Hillary divorce papers: Bill Clinton fooled around with “at least 2” actresses

Bill Clinton
The National Enquirer is reporting that before Hillary Clinton ran for a seat in the Senate, she had divorce papers drawn up to end her marriage to Bill once and for all. Her reason? The other women, of course. In the papers, Hillary made a list of all of Bills’ lovers, including two actresses. The affairs allegedly included actresses Saffron Burrows (Boston Legal, Reign Over Me, Troy), and Julie Bowen (Lost, Weeds, Boston Legal). I’m sensing a trend here. Perhaps he met one of the actresses through the other. The actresses were never in the same episode on Boston Legal (thank you IMDB), but they could have been on set on the same day.

There were rumors about Bill’s involvement with curvy 38-year-old Lisa Belzberg, who’d split from her husband Matthew Bronfman, heir to the Seagram liquor fortune.

He was also linked with actresses Julie Bowen and Saffron Burrows, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and New York socialite Sale Johnson.

Sources said HIllary also warned Bill about his friendship with wealthy blonde Canadian divorcee Belinda Stronach, once dubbed “the young Hillary.”

[from the National Enquirer April 20, 2009 print ed.]

The names probably haven’t come out until now because Hillary decided not to go through with the divorce. Still, the papers are said to remain in her lawyer’s office in Manhattan.

“If Hillary had divorce papers written up but not filed, the lawyer must keep them secure for at least seven years. That is the law.

“But they will always remain secret. Even if Hillary died, the lawyer can never divulge their contents because it falls under privileged information. That would be wholly illegal.”

[from the National Enquirer April 20, 2009 print ed.]

Since Hillary is all about the public image, her decision to run for Senate (and then for President) made it impossible to follow through on the divorce proceedings. After all, she needs to at least give the impression that she has a stable family. By law, the said divorce papers must be kept secure for at least seven years – even if they are not filed.

I wonder if Hillary will ever decide to go through with it. It would surely be one of the most epic divorces in celebrity history. All she’d have to do would be to pull out that list and tack on the names of the latest string of girls.

Saffron Burrows is the brunette below. Julie Bowen is the blonde. Photo credit: PRPhotos

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29 Responses to “Hillary divorce papers: Bill Clinton fooled around with “at least 2” actresses”

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  1. aileen says:

    Saffron Burrows is openly gay. Not saying it’s impossible for a gay woman to have sex with a man, but pretty unlikely.

  2. dude wtf says:

    I say leave his a$$ hillary. You dont need him, Im sure the marriage is just for show & has been for quite sometime. He embarassed her in front of the entire world. She needs to cut her losses!!

  3. Celebitchy says:

    aileen, according to AfterEllen Burrows is bisexual. The article also mentions her rumored affair with Clinton. (Bill, not Hillary)

  4. Chiara says:

    They’ve had an, “arrangement,” since the ML affair. He owes her support and encouragement in her career while building his $$$ through public speaking.

    They’ve done well in rehab-ing their public image.

  5. czarina says:

    If the papers cannot ever be made public (and I’m sure Hilary would use a lawyer that was very expensive, very discreet, and I doubt there would be ‘leaks’ from his or her office), then how on earth would the National Enquirerer get these names or even know about these docuemnts?
    I’ve read over the parts of the article CB posted here, and I see nothing about where they claim this information is coming from.
    Although I would not doubt Bill’s indfidelity, I highly doubt that Hillary every considered divorcing him (she has always put both of their political lives ahead of their personal lives), and unless I was given a reasonable source from where this information came from, I have to say I don’t believe it.

  6. ToddRH says:

    Well, it’s a well know n”fact” that he also f*cked Elizabeth Gracen (sp?), an actress and ex- Miss America.

  7. Ellen Smith says:

    Well, at least Saffron was smart enough to sleep with Bill and not Hillary.

  8. daisy424 says:

    @CB, LMAO!!
    As much of an jerk of a husband to Hillary he was/is, etc., I just can’t help but like Bubba…

  9. Kaiser says:

    NE does get some genuine scoops – and honestly, I think any rumor about Bubba’s womanizing usually has some truth.

    The rumor I heard a lot through the primaries last year was the one about him & Gina Gershon. And he and Ron Burkle allegedly like the jailbait hookers.

  10. Kaiser says:

    BTW, look at the way he’s gripping that mic. It’s a microphone, Bill, not your d-ck.

  11. Ana says:

    I’m from Arkansas and I have always heard the entire marriage was an arrangement.

  12. Laura says:

    Well, Hilary is also to be rumored as a lesbian anyways. and being that Saffron Burrows is bisexual….threesome anyone?

    Just kidding, the whole world knows hil and bil havent had any sexual relations for a loooong time – it really doesn’t matter, i’m sure she has her own hook-ups, other than she being humiliated, they need each other, they deserve each other.

  13. Wif says:

    wow, saffron burrows got wierd looking. She used to be so gorgeous.

  14. LakeMom says:

    Bill Clinton cheated on his wife? I, for one, am totally shocked.

  15. iheartlasagne says:

    That was my first thought too, Wif. She looks nothing like I remember from her (seems to be few) movie roles.

  16. iheartlasagne says:

    OK, so I imdb’d it (unfortunately after i posted the above comment) – she’s got quite a few roles to her name! I didn’t realize that she was Andromache in Troy (what an awful movie, btw).

  17. raven says:

    Actually, the article was about her drawing up of divorce papers, not about his infidelity. There is no doubt about the latter. I now live in Arkansas and know several people who know them quite well. They both love each other, but he just can’t keep his hands to himself. I have no proof of this, but believe if she drew up papers after ML, it was to let him know that she was serious about not being publicly humiliated again.

  18. Elanenergy says:

    I disagree. She DOES NOT NEED TO GIVE THE IMPRESSION OF A STABLE MARRIAGE. She lost the respect of a huge public mass by staying with that sex addict. No one would have blamed her for divorcing him, and in fact, I think she might be our president had she done so. What a pig, Bill Clinton. Team Hillary, for the win!

  19. Hieronymus Grex says:

    She lost the respect of a huge public mass by staying with that sex addict.

    Yeah, because the respect of those who get their news from tabloids is soooooo very important to presidents and members of the senate. 🙄

  20. gg says:

    Paint him whatever color you want, but he’ll always be a lying, whoring pig to me. Hillary should dump his worthless ass.

  21. Clifton says:

    Cut the guy some slack! Rich, famous, intelligent yet married to that beastly woman! He should move around and get some decent action. And these ladies mentioned are certainly better than Lewinsky!

  22. Legend says:

    At least it’s paid off for Hillary. Poor Elliot Spitzer’s wife played the loyal patsy umm, I mean wife, after he got caught with hookers and his career still tanked.

  23. Kat says:

    I find it weird that Julie Bowen – who is Republican – would be one of his women.

  24. StaN says:

    Hey Kat, I guess politics does make strange bedfellows.

  25. ccoop says:

    I had heard the 2 actresses were Gina Gershon and Sharon Stone.

  26. Trashaddict says:

    What I find weird is the supposed sex appeal of this man. Cannot fathom sleeping with him (or anything else, for that matter). The fame might rub off but a few other nasty, nasty things might, too.

  27. Man Cheat says:

    Hillary should be the president instead of Bill.

    She is smart and pretty.

    Every man admires her?

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