Kim Kardashian & Kanye still can’t decide on a baby name, so let’s help them


It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written about Kim Kardashian. It really hasn’t been forever, it’s just been a week or so. So, let’s catch up. She’s due later this month, although many people believe she’ll give birth early again, probably in the next week or two. Kim was also sick over the Thanksgiving holiday – she posted a photo of her cleavage and bump (as one does) to announce that she’s 37 weeks along and she has a “sinus infection and the flu.” Yikes, that’s bad news.

What else? One of Kim’s Twitter followers called her a “fat bitch” and she replied “Yep.” And then: “I just joke. I am soooo not worried about my weight and what others think. i am confident in my bounce back game lol.” Sure. More like she’s confident in liposuction. As for the long-awaited baby boy… TMZ says today that Kim and Kanye still haven’t decided on a name. The longer this goes on, the better the chances that the name is going to be awful. Just FYI.

Time’s running out for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — less than a month from the birth of their 2nd child … and they have no idea what to name the kid. Sources tell us the couple’s discussed dozens of names, but they’re just not in love with anything they’ve come up with so far.

Might seem weird for a prolific producer like Kanye to have writer’s block, but we’re told the struggle is coming up with something unique — and as we first reported, directions are off the table. Also, it’s their first son … which means a lot to both of them.

Our sources say Kim’s worried it could come down to them just getting inspired once the little guy arrives. He’s due on Christmas day, but we’re told mom feels like he’s coming early.

[From TMZ]

We should create a baby name list for Kim and Kanye. They say they don’t want to do directional names, so I guess we can’t include South West, Easton West or Westie West. So here are my recommendations:

Wintour West (for Anna, obviously)
Riccardo West (for Riccardo Tisci)
Tisci West (same)
Givenchy West
Adidas West
No Disrespect To Ben Affleck West
Yeezington West
Yeezus West
Leather Jeggings West
Steve Jobs West
Walt Disney West
Galileo West
Kanye Junior

I’m sure we can think of more. Put your suggestions in the comments!


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  1. kri says:

    How about Silence? It is golden, after all.

  2. Yeses says:

    Choker West….that sounds a little um

    Ray West, be edgy, give the guy who was responsible for her coming into the limelight a shout out…or is that tacky?

  3. Longhairdontcare says:

    No disrepsect to Ben Affleck West. Dead.

  4. Lilacflowers says:

    Monochromatic Wardrobe West

  5. Jenni says:

    ForSale West

  6. Rockin Robin says:

    I vote for CAPS LOCK!! Lmao

    • LadyMTL says:

      Me too! But knowing them, they’d spell it all in lower case letters because it’d be edgy. “capslock West”

      Oooh, how about Edgy West? LOL
      Watch them just name him Kanye Jr. 😛

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      How about Bey West?
      Red Ivy West
      Baby Boy West
      Flawless West
      Irreplaceable West
      Destiny’s Child West
      Not Michelle West
      Wild Wild West

      • word says:

        Hahahahaha !

        You forgot:

        Survivor West
        Bills Bills Bills West
        Bug a boo West

      • Wentworth Miller says:

        Lizziz, Lizzie, Lizzie!!! I totally missed that angle. I forgot about both his n her obsession with Beyonce. I bet they chose one of your suggestions.

      • Wentworth Miller says:

        Lizziz, Lizzie, Lizzie!!! I totally missed that angle. I forgot about both his n her obsession with Beyonce.
        I’ve been having such an awful two days and these comments actually cracked me up.

      • rice_bunny says:

        LOL @ Red Ivy West…I was thinking what if their son grew up to marry Blue Ivy…so when they have a baby it will be Purple Ivy! 😀

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        Damn I did forget Bills Bills Bills West that’s a good one!

        @Wentworth Miller
        I want to blame this hilarious comment on my Dayquil because I’m currently sick wrapped in a blanket burrito style. I’ll try to cheer you up if there’s any more post of the Kardashians doing more stupid stuff.

