Ricky Gervais went on a Twitter rampage to claim he doesn’t care what we think


On Monday, we discussed Ricky Gervais’s hosting duties at this year’s Golden Globes. The last time Gervais hosted before this year, back in 2012, he sort of crashed and burned and everyone said he was “too mean.” He seemed, at that point, to burn all of his bridges. Which would have been fine, if only he had stuck with it then. It’s one thing to say “this is my last year as host, y’all can go f—k yourselves,” but in 2012, Gervais then went on a post-Globes publicity tour in which he tried to convince everyone that A) it really wasn’t that bad and B) they deserved it anyway. It was like a bad hangover, and it was a real turnoff. Gervais came across as somewhat desperate for attention and validation and incapable of handling criticism.

Well, guess what? The same thing is happening this year in the wake of Gervais’s performance, which got mixed reviews. Gervais spent most of Tuesday on Twitter endlessly tweeting about how he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. He doesn’t care so much that he literally sent fifty tweets saying as much, more if you include Gervais retweeting other sites saying words about him. The main thing seems to be that Gervais isn’t going to apologize for joking about Caitlyn Jenner. Some assorted tweets:

Sigh… you know who never went on a post-Globes Twitter rampage? Tina Fey. Amy Poehler. Because A) they never needed to, because their jokes elicited laughs not groans and B) because they always punched up, never down.



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  1. t.fanty says:

    While I do think that his transphobic jokes were failures (because they were stereotyping cliches, and just not very funny), I thought Gervais was on point at the GG, and appropriately savage. And he’s right about the outrage. Comedians should thrive on pushing the envelope and making people uncomfortable. I have no problem with him taking that stance.

    • Mrs. Wellen Melon says:


      • C says:

        You’re right. And I don’t think the Jenner joke was an offense to trans people, it was about the accident.

      • Pinky says:

        Right, C. That particular joke was not transphobic. Ignorant people outraging at everything lessons the impact when real outrage should be felt.

      • joan says:

        I love a funny and edgy comedian, but he wasn’t funny. And if you’re not funny when you’re edgy then you’re really not edgy either — you’re just crude and embarrassing.

        Tina and Amy are funny and edgy, but they’re so good at blending both that they get away with it.

        They use a scalpel — you don’t even feel it at first, then you feel the sting. Ricky used a rusted, dull butter knife — getting poked over and over is just annoying.

        He used to be funny and edgy, so this is sad.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. But he needs to tone down the defensiveness, it kinda undercuts his stance.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Right. If you don’t care, don’t spend 24 hours tweeting about how much you don’t care.

      • pinetree13 says:

        I’m with GNAT. He just made me think he cares too much by all his “I don’t care” tweets.

    • Naya says:

      But what envelope exactly was he pushing? The audience already knows these things are frivolous escapism. They tune in to escape not to hear how some guy thinks this is stupid but still somehow cashed the hosting check four times.

      • t.fanty says:

        Which audience? The television audience, maybe. The people in the room certainly take this stuff seriously.

        Plus, part of the reason we come to sites like CB, is because we like cultural critique (or because we’re cynical b*tches – take your pick!). We are a self-selecting group of observers who enjoy understanding how these things work. A lot of people don’t. I have a lovely-but-insane cousin who is always on FB wishing a celeb who just got married/had a baby the best, or expressing concern for someone who is publicly in trouble. My mum worries that she talks about these people like they are her friends. A lot of people do swallow this kind of garbage uncritically. Leo keeps talking about the hardship he endured for The Revenant – hardship isn’t eating something gross for $15m before going back to a yacht on St. Bart’s to bang models. Hardship is getting up before the break of dawn to work a job you loathe, every day for twenty years, and still not have enough money to get your kids a good coat when it’s cold. I have no problem with someone giving them a sense of perspective.

