Benedict Cumberbatch’s cameo in ‘Zoolander 2’ will kill crushes forever


The first trailer for Zoolander 2 didn’t make much of an impact. But the second trailer dropped yesterday and… yes, we need to talk about it. What I enjoy is the fact that Ben Stiller and studio realized that they needed to put the most important cameo close to beginning: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Benedict’s cameo was no secret, but I think most of us assumed that he would be playing some version of himself. No. Benedict is playing an androgynous model named All. All is All. All is not a male model. All is not a female model. All is All. And after All, you will never want to have sex with Benedict Cumberbatch. All has no eyebrows. All has black fingernails. All has a spaced-out expression and a crazy giggle. Here’s the trailer:

I mean… it IS funny. But I think I can safely say that Benedict Cumberbatch has effectively killed Cumbercrushes around the world. Can any of us say that we’re still attracted to him after this? Man, that Sherlock Christmas special is going to have to be good.

As for the rest of it… it’s funny to me that Penelope Cruz signed on for this film. I never think of her as a comedienne, but using as her as “straight man” to Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s shenanigans is strangely effective. And of course, Will Ferrell and a totally unrecognizable Kristen Wiig are everything. Also: a cameo by Justin Bieber, because of course.



Screencaps from the trailer.

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  1. Sara says:

    I think laughing at yourself is sexy, so for the first time I’m enjoying BC.

    • Senaber says:

      I find a sense of humor and androgyny sexy. This makes me actually like him for the first time.

      • Olga says:

        Cannot agree more ! He is awesome, messing with his sexuality and image in an adverse way. I also like his courage, taking this risk.

      • senna says:

        I, too, think androgyny can be very sexy. Though it slightly rubbed me the wrong way that this seems to be making fun of trans models and the cultural moment they’re having. I would give it a watch before condemning it as transphobic, though – it’s just a difficult line to walk between humor and phobia.

      • Kalypso says:

        I don’t read this as making fun of trans models (or trans people). The butt of the joke is actually those two outdated relics from the past. The way I see it, anyway. All is a strong, beautiful androgynous person – and the greatest supermodel in the world, making the two males look like total idiots.

        I love that Benedict does something so far removed from his usual stuff, and even risks killing some crushes. To me he’s even more attractive now, because gutsy is sexy. Talent is sexy. Androgynous is sexy. Yes, please, give me a spoonfull of Ben any time.

    • GlimmerBunny says:

      I agree, I love that he’s making fun of his alien looks. I’m not attracted to him (never was) but this does make me like him more.

    • Luca76 says:

      This, I mean I’m not ever going to find him smoky hot exactly but this is the closest I’ll ever get to a tingle.

      • Naddie says:

        Me too. I’d hit it like crazy, gotta love a sexy alien. Too bad they never gave me attention.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        I wasn’t exactly excited about the sequel but now I am. I’m glad Benedict makes fun of himself is refreshing, I don’t find him attractive but I do think he’s a good actor.

    • QQ says:

      I actually agree, I NEVER see it for that dude ( or the first trailer, tbh i was VERY meh! on the whole Thing) but I actually am tearing up Laughing rn

    • Pondering thoughts says:

      I think it is hilarious. Cumberbatch is a great actor and I want to see him act whomever he plays.

      • EN says:

        Exactly. He is fun to watch in anything.
        Sure, he looks terrifying here, but it is still fun to watch. That is true acting, when the skill overcomes the looks and you believe what you are seeing.

    • Dani2 says:

      Honestly, he’s really won me over with his stance on refugees and now this,I’m far from a fan and I will never find him attractive, but I more or less like him now. *shrugs*

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Yes, Yes, Yes! I adore a sense of humor. I love that he did this. Can’t wait to see the movie! Ridiculously good-looking!

  2. Cee says:

    He looks like a mix between Bowie in Labyrinth and ET. It killed my retinas, too.

