Rob Lowe decided to tweet some offensive ‘jokes’ during the Paris Attacks


Friday evening, Paris was hit by multiple, coordinated terrorist attacks. Some of the attacks were suicide bombings, some of the attacks were strikes carried out by gunmen armed with automatic weapons. More than 120 people are dead and hundreds more are wounded. Here at Celebitchy, we tend to focus on the lighter, gossipy side of life, so I’ll just say that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Paris and with the families affected by these tragic events.

In the coming days and weeks, I’m absolutely positive that the Paris Attacks will be affecting the celebrity/gossip/entertainment world. Within the first 24 hours following the attacks, tours, premieres and shows were already being canceled and I’m sure more cancelations will be coming. Celebrities around the world have tweeted and Instagrammed their thoughts and prayers for Paris and Parisians. I think that’s how it should be – in this age of celebrity and social media, it’s pretty easy to simply write a few words during a tragedy and mostly stay out of the way. The best thing any celebrity can do really is NOT make news during an international tragedy. Rob Lowe did not get that message.

Lowe was one of a handful of celebrities and political figures who decided to use the tragedy to make some kind of ham-fisted “point.” I’m not really sure what Lowe specifically was trying to say, but it’s just one of those situations where I have to think, “How dumb do you have to be to screw THIS up?”

Many celebrities sent their thoughts and prayers to the French people following the death of at least 150 people and many wounded by shootings and suicide-bomb attacks in Paris. However, Rob Lowe received backlash for comments he tweeted regarding the French government’s actions following the tragedy.

“Vive La France! #Paris,” the actor sympathetically began, before calling out French President Francois Hollande about his decision to close the borders. “Oh, NOW France closes its borders. #Hollande,” Lowe wrote followed by a criticism about Hollande’s televised address, calling it “the worst translation of an important speech ever, or one of the worst ever given. #Hollande.”

The Grinder star quickly got slammed on Twitter with many followers calling him “insensitive” and “heartless.” One user tweeted: “Probably not the best time to be cracking jokes.” Another fan’s reaction echoed others: “Please stop.”

Lowe later defended his words with another tweet. “Wow. For you trolls out there, the phrase ‘Vive La France’ is the traditional expression of SUPPORT for France. Don’t misinterpret my words,” he retorted. The Golden Globe winner then added: “Lived in France, and spend a ton of time there. Been in that stadium. This is all so devastatingly sad for a place I love. #FrenchPrayers.”

[From People]

I’m not going to embed his tweets because someone might convince him to take them down. Lowe is known as a politically conservative guy, although he claims he’s more libertarian. It feels like he was trying to take a swipe at Francois Hollande, but I don’t really get WHY? Like, oh, BURN, Francois Hollande decided to close France’s borders after a terrorist attack, thus Hollande is a douche. Is that what it is? Or is Lowe saying France should have closed its borders before the attack? Why is that, International Border Expert Rob Lowe?

Still, one of the worst offenders on Twitter was definitely Donald Trump. Trump was saying some unhinged nonsense about how the French people need more guns to make them safer. His logic is… lacking. Let’s say that.

Peace for Paris

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  1. qwerty says:

    He means he should have done that sooner. But it’s too late, whoever wanted to get in is in already.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      That doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, I agree that’s what he meant, but how insensitive to blame the French government for letting people come to their country.

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        So insensitive! I just came back from Paris 2 weeks ago and found out this week that my husband and I ended up conceiving our first child while we were there. Devastated for the lovely French people. Stay strong Paris!!

      • Harryg says:

        Congrats Snarky!!!

      • jugstorecowboy says:

        I echo the congrats, Snarky! This whole weekend has been so sad, it’s nice to hear something positive. And my first was hecho en Mexico…great memories!

      • zimmer says:

        Congrats Snarky!

      • ekaterina says:

        1st, these people are displaced by wars ourr countries r involved in. Where are they supposed to go.

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        Thanks ladies! Yes, it has been a ton of bad news this weekend.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      From my understanding and all of the comments being made saying this very same thing, people are blaming the refugees. The people running from these terrorists. They are blaming them for the attack, for open borders, for immigration and (gasp) multiculturalism. Basically the most disgusting level of racism. He may not have meant all of those things, but that’s the company his comments put him in.

      • Sixer says:

        The Atlantic’s David Frum put out a series of tweets going further: calling for forced repatriation of first and second generation MENA immigrants to Europe. Seriously. Lots of people aghast but, I’m afraid to say, lots of people all for it. Sad and horrifying times. Frightened people become nasty, adding to the number of nasty people who already exist.

      • Naya says:

        Thank you, MoxyLady007!! Its barely disguised racism/xenophobia/islamaphobia. Basically brown muslim people=terrorist, even though the brown muslim people running into Europe presently, are running AWAY from the terrorists.

      • Shambles says:

        Moxy, exactly. He’s dancing around it, but he’s blaming the refugees. My wingnut uncle has already been on Facebook ranting about how this is all because France opened their borders to the Syrian refugees and all the Muslims who didn’t “say anything” about the terrorists coming into the country have the “blood of 129 people on their hands.” It’s disgusting and horrid in a time where we should only be sending love to our French brothers and sisters. Sadly this is just an opportunity for some to show their islamaphobia, and it makes me want to cry and punch someone and vomit.

        All that aside, to any French and/ or Lebanese Celebitchians, my heart is with you. I cannot imagine the horror, and my heart is broken for you guys and the evil you had to face. Instead of trying to make sense of senseless violence, we stand united in compassion with you. May that compassion remind us that there is still good left in this broken world. We love you. Je suis Paris

      • jmacky says:

        @Moxy thank YOU. that is exactly the bizarro backlash and what it is delivering in xenophobia, it is lacking in logic and comprehensive understandings of people and why they moved…

      • DiamondGirl says:

        Not refugees – returnees, as in people who left France to fight with ISIS then came back.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Hollande very publicly stated the Borders were closed to prevent whomever did this horrific massacre from being able to LEAVE Paris. I watched the press conference.

        If people want to turn that into blaming the refugees then that is their stupidity. As previously stated at least one terrorist was French. One can speculate that some of the assailants snuck in with refugees BUT the borders were closed to prevent anyone from trying to get OUT!

        Oh & Rob Lowe is an idiot with quite a checkered past & should stick to acting where he is passable at best

      • Anna says:

        Beyond stupid to blame the refugees. And what a nerve to tweet this while sitting in Hollywood on his fat arse with millions in the bank.

