Burt Reynolds: Jon Voight was ‘tremendously hurt’ by Angelina Jolie

Loose Women

As we discussed this weekend, Burt Reynolds has been promoting his latest memoir and he’s been dishing on old controversies, grudges and Hollywood shenanigans. Burt is close friends with Jon Voight, and they’ve been tight for decades, basically since they filmed Deliverance back in the 1970s. Burt name-checked Angelina Jolie in his recent GQ interview, saying that he met her first when she was just a girl and she was already “provocative.” He also praised her as a director, and said he would love to work with her. Well, in a new interview, Burt was asked about Angelina and Jon Voight’s famously dysfunctional relationship, and unsurprisingly, Burt is Team Jon.

Wading in on their tumultuous relationship during an appearance on Loose Women, Burt Reynolds, 79, said he believed Jon Voight, 76, had been ‘hurt tremendously’ by director daughter Angelina, 40, in the past. On the subject on Jon, Burt said: ‘He’s very kind. I love him so much. He doesn’t deserve the kind of treatment that his daughter Angelina Jolie is giving him. They’ve reconciled but she still has moments. I remember when she was ten years – old and I met her and I went over to Jon and said, “you’re in big trouble, she is going to be wild! I hope she doesn’t hurt you”.’

Asked by presenters Coleen Nolan and Ruth Langsford if Jon had ever approached Burt for advice, the veteran actor added: ‘I think it hurt him tremendously. I have a son he’s 27,’ the father-of-one said. ‘He’s a wonderful boy. You never know. I loved him, hugged him, drove him crazy but I didn’t have that as a kid, he once said I’m proud of you but that was the best he could do.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Well… I mean, Burt is Jon Voight’s friend and of course Burt has only heard Voight’s side of the story. I always thought it was one of the biggest douche moves (in the history of douchey dad moves) for Voight to go on E! News and say on live television that Angelina had mental problems right after she adopted Maddox. It seemed like a power play between them, not like a father concerned for his daughter, but more like a father putting his daughter “in her place.” I never blamed Angelina for distancing herself from him after that. But beyond that… it’s between Jon and Angelina. It’s not for Jon’s friends or Angelina’s friends to chime in. Plus, she seems to have let Voight back into her life a little bit.


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  1. Neelyo says:

    Burt Reynolds is the poster child of how not to grow old gracefully.

    • Froggy says:

      I know! Unbelievable that he’s still talking.

      • Gina says:

        eta the comment I’m replying to has disappeared!

        It was actually Access Hollywood, and he pleased with her to get help, said she had ‘serious mental problems’ and that she was ‘never normal’. I think she was perhaps too candid about her issues -cutting, etc.- and leaned that the hard way.

        I don’t think it’s so much people saying ‘even her dad thinks she’s nuts’, but rather people understanding why she cut him out of her life for a time.

        I’m not even a fan of hers and I understand why she did that. His statement could have put her adoption in jeopardy, and was low class in every way.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      And those glasses…

    • Nancy says:

      I believe everything he said but don’t think he has the right to say it. He is talking about a family here. If Voigt is or was his friend, he should have kept his thoughts to himself. I guess at age 79, he’s looking for ink which he got or he is as freaky as he was when he was a young man. Either way Burt, with Loni and Dinah and Sally and the other wife and all the drama of your life, it’s time to clean your own house and not worry about Jon.

  2. Hawkeye says:

    Mind your own business, Burt Reynolds.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      My sentiments exactly.

    • minx says:

      Was just typing that.

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      Exactly! I have very dysfunctional parents and have chosen to keep my relationships with them long distance and superficial for my own sanity. Its a tough thing to do and I hate when people who don’t get it chime in and tell me how or what I should be doing. Shut up Burt Reynolds.

      • lisa says:

        im in the same situation

        being someone’s friend isnt the same as being related to them and you cant know what is like to be related to them from your voluntary association

      • HK9 says:

        I had to do the same thing with my father. People who didn’t know what he was like at home loved to tell me how I should be and those that knew have not commented to this day. From this I have learned no matter what I might want to say about someone’s family situation I shut my mouth and mind my own beeswax.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Me too, ditto on the beeswax.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yes. It’s not his story to tell.