      • Naya says:

        I take your second point. Yes, a lot of people never look behind the curtain. But the question is so what? Other than a sense of self-importance, what exactly does he gain from smashing the fantasy? Does he run around killing Santa too? If after a long day at work and a stressful home life you want to pretend that Kate Winslet is your surrogate and that when she wins, you win, so what? My mother also believes the illusion because she sees the world as a good pure place and you should have heard how happy she was when she asked me if I had heard that “Denzel is now the best actor in the world”. Now I know what seeing a black man stand above his peers means to someone of her generation, what kind of a douche would I be to take that from her with some spiel about what the award really means or how these things are negotiated? Other than feeling like I am the smartest person in the room, what will I have achieved? And thats the problem with Ricky. He acts like the genius who stumbled on some long hidden truth and is now judging his audience for even tuning in (many of whom are already in on it anyway)

        As for the first point. Nominees should absolutely be pleased with themselves. Are there egos in the room….of course. But whether you are hair dresser, a dentist or a lawyer, having your work celebrated in front of the world is a career milestone. Thats why his little dig about the winners really annoyed me. He himself has been more than pleased to accept awards over the years. Seriously, youtube him. So why does he even accept the awards, if these things are so beneath him? Why is he even allowing his work to be submitted for consideration? This guy isnt just an anti-humor pretentious dbag, he is a hypocrite to boot.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Okay, a) Denzel IS the best actor in the world, and I will never hear a word against him. :D

        To me, it becomes problematic when people accept the stupid sh*t celebrities say uncritically. There is a problem with that, because we are living in a world that is continually inching towards a very homogenous view of culture, politics, art, etc., and when artists continuously buy into personal narratives, and movies that celebrate insularity, white privilege, and all that jazz, as carrying great merit, and that is confirmed by the ostensibly impartial awards process, it’s a problem. The white savior narrative, for example, in The Revenant, The Blind Side, Dangerous Minds, etc.. It reinforces the myth that people of color can’t help themselves, and are props to the white man (or woman’s) personal triumphs. To pretend a movie like that is just good, instead of just well branded, perpetuates social problems that have very real results. It also discourages people from pushing artistic boundaries and maybe make movies that really can engender conversation that can lead to social change.

    • Josefina says:

      I agree with what he’s saying and I detest this apology-demanding culture we live in, but he’s whining like a 12 year old who just lost an argument on youtube. Hard to believe he cares so little about our opinion when he writes 50 tweets about it.

    • Tiny Martian says:

      I didn’t think his jokes were transphobic at all. I just think that many people are still just getting used to accepting the reality of the trans community, and so now no one is supposed to make jokes about them because the general public is feeling too precious about it. If we accept the trans community as having an equal right to its place in society along with everyone else, then guess what? Comedians will make jokes about them. And that’s okay.

      • Aarika says:

        Right? If Trans folks are just like anybody else, why the pearl clutching? Comedy can be inappropriate, offensive and down right mean sometimes. It pushes boundaries and that’s what’s good about it. Besides Ricky didn’t make fun of Jenner’s transition but rather the bad women drivers stereotype.

    • Robin says:

      His jokes weren’t transphobic.

    • SloaneY says:

      + lots fanty

    • Miss M says:

      I agree with everything you said, Fanty! As for the Caitlin joke, I think he only did that to show how celebrities get away with everything. She wasn’t charged, was she? A regular “civilian” person would face criminal charges.

      • CK says:

        No, a regular person wouldn’t have faced charges. A traffic accident is not always a criminal matter and the prosecutors couldn’t prove that Jenner’s driving was negligent enough. That happens throughout the U.S. for ordinary people everyday. Accidents happen and unless you were purposely mowing folks down, under the influence, or caught doing something extremely negligent, the chances of you getting charged are slim.

      • Miss M says:

        I thought there was a video showing her smoking, one hand on the wheel and being very distracted and only used the break when was too late. I don’t know these things. But, if not guilty, she really drives in a very distracted manner.

    • lesbastardsmiserables says:

      God yes, I agree with you! I totally disagree with this CB post and I don’t know what they’re talking about him “crashing and burning” last time. I thought he was hilarious last time, and I haven’t watched this one but really… he actually asked Mel Tits (early in the morning error.. not deleting) Gibson about Sugartits?!!? He’s my hero for that, I love him for calling people out. Go Ricky.

    • meh says:

      No, the premise of the joke about Caitlyn wasn’t transphobic, but using her dead name was really really mean and shitty. It also wasn’t necessary for the joke, but he did it anyway. And a cisman publicly referring to a transwoman by her dead name is punching down.

      Part of the reason it is disrespectful to say and imply that “Bruce Jenner turned into Caitlyn Jenner” is because the majority of trans people don’t believe they “turned into” anyone different, but that they have always been the same individual, who then changes their presentation, appearance, and name to better express their authentic self. I guess you could argue that in her first interview Caitlyn described her experience that way, so it should be ok for Ricky Gervais to say. But if you are a cisperson concerned about showing respect to the trans community while still joking about a famous trans person, best to avoid that rhetoric.