        As IF! Blue Ivy will never marry a peasant like Kristian West, she’s more of Prince baby George ruler of the world unless Harper Beckham fights her for Prince George’s attenition.

    • Lensblury says:

      🙂 that’s a great choice.

  7. Lama Bean says:

    Ray J West

  8. OSTONE says:

    GoAway West

  9. astrid says:

    At least Kim is wearing tennis shoes!

  10. snusnu says:

    Flannel West
    Jupiter West
    Coco West

  11. Idon'tCare says:

    Cash Money West? Because that baby’s gonna start earning that cash money as soon as he pops out!

  12. Doc says:

    Earnest. (West)
    Test. (West)
    Best. (West)

    • missmerry says:

      The Best West

      I feel like they would put “The” in front of their child’s name…or have it’s first name be The and middle name be Best.

      • me says:

        North doesn’t have a middle name so I doubt their son will either. Actually they didn’t want North to have a last name either but changed their minds last minute. They wanted her to simply be “NORTH” and that’s it. Like they already decided she’s not going to go to college and have a normal career and therefore doesn’t need a last name lol.

      • Doc says:


  13. Marrrrria says:

    I’d go with Moschino West. Flashy, overpriced and tacky. Family values are important after all!

  14. missmerry says:

    Vain/Vane West
    Selfie West
    Hello West

  15. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Doomed West
    Delusional West
    Implant West

    I feel mean doing this about a baby. How about Don West for his mom?

  16. lower-case deb says:

    Don Go West
    *breaks into song*

    Rick West
    *asks politely*

    Marsh Mello West
    *the most huggable kid*

    or Mello West
    as the most introspective kid

  17. Lilacflowers says:

    HODOR West
    Fake Baby West

  18. Nan says:

    Beyonce West ( if, on the slim chance, it is a girl)
    Swifty West
    Taylor West
    Messiah West
    How Great Thou Art West
    Baby Jesus West

  19. Norman Bates's Mother says:

    Imma Letyou Finish West
    Bummer West
    Arse(nio) West
    Bling West
    Lyington West
    Faym Oh West

  20. Katy says:

    Fly West
    Follow-me West
    Looki West

  21. Naya says:

    Whats wrong with good old fashioned Easton?
    Easton West.

    • swack says:

      They (Kim and Kanye) have mentioned Easton. How much do you want to bet that this is the name they have picked out and all this “OMG, we haven’t picked out a name yet” stick is all for PR.

  22. Senaber says:

    Ka- Ching West

  23. FingerBinger says:

    Khristmas West
    Baby Yeezus West
    Northeast West
    Northwest West
    Leonardo da Vinci West

  24. Hawaiisun says:

    Eym Sorrie About Mii Parynts West. See, You can even get creative with the spellyng so its dipherint and no other kid will have that nayme.

  25. AlmondJoy says:

    Kaden West would be cute.

  26. Tiffany27 says:

    Fievel Goes (West)

  27. Zip says:

    Imma Let You Finish WEST

  28. jc126 says:

    Bear West
    Tripp West
    Trig West
    Track West
    Zuma West

  29. OTHER RENEE says:

    Imago West (as in Ima Goin West)

  30. Aubrey says:


  31. Yabby says:

    Why do I have a feeling Kanye wants to name the baby something ridiculous and Kim isn’t coming around? That’s why the can’t settle on a name. I’m sure she still regrets her daughter’s name. I would.

  32. Aly says:

    (THE) Best West is the bomb! But Kayne might claim that moniker…
    Go West? Powerful message and Kayne and Common are tight bros from the Chi.

  33. Heat says:

    Immaletchoofinish West

    Messiah West

  34. A says:

    Jobs West I fear is a true contender, as is Yeezus West.
    Kanye Jr would be the decent choice.

