Paris Hilton’s outrage at not being comped ‘WTF, I’m Paris Hilton!’

Paris Hilton has made millions by slapping her name on cheap products, showing up for parties, and generally marketing herself like the two-bit media Barbie she strives to be. Despite how rich she is, Paris doesn’t believe that she should have to shell out a dime for drinks or dinner. US Weekly had this gem in their “VIP Scene” section this week about how Paris pitched a fit when her bill wasn’t comped at an LA club:

Paris Hilton shouting “What the f–k, I’m Paris Hilton!” after learning her bill was not comped at Ecco Ultra Lounge in L.A.

[From US Weekly, print edition, April 20, 2009]

We also heard directly from people providing swag for celebrities at Sundance that Paris raided their stuff, taking over 30 bags of goods from just one suite. It’s reassuring to hear that she’s being denied something for once. Maybe the waiter told her, “exactly, and that’s why you have to pay just like everyone else.” Do you think she left a tip?

In related Paris Hilton news, the sparkling wine in a can she endorses, Rich Proseco, is floundering. I see her smirking face at my local German gas station on a poster right next to a round cooler of the stuff, and it’s always full. There are plenty of other portable alcoholic beverages to choose from that don’t remind you of Paris Hilton when you’re having a drink. It’s a win-win.

Paris is shown on 4/6/09. Credit: Fame Pictures


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25 Responses to “Paris Hilton’s outrage at not being comped ‘WTF, I’m Paris Hilton!’”

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  1. Kal says:

    Remind me why she’s important?

    And I’m deathly afraid of her feet.

  2. Roma says:

    We had Paris at our club during the Toronto International Film Fest and though her bill was comped, she did not tip. No one was surprised.

  3. AliLa says:

    Why is it that the people who can truly afford anything, get everything for free and the rest of us have to pay?

  4. Ling says:

    Kal, it’s funny, you’ve managed to deploy the ONE comment that could make me sympathize for Paris Hilton. It’s a disgusting feeling, treacherous, like Judas Ling-scariot. So, let’s have a bit of respect for my dignity and keep the feet comments to a minimum, shall we? Thanks.

  5. ash says:

    Size 11’s for the win!

  6. Ernestine says:

    I honestly wish this waste of spooge would simply perish. God, I hate her so fucking much.

  7. rbsesq says:

    Ling – I feel you! A girl doesn’t pick her shoe size.

  8. big fish says:

    Looks like that STD outbreak on her lip is in remission. She is a walking contageous disease.

  9. the original kate says:

    i hope that sparkly headband slips down and strangles her.

  10. Ashley says:

    pay up bitch

  11. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    She really has less than zero class. And she dresses like a day shift hooker.

  12. Hieronymus Grex says:

    She should be greeted with jeers and a hail of paintball gun fire.

  13. Lori says:

    Seriously! The headband thing! Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton do it too.It is sooooooo stupid and ugly and what do they really think they are pulling off with that particular look. Paris seems to need to do it every day now and it is making the haircut even worse…… she probably paid like 500$ for that horrible haircut. And LOL she is totz fat now! The pictures of her on the balcony in the robo bikini the other day, from the side it looked like she was freaking preggers. Watch them cheez burgers fatty!

  14. Tanya says:

    The most disgusting, repugnant diseased, tranny whore in the world. She looks like Chris Crocker!

  15. AC says:

    Good for Herpes Hilton to finally learn that she can’t always have her way!

  16. SolitaryAngel says:

    “WTF! I’m Paris Hilton!”……And I’M Rick James, b!tch.

  17. sickofcelebritiesandf'dupsocieties says:

    Ugh. So the president nags regular people about spending money and that we are cutting back on extras is hurting the economy. Then these a-holes who have millions on millions of dollars get free crap! Let THEM own the national debt and fix the economy- I’m eating Ramen!

  18. Compassion says:

    I have never seen so much hate. Why hate someone you REALLY don’t know. All you see is what someone published that might or might not be true. And you eat it..geez people..judge not lest you be judged. Paris is just someone you can never be and isnt that really what gets you, is that she is there having the time of her life while you are not. And maybe if she didnt tip, you simply didnt earn it. I know if I knew you felt this way, I certainly would not and nor would you.

  19. Purgatory says:

    Compassion you just wanna be her bff WETF (Wat Eva The F..). She does not deserve compassion. She should have stayed in jail longer. I hope that after her parents are gone that she’s stripped of her millions cajillions and becomes a bag lady. It’s not that we envy her. It’s her demeanor about every thing. The closest thing to pretty about her is pretty ugly. She sucks as an actress and singer. She’s famous because of her family’s money and being one of the world’s laughing stock. Heck she sucks at everything and its her parent’s and her fault for their values and morals. Why can’t she be like the rest of the rich kids. Heck, why can’t she take her lil sister’s example at least she’s trying and Paris is just trying to be a bigger ass than she already is.

  20. Purgatory says:


  21. TheOne says:

    Paris Hilton is without a doubt one of the most stupid celebrities out there. Remember when she went to jail for a week a so and she was crying her eyes out? I mean common….and that was for REPEATED DUI, if any of us did that we’d be in the slammer for months. Why she wasn’t in jail longer? Cause she’s Paris Hilton… off of Conrad Hilton’s estate. I also love her mom saying how her daughter going to jail for repeated DUI wasn’t fair….Relating to this article, DUH! you have to PAY for services rendered why should you get everything for free? Cause your Paris Hilton? Paris is only famous for being famous…for promoting cheap products and spending Grandpas money. ” Jerry Oppenheimer, who profiled the Hilton family in House of Hilton (2006), has said Barron Hilton is embarrassed by his granddaughter Paris’ behavior and believes it has sullied the family name.”

  22. Man Cheat says:

    The good thing about her is she is rich.

    Her career as actress is nothing, she is just trash.

    I just hate her, what about you?

  23. nikkers says:

    Ha ha ha! Usually they get comp’d because they are attracting a huge crowd of money spending fans to where ever they happen to be. Doesn’t she realize that she isn’t bringing in the money for these places?! Being stupid rich probably isn’t just a catch phrase for some peeps i guess…. And as far as being jealous of Paris? GAG! I’d take the money but not if it meant being anything remotely resembling Queen Ka Ka!

  24. H says:

    remember the south park with paris hilton posing as the biggest whore around…??? its perfect to sum her up.!!!