      Anyway, it’s not pearl clutching. You can joke about Caitlyn Jenner’s actions without being an ass about her gender.

  2. Lora says:

    I find him so much better than amy and tina

    • Denisemich says:

      Also better than Ellen even though that was the oscars. All of them played to the celebrity audience instead of the at home audience.

      Also, Ricky’s jokes about Caityn weren’t transphobic. But it may have been misogynistic.

      • Pandy says:

        I thought he was funny and I loved his Caitlyn driving joke. It’s an old joke about women drivers he didn’t invent it. Not offended. He’s a comedian. I want him to slug me in the face with the funny sh*t!

    • V4Real says:

      +1 Amy and Tina were kind of corny. The only joke I liked was the George Clooney one. Gervais goes straight for the punch and I like his humor.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      This so much. Amy and Tina were mild and had just a few bity jokes. They played for the GG audience, ricky played for the people in front of the TV. Ricky was much funnier.
      I read the Caitlyn joke as a reminder that we all foegot she killed a woman. The woman wasn’t famous so who cares. Am i wrong?

      And Ellen was one of the worst Oscar hosts ever. Ever. I hope Chris Rock will be very political this year. And I hope he offends all of them.

    • phlyfiremama says:

      I didn’t even watch the GG just the Ricky joke highlight reels. I was CRYING from laughing so hard. I think Im kind of in love with him now!!

    • Penelope says:

      Me too. I tuned in just to hear what he would say; can’t say the same about them.

  3. Luca76 says:

    The original Office is a masterpiece but he isnt that great of a host. He’s got nothing on Fey/Poehler IMHO. And he comes off as actually being David Brent and having zero sense of humor about himself.

  4. InvaderTak says:

    Yeah whatever. There are comedians who do a much better job at this than Ricky. His Jenner jokes were bad. Somebody said in the recap thread that h shouldn’t be labled a hero for his commentary and that was on point. Yes just not funny enough to justify his barbs; they’re just not clever enough. He causes controversy not commentary and that to me makes his comedy second rate.

    • Josefina says:

      THIIIIIIS. I hate that people elevate knocking celebs out of their pedestal as some kind of heroic act. What did we learn from Ricky’s jokes? That Caitlyn Jenner is a bad driver? That celebs have inflated egos? Ricky Gervais is just as much an overpaid asshole as everyone else in that room.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        What is so wrong with the Caitlyn joke? Coukd someone explain that to me?
        He basically reminded us that in the adoration she ( rightfully) got everyone forgot she ( unintentionally) killed a woman.

      • Josefina says:

        @Locke Lamora

        There’s nothing wrong about it imo. If we didn’t hear that joke 273378 times already in every single internet media outlet out there, I might have even laughed.

        And I should just leave this thread right now because I’m starting to hate myself a little for caring so much about this.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        I haven’t heard the joke before, my bad.
        And he wasn’t offensive or edgy to us, the audience. But the the celebs? They neber get anything close to this said to their face. Most of them at least. You can see that by the way they can’t even take a joke.

      • Josefina says:

        @Locke Lamora
        And of all the people in that room, Ricky was the only one who went on a 24 hour twitter rampage about the offensiveness of his performance.

        I don’t mind his jokes, but I’m so sick of his hypocrisy.

  5. Kt hatuh says:

    It didn’t happen at the GGs, but there WAS that horrendous “joke” made on Amy’s show about a celeb baby that she probably SHOULD have apologized for. But didn’t. Way, WAY more offensive than any of Ricky’s jokes. Just sayin.

    • kate says:

      But the whole point of that episode was that the joke was awful and that the character who said it was a shitty and unfunny person. In the episode she’s called out for it many, many times.

      Ricky wasn’t playing David Brent here, his jokes were his own and they were meant to be funny, not highlight what a douche he is.

