NYDN: Olivia Culpo dumped Tim Tebow because he wouldn’t have sex with her


Over the summer, Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas broke up after a two-year relationship. It made me sad, because I really liked them as a couple and I think Olivia was his “muse,” in a good way. I think Olivia did the dumping too – Nick seemed slightly devastated in the wake of the split, and we still don’t really know what happened between them beyond “competing schedules.” Well, in the fall, Olivia started dating quarterback Tim Tebow, a football player known for his devout Christianity and his well-publicized virginity. Tebow does not believe in sex-before-marriage. People know this. He’s discussed it. Ladies looking to date him know this ahead of time too. But Olivia found that after two months of no sex, she was ready to tap out.

For once, it’s not Tim Tebow who’s having trouble scoring – it’s his girlfriend. Confidenti@l is told the QB’s model squeeze Olivia Culpo has dumped him after a two-month relationship – because he won’t have sex with her. The former Miss USA, who was first reported to be seeing Tebow in early October, has told friends that she can’t deal with the famously abstinent star’s nookie-less lifestyle.

“He was really into her,” a source close to the model told us, “he was sending her love letters and cute notes and professing his love for her.”

Alas, Culpo took a knee.

“She had to break up with him because she just couldn’t handle it,” said our insider, “He still hits her up, but she just can’t deal with the sex thing. He’s pretty adamant about it, I guess.”

Perhaps Culpo had hoped she could help the free agent – who played for the Jets in 2012 – to have a romantic revelation like she did for ex Nick Jonas, who famously wore a “promise ring,” swearing off sex before marriage. The pair started dating in the summer of 2013, and by September 2014 the one-time Jonas Brothers member told HuffPo Live that he had taken the ring off.

“This is a real growth in me and not something I’m doing anymore,” he said adding, “But I’ve got my set of values, things that are important to me now at this point in my life and that’s all that matters.”

It caused something of a stir in 2009 when then-college sensation Tebow was was asked by Clay Travis of AOL’s Fanhouse.com at an SEC media day if he was “saving (him)self for marriage.” Tebow said that he was. It’s not the first time it has caused him to fumble in his love life. When he split with girlfriend Camilla Belle after a couple of months in 2009, it was also widely speculated at the time that the Disney channel star was bothered by his chastity.

[From The NYDN]

I can see where Olivia might have thought that Tim might give it up if something similar happened with Nick Jonas. The thing is, Nick Jonas really loved her and he probably thought they were going to get married at some point. Tim Tebow probably just liked her and he wasn’t ready to make a bigger commitment, sexually or romantically. I don’t know… can a lady really get mad at a guy for not giving it up if she goes into the relationship knowing that he wants to wait until marriage? And can a dude really get mad at a lady for wanting to get her rocks off? That is, I’m assuming that Tebow takes the hard-line view of “sex” as “anything that would involve an orgasm.” In which case… yeah, Olivia needed to move on because she wasn’t getting hers.



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  1. embertine says:

    Nope. You don’t get to be in a relationship with someone who has set a hard boundary and then expect them to change. He has every right to get mad at her if she knew what his rules were going in and chose to ignore them.

    Signed, the Girl Who Really Means It When She Says She Doesn’t Want To Get Married, Yes Really.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I agree. Tim’s got his boundaries, and they’ve been well-publicized. Expecting him to change because she’s Olivia Culpo (who? btw) and oh-so-beautiful is pretty arrogant of her, if you ask me.

      • Josephine says:

        Or maybe she thought that it wouldn’t matter and it ended up that she did care – that doesn’t mean that she went into the relationship with the wrong attitude. Or she found out that someone that rigid about one thing is rigid about other things as well, and their values didn’t line up. Or maybe this is just a silly story and the broke up for all sorts of reasons. I’m not ready to call a woman arrogant because she doesn’t want to date Tim Tebow.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        I don’t think not wanting to date Tim Tebow is arrogant, but I do think expecting a partner to change their beliefs for you, is.

        Perhaps she didn’t go in to the relationship with bad intentions. Perhaps this story is pure bullshit. I’m gossiping on the story at hand because that’s, you know, what we do here.

      • embertine says:

        Oh yes, I should probably add that I think this story is tabloid nonsense so no shade is thrown at either of the actual people involved unless they confirm it.

      • Wren says:

        @Josephine: Exactly.

        Preemptively putting her the “evil temptress” role is quite frankly insulting. Sure, his values are well publicized and there’s no way she would not have known about them, but it probably didn’t matter at first. Perhaps she thought she could get him to change, it’s hardly an uncommon delusion. Or perhaps she wasn’t really considering that aspect until it was too much of a roadblock. Some people are cool with waiting, others aren’t and neither one is wrong.

      • Betti says:

        Or it could be that if she popped Nick Jonas’ cherry she thought she could pop Tim’s – some women are into that, not saying she is. Pretty arrogant either way – expecting him to suddenly drop his strong believe system because he’s dating her.

    • Algernon says:

      I wonder if she really expected him to change just for her, or if she thought he would because that’s what most of this purity ring crowd does. They say “no sex before marriage” and then they engage in every act under the sun *except* vaginal sex, because they see that as maintaining their “purity” while still getting to be healthy humans. I’ve known plenty of purity ringers who did that, so maybe this Olivia Culpo person did, too. I mean obviously she did, because of the Jonas she dated.

      It’s easy in stories like this to paint Tebow as a saint and this woman as a witch trying to tempt and corrupt him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just an honest misunderstanding. Two months in she went, “Oh you really are toeing that line, okay. Well never mind, because I like and want sex and we’re incompatible.” That’s not expecting him to change, that’s realizing he’s like the one person actually honoring that purity ring commitment.

      • SamiHami says:

        I don’t think people see her as a witch or him as a saint. I think it’s possible she had unrealistic expectations for the relationship and thought that he would change his mind about sex before marriage.

        In any event, it’s a good thing they broke up sooner rather than later. They each simply need to find someone more compatible. I don’t see a villain here.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    He has a right to his beliefs, but I don’t blame her for moving on. To me, it indicates that he sees sex as something dirty or holy or other then a simple human need. It seems so childish to me. As if God cares whether you have sex. Does He care if you eat or sleep? I think human beings, not God, put all of these restrictions on sex as a way to control people, especially women. I couldn’t be with someone that naive.

    • vauvert says:

      But she knew all this going in, right? If his beliefs, whatever they may be and how she views them, were an issue for her, she could have not dated him in the first place. And having broken up with him, she could choose to not discuss the why.

      If the situation were reversed, if a woman would say she wanted to wait for marriage, and her BF dumped her after two months because she wouldn’t give in to the pressure of having sex, would you still think the guy was right? And she was wrong? This is what really bugs me.

      I am not supporting (or criticizing) Tim; I just think that any woman starting a relationship with him should be prepared to deal with what has been a very public stance. And she should not discuss such intimate issues with the press, that is low and tacky regardless of who does or does not to whom.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, I agree and I wouldn’t have dated him in the first place. Also agree talking about it is tacky.