    • lucy2 says:

      Family relationships can be very, very complicated, and it’s no one’s business. He’s not part of it and should just shut up.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Hate when people treat the parent-child relationship as one of equal power. When someone cuts off a parent, I usually assume there’s a damn good reason. And in this case, Voight’s public behavior actually gave us a hint as to the “damn good reason.”

      • MC2 says:

        This! Just because Burt thinks Jon is a great person & good friend didn’t make him a good or kind father. Burt doesn’t know what he’s talking about and should shut his pie hole. Man- he’s really dishing out the dirt this week!!!

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        What a good point.

      • CandyBurry says:


        My take on Voight. He’s actually a sexist pig in sheep’s clothing. It’s funny, back in the day, I thought most of Hollywood was liberal and progressive, including Voight. I saw ‘Conrack,’ one too many times I guess, lol (fell in love) – young white teacher Pat Conroy is assigned to isolated island off coast of South Carolina teaching black kids. I was wrong. At his core, he’s a guy not unlike Trump. Grew up in Yonkers, NY – 2nd generation from Czech immigrant parents.

        I think this is the main issue Voight has with Angelina and most women. He values them differently than he does men. Angelina is probably very attuned to this, and knows what it is…now. He tried to control her. He looked upon the men in her life to take care of her. He supposedly loved Thornton and didn’t want them to divorce, thought it was Angelina being reckless and irresponsible. Her adopting Maddox and leaving an Oscar winning male, he just didn’t get. Cue the tears and drama from him. He sees the males in her life as her caretakers.

        I think gradually he’s come to realize how amazing his kid is, despite her not having a penis. It took him a long while.

    • Greenieweenie says:

      Srsly. Family relationships are so complicated. If Burt is only talking to Jon and Jon himself doesn’t understand the issues Angelina has with him, why would Burt? Of course Jon isn’t representing Angelina’s case. I can’t stand parents who, because they don’t understand their childrens’ issues with them, think that means their children are not allowed to have issues with them. If there is one thing I will do for my child as an adult, it is to permit him to have his own feelings toward our relationship and to acknowledge them as valid REGARDLESS of my personal views.

  3. Lou says:

    Well we all know how airing Angelina’s dirty linen in public makes her so happy …. jfc

  4. aims says:

    I’m having a problem with Bert. First of all, he’s sharing personal information. It’s none of his business and whatever information he has is bogus.

    Secondly, Jon cheated on Angie’s mom. That left a huge whole in her heart. She still talks about it.

    Thirdly,he went on national television to discredit Angie .

    So Burt, shut your mouth.

    • NeNe says:

      I agree with you 100% about Burt. He just needs to ZIP it!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Voigt didn’t just cheat on her mother. While mother and kids were back in NY watching the Oscars, he attended with a girlfriend. It was very public and humiliating.

      • aims says:

        Jon is a toxic person. He’s hurt his children deeply through out their lives. He’s hurt his wife in a vile and public way. I understand why Angelina wants nothing to do with him. She has her own family now and she has every right to protect them from people she feels are toxic.

      • llc says:

        Gosh, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or, as my father would say, Weasels breed weasels.

  5. Algernon says:

    Voight making those comments about Angelina always bothered me, too. And if he’s willing to say something like that in public, who knows what he’s like behind closed doors. Also, didn’t he cheat on her mother? Angelina was super close to her mom, so I can see where she might have residual issues with her dad because of that.

    • Bridget says:

      My spidey senses tingle when it comes up to the Angelina Jolie/Jon Voight relationship. Something seems really off to me, that we the public aren’t privy to. Even with what we do see, Voight is a piece of work.

      And Burt Reynolds, noted a-hole, giving someone the seal of approval is a major red flag to me anyhow.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I get the impression that when they talk, it’s about the grandkids/kids. Otherwise, nope.