  6. Naya says:

    His greatest crime imho, is that NONE of his material is even original. I mean who hasnt heard the Caitlin is a bad driver because Woman line? Seriously, even Daily Mail commenters were writing that last year. Instead of a semi smart joke about Cosby, he goes with the standard “I wouldnt want to share a hotel room with that guy”. And there was the one about how a man tucked in his testicles and looked like a bulldog from behind, and the “masterpiece” about anal masturbation with the award. Is his audience just 12 year old boys? Plus the joke about Tina & Amy is also lifted. They have joked that the industry thinks that “Tina & Amy” is one person for years. (I remember at the Don Rickles roast they asked why the producers only sent them one car to pick them up and wondered if Seinfeld was sent half a car. Their delivery was funnier too).

    Seriously, what unexpected joke did he do that provided a laugh out moment?

    • Josefina says:

      I always said Ricky has the humor of a 12 year old boy fighting people on youtube. Offending for the sake of offending and acting like he’s the smartest, baddest person to ever live because of it. And if you dare call him on his bullshit he’ll go on a rampage to tell you how wrong you are.

      Yeah, you guessed it, I REALLY hate this guy.

      • Naya says:

        I posted that last question on Reddit, “name one laugh out loud Gervais moment”. I got two responses. One saying that his suggestion that Angelina Jolie is dying to adopt Kevin Hart and Ken Jeong was “hilarious” and the other about the goodbye on behalf of himself and Mel using a jewish word.

        I loved the second one, I dont know if I laughed out loud but that was unexpected and the only funny moment of the show. The “joke” about Kevin and Ken on the other hand….. firstly, unoriginal. Secondly, unfunny. Thirdly, stupid and offensive.

        So once again I ask Ricky fans (not that the silence isnt telling), what specifically were the laugh out loud moments?

      • lisa2 says:

        His joke said Angie AND Brad.. not just Angelina.

        The Angie and Brad adoption jokes are not funny. OLD and tired. And I find that whole because the presenters were Asian and Black a bit UGH. There are other celebs that have adopted.. I guess because they have various race children that become the joke. Why no joke about Sandra B. or Charlize when 2 black presenters came out YEAH.. would that be funny. NO.

        I thought his opening monologue had funny moments. The part about the the celebs not caring about him hosting because their Studios had paid for the award.. that was funny and the audience thought so too.

    • KB says:

      Thank you! His “comedy” is so tired. It’s not even remotely edgy like some people claim. It’s not clever, it’s not original, it’s basically just him repeating what everyone on the Internet has already said and people call him a truth teller for it.

      And his last joke would have been funny if he had just left it at “and one I keep by the bed to..doesn’t matter why.” But he has to explain the joke and slap us in the face with it. Just like he has to respond to every criticism on the Internet. He does not understand the power of subtlety in any way, shape or form.

      • La La Land says:

        Sadly some of you hating on Ricky Gervais quality in comedy is a minority. I loathe this guy for being overrated without the slightest bit of funny bone in his yucky physique. I will NEVER EVER understand how the majority on any thread about this overrated/exposed hack tout how ‘great’ he is in comedy. It’s mind boggling. Are people this naive? It’s not about being mean to celebs/people … because I’m one of them … but at least my gnarly tweets have more meaning and more humor. He’s just grating. And yes Kaiser you’re on point on all your points! That’s refreshing at least.

  7. Slushee says:

    Beware sacred cows. Gervais does an excellent job of reminding us of that. I adore him – who cares about punching up or down – he holds up a mirror to… It all. He’s the real deal 😱

  8. What was that says:

    Ricky is active on Twitter ..I follow him and sometimes he engages with others about God etc so it’s not a rampage more a debate with probably some insulting users..
    I am not a fan of some of his shows but he is a very decent and smart man and he and Gary Fisher are the only celebs I follow!…
    I liked his GG style ..I liked the other Fey/Poehler too..why can’t you like both?..If they wanted to do it they would have and both are so much better than many who have tried..
    The audience are priveledged top in a priveledged land,used to both people who suck up to them and to get to the top many have grown very thick skins so they deserve a little bit of what the Brits would call a ‘piss take’
    Caitlyn killed someone and from the beginning I have commented how she has got away with that without any consequences…

    • Ickythump says:

      Personally I thought he was hilarious and I didn’t find any of his jokes offensive. The Joke about Ben Affleck was great.

    • Josefina says:

      The way he talks about God reminds me of teenage kids who just discovered Nietzche and go around acting like they invented atheism. He’s worse than several pastors. And I say this as an atheist.

    • KB says:

      He engages with others about God or he shouts at people who believe in God and tells them they’re wrong?

