Lupita Nyong’o in Proenza Schouler at London ‘Star Wars’ premiere: flawless?


Try to argue with this face. Lupita Nyong’o’s face is just… perfect. Once again, I had to stop myself from downloading 20 million headshots of Lupita Nyong’o at yet another Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere. The whole cast gathered in London for what will be just one in a long line of promotional appearances in the coming month(s). Lupita and her stylist keep on delivering too – Lupita wore this daring Proenza Schouler dress to the London premiere. I like this ensemble less than her Vauthier gown the other day, but I think I might like her styling more in these photos. The lipstick is… transcendent.




And after all that, Daisy Ridley wore this somewhat boring bespoke Roland Mouret gown to her big hometown premiere. Don’t get me wrong, she looks perfectly lovely. But I feel like she should be taking ingénue-styling tips from Lupita.


Gwendoline Christie is never NOT the QUEEN OF EVERYTHING.


John Boyega has that classic British-guy style – I’m sort of in awe of how fearless he is with fashion, and like so many British men, I get the sense that he’s something of a dandy. He enjoys clothes, let’s say that. He’s been wearing a lot of Burberry on this tour, and I would love to see Burberry hire him as one of the faces of their brand. Bonus Oscar Isaac!


Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca!!!!!) and Harrison Ford. OMG. Just OMG.


Call me crazy, but Mark Hamill looks great with a beard.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. ell says:

    do we know which designer is gwen’s dress? love daisy’s dress, it’s super pretty and the material seems lovely as well.

  2. L says:

    Lupita channeling Grace Jones.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Ssh! Yes, she is trying to channel Grace Jones but Grace will have words to say if she figures that out because nobody channels Grace Jones, according to Grace Jones.

    • Kiki says:

      That’s why if there is a movies about Grace Jones… Lupita N’yongo would be perfect for the role. Anyways, I love her makeup, but the dress not so much. I think she is so gorgeous and much bette

      • V4Real says:

        She’s no Grace Jones but I think she could play her in a movie. Maybe then she can be the lead in a movie since that’s what she wants so bad.

      • Bae says:

        I don’t think she would be a good Grace Jones. Grace was tall and powerfull, Lupita is small and delicate. They may look alike if they’re styled similarly, but their energies are completely different.

      • FLORC says:

        If Iman wasn’t someone who could have a movie (does she?) made about her I’d love her for Grace!
        Lupita’s just not Grace. Grace’s bone structure alone is more than contouring makeup can do.

        Love the front of the dress. Have the side view. And while maybe the hair and maybe th lipstick is Grace nothing else comes close. Lupita has a thousand yard stare. No spark of GJ. I can’t imagine Grace having a stare like that even when she’s daydreaming.

      • Jellybean says:

        Yep! Everything above the neck is great, below that is not so great.

      • qwerty says:

        Lupita is petite and curvy. Grace is more waify and lanky, like Gisele.

        Anyways,the make up perfect. She could wear this colour everyday lol. The freaking peplum though….

    • Melody says:

      Definitely Jones, but more approachable.

    • Moneypenny says:

      Absolutely. My first thought as well.

    • khaveman says:

      If by channeling you mean copying. I HATE the dress. Her makeup is great. She’s well done from the shoulders up.

  3. Freebunny says:

    It’s not Lupita’s best look.
    Daisy is lovely and yeah to Luke’s come back.

  4. Junior says:

    I think the lipstick is awful. She’s a pretty lady, and it’s so unflattering on her.

    • Kitten says:

      Really? I had the opposite reaction-I absolutely love the lipstick on her. It’s amazing how good bold colors look on darker skin. I’m so jealous because I would LOVE to be able to play around with different colors but there’s only one color that works in my lips and that’s nude. Sigh.

      I’m torn about her dress but I love her styling from her neck up.

      • Hudson Girl says:

        Oh, I LOVED the lipstick!
        Color looks amazing on her and it’s so on point for the event. Plus, it’s always smart to do something a little off what’s typical for important premieres to get the extra press coverage.