      • Bridget says:

        At one point I remember seeing him on television, unable to even remember Zahara’s name. And he’s been weird about the adopted children. I doubt they talk about the children much.

      • Ennie says:

        I think he called Zahara “Shakira”. I know some people here are picky, but my own father had a hard time pronouncing his grandchildren’s names.

      • Dina says:

        to me, it seems Jon Voight probably very closely mirrors the character he plays in Ray Donovan. He tries and thinks he is a very good father & grandfather, but he royally effs up every relationship he has and screws them over with his “help”.

  6. Melly says:

    “Mr.Reynolds has apparently changed his name to Turd Ferguson”
    That’s all I got…

  7. als says:

    I have never heard Angelina Jolie talk about where her dad was when she was going through so much with her mother. She speaks a lot about how her mother illness affected her but her dad is nowhere to be found in the story. I can’t believe she would be so mean to leave him out intentionally.
    Separation or divorce is one thing but leaving your child alone to deal with such a difficult thing breaks my heart.
    Forgiveness is limited by the amount of pain that has been inflicted on you. Seeing your mother in pain, facing her terminal illness and the scare that this will happen to you in the near future is a lot of shit.
    And when you go through these difficult moments the thought that somewhere out there you have a dad, a sister, a brother or a mother that should care but doesn’t is even more hurtful. It sucks to have a dad on paper and paper only.

    • aims says:

      You’re absolutely right. I’m going through this with my own mother at the moment. I couldn’t imagine going through this horrific ordeal without the support of my family. I can only imagine how overwhelming, isolating and heartbroken she must had felt.

      Sorry, but I believe you have every right to cut someone off if they’re a toxic person. Sometimes the pain inflicted on you is to much to overcome. You make you’re own family and make sure you never repeat the hurt that you received.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Supported 100%. We don’t choose our parents, and biological and emotional capacity are two different things. Kids don’t ‘owe’ parents anything. If parents are loving, kids will be loving back. If parents are rejecting, kids will be rejecting back (after likely years of conflict and ambivalence!).

        No need to apologize or say sorry for asserting your belief in human rights. : )

      • Eleonor says:

        I have a “dad on paper” , all I can tell is this: you don’t cut a parent out of your life in one day. It takes years to achieve that point, then life goes on you can understand people better, you can even start to use your phone and ask how it’s going, but a real relationship ? NO WAY.
        My boyfriend, at the beginning, noticed how much I talk about my mum and never about my father, he asked me why, I’ve told him some stuff, never questioned me again. And when I will walk down the isle I want my mum at my side, she is the one who raised me, she is the one who took me there. She is the person who made me the woman I am.
        Father, rage monster father, was nowhere to be seen.

  8. doofus says:

    “I always thought it was one of the biggest douche moves (in the history of douchey dad moves) for Voight to go on E! News and say on live television that Angelina had mental problems right after she adopted Maddox. It seemed like a power play between them, not like a father concerned for his daughter, but more like a father putting his daughter “in her place.” I never blamed Angelina for distancing herself from him after that.”

    yeah, that summed it up for me. he’s lucky that she even speaks to him.

    • Cricket says:


    • Heather says:

      She almost earns her “Saint” Angelina moniker, not for her charity work, but for the fact that she even acknowledges this guy at all. We all have parents, and so it’s easy to presume what she must be feeling when her less-successful drama-queen father tries to name-check her and dish her private business on E! television, with no regard for how it might effect her career or her emotional well being.

      Jon needs to take a seat next to Michael Lohan.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        What he did, calling her mentally ill or unstable, showed that he was the sick one. What a cruel, unfeeling thing to do. If he weren’t her father, and she weren’t a public figure, it would be slander. I judge family members by the same standards as I judge acquaintances and strangers — are they polite and respectful? Will they protect me from harms and support my good name? No free passes ’cause “family.”

        (Which is not to say we all overlook a lot of human foibles in one another … and just put up with one another’s quirks … but that’s different.)

