Us Weekly: Madonna thinks ‘Guy Ritchie is trying hard to mess with her again’


Madonna and her team went to Us Weekly again to spill some sympathetic tea about the ongoing situation with Rocco Ritchie’s custody. As I keep saying, we’re going to be reading leaks about this stuff until they all meet in court in February. So I hope you like teenage drama and two exes bickering over old bulls—t. Because that’s all we’re getting for like four more weeks. Anyway, Madonna wants everyone to know that she’s crying a lot about the Rocco situation, and that Guy Ritchie is using their teenage like a pawn to settle some old grudges. Sure.

Madonna is in need of a ray of light. The pop superstar, 57, is “at her wit’s end” over her estrangement from son Rocco and her ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“She has been crying constantly over what’s going on with Rocco,” the insider tells Us.

“Rocco is a typical 15-year-old who wants to do what he wants,” the insider explains of the situation, maintaining that Madonna is a “fantastic mother” and that Guy Ritchie has a hidden agenda.

“This entire thing is 40 percent Rocco and 60 percent Guy,” the source explains, adding that “Guy is trying hard to mess with her again” and is putting things in Rocco’s head about his mother. He and Madonna divorced in 2008 after eight years together.

Rocco, the source adds, also misses having big sister Lourdes around the house. “Rocco misses Lola so it’s really hard for him not having her around at Madonna’s house,” the insider explains of the siblings. “He is incredibly close to her so it’s really hard for him to be alone at his mom’s without her.”

Us Weekly reached out to Rocco’s attorney for comment. Ritchie’s rep declined to comment.

[From Us Weekly]

Here’s my real talk: both Guy and Madonna need to get the hell over themselves. I’ll go the distance and believe that Guy has waged war against Madonna in the press in the past (when they were divorcing), and while I still think he’s leaking some damaging information about Madonna’s parenting, THEY BOTH ARE. They’re both waging media campaigns. Madonna’s team is going to media outlets to complain about what Guy is doing, when she’s engaged in the same kind of shenanigans. And between the two of them, I do think Guy is the one who realizes that Rocco is a moody teenager and Guy is just trying to keep the peace and be “present” father. Madonna is the one who took this whole situation public.


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  1. Sophia says:

    Go home already. This isn’t about Rocco at all.

    • Eleonor says:

      They need to get over themselves.

    • mia girl says:

      Yeah. They really need to stop this before it gets way worse.

      And this was interesting…:
      “Rocco misses Lola so it’s really hard for him not having her around at Madonna’s house,” the insider explains of the siblings. “He is incredibly close to her so it’s really hard for him to be alone at his mom’s without her.”

      If this is Madonna’s camp who went to US Weekly (I think the “fantastic mother” part supports this), it reads to me that Rocco missing his sister (which I am sure it true) is being used as a deflection for what are Rocco’s real issues with his Mom. I feel like they are trying to pass this off as something else (he’s mostly just missing his sister).

      And in the meantime, how is Lourdes supposed to feel about it? She is away at college which is a perfectly normal thing to do. This seems like a somewhat manipulative statement because it implies that Lourdes’ actions are a main cause for what is going on with Rocco. That is not fair to her and definitely not fair to share publically. Stop it Madonna.

      • ND says:

        Great post. I thought the same thing – way to drag another of your children into the hot mess you’ve made of your life. Not cool.

      • Ol cranky says:

        @Mia I picked up on that but what caught me most, especially coming from Madge’s side was the second part of the sentence “He is incredibly close to her so it’s really hard for him to be alone at his mom’s without her.

        There are two younger children in that family who are at home so why is Madonna saying it’s hard for him to be alone at his mom’s?

  2. Mira says:

    I agree they both need to get over themselves and also i agree that madonna never should have taken this into the public arena. Where i disagree is this idea that Madonna is this monster mother thats been presented in some of these stories and i have seen many comments here suggesting this also.