      • mia girl says:

        Agree on the bold choice of lipstick. Very cool.

        I usually love her style, but the dress is not good. Not good at all. If this dress was on anyone else, we’d be ripping it to shreds (or in this case fringe). It isn’t flattering to her figure either.

      • ISO says:

        The frosted blue lipstick on -her- is amazing, perfection! Lupita’s face is so memorable, she looks best in artistic but less fussy gowns

      • QQ says:

        Oh Im LIVING for that Makeup, In fact I Have one similar and WILL have to wear Tonight whilst getting dragged by bf to watch this

        ALSO Jon Boyega’s style is LIFE!!

      • tracking says:

        Agreed. Perfection from the waist up.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        Yep, her face is flawless and that lipstick is all kinds of awesome. But that dress is fugly as hell.

      • Val says:

        Yes to the lipstick!! That was the first thing I noticed! The dress is a bit uneven…like a Project Runway dress thrown together at the last second

      • Jenna says:

        I’m in the same boat as you in loving the look from neck up (for one of the rare moment, for me anyway, that her dress doesn’t look even ‘interesting’ let alone pretty. Neck up – stunning. Down? Kinda almost cringing for her. And to cringe for a woman that gorgeous feels so flipping weird!) as that blue just proves folks don’t HAVE to always stick to reds/pinks/neutrals. Other colors are fun too. My favorite lipstick for going out is royal blue and kinda hoping having such a massive talent and gorgeous face wearing it to a premier will start spreading the look out so A) it’s easier to find – at the moment I have to order it online and B) stops people being so weird about it when they see it on people. I only got a few friends to stop acting like I was possessed or something for wearing it by telling them “Hey, folks stare at my face when I do, not my chest”. That… apparently makes it a totally understandable thing. People are weird.

      • I Choose Me says:

        That lipstick is everything. It’s bold, playful and perfect on her. I love the outfit, the earrings, the styling and even her shoe game is on point this time.

        Gwen also looks regal and boss.

        This is such an upgrade from the last looks both women were sporting. Yas!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I wouldn’t say it looks terrible, but I don’t like gimmicky lipstick colors. Lipstick is meant to enhance the story of your face, not become the story, at least imo. And I hate that dress. But still, her beauty shines through and she does have such a lovely face.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        I think the colour draws the eyes to her lips, but the rest of her face shines . It enhaces her complexion too. I love it. It’s perfect for a Star Wars premiere.
        I wish I could wear crazy lipsticks, but I’m super pale so I woud just look like a corpse.

      • V4Real says:

        I’m not much of a fan of Lupita because right now she is more of a fashion girl than an actress. Everything is what she’s wearing or how she looks not wow how good she was in that movie. That being said I think her look is fitting for the Star Wars premier, where else would she wear this.

        I’m excited, I’m going to see the movie tonight.

    • Farhi says:

      I thought the lipstick was an overkill with so much else going on with her look.
      I didn’t like it at all. I don’t think I would like green or blue or black lipstick on anyone. For me it is associated with Halloween and silly horror movies.

      • teacakes says:

        I mean, it is Star Wars.

        There aren’t many movie premieres that could possibly be a more perfect place to wear galatic blue lipstick.

    • Hadleyb says:

      Agree. I hate the lipstick on her and her dress. All horrid. She could of done so much better especially for a Star Wars premiere.

      • Katie says:

        I normally like her look, but I think this is just awful, from top-knot to lipstick to dress. She looks clownish to me, and the fact of it being a Star Wars premiere doesn’t make her look less clownish.

  5. Fluff says:

    I don’t even care, I love her.

  6. Sandra says:

    Not crazy – that beard is really working for him. Mark Hamill has never done it for me, but he looks GOOD right now. Great eyes.

    • Josephine says:

      He looks so much healthier than in past years. He said he was forced to lose weight for the movie, and hopefully that was a good thing for his health. His voice work is amazing – my kids are huge fans, just as much from his voice work as from Star Wars.

    • Kitten says:

      So so much. I actually think he’s hotter now than he was 25 years ago.

