Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus were in a NYC dive bar together, sources confirm

As we discussed yesterday, the NYDN had a sad/interesting story about Diane Kruger maybe-cheating on Joshua Jackson with… Norman Reedus! Some witnesses at a NYC dive bar claimed that they saw Norman and Diane looking incredibly friendly a few nights ago, openly making out with Diane sitting in Norman’s lap. While Reedus’s rep flat-out denied the story, Kruger’s people have made some strange acknowledgments.

First off, Gossip Cop spoke to a “a source close to Kruger” who said the story is “completely fabricated.” Except that the source acknowledges that Kruger and Reedus were TOTALLY IN THE BAR TOGETHER. GC’s source says that they were joined by a third person, director Fabienne Berthaud. Berthaud directed Reedus, Kruger and Joshua Jackson in the film Sky. GC’s source also maintained that Kruger and Jackson are “100,000,000 percent” still together. But Joshua Jackson is out of town. He’s halfway around the world, actually.

So, even sources close to Kruger are telling media outlets that she actually was in the dive bar with Norman Reedus but that she wasn’t straddling him and making out with him. A source also went to Entertainment Tonight to say the same thing, that Diane and Norman were hanging out but “they are not dating or hooking up.” Then ET dropped this into their story:

This isn’t the first time Kruger and Reedus have been spotted getting up close and personal. Another source tells ET that Kruger was sitting on Reedus’ lap at the premiere after party for Sky in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. “They were close all night and talking about relationship stuff,” the source says. “She was talking about how he wasn’t ready to settle down…They seemed like they were more than just friends.”

[From ET]

Whoa now. So, there’s legit reporting of previous friendly encounters? Yeah, something is up. I’m not saying that Diane and Joshua are completely done or anything, but I’m saying that Diane and Norman Reedus are more than likely hittin’ it.

Oh, and Radar had more details about their alleged makeout session at the NYC bar, including their drink order (they both drank whiskey). One witness described the hook up as a “high school make out session” that started just ten minutes after they entered the bar. MESS.

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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  1. Marnie says:

    Damn. I loved her and Joshua Jackson together. And i kinda want Norman for myself.

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      Norman is sexy as hell and he’s a cat lover. I’d hit that all over the ballpark!

      • Marnie says:

        Even better! Now if only he’d dress like Darryl in his day to day life I’d be even more down.

    • mom2two says:

      I am conflicted about this. I think Norman is very sexy so a part of me is like you go girl.
      The other part of me really liked her and Joshua Jackson together and they’ve been together for so long, so part of me is sad if it is over between the two of them.

      • ab says:

        same here! I wouldn’t turn down a norman opportunity either so I get it, but I like her and joshua together as well, they seemed very well matched and happy.

        that said, I hope they’ve gone about this above board because if there’s cheating involved then it downgrades both diane and norman for me.

  2. ell says:

    this isn’t news though, there have been rumours about them for quite a while.

    it’s weird they were being so careless if she is cheating. maybe she and josh have an open relationship, but don’t feel comfortable sharing with the world *shrugs*

    • gatinha says:

      this. her and JJ have been together for years and seem so strong as a couple…i bet they have an open relationship that they prefer to keep under wraps.

    • Wren33 says:

      But, if she is in a committed open relationship, I would bet they would be a lot more discreet. Making out with a fellow celebrity in public either screams “rebound fling” or “cheating hormones and bad judgement” to me.

      • Esmom says:

        Agreed. The lack of discretion seems pretty reckless.

      • GingerCrunch says:

        …and so disrespectful. That’s what I don’t understand. But then, maybe JJ is half-way around the world doing the same thing but he’s incognito.

      • Ankhel says:

        Maybe she and JJ are already done, they just haven’t confirmed it yet? That would explain the lack of inhibition. That, or someone was drunk and careless.

  3. Size Does Matter says:

    As a card carrying member of Team Pacey Forever, I question whether Diane might have bumped her head recently? Baffling.

  4. Falula says:

    This might mean I need to tell my husband I have a chance with Joshua and he should prepare himself for heartbreak.

    Am I the only one who misses Fringe? Man, I loved that show.

    • Zan says:

      Nope. I miss Fringe, too. It was all sorts of crazy, funny, weird mixed together.

      • Falula says:

        We named our daughter Olivia, and even though it was completely unrelated to the show because my husband has wanted this name for over a decade, every time he calls her Olive I think of the show.