      • Solanacaea (Nighty) says:

        Unfortunately, many people are thinking and saying we should close the borders because the terrorists and the refugees are the same. People don’t seem to understand that this is what ISIS wants, if people run away from them, they won’t have their brainswashed. And if Europe helps, Europe will be the good guy and them, the devils… I do fear for what’s coming. Of course, some may be terrorists, but most of them are running away from the war. I was shcocked by reading an answer to a comment on FB. I was explaining that some refugees are just children, that a friend who is a teacher is Germany has 2 new students, aged 10 and , siblings. They are being raised by a German family, since no one knows anything about their family. How 2 children got from Syria to Germany on their own is amazing. And I asked: are these 2 kids terrorists? The answer I read was that they learn to play with guns and will become like them (ISIS) so I don’t want them near my children. I was so furious at that person’s ignorance.

      • Sarah01 says:

        You are right.
        People will say they are fearful and reacting to these attacks but I say it’s just their true ugliness coming out.
        These Refugees are running from the very same people that attacked Paris. It’s a very simple, just like people fled the occupation of the Nazis because they were being tortured and killed the same is happening here, they are fleeing ISIS only difference is their ethinicity / religion.

      • Anna says:

        “The answer I read was that they learn to play with guns and will become like them (ISIS) so I don’t want them near my children. I was so furious at that person’s ignorance.”

        @Solanacaea (Nighty): seriously – what REALLY frightens me about this world is that people as stupid and ignorant as this actually PROCREATE.

    • geekychick says:

      The thing is, at least one of the terroist is a French citizen, educated and raised (born?) in France, in Paris. There was a great statement I heard from a foreign relations and terrorism expert on our national TV yesterday-he basically said: refugees who are coming to EU now are people running from the same organizations who support and organized these attacks. of foreign members of ISIL, only Russia has more it’s citizens in ISIL than France-and those are just the ones the goverment agencies know about and were monitoring: those are the people, potential “sleepers” they should worry about, not refugees.
      And I bet one of the motivations of ISIL was to discourage Europe of taking in more refugees: ISIL doesn’t want people fleeing it’s hell and finding a safe haven and living a fruitful and happy life, they want them under their own regime and in their own army.

      • ^ this.

        Same here in Canada last year with the 2 small ‘attacks’ we had; both were by radicalized white Canadian ‘Muslims’ with mental health issues. NOT refugees from this region.

        The only way to head off monsters like this is to look at the reasons why it’s possible to convince someone to do this sort of thing.

      • Sixer says:

        Exactly, The refugees are a propaganda disaster for ISIS recruitment – they are running the wrong way. And their aim is to get the diaspora (the greyzone, they call it) to support them and go off to join the caliphate. So these attacks and others like them are specifically designed to increase Islamophobia, and thus increase isolation of the diaspora, and again thus increase recruitment. Anyone having an Islamophobic reaction to these events should consider this because they are acting as ISIS’s useful idiots.

      • knower says:

        @geekychic – THANK YOU FOR THIS COMMENT. seriously this comment should be at the top. you hit it right on the mark

    • blogdiz says:

      He may very well have a point but he said so in the middle of the tragedy.Maybe next time show some sympathy before some smugness? There will be all the time in the world to brag about how right your political views were but right now people are hurting

      • Anna says:

        And what point would that be precisely? Close the border and deny aid to those in desperate need? Because they are running from a terrorist organization that has risen mainly thanks to Western politics?

    • Tara says:

      I think his comment was unnecessary, but I fail to see how any of his tweets can be construed as jokes. Viva la France seems an unimaginative short message of support. The comment about France closing its borders does appear to be saying he thinks they should’ve been closed sooner, a ham-handed political statement, not a joke.

      • blogdiz says:

        I wasn’t agreeing with his statement but know as evidenced on this board when tragedys like this happen border management etc always comes up /all I am saying now is not the time for I told you so whatever your stance about refugees. immigrants or border control the timing was very insensitive
        Yes I agree with you he wasn’t joking but more making a sarcastic/I told you so political statement
        My Heart and prayers are with the victims their friends and families

    • MooHoo says:

      …and it is not clear if the terrorists came in or they were French nationals.
      Furthermore, the right here is using the attacks to stoke up further anti-refugee sentiment and Lowe, Trump et al don’t help with their misguided and unfounded statements. Things are shaky right now.

  2. Lahdidahbaby says:

    Rob Lowe. What a dick. I love the Jean Jullienn graphic – so simple and at the same time so profound. Glad you ran it.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    First, my thoughts and prayers are with the French people and everyone impacted by this horrible event, especially my French CB friends.

    I don’t get how that was a joke? The US closed its borders after 9-11. I’m missing something. God, Donald Trump is a jerk.

    • qwerty says:

      Europe is not supposed to protect itself if it hurts someone’s feefees though. The borders should stay open with everyone welcome regardless where they come from, why and if they even have any ID on them and offer them money and our couch. That’s how lots of people see tolerance around here sadly.

      • Pinky says:

        What are you saying? You agree or disagree? Sounds like you’re hurting and are tired of allowing refugees inside.

    • Sixer says:

      I didn’t get the joke either, GNAT. But France declared a state of emergency, which enabled it to close its borders, despite its being part of the “no-border” Schengen area. In normal circumstances, it has open borders with all the other 20-odd members of Schengen.

      • Freebunny says:

        Just to say that the closure of borders has nothing to do with the emergency state but it is a possibility given by Shengen agreement in case of national threat.
        It doesn’t change much, but it’s too be clear.

      • Sixer says:

        Thanks, Freebunny for the exact legalities. I think people outside Schengen are misunderstanding what the closing of the borders actually meant, you know? Nothing to do with closing borders to immigrants or refugees – everything to do with temporary security in an emergency.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Flights to France Friday night were grounded here because of the closed borders. That isn’t just immigrants or refugees, that’s French citizens who were out of the country for whatever reason. So, yes, a security measure to get everything under tighter control, not a change in policy towards refugees. Something clearly lost on the mindless like Rob Lowe.

    • Esmom says:

      Echoing your thoughts of support for our French friends during this horrific, frightening time.

      I think Lowe was saying if they’d closed their borders sooner then maybe this could have been prevented? It doesn’t even sound like a joke, just a sarcastic comment.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Exactly, GNAT. It was beyond insensitive of Lowe, who claims to see France as a sort of second home. Really? Funny way of showing that in their time of grief and confusion.

      I would rather think about the French people than Rob Lowe, though. Which is why I love the graphic posted above. Maybe it’s the poet in me, but I admire anything that can say so much with so few strokes. Beautiful.

      As for Rob Lowe, what else would anyone expect of him?