        I think it’s just as silly for a woman to “save the V” for marriage, if not more so, than men. I’m not ridiculing someone for believing that, I just can’t relate to it at all for either sex if you’re an adult. Or really, even if you’re not. I would want my children to wait for emotional readiness, love and respect before having sex. Waiting for marriage puts too much emphasis on sex and may lead to marriage for the wrong reasons, or too high of an expectation of the role sex plays in a good marriage. It’s important, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

      • Naya says:

        I think I would cut the guy or girl who genuinely believed they could handle a celibate relationship and then discovered they couldnt, some slack. Sometimes living in the actual situation will dispel all your idealistic but genuinely held intentions.

      • lunchcoma says:

        In the situation you mentioned, I wouldn’t say either the woman who wanted to wait or the man who didn’t was wrong. It’s a two month relationship, not a jilted engagement. I know people who initially felt that waiting for sex (or dating long distance, or making other kinds of relationship sacrifices) seemed like a small price to pay when they first met someone they were infatuated with, then felt differently after some time dating. Sometimes it’s because the sacrifice seems bigger after awhile, and sometimes it’s because they reevaluated how compatible they were with their partner and decided that marriage or moving or whatever else probably wasn’t something they were up for. Either way, Tebow seems to have stuck with his beliefs, and at 28, a very short tprelationship shouldn’t be a heartbreaker.

      • Bobo says:

        Totally agree. It’s weird seeing people look down on his life choices; people who are usually “that’s their life choice and you shouldn’t judge them for it”. It’s hypocritical. I don’t know if she went into the relationship expecting to change him or that she thought she could handle the abstinence. But it’s not a flaw on his part that he stuck to his beliefs.

    • Mimz says:

      Yeah I agree. Although I do think that maybe she should have taken the hint when she heard that he was celibate, maybe she thought this is what she needed in her life at that time. Sometimes after a big breakup we tend to think sex clouds our judgement. If she later realized that wasn’t for her, good on her for moving on, instead of cheating on him just to get some.

      And I also agree – I couldn’t be with someone so naive.

    • Other Kitty says:

      That’s a bit judgey. Who are you to say how God sees sex? Try being a little more open-minded.

      • Algernon says:

        The only thing God ever says about sex in the Bible is “don’t cheat.” The rules created around that are all down to humans, particularly men in patriarchal societies interested in using women as chattel and property. If you believe in God, then you accept a certain level of mystery and that God can never fully be known, but again, the only thing he ever said on the record about sex is “don’t cheat.” I feel comfortable assuming that God doesn’t really care about sex except that we don’t use it to hurt one another.

      • Wren says:

        Algernon, well said.

    • antipodean says:

      GNAT you have hit the nail precisely on its head. Everyone is entitled to their views, but excessive and repressive views on sex and its usually male imposed rules is one of the main reasons that perverted deviancy is encouraged in a population. Even more infuriating is the way it is used to subjugate women. I see red when these ignorami spout their stone age “values”. To call him naive is being too kind, more of an overgrown child. You have to wonder at the mental processes, or lack thereof, that allow this sort of foolery to flourish.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I waited until marriage. Would you like to put me and my choices down?

      • MC2 says:

        Paranormalgirl- I think your decision is great for you! I’ve taken a lot of the comments here as a question of “why” people make the decision to save themselves for marriage. I liked the comments about women saving themselves since they see sex as a more intimate act or waiting to totally trust someone first- that makes sense to me. The biggest issue (imo) that some people have is the motive behind waiting. If it’s a free choice then great and more power to you! If it’s due to shaming from the church or saying that you are not as worthy as a wife if you’ve had sex before….that’s a problem in my mind. I also think a lot people (Jonas brothers for one) feel pressured to save themselves and then feel pressure to lie about it when they don’t save themselves. That gives the impression that they are less then after losing their virginity. But I totally hear you and the backlash that you got from waiting which is strange & not okay. It’s odd that we’d fight or shame over such a personal decision. If it’s not a free choice (misogyny, patriarchal society, shaming) then that’s messed up. As long as it’s a free choice & not imposed then I think it’s a great choice.

      • Sumodo1 says:

        Hear hear! Tebow’s chastity at his age is ridiculous, and if he tried to slut-shame Olivia, it must have been overbearing, if not insulting. Why should she put up with antiquated sexual hangups from a man, in 2015?

    • vilebody says:

      I have a friend who is waiting until marriage. She doesn’t believe that sex is holy or dirty (she’s actually not religious at all), but she has told me that she feels like she only wants to be intimate with a person she trusts absolutely as her husband.

      In other words, people come to their decisions for different reasons, and not only is it silly to speculate, it is wrong to speculate at the expense of their characters. Judging him for not wanting to have sex is just as wrong as slut-shaming and assigning “daddy issues” to people who do.

      • Lambda says:

        I can’t help it, I find that kind of hangup about intimacy really weird. I hope she’s lucky to find “the one” (gag) and a good in bed one to top it all.
        Agree with GNAT and others: you don’t save anything by not having sex before marriage; virginity is not an asset, on the contrary what you’re bringing in a marriage is dysfunction and inexperience.

      • MC2 says:

        I’m not sure it’s speculation since he has been very vocal & open about why he is waiting. It’s no secret that Tim Tebow is a very religious guy & he went on record saying that was why he was waiting for marriage.

      • Wren says:

        I had a friend like that too, and she wasn’t “werid” about it. It wasn’t a religious thing, and she never talked about it unless that specific subject came up.

      • vilebody says:

        To be sure, religion was the major part of Tebow’s decision. But my point is that we don’t know what part of his church’s argument stuck with him, whether it is the sex is dirty, holy, or the argument my friend uses, which is based on trust and partnership as an essential requirement for intimacy. For my friend, it’s not a focus on virginity so much as a focus on the experience, if that makes sense.

        I have no idea if Tebow is a jerk or gay or whatever. All I’m saying is that it is hypocritical to judge a person’s abstinence while demanding non-judgement for promiscuity or other sexual choices. Just as I would judge Tebow if he went on rants saying people who have a lot of sex spread STDs and will probably have extramarital affairs, I think it’s wrong to say that being a virgin is naive and will lead to a dysfunctional marriage.

    • Wren says:

      It’s not the celibacy, it’s the fact that he’s talked about it a lot and it’s so intrinsically linked with his persona. In fact, it’s pretty much what people know him for, which I find really weird and creepy. I wouldn’t want the world to know that kind of intimate information about my life.

      What bothers me the most is that so many of the people who “save themselves” feel the need to talk about it. Usually at great length, like they’re either justifying their decision or implying they’re better than everyone else (or both). There’s no need to defend your choice, and I highly doubt whatever higher being exists really cares all that much about your sex life.

      • MC2 says:

        I totally agree! I find it weird & odd that one would broadcast their sex life (or lack of). I always find it strange when celebs talk about their sex life (side eye to Wilmer Valderama) and find it equally odd when they talk about their virginity. It should be off limits but I was thinking that maybe Tim Tebow was trying to be a role model and so he felt the need to put his V on blast.