      Nice to be a man huh?

    • MonicaQ says:

      Seriously. I think he was my first TV/Movie crush at 11. It made no sense but my husband has the same shade of blue eyes so maybe that was it. The beard looks great!

  7. Breakfast Margaritas says:

    Lupita is ok. Black clothing does nothing to highlight her beautiful rich skin. It looks like Chewbacca has been having some health issues. Hopefully he is not in too much pain. I’ve never seen a walking cane that tall. Is Harrison Ford helping him walk?

  8. Neelyo says:

    Don’t like Lupita’s dress so much but I love the little hat/veil!

    • Santia says:

      No, not liking the dress or Gwen’s dress, either, but her makeup is beautiful.

    • Chaucer says:

      Hair and makeup are great, but that dress is so unflattering. Yikes.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      I like her from head to peplum. I wish that under the peplum she was wearing black pants instead of a miniskirt with a fringed mesh monstrosity over it. Love the bun decoration, makeup, and earrings. Love.

  9. Josephine says:

    I really like the fit of Daisy’s dress, especially the skirt. The top is not really my taste, but it fits her well and she looks great in it. She’s done white and now black, so hopefully some color is next! So far, she’s looked lovely at these premieres. I love that her choices aren’t over-the-top revealing and fit her to a tee.

  10. BendyWindy says:

    Lupita’s dress needed to lose the bottom fringe. Gwen looks transcendent. Daisy is generically pretty. Give me all the dudes in suits.

    • ell says:

      “Lupita’s dress needed to lose the bottom fringe.”

      yeah, i like it but there’s too much going on.

    • SloaneY says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. Lose the fringe and I like it, especially for a Star Wars premiere.

  11. Locke Lamora says:

    Hair and makeup? Perfect. The dress is ugly. She’s been having more misses than hits since her award season. Did she change stylists?
    Daisy looks better, IMO. I read an article about her and she’s super posh. I didn’t know that.
    Gwen looks the best.

    I saw an interview with Ford and he wasn’t very likable. Was he always this grumpy?

    • Bae says:

      Daisy is super posh? How posh are we talking? I thought the young cast members were fairly working class, I think I read that somewhere.

      Judging by the interviews, Daisy is lovely. John is a bit too cocky for my taste. And Harrison was always a grump.

      • teacakes says:

        From what I’ve heard Daisy grew up in a fairly large house in a nice part of London…. can’t speak about whether she’s posh, but she certainly grew up comfortably off, from the sound of it.

    • Farhi says:

      Ford is known to have a kind of a stage fright. By accounts he is a very nice person, but freezes when he is put on the spot like in the interviews or events.

    • perplexed says:

      She looks posh.

  12. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Love all the daring fashion, Lupita takes chances and I love that. So many darker women are shunned away from wearing bright colors and she truly refuses to engage in that nonsense.

    Gwen looks amazing here! Also, still crushing on Mark.

  13. Sochan says:

    Poor Lupita. She actually looks like she hates this one herself.

  14. Chloe says:

    I would like Lupita’s dress better if the skirt was longer under the beading, I love the lipstick, it goes with the whole Star Wars theme. From far away Daisy’s dress is okay, but the material looks pretty stiff in the close up pictures. Gwen’s dress is my favorite.

  15. Ruth Dunbar says:

    Everyone looks fantastic.

    I can’t believe how good Harrison Ford looks at age 73. It’s like that plane crash only made him stronger. I’m so turned on right now.

  16. lucy2 says:

    Daisy’s dress is pretty, Gwen’s is gorgeous, and Lupita’s look is really interesting. For any other event I probably wouldn’t like it, but for Star Wars, I can get on board.

    • Farhi says:

      Daisy’s dress was my favorite.

      But I kept thinking – all those dresses with open back, they must be freezing. These women are true professionals to not let it show.

  17. MonicaQ says:

    Gwen is like my spirit animal. I’ve done both Brienne armor cosplays so looks like I’m going to have to do Captain Phasma too. *wallet cries softly*

    Don’t care, still love her.