  9. Me says:

    good for him. People always looking for something to be offended about .

  10. extracookie says:

    Apples and Oranges. You can hardly, thankfully, not compare Amy/Tina with Ricky. Ricky loves to stir up some sh**t, of course he’s going to react to the outrage. And I’m pretty sure some people would give him just as much flack if he did not react. Plus, Amy/Tina were not as controversial as Ricky so there was not as much to respond to as with Ricky.

    I think RG did a great job, he even could’ve been a bit sharper for my liking. I’m also ok with his Jenner-jokes. She commercialized her transition, in my eyes that makes her fair game. She has the same right to be made fun of as everyone else. The only bit I was a bit iffy about was the Ben Affleck-joke. It was on point but awkward for Jennifer Garner.

  11. Barrett says:

    I like when a commedienne sticks to there jokes like the Great Joan Rivers.

    You and I may cringe or think some go too far, but I like a comic who stays consistent to no apologies for their craft.

  12. spidey says:

    I’m not sure it is the best idea to make a joke effectively about an accident in which someone died.

    • FingerBinger says:

      That’s what bothers me about Caitlyn’s driving jokes. A woman died. That’s not funny.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        But he didn’t target the woman – the target was Caitlyn and the public who decided to act like the woman didn’t exist.

  13. Respect says:

    We can supporto the offend nobody policy in America today but we sacrifice comedy. Everyone takes everything soooo seriously that stand up comedy has no place in the culture anymore. Carlin…where are you when we need you?

  14. Zaytabogota says:

    He was funny. He was not transphobic and even if he was that’s not a crime remotely comparable to killing somebody as ‘hero’ Caitlin has. It’s a bizarre world where making a joke is heresy whereas killing is OK when it’s done by a trans person and we’re not allowed to point out that she killed someone because that’s bizarrely considered ‘transphobic’. Presumably because it interferes with the sell of trans politics.

  15. ojulia123 says:

    I don’t find him offensive, I just don’t think he’s funny. He’s jokes are obvious and just….not funny.

  16. Kiki says:

    I think the real highlight of the GGs is the when he called the celeb, rich abd self entitled along with a joke about them. That just sums it up for me, because it is true.

  17. INeedANap says:

    Everyone is offended by something, even Gervais. The anti-pc crowd needs to be very careful when they complain about people being offended; it will eventually be their turn.

    • kate says:

      That’s the thing that bothers me about comedians and their anti-PC fervor right now. They have the thinnest skins of anyone. Mild criticism or even the suggestion of it sends them into a frenzy. They get far more offended by other people taking offense at their jokes than anyone get’s by the actual jokes.

      If your position is that because you call yourself a comedian you should be able to say whatever racist, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic claptrap you want, then you better be able to handle people telling you you’re a garbage person without throwing a toddler style tantrum.

      • Josefina says:


        I actually like this brand of humor and I’m quite bothered by the online PC patrol. But I like Fey’s approach to the subject “the internet is not a force I must listen to”, instead of Gervais’ approach of “OH BOO BOO U R OFFENDED I DUNT CARE I DUNT CARE IM SO COOL SO DARING ILL WRITE 50 TWEETS ABOUT DIS 2 SHOW HOW LIL I CARE”

      • Korra says:

        A FREAKING MEN! I can’t help but laugh at people that go apesh-t about the PC crowd. Literally everyone will take offense to something even the people who think they’re too good to be criticized or believe that they would react with calm demeanor to criticism.

        Case in point the anti-PC crowd that complain about the PC crowd complaining…it’s hysterical. And Gervais is only anti-PC when it benefits him and that’s what I can’t stand. This whole nonsense over twitter is just…ridiculous. If you actually mean it own what you put forth on the show. Don’t turn this into some ridiculous I’m-the-biggest-troll-ever-nonsense-and-all-ya’ll-fell-for-it because you don’t want to face criticism. I don’t know it just strikes me as pathetic and trying WAY too damn hard.

        And I don’t care what he did on the show. I thought it was fine, nothing special. People hype him up way too much I always fall for the expectation that he will blow me away only to be underwhelmed completely. I like “edgy” humor, I like taking the piss out of these ego manics, I will say I groaned at hollywood’s groan at his Roman Polanski joke. Loved his reaction to that. But really it was all just underwhelming.