        She seems to have handled things as gracefully as possible, but her Dad is Bad.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Not just that, but even after she cut him out, he went on all of those trashy autobiography specials that E! and other celebrity channels do, and talked about her on those. I flicked through some on youtube–he was in all the ones I’ve seen, talking about her, in a sad sad sad voice. Oh how he wished they would reconcile. She was so amazing and talented. sad sad sad voice. What a total dick.

  9. Zapp Brannigan says:

    The sad fact is some parent/child relationships are just toxic and cutting a parent out of your life can be the only way to retain your sanity and well being, so I won’t judge.

    Burt needs to button it though, not his place to put his tuppence worth in, and publicly at that.

  10. Carol says:

    Seriously, I think it was probably the sanest thing Angelina did to distance herself from her father for however long she needed to. He seemed like such a toxic parent. He also seems like an a**hole from the stories other people have told about him.

  11. AmyB says:

    I remember when Voight when on television claiming his daughter had mental problems. It seemed hurtful and malicious to do it in that way. Angie has admitted to going through dark times in her life (alluding to drug addiction, cutting, heroin) and I am sure her father WAS concerned (as a father would be). But doing it in the forum of the media was tasteless. I would not have spoken to my father for a long time either. However, seems both Jolie and her father have mended fences at this point……so really, what’s the point in re-hashing this painful period for both Voight and Jolie? Very thoughtless on Reynold’s part, if you ask me.

    • Cricket says:

      Exactly! Burt trying to sell books off AJ and her dad’s relationship. Doesn’t Burt have enough juicy stuff under his own roof? His marriage to Loni Anderson, Sally Field?

    • Maxpowers says:

      I also remember the Voight interview – I was appalled by his total disregard of his daughter’s feelings. Jon Voight was an absent father for a considerable part of Jolie’s childhood and by all reports including unauthorized bios of both Jolie and Voight he was a horrible father and terrible male role model for his daughter. As for the continuous Pitt and Jolie cheating scandal, denials have been made by all parties involved so why do people continue to accuse anyone of cheating. It’s obvious everyone moved on long ago except for those who are not involved in the relationship. They all remarried and by all accounts very happily. As for Burt Reynolds I read his interview in Vanity Fair – absolute jerk to all the women he dated and I can wait to read what Anderson has to say about her marriage to Burt.

  12. The New Classic says:

    I always feel like John Voight only wants to reconcile with “Angie” so much because she’s such a star and has pull in Hollywood. I feel like we don’t see him making such an effort toward his son or even really mentioning him. Everything about John Voight just screams narcissistic user to me. Run Angelina and STFU Burt Reynolds.

    • Heather says:


    • Sherry says:

      I always got the sinking feeling he’s a closet pedophile. I think the “mentally unstable” speech was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Just a suspicion but, one I know other survivors share. Jon Voight is a first rate creep imo.

  13. Maya says:

    Jon publically attacked Angelina several times – he should be glad Angelina hasn’t said anything back.

    I think the reason Jon is back in Angelina’s life is simply because of her children. I think Brad has a big thing to do with it as he seems to value family – Brad also tried to get Jennifer to talk to her mother when they were married.

    • AmyB says:

      I agree that Angelina only reconciled much later in her life after having her own children. That does have an effect (I know from personal experience that having my own daughter helped heal the pain between my mother and I). Yes, and as much as Voight trashed his daughter, Angie never really said much. I give her kudos for that. I don’t know if I could have been that gracious.

      • Heather says:

        Angelina has a career to think about, whereas Voight takes his for granted, and thus has much less of a career than he could have had if he were more tight-lipped about his messiness and more respectful of others, generally, including but not limited to his daughter.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Lol, I seem to be “stalking” you today……

        Now that I’ve thought about it even more, and then even in my own life…….

        The fact that Angelina never said much (and she really never has–she basically said yes they’re talking, it’s more friendly than father-daughter,etc), really points that it’s all on Jon. Because he just NEVER stops talking about her.

        Recently (well within the past year), I found the rest of my (half) siblings from my sperm donor/bio dad, by way of my youngest brother’s mom. She found all of us and reconnected all of us. She is a very, very nice person, loving mom. But she just does NOT stop talking about reconnecting with my sperm donor (which I have, in a way).

