Kylie Jenner dumped Tyga because he wanted to marry her & she was all ‘nah’


Kylie Jenner and Tyga are no more. Are you sad? You better not be. Tyga notably got together with Kylie when she was very much underage. He also had a fiancée at the time, Blac Chyna. Kylie and Tyga’s relationship was a mess from the very start, so I have mixed feelings about the fact that it seems like Kylie was the one to pull the plug. Did she finally come to her senses? I doubt it. My Spidey Sense tells me that she’s just as screwed up as always, and the millions of breakup stories aren’t doing much to contradict my feeling that this is some major middle school DRAMA. So, here are some of the stories going around.

Whatever happened, it went down quickly. Tyga and Kylie were still together a week ago. Then she started Instagramming shady photos and she completely avoided Tyga’s big birthday party at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Thursday. TMZ reported that the split was “sudden and nasty” and it did go down on Thursday, when Kylie returned from her trip to Australia (with sister Kendall). A source told TMZ: “It’s something Tyga did.” Other sources say that Kylie definitely dumped him and it also had something to do with “pressure from the Kardashians.”

Tyga’s side of the story. After the breakup story went to TMZ, sources close to Tyga also ran to TMZ to tell his side. TMZ writes that Kylie and Tyga’s relationship was strained because they were both fame-hungry and trying to out-do each other constantly: “He was battling Kylie almost daily over who should kowtow to who when there was a scheduling conflict. They were fighting over which events they’d attend together, which required one of them to scrap their plans.” And when Kylie complained about their competing schedules to her family, the family told her that her career is more important than Tyga’s and that Kylie should dump him.

The Kardashian-Jenner-friendly media outlet chimes in. E! News got some scoop on the split, because of course they did. Apparently, Tyga was “suspicious” of Kylie’s relationship with Jaden Smith. Jaden and Kylie have been friends for a while, apparently, and they dated briefly back in the day. Sources insist that Kylie “never cheated on Tyga” though. E! News also claims that Tyga wanted to marry Kylie now that she’s totally legal and she wasn’t into it. And finally, E! News says that “Kylie wants to not be with anyone now. She wants to focus on her. Tyga is ready for marriage and would be ready to seal the deal with Kylie. Kylie wants to go out with her friends and just have a bit of fun… as of now Kylie is just going to be focusing on herself.”

Except that she might already be moving on. Kylie was out on Friday night with friends. She went to Hyde on the Sunset Strip and she left the club with A$AP Rocky and they got into the same SUV. Um, if you guys think Tyga is bad (and he totally is), I kind of think A$AP Rocky is worse. Also: beware of a dude whose sexual history includes Iggy Azalea AND Kylie Jenner. Amirite?

And finally, the perfect end to this juvenile drama: Kylie has already posted a photo to Snapchat indicating that she and Tyga are back together. You can see the photo here. Ah, so the famewhore apprentice becomes the Famewhore Master. Well played, grasshopper.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN.

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  1. Ivy says:

    Of course he wants to marry her. Makes sure the bills are paid in the future. I wish they all would just go away.

    • Eleonor says:

      And I was thinking about the bdd piece Ed Rewing wrote…Kylie… is it possible she is on prescripted pills for all the “cosmetic” (AH) treatements she is doing ???

      • bhel says:

        As a former addict I am 98% sure she has a major benzo habit. She’s spoken about her anxiety in the past and I’m sure her doctors prescribe whatever she wants.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        She looks out of her head. What is a benzo habit?

      • Cirque28 says:

        @Belle Epoch: benzos = benzodiazepines = anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax, Valium, Klonopin. They can make you calm and not anxious but the price is you may be somewhat zombie-like and overly compliant.

        I’ve been on and off them for a decade and I agree that Kylie has that benzo look.

    • swack says:

      Not to mention the payoff when they would divorce. She also needs to stop with the hand by her crotch. Looks like she has to pee and can’t control it any longer.

      • COSquared says:

        She’s taking cues from Duchess Kate(hands by crotch), just like Kim of course.

      • Wren says:

        Maybe it’s because she’s subconsciously feeling overexposed in those terrible clothes.

      • Christin says:

        Given how thin that ‘outfit’ is, it may be an attempt to be modest. Looks like she’s wearing very thin cotton underwear with some type of 2-piece net overlay.

    • bettyrose says:

      Well, she is getting a bit long in the tooth. Time to get her first divorce underway.