    If that really is the case why isn’t Guy worried about the other son? This doesnt make any sense at all. If madonna really is that awful he would be protecting both his sons. Thats why i think this points to it being teenage drama badly handled by both parents because they have a grudge. Immaturity all around.

    • Red32 says:

      No one has called her abusive, but it’s not a stretch to believe she’s very difficult to live with and Rocco is old enough to choose where to live. David is still young.

      • Goldie says:

        If you read the last thread, multiple posters did suggest that Madonna was emotionally abusive. I’m not even a fan of her’s, but I’ve felt compelled to defend her at times, because the vitriol directed at her is so OTT.
        That said, I do agree that both camps need to stop with the leaks. And Madonna needs to give her son some space, no matter how painful it is.

      • Mira says:

        Actually plenty of people did in the last couple of threads. If she is that bad why would it matter how old he is? A bad mother doesnt only do damage to the older children. Quite the contrary.
        Same for me, i never bought any of her music, don’t care much. But the misogyny from Guys sources and also some of these comments made me defend her.

    • lulu1 says:

      I think that children of divorced families at this age may want to see what it is like with the other parent – in this case, another school, another country, another life.
      His Dad has remarried and has three new babies; he needs affirmation that he has a place in that family. Presumably he quite likes his new step-mum if he wants to live there, and that is very difficult for his own mom to take.
      Tough – the parents’ relationship didn’t work out, and in most cases like this, there is bitterness and jealousy, and even though people are glad their kids exist, they wish they didn’t have to share them with a person they at best no longer love and at worst actively hate.
      All stuff to think about before getting married, before having kids etc.

    • Pinky says:

      I agree. Plus, how is Guy handling this well when his first instinct, when his kid runs away and defies the custody order, is to petition a court that does not have jurusdiction for full custody? If that’s not fanning the flames and starting something, I don’t know what is. He should have sent the child back and then helped him petition the New York courts for a change in custody. But he is too immature and stupid and vengeful to do that. Ritchie ain’t no rose. He stinks like a rotten corpse in this.

      • Betti says:

        I think there is more to it than we know at the moment – this has to have been something that has been brewing for a long time. As I said below Rocco is at the age where he wants to assert his independence and as a young man its only natural he wants to spend more time with his father, something that Madonna has an issue with.

      • Jwoolman says:

        More likely Guy petitioned for custody simply because Rocco himself is dead set against going back to New York and dealing with his mother who is crying all the time and dragging him to court… Madonna is a forceful personality and will use everything she has to get what she wants – that’s why she is so successful in her profession. Rocco and Madonna have already had discussions on this issue, and Madonna is equally dead set on forcing Rocco to stay with her. Guy might need some legal hook for Rocco to stay with him, since his mother is contesting it. Remember she was in London when Rocco went to his dad in the first place. I’m sure there were discussions then, and she probably did threaten legal action at that time which would be the trigger for Guy to take some legal action on his own. Rocco probably engaged his own attorney at that point as well.

        Madonna has to realize that her relationship with Guy is not Rocco’s relationship with Guy. She can’t manipulate this situation to get the outcome she wants. This is very hard for her, but she has to learn how to let go. It is not normal to go into a depression when your daughter leaves for college, but Madonna did. (Not even my mother reacted that way when we went off on our own, and she was pretty clingy. I’m surprised she didn’t immediately rent out my room or convert it into an office…) Madonna needs help dealing with these feelings and adjusting to the fact that she can’t control everything.

    • SamiHami says:

      I personally believe she is a narcissist, and narcissists make terrible parents.

      • SOCHAN says:


        She absolutely is a narcissist, and let us not forget that Narcissism is a mental disorder. I don’t believe Madonna is an emotionally healthy person at all, and the fact that she loves her children is a totally separate issue from her personal mental health.