  3. Mimz says:

    Well, he never did it for me, but now I am absolutely sure I would never hit it in a million years ahahahah
    But in all seriousness, props to him for accepting this role/cameo!!! LOVE it hahahahahaha points to Cumby 😀

    ETA: I thought the trailer was hilarious and now I really want to watch it just for laughs 😀

    • Elisa the I. says:

      +1, the trailer is totally OTT, I’m so going to watch this!

    • Shambles says:

      I’ll come with you, Mimz, I’m SO seeing it just for fun. I loved the first one so much that there’s no way I could miss this one, even if it’s terrible.

      I squealed out loud like a small Belieber when Will Ferrell said, “Where’s my G DAMN LATTE?” Mugatu is one of Will Ferrell’s best characters IMO.

  4. jinni says:

    This clip actually made me like him, when before I couldn’t have cared less about him. This movie looks funny and it’s nice to see a sequel that might have actually been worth the money and time to make, but I’ll reserve full judgement for after I see it.

    • Christin says:

      I’m hoping this sequel and the one for My Big Fat Greek Wedding (due out next spring) will be worth watching.

  5. paolanqar says:

    He looks like an alien Cher!

    • lower-case deb says:

      i was just about to write this!
      it’s like an alien race was stanning so hard for Cher and they kidnapped her, and then realized that they should send a doppelganger to earth to trick earthians that Cher’s still among them…
      but they still have to do a lot of tweaking on their replicator.

      the QC Supervisor, already overworked and underpaid, probably just sighed in frustration and hoped for the best before beaming Cher-All’ien down to earth.

    • Pinky says:


      • EN says:

        And nobody said that they are so over Ralph Fiennes after Voldermort . Everybody knows what Ralph Fiennes looks like under that make up.
        The same goes for Cumberbatch. People who will recognize him already know what he looks like . And those who won’t recognize him won’t have an opinion of him either way.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Well, Voldemort was completely missing a nose and hair and looked like a snake. All they’ve done to BC is cover his eyebrows and add a long, dark wig. The facial features are still his own

  6. SloaneY says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for him to look any more alien. Clearly, I was wrong.

  7. Snazzy says:

    I love this Cumby cameo! “All is all” 🙂

  8. NewWester says:

    This movie looks like fun

    • Aussie girl says:

      Yeah I had my doubts, but this movie does look like fun. I’ve always rated BC as a good actor but it’s his camo and so many more celebs that make think they could pull off the seaquel.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I had no crush to kill, but if I had, it’d be deader than dead. But the movie does look funny, I’m hoping it fully embraces it’s ridiculousness like the first one did.

  10. MexicanMonkey says:

    I always liked him but never found him attractive, and this just solidifies my opinion.
    Tho I do give him props for not taking himself too seriously.

  11. hermia says:

    I would bang this like a door in a tsunami. And then some more.

  12. Freebunny says:

    Don’t worry the B*tches still find him sexy as hell, love is really blind.

  13. Catelina says:

    Kill? This is the most I’ve ever liked him

    • Bishg says:

      Exactly. I am quite indifferent towards Cumby but he’s definitey gaining some points here!!
      You might want to rethink the title, Kaiser 🙂

  14. Illyra says:

    I’m not a huge fan of comedies and have never seen the first one, but might have to now… this trailer looks pretty funny actually.

  15. Talie says:

    The only part I really laughed at was this, so good move on his part.

  16. Sixer says:

    HA. No eyebrows is my biggest horror of horrors. But I like it!

  17. mia girl says:

    All* I can say is I can’t wait for this movie!

    *All is All.

  18. byland says:

    It’s too early in the morning for this.

  19. vauvert says:

    Hated the first movie so I doubt I would watch the sequel, but I totally agree with Kaiser, if anything was left to kill after the last year, seeing this poured cold dirty water over the ashes. Yikes.

    • TheOtherViv says:

      Amen! Crush dead. You phrased it perfectly. Is Mrs Cumberbatch choosing some of his roles lately? During the engagement it was a dragon and now an alien model. She is clearly trying to scare us all off by keeping sexy Ben at home.