  18. mssnarnd says:

    The commenters on Celebitchy continue to prove that “escapism can be smart.” I like the fact that he makes us wiggle in our seats and feel a little nervous now and then. His humor adds a dimension to pop culture for me . . . It makes the words I scour through on these blogs leap off the page and become something very powerful.

  19. marshmellow says:

    I hate it when comedians automatically assume critics are easily offended. I’ve seen comedians pull off the crass older guy bit a lot more effectively than Gervais did.

    You just weren’t very funny, Ricky. Get over it.

  20. Nancy says:

    He doesn’t seem like the type of person to me to retract his feelings. He was paid to be outrageous and keep the Hollywood elite on their toes. Now that’s him. I got off of twitter. An old wise man told me you could post something one minute and three hours later have an entire change of attitude. Think before you tweet. Like in the old days, when angry, write a letter letting all the steam out then throw it away. Things you say online don’t go away, even if deleted, they’re remembered. This man referred to twitter as the devil’s work and I don’t totally disagree with him.

  21. hogtowngooner says:

    “You have every right to be offended. Just don’t cry when no one cares.”

    This needs to be framed and posted over and over all over the interwebz. So completely spot on. So many of these celebs take themselves WAY too seriously, so I loved that Ricky knocked them down a peg.

    I don’t think the joke about Caitlyn Jenner was transphobic because the punchline was about the fact that she rear-ended someone’s car into traffic, killing her (which somehow is less offensive than a joke being perceived as transphobic). It wasn’t about her genitals or that trans people are just people in drag, or something ignorant like that. It just seems that because she’s trans, you can’t make fun of her as a person. The Bill Cosby analogy is 100% correct in my opinion. The jokes about him are about something he did; his being part of a minority group is irrelevant in that context.

    • Josefina says:

      Yeah, it should. Ricky should be the first to hang it on his wall and see if one day he actually stops caring.

  22. Jenny says:

    I don’t get it, I thought Gervais was hilarious this year just like the previous times he’s hosted the show. He’s by far the best Golden Globes host I’ve seen. I laughed myself silly at his jokes, so did my husband. But then we are Europeans so maybe his sense of humor speaks to us in a way it doesn’t to Americans? I did notice when I lived in the US for a couple of years that sometimes people had a hard time getting my sarcasm so I toned it down so as not to offend anyone while living there. In any case I was thrilled they brought back Gervais to host, to me Tina and Amy were sort of funny but not hilariously so.

    • KB says:

      I’m not sure…I’m an American and I feel like Gervais’ humor is lowest common denominator. It’s not clever, we’ve heard all of his jokes a million times, there’s nothing new or edgy. The setup and delivery of Amy and Tina’s jokes were, in my opinion, smarter, smoother, and just better. Ricky is quite clunky in his delivery and I’m always acutely aware of the fact that he is telling us jokes and trying to be funny, while Amy and Tina just seem a lot more natural. I know the joke that Ricky is going to make five words into it. Amy and Tina’s jokes aren’t predictable in that way, and even if you know the joke that’s coming up, they manage to present it in a way that feels fresh and new.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I’ve never met an American in person so I can only judge by the things I saw on TV. The stereotype that Americans don’t get sarcasm is absolutely not true. I think the difference is that in America ( or the American TV shows I have seen) sarcams is followed by a wink-wink faciall expression, or something to keep it light and show people that you are joking. Europeans, in my experience tend to keep it pretty deadpan. Especially in my area, I’m Eastern European-ish and we love deadpan delivery and gallows humour. I’ve seen so many times tourists be freaked out ( even the famously sarcastic Brits) by jokes about our war and stuff.

      Amy and Tina’s jokes were pretty predictable ( to me). The only funny ones I can think of are the George Clooney and Leo Dicaprio ones.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I was waiting for the Americans don’t get British humor comment. Americans understand sarcasm.

  23. Susan says:

    Non-sarcastic and genuine question: when was a host ever met with complete praise? Oscars, Emmys, etc you name it I feel like it’s a thankless job. I guess with the Internet everyone’s a critic and you can’t please everyone.

  24. Suggesting a joke about Caitlin Jenner is automatically transphobic is like suggesting a joke about Bill Cosby is automatically racist.