    Salvador West
    God’s West
    I Shall Fulfill The Prophecy West
    Bow Down To Me B!tches West

  35. Daffodil says:

    Go West.

  36. word says:

    I call b.s. Kanye has always wanted a boy and has probably had a name picked out well before ever meeting Kim. I believe nothing they say. I also don’t believe Kim doesn’t care about her weight. Is that why she wears those coats all the time? Of course her “bounce back” game will be strong, she’ll hand the kids off to the nannies and say she’s in the gym 24/7 when most likely she’ll get it sucked out of her.

    My guess for names is King West or Heir West.

    • nikko says:

      What’s wrong w/ lipo? I wish I had the money to do it.

      • word says:

        I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it. What IS wrong is getting lipo but then saying it was all due to exercise, waist trainers and diet pills.

  37. boredblond says:

    People (assures cover for life)

  38. Paloma says:

    The Best In All The West.

  39. Aarika says:

    Too Tight Clothing West
    Baby Doc Marten West
    Selfie West
    No College West
    Kash Kow for PMK West
    Met Gala West

  40. Soup says:

    Nazareth West.
    Noble West.
    Noway West.

  41. Alice says:

    Exit West

  42. Falula says:

    I still have a feeling they want something that means best or king or something without choosing it directly. Since they are all about North being the top or whatever. So I still think something like Apex or Victor. Victor Apex West.

    • Soup says:

      Yes, maybe Xavier (savior) in some variation.


      Safyer West.

    • swack says:

      I would say Reign, but Khourtney beat them to it.

      • SydneySnider says:

        Also Royalty, swack, since that Chris Brown person has a daughter named so. Majesty? Count? Baron? Duke? Mmm…not regal enough for him, perhaps.

    • SydneySnider says:

      I agree, Falula, and said this months ago. Just a quick thesaurus search: Apex, Akme, Climax, Klimax, Crest/Krest, Crown/Krown (Klown?), Ne Plys Ultra, Peak, Pinnacle/Pinnakle, Zenith… Maybe not King, Prince etc., as they’ve been done. Lord? Jeesus? Yeezy? I also suspect that he’s had a name selected for a long, long time, even before he got with KK.

      A human’s general gestation period is still nine months, yeah? (Eh, it’s been a while since I was with child…) To many of us, this pregnancy seems to be going on forever, so I can imagine she’s as fed up as we are.

  43. Snowflake says:

    Wow, that is one fugly outfit. As usual

  44. Dr. Funkenstein says:


  45. kay says:

    easton west.
    they can call him “eezy” to match “yeezy”.

  46. nikko says:

    I like Don Wintour West!

  47. Blue.Melca says:

    Key West!
    Flo Keys West
    Contour West
    Push West
    Florida Key West (FK West)

  48. sauvage says:

    Simply The West.

  49. tealily says:

    Bruce West!

  50. nicole says:

    Lord help me, but I love Wintour West for that family. It just fits the craziness that is them. Kim is not above doing that to her child to get in Anna’s good graces. Please let it be Wintour!!!!

  51. nicegirl says:

    Ok – boy names:

    Ernest Hemingway West
    Nathaniel Hawthorne West
    Jean Paul West
    Jean Pierre West
    Jenner Christian West
    Wesley James West
    Dion Robert West

  52. Green Is Good says:

    I suspect the kid’s name will be either Royal(ty) or Reign West. Obnoxious and pretentious.

  53. Bess says:

    I am surprised that Kanye doesn’t demand that the name is Kanye the 2nd or something very egotisical.

  54. L says:

    I actually love Christopher West, but I know that will never happen.