    • Nic919 says:

      In the jimmy Fallon skit where they sing acapella Star Wars, the menacing look she gives him during that skit is spectacular.

    • Kiki says:

      I really love Gwendoline as well. She and Lupita are the most beautiful of the night,

  18. truthSF says:

    John & Isaac…now there’s a sandwich I’d take a bite out of.

  19. Nancy says:

    I love bold lips, but blue is not my fav. Somehow it looks unhealthy to me. With her beautiful complexion, however, they look better on her. I would look like a frozen can of blueberries that need to be thawed out.

  20. Lea says:

    I love the futuristic styling (especially the bold lip) but I hate the dress.

  21. Farhi says:

    I watched the SW opening feed yesterday and the blue lipstick was a no go for me, a huge overkill.
    The dress is vey bold and interesting, and it should be the focus. Everything else needs to be simple, otherwise there is too much going on.

    The person who truly caught my eye on the red carpet was John Boyega. I watched his interview and interaction with the fans. He is a natural, he will go far.
    And his suit was absolutely gorgeous as well.

    • Bae says:

      Isn’t Boyega a tad too cocky though? Especially for a newcomer?

      • Farhi says:

        He is cocky but it doesn’t bother me.
        I like confident people and if they have talent and skills to back it up even better.
        I think being a shrinking violet might be convenient for some people but it definitely doesn’t do any favors to the violet himself/ herself.
        False modesty is even worse, I can’t stand hypocrites.

  22. CK says:

    Eh, I’m so-so on this look. I actually like Ridley’s outfit this go round. Poor girl. No one should have to compete with Lupita Nyongo and Qwendoline Christie on their first major red carpet and by compete, I mean get slayed twice over.

  23. Lucy says:

    Lupita! BEHOLD. Everyone looks great in my opinion!!! The more I look at this whole cast, the more I like it. Can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  24. Sarah01 says:

    I like Lupita’s style, she doesn’t go the safe route. I prefer things a bit simple but I like that she’s bold with her choices. For the event she looks great!
    Imo I would edit the peplum and the fringe. That pearl mesh I would have taken it floor length, no fussiness at the waist.

    • teacakes says:

      yeah, lose the fringe and the dress would be perfect (even more perfect if the pearl mesh was floor-length, like you suggested. The mesh+fringe makes this, as Tim Gunn might say, a whole lotta look. Some editing would do wonders.

  25. Betti says:

    Mark Hamill is rocking that beard, looking good. Why aren’t they any photos of Adam or Donmhhal? I watched a bit of the red carpet, that BB 8 is a complete fame ho, I saw him working the red carpet like a pro.

  26. dana says:

    IMO Lupita at a Star Wars premiere totally gets away with blue lips but this totally other worldly couture look. It looks better in motion. When she was strutting down the red carpet, watch out bc she was working this entirely. I kinda loved it. BUT only for Star Wars. I thought everyone looked incredible… But call it a school girl crush… who do we have to pay to get Mark Hamills beard shaved off so he looks his accurate age and not like grizzly adams. Mark, you still got it, shave that fug beard and share with the world your glorious face.

  27. go girl says:

    What in Project Runway challenge hell? That dress fits her so poorly. She looks bulky.

  28. kri says:

    Mark Hamill looks like William H. Macy. I like Lupita’s dress alot more than I thought I would. I adore her makeup. The lipstick is amazing. It’s superbold, but the trick is to make your skin as flawless as possible. Gorgeous.

  29. amilu says:

    Hate Lupita’s dress and headgear actually. Gwendolyn, however, looks flawless.

  30. chelsea says:

    Lupita and Gwendolyne both need to fire their stylists.

  31. moon says:

    after winning an oscar, Lupita gets a stage play, a cgi role and an animated role. No word yet on actually seeing her mug on screen. meanwhile white girls like Chastain Emma and JLaw get their cherry pick of every role available. Dont get me wrong I like those actresses. But Hollywood is so racist it’s disgusting.