      • Senyera says:

        I just read Madonna’s brother’s book ” Life with my sister Madonna” which came out many years ago. The picture that he paints is of a narcissistic, selfish and manipulative person who will go to any length to get her way. Madonna also seems to lack any self-awareness about how her actions / words affect her family. It’s always been about attention and control. So much so that her brother had to seek therapy to tackle years of emotional abuse inflicted on him by Madonna. I’m trying to dissect Madonna the person and Madonna the mother here, she may be a highly successful, ambitious and driven artist even a devoted mother, still she can be incredibly difficult to live with due to her control issues. Of course, my assessment is based on articles I have read so it could be a perception.

  3. Jaded says:

    Madonna will ensure that everything will always be about Madonna.

    • paleokifaru says:

      This is what bugs me about all of the custody stories with feuds on here (Brandi, Eddie, LeAnn, Kelly R and now these two) is that it’s the adults making it about the adults. We’ve seen one adult acting like an adult in Daniel G. And there are so many defenders and detractors of all these other people that as far as I can see are all acting the same -like self absorbed children. I don’t care who is the parent or stepparent and think it’s disgusting that so many posters encourage all these people being and staying pitted against each other. The adults are behaving badly and it’s not helping the kids.

  4. Aussie girl says:

    Far out. They both need to stop it with these media leaks and Madonna needs to stop using social media like a scorned teenager. Her posts with there subliminal messages are juvenile and cringe worthy. While I do feel for Magde and I’m sure it’s a hard thing to feel as a patent, she needs to get her shit together pronto. Rocco living with guy is going to happen wether she likes it or not. She should be focused on making it a smooth transition for him, which would help in reinforcing and building their mother/son bond.

    • moohoo says:

      Media leaks? I doubt these are even leaks – they are just speculation by the magazine in question who wants to have a story and is rehasing other speculation trawled from the internet and other publications over the past few weeks.

  5. Jem says:

    You know Lola is sweating bullets right now. 10 to 1 Mama has her move back home for Narcissistic Support. It’s almost like she’s being blamed for Rocco’s escape.

    Ive always believed it is a ‘Edwina and Saffron’ situation between mother and daughter. Ab Fab in NYC with an aging pop star…

  6. realitycheck says:

    Go away Madonna! She always needs try to be in the limelight somehow.

  7. cr says:

    Can we air drop Madonna, Guy, LeAnne, Brandi and Eddie on a deserted island until at least some of them grow up enough to keep their custody disputes off of social media and the press?

  8. minx says:

    Don’t like either of them.
    She’s a narcissist but Ritchie seems like a huge d bag.
    But she wanted him, so she got him and now she’s paying for it.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Part of me wonders if Madonna took this public because Guy has three children and a marriage and Rocco wanting to be apart of that has to sting. No matter how strong willed you are, things can still hurt.

  10. Anoneemouse says:

    Hey Madge – newsbreak: This has NOTHING to do with your lack of relationship with Guy and EVERYTHING to do with your SON. Not about you all the time selfish lady.

  11. Talie says:

    Why would Guy give a crap about hurting Madonna at this point? It doesn’t make sense…

    • cannibell says:

      It doesn’t have to make sense. People just get ugly and sometimes old scores fester and it’s hard to let go. That said, we really don’t know what’s up with that end of it. But every time there’s another media blitz, it just gets worse for the kid. They need to put their own stuff aside and work together for the sake of all the kids involved – his, hers and theirs.

    • Lady D says:

      Been 6 years for Ediot. He still enjoys taunting Brandi. Kelly Rutherford is still spreading lies about her ex almost 7 years later. I think they do it because they can, and because they seriously lack maturity. Or maybe they are just still hung up on the ex.

  12. ND says:

    The Ritchie camp had me a while back at “Madonna posted pictures of Rocco in his underwear on social media.”