      • Chica says:

        @GNAT Except sex IS NOT a need. A need is something you need to survive living. There are tons of ppl who are living w/out sex. Ppl who have previously had sex. It is an urge that can in fact be ignored.

    • SamiHami says:

      “To me, it indicates that he sees sex as something dirty or holy or other then a simple human need.” I find that to be an extremely interesting-and offensive-assumption about someone you don’t even know. Maybe he doesn’t see it as holy or dirty but as something special and worth waiting for.

      I thought we were supposed to respect each others’ choices and beliefs. Am I mistaken? Because it sure feels that way, reading some of these posts.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        According to some people, since I opted to wait until marriage, I was a naive and childish woman who brought dysfunction and inexperience into my marriage. Screw that. I had a wonderful marriage that lasted until he sadly passed away. Judging others for their sexual decisions is rich coming from the “my body my choice” crowd.

      • V4Real says:

        But we make assumptions about celebs all the time on this site; why should Tebow be the exception? It’s just people’s opinions.

      • Robin says:

        Seriously. The “let’s not judge anybody” crowd can be pretty judgemental when it comes to beliefs with which they disagree, especially if those beliefs are espoused by (oh the horror!) a conservative Christian. And I’m very sorry for the loss of your husband, paranormalgirl.

      • Wren says:

        It’s not the choice, it’s the endless discussion of said choice. Most people I’ve known who feel the need to talk about this are the ones who are trying to prove some kind of point. No, there is no point, it’s just your personal decision and it shouldn’t involve anyone else or require outside validation.

      • Lambda says:

        Paranormal, why so defensive? Did it work for you? Great! You were so lucky that your first was also good for you sexually. Was he experienced (seeing that you weren’t)?
        There’s nothing normative in my perception of weirdness regarding this saving your genitalia for marriage. Do or don’t do whatever you want. In most cases though this decision is colored by religion, and religion is highly normative, especially regarding the womenfolk. I loathe those who conflate morals, religion and sex, because it’s irrational, and, frankly, the irrational scares me. Other than that, it’s all about personal life choices, navigating difficulties, and, as I said, some luck.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I’m not defensive in the least. Really, as a 52 year old psychiatrist I am very comfortable with my decision to have waited until I was married (I married my first husband right after I completed my residency.) It’s the attitude that there is “something wrong” with women who make a choice that doesn’t appear to mesh with the choices others would make that annoys me. Just your comment about “loathing” people who you consider “irrational” is off-putting.

      • Lambda says:

        Feel free to be off put. I could choose to be offended by your lack of acceptance of my opinion, and we wouldn’t budge, right?
        Was your decision to abstain from sex colored by religious motivations? As my comment was strictly ascribed to that category. It’s irrational to think that the omnipotent deity has any requirements upon my private parts, and if you think that, well, that’s the end of a non-existent dialogue. There’s sorry little help any organized religion has provided women, and that’s an additional reason in my loathing. If that doesn’t apply to you, good for you, sister.
        (Your mentioning of age and profession does not strengthen your argument. Signed, a quality assurance manager at a nuclear plant.)

    • Tessd says:

      @GoodNamesAllTaken – you put it very succinctly! I absolutely agree.

      • JA says:

        Always “funny” how the don’t judge me crowd are so quick to judge people when they don’t agree to their view point. If you have the freedom to choose who and when you sleep with someone then you should just as much freedom to choose to wait.

        Religious weird wackos right? Ridiculous at his age? Sex is dirty and those who are waiting are naive?? Do you know how horrendous and judgmental you sound?

        It’s his choice so respect it, the same way people respect yours. I fully respect those who opt to wait for marriage even though I didn’t and don’t begrudge anyone who didn’t wait as well. It’s a PERSONAL choice and only YOU can and should decide for you.

        Spare everyone the condescending lecture on how in this day and age how naive it is to wait. Apologies to those who are waiting and have waited… Good for you!

      • V4Real says:

        Well it’s also his choice not to chase after girls who most likely perfer sex in their relationship. I highly doubt Tebow thought Olivia was a virgin who shared his views.

    • FLORC says:

      Since i’m anonymous here let’s do this.
      Tim travels with a male companion. It’s a known secret amongst NFL and ESPN staffers that work on location, with, or near him and his people. Like 2 BFFs that live on the road together.
      Why I say this is it’s kind of BS he or his approved PR use his religious beliefs as reasoning.
      Another known secret from those insiders. He’s had 1 night stands to casual to relationship intimacy.

      • Egla says:

        I have a feeling that towards the end of his sport carer OR on the brisk of something coming out he will come clean about some dirt be it being gay or having had relationships, even a baby somewhere. I have seen it too often.
        As for the waiting thing, well i waited till 30 just because of the pressure to be a good girl and be “pure” for my husband (you can tell i live in a small place where everybody knows everybody) . Meanwhile my friends had been through 2-3 boyfriends by that time. They all got married and had babies and I the purest one no. Not that i want that just saying. When the right came everything was forgotten for them. As for sex, i had it with a very experienced guy the first time. He thought i was a master of sex being 30 you know. He got terrified when he learned i was a virgin and went around telling everybody the he WASN’T going to have sex with me because he considered me a good girl (after having had sex). He didn’t want people to know that he took my virginity for some reasons. Go figure. He dumped me after 7-8 times and started talking to me with respectful distance. Imagine IF he was my husband :p

      • FLORC says:

        What makes me laugh is how many times he’s slept with someone, but fans will still claim he’s got his vcard. Even if he does not.

        As far as premarital. Marriage is Tough! sex is 1 less thing you can figure out. And if it’s good it helps. Unless you only view it as a creation of life I don’t see a reason to wait.

    • Eleonor says:

      My boyfriend first marriage went south because of sex.
      They both were very religious, and waited for 9 freaking years. First night they discovered they did not have chemistry. They tried to make it work, but they failed. He says that was the stupidest thing he has ever done, and he still is very angry about it, because it costed him 9 years of his life. It could have worked yes, but it didn’t. And if it turns bad, seriously it’s devastating.

    • Jwoolman says:

      There can be a very practical reason for it, though. If a man wants children and to be seriously involved with raising them – he better have a solid contract and expectation of a long-term relationship before letting his little swimmers anywhere near a woman’s egg. Even then, that’s no guarantee that the relationship will last. Abstinence and sterility are the only 100% sure-fire methods of contraception, a fact people like to ignore because it’s so unfair. I always felt that was part of the Jonas ring thing, they wanted what they saw their parents having. They’re full grown now and better able to deal with the hazards of long-distance parenting and difficult relationships with the mother of their children. But I can see why they would not want to deal with all that as teenagers and would be cautious as adults. Sharing children with someone you no longer even like and might outright hate due to their behavior is a major long-term headache and heartache.

      Then of course there’s the very real problem of disease and the limits of testing, another thing people like to ignore and underestimate because it’s so unfair.

