Angelina Jolie in Versace at the AFI Fest premiere of ‘By the Sea’: stunning?


Now I’m sad that we’re at the end of Brangelina Week. Hopefully, there will be more interviews, red carpets and photo-ops from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the coming weeks, but they definitely ended The Week of Brangelina on a high note. They walked the AFI Fest red carpet last night for the premiere of By the Sea. Apparently, the Brangelina Bat-signal went out over LA, and all of the super-fans came out to cheer on Brad & Angie. At the premiere, Brad told USA Today: “We thought we were making an itty-bitty art film, and here we are.”

Angelina pulled out her best look of the week too: she wore this show-stopping, curve-hugging Versace gown in cream and gold. She looked surprisingly well-rested and refreshed. Surprising, because she looked pretty tired promoting the movie in NYC earlier this week. Anyway, I love the gown. I’m sure there will be some concern about the size of her implants, and enough time has passed where we can no longer use the excuse of “maybe they just need time to settle.” No. She really did go up a cup size after her mastectomy. I’m not sure how I feel about that! I’ll also say this – I think this Versace has a built-in corset/bustier that makes her waist look smaller and makes her breasts “stand up” more, which is also throwing off her proportions.

The early reviews are in for By the Sea and man, they are not good. The Wrap basically says that the best part of the movie is Angelina’s on-point makeup (although THR actually says her makeup is distracting). This line from The Wrap’s review is great: “In one scene, she showers before bed and still manages to wake up with a smoky eye.” The Wrap also identifies the problem I had with the first trailer: that if the film was being played for camp, if there was a wink and comedic self-awareness to two beautiful people being silently distraught in Europe, maybe the film would be decent. But no. The Wrap writes: “If ‘By the Sea’ weren’t so aggressively humorless, it might almost qualify as camp, so unsuccessful is its pursuit of weighty drama. Unintentional laughs are hard to come by here; instead, there are yawns aplenty.” The Hollywood Reporter’s review was even harsher – go here to read.




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  1. Katie says:

    It’s not black.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      Voilà ! It is all I can say also ( and Brad still looks like a Kennedy brother)

    • Loulou says:

      True. And I like it! She looks good in cream. Not so harsh against her skin.

      • Petee says:

        I think she look’s beautiful.Maybe a little fluff in the hair would have worked but she is perfection.

    • Janetdr says:

      So much better than that pale blue that washed her out!

    • seijidan says:

      If ever I get resurrected, I’d like to be resurrected as Angelina’s face. So beautiful.

      • hmph says:

        Which one? The old one or the new one she bought?

        I think she’s beautiful, especially if she’d gain a bit of weight, but I’m not going to pretend like she’s a natural beauty when she’s had plastic surgery. Just like Blake Lively, she is not a natural beauty and I can say with hand on heart that I would NOT want Angelina’s old face. I thought she looked like a weird alien with very round eyes and a piggish nose on a round chubby face.

      • Leonie says:

        I’ve never heard that one before. That she is not a natural beauty. In fact, it is one thing she is well-known for. Being a natural beauty. She has not changed from her teen years if you compare photos. She has lost a lot of weight, and that is it. No plastic surgery at all. I find it amusing that people need to believe she is not a natural beauty when photographic evidence of her as a kid and a teen prove she was. Clearly people feel the need to invent outrageous – and laughable, lies. Because they feel insecure.

    • JudyK says:

      She looks beautiful in white, but why is she wearing hooves on her feet! OMG, platforms drive me insane. They completely clunk up an otherwise streamlined look.

      • Ashlet says:


      • Alice too says:

        My guess would be expediency. Quite possible the gown is on loan and a hemline like that is difficult to take up. If it was “too long” enough to not have it dragging on the ground with an ordinary pair of heels that you can actually walk in (say 5 inches for the sake of explanation), the extra height you get from the platform (say 2″) plus a 7″ heel would make up the difference without torturing your feet. You’ll note in the pic where she’s standing still that the bottom of the gown is still very slightly touching the red carpet.

        I’ve got an evening gown that I have to wear platforms with. Taking it up would ruin the line of the dress. It’s a convenient solution to that.

    • Blackcat says:


      • Addison says:

        She looks really weird because she has small boobs. Even though after she had her surgery she got them bigger. But now, she looks deformed there because her arms also look way too thin. Disproportionate, is what she looks like. And Brad’s make up looks bad.

  2. Jayna says:

    The built-in cup of the gown is too big and firm and so her boobs are even bigger and just out there and overpower the gown on her. From other angles, though, it doesn’t seem as bad. Other than that, I think the gown is beautiful on her. And she looks better here without her hair pulled severely back and flat like the other premiere.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      Agree on all points, Jayna.

      • Sarah01 says:

        Yes me too, I still think her boobs are too big for her frame. I have big boobs and a smaller frame and its a major hassle to find clothes where the fitting is proper. If I ever could I’d love to get a beast reduction. Few days back I saw a beautiful blouse, fit me in the arms and waist so well but the chest I couldn’t close.

    • hmmm says:

      I’m surprised by how large her rack is. Overall, on top she looks like a pneumatic babe reminiscent of Barbie or a p*orno star. Overall she still looks very rectangular to me.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        It’s the dress, not her breasts. And didn’t Angie had the breasts she was born with removed, for health purposes? Please, be kind.

      • Chrissy says:

        I agree. It kind of looks like the bodice is padded and making her look really top- heavy. It’s quite distracting. Other than that, I love the dress and how she carries herself. Brad’s suit is nice but he’s done something to his face I can’t put my finger on. And I hate his hair.

      • Vava says:

        Hi Pumpkin,
        I might be wrong about this, but I think Angelina had reconstruction work done, with implants. Personally, I think she chose implants too large for her frame, but if that is what she was into, whatever…….

      • Anna says:

        Almost every formal gown she’s worn since her breast reconstruction has had that strange looking super-structured bodice. I think she is using this as a protection over the time it takes to heal, to give extra support and also to give such form that no one will be able to scrutinize her actual breasts. Of course, it’s so structured that the eye is naturally drawn there so maybe defeats that purpose…

    • Vava says:

      Agreed. The padded boobs are unnecessary and detract from the beauty of the gown. What the hell was Versace thinking??????????????

    • FurballFriend says:

      I agree; I saw a back shot of the dress and there was a visible gap between her body and the dress in both the front and back–the top half of the gown is quite rigid.

      • Vava says:

        Yes, classic case of designer dress failure. Donatella did not need to do an augmented bodice for Angelina.

      • aurelia says:

        She is so thin she is padding again. This is why the dress just looks weird. Padding through the whole torso area.

