Christina Aguilera looked great at a charity event, her old face is back


Earlier this week, I glanced through some photos of Christina Aguilera at the Breakthrough Science Awards and my only thought was, “Yep, she’s still a hot mess.” But last night, Christina came out for an event for Verizon’s Hopeline (a domestic violence prevention charity) and I have to say, she looks really good. For Christina, she looks good. Is she still an odd shade of orange? For sure. But she looks happier, healthier and more “normal” since we last saw her. Back in August, it looked like Christina got a whole new face and I still don’t know what was going on there. But look – her old face is back! Sort of.

Christina wore an Alexander McQueen dress to this event, but I don’t have an ID on the purple sweater. It’s actually a cute look for her and she’s lost a lot of weight in the past few months. Christina is a lot like Kim Kardashian in that regard – they’re both short, curvy women and you can really see it when they lose or gain weight. Now, that being said, Star Magazine claims Christina is knocked up again. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had another baby with Matt Rutler, but I don’t know… I’m not getting a “bump” vibe from these photos.

Christina is due to retake her spot on The Voice coming up in February. Apparently, Gwen Stefani will be done with The Voice after this season? Which makes all of the publicity around Gwake (Gwen and Blake) sort of moot in the long-run. I wonder if somewhere at NBC, they’re trying to figure out a way to get Gwen to stay on and maybe have Christina leave the show permanently? For now though, Christina is getting a lot of questions about Blake and Gwen’s relationship, which she thinks is “awesome.” She told Us Weekly: “I’ve known Gwen for a really long time. We went to each others’ kids birthday parties, we share the same management, and Blake I know now from the show…I keep telling them both to stay strong and have fun! Divorce and life is hard enough! If you find someone who makes you happy, you gotta go for it. So they deserve it and they deserve to be happy!”



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. LAK says:

    Celebrities who have as many procedures as she had – see former pics – should stay away from the public until the work settles.
    Looking at the above pics, i would have said that she looks great, and would have believed it if she said it was all down to diet and exercise and make up.
    sadly, we have the post surgery pics before, so i can only see the changes made in the above pics.

  2. Annie says:

    Why is she orange? And that fake tan clashes with her hair color.

  3. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:


  4. Murphy says:

    Ha and by her old face we mean, her mother’s face! ahh!!

  5. COSquared says:

    Burton has destroyed the McQueen brand. That’s all the I gotta say.*hopes she joins Raf in his corner of bland designs*

  6. BreeInSEA says:

    I love how she looked in ” Save me from myself” and “You lost me”. I would love to see a natural blonde on her!

    • Emma - The JP Lover says:

      @BreeInSEA, who wrote: “I love how she looked in ” Save me from myself” and “You lost me”.”

      I loved how she looked in “Burlesque.” 🙂

  7. astrid says:

    The sweater isn’t doing her any favors

  8. Chinoiserie says:

    Since the hair around her face looks darker it kind of looks like her orange tan from her face has colored part of her hair…

    She does not look bad, but she really needs to make some changes to her make-up at least.

  9. Dre dog says:

    Love that she is supporting a domestic violence charity . I know her mother and her went through that with her father.

  10. serena says:

    She looks really good indeed!

  11. Wentworth Miller says:

    Why do they all reach that certain point in their careers and then start ruining their faces?

  12. It'sTopkatt says:

    Exactly what shade of orange is that ?No one should be surprised that it cannot be found on the human skin tone chart.

  13. jlee says:

    Have any of you ever read Scar Tissue? It’s Anthony Keidis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers memoir and he mentions Gwen throughout it. Wouldn’t they be a killer couple?! The 90’s teen in me would die and go to heaven. The whole Blake romance is very off putting and weird.

  14. Jag says:

    So much Botox that she can’t even smile. Too many fillers still.

    I don’t watch the show, but from what I’ve read, most people don’t want her to return.

  15. Ramona Q. says:

    How about Gwen, Christina, Adam and Blake?

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      It would be something new if they did one season with two female coaches. So far their formula seems to be 3 guys and 1 blonde woman. I like Pharell though.