  20. Felice. says:

    I think the look is fierce lol. He wanted to be Bowie so bad. Also good for him for not playing another troubled awkward genius.

  21. anon says:

    Kill crushes? What are you talking about? I’ve never loved him more! He must have a great sense of humour to do this. I love people who aren’t afraid of sarcasm, I think it’s very sexy

  22. Crocuta says:

    Wow, finally some diversity from Cumberbatch! I like it.

  23. Mia4s says:

    I’m only into him in Sherlock so I’m good. 😉

    I love a good sense of humour though so this gets him major points from me. I love his laugh at the end.

  24. insomniac says:

    Sorry — men who aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves are seriously attractive to me, so that only made me like him more.

    But Justin Bieber? You are not allowed to make me laugh with you. Don’t do that, son.

  25. Jayna says:

    Meh, I don’t know if he will be believable in such a departure. I just watched August: Osage County, and he was seriously miscast. He just wasn’t believable in the small part, and every reviewer said so.

  26. grabbyhands says:

    It used to annoy me when people used the “he looks like an reptile alien” insult over and over again in regards to the Batch, but my god-I really see it now. And I assume that was the intent, so I can’t even hate.

    I kind of love that not only is he making fun of himself, but he has managed the diffuse the insane level of fangirl obsession over his looks. Well, maybe-I’m not totally sure anything could notch that kind of crazy back for long.

    • Ankhel says:

      I never really understood the “alien king” comments myself, until this trailer. I yelped, AND THEN I NOTICED HOW LITTLE THEY HAD CHANGED HIM. Great Cthulhu!

  27. TheOtherMaria says:

    Okay, i laughed at the trailer, may very well go check it out.

  28. Freebunny says:

    To all the people saying that laughing at yourself is sexy, don’t forget that Justin the Bieb also laughes at himself in this movie ;).

  29. Abby says:

    Don’t have any kind of attraction to him but this movie looks really fun!

  30. SamiHami says:

    I never saw the first movie, but now I’m thinking I might have to. This trailer does look funny, even though that type of humor doesn’t usually do it for me. “All is All…” –that’s gold!

  31. Hazel says:

    He is really out of this world. Not in a good way though. More like an alien without the green skin.

  32. YupYepYam says:

    Nah, the crush still intact.
    I mean if I (and you, Kaiser) can survived Assangebatch, then Allbatch is just a walk in a well maybe not a pretty park, more like industrial type post apocalypse park, but park nonetheless. And we can . walk it.
    YEs. We can.

  33. Jenna says:

    He’s beautiful and it’s great he’s doing something different. People do have different tastes from you, you know, and that’s all good and doesn’t mean they’re stupid or blind. It’s just taste.

    • hermia says:

      Yes right? I don’t like super-dapper-red carpet Cumberbatch as much as I like him scruffy or, like in this case,, as a mutant supermodel. We are all different.

  34. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I think most of his fans can handle him looking even weirder than usual, they all seem to dig him on a pretty deep level! His cameo looks good, I wasn’t dying to see this but it looks like it might be fun. People taking a death selfie with “Blue Steel” is so on point! If I have to look at one more freaking duckface selfie in my lifetime my head will explode.

    • mia girl says:

      “People taking a death selfie with “Blue Steel” is so on point!”

      I know! I hadn’t thought of the stupid selfie face that way, but it’s a totally inspired plot point to use in Zoolander’s ridiculous world. And using the Biebs to make the point is meta squared.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I LOVE that they’re bringing Blue Steel back in a mocking way and bringing it into the stupid selfie duck face crap!

  35. mkyarwood says:

    Actually, this performance might create a crush for me. He was just a Sir Patrick wannabe before, but this is some next level emoting. ALL IS ALL.

  36. MonicaQ says:

    I never thought he was a panty dropper but at least he can make fun of himself 🙂

  37. Who ARE these people? says:

    Someone may have pointed this out already but to me that top photo was the fella in Munch’s The Scream.

  38. Sochan says:

    Truly frightening. Plus, the whole trailer looks awful.