      • MrsK says:

        Not surprised. There’s really no room for error for such a dresson such an occasion. They are probably as rigidly structured as body armor.

        It also must be quite heavy. I tried on a very heavily-embellished sequin jacket and was surprised how very heavy it was. I don’t know how they manage to maintain good posture for an entire evening with a weight like this.

      • Anne tommy says:

        It looks uncomfortable, in the first photo she looks as If she can hardly breathe. Brad looks stretchy and dyed. A shame that the film has got such poor reviews though.

  3. Franca says:

    The dress is fine, her hair and makeup are lovely, but the breasts are throwing everything off, especially because her arms tend to be on the skinnier side.

    And my God, the reviews are harsh. But it did look bad from the trailer.

    • Jayna says:

      Where have you seen reviews? I haven’t seen any.

      Edit. Never mind. I found a couple. Oh, they are bad. This movie sounds like a Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston movie I recently watched on DVD, The Deep Blue Sea. I wanted to like it. It sounded great, an adaptation of a play, a British romantic drama but on the sombre side. Right up my alley. It was so dreary and boring that I finally gave up. I adore Rachel Weisz as an actress and wanted to like it, but I couldn’t even finish it.

      • Kitten says:

        The reviews are terrible. Did you read the one linked here?

        It sounds really bad unfortunately…

      • Tiffany :) says:

        THR’s line “has no reason for being” is really, really harsh. Ouch!

      • Tig says:

        Came here to second your opinion of Deep Blue Sea-it was just soooo bad. Hiddles was the absolute worst. I can’t say I’m surprised re this movie getting trashed- trailer looked pretty awful.
        I wish she would focus on finding projects and bringing those to the screen- I think she had a eye for interesting/out of mainstream material. Maybe work with aspiring film makers from those countries she has visited in connection with her UN work? No doubt she’ll direct more in the future, and there’s a learning curve to everything.

      • MND says:

        I gave up on it too and I’m a fan of Slow cinema.

    • T.Fanty says:

      I also think that the dress is cut and corseted to give her more volume up top. I saw a side pic where there was a noticeable gap between the dress and her back. I think the dress literally stands up by itself, and it just makes her disproportionate boobs seem even bigger.

      And Pitt looks like he’s had a little work done.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      A-freaking-men on the boobs throwing everything off. And it’s a shame, really, because she looks lovely in the cream Versace, hair and make-up are perfect, but omg, her bustline just looks so fake that you can’t really see anything else. Why would such a beautiful woman do that to herself?

      As for Brad, I have never found him the teensiest bit attractive. He’s just so boring to look at, and his features are so small and unsexy to me. But beyond all that…what has he done to his face? It was already uneventful in the extreme…now he looks like Madame Tussaud’s progeny.

      I’ve always found Angelina far more interesting than him.

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        Yep, she went too big. I know doctors usually encourage going up a half size to full cup size bigger than you think you want due to settling, gravity ect. but yea…its unfortunate. Shes so beautiful but she gives me Jessica Rabbit cartoon vibes with those titays (classy pronunciation ti-tayze)

      • T.Fanty says:

        A good friend of mine just had a double mastectomy. What they do is take a out everything in a teardrop shape that goes really quite high towards the collarbone. She was upset, because it left dents up the top, on her chest, and wanted to go bigger to fill them, but the doctor said they encourage post-mastectomy women to go down a size, because, as to fill all of that will involve going quite big, and look very fake. I wonder if Angelina just tried to go back to her original size.

      • Ennie says:

        .Angelina is too slim so to hide the imperfections her low body fat was probably insufficient. Hence, going up a size was most likely the way to go

    • Esmom says:

      I agree that the trailer did not bode well, it seemed alternately campy and melodramatic. Somehow I think AJ will survive a few bad reviews.

  4. InVain says:

    Dress and color on her is lovely…although the bust seems to be unnaturally large for her…not sure, could be just the angles but it looks a little strange. Other than that I wish she would have done something different with her hair. They both look nice overall.

    • Piper says:

      I’ve never once heard anyone complain about Sofia Vegara’s boobs being too big . Angelina can’t win . People either complain that she’s too skinny, or she dresses in baggy clothes that hang on her . I think she looks beautiful , and maybe she wanted curves after her mastectomy . I think that’s her choice .

      • Esmom says:

        I think Sofia Vergara is much curvier than Angelina so her proportions seem more in balance. A frame like Angelina’s is more typically flat chested, like Kate Middleton. In any case I don’t think her implants detract from Angelina’s beauty at all.

      • Lilian says:

        Sofia breasts as far as I can tell are proportionate to the rest of her body

      • V4Real says:

        Yes Sofia bottom matches the top and isn’t her boobs real?

        Point of me saying that is this, if Sofia’s breast are real than that’s her natural size in which she was born with. AJ has breast implants therefore she chose to go that big. Perhaps you should have used someone such as Pamela Anderson as a comparison but then again many people used to say that Pam’s breast were ridicules.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Sofia actually has a very tiny bottom. She has an incredibly itty bitty tiny waist, so it makes her hips look “curvy”, but in reality she is probably a size 2 in pants.

        No matter the case, you cant really say AJ “chose” to go that big. It is really a guessing game to determine what size implant will match your natural chest after so much tissue has been taken out and then replaced.

      • milla says:

        But AJ is a movie star, like a proper star, Sofia is not. She is just this good looking woman who got lucky. Angie gets more attention and more attention includes that she will get more criticism. I like everything but that part of the dress. It makes her look more like Sofia, less like Angelina.
        She can win, she won long time ago, she is among the best paid actresses in the world, people know her, want to know all about her. That includes her bra size.
        But I do not get the skinny comments. She had major surgeries, of course she is skinny now. It is not like she had a facelift. She had real surgeries, not for the sake of vanity.

        Pitt looks bad, he should try to age gracefully.

  5. Tracysmiles says:

    They are flat out gorgeous but yes, I think her proportions look way out of whack. It’s like the corset of the dress has some weird double padded bustier in it.

  6. lisa2 says:

    I love the look.. I would have liked her hair a bit different..but looking at the dress move on video well it is gorgeous and so is she.. Brad looks amazing and damn he is working that tux..

    I’m sure the thread will get interesting and I don’t have the patience.. I’m going to see the film regardless of critics or bloggers pro or con..

    • BNA. FN says:

      Lisa 2, I’m with you. I’m going to see the movie and judge for myself. There is always gloom and doom with some critics whenever Angelina’s movies come out. I remember Unbroken was panned by some, it did make money.