  25. Josefina says:

    F*ck you, Ricky Gervais. You’re an overpaid actor with little talent just like everyone else in that room. Your humor is frankly stupid and unoriginal and not half as “daring” as you think it is. 12 year old boys blurt out the very same jokes everyday. Oh you did it in front of people’s faces and expect to get your ass kissed because of that? Oh look at you you f*cking hero. If you don’t care people are offended or critical about your schtick then stop f*cking complaining about it you dumbass.

    You know how we alll irrationally hate a celeb that just drives us nuts? Mine is Ricky Gervais, as you can see. He embodies all the qualities I hate on a person. Arrogant, humorless, dumb, rude, and absolutely unable of handling criticism.

    Just fyi, I’m not offended by anything he said. Never been one to get offended by jokes that weren’t aimed at me. It just angers me to no end his humor is “zero f*cks given” even though he clearly gives all the f*cks in the world.

  26. anne_000 says:

    I got his jokes and I thought they were all funny. I don’t think they were at all offensive to any general group of people. It was individual-specific based on their own actions.

  27. M.A.F. says:

    Look, the moment Kate Winslet won the first award and acted so damn surprised as if it was her first award ever just proved most of the jokes correct. The GG don’t mean anything & that the majority of those in that room take themselves way too seriously. Take the work seriously but yourself? Nah, not so much.

  28. ell says:

    thank you ricky for yet again proving me right; celebs always look like twats on social media. so there you go.

  29. Wentworth Miller says:

    I didn’t watch so I don’t know, but he shouldn’t apologize for anything that he said and I agree with his tweets. Just because I don’t like one of his jokes doesn’t mean that I’m entitled to an apology. It also doesn’t mean bias against whomever the joke is about.
    Everyone is offended at every damn thing. Plz! It’s really not that serious.

    • marshmellow says:

      Like I said above – I’m not offended. I just didn’t think it was funny.

      I’d like to see Jim Jefferies give it a go. I think he pulls off funny asshole a lot better than Gervais. He also talks about even more controversial topics (e.g. his rant about famous child molesters).

      • Wentworth Miller says:

        Not you, specifically, Marshmallow. I just think that it’s stupid that people are up in arms about what some idiot says. I don’t think most of these comedians are funny, but hey, if he thinks that he’s funny and wants to make jokes about whatever, let him.
        Gotta Google Jim Jeffries.

  30. Jayna says:

    I love love love Ricky Gervais. That’s all.

  31. BunnyBear says:

    He’s annoying. He thinks he’s edgy and naughty but his jokes were really dated and just not that funny.

  32. Jaded says:

    Ricky Gervais is an acquired taste, and perhaps the British sarcasm doesn’t go over that well in the U.S., but he does regularly let other celebrities take the piss out of him, as he did with the wonderful David Bowie:


    • KB says:

      I don’t think Ricky is a very good example of British sarcasm, I mean he’s constantly smiling and laughing at his own jokes. A lot of Americans thought/think he’s funny. I think he can play comedic characters well, but he didn’t come up as a stand up comedian or do improv or write jokes for late night, sketch comedy shows, so he just isn’t very strong at telling jokes, in my opinion.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        Yeah, that is also true.
        I love British panel shows, it would be so interesting to see these big stars react to some of the things people say on panel shows to minor celebrities. Like, I would love to see Frankie Boyle or even Jimmy Carr host something like this.

  33. Sarah says:

    Honestly I just love how Ricky targets celebrities and their ridiculous self-importance…putting on balls and tricking people into thinking they deserve awards for what they do. Yes art is important but really these award shows have gotten so out of control and their heads only seem to get bigger. They all like to believe they are using their celebrity for something good and that they are going to save the world and its hilarious to watch Ricky rip them to shreds. Who cares that he made a joke about Caitlyn Jenner? It wasn’t about being trans-phobic it was about how she literally killed someone with her car and no one cares…a woman died but its a celebrity with a conveniently bigger headline to sell right now so no one is talking about it! All Ricky does is point out that celebrities are the most self righteous people on the planet and its amazing. Yet here I am on this website, reading about celebrities! The best part of this is I used to love looking at this website mostly because I liked the fashion it featured but I think Im set with it now. Goodbye celebitchy!

  34. Kym says:

    I love Ricky. Everyone can piss off.

  35. tacos and tv says:

    Please! Those entitled f**kers can’t take a joke. I am so happy he refused to issue an apology. Good for you. Why can’t anyone have fun?! His jokes push the envelope but they are funny and I doubt he actually is hateful or despises the people he targets. It’s in good humor. Everyone is so sensitive. Team Gervais all day!