      The reality is that we just aren’t at the stage in the technology to be able to guarantee no risk of pregnancy or disease. So the risks are there, whether you want to focus on it or not. It seems at least as stupid to put pressure on people to have sexual contact (making kids especially feel like freaks if they don’t) as it is to put pressure on people to abstain. It’s a very personal choice and if we were really all that liberal a society – all choices would be respected.

    • Chica says:

      @GNAT Except sex IS NOT a need. A need is something you need to survive living. There are tons of ppl who are living w/out sex. Ppl who have previously had sex. It is an urge that can in fact be ignored.

  3. Chelly says:

    I think somewhere in the back of a persons head we always think “I can be the one” to change the other person in one regard or another. & although I respect his decision, I get where shes coming from & I couldnt do it either…sorry.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I wouldn’t do it, but Olivia went in to the relationship knowing sex was a no-go. Seriously, anyone who knows anything about Tim knows this. It’s pretty shitty to ignore his boundary, press forward with a relationship, and then turn around and publicly blame said boundary for the breakup.

      • Emily says:

        This is what gets me. This story is coming from somewhere. Did she leak it to make him look bad? Because the person who looks bad isn’t the one who is maintaining a long-held, publicly known boundary. It’s the person who’s trying to make fun of him for it (and, incidentally, seems to have a history of being with guys with a similar boundary).

        Say what you want about Tebow or disagreeing with his stance – I’m probably right there with you. But if anything this makes him look better. Unlike all these other purity-ringers, he really meant it!

    • Esmom says:

      I think a lot of people do have that attitude in relationships, most notably when it comes to the decision to have kids or not.

      I don’t know if this story is true — they could have broken up for any number of reasons, maybe it wasn’t even her who initiated it — but I do know it’s the narrative the media will always go with since he’s been so public about his abstinence.

  4. Jaana says:

    He is really handsome. But in my honest opinion, I think he may play for the other team. He just needs to get a beard who will sign a contract and do as he asks. Problem solved!

    • Ladybird83 says:

      I agree with you👆

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      If he really thinks heterosexual premarital sex is a huge sin, I doubt he would recognize or admit to homosexual feelings in himself.

      • Naya says:

        I have someone like this in my life. He shows up every few months to faux flirt, show me off to his circle and generally lie about a “recent break up”. He is also ultra religious, he spent our last dinner instructing me on the difference between abortificants and contraceptives (you dont wanna know!). Anyway, I know I am the supposedly “unwitting” beard and his sanctimonous bs drives me crazy but I feel so sorry for him that I just smile and play along. He is very self congratulatory over his abstinence. He goes on and on about how God has made it effortless for him because he asked for that in his prayers as a teen. I really think his brain would explode if it ever tried to put a name to whats really going on with his sexuality. Or that half his circle seem to know anyway.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Motion carried

    • Alicia says:

      Aaaaaaaand there it is. Whenever a guy says he practices abstinence, some ignorant person whips out the “HE’S GAY” card.

      • Emma says:

        Probably because conservative Christians usually marry really young so they can have sex. That’s why the divorce rate is so high in the Bible Belt. He could have any woman he wants yet he’s still not married. It’s not unusual for gay Coservative Christians to pretend to be straight. Look at all the anti-gay Christian politicians who get caught up in gay sex scandals. These people are raised to hate who they are so they feel compelled to hide it at all costs. So it’s hardly ignorant to consider it a possibility.

      • Naya says:

        Emmas right. I grew up in a very religious environment. It was made clear that in remaining unmarried you were giving lust room to flourish in your life and also you were defeating Gods purpose for family in your life. Its really unusual for a straight man hits certain milestones (financially stable, over 25 years) and still be abstinent by reason of being unmarried.

      • whatthe says:

        There are a LOT of assumptions in Emma’s post.

      • V4Real says:

        I don’t think it’s fair for you to call Jaana ignorant or issue a personal attack because she gave her opinion on a gossip site about a man you don’t know personally. Rumors have been circulating for quite some time that Tim might be gay. And if a man is as truly religious as Tebow is turns out to be gay it would be easier to say he is saving himself until he is married as oppose to coming out as gay. Let’s not pretend that all Conservatives Christians are ok with homosexuality.

      • Dirty Martini says:

        @Emma…….Sorry as a southerner I gotta call it out. Want to know what states have the highest divorce rates? The top 5-6 n order: Nevada. Maine. Oklahoma. Oregon. Vermont. Wyoming.

      • Ange says:

        The state doesn’t really matter, the religion does. Fundamentalist Christians have higher divorce rates than average.

      • FLORC says:

        Unless we’re talking about ratio differences and per cap you’re way off on those states. Census shows more rural states have higher percentage of divorces to number of residents. And many of those states are rural from large area that is sparse in population.

        Also interesting, is the bible belt states populations and mass to more rural Maine and NH for example. So the actual numbers of divorces and not simply percentages are much higher. Annulments are not taken into account on some counts, but are estimated higher in bible belt states overall.

        It’s IMO not as much a religion over a culture. To wait is tough. To find a way to not have to wait is taken when high on all those love hormones.

    • Snappyfish says:

      Jaana you win the Internet!! There have long been stories around Gainesville (good friend was in engineering at Florida while he was there) that he had a v v v v close relationship with a teammate. Including them being caught a few times in the locker room. It’s been out there for awhile. Now if his faith tells him that he needs to be straight & he is trying to be what he thinks his God wants him to be then that should be respected.

      Culpo knew what his “rules” were. Once she decided to stop seeing him it is unfair to cry to the press about it.

      I hope he finds what makes him happy.

      • Shake says:

        Culpo’s using it to get coverage.

      • Jaana says:

        Haha Tim Tebow is definitely hiding something. That’s also what I meant by “shady”. There is just something there that he isn’t telling us the whole truth about.

    • SamiHami says:

      Hmmm. Another interesting assumption. So in your world people (or at least men) who decide to abstain until marriage must be gay.

      • V4Real says:

        “So in your world people (or at least men) who decide to abstain until marriage must be gay.”

        Nope; just Tim Tebow. 🙂

      • FLORC says:

        No. It’s his preference to have intimate and lasting relationships with other men that makes him gay. Abstaining has almost nothing to actually do with this. Tim has let that cat out before his fame.

    • Shake says:

      I saw a vid of him being quite effeminate. I know it’s not a pc term but I’m not being offensive at all. I’m convinced he’s gay. I dated a guy once who had similar mannerisms and whom I suspected to be gay too and he’d bring up all these excuses about not taking it further. Spent all his time with his best friend and preferred that guy to anyone else. The best friend gave me hints. Never had a relationship beyond two months with a girl. Still single to this day. His cultural background won’t let him come out and I don’t think it’s my place to confront him about it.

    • Chica says:

      Why are men who chose to abstain from sex always labeled as gay? This is the same stupid nonsense they’re saying about Russell Wilson., when there is absolutely NO evidence that supports it. I don’t know about what supposed proof is out there about Tim’s homosexuality, but I know a self-proclaimed hetero man who says he’s abstaining from sex bc of his religious beliefs will 99% of the time be called gay by a number if people.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Russell Wilson has been married before. To his HS Sweetheart. He has stated that he wants to truly get to know Ciara before they add sex. I doubt he has stated he is abstsining until marriage since he has already been married. IF he has then he is using the abstaince card for attention

  5. Jayna says:

    He’s 28 and seems no where close to getting married. I wonder if he’s the type like my friend who was a virgin back at the age of 21. But she d id everything in bed, naked, sleeping with boyfriend, oral sex, just not the full deed, and proudly called herself a virgin.