      Btw, Angelina was not flat chested. Go back and look at some of her red carpet dresses, eg the beautiful green gown, the off white, Ect. Her bust looks big here because her waist is so tiny. This gown is absolutely beautiful. Brad is looking handsome, great couple. Whatevs, I’m a fan and proud of it, phd.

      • Bae says:

        She was never this big busted, though. And she has a waist here because of the dress, her bodyshape is usually pretty boxy.

      • Jayna says:

        @Rae, Angelina was busty, but not as big as with her boob job. But it’s more that when you have reconstruction they aren’t the same as real boobs when you replace them, because of the loss of tissue. They sit differently. My friend, when she did hers wanted to go larger, because she was a very naturally chesty girl. The doctor talked her against it, because I guess he knew how they might sit. He told her the size he recommended would be close to her size. They weren’t. They were smaller. She was disappointed and told me they aren’t like her real boobs because of no tissue from the double mastectomy and emotionally had to adjust to it all and knew she was lucky to be alive and to even be able to reconstruct her boobs, unlike the old days. She said it took some weeks to adjust with the new normal of what she had.

        So it’s not an exact science when trying to decide on size and visualize how they will be and how they will sit. Angie’s tend to be high and nipples go more towards the side. I think it has to do a lot with how wide your chest cavity is and where they sit.

        She’s a lucky women to have had them redone and retain her nipples. And in time they will settle much more I think. This dress had a firm built in cup that made them look even bigger than what she is. I think if she would put a few pounds on they wouldn’t look out of proportion

        This was Angie before children, before Brad, and with a few pounds on her as you can tell by her arms, shoulders and clavicle area..

      • V4Real says:

        That’s not really busty. AJ chest was never that large and at different stages of her life they seemed to have been various sizes. In the movie Original Sin and Gia they seemed like a small C but in the movie Cyborg 2 they seem like a B-Cup. Perhaps her breast changes with her weight.

      • WILZ says:

        it’s not exact science but as far as I know if you get saline implants they can be aspirated by a needle to deflate them a little bit and make them smaller if they’re too big,but she might have silicone implants.anyways I think it’s the dress that’s doing the has padding or something.

      • BESO says:


        Those pics are from when she was shooting Tomb Raider (can tell by those long extensions she had for Lara Crofts braid). Angelina said she worked hard at gaining weight and building muscle for Tomb Raider which is why she looks slightly heavier.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Brad looks so hunky!!!!! Stunning couple!!!

  7. Ferris says:

    She looks beautiful in that dress. I think she looks better in fitted dresses than looser ones.

    Sorry the movie is getting bad reviews. It looked bad from the trailer. She tried, she can learn from her mistakes and make a better movie next time.

    • Kitten says:

      It might be suffering from the limitations that come with being one person’s singular vision you know?
      Screenwriter, director, producer, actor…it’s a lot of hats to wear for one person (or two if you consider Pitt), especially for Jolie, who is far from seasoned in terms of movie-making. Maybe if she had more cooks in the kitchen, she would have a more complete perspective, a more balanced movie? I haven’t seen it so I’m obviously just speculating..

      I hope she doesn’t get discouraged and I hope she keeps trucking on. We need more female directors who are willing to put themselves out there.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I loved this article, “100 women Directors Hollywood Should Be Hiring”.

      • Kitten says:

        Great link, Tiff. Thanks :)

      • lucy2 says:

        That link is awesome, Tiffany, thanks!
        I’d add Lake Bell to it – she wrote/directed/starred in “In a World…” which was very good, and in an interview said she’s pursuing other directing work too.

        Many of the directors on that list have had very successful films, it’s insane to me they aren’t all in more demand. It’s good to see so many working in television though, I think a lot of really good material has gone to TV and it seems like there’s more opportunity for female directors there.

      • kate says:

        I still think writing and directing is a strange choice for her. Producing I’d get, but she said so many times that she can’t even sit through a full film, that she rarely reads the scripts for her films…most directors, even the hacks, absolutely love films, can’t take in enough, and are the type of people who read scripts for fun when they were younger. As an actress she seems to have stumbled accidentally into the few good, well developed projects she’s been in, so I’m not sure why that would suddenly change now she’s doing more behind the scenes.

        IMO Pitt would be a better candidate for writing/directing. I don’t love him as an actor but he has a real eye for good material, for good directors, for good scripts. That’s the kind of thing that translates into being a good writer/director.

      • jessia says:

        @ Kate
        Yeah I do think its weird how Jolie wants to become a director when she had said things like she doesn’t like watching movies or doesn’t like acting either. I mean, you need to be a lover of a film to be a good director. I think Angie went into directing as an ego boost and for awards and not really because she loves it. Other wise her directing features would not be flops like how By the Sea, Unbroken and ITLOBAH was or would not have gotten poor reviews either. You need to have a passion for movies and she clearly doesn’t appreciate film from what I read about her thoughts on movies and acting. Any other star would be ripped apart for sounding ungrateful but she gets a pass for it .
        Did you see are interview last year for DRT? She had no idea what the other directors were talking about and looked out place there. All she could talk about were her children.

    • Jayna says:

      @Kitten, I agree. it may be also that she’s a better director with someone else’s material than being the screenwriter and director. You can’t really direct a good movie if the script isn’t that good to begin with. Not that her screenwriting won’t get better the longer she’s doing it.

      I don’t think she will get discouraged. She wants to be a director and not really an actress. Brad even said he doesn’t think she ever really was fulfilled by acting. She will take some acting gigs to help pay for their huge lifestyle moving an entourage from place to place and maintaining quite a few homes, but I think she will persevere. If she ends up not having box office success after a few more, it will be indies with a tiny budget (not $10 million) that she will be stuck with for a long time, as she won’t get big financing. But she can still develop her craft with those and create an interesting body of work that is fulfilling to her.

      • Kitten says:

        I hope so, Jayna. It definitely helps that she has all the tools at her disposal to keep directing. She’s bound to hit rough patches as she finds her way, you know? Hopefully this bump in the road just makes her more determined.

      • Wilma says:

        But her screenwriting can be really good, at least, I thought In the land of blood and honey was well written. She did write that, didn’t she? (As I’m writing I’m starting to doubt myself)

      • jessia says:

        She wants to be a director but has said many times she doesn’t like acting or watching movies. I don’t understand why she wants to be a director if doesn’t like watching movies. Makes no sense to me.

  8. GlimmerBunny says:

    The dress is STUNNING, but I wish her hair was different, a bit bigger/bouncier.

