Dwayne The Rock Johnson helps fund heart surgery for dog named after him

Dwayne The Rock Johnson had a terrible pet tragedy in September when one of his adopted French bulldogs, Brutus, ate a poisonous mushroom and passed away. Before that incident, he had to save Brutus and his brother, Hobbs, after they jumped into his pool. All of this happened right after he adopted the dogs, so he had to deal with a lot of stress and sadness in a short period of time.


We know The Rock is a pet lover with a big heart, and he recently proved that again by donating money to a rescued dog who has a grade 5 heart murmur. The sweet black dog, above, was abandoned at the North Central Shelter in LA with wire wrapped around his mouth. The shelter removed the wire and gave the puppy stitches, but more medical examinations revealed that he had a heart murmur which may require surgery to fix. The organization Saving Spot Dog Rescue took the puppy in, named him Dwayne after The Rock because they want him to be a fighter, and started a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical expenses. Actress Michelle Trachtenberg alerted The Rock to the issue, and he stepped up with a nice donation. Here are their tweets in order.

The Rock gave $1,500 dollars and of course raised awareness for this cause. The GoFundMe campaign for Dwayne has been fully funded. Saving Spot writes in an update that they are so grateful to The Rock and that the additional funds will go to help the other dogs in their care. I love a good happy ending.

Did you guys see the National Dog Show yesterday? I was rooting for the black French bulldog, Ruby, with the smooth chihuahua as my second pick. Spoiler – the dog with the best hair, the skye terrier Charlie, won. You can see the video highlights here.

Here’s a cute video The Rock posted with his dog, Hobbs, wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving! That lazy dog is just not getting up.

Family and food waiting.. lil' homie ain't feeling it. #TryptophanHasYetToKickIn #HappyThanksgiving

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

Oh and The Rock was named Man of The Century by Muscle and Fitness Magazine. He shared this workout video and inspirational story about his motivation for getting fit at 14.

Bonus photo of Dwayne. You just know that this dog will get a good home.

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  1. jamie says:

    He’s my biggest crush. He went to high school in the same city as me and I have dreams of running into him / fan girling him one day.

    That smile, ahhh! He seems like such a genuinely sweet person.

    • V4Real says:

      He is a sweet guy.. I knew him for awhile when I worked in his organization.

      Great story about the rescue pup. It’s hard to believe that people can be so cruel to animals. Makes me sad.

  2. Tig says:

    What a great story! And the face on that pup! Never ceases to amaze/sicken me how anyone could abuse animals or children.

    • greenmonster says:

      Yes, leaves me speechless what people are capable of. I just can’t read stories like this one without taering up. Now excuse me, I have to go and hug my cat.

    • Zigggy says:

      I know, I just can’t understand how anyone could do that. Makes me so sad.

  3. Esmom says:

    I like your tag “Good Celebrity.” He really is.

  4. lower-case deb says:

    look at Pup Dwayne’s face! it’s so cute and guileless. someone must truly have a heart colder than the tundra to wrap wire around that face! 🙁

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think the person who did that should be abandoned 50 miles out in the dessert with their mouth wired shut.

    • Amanduh says:

      I know you meant ‘desert’ (rather than dessert-2 ‘ss’ because you always want two helpings!!) but your way seems like torture as well 🙂 Maybe light them on fire too, just for good measure…

  6. eribra says:

    Another dog show where the lab is completely shut out. Then I re watched the lab and I thought awww, who’s a good boy? My lab and I were rooting for him but it wasn’t meant to be, we drowned our sorrows in turkey and cheese. We do love the Rock.

  7. Snowflake says:

    Omg, squeal! I love him so much!!!!!! That first picture, so cute! Can we please have posts on him instead of kk? 😍

  8. Insomniac says:

    I adore The Rock. Loved him in his WWF days and I’m thrilled he’s become such a big star. He seems like a genuinely good guy too.

  9. Janice Vhytra says:

    I know I’ll get some flack for this but this fellow is worth $125 million. His donation of $1500 is nice but he could’ve easily covered the whole thing for this needy dog! It would be like you or I giving five cents to this cause. Let’s keep this in perspective.

    • V4Real says:

      You know I used to say the same thing about celebrities when they are on TV raising money for certain charities or foundations. Like when George Clooney would hold his telethons for I think one was Hurricane Katrina. I would say you celebs have more money than us why don’t each of you donate about 5 mil each.