    • Denisemich says:

      @ IVY agree! He tried to get in early and assure himself a Kardashian paycheck.

      I will say, I am impressed with the Kardashians for not saying bad about Tyga to the press. You know they HATED him.

      The Kardashians never wanted a limited talent, broke, pedophile for a relative.

      • Ankhel says:

        Oh, I don’t know. The relationship gave lots of publicity for a while, it helped raise Kylie’s profile. Those people love all PR. They wouldn’t have accepted a marriage, though, you’re right about that. He’s too broke.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        At least not a broke one.

    • Anne tommy says:

      “She wants to focus on her”? 😂

  2. OSTONE says:

    He is very unfortunate looking. I am sure PMK is pressuring Kim 2.0 to get a bigger fish like Kanye, even if he as well, likes fish sticks lol

    • Jenni says:

      He looks like that shocked cat with open mouth. And let’s face it their relationship always was/is/will be more A PR STUNT than something real. They are shameless attention wh0res nothing more.

    • PinaColada says:

      He looks like such a predator in that pic where he’s looking at her, like- keeping tabs/don’t you go out of sight. I know I’m reading a lot into it. But he *is* actually a predator, so maybe not too much.

      • BackstageBitchy says:

        @pinacolada No I don’t think you’re reading into it too much. That photo to me does not say “back together”. It says “I’m so over it and look at this creeper hanging on with his crazy eyes”…

    • MediaMaven says:

      someone on an earlier post said that Tyga looks like a turtle without the shell. Perfect description (and hard to “unsee”).

  3. shineBright says:

    If you go by the snapchat photo it seems they’re back together but was it ever fun during their “breakup”. The comments under Tyga’s Instagram were brutal lol. Things like “bruh you give her a 350 000$ car on her birthday she dump you on yours”😭. You had rappers posting about how they were hoping it was their turn with a Kardashian. It was a hoot.
    I was kinda of looking forward to her being single from a gossip standpoint. She is the biggest stunt queen that we’ve seen thus far and I was expecting big moves from her.

  4. JRenee says:

    Awwww the Kardashian spin in full throttle.
    This kid just never had a chance. The trench coat version looks like she’s trying to morph into Ciara.
    Tyga is struggling financially, he’s not letting her go…

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    Girl, don’t marry that fool. His child support payments will become YOUR child support payments.
    And not to be rude, but his face. It’s like his face just morphs into his neck.

  6. COSquared says:

    So she has a career? Never noticed.

    • Chrissy says:

      LOL! That’s the first thing I said too. Career, what career?

    • SydneySnider says:

      Don’t you know she’s a reality show star turned spokesmodel turned designer turned businesswoman turned model, and soon to be rap star? And all by the age of 18! Now, THAT, is a high achiever…! I, for one, am eagerly awaiting her acceptance into Oxford.

  7. Ben Ding says:

    Tyga has Sugar Mommy syndrome.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I wish she dumped him because she realized that he has been using her all along, but if she did, it was probably to jump from the frying pan into the fire. She’s on a very destructive path. What else can be expected from a child who was given no moral base, no value except money and appearance, no discipline and no education? Then throw millions of dollars onto the pile and you end up with vapid drama queen who lives for attention and money. It’s pathetic.

    • swack says:

      I figure once she hits 20 (if they last that long) he will dump her because he seems to need “younger” girlfriends (closer to jail bait age).

    • shineBright says:

      Agreed. Even if she had dump him I don’t think it would be for the better. She would be trying to made headlines every day with her stunts because she feeds of the attention like some kind of vulture. In the 24h she dumped him she already made waves by stepping out with Justin bieber and A$ap. Don’t think those aren’t calculated moves. Like you said due to her upbringing this should be expected.

    • Nicolette says:

      Very well said.

    • FLORC says:

      I think on some level she did for those reasons. Maybe not primary, but there all the same.
      The values these 2 people have are so backwards. I don’t aways post on these threads because I don’t like supporting the attention they receive. Even if it’s negative we’re still here showing we will take the time to click the K/J thread and post. But this i’m just here because this was the best outcome imo.

      And 1 major UGH to values that place appearance over substance. That makes me livid!

  9. Lama Bean says:

    She looks so dead in the eyes. Her transformation into a real live doll is complete.

    • Ivy says:

      PMK has done her job well.