    • Lucrezia says:

      Disclaimer: I don’t agree with Lowe, just having a stab at explaining the “joke” …

      In the current EU refugee crisis, there’s been a lot of fear-mongering about terrorists potentially hiding among the legitimate refugees. So the “joke” is that France (the EU?) shouldn’t have accepted refugees (Muslim immigrants?) in the first place and that closing the borders *now* is too late, they shouldn’t have been allowed to enter in the first place. It’s more sharp-tongued political commentary than a “ha-ha!” joke.

      But regardless of how it was meant, he’s pretty much outed himself as an insensitive, anti-refugee, Islamophobic/racist twat.

      (Just for the record, before anyone thinks Lowe might have a valid point … the first attacker they’ve identified is a French national. Not a refugee or immigrant. You can’t close your borders to home-grown terrorists.)

      • Sixer says:

        See, I understood THAT. And I also have a (deserved) reputation for appreciating bad taste humour. But it never occurred to me that you could describe THAT as a joke.

      • geekychick says:

        Bravo Lucrezia, you explained it perfectly. I agree with you. And yes, the fear-mongering and the HA! moment of right-wingers in Europe and the world is disgusting.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Right. Thank you. I thought that’s what he meant, just couldn’t understand what it was a “joke.” Sad.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        France has had a sizable Muslim population for a long time, due to France’s decision long ago to colonize other parts of the world so following the “logic” of Lowe’s “joke”, countries shouldn’t go about colonizing others. But I wouldn’t expect Lowe to get that.

    • Alice too says:

      I think what he meant is that Hollande is an ineffectual Casper Milquetoast. His comments weren’t against France, they were against a politician who is, and has been since he was elected, an embarrassment.

      • JaneFR says:

        Ouha! I did not vote for him, how can you say, esp. in theses circumstances, that Holland was an Embarassement ?

        I was to make an inflammatory speech here, but I just remenbered : Do not feed the troll.
        Sorry, I ‘ll step down from my soapbox and go back to crying. Much more usefeul use of my time.

    • Goo says:

      Our, USA, borders are not closed! They are WIDE open… 10,000 Syrian refugees landed in New Orleans yesterday. How does one go about doing background checks on Syrian refugees?

      What happened in Paris, will happen here. It’s just a matter of time!

      • Ryllis says:

        According to the British government, by passing a law that gives even ordinary policemen the right to snoop on what sites you’ve been visiting. This kind of reaction is totally what we mustn’t do.

      • Lucrezia says:

        I wish you were trolling, but I fear you’re serious and actually believe what you wrote.

        10,000 Syrian refugees have NOT landed in New Orleans.

        There are 13.

        Syrian refugees will be checked using exactly the same process that the US uses for other refugees. It’s a lengthy process, taking 12 – 18 months. It seems to have worked well-enough so far, since you’ve taken 3 MILLION refugees over the last 30 years, and haven’t had a problem.

      • Sixer says:


        This is the UK government’s second attempt at passing this legislation (it’s been marginally watered down since their first attempt). I find the naked grab for political advantage in the wake of a tragedy highly offensive. Still worse, that piece is by a man who identifies as part of the British liberal left. You couldn’t make it up.

        It’s also worth noting that France already has the proposed powers. They. Don’t. Stop. Terrorism.

      • Goo says:

        LUCREZIA, and I am truly saddened that you believe what you typed… Time to take those rise colored glasses off.

  4. Sixer says:

    The graphic is perfect.

    How dispiriting. Leaving technical arguments about Schengen and states of emergency and borders aside, he seems spectacularly ill-informed.

    People were also tweeting poor old Benny the Speechifier, asking him if he still thought #helpiscoming for the Syrian refugees. Yeah guys, I made that point too, suggesting #helpisprobablynotcoming, but NOT ON THE NIGHT PEOPLE DIED.

  5. InvaderTak says:

    Jesus take the Twitter.

  6. SBS says:

    He decided to use this horrendous event to take a shot at the refugees coming to Europe, basically saying the terrorist attack was their fault. Nice one, Rob, you giant a**hole.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, that’s how I took it, too. Unreal.

    • Shambles says:

      Yup. Odious. We need to close our borders to him next time he leaves the country.

    • Pinky says:

      It’s why celebrities need to never speak/tweet about anything ever. Because I, for instance, have lost all interest in watching his show ever again. Not out of some protest, but because I’ll never be able to stomach his smug countenance ever again. And when people turn away from celebrities, celebrities lose their jobs, then fame, then fortune….until they run for office.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yes, I don’t see a “joke”, just a guy blaming refugees for this horrific attack. Sadly he’s not alone, but I bet none of those people have actually read the accounts of refugees to understand why they are fleeing their home countries.

  7. Freebunny says:

    Oh Rob, be pretty and shut up.

    • Naya says:

      Dont let him hear you or you’ll be accused of “pretty boy discrimination”. Poor Rob, so burdened with handsome.

    • Tate says:

      No kidding. He looks a whole lot less pretty to me now.

    • pinetree13 says:

      And to hear he considers himself libertarian? Well that’s all I need to know. Didn’t know that political group existed until this year (not from the US) and after reading about their platform it’s IDIOTIC! How anyone could claim to support libertarianism is beyond me.

  8. Eleonor says:

    I had dinner in that restaurant “Le petit camboge” with girlfriends, we had a beautiful night full of laughs, in april. Another friend works nearby.
    Everything is so unreal. I’ve checked all of them. And I’ll do it all over and over, they are in shock.
    My heart goes to all who have suffered and are suffering still now.

    • als says:

      I am so sorry. We live in an ugly and sad world. No one is safe.

      Lowe is an idiot and, fortunately for him, he never seems to understand it.

      Locking the door, closing the windows, shutting the blinds and ignoring the bombs that are dropping all around us is not the solution (actually it is, but a very simple and short-lived one – aren’t the minds at work here suppose to be smarter than that?). The refugees are coming from somewhere. From a country that, in the last years, a lot of important world political leaders have promised to bring peace and prosperity to. These promises have been made to a lot of other countries and a lot of people. How about these, presumably bright political leaders, do their jobs and keep their promises? Or just admit defeat.

      • Eleonor says:

        No locking the doors is not the right answer.
        I do not have the receipe to adjust things.
        I’ve read a lot of parisiens that night opened the doors (I know there’s an hashtag, sorry I do not remember it) of their homes, to give a safe place to the terrified people running all over the places. That is my hope, that is what it is really warming now. We’re still here, conforting each other, questioning each other.

  9. Unmade_bed says:

    I still can’t say I agree with turning away people who are fleeing certain death, but the situation needs to be honestly assessed, without worrying about sounding politically correct. Perhaps letting in, only, women, children and the elderly would be the best idea? Someone should stay behind and fight for their country, right?