      Then I realized it’s just not about the celebs pocket but ours as well. It gets us involved in a worthy cause, it let’s us be a part of something special, the celebs help bring attention to the cause. If it wasn’t for The Rock we probably would have never heard of this organization. I know he could put out all the money but maybe he’s saying let’s all pitch in. He could have easily ignored the tweet and not helped at all but he didn’t do that.

    • Colette says:

      Bless you heart.
      That’s all I will say today since I’m still on a high from celebrating Thanksgiving.

      • Petee says:

        The dog’s treatment had already been covered by all the donations.He just contributed more and it will cover the costs of some other animals.That’s what I read on another site.I am sure if he had heard about it right away he would have paid for everything.Go Fund Me is great.I donate for a lot of abused dogs.

  10. Sam says:

    I just can’t get into dog shows. When I was little, we lived next door to a woman who bred Lhasa apso puppies for shows. And let’s just say her methods were less than enlightened. The breeding business is fairly notorious for some really nasty stuff. The humane society has a lot of information collected about it. Honestly it’s kind of sad that this stuff is still on TV and people support it. Mutts are adorable too.

    (And just to be clear – I am not fully anti-breeding like some people are. Breeding to select for disposition, health or other positive traits are not always wrong, if done in strict ethical guidelines. But dog shows are the worst examples of breeders, because they breed almost exclusively for appearance. Show dogs are notorious for their terrible health and other issues. So even if you support breeding, foregoing supporting dog shows is a smart move.)

    • mayamae says:

      Thank you for saying this. Besides the neglect that may occur, I have real issues with the perception that a dog’s value lies in its perfection. Let’s not even discuss the idiocy of not allowing show dogs to be spayed/neutered. Dumb.dumb.dumb.

      What I did watch? The All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration. They stress not only adopting full bred dogs – which are always available in rescue – but older and even disabled dogs. I teared up a few times. It was a great show.

      • Sam says:

        I totally forgot that was on! Our favorite cat is a purebred who we got through a rescue – people are amazed that purebreds can even be obtained through the shelter system. But sadly, they can.

        One of my colleagues volunteers at a Siberian Husky rescue. A lot of her “clients” (yes, they do call them that) are purebreds that were, for one reason or another, deemed “imperfect” by show breeders and either 1.) sold at a discounted rate to unscreened buyers, 2.) simply abandoned or 3.) used as “working” dogs. It’s heartbreaking, especially because they are purebreds who are usually wonderful but they’re just “imperfect” by show standards. It sucks. I can’t watch AKC shows for that exact reason. For every dog you see out there, there are so many who got cast aside. It just feels…weird.

  11. kri says:

    The Rock is like a giant, muscular angel straight from heaven. He makes me smile. On the other hand, I hope karma finds the evil bastard that hurt that dog. I cannot believe what some people are capable of doing. But again, Dwayne makes me smile!

    • Imqrious2 says:

      When you said, “The Rock is like an angel…”, made me think of him the film where he played The Tooth Fairy. I took my nephews to see that when they were small. Did you see him in that? Adorable!! I can’t seem to post a link on my iPad, but google image him as The Tooth Fairy. You’ll smile all day 😊

      • Esmom says:

        So adorable. When my kids were little, my mom took them to see it (I saw it later on video since they liked it so much) and my mom was like “my, that Rock is a handsome guy.” So even the grannies find him hot. Lol.

  12. SusanneToo says:

    The Rock is such a doll. And Dwayne looks like my rescue, Smoky. I hope Deayne has sunny days ahead of him.

  13. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Adorable…both Dwaynes are freaking adorable! I wish I could have both.☺️

  14. Nicolette says:

    The dog is beyond adorable! What a face. And The Rock is just such a big mush when it comes to animals which makes him so endearing. How can anyone be so cruel as to wire this little baby’s mouth shut? I will never understand how people derive enjoyment out of making a helpless animal suffer. It takes a special level of evil for that. Dogs and cats give us complete unconditional love and all I imagine when I read yet another heartbreaking story of animal abuse is the suffering they went through while trying to comprehend why they are being hurt and tortured. When they are rescued the looks on their faces tell of the nightmare they went through, so much sadness. And then the joyous and thankful expressions as they are healing and being nursed by caring people. There’s no way I can watch it without crying. Dogs and cats are everything and the creatures that harm them are pure s**t.

  15. DesertReal says:

    Dang….it’s real dusty up in here right now *sniff*