    • shineBright says:

      Every time I look at her MY face and mouth aches for her. Her whole face just look so tight and painful. Sad for an 18 year old to already have this “dead” look going on. And she also look like like she is functioning on slow motion, like a person who’s on pills. Shame on Kris and Caitlyn.

    • Tate says:

      Her eyes make me sad. Somewhere underneath all that plastic is that cute teen. I can’t imagine being cursed with this family. All the money in the world would not be worth it.

    • FLORC says:

      PMK does something… Once she sinks her claws in the light from their eyes goes away. It’s sad.

      • MediaMaven says:

        she sucks out their souls.

      • Chrissy says:

        PMK is one of those people who should never have been allowed to have children. All six of them have serious issues and she’s the common denominator. She’s evil.
        In Kylie’s case, she also had the bad luck to have narcissist Bruce/ Caitlyn for a father. She never has a chance with those two. At least Kendall seems less damaged.

      • SydneySnider says:

        PMK: The equivalent of our much feared and deadly funnel web spider…

    • Nancy says:

      They were dead eyes, lifeless eyes, doll’s eyes…said Quint, and he wasn’t just talking about a man eating shark. Da dum da dum dadum da da da da da…..

  10. Christin says:

    Of course she loves drama, given her formative years were spent in a reality TV spotlight. Life must revolve around having some type of attention all the time.

  11. danisunshine says:

    Kylie is exhibiting the behavior of most 18-year olds. She may look 30 but the frontal lobes of her brain are 18. My 18 year old has broken up and made up with her boyfriend too many times to count. It’s the drama they’re after–the breaking & making up, the songs, the sad emojis–no one feels as deeply as they do! Problem is in Kylie’s case–24/7 media needs content. The Kardashians’ provide content aplenty. Kylie is not so much a master as a mimic. She need only provide the content–as ridiculous as it is–and the media fall all over themselves reporting the “news” of her relationship status. Most of the parents of teenagers I know, turn off the drama when it starts up in their home. The same Kardashian Krap Kontent Kontinues to be churned out over and over, media reports it and the public gobbles it up like it’s worth a thought. Why is that?

    • Christin says:

      The 24/7 cycle, combined with her mother’s apparent thirst to remain in the $potlight at all costs, makes this a never ending circus. This 18 year old has no one to help regulate her personal life drama and guide her. She’s in an environment that rewards it.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Okay but I’m going to assume you did your job as a parent and your daughter graduated from an actual high school, isn’t dating a 26 year old, and isn’t posing half naked on social media.

  12. Saphana says:

    ” the family told her that her career is more important than Tyga’s ”

    sounds like she is a brain surgeon.

    • TD says:

      as dumb as her career may be, at least she’s making money. he’s not, on top of getting sued left and right, so yeah, her career IS more important.

  13. minx says:

    She must have low self esteem because he is eeewww.

  14. Dawn says:

    It was all smoke and mirrors and now the two little love bugs are all happy again. All Kylie needed apparently was 6 hours to be by herself. What a joke.

  15. Word says:

    Tyga looks like he has horrible halitosis.

  16. Jh says:

    How is A$AP worse? At least he has talent. And I think he is friends with Tyga, anyways.

    • sarah says:

      I was JUST about to comment on this. Tyga is not even worthy of being compared to Rocky.. one is a no talented pedo, the other is an actual artist, with a career, intellectual, open minded dude who can hold a conversation/interview. There is no comparison.
      I actually think LESS of Rocky, or at least disappointed, for being photographed with Kylie

  17. serena says:

    Too bad, even for idiotic reason, that would have been a smart move on her side. I guess smart is not a word to be applied on the Kardashians-Jenners.

  18. My Two Cents says:

    Can you imagine what it would be like spending time with her or her self absorbed family? As she said about Kim living with her, I would stab myself! The endless hours spent on getting made up, deciding what to wear, and taking pout lip selfies would make a sane person crazy. Then spending hours with someone who suffers from empty head syndrome of any subject that doesn’t concern them. Yuck!

    • Bridget says:

      Could you imagine the highlight of your day being getting fully made up to have your picture taken as you walk out of some building or across a parking lot, or to take a bunch of selfies in your room? What a sad existence.

      • justagirl says:

        Or selfies in a public washroom? The un-ending focus on appearance & complete self-absorption must be exhausting some days.

        And that poor girl, the amount of makeup and contouring in the top photo, for someone so young. The bottom photo is different, but more of the same.