    • Alyce says:

      Fringe is my favorite show ever! I’ve been rewatching it lately and just hit season 3. I don’t know how Diane could do this to Peter… Er…Joshua! 😉

    • vauvert says:

      I miss Fringe like crazy too. And if she is really stepping out on Josh with a washed up zombie, that is too bad.
      But – seriously, it sounds like fan fic. (Lots of those lately – Harry with Pippa, etc.)

      Because she admits they were in a certain place together, including a third person, how does that mean they were making out? It’s not like they can’t afford, you know, a hotel room or something. As was mentioned on this site, and others, unless there are photos, not buying it.

    • Sonju says:

      You should try The Affair on Showtime! 😉

    • Liz says:

      Fringe was the best.

    • TQB says:

      Rewatched it over the summer, in fact!!

  5. Saphana says:

    here we go again, people clutching their pearls when a woman has a healthy sexual appetite. she is with that Josh guys for years, do you think she still is lusting for him? a woman needs novelty in the bedroom and as an actress she certainly wont be with one guy with that huge buffett of hot guys around her everyday. do you think rock stars are celibate? lol

    women loose interest in monogamy way faster than men:

    • ell says:

      yeah, because people don’t clutch their pearls when it’s male celebs who cheat right?? ben affleck anyone?

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I don’t see any pearl clutching over a woman having a healthy sexual appetite. What I see is dismay/confusion that someone who has been in a solid, committed relationship for YEARS is so publicly carrying on with another man while her fella’s away. Diane can love sex all she wants, but cheating? Have some decency, for Pete’s sake.

      • DarkSparkle says:


        A healthy sexual appetite and cheating are two entirely different things.

        And if a male celebrity cheated there would be all sorts of pearl clutching if his justification was “a man needs novelty in the bedroom and as an actor I certainly wont be with one woman with that huge buffet of hot starlets around me everyday.”

    • OrigialTessa says:

      I weigh the feelings of the person I love and have committed myself to over my sexual appetite. And they haven’t been together THAT long. If she’s lost interest in him, it wasn’t a good match to begin with. I’m not a big fan of open relationships. I can’t imagine sharing my partner with other women. Our bed, and what we share there, is extremely intimate and personal and bonding on a very deep level. If my partner was sharing that with someone else all while still doing it with me, I don’t think that would work for me. But to each their own. I’m not inside other people’s heads. I don’t know what’s best for other people.

      • ell says:

        i don’t agree with op, but it’s not true that if you lose interest it wasn’t a good match to begin with. people change and fall out of love, it happens, even if you used to be super good together. i don’t think the issue is that they might have broke up, but that she seems to be cheating…

      • OrigialTessa says:

        Ell, I think I was more saying that if she feels the need to get her rocks off with other guys, AND still be with Josh in some kind of open sexual relationship, maybe Josh isn’t the one, maybe the relationship isn’t solid. I’m of the opinion that if you’ve gotten to that point you should just end it, because obviously there’s something amiss.

      • Kitten says:

        But that’s exactly the concept behind an open relationship–it’s about knowing that your partner might have sexual curiosity about someone else and being ok with your partner pursuing it.

        In that case it’s not cheating, and it’s not about that person not being The One. It’s about wanting a consistent, steady, intimate relationship with one person while having the freedom to explore sexually with others. I don’t know. In the end, I don’t think it would work for me but I definitely see the appeal. We all get different things from different people, it would definitely take a lot of the pressure off of the relationship to be able to have those needs fulfilled by someone other than your SO, assuming both people are on board of course.

      • Esmom says:

        kitten, I agree that it sounds good in theory but the couple open relationships I’ve been privy to have ended in disaster. Both because one partner essentially wanted to have his cake (emotional and financial support from the “steady” partner) and eat it (sex from anyone he wanted) too and the other couldn’t handle it after all.

      • Kitten says:

        @Esmom-Yeah that doesn’t surprise me. You’re probably right that it’s a rare *normal* couple that can make it work. That being said, within the context of Hollywood and The Industry, an open relationship seems borderline practical. Actors are so often away from their SOs, on-set, travelling for promotional duties, all the while being surrounded by attractive people of the opposite sex. It just seems like an extreme world in the sense that the odds are stacked in favor of infidelity. And that’s not to give cheating a pass, just to say that the Hollywood environment seems rife with adultery for a reason.

      • gatinha says:

        the comments on this article are so interesting! dan savage has a lot of really great insights into the world of polyamory/open relationships,etc. A big point he likes to make is that when an open relationship FAILS, we hear about it, but from his experience, what happens far more often is that the open relationship is the thing that SAVES the marriage/relationship, but since people are often discreet about it and there is a social stigma, nobody hears about it. he talks about it a lot more eloquently than I can on Savage Love, definitely worth a listen if you are interested in exploring this type of relationship dynamic.