    • tracking says:

      Yes, the dress is spectacular and looks lovely on her, but I don’t think her hair and makeup suit it. Veronica Lake waves and a deeper lip would have been stunning. His face still looks odd. And tan.
      It must be hard when a passion project flops, when the vision in your head doesn’t translate for the audience. I’m sure that’s painful, but they’ll move on to the next thing.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah definitely needs stronger makeup. I have hair the same color as hers and white washes me out a lot. I think she could have gone with this sort of look for hair and makeup:

      • Shambles says:

        Kitten, I would probably be crying if she’d worn her makeup like that. So, so stunning. As far as that particular updo, it’s a little severe IMO. I see this look with an updo too, but I’m thinking something a little more whimsical and piled-up and bouncy.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah it is severe but I liked it with the red and white Versace dress because it really emphasized the structured collar. She’s always so pretty but I enjoy it when she switches it up with a bold lip.

        I agree that loose and piled hair would look great with this white sequin dress.

      • Isabelle says:

        Disagree about the tan. Don’t like the fake bake look and hate the spray tan look. Natural skin looks best.

      • Carmen says:

        Nooooo I don’t see her with Veronica Lake waves at all. I think an updo would have been great with that dress. Cream is definitely a color that works on her.

    • Esmom says:

      I actually really like the loose and natural hair with the bedazzled gown. Not everyone could pull it off but she does here.

  9. als says:

    She is stunning.
    I am sorry that the movie is humorless – that’s a deal breaker for me. This is why I left in the middle of Man of steel.
    To be fair I never imagined Angelina as a person with a developed sense of humor. I am sure she can be fun but i would be surprised In her introducing a tone of humor in her movies.

  10. Saywhatwhen says:

    She does look pretty. Lovely dress. But they do not look like they are enjoying the press tour for their movie. They look a bit serious, worried, stressed.

    • KB says:

      Your last sentence has me thinking about when her mom was dying and she was serious on the red carpet and Seacrest called her cold afterwards. I hope everything is well with them.

  11. vauvert says:

    Despite all my love for her, I don’t like the dress, or the shoes, or her hair here. Nothing can make her look bad, she is too beautiful for that, but instead of enhancing her beauty this dress washes her out, not to mention yawn, another strapless on the RC.
    I will probably still see the movie, but maybe on video instead of theatre if the reviews are that bad.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree. She is always beautiful, but she looks tired and washed out. That’s not her color.

    • Saywhatwhen says:

      The movie promotion must require a lot of work. I hope she gets some rest after. In all the pretty dresses and charity work we tend to forget that this lady had some major surgeries recently— the physical and mental impact on the body must be taxing.

    • V4Real says:

      I know it’s there job but I never listen to film critics. If a movie looks interesting to me I will see it despite what the reviews say. There have been so many times movies have received bad critiques but I ended up liking the films. The Tourist received bad reviews but I liked that movie a lot.

      • Paige says:

        I stopped listening to critics a long time ago. When I was younger, I used to read all the reviews before going to the show. I stopped because they give too much of the movie away and usually my opinions are different from theirs. I can think of several comedies and dramas that were got horrible reviews and it the end I still enjoyed them. I will probably still go see BTS since it’s being released in my city.

  12. Claire says:

    I’m loving the dress but i’m not feeling the hair.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I like the material and the built-in corset does define her waist, but I agree the proportions are off. See Anne Hathaway’s Armani Oscar dress for this style done right, remains one of my faves.

    The reviews make it sound like this film is just wallowing in misery, without much else happening. Nope, not interested in that.

  14. Shasta says:

    Stunning dress. She really is a strikingly beautiful woman. Glad Brad has ditched the homeless look and brought back the hot.

  15. What's inside says:

    Fashion-wise, it was the usual fare without the polish. They both look done with promoting the movie.

  16. Barrett says:

    Her boobs look like a coat or chest of arm our. She has a big head and tiny body hence the bobble head effect.

    I think she is a great leader of the conversation on breast cancer but unassuming and could be wrong that this post surgery size was part of her preference.

  17. Shambles says:

    Love the color on her, and the fact that she’s showing off her curves a little bit. I think sometimes she may not try as hard fashion-wise because she knows if she went all out she would kill people with her utter gloriousness. She looks amazing, of course, but had she given a little more life to her hair? We’d all be dead, and she knows, so she dials it back. Lol. Of course I’m just messing around, but I do think she’s effervescent either way.

    • Naddie says:

      Lol, sometimes I think like that too. She’d be like “Damn, I don’t want to be always the most gorgeous one! I’ll wear this bland dress right here so people around me won’t feel so washed out”.

  18. Nicolette says:

    Gorgeous couple. They could both wear paper bags and still pull it off.

  19. alice says:

    the boobs are ruining everything. those implants are too big for her and she looks ridiculous. they’re like an armor

  20. Regina Phelange says:

    I love her shoulders

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      “There’s something wrong with the left phalange.”

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane this AM.

  21. Kitten says:

    I can’t imagine having a double mastectomy just to have so many people making comments about my “replacement” breasts. Seems kind of wrong to me…..
    It’s almost like telling someone who lost their leg that their prosthesis looks “too fake” or whatever. What she went through was traumatic enough without the criticisms of her chest, post-surgery.

    • tracking says:

      I agree. I think there have been multiple efforts to explain that reconstruction is not an exact science. It may not be a perfect fit now that she’s so thin but if she puts on a little weight, they’ll balance out. And even if she did want to go up a size, so what.

      • Jayna says:

        This is what I have tried to say, having had a girlfriend go through it and gaining an understanding. To go through a double mastectomy, for her radiation, and then you have to go through the long period of expanders put in your chest to stretch out your skin, before you ever get to the reconstruction. She had problems with the expanders at one point and drainage. She went through so much. Then the anxiety over trying to pick the right size for her breasts and dealing with that because having no breast tissue changes that was just another thing to deal with. She would tell you she wished she had gone larger like Angie, because she had the other issue, smaller than before it turned out and having a problem with one side, the feeling of them feeling so firm because of no breast tissue. She’s very thin also, it seems thinner than before the surgery.

        At the end of the day, she felt shallow for even agonizing for how they turned out and mourning her old breasts, but you’re only human. She’s very grateful to be alive and grateful that in this day and age you can have reconstructed breasts and save your nipples. She thought Angie’s boobs looked great and had a good result. Christina Applegate said the same thing about her journey the mourning of it and then moving on. I think Angelina is tougher and more pragmatic due to losing family members. She accepted it more quickly I think, didn’t really mourn the before, and moved on.

        People need to understand it’s not just having a mastectomy and having new boobs all in one surgery. It’s way more involved than that.

      • V4Real says:

        @Jayna I know the process. A co-worker of mine had a double mastectomy. The last step for her before the implants were the expanders which is done over time. The process of the expanders were so painful to her that she stopped doing it. She has yet to complete the process and get the implants. Right now she is just concentrating on trying to get well due to other health problems. She said she may never get the reconstructive surgery.