    • geezlouise says:

      There is a reason why Saudi Arabia and like countries do not want to accept refugees – they know that what happens in Paris on what is becoming a regular basis will happen to them. Greek officials have confirmed one of the attackers passed through that country as a refugee within the past few months and anyone who believes that there are not others who are waiting in the wings to plan their attacks is a fool.

      • kibbles says:

        Saudi Arabia has been funding extremists for decades. This article is worth the read and provides a lot of insight into what Saudi Arabia has been doing since the 1970s to promote radical Islam. The Saudi royals know they’ve created a monster. The deal was that Saudi would fund extremists as long as they kept any militant activities off Saudi soil.

      • Ana says:

        Ok, that’s so freaking stupid that it hurts.

        You do realize that Saudi Arabia has pretty much the same laws as ISIS, right? And that Saudi Arabia is funding them? They wouldn’t have those problems because they’re already in agreement with ISIS on how the society should be run and SA is much more conservative than Syria has ever been. So far Saudi Arabia has beheaded much more people this year than ISIS. They’re planning to CRUCIFY and behead a 20 year old guy for participating in an opposition protest, they have sentenced a progressive blogger (campaigning for moderate islam) to be lashed every Friday, one of their less horrible laws is to forbid women from driving (!)…

        In general, due to different ethnicities of Syrian refugees/politics etc. most Saudis really dislike them. There’s a real genocide thread to most refugees if they end up there.
        Also, the reason Syrians and so many others are fleeing to Europe is that we respect human rights and allow for various lifestyles without punishing it. If that’s what you want, why on Earth would you go to countries (Gulf states) that have some of the worst human rights violations in the world and regimes competing to that of ISIS?
        On the other hand, the Gulf states already have an increasing number of progressive people that they want to eliminate, why would they risk letting more non-extremists in?

      • original kay says:


        Saudi Arabia are some of the worst violators of human rights in the world.

      • Betti says:

        Saudi and the other Arab countries are ‘particular’ about which refugees they take – they will not accept anyone not of the same branch of Islam as they (Sunni). Syrian refugees, particularly Kurds, they have taken in have told of the terrible racist treatment they received.

        Ans as others have said they have been supporting Islamic extremism/terrorist organisations since the 70’s. If you look closely enough you will see that the ideals of these organisations are very much close to how life is in Saudi where dogs are treated better than women and its practically a military state with capital punishments if you date to speak out against the gov or the Saudi Royal Family.

      • JaneFR says:

        “it’s easy to show compassion where you’re not affected at all until it happens to you and you are overrun.”
        Well I dare to say that I am affected, I live very near Paris, I eat a few time in that restaurant. I have family and friends there. I spent 2 days making sure my loved ones were alive. I knew someone who died.
        Closing our eyes, ears and yes, doors, to people, you know, people actual human beings, in times of need is not the solution.
        It can’t be, in a moral point of view. It can‘t be, in a practical one.
        That cowardly egoism will only allow the enemy, the real one, to win. Because, if we do not help, theses refugees won’t have any other choice. There, it’s flee, die or join ISIS. So what if they have nowhere to flee to? What it’s proven to them that they can’t flee because we (France, UE and, friends) are the Giant Assh*les ISIS portrayed us to be. What if they loose their families because we choose to be Cowards and Assh*les ?
        I’m affected. And I’m afraid. But, for all it’s fault, that not what my country is about. Yes, some people were vocally against taking in more refugees. People, the People, were in favour. Closing our eyes, ears, heart and door is not what we are about.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Fight for their country how exactly? Do you have any idea how many separate forces are currently operating in Syria?

      Do you want them to fight on the side of ISIS? Or on the side of the al-Qaeda backed al-Nusra Front? Or on the side of al-Assad, who’s accused of numerous war crimes, including genocide? Or on the side of the Kurds, whose armed wing (PKK) is considered a terrorist organisation by many governments?

      Or are regular plumbers, doctors and shop-keepers supposed to form a 5th force and simultaneously take on EVERYONE … while being hit by stray bombs from the US, France, Russia etc?

      Screw that. I’d flee too.

    • Eleonor says:

      Can I make a question? What if it turns out that the majority of these terrorists were not refugees bu European citizens, like the ones who killed at Charlie’s Hebdo ???

      • Lucrezia says:

        Facts won’t matter. It’ll be like how 9/11 got twisted into creating support for the US to go to war against Iraq (who had nothing to do with 9/11). Right-winger extremists will keep linking the attacks to refugees in order to support their anti-refugee views and a huge chunk of the population will end up believing the attackers were Syrian refugees (even if they weren’t).

    • Nicolette says:

      Absolutely agree with you both @unmade_bed and @geezlouise. Many of these refugees are young males. None have been properly vetted. No one truly knows who is coming into their countries or their true intentions. It is the ultimate Trojan horse. The people of Europe have been protesting though it doesn’t seem to get much publicity. Comments made by citizens show a deep concern for what is happening. Taking in refugees fleeing from horrific situations is one thing but towns and villages being taken over is quite another. In Germany the town of Sumte which has a population of 102 people is being forced to take in 750 migrants. Does anyone think that town, it’s heritage and way of life will continue as it was? Would anyone living in such a small community want to see it overrun by anyone? Churches are being handed over and dismantled. German officials are considering FORCING people to take refugees into their homes. No choice given whatsoever. If they come in and think someone’s home is capable they must accept a total stranger, true intentions unknown into their home. Is that fair? Is that just? The barbarians responsible for what happened in Paris are boldly telling the world this is only the beginning. More blood will be spilled by the innocents. It is time to recognize who the enemy is. PC has no place when it comes to a worldwide threat. And yes it is a worldwide threat. Radicals have placed themselves all over the globe which makes this an evil that is exponentially harder to fight than a conventional army. Is it any wonder why so many are calling for their borders to be closed? A nation has a right to protect itself, as does it’s citizens. How many more attacks will it take? How many more lives brutally taken before those who think we can just join hands and sing kumbaya will make it all better wake up?

      My heart goes out to the victims, their families and the citizens of France. Watching the video of people fleeing the concert hall, some dragging the bodies of their friends through the streets to escape the ongoing slaughter was horrific. All the while gunshots being heard as these savages picked off their victims one by one finishing them off. A woman was hanging outside a window in an attempt to escape. Bloodied bodies laying by the exit. It is the stuff of nightmares only worse it’s real. Whatever France decides to do in retaliation is absolutely called for.

      • geezlouise says:

        Obama wants to bring over 10,000 refugees despite the fact that the FBI and Homeland Security has stated that there is no possible way to know who these people are.

        Obama makes excuses for abhorrent behavior – the Fort Hood shooting was “workplace violence”, the Muslim who killed five men at a military recruiting station was “just depressed”, the Boston Marathon duo were “confused kids”, ISIS is “the JV squad” and the most recent Muslim in California who attacked university students with a knife was just angry that he was kicked out of a study group. These were terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists, plain and simple.