    • Zip says:

      There’s a slight difference between having a healthy sexual appetite and cheating on your significant other. I have no problem with the first thing (when people are single or EVERYONE involved is okay with it) but I judge people who do the latter. I don’t give a sh*t if it is a man or a woman doing it, either.

      • Pandy says:

        Exactly. Sleep around all you want but if you are in a committed relationship, please have the decency to break up first before you go exploring. Even if it’s with Daryl. 🙁

    • als says:

      Could you please explain to me what a ‘healthy sexual appetite” is and how would you know if Diane Kruger (or anyone else for that matter) has a healthy or unhealthy sexual appetite?
      I guess twice a month would get someone excommunicated from the ‘healthy sexual appetite” community.

    • Erinn says:

      Oh well, I better tell my husband to get prepared, we’ll have been together for 11 years this week – but Saphana voice of all women ever has spoken!

      Stop generalizing women. Seriously. Just stop. SOME women need more partners. SOME women don’t – they just need a little variety in what’s going down.

      If you’d read the article you linked to, nowhere did it say that women get bored so they decide to cheat. It actually says the opposite:

      “But now the evidence is beginning to trickle in, and one sticky fact has thrown this entire theory into jeopardy: It’s women and not men who get bored with monogamy faster. As Daniel Bergner writes in the New York Times, women are far more likely to lose interest in sex with their partners. This doesn’t necessarily translate into infidelity—a choice many reject because it’s so hurtful—but, Bergner reports, spouse-weary women often just avoid sex altogether.

      Add to that the study Bergner cites showing women respond to novelty in pornographic fantasies, and another showing that women are much more turned on by fantasies of sex with strangers than friends. ”

      None of that translates into “Women need multiple partners! They need to constantly be moving on and it’s not healthy to want monogamy – cheating is completely valid!” It actually goes on to say that it’s a SOCIAL not a BIOLOGICAL thing.

      And honestly- yeah, I’d rather have fantasies about strangers than my guy friends -they’re like my brothers – I think most people would rather have fantasies about someone made up, or whatever, than someone they’re too familiar with and not attracted to.

      • Size Does Matter says:

        @Erinn, I can testify. Am changing my name to Spouse-Weary Woman. Or just Weary Woman. It’s like the Eagles sing Witchy Woman only with teenagers, a toddler, and a newborn instead of the moon in my eyes.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      A woman can have a healthy sexual appetite and remain faithful to her committed relationship. Or she can choose to leave that relationship to pursue another or be happily single. Cheating is a lazy, dishonest choice that has nothing to do with the health of your sexual appetite and everything to do with the health of your character.

      I do not see one, single comment pearl clutching about her having a healthy sexual appetite, btw. You just wanted to say that for whatever reason.

      • Pandy says:

        @GNAT – exactly. Lazy and dishonest. Boo to her. If they’ve broken up, they should have released that info so she isn’t getting trashed in the media for wanting to lap dance Daryl Dixon!

  6. Jegede says:

    I’m not sure why people insist on pics for concrete proof.

    For Star/Enquirer/Life and Style e.t.c sure.
    But the NYDN usually has legit sources.

    For instance, they broke the stories of Leo Dicaprio cheating on then girlfriend Toni Garrn in Miami Art Basel and gave details, yet there was no demand of pictures.
    Of course they broke up a few weeks later.

    • Ankhel says:

      I generally agree with what you’re saying, but Leonardo D? We’d need proof to believe he WASN’T “auditioning” his next model while still involved with blonde number 45.375…

  7. Mimz says:


    I refuse to believe this. No no no no *covers ears/eyes and sings la la la la la la in denial*

  8. NewWester says:

    I have friends who are in “open relationships” the common theme is to not embarrass or do anything to humiliate your partner. If Diane and Joshua Jackson have a open relationship as suggested, public displays like what Diane is alleged to be doing is really strange. This seems more like someone who is angry at a partner and wants him to feel some pain. Maybe Joshua has not been faithful?

    • Bishg says:

      I am fascinated by the “open relationship” concept.
      I love my partner to death and want to spend the rest of my life with him.
      However, I often find myself wondering if he could stray and how I would react to it.
      Or, on my side, I question whether I’ll always feel so strongly about monogamy.
      (TBH, being faithful to my partner isn’t a challenge, I love him and don’t feel the desire to cheat). Anywhoooo, whenever I hear about open relationships I feel a mix of admiration, fear and suspect. I seriously can’t imagine how this works and how long is this “understanding” sustainable for.
      I’d love to hear some stories from Celebitches who are in open relationships…

      • SloaneY says:

        To each their own, but I could never do that. Somebody would get jealous at some point, and if there weren’t any jealousy, why are you even in that relationship if you care so little about it?