    If none of the above and he’s just not physically close with a woman, I find it odd. Most virgin men because of religious beliefs waiting until marriage for sex marry younger than 28. It’s not like he hasn’t met a lot of wonderful women along the way or doesn’t have the opportunity to.

    I find something a little off about him.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I have always found a lot off about him.

      He was really friendly with Aaron Hernandez so I have trouble believing the innocence act

    • V4Real says:

      “Most virgin men because of religious beliefs waiting until marriage for sex marry younger than 28.”

      Look at Russell Wilson who said he is abstaining from sex. It’s not like he never had sex before because he was married to his high school sweetheart for two years. But he married young, much younger than 26. He is now abstaining from sex with Ciara and she is being blamed for his bad season.

      • Tammy White says:

        Russell Wilson had a great game yesterday, actually past two weeks really…

      • Bridget says:

        In Seattle here, and I can tell you no one here actually blames Ciara for Wilson’s season.

      • V4Real says:

        I’m not saying Seattle is blaming him but people on Twitter is blaming him. It’s on the net, look it up. Even Wilson commented on the claim by saying don’t blame his personal life for his bad plays on the field.

        While I think it’s ridiculous to blame the person a sports figure is dating it seems to be the running theme with sport fans.

        Olivia Mum, Gisele, Jessica Simpson as well as Ciara have all been blamed for their SO’s stumbles and fumbles on the field.

  6. Nancy says:

    I don’t blame him for sticking to his beliefs. I don’t blame her for wanting the peen. Seems like if those rumors were true he was seeking Cinderella Duggar….it would be a good choice. They would have a two week courtship holding hands, get married and have wild animal sex because now it’s cool because they’re married. A match made in their version of Heaven.

    • Esmom says:

      Ha, a Duggar does sound great on paper for him but I wonder if his religious beliefs are as extreme as theirs? Plenty of faiths preach abstinence — even Catholicism — and many people sort of pick and choose which tenets they’re willing to adhere to vs blindly following in every regard.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        I’m a Catholic from a very Catholic country and I don’t know anyone who waited until marriage. I know people who waited really long or people who married the first person they slept with, but I don’t actually know anyone who lost their virginity on their wedding night.

        I think most people pick and chose with religion. It’s practically impossible to live in today’s world and not pick and chose, unless you go completely off the grid. Tim probably pick and choses too, just not in this particular thing.

  7. Renee28 says:

    It is possible she didn’t think she was “the one” to make him give it up but she just thought she could abstain and couldn’t.

  8. Bonnie says:

    No, I have to disagree here. Good for him and keeping his beliefs. Not so much that God cares about what he does, but its a promise that Tebow made to himself and God. We live in a world where everyone is just whoring themselves out, sometimes sex isn’t really that special. Maybe he wants it to be special and kept for the person he loves. I don’t know., I’m playing devil’s advocate here. I didn’t wait until I was married, but my husband is my soulmate and I probably should have just waited for him anyway. I’m not religious, so I can’t relate to the god part.

    • Melibea says:


    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I admire you for thinking that way. I tend to be a little judgmental about some beliefs, even though I do absolutely believe you have a right to believe what you want. But people who don’t believe in blood transfusions or telephones or medicine or whatever – I know I should respect them for sticking to their beliefs, but I sort of don’t if I think the beliefs are stupid. [goes to sit in corner and rethink attitude.]

      • Bonnie says:

        Yeah, the whole blood transfusion s and all that creeps me out. I don’t agree with the whole “god says I have to cover my face and God says men have the right to do blah blah blah bad things”. But I like the simplicity of maybe having a small core value system and passing that onto your kids. I have 2 girls and hope that I pass on good morals, with or without ” god” dictating. I hope they just make good decisions, period. And I think Tebow is Christian, so he talks about how he incorporates it into his decision making. He isn’t hurrying anyone in the name of his religion. +1 for him.

      • embertine says:

        I find it really difficult to stay objective when I find people’s beliefs harmful. And I do think that abstaining due to religious belief IS harmful, because it generally comes with a lot of ignorance and mystification around sex (and a whole heaping side of misogyny) and sets people up to fail in their relationships, both with their partners and with their own bodies. However, it’s his choice.

        I can respect someone’s right to hold their beliefs, which I absolutely do, while not respecting the beliefs themselves at all if I think they are harmful or just plain out-of-touch with reality.

      • V4Real says:

        I don’t blame him for his beliefs but what I do blame him for is going after women who don’t share his beliefs. I think it was stated that Tebow pursued her. Find a woman that shares your values and beliefs and case solved. This makes me think he is looking for beards but these women are not down to front for him, they want to get laid damn it. 🙂

      • Chica says:

        Where is the misogyny in this? MEN AND WOMEN both are told to wait until marriage in the bible. Sex–all fornication–is something that applies to both genders in the bible. This not having sex stuff is not just for women, obviously.

  9. Louise177 says:

    Nick lost his virginity before Olivia. So I doubt she assumed she could change Tim. If Tim didn’t tell Olivia it’s very possible she didn’t know. If you’re not a football fan it may not be known to you.

  10. Lilacflowers says:

    Tebow wasn’t scoring on the field either

  11. Kate says:

    Eh, people lie about this in public all the time. When I went to church as a teenager, every person wearing those stupid rings was having loads of sex, whilst talking up abstinence and promises to God. The louder they were about all that, the more sex they were having.

    She probably just realised he’s one of the rare people who actually lives it instead of just preaching it.

    • Alicia says:

      “The louder they were about all that, the more sex they were having.”

      If you say so.

      • Algernon says:

        I’m sure there are a lot of people who truly believe in that commitment to God and self, but this was my experience as well. In high school, youth group was entirely made up of kids signing chastity pledges and wearing purity rings, yet having sex on the side. By college I rolled my eyes at people who talked about their chastity because they were full of it. No one was practicing what they preached. And as someone else said upthread, by the time a person reaches their late twenties without at least one quickie “let me have sex” marriage, something else is probably going on with them.

      • Wren says:

        Generally the more people shout about something the more the opposite is true. Otherwise, there would be no need to shout.

    • Eden75 says:

      I only knew one person growing up with one of those rings, this was before the huge increase in them (media coverage maybe?). She was only a virgin around her father. The rest of the time she was an average 16 year old girl. Not slagging on her in anyway, she wasn’t any more sexual than any of the rest of us, it was just completely gone in front of her parents. We got that and never made any comments or actions that would have them think differently. Their beliefs were not hers but she had to live in the house.