        She was a C cup before losing both breasts and her doctor was trying to convince her to go bigger. Most plastic surgeons do that regardless of if it’s for reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy or if it’s just for vanity.

        Another co-worker lost her battle with breast cancer years ago. She beat it at first and had the surgery. Her doctor took fat from other parts of her body(butt) to replace her breast tissue. But later her cancer can back and spread. She lost the battle the on the second fight.

      • Jayna says:

        @V4Real, I’m so sorry to hear about your co-worker. My friend’s breast cancer was caught early but she was found to have the same gene Angie does. it was a devastating blow. After several consultations with specialists, she elected to have a double mastectomy. Doing that meant she only had to have radiation, not chemo, and gave her piece of mind. Not that radiation is any fun. She had other complications also, that now I can’t remember as it’s been two years.

        The expanders were also the worst part of it all she told me and a long process. Complications from it meant she had to go back into the hospital. It was a low period for her and her husband, and so the reconstruction was set back somewhat to give her time. But she wanted it all over with and finally had it done.

      • V4Real says:

        @Jayna I wish your friend well and happy to hear that she made it through.

    • Marny says:

      Yeah, and I’m actually used to them. They threw me off at first but now they’re the new normal. For me, her shoes are the only thing I don’t like about this appearance and I really despise them!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree 100%. The reviews are so harsh, you’d think that would be the focus of comments.

      People don’t have a lot of choice in how they heal, folks. Implant size is kind of theoretical until you do the actually surgery and you see how they fit in your body and then how your body reacts to them.

    • BESO says:

      First of all, I love everything about the dress, they are both stunning. Period.

      Secondly, and sadly: It seems like some women suspend all protocol when it comes to Angelina. If it’s her, it’s fine to be misogynistic and body shaming, and burn your feminist/girl power card.

      My guess is it will always be okay to punish her for being with Brad and having a family with him.

      Never forget. Lol.

      Psychologists could have a field day reading these posts. They’re filled with such backhanded and sometimes front handed animus.

      No one deserves to be mercilessly picked apart about things so non-important, ridiculous, and superficial, especially a woman who is among the least superficial in her industry and is an influential and powerful inspiring person who makes it clear time and time again, she’s not about that life.

      A woman who had surgeries to extend her life span/mortality. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Helping other women by discussing it, taking it on, continuing to live her life and still being who she is, a beautiful person inside and out, strong and sensual – I’m sure the fact that it was one of the biggest sex symbols greatly encourages those women faced with the same and similar challenges (in fact we’ve heard from many just on these boards).

      YET we show our true colors by this repetitive nonsense about her chest size and other women dissecting and disassembling her like she was a side of beef and discussing her ‘ti-tayze,’ or ‘cancer double Ds’ as a kind soul yesterday referred to them.

      I swear i’d see kinder posts on a Maxim message board from mostly men.

      She still seems to enrage or bring about fake concern trolling which inspires such foul sick and sad comments in every thread until it devolves into a thread just about that, her boobs – or how ugly and old her husband, ‘Brad Pitt,’ is…..yah, ok.

      The venom and resentment is still strong a decade later.

      • deborah says:


      • Kitten says:

        Ew. I’m so glad I missed that comment that you are referring to.

        I get that it’s a gossip website and we’re going to talk about her dress etc, but it saddens me that so often she gets reduced to her appearance. I feel that if we can’t find more to talk about with someone as interesting as Angelina, then there’s really no hope for us.

      • V4Real says:

        “Secondly, and sadly: It seems like some women suspend all protocol when it comes to Angelina. If it’s her, it’s fine to be misogynistic and body shaming, and burn your feminist/girl power card.”

        I guess you haven’t been on a Kim K or Kylie Jenner post.

        “YET we show our true colors by this repetitive nonsense about her chest size and other women dissecting and disassembling her like she was a side of beef and discussing her ‘ti-tayze,’ or ‘cancer double Ds’ as a kind soul yesterday referred to them.”

        Once again see a Kim K, Khloe K (aka Pinocchio Butt). or Jenner post. Taylor Swift’s boobs and Nicki Minaj have also been discussed on here.

        It’s not body shaming to say someone implants are too big for their frame; the same thing they used to say about Pam Anderson.

      • BESO says:


        You nailed it. It makes me feel beyond hopeless. I start hoping this is a small microcosm of women on the whole, but I don’t know.

        It’s like when Chelsea Handler attacked her. She went to several women’s magazines and even on Katie Couric and they actually encouraged her hatefulness by just cackling in glee. The fact that Handler doesn’t know her at all, was rarely discussed.

        At the end of the day, that’s the reaction a lot of women have, they may not be the ones saying the worst and grossest stuff, but there’s a tacit approval which encourages it from others (which sometimes comes out when they finger wag, not the awful foul people, but Angelina defenders).

      • BESO says:


        No, actually I haven’t been in too many Kim Kardashian or Kylie or Nicki Minaj threads, mainly because I’m not interested and don’t feel the need to to read yay or nay about them. I certainly don’t agree with them being body shamed either.

        However people that make their living selling others cosmetics and clothes and taking selfies of rear ends and other body parts, are opening the door. Essentially saying, here’s how to get my beautiful lips and beautiful figure – you could argue, actually invite the close inspection. The close inspection drives their revenue which is what they want. Kim wants you looking at her rear and discussing it which is why she takes pics of it.

        How does this compare to Angelina Jolie, Oscar winning actress/director/producer/UN Special Envoy and humanitarian and her preventative surgeries she’s had to save her life?

        I also have a hard time believing that they face the same kind of nasty repetitive criticism Angelina gets about her weight and bustline. If Kylie wears a black matte lipstick, and takes a selfie, she’s inviting you to comment, if she does a lip challenge she’s inviting you to do it and comment.

        HOWEVER, Angelina has been the same weight for at least 20 yrs+ and we all know her breasts now are not her natural breasts. So WHY the non stop commentary about nothing new under the sun?

        Do people take up an entire thread on Kim’s rear end? I doubt it. Maybe when she first came out, or perhaps if the story Kaiser framed was a big behind shot in illfitting pants. But she’s had her rear end for several years, what is there to say?

        That’s the obvious difference Angelina inspires. Her posts blow up and it’s the same cast of characters saying the same things over and over just to stick a knife in. Like they see a report of them at a woman’s summit, or building homes, or directing on set, or shopping go with their kids, and for the 457th time the only thing they can say is ‘big boobs, skinny, skinny, big boobs, scary skinny, boobs.’