      • Dara says:

        @geezlouise, for most of the examples you’ve mentioned, I find your basic logic faulty, and frankly offensive. Just because someone worships in a mosque does not automatically mean any abhorrent act they commit is due to their religious beliefs. You cannot cherry-pick a small list of examples to fit your preferred narrative. For every instance you can cite of an “Islamic terrorist” committing violence on US soil, I can find you five or ten that were committed by so-called upstanding, church attending citizens. Using your own logic, we should start labelling those folks Christian fundamentalist terrorists.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @geezlouise, I’ve had a while to think about your comment and I’m still shaking my head. Whether you like it or not, the Fort Hood shooting WAS workplace violence – those were co-workers he shot at – and by labeling it as such, it allows the employer to take measures to recognize and address future problems. It also allows those affected access to workplace resources. As for the Boston Marathon duo, I am a Bostonian. My city was torn apart. I know people who were injured. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a psychopath who is a suspect in several other murders, which, by the way, were completely unrelated to radical Islam. Indeed, he had attempted to join several radical groups who REJECTED him because he was such an undisciplined whackjob. Djokar was a confused kid who was set adrift by his parents divorce and return to their homeland and fell sway to his brother’s views. Not excusing him, he made the choice to follow his brother and place those bombs and that Obama, whom you so disdain, sought the death penalty for him. He now sits on death row in a supermax – that’s hardly going lightly on him. But no, Djokar was not a member of any Islamic terrorist group either. He was homegrown. He grew up just a few miles from the site of his crimes. He attended the very same high school as NBA Hall of famer Patrick Ewing, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon, who was at the marathon that day. And the doctor who performed the surgery to save my life from cancer was a Muslim from Iran. Indeed, our large teaching hospitals here in Boston have many Muslim surgeons and nurses, many of whom worked to save and help the victims of the Marathon bombing. Facts instead of rhetoric.

      • hmmm says:

        I agree. I think it’s easy to show compassion where you’re not affected at all until it happens to you and you are overrun. With this there can only be chaos. And citizens seem to have very little say. National identity and culture seem to mean very little to some these days. Wait until you feel like a stranger in a strange land, your own city or country, and then express an opinion. This has nothing to do with religion.

      • Geekychick says:

        I’m sorry, but this comment is just…sad. It makes me sad.
        Let’s start from the beginning:of confirmed attackeds, two or three are French citizens, one may have entered EU as refugee, although it’s suspected that the passport in question is fabricated in order to send that kind of message.
        If someone is forcing some german town to accept a number of refugees, it’s their own state goverment, not refugees. And let me tell you: knowing the EU policies, no one is forcing anyone to admit refugees in their own homes. Honestly, maybe your talking about tent camps set for them, which are being built across the EU while those people are entered into the system, but there’s absolutely no chance of anyone FORCING people.
        Are you from a country that accepts those refugees? Because I’m from a country that’s on their route and the goverment has open borders, winter camps, transportation for them. The goverment is doing all this because not even twenty years ago our country was attacked in a brutal war and almost half of it was occupied for years:people had their homes burnt, families tortured and killed from youngest to the eldest-refugees swarmed the country and A part of them relocated to other European contries.; many of them are doctors, teachers etc in countries who took them today. Yes, majority of our men stayed and fought because:
        A) they knew they were fighting against one enemy, for freedom of the country and protection of the families (not the case in Syria)
        B) there was no coercion or mobilising teenagers and children, no paramilitary agencies and multiple sides, as it is in Syria
        Would you stay, knowing that any day now, this or that fraction will come to your house and take away your sons, never to be seem again, in pretense of religion or anti-dictatorship, but mostly in bid for who’ll have the most power and profit, considering the oil? Would you, considering Syria was mainstream, secular, religiously tolerant country risk the lives of your family and stay no matter the growing extremism and rapidly approaching state of chaos? Would you not escort your family, considering the atrocius way women and gorls are treated in those war zones, to try and protect them? You would leave them to fight fir their survival alone? Even with human traffickers who have no problem leaving women and small children to die in the middle of the sea? Really?
        The situation in Syria is totally different from war we had-including the fact that many western countries are immersed in fighting one way or another, from the start; we saw how that turned in Afghanistan and Iraq. And it’s easy to judge and talk about bravery from our comfy little chairs, let’s try and be more informed while we do that, shall we?

      • Lucrezia says:

        Huge flaw in geezlouise’s complaint …

        FBI can’t be sure a particular refugee doesn’t have terrorist links because the FBI doesn’t have a 100% accurate database on every single person and their associations. Okay. True.

        But if the FBI doesn’t have any info on you having terrorist links, you can get a tourist visa!

        If you’re intending to blow things up, why the heck would you wait years in a refugee camp (in order to get residency) instead of just getting a tourist visa and flying right on in?

        It makes no sense.

      • Em' says:

        Dear @hmmm, you worte ” I think it’s easy to show compassion where you’re not affected at all until it happens to you and you are overrun.”

        I am a Parisian. I spent the whole weekend checking my friends.
        Saturday I learned that one of my oldest friend was at the Bataclan. He has been shot several times. News came a little later that he is alright (also can you ever be alright when you witnessed such atrocity), thanks god.
        I have also learned that one of my coworker has lost her brother.

        I am incredibly lucky to be well, and so are most of my love ones. Yet I dare say I am “affected”. But I can tell you that I will keep on showing compassion to refugees. Maybe even more now that I’ve tasted this disgusting feeling of fear.
        What we lived friday night was hard and horrible. But Irakis and Syrians live in this fear every single day.
        I can’t even imagine that. I absolutely can’t.
        We can’t close our boders watch these people, who have risked everything to flea a shell of a country and the abuses comitted by Daech, die.

        There is no easy solution but Occident can not hide itself from this crisis. Because, let’s not kid ourselves, our governments are partially responsible of what is happening now in Syria and Irak.

        On another note, while we are incredibly grateful for the support coming from all over the world, let’s not forget about Lebanon or Turkey. Botch countries faced atrocious attacks these weekend.

    • kibbles says:

      I agree with you. I am not against taking in refugees, but there needs to be rules, limits, and protocols followed to ensure safety. What has been happening these last several months is pure chaos. I read that many people were let into European countries without ANY identification, and some of these people were NOT coming from Syria. Let’s be clear that the people coming from Syria are refugees. Many of the single men who infiltrated these groups were simply economic migrants from other countries who could be anyone affiliated with any terrorist organization. When I read this news, I knew that the security of Europe was at risk, and that this would be a perfect time for ISIS to easily enter Europe with the Syrians. A country’s top priority is to keep its citizens safe even if it means having to go through a longer process to allow in a certain number of refugees.