  12. smcollins says:

    Maybe she thought only intercourse was off the table and that they could do “everything but.” Who knows how far his boundaries really go, but yeah…she knew the deal going in. Sounds like he needs to find a nice Christian virgin like himself, so he isn’t constantly dumped by the more “experienced” women he seems to get involved with.

    • Jayna says:

      Or maybe he wanted to do everything in bed but intercourse, and it ended up making her feel dirty. You’re good enough to give me a hand job or blow job naked in bed, but no intercourse for you.

  13. Talie says:

    The tea is that he does have sex, but not with his public girlfriends.

  14. Relli says:

    On the other hand if he just liked her and wasn’t in love so didn’t see it leading to marriage that’s pretty valid. Why keep dating?

  15. Barrett says:

    This is non of my bees wax. Eeewww

  16. Bridget says:

    I thought the word on Tebow was that he was definitely not a virgin, but was definitely playing up the angle for image?

    • Esmom says:

      If that’s true then that would confirm my suspicion that this story is likely BS. They could have broken up for any number of reasons.

      • Bridget says:

        One of which being this is the most people have talked about Olivia Culpo or Tim Tebow in a while. I didn’t even know the two were ‘dating’. This makes mild headlines but keeps his conservative cred, which is pretty much his only fan base.

  17. Melibea says:

    It’s so sad that nowadays if you want to save yourself for marriage you’re either gay or self righteous!! Good for him for not give in!

    • Nayru says:

      I kind of agree. I see nothing wrong if someone wants sex to be a very personal and intimate experience explored with a life partner.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Especially when you find out the person you will be “exploring” with for the rest of your life is terrible in bed, inconsiderate, unskilled and uninterested in anything but his own satisfaction, thinks sex is dirty, and leaves you emotionally and physically unsatisfied. For the rest of your life. Which is just as likely to happen if you “save yourself” as the fairy tale in your mind.

      • Jayna says:

        GNAT, amen. I see nothing wrong in waiting until you are in a serious, monogamous relationship before sex, but waiting until the magical marital night with no hint of who you both are sexually and if compatible is a massive gamble and could end up very unfulfilling.

      • Alicia says:

        “Which is just as likely to happen if you “save yourself” as the fairy tale in your mind.”

        Um, and you know this how?

      • Elisa the I. says:

        @GNAT: 100% agree.
        @Alicia: I have had a few partners already and to be honest the majority were no sex gods. 🙂 I talk quite openly with my girlfriends about sex and most of them made similar experiences.
        It also takes a while to find out what you like yourself and then find the matching partner. They are out there, but in my experience the probability that your first sex partner will be THE ONE is kind of low.
        Of course it also depends how important sex is for you.
        For example I adored my last bf and we were a great match in many aspects but he was rather conservative when it comes to sex. And in the end this was one of the reasons why I broke up with him.
        And I feel pity for this Tebow guy, he is missing all the fun! Life is short, enjoy it while you’re young and fit! 😛

      • Holmes says:

        There’s nothing wrong with it–his body, his choice–but does the whole country really need to know? I think what people take exception to is his loud and continual preaching about it. I don’t want to hear the details of my best friends’ sex lives, let alone that of a total stranger.

      • Chica says:

        People act like you can’t learn how to have better sex. LOL.
        We humans, we’re terrible at evolving.

        And not only that, but people act like the virgins who get married get married only for sex? Is that all a marriage is about? Especially those who want to do it God’s way? GNAT, you sound ignorant af. Chiefly bc you’re trying to make blanket statements and are ONLY focusing on the worst case scenarios, which you have no numerical proof to back up as a legitimate epidemic among those who wait for marriage.

        But yeah, let’s not call girls who sleep around like Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw whores. I could make blanket statements about that too.

    • snowflake says:

      Agree! If you are not screwing everything, you must be gay! In other words, they’re saying men can’t keep it in their pants! I don’t think he’s gay

    • Emma says:

      It does appear that long periods of abstinence from sex can cause Erectile Dysfunction so abstaining appears to go against nature. I read recommendations that men should have sex at least once a week to avoid dysfunction. So what happens if he really is straight and does get to that magical wedding night when sex becomes ok with the god he believes in. If can’t perform the marriage is automatically off to a bad start. And what if they aren’t compatible sexually. Marriage is a serious decision to make and avoiding an activity that’s a big part of marriage because you think there’s a magic man in the sky who wouldn’t approve is incredibly irresponsible. I don’t respect people for doing stupid things in the name of blind and unprovable beliefs.

      • SamiHami says:

        Now I’ve heard everything. *eye roll*

      • Alicia says:

        “And what if they aren’t compatible sexually.”

        Real love CREATES sexual compatibility. People who have truly experienced love understand this.

        “Marriage is a serious decision to make and avoiding an activity that’s a big part of marriage because you think there’s a magic man in the sky who wouldn’t approve is incredibly irresponsible.”

        Such nonsense. Having and raising children is also a big part of marriage, so I guess we better all have a few kids with our partner before we walk down that aisle. LOL.

        “I don’t respect people for doing stupid things in the name of blind and unprovable beliefs.”

        I’m sure people are just DEVASTATED that you don’t respect them.

      • Robin says:

        Wow, that’s probably the most intolerant comment I’ve ever read here, and that’s saying something.

      • Kitten says:

        “Real love CREATES sexual compatibility. People who have truly experienced love understand this.”

        The truthfulness of this statement is being entirely ignored in favor of people arguing over whether waiting till marriage is a good idea or not. Sure it sounds trite, but sex is really on a different level when it’s with someone you love. It’s not so much about how exciting or technically satisfying it is, more about a physical expression of love.

        Sappy yet true.

      • Lambda says:

        It’s not that sappy and it’s definitely true. Love infuses sex with enormous emotion and satisfaction, before, during and after. At least in my experience, it makes me confident, optimistic and nauseatingly happy.
        But I also had great and fun sex with men I didn’t love, just liked.

      • V4Real says:

        “Real love CREATES sexual compatibility. People who have truly experienced love understand this.”

        I don’t think it’s true in every case. I know people who are “truly” in love with their spouse but admits that they wish the sex was better. I don’t think it’s a fact that if you’re truly in love with each other the sex always produces as compatible. People can be in love but the sex is not that good. They stay together because they are in love and the love can at time out weigh the need for good sex.

      • Ange says:

        “Real love CREATES sexual compatibility. People who have truly experienced love understand this.”

        Oh bulldust. I’ve had the exact same level of sexual compatibility with many different guys that I do with my husband. Doesn’t mean I loved them more or love him less, just means sexual compatibility is what it is, a total crapshoot. It cuts the other way as well, you can love someone to death but something about their anatomy doesn’t match with yours or they discover a kink you can’t indulge or they just plain don’t get YOU. You can try to tart it up by adding in the emotional intimacy you share and calling it good but it doesn’t make the sex any better.

    • BabetteDell says:

      Sure, there’s a chance you’ll be sexually incompatible, but probably not. Waiting for sex doesn’t mean you don’t talk about it. And if you are really getting to know each other (lots of time to talk when you aren’t doing it!), you will usually know the person’s true personality. Very few fun, unselfish people have opposite bedroom personalities. And any friend I know who had sexual struggles in their marriage were either physiological or deep-rooted emotional issues that required the patience of a committed, loving sexual partner to work through anyway.