        It’s a way to cut her up and reduce her to nothing. If she was selling bras, and like the Kardashians saying buy this to look just like me – you might have a point, but she’s not and you know it.

        It’s unneccesary foul snark based on resentment.

      • V4Real says:

        @Beso Kim K and her sisters get constantly bashed. It doesn’t matter that Kim butt is old news, people on here are still talking about it and other parts of her anatomy.

        Here’s what people such as Kim, Swifty and Nicki have in common with AJ. They are all in the business. They are all targets for praise as well as scrutiny. You may feel AJ deserves more respect or may be better than the ones mentioned but not everyone feels that way.

        When any celeb in the business put themselves on display in any type of fashion such as social media, interviews, magazines, promotions, they are opening themselves up for public opinion, AJ is not exempt from this. It doesn’t matter how many accolades she have achieved, she is still an entertainer in the business. Even the President of the United States who is by far more important than any celeb gets criticized and dragged through the mud.

        You will also find the same posters on a Kim K thread, an Aniston thread, Swift and so on saying the same thing about them over and over. Yet, not many people are calling those posters out as haters or jealous people. If you think about it every person I mentioned has inspired others in some way. It may not be the type of inspiration that AJ brings but they have inspired others.

        They do take up an entire thread talking about Kim’s butt, her looks and how much they dislike her. Other celebs get it just as much as AJ but if you’re not paying attention to those celebs you will not be aware of it. This will lead you to believe that it’s only AJ that people are resentful of or don’t like. Jennifer Aniston fans could say the same thing about the posters who constantly say negative things about her.

        I would agree that some people go overboard in their critique of Angie just like some fans go overboard in defending her. She doesn’t need anyone to defend her. She’s fine, she doesn’t know or care about any of us. Maybe some posters intentionally say not so popular things about AJ just to piss her hardcore fans off. They know the fans are going to jump to her defense as it has been proven many times on an AJ thread. Some fans come off as if they know every thing about this woman, even her feelings and emotions and what she would or wouldn’t do. Most things said about her are just opinions, not fact. Like down thread when you said AJ doesn’t wear extensions on the red carpet. How do you know that as fact?

        And almost every celeb has a way of saying look at me. Some just know how to be subtle about it. I’m an AJ fan, I just don’t put her on a pedestal. And yes I believe she plays the PR game like others, she’s an entertainer, it’s her job.

    • jmacky says:

      @kitten. yes.

    • V4Real says:

      “Wrong spot.

    • Ennie says:

      Kitten, great post.

  22. Candice says:

    Though not their best they look great. I like the color on her her hair and make up gorgeous. Brad look dapper clean and shaven.

    • BNA. FN says:

      The dress is absolutely S T U N N I N G, In motion. I is one of my favorite look on the both of them, they really make a beautiful couple. I’m going to see the movie, if in my area, and hope they make a profit. What I’m reading is not a happy movie but it something IMO I would wile to see and see for myself. I always support Brad and Angelina whenever I can.

  23. MrsBB says:

    Brad reminds me a bit of Robert Redford. Both are fine by me.

  24. Laura says:

    Angelina looks exquisite!!! I think she is just (physically) perfect and I really admire her desire to help those less fortunate than herself. Her dedication to bringing attention to issues outside of the Hollywood scene is something, in my opinion, that just adds to her appeal. Best wishes to Angelina on the release of her new movie!

  25. MediaMaven says:

    Brad is looking a it like Leo DiCaprio in some of these shots……whatever he did to his face, he needs to stop.

    • BNA. FN says:

      Yesterday on B&A thread there was so many conflicting post that I was wondering where is the truth.

      @7:28 pm someone wrote: “Brad in particular looks suddenly old, he seems to have develop a wattle under his chin and “old man” eyebrows, the sort that age brings…”.

      Then at 11:43 pm someone wrote, ” it’s pretty obvious he’s had a face lift. His jaw line is much tighter”. So in some eyes he looks good and in some eyes he looks old. I guess beauty is in the eyes of who is looking. In my eyes I see nothing new, just a close shave, his hair slick back, some powder to take away the glare from the flashing lights and a little weight loss. IMO, brad is still the same handsome man only a little older, it’s going on 11 years since MAMS. People age and change with time.

  26. Pandy says:

    Why not go up a cup size? Or two?? Or down, or whatever she wants.

    • Ennie says:

      Because it is not so easy to go and get surgery?
      She has a busy schedule, she has six children and she recently got surgery for delicate issues. I suspect that going up and down sizes when you have a mastectomy and no breast tissue is not a walk in the park.
      I was a guest at my sister’s surgery (breast reduction) and while the surgery in itself seemed not that big a deal because she was not completely sedated, it was a smooth-ish process, the issue of removing the nipple and replacing it in a different position, and all that implies, scarring , etc. had some undesirable outcomes, the scarring, the appearance, mys sister was happy because of the reduction, but aggravated and very worried because it turned out that she had developed ugly scars and other issues, like her nipple looking not that well in her new breast size. She also was very active and did not rest enough after the surgery (I suspect AJP of being the same).
      I do not like criticizing reconstructions after mastectomies just because of seeing my sister going to that, and it was no mastectomy nor she was in risk of getting a serious illness if she did not do it. It was purely an aesthetic choice.

      • KB says:

        @Ennie I think you misunderstood what Pandy was saying, which was that it’s Angelina’s choice. As in, “who are we to judge? It’s her body.” I think Pandy was responding to all the people saying Angelina’s chest is larger than it was prior to the mastectomy.

      • Ennie says:

        I probably just read the first part thanks.

  27. Crumpet says:

    I am the 51 year old mother of one 11 year old and the colds and flu’s etc. that she is forever dragging home from school have run me down like a runaway train. She bounces right back, but I don’t, not anymore. Though Angie is younger than I, she has 6 kids dragging pestilence back home from school plus all the traveling they do…. it is no wonder she looks tired. And yes, it must be terribly hard to see something you and your spouse put your hearts and souls into get panned.

    I think the dress has been appropriately discussed, so I will add nothing more.

    • mayamae says:

      I think the JP children are home schooled, but I take your point. Many people get sick with frequent traveling, and exposure to all the germs. Sleep deprivation – alone – is debilitating.

  28. serena says:

    Beautiful dress, but why, why for the love of god, her hair is always so bad?? siigh

    • Jayna says:

      Just a guess, but I was thinking maybe she didn’t put her usual pieces and extensions in like she usually has in for volume because it’s an indie movie premiere, not a big budget premiere. So she decided not to do her big hair, but go more simple. I could be off, but that’s my assumption

      • BESO says:

        Since when does Angelina wear extensions on the red carpet – unless it’s a holdover from a movie she’s filming? See links someone posted discussing her body, from around time she was filming Tomb Raider. She had in the long hair that made the Lara Croft braid. She also wore hair in Mr and Mrs Smith. So I’m not saying she never has extra hair in.