    • lisa2 says:

      Exactly who was it that couldn’t take a joke. I haven’t seen any celeb saying anything about Ricky. I think people here think celebrities care more than they do about what a random comic has to say. Most of these people get talked about all the time; for years. This time next week no one will be talking about Ricky at the GGs.

  36. Sarah01 says:

    I genuinely think he doesn’t care. He’s not self conscious and doesn’t need validation. at the GG there were some gems, I tell ya!

  37. Missa says:

    I don’t get this whole “He really took those fancy pants celebrities down a peg, go Ricky!” I haven’t seen one celebrity complaining about anything he said, not one seems overly upset about the lame-ass, saw-it-already-on-Facebook jokes he was making. I’m sure Brad and Angie were crying into their homemade wine in Miraval after that SUPERFUNNY adoption joke. Could some of them use a check on their privilege? Sure. Is a night when they’re being rewarded for their work and are covered in literally thousands of dollars in borrowed jewelry the time they’d be most open to it? Probably not.

    I have so little patience for his whole “LOOK AT ME I’M SO EDGY” persona. You made a joke about Bill Cosby and a hotel room? Tina and Amy ripped Cosby up and down last year, you’re late. Mel Gibson doesn’t like Jewish people? Thanks for that cutting joke from 2004, got your finger right on the pulse there.

    The Caitlyn Jenner joke was transphobic for two reasons: a) he dead named her, deliberately using the name she no longer identifies with because HA HA FUNNY, and b) he said she “turned into” a woman. Trans folks that I know insist they are becoming who they always were on the inside. The joke was just overall disrespectful to trans people, and taken in conjunction with the joke about Jeffrey Tambor’s character on Transparent, can only be understood as transphobic. Plus it was plain old misogynistic. I don’t care how long the women are bad drivers trope has been around. At the end of the day, the most offensive thing about his act is always how lazy it is. You had months to come up with this material and this is what you show up with? Women are bad drivers and trans people are weird? Take several seats, sir. Maybe next year we’ll get Eva Longoria and America Ferrara hosting. Now THEY were funny.

    • meh says:

      THANK YOU. I was starting to tear my hair out scrolling down the comments. Do people actually think those of us that we’re bothered by the Caitlyn joke are saying it’s never ok to poke fun at the poor behavior of an individual that happens to be trans?

      So many cis people (as demonstrated In these comments) care so little about trans people that they won’t even bother to find out why this was offensive.

      At least he got Caitlyn’s pronoun right. Although he probably only did that because it facilitated his sexist joke.

  38. KCat says:

    Ricky is a Bowie fan. He gives no fks. Bowie taught him well. The Caitlin Jenner joke isn’t transphobic either. Is Mel Gibson not a racist. It was hilarious. F ‘em! lol

  39. Addison says:

    I actually think Ricky does’ care. And I think he just said all of those things on Twitter because he knows people will comment about this. The tweets are just a big joke as well and he is loving it all.

    Loved his hosting this year. This is the way he is, he will never change and the Golden Globes people are living the controversy because it keeps their name out there even days after the airing of their awards.

  40. Supes says:

    I’ve always liked Ricky. He used to do a radio show with Karl Pilkington (way before the HBO series). Karl was naive about the world and would inadvertently make close-to-the-bone comments on the subject of race, religion, sexual orientation etc. Ricky would step in and say ‘no!’ before Karl accidentally went too far.

    That show used to garner complaints and Ricky wouldn’t drop it. When people complained about the fact they used the word ‘cock’, they did a whole skit about how they were referring to the female bird. He was adding flame to the fire and it’s the same here, just on a grander scale.

    I feel like people have forgotten the meaning of the word ‘joke’. A joke doesn’t represent someone’s true feelings. The irony of his jokes to the Hollywood elite is that he’s now part of it. He’s accusing the audience of being pill poppers whilst drinking beer on stage. He’s always been able to make fun of himself. Just look at David Bowie’s song in Extras: “Chubby little loser, national joke”.

    Normally I think your statements are bang on the money but to suggest Ricky’s jokes burnt bridges is a bit ridiculous.

  41. lisa2 says:

    He sounds exactly like the celebs he talks about. But then he is a celebrity too.