Kanye West: ‘Don’t ask me for anything till after I’m finished with my album’


A few weeks before Kim Kardashian gave birth to SAINT WEST, she announced on her app that she already had her “push present” all picked out. She wanted/wants Kanye to give her a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker, something would probably cost around $100K-200K. Well, many of us thought it was pretty tacky of Kim to announce her plans to ask Kanye for a particular push present, and some of you were annoyed by the very idea of a push present in general. In any case, it doesn’t look like Kanye is going to buy anything for Kim.

Wow, he sounds like such an involved husband and father, right? Imma let you finish but my clothing line and album are so much more important than whatever you got going on, Saint West! Designing the ultimate pair of leather jeggings is more important than Kanye’s wife and child.

Meanwhile, TMZ basically had the same story that People Magazine had last week – “sources” say that for sure, Kim will not have another baby.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new bundle of joy will be their last … doctors have warned her another pregnancy would be like playing with fire. Kim’s been open about her pregnancy struggles, suffering from placenta accreta — a potentially life threatening condition — during both. We’re told docs have told her it’s nearly a guarantee she’d get accreta again, putting her and her baby’s lives at risk.

A source close to the family tells us Kim is also scared of another extremely painful birth, like the one with Saint … and that’s helped her make the decision easier.

However, we’re told the couple is completely cool with capping off their brood at two kids. Our source says they’re plenty busy with North and Saint and a new addition would be just too much.

As for Saint West — we’re told he’s the perfect baby — eating great, sleeping a ton and barely crying … the opposite of North.

[From TMZ]

I don’t understand why there would be any pressure on Kim to have another baby anyway, so I don’t understand why we’re hearing all of this stuff about how doctors are already telling her not to get pregnant again. She has “the heir and the spare.” Kim probably thought she would be like Kourtney and have easy, cute pregnancies and but that just wasn’t in the cards. And it’s fine.


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  1. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Any other vaguely normal celebrity couple I’d say, “Oh I bet that message is for all the employees/business people who will contact him, not for his wife.”

    But knowing this family and how they operate via social media this is legitimately Kanye’s way of going, “STIFLE YOURSELF WOMAN! YEEZUS IS AT WORK!”

    I assumed he’d be more happy about having a son but now I wonder if he’s just one of those guys who likes the idea of ‘having’ children and them being ‘his’ but not actually interacting with them. The most joy I’ve ever seen from Kanye concerning a baby was Beyonce’s child…which is kinda creepy now that I think about it.

    • Alana says:

      Why should he be involved when he has an army of nannies etc taking care of the kid. Anyone who is that selfish and vain doesn’t change for their kids. I feel like he is going to get rid of Kim when she becomes too old and out of style for him. Kanye and Kim both seem like they just care about being famous and popular and everything else is tertiary. I think you are right about him enjoying the idea of having a son

      • me says:

        Kim, I doubt, is involved with her child either. I was watching E News the other day and they just had to mention how “hands on” Kim and Kanye are with their son, and how they are taking turns getting up in the night. Does anyone believe this? They aren’t even sleeping on the same floor as the new baby. The night nurse and baby are downstairs in the guest room while everyone else sleeps upstairs.

    • RosesAreRed says:

      I think he thought marrying Kim would be like marrying his own Beyonce. I don’t know how the hell he arrived to such a dumb conclusion but he did. He didn’t realize that not only does she have not one real accomplishment to her name, he got stuck with the ‘rode hard and put away wet’ edition whose family is now seen as a plague upon society.

      I actually do think Kanye is, maybe not diapers and bottles at 2 in the morning involved, but holding and interacting with his kids involved. I just don’t that extends to Kim. I think she factors into his life much.

  2. Spaniard says:

    “Kim is also scared of another extremely painful birth, like the one with Saint … and that’s helped her make the decision easier.”
    Umm birth is painful. How could she know if it was more painful than the average birth considering North was born by C-section?? It was probably painful just like any birth and that’s it. Celebrity women always have to be find a way to be special and different for everything. Like you are the only one in the world that was ever in pain giving birth Kim…

  3. minx says:

    Who was asking him for anything?

    • Wentworth Miller says:

      Word for word what I came to say.
      This article doesn’t make any sense. We’ll the K girls statement, anyway. What the hell is she rambling on about pain and sickness and more kids for? I mean know that it keeps her name out there, but, it’s just so simple and stupid. Who would have thought that child birth would be painful?
      As far as the husband, I never thought that he was as involved as what they make it seem. The guy with the birthing hips gave an interview saying as much. The K girl gave a deposition saying that she only saw husband less than 10 times during the first pregnancy, so I wouldn’t expect too much from him, at all, anyway.

