Tom Hiddleston wore leather in Pasadena for the TCA Press Tour: yummy?

I’m not going to pretend that this post is about anything other than pretty photos of Tom Hiddleston. Tom was in Pasadena on Friday for the TCA Press Tour, in which various new and established TV shows/miniseries come out to promote their stuff. Tom was there with Elizabeth Debecki and Hugh Laurie for AMC’s showcase for The Night Manager, which airs on AMC in April. Your Dragonfly Boyfriend wore a black leather jacket, black jeans and a grey t-shirt. I’m assuming he got some time off from Kong: Skull Island, for a few days at least. His costar Brie Larson has gotten tons of time off from filming over the past month as she campaigns for an Oscar.

Anyway, Tom did say some words about The Night Manager and what it’s all about and how his character is Shakespearean. No, I kid, although you know that’s coming at some point. Here’s what Tom said:

His character, Pine: “What I found fascinating about Pine in the novel and the adaptation is there’s a tension between a very calm exterior and a turbulent and chaotic interior. He has a lot of vulnerability and a lot of doubt.”

The world of espionage: “We live now in an apparently transparent society. Everyone knows everything about everyone, yet there’s still so many secrets at the highest level. We’ll always be fascinated by what goes on behind the closed doors in the corridors of power.”

[From the LAT]

People are curious about power and the people who hold power, that’s true. It’s also not the most groundbreaking set of quotes, but whatever. Hugh Laurie basically says his character is a psychopath, so we’ll see. I enjoy le Carre adaptations, so while I suspect this miniseries will be complicated as hell, it will probably be very enjoyable. And whatever, pretty pictures.

Photos courtesy of Getty.

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  1. Guest says:

    The older he gets, the better he looks that bastard…. His best look….

  2. InvaderTak says:

    I do wish he would branch out a bit with his color pallet. But that’s not a deal breaker. At all. I love that top picture where Hugh looks like he’s trying desperately to follow what Tom is saying.

  3. EscapedConvent says:

    Doesn’t he wear this alot? He does look good.

  4. twilly says:

    His character, Pine, sounds much like Tom’s true self.

    • SOCHAN says:

      Amazingly, he looks just like Tom, too.

      No, I’m not being silly. There’s zero range in his looks for this show. Pine looks exactly how Tom has looked for the better part of the past 2 years. He looks fantastic, but a little change-up for a character would be nice.

      • lilacflowers says:

        It may have been a refreshing change for him not to wear a period or comic-book costume and get to leave his hair alone.

      • Bay says:

        Yeah, it’s not like he has been dyeing his hair, using wigs and wearing period and costumy clothes for most of his latest, more visible parts. Oh wait-

      • SOCHAN says:

        I don’t disagree with what you’re saying @lilacflowers and @bay , but come on – Pine is even wearing Tom Hiddleston’s street clothes!

      • Nutballs says:

        Didn’t Tom say in an interview that he looked forward to having a role in which he could wear jeans? Well, here you have it.

      • Anon222 says:

        Have you seen London Spy? Modern day, spy story. Ben Whishaw looks like…Ben Whishaw.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I don’t get it. What you would want him to change? Not every actor who is playing a modern character is going to change every aspect of themselves.

      • P'enny says:


        i am really looking forward to seeing on screen wearing modern clothes!
        even high rise is period.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Period or not, I look forward to seeing him on screen wearing NO clothes.

      • jammypants says:

        yea I vote no clothes too…

        and lets be real, when has he looked modern on the screen the past few roles? He’s looked dated in the last three, then he wore the Loki gear, then he played a rocker, then Loki, then Shakespearean garb…then a war captain and F Scott…yea, he has NOT looked modern since…ever. Pine looks like Tom, yes, but on screen, Tom has not gotten to look like himself until Pine.

    • guest says:

      Don’t get it. Why should he change his looks again if the show does not need it? It is a nice change for me to see his normal, real look. I love his blonde look. He has never looked better and I totally agree with Lilacflowers.

      • spidey says:

        Quite, if the character needs to look like a modern day (ish) person then his normal look is fine. I really can’t see what the problem is. Not even sure what zero range means, he looks how he looks.