      • Nicolette says:

        Yes and our own porous borders are a problem as well. We have no idea who is coming into our country or what their intentions truly are. Does anyone really believe that those who wish to cause death and mayhem are not well aware of the ease with which they can come in through the back door? They are paying close attention and will use it against us.

      • Daria Morgendorffer says:

        Good point about the porous borders, Nicolette. I totally agree with you that we would be pretty naive to think that anyone who wants to cause harm to the U.S. isn’t aware of how to get in or how easy it is. It also doesn’t help that this exact topic is a constant topic of contention among the American people ourselves. I just read a scathing criticism of Hillary Clinton because she said she wants to build a fence; the author of the article said her plan sounded too much like Trump’s wall. Regardless of who builds anything, I just don’t understand how or why anyone thinks that America should have no rules regarding immigration.

      • s says:

        Porous borders? I live by the border and indeed I see hundreds of Canadians allowed into the US daily, and nobody questions their intentions and their true motives. Like, really, we should build a wall or something at the border with Canada.
        ETA for the above: America already has volume-worth of rules regarding immigration. I have friends that are immigrants and visiting foreign relatives, and the rules are plenty and comprehensive.

      • geezlouise says:

        If the government would enforce the rules for EVERYONE we would be in business.

      • Aren says:

        You know citizens of also commit crimes, right? People born in France and in all countries in Europe have and will continue to rape, murder and commit all sorts of crimes against their fellow citizens.
        What are governments doing with them? Sometimes they get sent to jail, others they are only locked up for a while, and most are walking around freely amongst innocent people.

      • hmmm says:

        So, someone had to drag in the equivalency argument. Fallacious reasoning through and through.

  10. NewWester says:

    Rob, a simple ” my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris at this time” would have been fine and classy.

  11. Dana m says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their families.

    • antipodean says:

      This is the latest in a long line of unconscionable, brutal attacks on innocent people. How these brutes justify this savagery is beyond me. In the immortal words of Batman’s factotum, Alfred Pennyworth, “Some men just want to see the world burn Master Wayne”.
      I read a very interesting piece by a Parisian journalist who said that ISIS is actively encouraging anti Muslim feeling, and that these attacks are specifically designed to do that. In an endless circle of fear and Islamophobia they are able to whip up the exact behaviour they espouse among those who would otherwise lobby for cool heads, and peaceful solutions. We can only hope that compassion and good sense will prevail and overcome, as they always have in the past. Playing into the violence only inflames the situation, and reduces a civilised society to no less than the baying dogs they are opposing.
      The solutions to all this of course are far from simple. To the city I love, and all its citizens, I say, je t’aime Paris, and Vive La France.

      • Shmoo says:

        That’s a fascinating, albeit unsurprising take on the situation. The theory makes a lot of sense and makes you stop and realise how easily people can be played in desperate times (sound familiar?).

        Do you have a link to the article? I’d love to read it.

      • Cricket says:

        Excellent comment! Thank you..

        After reading all the comments so far, I feel too ignorant to express any opinion on the situation from a political perspective. But in regards to the comment above thread about if a Christian group were to act in such hatred and inhumane ways to others regardless of their faith.. I think yes, they too could be a terrorist as well in my eyes. I don’t think terrorist wears one religion exclusively.

        I think I read that Queen Rania had stated that this extremist terror movement is a war on Islam and muslims have to fight it directly. I can’t begin to imagine being in a situation as many of the countless Syrians, Iraqi, etc.. whose countries are war zones having to just run away.. run anywhere with nothing. It just breaks my heart what this world is turning into. All the fear and hate mongering is solving nothing but perpetuating the fuels of this fire and sadly it is spreading.

      • antipodean says:

        @shmoo. thank you for your kind words. The article I read was one of the first to appear on news. I didn’t take note of the journalist’s name unfortunately, you may come across it by chance there. I thought it was a very measured take on the motivations of these extremist nutters. They are actually trying to mobilise peaceful persons to be their retaliatory army, and complicit in their senseless blood letting.
        @Cricket,you are quite correct that their religion of choice is only an excuse for them to watch the world burn, it could be any stripe of dogma, it’s only a cover for unfettered mayhem.

  12. ncboudicca says:

    His comments make me feel justified that I thought Lowe was a giant douche after I read his autobiography.

    Meanwhile, I am sad for Paris and for Beirut and for everyone anywhere being terrorized by violence over and over again.

  13. kri says:

    To my French brothers and sisters..please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I am devastated and horrified beyond words. My heart is broken for France, for Paris ,and for the world.

  14. DaphneManners says:

    My thoughts are with Parisians, and I think it is irresponsible and unacceptable for Lowe to tweet anything politically charged as a response to the horror that unfolded on Friday.

    Reading an article about France in this week’s Economist (obviously it was published before this tragedy happened), I noticed that it read “As fences went up and barbed wire was rolled out, Mr. Hollande-a protege of Jacques Delors, architect of a border less Europe-stood quietly by” (49).

    This information does not support Lowe’s tweet, but it does help me, as an American, understand how much leadership Hollande is showing in order to protect his country and his people.

    The only right answer is respecting the individual and working towards peace.

  15. Nancy says:

    Didn’t he play on the West Wing….I think some of these actors get reality mixed up with their roles. Rob was a pretty boy and a bad boy who made time with Princess Stephanie and Melissa Gilbert. I personally only want to see him or hear him if there is a rerun of St. Elmo’s Fire on a rainy Sunday or something, like Demi’s character said… break everyone’s heart. Not that bad, but just shut up Rob, go jogging or something. But in my heart, prayers up to the people of France. Will this never cease.

  16. Catwoman says:

    Though I may not agree with what Rob Lowe (or Donald Trump, for that matter) has to say, I wholeheartedly believe in their right to free speech. That is one of the unique things about the U.S. that so many other countries don’t have, and one of the founding principles our forefathers believed in and fought for. Too many people get their panties in a bunch over other people’s personal opinions that have little or nothing to do with them.

    • BettyD says:

      The principle of free speech doesn’t have a single damned thing to do with people calling out asshole behavior on the internet. All the right to free speech guarantees is that no one from the government is going to stop them from saying stupid-ass things, not that we’re all required to treat the stupid-ass things they say with respect or give them any validation whatsoever.

      • Catwoman says:

        My point. I don’t agree with a single word you said but I respect your right to your opinion as you should respect my right to my opinion. We can agree to disagree in a civilized society. And we can express intelligent thoughts without using profanity. (Also just my opinion).