        But as a matter of course, she is not wearing hair.

        This is one of her last high profile red carpets – the critics choice awards when she was nom’d last year:

        Her hair is curled and shiny and it’s all her own.

        I say this because I’ve seen pics and wondered why she didn’t put in hair to make her pony tail thicker or something. I’m all for a weave – but she’s got shiny fine hair and she doesnt mind it.

  29. WILZ says:

    disappointed the movie is getting bad reviews but I’ll wait untill I see it to judge.She looks beautiful here ! the dress is amazing on her..,the forehead is a little bit frozen’s their ET chat on the red carpet

    and another one

    • KB says:

      She always looks really botoxed to me, but given what people say about her now, one can only imagine what they’d say if she had wrinkles!

      • WILZ says:

        agreed.I think she gets botox in the forehead when it’s time for a movie premiere so she doesn’t frown when she speaks it makes her look relaxed ,if you watch her old interviews she tends to move her forehead a lot when she talks

      • BESO says:


        She really can’t win. If a pic shows her making an expression with lines, she’s old and ‘tired.’ If a pic shows her serene face while posing with no expression, they see no lines, and are mad about her seemingly line free face – so they say she must have been botoxed.

        How can you tell botox from a still pic where she isn’t making an expression?

        Angelina usually always has serene face when she’s posing, but if you see video or her in candids from the same event (like greeting DeNiro, or laughing with Brad) you see every muscle on her face moving.

      • KB says:

        @BESO Actually it was first distracting to me in Maleficent during that really dramatic crying scene.

    • Jayna says:

      She looks really pretty. I always love her in live interviews. Her face shows so much emotion and a great smile.

      Aw, she’s so invested in the movie and it’s so personal to her. In that second clip you linked, she was speaking from the heart. I hope at least, as all the reviews roll out, she gets some that are a little better.

      Now, regarding Brad in that second clip. I rolled my eyes at everyone saying he was botoxed and tweaked on the red carpet, because I had seen him in that Today Show interview and he looked good but his age,. I didn’t realize until somebody mentioned it on here that that interview was pretaped and was done back in August. Well, looking at that first clip on the red carpet, he is so tweaked.

      Brad, a smooth, tight face on a 51-year-old man doesn’t make sense.

      • WILZ says:

        I’m excited to see the movie despite the reviews.I don’t mind depressing scenes without much talking,especially if it’s Angelina lol and like she said not everyone will relate to it so this is expected.
        Brad should’ve gotten the work done earlier.he still looks good but when he tries to smile you can tell he’s tweaked.

      • BESO says:

        I’m confused. As other people are pointing out – Brad in the space of one day, according to some posters, has gone from saggy jowly and loose to super tight face? How does that work?

        Not that any of it makes sense since he literally just walked off a film set to come and promote BTS.

      • Jayna says:

        @WILZ, actually what I love about indies is they are more character driven and lots of dialogue or dialogue that goes deeper to understanding the character. To hear there’s not much dialogue between them is a downer, as it takes away one of the great things I thought this movie was giving, even if ultimately not a great movie.

      • WILZ says:

        @Jayna, what I understand so far is that Angelina is trying to show how people have different ways of handling grief and loss,and her character Vanessa chooses solitude (which I think some people will relate to).I guess the deeper dialogue will be Niels Arestrup’s (the bar keeper) part as he appears to have lost his wife as we see him looking at her photograph in the trailer.I wish they would reveal what trauma has lead to this but accroding to critics reviews it becomes predictable before they reveal it towards the end of the movie.

  30. My two cents says:

    Angelina is such a stunning woman. My guess is that this is the least favorite part of the job for her and him. I’m sure they would both rather be home with their family. It’s too bad after all the hard work they put into making this film that critics can’t find something good to say. It must be very difficult to be public in a world that judges everything so negatively today.

  31. Heather says:

    I really admire Angelina for what she is doing – directing, writing, doing the things that Hollywood power people do, and which are usually done by men. Bravo for that! It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, take risks, and subject yourself to failure. I think that the press she has done lately has shown me a different side to her, and I have really enjoyed reading her comments on writing and directing this time around. I never saw her as being someone very dedicated and a tirelessly hard worker, but now I do. It is the same admiration and work ethic engendered by performers like Madonna. You may not like everything they do, but you have to respect the dedication, hard work, and perseverance.

    Now, regarding the bad reviews — As my boss says, you learn more from your mistakes than your successes. Keep your chin up, Angelina, and keep being a Hollywood “lady boss”!

    • Jayna says:

      Too bad when Madonna wrote and directed a movie, W.E., and tirelessly promoted it she was derided by most women on here who seemed to relish the average or bad reviews, not at least supported the fact that she was a woman not afraid to fail in a field dominated by men, because of their dislike for her.

      • kate says:

        W.E. was an atrocious movie though, truly painful to sit through. I’m not going to pretend Madonna is talented just because she’s a woman. There’s plenty of fantastic female directors out there, throw support behind them and not an over-indulged pop star.

        I’m sure Michael Bay and Brett Ratner work pretty hard on their films. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a blight on filmmaking or that we should hold back from criticizing their work because hey, they put in the hours.

      • mayamae says:

        @Jayna, I get what you’re saying. The posters here were very negative about the film that Natalie Portman directed. It was dismissed as terrible before she even began filming. There was also indignation that she was filming in Israel, and there would be Hebrew in the film. How dare she! I mean, the nerve! How dare an Israeli Jew make a movie in her homeland, and speaking her native language. The writer of the work was also Israeli. The people who tore her apart were the very people who frequently comment on how unfairly women are treated in Hollywood, and how female directors deserve a place at the table.

  32. Catelina says:

    They look really good!
    I’m disappointed but not surprised with the reviews. I think Angie bit off more than she could chew on this one. Will still be seeing the movie to support people I like but I’m going in with no expectations.

  33. Paige says:

    My favorite Brad and Angelina red carpet this week. I’m sure they are exhausted. They were in New York, two days ago and L.A. last night. Before that Brad was filming a movie and Angelina was getting everything settled for her next film. I would be exhausted flying across the world in last than a week.

  34. I’m sorry i love late 90′s early 2000s angie…. she was curvey and banging hot.

    but she is of more substance now. however, it seems like after Alexander, and her mom’s death Angie has embraced the slender, frail aristocratic look. but honestly all women have parts of their body that they exude their feminity from. mine is butt, whatever i wear has to have an overall nice appeal to the butt region (not nicki minaj people) but you get the gist. Chistie Brinkly it seems to be legs and hair. Flotus’ seem to be arm…..random i know….