        If I didn’t know any better, I would assume it’s just because she wants us to bridge the gap. But she doesn’t know that I know that she was his girlfriend when my mom was bringing him to court for child support–after he refused to pay the piddly 100 bucks a month (for TWO kids) that my mom asked for. She was the one who was emailing my mom back and forth (because he refused to talk to my mom, other than cuss her out) that she should just let my dad (technically stepdad) adopt us so my sperm donor wouldn’t pay child support for us, and so on.

        So I think that she feels super guilty about her role in all of that–especially when her son is the only one out of his eight kids (that we know of) that he has a relationship with from the get go. The rest of us, except one, he just left as soon as the relationship was over.

        I think it’s the same with Voight and Reynolds. He knows he’s wrong. But of course he isn’t wrong, he just has to keep talking about it so that everyone knows what he’s been through and how RIGHT he is.

  14. Ruyana says:

    Jon is a mean old man and he’s said plenty of hurtful and off-the-wall stuff. He deserted Angie’s mom and his children with her. He has no special rights in Angie’s life just because he was the sperm donor. She doesn’t owe him payment for her existence.

  15. lisa2 says:

    I have seen people talking about how Angie stopped with her father because he cheated on her mother. NOT the case; especially since that happened when she was a baby. She said in an interview that he sent her a nasty letter. After she got it she cut him off. She said she didn’t want anther one and it was nothing different then things he had said to her her whole life.

    Angie knows her father better than any outsiders.

  16. Naya says:

    Going by what he did to Sally Field and his other ex wife, Burt is an awful human being. Cant stand him or his fellow mustachioed actor, Tom Selleck.

    Having said that I’ve always thought Angies mum has a huge role in the mess between dad and daughter. As I understand it, she treated treated Angie as a confidante instead of a child. So Angie was privy to all the drama but only from her mums perspective. No wonder Angie often seems to be her mothers protector rather than the other way around. And its also no surprise that outsiders could sense a hostility towards her father from as young as ten. Kids that age see the world as villain and victim with no shade in-between, and no hope for forgiveness. Can you say parental alienation? Plus I just cant with a woman who allows her 14 year old daughter boyfriend to move in. Even Will and Jada would sneer at the failed parenting there. Jon is no angel but Angies mother helped set the poison.

    • tmc says:

      I did not know some of this background. I always feel like the saint version of Angelina that people buy is very distorted but she promotes that. I did not know that about the boyfriend. Hmm.

      • Bridget says:

        She promotes that… by taking her job seriously as a UN Ambassador? By being involved in philanthropy and global issues?

        Before Maddox came along, Angelina Jolie was THE Hollywood wild child. But people grow and change sometimes.

      • Colette says:

        She promotes the saint version ? Really? By talking about having a lesbian relationship,using drugs,cutting herself,collecting knives… Oh yeah she is another Mother Theresa.Every controversial thing we know about her,she discussed it first.We know her teenage boyfriend lived with her and her mom because Angelina talked about in an interview.We know she checked herself into a psych ward because she talked about it in an interview.Angelina has never pretended to be a “saint”.

    • Heather says:

      I tend to agree with you, in that it’s clear no one protected Angelina as a child. It’s no wonder that she makes protecting children her mission in life, as their vulnerability must really move her. I’m glad she’s found support in the family of her choosing, even if she didn’t get it initially.

    • AmyB says:

      @tmc Angelina admitted in an interview that her mother let her boyfriend move in. Don’t think she was as young as 14, but she was definitely young. I can see what Naya is saying though….seemed Angelina and her mother did have more of a girlfriend/vs. mother and daughter relationship, which could have contributed to her difficulties with her father. But my recollection is that it was only after he trashed her publically that she cut him off. I could be wrong, but that is what I remember. They starred in one of her Lara Croft movies together before the estrangement happened.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        She was 14.