      • original kay says:


        This whole comment thread is why we never get anywhere, as a society, the whole world, we just keep going round and round the same circles.

        Your post is correct, fwiw.

      • s says:

        Betty, not to pile on, but please, read the Constitution. The right to free speech (since you mention it) does not equate mild, non-confrontational discourse (I assume that’s what you wish). You might wish genteel, country club discussions, but you don’t have a constitutional right to them.

      • s says:

        Catwoman not Betty (sorry Betty)

    • Tara says:

      Betty: Oh no! Are someone’s panties in a bunch over a bit of cussing?! Lol.

  17. Size Does Matter says:

    I assumed the borders were closed to keep the terrorists from getting out. Is that wrong?

    • ncboudicca says:

      I also saw it as partially to prevent any co-conspirators from getting out – as a matter of fact they did catch some trying to cross into Belgium, though I’m not clear on whether it was the French catching them trying to get out or the Belgians catching them trying to come in.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        French caught them leaving the next morning. As everyone knew the borders were closed, I’m not sure how bright it was to try and cross into Belgium at that point.

    • original kay says:

      yes, that is what I thought as well. to cut off any escape routes.

    • claire says:

      No I think you are right. I thought that was one of the goals as well.

  18. Insomniac says:

    Is it really that hard to not be a grandstanding twit for just a few days after a horrific attack? Really, social media will still be there in a few days if you can no longer resist declaring how the current horror completely validates your world view and shows how The Other Side is wrong and also evil.

    I am devastated for the people of Paris. I hope any Parisian CBers and their loved ones are safe.

  19. helena (original) says:

    Oh, come on. It is not time for the blame game right now. All victims have not even been identified yet. As a fellow European, all I want to do is wrap my arms around every Parisian and tell them that Europe loves them more than they ever know.

  20. Actually my bet on the suicide bombers backgrounds is they are likely 2nd/3rd generation Muslims from Middle East/Africa who grew up in the inner city of Paris and saw the riots and police brutality against their demographic. That’s the most easy to radicalize group in the country, in North America they’ve been showing that many of the more radicalized Westerners willing to go to ISIS/ISIL have been indoctrinated in what they call ‘prizlam’ – or Prison Islam. Taking angry, disenfranchised young men and putting it in their mind they can be something higher…isn’t that what gang life already promised so many of them?

    Saying refugees are the cause of such a tragedy is outright Islamaphobia; which is really a tool that benefits ISIS/ISIL in the West. As right wingers call for more crack downs on Muslims you create more angry young men and even women who can be swayed by their empty promises creating a new wave of those willing to do even worse than what we have seen in Paris.

    And Rob Lowe is a douche who screws underage girls. Yeah. I remember that Rob.

    • Aren says:

      This is exactly what I have read on this issue. What are Europeans going to do with such a large population of citizens who feel (and are constantly) discriminated in their own land is what governments should focus on.
      Plus, I also remember that about Rob Lowe.

    • hmmm says:

      To add to this illuminating comment, some ex-government security guy also mentioned that they can so readily massacre innocents because, in effect, they are indoctrinated into a cult and feel absolutely justified. IMO cults are always run by psychopaths.

  21. The Original G says:

    I don’t think Rob Lowe or his comments are even number 100,000 on the world’s to-do list today.

  22. Emilie says:

    Just FYI : Hollande didn’t close the French borders. There are just police check points to control who gets in and mostly out of France.
    And, as a French and a Parisian, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts and/or prayers.

  23. Lilacflowers says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the beautiful city of Paris and its wonderful people who have been forced to endure such senseless violence. In times of great horror, it is wise to look for the “helpers” in order to maintain faith in humanity. And there were “helpers’, the firefighters who responded, the police, the medical workers, the people who opened their tours to those fleeing the violence, the people who donate blood to care for the injured.

  24. nora says:

    First identified terrorist was a French national.


    • me says:

      That’s the thing, terrorists come in all skin colors, nationalities, and religions.

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:

      Yes. And two of them were refugees so far. Isn’t this kind of a petty thing to begin sorting out? I just find pointing out where they came from to be equally as petty as Rob Lowe’s comments. Who cares where they’re from? ISIS is recruiting people from all over the world from all different backgrounds via the Internet. The real problem is that ISIS declared war on the West a long time ago, and the West refuses to respond, yet we are sincerely outraged when they commit acts of war against us. Kudos to Hollande for being the first to acknowledge that this was an act of WAR. We continuously try to find reasons not to take things like this seriously, or to write them off as lone wolf attacks, or just a group of disgruntled individuals who happen to have radicalized views. In the meantime, people keep dying.

      President Obama is wrong in constantly making excuses and referring to ISIS as “jayvee” and “sophomoric.” I really hope that we wake up and finally begin to heed the threats because this is exactly how 9/11 happened–we repeatedly got threats from extremists that we disregarded until the day they flew planes into skyscrapers and the Pentagon and killed thousands of people.

    • H says:

      And 17 of the nineteen 9-11 terrorists were Saudi Arabian, but the US still has diplomatic ties with that country. Your point?

      There are crazy extremists in every country, race and religion.

  25. My two cents says:

    My heart breaks for the beautiful city of Paris and all of France. It also breaks for the future attacks we will surely suffer as these terrorists are slipping through borders unchecked. God help us all! These radicals are intent on killing infidels and creating Muslim domination and Sharia. So, I for one have no problem with Lowe or anyone else using freedom of speech to express their opinion. I do feel for the true refugees!

  26. Meg says:

    and he’s running for president but his comment was worse than anyone’s? the only reason he gets so much attention is because 24 hour news is a reality show at this point, they’ll do anything for ratings. it’s so scary he’s running for president and is leading the polls

  27. DiamondGirl says:

    I don’t care if it’s a clump of cloistered nuns; people who do things like this are terrorists, no matter where they grew up or what they look like.

  28. me says:

    It’s a very sad situation. Lots of lives lost and for what? It’s disgusting. I have been to Paris and it’s a wonderful city as is France a wonderful country. The only issue I have with France is that my turbaned family members and turbaned friends are not allowed in as turbans are banned there. It’s 2015 for God’s sake ! Hatred comes in many forms, it all needs to stop.

  29. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    This guy is a moron. I see nothing wrong with “Vive Le France” because it’s a showing of support, but the comments about closing the borders too late…that was just stupid and insensitive.

    In regards to Donald Trump’s comments, all I can say is that the current state of the world and American politics legitimately terrify me. These are such scary times.

    • word says:

      The fact that anyone is taking Trump seriously is what’s truly scary. He actually has a chance of winning. America, what is wrong with you???