      • Esmom says:

        I commented upthread about the open relationships I’ve been familiar with. In both, both partners thought they were ok with it but one ended up feeling terrible about it.

  9. OSTONE says:

    Ugh this sucks, they are such a cute couple. Remember that Lainey blind with the cucumber and the garden party, I believe she later revealed it was them.

  10. als says:

    The worst think in this is that they confirmed that Diane and Joshua are still on. Why do that?
    At least don’t comment on that and leave the door open for whatever is coming.

  11. theo says:

    There have been rumors that Josh has been cheating on Diane for years.

    Josh was known as a man-whore back in the days.

    They have an open relationship.

    They will not break-up, because especially Josh seems to be head over heels in love with DIane.

    • Rose says:

      LOL. Diane has been cheating on him for years. She cheated on her first husband and has been doing the same with Josh. They’ve been together for a long time but the first six years they spent living in different cities most of the time. They’ve always spent a lot of time a way from each other due to work.

      • theo says:

        LOL! No, Joshua has been cheating on Diane for years. He loves the ladies. He was known to go to bed with 2 or more women at once. Yeah, he was sooo nasty.

        And he still got that nasty in him.

        But he always comes back to Diane, because he loves her too much.

      • Rose says:

        LOL, yeah, you just go on believing that about Diane. It’s known she cheated on her first husband and there have been accounts of her with other people too, while with Josh. She got caught publicly early in their relationship, and now this time too. It seems they have an open relationship and that seems to work for them. They have been together for nine and a half years and it’s obvious that they love each other and I doubt they would still be together, if that wasn’t the case.

    • theo says:

      LoL! no, you just go an believe that about Josh. It’s known that he is a man-whore and he is a cheater.

      But i agree with you on this: they are still together and they are still loving each other

    • Liv says:

      What is this, ying and yang?

  12. theo says:

    There have been rumors that Josh has been cheating on Diane for years.

    Josh was known as a man-wh*re back in the days.

    They have an open relationship.

    They will not break-up, because especially Josh seems to be head over heels in love with DIane.

    • Renee28 says:

      Yes. I’ve heard stories about him from The Affair. It seems like they have some type of open relationship.

      • Pedro45 says:

        Anything you can share?

      • Rose says:

        It’s no secret that their relationship has been through some rough patches, because they have both talked about it. Plus, they have been very on and off at times too. They just don’t announce it. If they do have an open relationship, it’s not really considered cheating, and it’s normally discreet.

      • Renee28 says:

        My brother worked on the show. Josh would take home random women and he had a regular thing with a crew member. He didn’t seem too concerned with anyone knowing. She’s done the same thing before too so the assumption is they do their own thing when they’re not together.

      • Rose says:

        That gels with what Diane said ages ago, that when they are apart they do their own thing. As I said before, they do seem to spend, and have spent a lot of time apart.

      • theo says:

        I knew it. Once a man-whore, always a man-whore!

      • Rose says:

        They’ve been in a relationship for nine and a half years, that’s different to what you are saying he is. They have an open relationship and while it’s not for everybody, it seems to work for them.

  13. Div says:

    I would not be surprised at all if they had an open relationship. I swear either she or Josh made some comment years ago that sort of hinted at that sort of thing….I bet a lot of people in Hollywood do but are afraid to admit it. However, if this is true she’s being careless even if they are open. It reminds me of when Anderson Cooper’s partner was photographed with another man and it came out that they were open and he was angry about him not being discreet.

  14. Neelyo says:

    Reedus needs more hair, I can still see his face.

  15. Rainbow says:

    I don’t believe it. If she wanted to hook up with him and cheat on Joshua,at least she would go at his house or hotel room. Why be careless and cheat on Joshua in public? People will notice and they will be at the gossip sites. They are Hollywood stars, not ordinary people that no one cares for. It doesn’t make sense.

    I know that Leann Rimmes cheated on her husband publicly, but Dianne is smarter and than this.

  16. escondista says:

    Don’t care how hot people think Norman is. If she’s cheating, she’s a turd.

  17. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’ve been to public places with male friends without my husband. Why is everyone assuming she’s cheating?

  18. Hannah says:

    They look good together.

  19. Nancy says:

    It must be frustrating to be known more for who your banging than your acting abilities. Personally idc. Let them be young and happy and live their lives.

  20. taxi says:

    Reedus confuses me – he’s nearly always neatly dressed but that unkempt mop always looks like a really bad fake hair wig. Yuck. He may have to lift those eyelids sooner rather than later.