      • lilacflowers says:

        And he doesn’t get to look like how he looks in many productions. Midnight in Paris, War Horse, Crimson Peak, ISTL, OLLA, The Hollow Crown, and, of course, Loki, all required period costumes and hair. He really hasn’t gotten to look how he looks since Wallender.

  5. lilacflowers says:

    Doesn’t my husband Tom look glorious? We are having waffles this morning on the “mobile veranda” on the heliocarrier as we make our way, slowly it seems, to Australia. Colin will see to it that waffles and other brunch items, including beverages, are delivered to the fray down on the new barge. Please don’t sink this new barge like you did the one on the last Tom thread. Mark and Colin were distressed about that. It would be nice to have this thread stay up and operational for a day or two, so please behave yourselves.

    Really looking forward to TNM. Planning a viewing party.

  6. Gingerly says:

    Where is the first promotion photo in which Tom looks dashing and looong legged in his grey suits and Debicki is just like a goddess? Hiddles has worn those clothes in so many times but who cares if he looks that good.

    Those who watched the first episode mostly liked it. It is also reported that the last two episodes differ from the book. So I am truly thrilled to watch the show. Fingers crossed.

    • koko says:

      I was not happy with the ending of the book, too easily wrapped, so I hope that was changed. Having been disappointed by CP, I’m really looking forward to this. I hope this turns out to be a huge success for him, fingers crossed as well.

      • spidey says:

        At least the lack lustre response to CP and more than that to ISTL was clearly not down to Tom as was made plain in most of the reviews.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        koko, I read that the ending was changed. They made numerous updates to it. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Has anyone in the US used UnoTelly to watch BBC1 shows?

        Tom is looking good here. Don’t mind the monochromatic-ness at all. Tom lounging in leather works for Lord Dragonfly.

        Alas, a twitter sighting at LAX yesterday, so he’s off to Queensland to join the rest of JVR’s weird family.

      • Dara says:

        He’s looking very good. Why mess with success? I’ve always had a soft spot for that leather jacket, I’m glad to see it’s back in the rotation.

        Oh, and Go Seahawks!

  7. Solanacaea (Nighty) says:

    Sigh… day dreaming…about a lovely tall, blond man, with a deep , enchanting voice… Sigh…

    *that’s all I have to say..*

  8. CarrieUK says:

    I may get a massive blown up version of the top photo frames for my wall, he is a fine fine man.
    He looks so good why bother dressing in anything else, why bother dressing at all Tom!!

  9. SusanneToo says:

    Tom looks great and Hugh looks rather good himself. I wasn’t aware of Debecki before UNCLE(she’s fabulous), but, wow, she looks different, very pretty.

    ETA. Tom is sporting my favorite casual look for men – jeans, dark tee, biker style jacket. Yes!

    • Cranberry says:

      Hmmm, Tom and Debecki as lovers. They’re both quite stunning physically. This should be very satisfying to watch especially if they have good screen chemistry. It certainly looks like Tom and Hugh have good chemistry so TNM might deliver on several fronts. 🙂

  10. spidey says:

    I did a copy and paste from Hugh Laurie’s twitter page and it has disappeared. Is this usual?

  11. Maxime DuCamp says:

    Some of the critics who attended the TNM panel at TCA tweets about Tom are brilliant; seems like he charmed the lot of them, male and female.

    And I’m kinda in agreement with both sides about his attire. On the one hand, this is a very good look for him (at least in my mind) but on the other hand, a little variety would be nice. I wish his PA would do buy him some new clothes and switch out the suitcase that contains his obvious favorites so that he was forced to wear something different for a bit. But then again, Tom lounging in a leather jacket, t-shirt, dark jeans and boots is a tough combination to beat.

    • Gingerly says:

      I wonder his new year’s resolution for 2016 is, again, “buy new clothes.” I have no idea why he has difficulty in purchasing new clothes, having PA and money. But I came to like him that way. Not because I think having zero interest in fasion is manly. I just find it amusing. He does not seem to change a lot at least in that aspect.

      • icerose says:

        Some guys are just not interested in clothes shopping but when Tom does brush up it is very impressive and intoxicating . i saw him at the UK opening of OLLA and the first words that popped into my mind was he exudes elegance.

      • spidey says:

        @ icerose – Jeremy Irons obviously agrees with you – he made the comment at TIFF with words to the effect that Tom can wear the hell out of a suit like nobody else. Actually I think Jeremy is a little in love with Tom in a paternal sort of way!