      • Daria Morgendorffer says:

        Seriously. I’m not even joking in my statement, I genuinely feel frightened by the state of American politics. I keep seeing polls that say that Ben Carson is now leading Trump. Somehow, he manages to be even scarier than Trump is.

      • Tate says:

        Trump and Carson are both scary. I would like to think they would not have a chance in the general election.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Trump’s statement is just echoing the extreme right wing position on guns during mass shootings. Gingrich expressed the same reprehensible opinion hours before Trump did. The theory, which is put forth by the NRA, of course, is that if everyone is carrying a concealed weapon, people in the crowd will take out the shooter. Of course, people in the crowd carrying concealed weapons will also take out one another and everyone else running around in the chaos trying to escape, but that common sense is lost on the gun nuts.

      • Daria Morgendorffer says:

        No different than Ben Carson’s comments about that school shooting when he said that they didn’t fight hard enough to survive and that if they’d had guns and fought back there would’ve been no casualties. Carson even took it a step further and had the audacity to say that if he had been in the situation, he would’ve fought back so he would’ve survived.

        This is exactly what is so scary, the fact that extreme-right wing ideology is so rampant right now that people like Trump and Carson are in the top two positions and gaining popularity by the day.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Again, NRA rhetoric and policy positions in play. This policy also benefits from the fact that many states have laws that protect “good samaritans” from liability. In my view, these people wouldn’t be “good samaritans” but should be criminally liable for shooting innocent people in their attempt to be heroes taking down shooters but the NRA and the likes of Carson, Trump, and Gingrich don’t care what I think.

      • JaneFR says:

        And it would be some much easier for aspiring terrorist to find a weapon.

  30. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    The French Government didn’t close the borders.They reinforced the controls at the borders.Some big events were deleted this week end at Paris and in France for security reasons .
    AND Hollande’s 1rst speech was what we needed.

  31. Andi says:

    IMHO, Rob Lowe bumped his head and forgot he ONLY played a politician on TV.
    Smug, pampered Hollywood types need to stay in their lane.. They forget how freakin’ EASY their jobs are AND how grossly unqualified they are to attach ANY country’s foreign policy. Sorry Rob, merely visiting Paris doesn’t entitle you to criticize France’s leader. #WhyTheWorldHatesAmericans

  32. Ayra. says:

    The State of emergency hasn’t closed the borders, it has just reinforced the control, and there’s a curfew out. For one of the universities in my city, the students are obligated to present their student card and have their bags searched.. There’s police officers patrolling more around my city, especially around the main train station.

    Honestly, I’m no fan whatsoever of François Hollande, BUT he’s doing what has to be done. Terrorism has no nationality. We started with a terrorist attack this year, and we’re ending with another one.

    On another note, I hope this doesn’t propel Marine Le Pen (someone I consider to be on the same level of Donald Trump, maybe more. Hell, they could become best friends.) into becoming a favorite politically wise, because that’s a scary thought.

  33. iheartgossip says:

    Oh Rob. Just be pretty. It’s all we need from you.

  34. Hannah says:

    Anyone who doesnt have a clue what they are talkintg about needs to stay off social media. As for Trump and his bollocks statement – shooting up people is a trend in the states. The same number of people are killed by guns in America every three days. More are injured.

    • Caz says:

      US gun policy is stupid beyond belief. Celebrities posting on social media to enhance their reputations at this time need a good hard look at themselves.

  35. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Nothing to say on his comments, he’s not worth it.

    Love and prayers to the people of France and all over the world. Tragedies like these can be so numbing and painful because they show us the good and the bad of humanity so viscerally.

    No matter how many of us would like to pretend otherwise we can not lock up or close down our individual countries (I am not criticizing Hollande or his decision in the wake of this Attack) to all the suffering that happens outside our borders. We can not be content to ignore the loss of life simply because those lost do not look like us. We need caution, intelligence, and clear minds as we go forward.

    My hope for France is not to follow the U.S. in its past mistakes as a result of 9/11. Do not let the most ignorant voices among you be the voices that define you.

    Vive La France.

  36. Nina says:

    Quand tu sème le chaos tu récolte le terrorisme ! Something to think about .. Just the night before Paris there was a similar attack in Lebanon.. But no one cares.. It’s not a competition.. But the worlds’s indifference makes me sick! Any innocent life lost because of this useless violence is a bad thing. But the world needs to understand 2 things.. 1 1.6 billion Muslims live a normal life and condemn this biplane and 2 maybe it’s time for some presudents to explain to their people why this is happening..

    • MND says:

      I totally agree. People get killed in western counties and we get saturation media coverage. People die in Iraq, Sytria or Lebanon and it’s glossed over as if to say their lives are worthless. It’s incredibly racist.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Sad and true.

  37. Amy M. says:

    I have family that lives near Paris and in Paris. My whole paternal side of the family lives in France, it’s been a terrifying year with Charlie Hebdo, the foiled train attack thanks to the 3 American guys, and now this. Everyone is okay luckily though my cousin was out in the 9eme celebrating her birthday. A lot of the attacks occurred in the 10eme and 11eme. My uncle was able to get her before they shut down the streets to cars. I went to Washington Square Park in NYC briefly yesterday where French expats somberly congregated to pay their respects at the arch modeled after the Arc de Triomphe. I had to leave though shortly after because it was too upsetting.

    I mourn for those killed in Lebanon too. However if I spent my days thinking about all the senseless violence that occurs every day I’d never get out of bed in the morning. I can’t grieve everyone, as selfish as that sounds or my heart would explode under the weight of grief.

    May everyone who lost someone to this and any other violence find peace and comfort from those around you.

    • Stephanie says:

      It’s not selfish. My mom grieved every senseless violence attack since I was little. It’s not healthy , and it hurts the people who rely on you.

  38. Akmuffin says:

    I’m insensitive Rob Lowe, and I have cable.

  39. GreenieWeenie says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, Rob Lowe. You’re right. Apparently France should have closed its borders long before today. That’s a totally feasible, plausible solution. Yes: immigrants and travel cause terrorism. Close your borders and you, too, will pre-empt all terrorist attacks!

    Why has nobody thought of this yet?? Someone give this man a job as a national security adviser. He clearly has unparalleled penetrating insight into the problems of this world.

  40. Kyria says:

    IS common knowledge that this would not have happened if Americans had not start messing with taht region first.

  41. justagirl says:

    I can’t see how it was perceived as a “joke”, and he said Viva la France. There’s a difference between stupid xenophobic comments – which sadly many people are making – and going for laughs.

    On any other site, I’d say this headline was for controversy & clicks, it’s misconstruing Lowe’s words. He gave inappropriate criticism, not offensive jokes. Why is this site, generally thoughtful, propagating the “joke” idea?