        My mom is rather old school, and won’t let unmarried couples sleep together in the same bed in her house, so I can imagine how hard she’d laugh if I had ever asked her that at 14.

        I do agree that it could have contributed. But kids see a lot of things. It doesn’t really seem like he was around that much when she was a kid though. I don’t know if she’s ever talked about it–but I get the impression that he was the “fun” dad. Every once in a while he’d show up, buy stuff they didn’t need, bring them to parties/the Oscars, and then when he was done, he’d disappear.–that’s why my sperm donor/bio dad does with my youngest (half) brother. He takes him once a week, buys him whatever he wants, and brings him home. So yea, technically he sees his dad, but he doesn’t do the hard parts of parenting….

        Also, when Marcheline died he owed her something like 180,000 in spousal support that he never paid. I just looked it up on People–some tab found it in her estate filings or whatever (her will)…….a “Friend” of Jon Voight says that he paid her support over the years, and has no idea where the number came, but this is coming from a dude who has no problems telling it like it is (in his view) from the horse’s mouth, so I don’t know if I believe that.

        Plus I think that if Marcheline REALLY had done some serious parental alienation, that we’d have heard about that while he was telling everyone how crazy Angelina is.

      • Paige says:

        It isn’t very hard to alienate a parent that’s in and out of your life. Parenting involves more than throwing money at your kid and seeing them every other year. Parents like Jon Voight alienate themselves.

      • mayamae says:

        It was at the age of fourteen. And he not only moved into her home, he moved into her bedroom. That story always shocked me a little.

      • Ennie says:

        a year or two ago I knew this American family where the mom let his son’s girlfriend stay at home and live with her 16 year old boyfriend. He was a caring young man, but the family was very dysfunctional. He was about love and responsibility, but he was also meddling with dark stuff, he was certainly and emo, and he used to read a lot about witchcraft: He’d said that he started hearing and feeling evil presences. I don’t know if he was actually trolling me or if he was really believing all this. His mom was worried enough to let his girl stay and “take over” the role of nurturer while she went to work. She just could not handle her children, they were nice kids, but they were failing miserably at school.
        Marcheline might have been a good person, a good mom, but she was probably far from perfect.

      • aurelia says:

        When you have a solo parent its really hard not to be more like sisters than mother daughter. I know because my mother was widowed when I was 1. She never remarried. You do not have the same dynamic with a solo as you would if you were within a traditional nuclear family.

        I remember reading and comment by a close friend of Angelina’s mother back in the day, that Macheline had debilitating depression when her husband left them and set up in L.A with a new girlfriend. Jon also refused to pay child support to Marcheline and the kids. They had very little money. Sad, this woman gave up a promising acting career for her husband and children. Then he split. I would say Jon Voight has NPD. Some people say you can’t chose your family. You can, and Angelina has.

    • V4Real says:

      Wow Naya

      That makes a lot of sense and most people would have an issue with a parent letting their young teen move their boyfriend/girlfriend in with them. I don’t doubt Angie and her mom were close but maybe Angie and her mom had more of my mother is my best friend kind of relationship.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      It seems to me the problems came when she wouldn’t do what he wanted her to. He sent her a nasty letter when she went on her first UN mission trip to the Congo, I believe, (it was an amputee camp)……he didn’t want her to go, he wrote her a nasty letter about it, and she read it on the plane.

      I think her and her mom DID have a more girlfriend-friend type relationship, and anything is possible, so it could be a case of parental alienation. But the thing is–is that when her mom died, he owed her thousands of dollars in support. But again–they did a Laura Croft film together (I believe she’s the one who got the job for him, or at least suggested him), seemed to getting on better, and then she didn’t do what he wanted, so he started going on tv about her mental problems.

      Whether or not she had mental problems is one thing–if he truly believed that, then why would he go on tv and tell the world?

      Just like with Kate Hudson’s “dad”……I think there was some parental alienation on Goldie’s side. But guess what? You’re the parent. That means you of all people should keep your mouth shut. That doesn’t mean you get to call your daughter a whore, and so on.