  18. Loo says:

    I don’t see any huge problem, it just sounds like they were incompatible and breaking up was the right thing to do.

  19. OhDear says:

    This story is so tacky on several different levels.
    (1) As people have said, Tebow does not believe in sex before marriage. She has to know this and is (not good) if she thinks she can break that boundary.
    (2) Why leak a story stating that you broke up because of lack of sex? Too much information. Just say that they weren’t compatible or something.

  20. JenB says:

    Random note-before I read the headline under the picture I thought this was Jessa Duggar’s husband. Definitely a resemblance there!

  21. Kate says:

    Lol. Tim Tebow is not a virgin. Absolutely nothing wrong with waiting for marriage before having sex. I grew up in a fundamentalist faith, and most of the people I knew and was friendly with before I left the fold waited and didn’t regret it (though, in reality, most of the Bible does not require virginity for men, nor monogamy after marriage; those things for sure are required for women, though, in every single corner of the Scriptures). But “waiting for marriage” is not true of Tim Tebow.

    • SamiHami says:

      And you know this how? Did you hear it from someone who knows someone else that said their cousin’s best friend’s sisters BFF? Or did you actually have sex with him yourself? Because seriously, how would you magically “know” this about him?

      • Alicia says:

        I’m sure she gets a non-virgin “vibe” from Tebow. Oh, those magical vibes! They’re never, ever wrong! 😉

  22. AlmondJoy says:

    She’s very pretty.

    I think the best thing for Tebow to do is to find someone that has the same beliefs as him.. That would cut down on a lot of confusion and frustration.

  23. Mo' Comments Mo' Problems says:

    Seeing a lot of “Olivia should’ve known better” type of comments here. If this Tim Tebow guy is SOOOOOOOO committed to his morals and religion, why date someone outside of his religion? That way he doesn’t have to waste anybody’s time. Time for Tim to hit up another church.

  24. I Choose Me says:

    Didn’t Camille date a Jonas also? I forget which one.

  25. gene323 says:

    Could you imagine the comments if a guy broke up with a girl because she was “saving herself”

    • FingerBinger says:

      I think the comments would be more sensitive. I doubt there would be any comments about her sexuality.

    • Luce says:

      Or more parallel, imagine the comments if a guy broke up with a girl because he thought she was too sexually promiscuous? He would be villified and ripped to shreds by the very same people who are still villifying him and more intolerantly, anyone who believes as he does.

  26. Eden75 says:

    Maybe she thought that this was ok and she could handle it and decided that, sorry no, abstinence is not for me. It’s possible that she went into this not to change him but thinking that it couldn’t be that bad and she could make it for the relationship. Anything is possible.

  27. JenniferJustice says:

    So, she already got one guy who’d made a commitment to abstinence to break his vow and do her and they’re no longer together, and now she’s not having Tim’s vow of abstinence? One has to wonder if she’s purposely choosing celebate men to try to get them to break their vow, because what? She’s so hot they can’t maintain? Sounds like a creepy chick with something to prove.

    • Bridget says:

      The younger Jonas wasn’t celibate by the time he actually started dating Culpo.

    • Original T.C. says:

      THIS! All day.

      If she were a guy dating women with notorious virginity vows, everyone would call him out for being a shady creep. But it’s a woman so we have to come to her defense for fear of it appearing to be “sex/slut shaming”. Not this woman! She’s creepy.

      She knew the deal. Jerk move to have gone to the media about this. Extra creepy, why not stick to men who have no problems with pre-marital sex (99.999% of men)? Or are they not a challenge?

  28. FingerBinger says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Tebow saving himself for marriage. She shouldn’t have blabbed about why they broke up. She’s a jerk for that.

  29. lunchcoma says:

    I don’t see why either of them need to be blamed. The relationship apparently only lasted two months. Maybe she would have been willing to wait if she thought marriage was in the cards, and two months of dating was enough for her to realize it wouldn’t be.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Right? Maybe there just wasn’t enough there for them to take it long term. Why does it have to be about sex? As everyone’s pointing out she knew his stance before she started dating him. Aside from being a footballer and a christian, isn’t that the other most well known fact about him? (Rumors to the contrary aside)

      I think the ‘she dumped him because he wouldn’t have sex claim’ is either made up or possibly leaked by one of his people.

  30. JustJen says:

    I don’t know a thing about her other than what I just read. Sure, she’s pretty. Big whoop. He, however, has grated on my nerves for years. Have sex, don’t have sex, WHATEVER! What goes on behind bedroom doors between consenting adults, not my business. But he comes across as so preachy, that combined with his inability to delivery on the field, makes me think of him as a whole lot of blah. I’ve never said this about anyone before, but perhaps he should marry the “old maid” Jana Duggar. He could drop the sanctimonious crap and she could get the h*ll out of there.

  31. Huckle says:

    I don’t understand why we even know about this, or why his or her sexual boundaries (or anybody else’s for that matter) are public knowledge. How embarrassing that random people are discussing what I do with my pu&*y or d*ck. I’m no prude, but good grief, can’t anything stay personal anymore?

    • Lilacflowers says:

      We know because he is extremely public about it. He even constantly worked it into post-football game interviews when he was playing

      • I Choose Me says:

        Why? I don’t get why anyone would be okay with strangers speculating about what you do or don’t do with your genitals. Speaking for myself, this was NOT need to know.

      • Shake says:

        Preventative measures to stop the press speculating why he wasn’t dating. Look at Ian Thorpe. He said he had to stay in the closet for years to keep his sponsorships.

      • Jwoolman says:

        I don’t know about Tebow, but I do remember all the flack the Jonas Brothers got when word was out that they were celibate and intended to stay that way until marriage. They were just teenagers at the time. People were complaining that they were pushing a Christian agenda on people etc. but I saw what was really going on – they were wearing the rings and reporters kept asking them about it, and they answered truthfully. That was interpreted as “pushing an agenda”. When you keep getting asked the same question again and again, you’re not the one who’s pushing any agenda. I never heard any of the Jonas boys say anything that sounded like proselytizing. They just answered questions. But people still got bent out of shape about it.

        And of course every single one of the Jonas brothers has been accused at one time or another (frequently) of being gay. Not because of any evidence that they prefer men, but because they said they were celibate. Even on this forum, I see people perpetuating the myth that if you’re not married and not celibate by a certain age, you must be gay. Heaven forbid you actually have a close friend of the same sex, that’s only allowed if you are married to someone of the other sex. As if there is nothing else valuable and interesting in life.

    • V4Real says:

      I agree with Liliac

      We know and talk about it because he is so public about it. Was there a need for him to share with us what he was or was not doing with his genitals? Wilson and Tebow could have kept it to themselves and we wouldn’t be here right now.

  32. TessD says:

    OMG, I once was dating an amazing guy and things went great until he told me he was “saving himself” for marriage. I had to break up with him.