  55. reed says:

    Clickbait West

  56. Elisa the I. says:

    Kaiser West
    Westy West
    Doctor West
    Eminem West
    Louis V. West
    Wolfgang Amadeus West
    Bruce West
    Gandalf West
    Lord West
    Napoleon West

  57. Mary-Margaret says:

    (Last name of her plastic surgeon) West
    Grammy West
    President West
    Southeast West
    Kris Humphries West (too soon?)
    Selfie West
    Big Dipper West (gotta love a star theme)

  58. Lady Carole Middleduck says:

    Kensington Wintour West

  59. Mikeyangel says:

    Kane West

  60. DemoCat says:

    King Lamar West

    • SydneySnider says:

      Isn’t Tigga’s boy named King? I don’t believe he’ll copy him, either. Boss? Champion? Perfect? Supreme Being? Glory?

  61. Velvet Elvis says:

    Kanye uses the word “legacy” in a lot of his interviews. I can see them naming the baby Legacy West. Kinda makes sense actually.

  62. jessica says:

    Trench Coat West

  63. NewWester says:

    Supreme West
    OnlyOne West
    Pharaoh West
    Regent West

  64. Mrs. Wellen-Mellon says:

    Key West.

  65. LO says:

    I really think they might name him Weston West…

  66. Ally8 says:

    Wayward West

  67. Tiffany says:

    Trenchcoat West
    Hoodies West

  68. Paris says:

    This is crazy, but …
    1) The house of Givenchy was founded by designer Hubert de Givenchy = Hubert
    2) Kanye West’s best friend designer Riccardo Tisci = Riccardo
    3) Kanye West designed for Adidas. Adidas was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler = Adi

    = Hubert Riccardo Adi West

  69. Alexa de Vere says:


    Can’t believe nobody has suggested that yet!
    I also think they are possibly going to go edgy. Maybe like:

    # West

  70. Alexa de Vere says:

    Actually I think I have it!
    They will name him thus:

    Pharaoh Robert West

  71. word says:

    Spirit West
    K West (just the letter K)
    Second West
    Bible West
    Yeezus West (I can really see that)

  72. zimmer says:

    Old West
    Odd West
    Wild West
    Won West
    Text West
    Western Shirt
    Western Hat
    Clint Westwood

  73. RCL says:

    Kanye Omari West, Jr is what they’ll name him. They can always call him Kay J…

  74. good buddy says:

    True West

  75. Nilestheninja says:

    Spurgeon West

  76. Ange says:

    JayZ Please Like Me Again West

  77. Lensblury says:

    Trademark Genius West.

  78. Shirl says:

    North by North West

  79. Gwenma says:

    *Blest West
    *Old West
    *Go West
    *Sunsetsintha West
    *TwentyfourthAvenue&SeventhStreet West
    *Stealmylunchmoney West
    *Pleasebullyme West
    *Myparentsaremorons West

  80. Dani says:

    U.S. West

    Q West

    South West

    Pacific West

    Angel West

    Halo West

    Ocean West

    Perfect West

  81. KC says:

    Royal would have been perfect for their thinking
    Baron (I think that works well)

  82. Jade says:

    Yellow Rain West
    Kimkardanye West
    Kanyekardim West
    George or William West (to have something in common with Kate)
    Easton West (yeah they just might)
    Balmain Tischi West
    Kanye West Jr.
    Kappuccino West
    Beyjay West
    King Kong West (since he wants a regal name)
    K West (yeah just K hmmm k? Maybe to be different it would be a mirror image of letter K.)
    Kash Kondo West
    Kamehameha West
    Kling Klang West
    Kanu West
    Kilometre West (so the heir goes the distance)
    Vogue West
    Northpole West
    Arctic West
    Regal West
    Prince West
    Sultan West
    Krown Krony West
    Kreditkard West
    Korea West
    Kaptain Amerika West

    I’m done. I think.

  83. liz says:

    King Bling West

  84. NewWester says:

    How about Thomas Michael Zachary West? They could call him “TMZ” for short. Because we all know how close the Kardashians and TMZ are

  85. the Galileo one was BRILLIANT

    Brill (short for brilliance)
    Prodi (short for prodigy)
    Hue (short for HUEman)

    in my heart of heart I could see him, doing pulling one of these names…