    • Cricket says:

      Does she have any female friends other than her sisters? Kendall at least seems to have a group of girls she is seen with, Kylie is only seen with her sisters and their friends. What a tragedy that will end in tears for this child.

  19. AlmondJoy says:

    I really hate that this dumb relationship is the top story everywhere.

  20. Size Does Matter says:

    I could see her “dumping” him on his birthday as a prank on everyone to stir up some attention while she sits back and enjoys the social media thrashing she expected him to get, to keep him in his place. But why would anybody want him in that place? Unbearable as she is, she could still do better.

  21. Sayrah says:

    Can someone even name a tyga song? While checking tmz friday night I noticed the original break up story had over 2000 comments at that point. Really? I think Harvey owns stock in E! because of the ridiculous amount of stories they run on this family. That many comments have to be fake to drive more attention.

  22. word says:

    Ok so they had to run to the media the minute they broke up and now have to run back to the media the minute they get back together? Come on this is totally a pr stunt to help ratings for their show. Remember Tyga is making his KUWTK debut in a week or so.

  23. Really? says:

    She looks like a Bratz Doll. Do they still sell those in Toys R Us? I would never buy them for my young daughter because they were over sexualities and inappropriate in so many ways. Kylie has transformed herself into something that no longer even looks like a real human being. I agree with other posters that her eyes have a “dead” look. She was a beautiful young girl and now she looks unreal, plastic….it is creepy and sad.

  24. feebee says:

    She’s 18. End of.

  25. Cirque28 says:

    Shame on PMK and Caitlyn for the terrible parenting job they did. Kylie could be doing things many 18 year olds only dream of right now! She could be going to a top university or traveling the world out of a backpack, LEARNING and growing instead of being pimped out.

    We’ve slowly watched this child be groomed to be nothing more than a sparkly object who gets lots of media attention and now, surprise surprise, she is exactly that.

    • Christin says:

      I genuinely hoped the younger two would somehow take a different path. Yet here we are.

      • Cricket says:

        at least Kendall is trying to break away and doing her own thing away from them and their drama. I’m sure her strings are knotted tight by PMK though and very limited to what she can/can’t do.

    • bhel says:

      For real! If I was 18 and had all that money and freedom I’d at least be doing interesting stuff!

  26. yep says:

    Maybe when she got back from Australia, they had a fight. He didnt give her the welcome she always expects. She was tired too. And he, cause hes a controlling asshole over a girl he can manipulate, does what he always does to win a fight with her..make her question herself. Maybe he gave her sh*t about having eggs/tomatoes thrown at her, for spite. Maybe in that one moment, as he was standing there, she actually noticed, while he was panting with anger, his penchant for mouth breathing. And she was done.
    Ive done this in a moment of clarity.

  27. iheartjacksparrow says:

    Apparently they broke up (again?) and he recorded a song about her calling her a b**ch.

  28. justagirl says:

    Why is this story covered by so many sites, including People and US?? And why do those ‘legit’ outlets act like it’s normal & fine?

    If news outlets (using that term loosely) wanted to, these “items” could spark thoughtful commentary, every single story would include “Kylie, 18, has been dating Tyga, 26 and father of a 3 year old boy, for reportedly at least a year, though public appearances were minimal before she was 18”.

    Without, it’s ignoring the skeeviness of him, the inappropriateness of the relationship, the significant responsibility of being parent & step-parent to a child… Social mores are influenced by media, and treating this like just any other coupling is icky.

    • Jwoolman says:

      It must be at least two years. She was 16 when traveling around Europe with him, when her Demon Mother infamously admitted she didn’t know where Kylie was. More realistically, it probably started when she was 15.

  29. Cc says:

    Those dead eyes…

  30. Caz says:

    Even my 14-year old daughter knows everything Kardashian is fake. Why can’t other people her age see it?

    Kylie is so not a role model.

  31. Nudie says:

    But two days later they turn up at some award show together. I think they leak these stories from time to time to stay in the news. BS.

  32. The Devils Parsley says:

    She’s “cupping” her crotch area just like the Kimster is in the newer post. Why do they do this? Are they aliens? Are their tummy tucks becoming problematic? Is it something Kanye finds super secret spy sexxxy? Hmm…

  33. cocoo says:

    Anything goes to be in the news, I am a fame hoe and I am sticking to it.!!

  34. Bucketbot13 says:

    The wierd thing is – she looks older than her age and he looks like a pubescent. How’d that happen?