    • Raven says:

      @moon: YES, it is. But take a look at some of these comments and you’ll see that Hollywood’s racism is playing to it’s audience. Lupita “wants a lead role” and somehow that’s made into a negative. John Boyega is “too cocky.” Heaven forbid a young actor have confidence. That’s also seen as a negative. That’s why there’s no diversity in media because people freaking suck.

      • Lea says:

        +1000 yes to this! being confident in your talent while being black= being cocky or uppity

      • maggie says:

        I’m going to disagree with you on that one. There are lots of actors who are one hit wonders and she’s among them. In her case I don’t think it has anything to do with race or skin color. She’s just not that great of an actress despite winning an Oscar.

      • Miss Grace Jones says:

        I was just going to say these reads of John somehow being cocky (where) seemed more like he was a bit more uppity for certain people tastes.

      • CK says:

        @maggie And you know this how? The field of roles for actresses that looked like Lupita were practically non existent before she won her oscar and they’re practically non existent now. And being “not that great of an actress” would never stop a young, white actress who just won a supporting actress oscar from getting a lion’s share of roles after her win.

      • moon says:

        @maggie there are many not that great actors and actresses who win oscars. Remember Goop? Yet somehow, they seem to get roles. Witness how white girl Alicia is gobbling up every role available. We don’t even hear of Lupita being offered chance to audition for those roles. It’s so easy to dismiss this as a talent thing but no, it is ALSO a racial thing.

      • Farhi says:

        Lupita needs to take supporting roles in independent movies. End of. She has to prove herself. One good movie as a supporting actress is not enough to become a star or get a lead role.

      • korra says:

        @Farhi Completely disagree. And she is taking supporting roles in quite a few movies. She should absolutely get a chance at a lead role. Everyone is right. She’s not getting those chances because Hollywood refuses to make them.

  32. Sea Dragon says:

    Once again, it’s safe to say I’ve never seen an attractive Proenza Schouler ensemble. Awful!

  33. Tiffany says:

    I have been loving John and Daisy on the press tour. They genuinely seem to be enjoying it.

  34. Really cute net cap, ugly dress, nasty lipstick.

  35. KCAT says:

    I looooove Lupita but I’m not feeling it at all!!!

  36. stou says:

    She’s one of thoses women who can pull of a risque runway look effortlessly, a bit like rihanna. I adore, it’s very inspiring,FLAWLESS!!

  37. Murphy says:

    Burberry pick up the phone and hire Boyega. Maybe they haven’t yet because his fee just went through the roof.

    Hamill is rocking this premiere circuit. Love him.

  38. khaveman says:

    Mark, you don’t have to point at the camera. Your character is Luke $%# Skywalker, the crux of it all. Just chill and soak it all in. And trim your beard.

  39. pacsgirl says:

    Not really feeling the outfit but the face is flawless…go Lupita!

  40. princessbuttercup says:

    Not into Lupita’s outfit below the thigh once it turns into a beaded curtain, but the hair, accessories, lipstick, and shoes are freaking amazing and inspired. And at least her dress isn’t boring. I love that she always comes to play.

    GWEN WINS IT ALL. I’m obsessed. DRESS. POSE. WERK. She’s a designer’s dream.

    Daisy is super cute but that looks like half a Dance Moms costume.

    John is so handsome and is creeping up on Eddie Redmayne for most dashing, dapper, entertaining style game.

  41. Danskins says:

    That dress does her no favors but Lupita still looks gorgeous!

  42. Caz says:

    I love John Boyega and I haven’t even seen the movie yet.

    Put Boyega and Redmayne (back) in a Burberry campaign STAT. Oh and include Christie.

    The fangirl in me is loving seeing the original cast on the red carpet. They can wear whatever they want to. I am going to cry with happiness during this movie.

  43. Anare says:

    I guess if she’s going for avant garde fine but I think Lupita is so lovely that all of that odd makeup and styling detract from her usual glowing beauty. She doesn’t need electric blue lip stick to get noticed.

  44. Frank says:

    Love the make up hate the dress and dress color