      • Velvet, Crushed says:

        That was my impression, too, @spidey.

      • Anon222 says:

        Jeremy Irons was asked in TIFF who the next Bond should be. He said Tom.

      • jammypants says:

        That’s so sweet. He also went to hear Tom speak at Times Talk in Madrid.

      • spidey says:

        Jammy, Jeremy did a Times Talk Madrid the night before and mentioned Tom. Google Jeremy irons Times Talk Madrid and his comments re Tom start at 33′

      • Cranberry says:

        Jeremy said of Tom to a journalist at TIFF “I like the way he dresses.. He always dresses very nice”, and then he also said to another, “I rate [Tom] very highly” referring to his acting and the time he worked with Tom on HC.

    • SOCHAN says:

      I think this is a great look too. So, so handsome and comfortable — and, dare I say it? quite hip and stylish as well, but effortlessly so. I guess I would just rather he look at least a little different for his roles. At least the wardrobe.

      • Gingerly says:

        Sochan, in the novel Pine wears varying clothes when he keeps on moving country to country, changing jobs. So you will be surely satisfied when you watch the show.

    • TotallyBiased says:

      Yes, I was giggling my head off while following the #TCA2016 tag on Friday. The mass swooning, obsessing, and morphing into Hiddlestoners was amusing–and those were the guys!
      Seriously, as someone tweeted, Hugh Laurie and the Dragonfly King had a ‘charisma-off’ on the TCA stage.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      I too was enjoying all the tweets from the #TCA16 panel. I wish it had been videotaped so we could have watched the “charisma-off” between Hugh and Tom.

      FYI, I’m finding HughLaurious a good source of info related to TNM. It’s good to have her working on our behalf too!

  12. icerose says:

    So much Tom the past few days and some good interviews as well especially re Olivia Coleman and the change of the sexuality to her character.I think we get Tom in February. I hope this gets a big dollop of attention just a shame we are unlikely to get a second series.

    • Nutballs says:

      Icerose, I’m scheming to watch TNM when it hits sirs on the BBC in February. No way do I want to wait until April and then try to find someone with cable who will watch it with or record it for me.

  13. Poisonous Lookalike says:

    Thank you for this post—I’ve had a really crappy week and needed something to cheer me up. This is just the ticket, as I’m also a big Hugh Laurie fan.

    Having watched several of the videos recommended to me on a previous thread, it occurred to me that a good deal of Tom’s attractiveness—aside from his obvious physical attributes—comes from how comfortable he seems to be with himself. Unlike a lot of Hollywood celebs, he seems to be relaxed and not self-conscious, not “on”… being himself rather than trying to present an image that he thinks the public wants. Yum.

    • Cranberry says:

      I think the same too. He’s always very captivating to just watch his body movements and mannerisms. He has such great stature and poise yet it always looks to natural and effortless. He’s gracefully confident and relaxed even when he’s excited. Hope this week goes better for you.

  14. kri says:

    I want Hugh as my tea cozy. Cosy? Whateves, you get the idea. The first time I saw him he was grumpy and reading a newspaper in P&P. I was like….”HMMMMMMMM” yasssssssssss. grumpy wiseass Brit is one of my fav flavors.

    • Nutballs says:

      I adored him as Grumpy Dr House.

      I’m is excited to see him and Debecki in this as I am Tom. Coleman too. What a great cast!

      • Maxime DuCamp says:

        Agree about the dream cast. I read somewhere that Tobias Menzies is also in TNM, but haven’t seen his name connected with TNM elsewhere but I hope that it’s true.

      • spidey says:

        According to IMDB Tobias is in all 6 episodes.

      • Maxime DuCamp says:

        @spidey, thanks! I stupidly never thought to look it up. Really like Tobias. His section of reading the Odessey for the conclusion of Almedia’s Greek season was inspiring.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Tobias’s character isn’t named on IMDB. I’m guessing he must be one of the bureaucrat’s Burr deals with.

      • Gingerly says:

        Don’t forget Tom Hollander. His Corcoran can be a scene stealer.

  15. Sunny says:

    I used to adore and lust after this dude, but my infatuation for him has died completely. I used to think he was insanely sexy and one of the best actors of his age group, but nowadays I have troubles remembering why I thought so. I don’t think he’s awful or anything, but it’s a little strange how I stopped being a fan so suddenly. It’s not like he’s had some big controversy to cause it.