      • V4Real says:

        “Whether or not she had mental problems is one thing–if he truly believed that, then why would he go on tv and tell the world?”

        Yeah that’s pretty messed up. Most parents try to keep their children personal woes private as a way to protect them from public scrutiny. I don’t understand what Jon’s intentions were for Angie.

      • aurelia says:

        Classic Narcissitic Personality Disorder. If you do not do what the narc wants you to do they turn nasty. You have to walk around on egg shells around them. You can never be true self. They control your behaviour. You have to constantly try and please them or they will turn nasty and it won’t be worth your while. Its ALL ABOUT THE NARC.

        Its pathetic really. You can spend a life time trying to please the narc, getting by with the crumbs of joy they throw out only very occassionally to make you believe they have changed. Then they slam you. You can never have a relationship with them. The sooner you realise you are not dealing with a fellow homp sapian with the full range of emtions, and you are in fact dealing with a monster covered in human looking skin, the better you will be. I think Angelina knows what she is dealing with. She seems like she has had a lot of good quality therepy.

  17. rascal says:

    Jon sounds like your typical narcissist. I was raised by a narcissist father and a very kind gentle soul of a mother (who also died of ovarian cancer). I have no doubt Burt only sees one side because he’s a narcissist too (birds of a feather fly together).
    The journey for most kids on this level is removing the toxic person out of their life. Not in a mean angry way but by being consistent and thoughtful about putting your needs first and trusting your gut.
    I see my dad occasionally and wish him no ill will. I just will not spend much time with him (once a year sometimes every other year). He ‘thinks’ he knows me but the truth is he’s never taken the time to look past his own nose to fully comprehend who I am as a person. At this point, I take no injury from him and sometimes, often actually, when I hear about some egregious behavior he’s inflicted on someone, I’ll let the compassion bubble up to the surface and I feel badly for my him. He’s a lonely lonely man. He’s forged no true friendships with anyone and he’s devoid of empathy for people around him.
    Of course Burt relates to Jon. Burt is just like all those Hollywood aging men…. they have their pick of the candy box when they are young so they keep picking, forming no real lasting connections with anyone and they probably let a few really good ones go because of their own selfish needs. These old Hollywood guys were in the ‘Tinder’ app in real life decades ago… swipe right, next. It catches up to them at about age 70 and then they sit and point the finger at everyone else and they have no self awareness in realizing that they were the ones that forged their own path. Sad for them but the narcissist has their own journey and I, for one, wish them the best but it won’t be with someone like me.

    • Dangles says:

      We come into this world alone and go out alone. Being alone in your twilight years isn’t necessarily a sign that someone has been a bad person. Not everyone wants a long term realationship. And even if you are in one there’s no guarantee that your partner won’t die years before you do.

    • aurelia says:

      You speak the troof rascal.

  18. buzz says:

    mean-spirited right-wingers always think the horrible things THEY say don’t hurt other people’s feelings are are SHOCKED! and HURT! when someone dares to criticize them!

  19. NeNe says:

    First of all he needs to STFU!!! Why is he running his mouth!?!?

  20. Deepa says:

    She said that both her parents saw her off at the airport when she was going on her first U.N. mission to Congo, and her father handed her a letter, and when she read it on the plane it turned out to be a really mean, nasty letter that expressed his disapproval with her going to do the humanitarian work as well as other things (I think the gist was that doing humanitarian work was stupid, dangerous, and inconsiderate to her family). Then he told the press that she was adopting her first child before the adoption was finalized; she had asked him to keep it secret because announcing it publicly too early jeopardized the legal process. Then he told the press she had serious mental problems right as she was becoming a mom. So I would not blame her for keeping her mastectomy plans a secret from him or being cautious about his relationship with her children.

    • aurelia says:

      Like I said above, its ALL ABOUT THE NARCISSIT jon. Even shit that isn;t about the narc, such as the embarkation of charitable UN work is somehow even about the narc. I am forever staggered and floored by the insightful women on this blog. No BS ever gets passed us.