  35. deborah says:

    She named her production company Jolie Pas, a ‘sadly accurate choice’ as the THR says. What was she thinking?!!! Or trying to say? Was she trying to say Pretty Steps? Jolie Pas translates to ‘Not Pretty.’ She didn’t hire anyone to help with the naming? So much for the french sensibility which she tries to sell us as a ‘natural’ part of her. (Her mother was from a Quebec family a hundred years ago or so.) And that there are Gainsbourg songs in the movie — too much. Or did she think that naming it ‘Not Pretty’ was chic and cool?

  36. sofie says:

    God I would hate to be a woman in the public eye. Everyone thinks your their own dress up doll. The hair’s not right this way ,the dress is not right, even her own body is not right. She wore what she wanted, had her hair how she wanted and her body is her own and if she’s happy end of story. I don’t see the point of critics in any field. Film, music ,food, wine etc. I can make up my own mind what I want to do, see, eat and drink.

    • BESO says:

      +1 Yaaas.

    • Kate says:

      I enthusiastically agree with the first part of your comment. I’ve been trying to be less critical of how celebrities look, weigh, etc. It just ends up getting really ugly at times, and people act as though they have a proprietary interest in every woman’s body, which makes me very u comfortable. As for food, movie or theater critics, though, I’ve sometimes ignored them at my peril. I have a few critics whose judgment I trust, and I almost always agree with their assessment. I just don’t have enough leisure time to spend it at a bad restaurant or watching a bad film. (I’ll likely watch this particular bad film, though, because I tend to give Angelina the benefit of the doubt.)

  37. Jayna says:

    This review is painting the movie better than the first two did, discussing its faults but finding more pluses than the first two and giving it a good rating overall..

  38. Paige says:

    I just realized the reviewer for the Variety article, Justin Chang has given every Angelina Jolie directed movie a 50. Other Jolie related films, ones she has starred in also received low ratings from Variety critics. The Hollywood Reporter and a few others reviews are different depending on the film.

    • kate says:

      Well yeah, her first two films as director were mediocre and she’s done a lot of bad and average films as an actress. Thus there are a ton of bad and meh reviews out there for her films. It’s not some conspiracy against her.

  39. Kate says:

    A more experienced (more talented?) director would have benefited Unbroken. As a fan of Angelina, I hate to admit that the film’s subject deserved a better director. She was involved in every aspect of this film, and once again it appears to be an artistic failure. (I intend to see and judge it for myself, but I’m one of those rare people who seldom disagrees with the critical concensus). Perhaps she should just stay in front of the camera? I’m biased because I like to watch her as an actress, but honestly if she doesn’t have the aptitude she should step aside and let more competent artists have the opportunity instead. On the other hand, she could improve with more experience. You never know. At least this particular film was just a vanity project and not a huge investment for the studio.

    • Ennie says:

      And I am happy that they did not wait any longer. Even in a regular outcome, Louis Zamperini, the person who wrote and inspired many people got to finally see his life in film before he passed away.

  40. smcollins says:

    Man, that is one gorgeous couple!

  41. Dana says:

    Here’s a quote from the Wrap review for By The Sea:
    “There are any number of reasons to support women writing and directing movies, but one of them is the hope of getting female characters whose issues can’t be found on the short list of Lady Problems that movies usually trot out in stories like this. ”

    Lady Problems? Maybe he’s trying to be funny, but this is pretty sexiest. I seriously doubt he would have even mentioned anything about “Lady Problems”, if this film had a male director.

    • jessia says:

      Its not about male/female or sexism but maybe AJ didn’t do a good job with this film and critics have a right to criticize her for that. AJ made a plenty of blunders as a director judging from the reviews about I have read about the movie.

      • Catelina says:

        I don’t think he’s saying What you think he is. He means that he was disappointed that a movie with a female director and writer couldn’t come up with any reason for the female lead’s inner turmoil besides ‘typical’ problems given to female characters in movies (meaning something to do with having kids I’m guessing)

      • Ollie says:

        Catelina you guessed right

    • KB says:

      He was referring to the end of the movie when it reveals what caused their relationship to crumble. When I read that, I racked my brain – what could it possibly be that he would be so dismissive of? I still don’t know what it is, but I am curious.

  42. Colette says:

    I will see the movie.I wouldn’t see any Angie films if I paid attention to critics.

  43. Sara says:

    I read on here the other day that the film is a small release but then was surprised to learn it will be played in the local theatre her in tiny ole Bermuda, population of 65,000.

  44. Anare says:

    Ever since she had the mastectomy I have thought her reconstructed boobs are too big for her frame. That overly busty look just doesn’t seem like her and it looks awkward. I don’t get it. The dress is pretty. I just think her chest looks weird.

  45. Jane says:

    If “By the Sea” weren’t so aggressively humorless, it might almost qualify as camp, so unsuccessful is its pursuit of weighty drama. Unintentional laughs are hard to come by here; instead, there are yawns aplenty. – The Wrap
    An unabashed vanity project that struggles to turn its own beautiful inertia into a virtue. – Variety
    Met with a tepid response at the opening night of this year’s AFI Film Festival, this languid piece of would-be art cinema will prove once again that even the biggest names in the world won’t draw an audience to something that, in and of itself, has no reason for being. – The Hollywood Reporter

    This is annoying, this is the first Angelina Jolie film that I had a slight interest in seeing

    • BNA. FN says:

      @Jane, What I have read is, the first two or three reviews were very critical. I read a few more that were very positive, one gave By The Sea a “B” review another gave BTS a 7.5 out of ten. I’m going to see this movie next Friday with my friend. I never go my reviews because some have a bias against Brad and Angelina. I’m sure her fans will support her, especially to see the both of them on the big screen together again.

  46. sofie says:

    I never go by reviews. If a film interests me I trust my own taste. Anyone can be a critic. The Internet has made millions of people become critics of anything and everything these days so a “professional critic”means nothing to me anymore.

  47. Aubrey says:

    SHe has said that she is watching more movies now, trying to see why directors make certain choices. So she seems dedicated. I wonder what BTS would have looked like with a writing partner, at least.

  48. delighted2 says:

    What I’ve read about the movie definitely makes me want to see it. One reviewer said that the other characters taking up space and time were annoying. They took away from Angie and Brad being in front of the camera. Can’t wait to see it. Not much dialogue, beauty everywhere and dealing with difficult emotions. No fast action, Not one for American audiences that’s for sure.