    • spidey says:

      Don’t worry, it isn’t as if you married him. 🙂

    • guest says:

      I know what you are talking about. Sometimes, just sometimes though, crushes come back with such a force that you ask yourself: how the hell did I ever stop following him/her or whatever…. I guess Hiddles is either everywhere or nowhere…..Either you get news or you wait for months and he appears again. I for one enjoy every picture but I am not obsessing over him as I used to.

  16. guest says:

    I do not get the BBC. Their marketing and advertising regarding Luther and Sherlock was pretty big. I read Sherlock articles everywhere back then when the show started. TNM is based on a famous book, why are they so quiet about this new mini series? I really hope that the show doesn’t bomb. Would be a pity.

    • P'enny says:

      bbc are plugging War and Peace at the moment, then it will move into gear. they tend to push closer to air-time. and empire mag has just done a big push on it.
      secondly Tom hasn’t been available for pR yet.

  17. Nutballs says:

    Watched Coriolanus on the big screen today and remain convinced this is Tom’s best work. Wowza. I have big hopes for TNM as its a character with inner turmoil, like when Coriolanus’ mom convinces him to negotiate a peace with Rome and he tells her he’s likely to die because of it. Very powerful final scenes and a memorable performances from him, Gatiss, Frazer & Findley.

    • MI6 says:

      @ Nutballs: Far and away his best. Thus far, anyway. High hopes for TNM but it will be difficult to surpass Caius Martius.

    • TotallyBiased says:

      What Nutballs said. Alla it. Every word.

    • spidey says:

      Totally agree. That and my favourite bits of Hal/Henry

    • Gingerly says:

      He was great in it. Love every line Martius speaks but my favotites are “Oh, me alone, make you a sword of me!”, “You common cry of curs” and “oh mother . . . mother.” I almost burst into tears whenever I watch the play.

  18. spidey says:

    “Everyone knows everything about everyone, ” Was Thomas having a bit of a snark there?

  19. serena says:

    Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie… good god! I love Hugh so much, such a talented actor!

  20. jammypants says:

    more lovely photos of his “listening” look, which translates to a weird mixture of “did I lock the door before I left?” and “This fan stalking stuff really grinds my gears” to “Can’t wait to bang Lizzie next week”

  21. Cranberry says:

    The AMC TCA16 panel was in Pasadena. Oh shit! He was actually in my neck of the woods this time. Damn, so close and I didn’t have my stocking outfit back from the cleaners. 😛

    This was a cute tweet from the #TCA16:

  22. Dara says:

    AMC International announced February 22 as a premiere date for most of their international markets (Asia, Australia, South America) AND they also said it would be 8 episodes. The US gets it two months later and it’s only 6 episodes. It’s bad enough everyone else gets to see it first, but if they also get more footage, I will be very, very grumpy. Any word on a BBC date yet?

    I fear I will have to do another social media quarantine once it starts airing in other markets. I’m not ambitious enough to figure out how to watch it via VPN, and I don’t want to see gif’s and clips that spoil the watching.

    • spidey says:

      I thought it was only 6 episodes in the UK too.

      • Meee4 says:

        Maybe the episode lengths are just shorter in the international showings? Do we know the length of each episode? 60 mins or maybe 90 mins. That could be the difference, not necessarily content.

      • Dara says:

        Could be. I might just be paranoid that they’ll cut the run time since US basic cable TV usually has commercial breaks, so an hour-long program is really only 40-ish minutes long. That’s shorter than a typical BBC episode. The Walking Dead episodes on AMC sometimes run a little beyond 60 minutes though, so maybe they’ll do the same for TNM.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Dara, if I find that my easy way of watching BBC1 is actually easy, I’ll let you know. Sixer gave me some direction when i asked on another post and I’m going to try and set it up later tonight. I’m not techno-savvy, so if I can do it easily, I expect you’ll have no trouble.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Dara, it took 5 min for me to sign up for a free trial of and configure my DNS servers so I could watch BBC iPlayer. After the trial, it’s $5 month and can be cancelled anytime. This is how I plan to watch TNM when it’s released in the UK.

        Catching up on the new Luther episodes now… 🙂