    I think it’s easier for people who’d never had sex to stay chaste, but when you have had a real relationship involving ALL aspects of being connected with another person, the whole abstain from sex makes no sense.

  33. Breakfast Margaritas says:

    Maybe he can seriously consider hooking up with Jana Duggar now. I think he kinda blew off the suggestion but clearly the Hollywood ladies man thing isn’t going to work out. He needs a daughter of Jim Bob. She understands celebrity and shares his religious beliefs.

  34. BabetteDell says:

    I’m not hear to preach, but depicting those who save sex for marriage as mindless robots is just as judgmental/harmful as slandering those who have frequent, casual sex.

    I’m Christian and was raised with a healthy, balanced perspective on sex, love and politics. I wasn’t taught that sex/sexual thoughts were bad, but that God wanted me to preserve them for marriage to 1) increase odds that my children would be raised in a healthy household (no guarantee, I know, but committed couples aren’t a bad thing) and 2) make sex a special, sacred experience that spouses can exclusively share to draw closer and designate their union from their single days.

    It’s curious that we praise goal-setting and healthy limitations in other areas (work, diet), but we think it’s repressive to postpone sex. I know some religions have distorted these ideas to suppress women, but waiting until marriage for sex can still be a sweet gesture of faith and yearning. And let me tell you, my amazing guy was so worth it. We’ve been married 18 years and he still gets me hot and bothered daily! Our commitment to waiting has just transferred to a commitment to an active sex life and enduring friendship. Win-win!!

    • Tessd says:

      It’s fine when sex doesn’t get in the way of a healthy relationship, but it’s ridiculous to place so much importance on this natural bodily need as to break up relationships. Not to mention in many occasions even worse, like to kill people – women mostly- who decide they own their body. That’s when religion is doing nothing but harm.

      • BabetteDell says:

        Why is it ridiculous to put so much importance on sex? Clearly, you think sex is important. So what’s wrong with me thinking it’s important enough to share only with my spouse?

        Agree with your latter statement — those who use sexual purity to control or harm others are despicable and only incurring the wrath of a God they claim to honor.

      • Alicia says:

        You’re absolutely right, Babette.

        And some people here are talking out of both sides of their mouth. One second they’re saying sex is no big deal, so it’s silly to save it for your spouse. The next they’re saying sex is TOO important to save for your spouse. Which is it? Is it important or not?

        If it is important, then as Babette said, it is not unreasonable to think it is important enough to share only with your husband/wife. And if it isn’t important and it’s just some “bodily need”, then I guess monogamy has no real purpose in this world. After all, monogamy only serves as a roadblock to satisfying our bodily needs (and we certainly can’t have that).

    • Robin says:

      Well said, BabetteDell! It’s amazing to me how hypocritical people are who will tolerate any belief except a belief with which they disagree.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      +1 Babettedell

      I grew up with the same beliefs and I also waited until I got married. I’m not ashamed and I don’t regret it. I don’t look down on others who disagree with my belief system and I expect the same respect in return.

      • Kitten says:

        Well my mom waited and if her marriage is any indication, you and your husb have many years (almost 50!) of happiness ahead of you, AlmondJoy 🙂

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Thanks, Kitten! That’s beautiful! Your parents are blessed. My hubby and I only have 5 years under our belt but they’ve been wonderful 😊

    • Luce says:

      Eloquently stated!

  35. Naddie says:

    Well, at least she didn’t cheat. She seems to be a pain in the ass, tho.

  36. Holmes says:

    As I said further up thread, I don’t care who he does or does not have sex with. It has no bearing on my life. What I find offputting is his constant public harping on the topic, particularly in light of the fact that he hasn’t actually played football in years. He’s not in the public eye anymore. Who cares? Makes it seem disingenuous and has a stench of “the lady doth protest too much” about it.

  37. Isa says:

    I think abstinence can be great- your body your choice and it cuts down on STDs and unwanted/unplanned pregnancies. But I hate the whole purity crap. It’s gross especially when people get compared to a plucked flower or a chewed piece of gum.

  38. Veronica says:

    It’s a legitimate reason to break up but not one to be angry about. If you knew they were celibate before marriage, then it’s wrong to expect them to change.

    This being said, if he is remaining celibate, I have a modicum of respect for him for walking the walk instead of saving the anti-gay rhetoric and dumping the rest of the Christian requirements.

  39. Shake says:

    He’s so obviously gay. I don’t know a straight guy who’d be desperate to broadcast this stance.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Are you sure he’s broadcasting it? Or is he just repeatedly asked about it?

      If you don’t want to hear the answer, don’t ask the question.

      • Shake says:

        He makes sure every single reporter knows it. More athletes should come out and it shouldn’t affect their sponsorship and salary deals.

  40. Ray says:

    Yeah and preaching about abstinence and no sex worked out so well for Bristol “conservative and religious” Palin :/ an example of shouting abstaining from the rooftops and then having sex.

  41. Jag says:

    It’s very possible that he broke up with her and that they’re spinning it this way.

    I dated a guy who was a virgin and wanted to wait until marriage. He really liked me and we dated for almost a year. He broke up with me because he realized that he wanted to marry a virgin like himself, and I wasn’t a virgin.

    At age 36 he found a similarly-aged virgin and married her. He called me a month after, wanting me to do things on the phone that we did when we were dating. I told him to ask his wife and hung up.

  42. shewolf says:

    Im not sure I believe this just because… who would be so desperate to sleep with a man who hasnt had sex before? No offense, we’ve all been virgins before, but that just doesnt appeal to me.

  43. funmi says:

    As someone who has had sex with a few too many guys, I had reached a point where the numbers were racking up. If I hadn’t stopped when I did, I can’t imagine what my body count will be now. Sex was just becoming an act, I wasn’t even enjoying it. Just going through the motions and ignoring the implications.
    With the help of God, I have abstained for almost five years now. And you better believe that the next person making love to me will be my husband. I want it that way, and I truly believe that abstaining has helped me avoid soul ties, emotional attachments to jerks, made me clear headed and helped with my self esteem. Not to mention Stds and pregnancy scares.
    Better still, I feel in control of my body now. As opposed to when it controlled me. lol. In my case I doubt I could have done it without my faith in God.

  44. Knitnwine says:

    If keeping his vCard is SOO important, as he is so eager to tell any and everyone, then why go for Olivia. He knew she wasn’t a virgin.

    Something here ain’t on the up and up, but that’s not my business. I’m off to drink my tea. But I’m willing to put money on his vCard being punched already… And not by a girl! Not that there is of course, anything wrong with that but the hypocrisy goes well with tea.

  45. HHY says:

    Personally, I’m conflicted regarding this issue but people should be free to do whatever they want with their body without fear of judgement. I always assumed that one should wait until marriage for sex, it was just something that was a given in my family, but it didn’t last.
    I do not regret for one second screwing around literally for the last couple of years, but sometimes wished that I would’ve saved myself for the future hubs, not that he cares, but I wish I had met him first if that make any sense. Maybe that’s why reconstructive v surgeries are increasing in popularity.