  21. LAK says:

    The only thing that comes to mind is that at least Norman Reedus is finally with an age appropriate woman. Apart from Helena Christiansen, He is one of those people that dips in the so-young-it’s-barely-legal pool.

  22. Rose says:

    Looking at Diane’s instagram, Diane had said goodbye to her friend who was supposedly at the bar with them in the early hours of Sat morning the day before. So, based on that I don’t believe she was there, because why say goodbye to your friend otherwise.

  23. Talie says:

    She’s been pretty open on Instagram about hanging with him and vice versa.

  24. PK says:

    Pacey & Joey forever

  25. Patty says:

    Who says she is cheating? Even if the make-out session did happen, we don’t know what type of relationship her and JJ have. They are both good looking actors, I wouldn’t be surprised if they both stepped out here and there and were okay with it. Let’s not go nuts…..yet.

  26. Minxx says:

    People cheat publicly if they want out of their regular relationship. They don’t do it just so they can publicly humiliate their partner. If they truly have an ‘open” relationship (I don’t believe in it – someone always gets hurt), they’d sleep with others behind closed doors. She seems to have lost control of herself around Reedus.

  27. ashley says:

    So many in Hollywood have open relationships. Still most of them don’t last. hmm.
    Even ones who do it discreetly. It doesn’t matter…

  28. Jayna says:

    Maybe she and Joshua have an open relationship when the other isn’t around.

  29. Crack Fox says:

    I’ve seen Joshua and Diane together around NYC a lot and they always look so in love with each other. I’m hoping this is a case of an open relationship.

    I must admit though……Diane and Norman look hot together.

  30. Moi says:

    I guess I would have to see this Norman guy in motion because….I’m not seeing the appeal. It’s sounding to me like Diane and Joshua may have an open relationship. To each their own I say.

    • tracking says:

      co-sign. My problem with “The Affair” is that I fundamentally can’t believe any sane woman would choose Noah over Cole (Joshua Jackson). I have the same problem here. But, if they have an open relationship, fine–whatever works for them.

      • Kitten says:

        Really? I find both Noah and Cole really sexy but in different ways.

        I also have to say that The Affair is like, a dream cast for me. I love the four central actors so so much.

        Have you seen The Wire? I first fell for Dominic West while watching that show.

      • tracking says:

        I adore Dominic West, Kitten, and especially like that he is all in for playing flawed, complicated characters. He was very impressive in The Wire, a show I liked more than The Affair, though I also think the cast is wonderful. TA would be stronger without the dumb who-killed-Scotty plot imo. In terms of characters, I find Cole far more appealing than Noah. In terms of hot men/good actors, it’s a draw!

  31. ido says:

    Cheating or no cheating. Josh will never break up with Diane.

    Diane is the one who will pull the plug on this relationship if she feels like it.

  32. iheartgossip says:

    WoW. Down grade all day long.

  33. alice says:

    Open Relationship. It’s the only way to make it for as long time as they have, in Hollywood. Actors, particularly male actors, have too many choices and opportunities to cheat, just because they are actors, women throw themselves to anybody with a SAG card, hoping for a role, a connection, a party invite or just a goody bag. That doesn’t apply to actresses: there are hardly male groupies and the cheating happens with costars or crew members. My guess on this messy story is that Diane wants out, maybe bc of something Joshua did, this bar story appears to be a calculated PR to make things happen, Joshua has no choice now other than be the one who ends it.

  34. Eru says:

    He is still wearing that ridiculous hair. I just cant with Norman, He was this hot around 40-ish guy. With that hair he looks like 45- years old who wants to look 27 and doesnt understand that no one thinks he is even 35. He is too old to rock this kind of hair. And yet he wont cut it and look embarrassing.

  35. Diane says:

    He is required to have the same hair as his character or wear a wig on the show. Andrew Lincoln finally was able to cut his beard. It’s not up to Norman unless he wanted to put on an uncomfortable wig. I love NR. As for his eye he was in a bad accident and has a titanium eye socket. He seems like a really nice guy.

  36. Rae says:

    I follow her on Instagram and about a month or two ago she started posting cryptic messages and I though that her and JJ may have broken up.
    Plus her and Reedus made a movie together recently with Lena Dunham.

  37. According to Gossip Cop, they were joined by the director of the movie they both starred in some time ago. And Gossip Cop (or was it Dlistd…I forget) has an interesting theory about how maybe this whole story was likely marketing for Jacksons series The Affair. What strikes me as odd, is that there are literally NO pictures. Everyone has a camera phone these days .