess.

  9. lower-case deb says:

    Lori’s costume is great!
    the Crow corsage, i covet!!

  10. dr mantis toboggan says:

    I honestly thought Fergie was Lindsay Lohan until I read the write up

  11. Wellsie says:

    I thought Fergie and Josh broke up.

  12. Tig says:

    Loved the Tippi H costume and Jessica’s and friends’ costumes. Yes it is Patti Hearst( how anyone made that into Che is beyond me). Liked Josh and Fergie too- clearly these folks put some thought to their costumes and were funny.

    • Em' says:

      The (brillant) Karl and Choupette idea was done first by Ashely Madewke and her husband (she was Bambi in Secret diary of a call girl) last year or the year before.
      But I admit, it is really funny

  13. kaye says:

    When did Jenna Tatum get those bolt-ons?

  14. Dawn says:

    Josh is just so hot. That Fergie is a lucky girl!

  15. Nayru says:

    I understand that the sexy Halloween costumes are tired and trite. However for many people Haloween is fantasy day to dress as you aren’t without any judgement. For many women that means going for the sexy angle. Without any shame I will admit that I am one of those women although now that I am 30 I have somewhat outgrown it. A few years ago I was Nicki Minaj, one of her more conservative outfits. I do still prefer a costume that is creative and innovative regardless of how sexy it is.

    • Naddie says:

      The problem is that it became a norm. Try to find a costume for adults that’s not sexy. And let’s not forget that they’re supposed to be sexy in a way that pleases men, not in a free, liberating way.

  16. bros says:

    what the heck is all over Lisa Rinna? is that supposed to be cocaine powder or is that a serious hi-def makeup issue?

    • Michelle says:

      I was wondering the same. I figured she missed a spot on her tanning. But I also thought they were Sandy and Danny from Grease.

  17. Green Is Good says:

    The Tippi Hedren costume wins ALL the prizes!

  18. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin blew it with those costumes. When I saw pictures, I had no idea what they were going for. You’re spot on that he would’ve faired better with the “God Save the Queen” shirt, and her wig made her look more like Sandy from the movie Grease. I thought they were going for random rockstars or junkies. That was a swing and a miss.

    I felt like a lot of celebrities brought it this year for Halloween; I saw a lot of celeb costumes that I thought were really clever and awesome. Love the Tippi Hedren costume. Also loved Fergie and Josh as Choupette and Karl. Kendall Jenner did a “sexy Karl Lagerfeld” costume but I felt like that was really try-hard. I’ve seen Jessica Alba’s Halloween costumes on other years and I think she always does a really great job. Last year she was Slash and her friend was Axl Rose. Jessica Simpson’s costume was cute also–she was Christie Brinkley and her husband went as Clark Griswold; I thought that was an adorable couples costume.

    I’m a huge fan of Halloween, and I refuse to let morons who misappropriate or try to take the opportunity to be slutty ruin it for me.

  19. Annabella says:

    Am I the only one who think Fergie looks like L.Lohan in these pics?

  20. Tacos and TV says:

    So…. Harry Hamlin kinda sucks and is a little stupid. Never knew this. Now I do. Jessica Alba’s costume is awesome.