    • Janis says:

      IKR? To my mind, everything was fine until she started posting embarrassing things about Rocco. That contributed to him going AWOL. IMO, Guy is simply backing up the son. Why can’t she see that she started this and Rocco simply had enough and he high-tailed it to his Dad’s place where he can have a normal life. Madonna needs to get off her high horse, stop the media frenzy she’s created about this issue and go see her son. Guy and Madonna’s acrimony is not the issue here. Her relationship with her son and her own behavior IS the issue. Rocco must be so embarrassed and fed up with her BS, I don’t blame him for taking off.

    • Lady D says:

      How about the pic where he was playing with friends outside in a pair of shorts. Madonna hash tagged it no sausage! Low blow from a parent.

  13. Betti says:

    I think the issue is that Rocco is at that age where he wants to assert his independence and his mother isn’t letting him. She’s not reacting very well to this and is taking it out on Guy. While i’m not a fan of Guy, Rocco clearly wants to spend time with his father, which is perfectly natural as he gets older and I don’t think Guy is out to mess with her as he seems happy with his life after her. The issue is between Rocco and his mother, not his mother and father as this is what Madonna is trying to make it about.

  14. Lama Bean says:

    I bet Kelly Rutherford is calling Madonna nonstop so they can commiserate about foreign husbands and children stolen from the US.

  15. TOPgirl says:

    Madonna just needs to accept that she’s a mom and need to grow the hell up. Between the both of them, I admire Guy much more for wanting a family while Madonna is still shaking her haggy behind.

  16. kri says:

    So gross when parents use kids to wage war on one another. Note to Guy and Madge: These are YOUR KIDS. Can’t you two just remember that for a second.

  17. Jwoolman says:

    This is so stupid. Unless the judge is totally incompetent, he or she is going to let a 15 year old go live with his dad. Even engaging the court over this is incredibly pointless and counterproductive, which is why parents don’t usually do that but just let older kids shift between parents without fuss. I don’t blame Rocco for resisting coming back to the USA- who knows what Madonna is trying to pull? Let him talk privately with a UK judge and include the US judge on Skype or whatever. Really, the judge just wants to make sure this is really the kid’s own decision and that can be done easily without all the drama. He’s not in the depths of the Amazon jungle, he’s in London. They have judges there.

    Blaming this on his dad is equally ridiculous. We know the timeline. Rocco did a runner before the tour arrived in London. Obviously his dad is just helping him do what he clearly wants to do. Conflicts with his mom probably did escalate when the older sister went off to college- older siblings often act as a buffer in dysfunctional parent/child relations. The older one takes the heat off, and in this case his sister seems to deal especially well with his mom which helps a lot. His mom wasn’t dealing well with her daughter’s absence, by her own admission, plus she was on an intensive tour, so stress levels must have been sky high beyond the normal stresses Mother Nature encourages to push the fledglings out of the nest. Madonna doesn’t have to be a horrible mother for all this to happen, but her judgment really is horrible in this situation. She must not have anybody in her life giving her sound advice or she’s just ignoring it. Her control freakiness is an asset in her profession, but she has to let go a bit in dealing with teenagers. Just wait a few years and see what happens with the two younger kids if she doesn’t learn that lesson. Her kids do love her and even like her, aside from usual teenage conflicts, but she’s blowing it here with her older son and risking their long term relationship.

    I would reserve judgment about how involved the parents are in various “leaks” and “sources” blabbing to media. A lot of money is being waved in people’s faces, plus some people may be delusional enough to think they are “helping”. Madonna did bring this to public attention when she got the court involved, but I doubt she intended the kind of tabloid interest it started. At least I hope so.

    • paleokifaru says:

      I tend to think it going to court is silly and indicative of a bigger issue in the co-parenting relationship. That said, those issues are sadly and understandably standard so I figured at least they were handling it as privately as possible if the only story was the filing and court date. But now that there are leaks from both camps with obvious agendas and you’ve got emotional statements at concerts, my goodwill is shaken. They don’t seem to be able to keep it under wraps and that just doesn’t do anything good for Rocco.