  21. LilyLizard says:

    Shut-up Burt, no one cares what you say or what you think, take your old white ass and your opinions somewhere else. Ugh. Voight reminds me of Ryan O’Neil, it’s amazing Angelina turned out as well as she did, thank goodness she had a good mama.

    • Neelyo says:

      There’s a trio for a reality show: Reynolds, Voight and O’Neal.
      Between cosmetic procedures, prostate exams and wig cleanings, they could complain about how the women in their lives did them wrong, drink too much and then rough each other up.

    • aurelia says:

      And another thing, Ryan ONeil is one of the most dangerous and prolific narsissts in Hollywood. Perhaps even the world.

  22. Lina says:

    Wawawaaaahhhh…. Cry me a rive. he is a douche.

    And Burt looks like a terminal sickness personified. Gross.

  23. Lady D says:

    Burt was on an British talk show Monday morning, and said “Charlie Sheen ‘deserves’ to have HIV because he ‘misbehaved very badly’. Rumour has it the audience was shocked into silence. He also went on to say he doesn’t feel bad for him. He does however,feel bad for Martin Sheen. I wonder what Burt’s relationship with his own son is like. Probably similar to what @rascal went through.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I would never say anyone deserves to have HIV or AIDS…that isn’t something I’d wish on my own worst enemy. It is that awful to me.

      But I do think that Charlie is eventually going to get what is coming to him. My sympathy ended when I saw how he and his ex messed up those two little boys.

    • Neelyo says:

      There were rumors of Reynolds’ HIV status back in the 80s and they helped stall his career. you’d think he’d be a bit more sympathetic but he’s always been an asshole.

  24. ann says:

    Burt trashed the heck out of Loni Anderson when they split and she never said anything good or bad about him. He looked like a fool and you think he would have learned. I guess he wants to be remembered as a pitiful man.

  25. word says:

    Man don’t air people’s dirty laundry like that ! I hate when people tell their “biased” side of the story because they have only heard ONE side and it’s their friend so they couldn’t possibly be lying.

  26. iheartgossip says:

    Burt needs to take some Geritol and stop. Imagine, as a child, how much Jon hurt his daughter. And, Voight is a bit to ‘attached’ to A.J. & her business. Makes me wonder. Also, Burt needs to shut his trap in regards to Charlie; cause Burt looks sickly too.

  27. kimbers says:

    Shows the mentality of burt and jon to talk crap about a 10yo girl(@the time). They both are ridiculously out of touch. Angelina never had a close relationship with her father and he can blame himself for not being there when she was little and wanting to live his hollywood lifestyle. Old men say weird stuff.

  28. LakeMom says:

    A friend of mine was an established actor and helped Reynolds when he was first starting out. After Reynolds had some success, he became a total ego-manical jerk to my friend, who by the way, is one of the kindest, most generous men you’d ever want to meet. I think more of the gum on the bottom of my shoe than I do of Reynolds. He’ll say or do anything for attention.

  29. Capture says:

    ” the biggest douche moves (in the history of douchey dad moves) for Voight to go on E! News and say on live television that Angelina had mental problems right after she adopted Maddox”

    Bingo. Anyway, apparently he didn’t support them very well financially when they were growing up as well. James Haven talked about that. But I think Voight is better these days. He spoke up for Angie after the Left Leg thing at the Oscars.

    • Ennie says:

      It was the right one. 😉
      And yes, Angelina had to become the bread winner in the family, she was supporting her mom and brother, including paying her treatments against cancer.

  30. ghorbanifor says:

    screw jon voight. he said liberals are all unpatriotic commies so screw him

  31. sooooo jon and angelina’s dynamic is very similar to my father and I’s dynamic…. and his gf always tries to explain our dynamic like bert does….

    and its just like ……hmmmmmmm no response.

  32. Burt Renold I luv you brother been a fan all my life however your wrong on Charlie man no one deserve HIV we all have gotten a little on the Wild side but that’s life we learn from our miss stakes no one is perfect bab!!!😎

  33. Sara says:

    It must be so difficult to have a narcissistic parent.