  39. EN says:

    I think his acting is great here, even in such a tiny cameo.
    It is a completely new character for him.

  40. Lindy79 says:

    I loved the first one, endlessly quotable (I genuinely want someone to read my “eugoogly” at my funeral). So yeah, I’ll be seeing this. and YAY Mugatu is back!!
    Love that he’s not just doing a cameo as himself, and poking fun at himself.

  41. jugstorecowboy says:

    I loved the first, but where is Christine Taylor?

  42. teacakes says:

    I have never been a fan of this lizard, but remove his eyebrows and make him androgynous and having a good laugh at himself?

    I totally would.

  43. betsy says:

    Cumby is bound to die in the film doing his best blue steel impression. It’s worth seeing it for that,

  44. Moi says:

    This makes me like him more, and I’ve never personally found him attractive. Talented, yes. This sequel looks really funny.

  45. Kelly says:

    He reminds me of Caitlyn.

  46. Jax says:

    For a hot second I thought it was Tilda and was like how did they get her? And then as soon as he spoke I realized it was Benny…and I laughed my ass off. Mission accomplished.

  47. Elle says:


  48. alice says:

    Can’t wait. Loving Owen, Benedict and Wiig. Penelope on the other hand I think was miscast. I love her doing comedy, she can be hilarious, but not this type of satire where she tries to play the sexy powerful M style woman. She looks way too much try hard and not sexy at all, IMHO. Just dumb and not pulling off the part. I think this character should have been played by Julianne Moore

  49. Adele says:

    Marilyn Manson lookalike.

  50. Camille says:

    Arrrrgggh! What is that thing?! Kill it! Kill it with fire!!

    But in all seriousness lol, I never had a crush to kill, I will never see his appeal, ever. So fug.

    As for the trailer, the movie looks awful and unfunny (except for maybe Kristen Wiig, who I love). It looks as pointless and unnecessary as that terrible sequel to Anchor Man was.

  51. Div says:

    I actually love his Voldemort lizard look. The trailer looks kind of funny.

  52. Anon222 says:

    Checking all the comments on here, it seems BC is more likable looking like an androgyny than looking his own self.

  53. Chantal says:

    His wife should take “All” to the bedroom. It would be so avant garde, so artistic, so theatrical and so operatic. The experience might inspire another production from her. LOLLOL.
    I cannot stop laughing at the cameo. Who knew lizard king could be that funny. I doubt those are his painted nails.

  54. Lucy says:

    LOL, I thought his career was over, all his fans had deserted him, and that he was a laughing stock in the industry, thanks to his “everyone knows it’s fake” marriage and being forced to parade around a plastic doll and pretend it’s his baby?

    Or *GASP* are the skeptic blogs wrong??

    • Felice. says:

      Keep it in tumblr dude

    • Chantal says:

      I still think those people are joking. They just want to annoy his fandom. Fake marriage and a doll,really? They are not serious. I will say it again he and his wife are a perfect fit. They have 50% chance like any other couple at an happy marriage regardless the situation (imagine or real by some) that brought them to their current status.

  55. Breakfast Margaritas says:

    Wow, I never noticed cumby’ s bone structure was so unusual. Until All. I look forward to re ting this from RedBox in a few weeks.

  56. Candy Sparkles says:

    All still looks better than Bruce Jenner

  57. icerose says:

    Each to his own-i guess if you like the films and Benny;s look in this you will enjoy it-me I am running from both.
    His press and response to his refugee quotes in the UK has not gone down well I would rather read well balanced articles in the papers or read about how people are actually helping than have someone swearing to put his point across inappropriately. To me he seems to be doing a lot of attention seeking since Hamlet.It will be interesting to see him on GN next week I just hope he keeps his pontificating at bay,Tom Hanks who I am not a big fan of was much funnier than expected and Peter Capaldi who is one of my favourite actor much quieter. Graham hopefully will keep Benny in line.
    But enjoy him and the films if that is what you like-He has not done anything interesting for me since 12 years and Osaka and his earlier work.