    • Chrissy says:

      I think I saw a few weeks ago that Kim wanted a $100,000 diamond choker as a “push present”. Like chokers are so flattering on her or just couldn’t buy one herself. SMDH

  4. funcakes says:

    Can I ask you to go away?

  5. SusanneToo says:

    If it’s a man, is a RBF called a RDF?

  6. Armenthrowup says:

    Don’t worry, we won’t. We won’t even ask for anything after you’ve finished your album. Or the album. Or ANYTHING from you, you egotistical cockwomble. Now b*gger off.

    • The Original Mia says:


      • antipodean says:

        @Armenthrowup, you made me laugh this morning, thank you for that. One slight problem (and I actually loved your version), please don’t insult the Wombles of Wimbledon Common along with this major douche with his RDF. Mr Antipodean and I figure we are the only humans in the whole of this here US of A who have a Wombling Merry Christmas on our Christmas music rotation, and it is one of our favourites of all time. Aside from that you are spot on!

    • Armenthrowup says:

      @Antipodean, my apologies! 😀 And I would like to salute you for your excellent aste in Christmas music 😀 xx

  7. FingerBinger says:

    That poor man. Leave him alone. He has to concentrate on his overpriced sweatshirt and pantyhose collection.

    • word says:

      What he needs to concentrate on his getting his house done so he can move out of PMK’s house. I mean seriously, I really think he wants to live with PMK because it keeps Kim busy and “taken care of”. He is left alone and able to do his own thing while at her house. I mean who else finds it odd that the only time they “need” to move out of their own home is when Kim is pregnant or just delivered a baby? Come on now.

      • Shaunna says:

        Corey Gamble, Kris’s fake beau who is really just her bodyguard, said Kim lives at Kris’s house while Kanye lives in his home in Los Angeles.

      • me says:

        Oh really? PMK said Kanye lives with her. Well who knows what the truth is. That’s really gross if he’s not even living with Kim and his children.

  8. Elisa the I. says:

    In that first pic it looks like Kayne has no neck. I think I have looked at it 20 times by now because it makes me laugh. Thanks Kayne!

  9. me says:

    Kanye said nothing about the birth of his son on twitter but makes sure to tweet about him working on his new album and fashion line. We already know what his fashion line will look like as all his lines look the same. He also took 2 years to design a white t-shirt…so by the time he’s done his current album and fashion line, his kids might be teens. Anyone think Kim is happy when Kanye stays busy, especially after giving birth so she can quietly get her “procedures” done without him knowing?

  10. EscapedConvent says:

    I promise I won’t ask you for anything, you empty-headed tosspot. I was going to ask you to sit the f*ck down and shut the f*uck up, but I realize now that that would be very traumatic to your delicate artist nerves.

    I expect most of the phalanx of nannies they’ve hired are actually there to baby and coddle Kanye.

  11. Caz says:

    I can’t imagine anything these two would have to say to each other that resembles a normal conversation. There is just blank zero connection in every photo.

  12. JFresh says:

    Me too tho I say this all the time


  13. is this a sympathy chip being implanted in my head… i mean GOD

    every pregnancy kim has sounds so medieval…. its just like ok we get it …. you can be non-shallow for a minute and sacrifice your ‘awesome body’ and have you uterus/womb painfully massage to unbreech a baby…. just enough…. keep it to yourself because kim i still think your as deep as a petri dish….

    sorry i know that was harsh… but it’s literally every week day nano second something about how normalized she and kanye are …. when i know they are raging egotistical narcissist and their childrens names say as much

  14. mrsrockstar says:

    When Kim was briefly married to Kris Humphreys there was a scene on the show when the bunch were living in NYC (I guess for one of their shows). In it Kris H tells Kim that he will be sending some of his stuff to her house in LA .She asked what he meant because she didn’t want someone elses stuff in her house.Scott then asked Kim if she understood that after you get married you live together?

  15. Knitnwine says:

    I have no issue with push presents. If that’s your thing, cool. If not, cool.

    BUT I roll my eyes so hard I probably have some sort of internal bleeding whenever I see the words “hands on mom” and Kim Kardashian in the same sentence.

    Lol – no.